The Rued Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your incapable, your needy,
And your hostile masses yearning to…

Give me your hustlers, your thieves,
And your welfare cheats yearning to…

Give me your charlatans, your grifters,
And your scam artists yearning to…

Give me your spies, your cartel warlords,
And your lowbrow tastemakers yearning to…

Give me your e coli vectors, your ugly fat women,
And your brawndo-chugging submentals yearning to…

*record scratch*


Dad breathes through hospital mask, set against slate gray post-nuclear sky.

“Yes, son?”

“I read this poem called The New Colossus. Was America really like that, back then?”

“Like what?”

“You know, not really a country. With no history. Like a homeless shelter…for the world.”

“A long time ago, before the troubles, America was a country. A real country. But then lots of people read that poem you’re reading — The New Colossus — and believed in it. But it was a lie, and the people were fooled.”

“Was America ever great?”

“Yes, she was. The greatest. For a time.”

“What happened?”

“Pride. Hubris. Americans let it go to their heads. They thought their Constitution was magic paper anyone could read and understand. So they let everyone in, to live under the rules and ways declared in that Constitution. To make a heaven on earth.”


“And the new people ignored it.” Dad looks wistfully at the horizon. “It all ended so fast.”

“The troubles?”

“America. The country of your great-grandparents. The troubles went on for a long time. My parents would tell me the wars weren’t noble. No one fought for America; they fought for turf.”

“The bombs…”

“Yes. Fearsome. Millions died. If all the bombs had been used, we would not be standing here today.”

“Will we make the same mistake in our new country?”

“Only if your history is taken from you.”

The boy is defiant. “I won’t let that happen!”

“Maybe you can rewrite that poem you read, for future generations. But this time, make it truthful.”

…yearning to colonize America,
The wretched invaders of primitives born.
Send these, the hordes, ungrateful, to me,
I give my home to foes from distant shores!”


Caudill adds,

This kind of stuff always reminds me of the villain at the end of a heroic tale trying to convince the hero that he has already lost and should not bother trying to stop his fate. This is right before he lops off the devil’s head with a claymore, shoots him with a laser blaster or fills him full of lead from a giant machine gun.


  1. The Statue of Liberty is a 4’10” Spicaraguan. Who knew?


  2. “This is right before he lops off the devil’s head with a claymore, shoots him with a laser blaster or fills him full of lead from a giant machine gun.”

    Helicopter rides work too.


  3. “This kind of stuff always reminds me of the villain at the end of a heroic tale trying to convince the hero that he has already lost and should not bother trying to stop his fate.”

    Liars always shriek their loudest right at the end.


    • on February 15, 2019 at 2:55 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      Caudill: “This kind of stuff always reminds me of the villain at the end of a heroic tale trying to convince the hero that he has already lost and should not bother trying to stop his fate.”

      It’s all about DEMORALIZATION.

      Even that idiot g00k ant j00, Sun Tzu, was smart enough to realize this.

      Everything you see & hear & watch & listen to & read is designed to DEMORALIZE you.


  4. With a high possibility of Trump signing that bill, we can kiss America goodbye. At this point stock up, lift weights, be healthy and wait for the incoming collapse, civil/race war, and balkanization.


  5. Squatamalen has got to be one of the best terms ever invented.


  6. Time publishes this filth because women buy this shit up and Female voters are the majority.

    Who is “Empathy”-voting the filth into our country?

    Not the Men.


  7. Pages of Time magazine work pretty good as kindling; even better as cat box liner.


  8. All these poor, emaciated, starving ” migrants” always look pretty overweight and well fed. I just cant figure out why ? Got to keep thinking.

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    • And don’t forget, they ALL have cell phones.


      • But those are “third world” cellphones Greg you heartless bas*tard.


      • Oh, you mean mini telescreens and cattle-trackers in the hands of the “unbanked”?

        Cell phones are central to the “cashless” system that the yids are currently striving to impose globally. They are the future of banking.

        This is in addition to the well-known propaganda, audiovisual surveillance, and location-tracking capabilities of these devices.

        “They” want every hominid on earth to be addicted to gadget crack that spies on you, records your conversations, tracks your every movement, feeds you mental poisons, and will someday soon be the only means to buy and sell. Yes, Mr. Eliot, I can foresee what you will say about that last part!

        Remember this the next time you see a homeless bum or an African nigger with a cell phone. It’s not necessarily because he’s not as poor as he looks: The dope-pushers are pushing this crack on everybody.

        (P.S., how many people here carry cell phones? All of you? We are toast.)


      • Am I the Last Man? I do have a flip phone ($15) that is only on my person when I take an occasional half-day gig here and there, merely to keep a hand in, as they say. I charge it maybe once every three months.

        What I sacrifice in social butterflyery I make up for in peace of mind. 😉


      • At least the squatalians are not on dial up and complaining about the videos slowing them down 😂


    • Relatedly that “first world problems” meme has got to go.


  9. “Why the forces of global migration can’t be stopped”

    Caudill is right. This line sounds like a death rattle. A final plea. It absolutely stinks of desperation.

    First it was “you won’t stop us”. Then “you shouldn’t stop us”. Now it’s “you can’t stop us”. We’ve come a long way on the won’t-shouldn’t-can’t timeline.

    Ignoring for a moment the nauseating cuckery of the statement, it’s so blatantly uninspired. You’re telling me that we can land a rocket on an asteroid hurtling through the cosmos, but an Israeli-style barrier can’t keep the rainbow coalition off our collective lawn?

    I know I know, here I am clinging to passé concepts like “logic”.


    • First it was tolerance… then acceptance… then celebration… finally leading to participation.

      In all things leftist.


    • The inevitability of our replacemement is the crux of the psyop of immigration+time=utopia.

      Framing, assuming the sale as it were. Its nifty in how it presents immigration as some force of nature like water plus gravity. So if you oppose it, you are not just obviously racist but you are a water and gravity denier. The left does this with all its magical thinking.

      We built hoover dam before there were computers to do the math. But thats not the point either. The point is: we do not consent to our replacement. They have to go back.


  10. “Homeless shelter for the world” hit me pretty hard.

    Save every puppy in the pound even if it causes everyone to die in the end.


  11. Media covers in Cuck Land (USA) are a total joke. And muricans are Ok with that.

    Now that looks way better than what you have in your US media. You will never see a media cover like this in Cuck Land (USA)


  12. They dont like each other now. Wonder why ?

    – Trump Buries Ann Coulter… –


    • Why the hell is he punching right?


      • She dared to TRY to hold his feet to the fire, and she even snuck up once or twice on the JQ.

        More telling is his effusive praise of Limbaugh, the most obvious of “allowed opposition”.


    • Trump stabbing the blonde beast in the back:

      “But she’s off the reservation,” Trump said.




  13. Showing their true colors, aren’t they ?

    ” According to journalist Sofia Nerbrand, the pro-family action plan is offensive to women and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban should be ashamed after saying that he wants more Hungarian children instead of immigrants. ”


  14. on February 15, 2019 at 3:01 pm | Reply G.K. Chesterton

    To say that all will be well anyhow is a comprehensible remark: but it cannot be called the blast of a trumpet. Europe ought rather to emphasize possible perdition; and Europe always has emphasized it. Here its highest religion is at one with all its cheapest romances. To the Buddhist or the eastern fatalist existence is a science or a plan, which must end up in a certain way. But to a Christian existence is a STORY, which may end up in any way. In a thrilling novel (that purely Christian product) the hero is not eaten by cannibals; but it is essential to the existence of the thrill that he MIGHT be eaten by cannibals. The hero must (so to speak) be an eatable hero. So Christian morals have always said to the man, not that he would lose his soul, but that he must take care that he didn’t.


  15. What happened in the last decades is that Western medicine, aid, charity, resources and do-gooders caused the population explosion in the Dirt World, particularly in the dirtiest places of the Dirt World like Africa, the Muslim countries and Central America.

    Instead of letting the nature take its merciful course, where the orcs would die of infant mortality, endless tribal wars, infanticides and cannibalizing each other, Western cuckstians and shitlibs started their Heal the World/ Aid for Africa insane campaigns, which caused a planetary demographic nightmare.

    Now we’re living this global demographic nightmare where a dwindling population of overworked, exhausted Whites have to support billions of low IQ, useless orcs who breed like rabbits, in the name of “every child matters”.

    That’s also an ecological catastrophe, besides being a human one, an unfair and unbearable burden for Mother Gaia, and that should be the main concern of Western environmentalists if they had a single braincell left in their empty skulls.

    There are countries in the Dirt World which tripled and quadrupled their population in a matter of decades. How is something like this workable and sustainable for the limited resources of our poor planet?

    So, like a giant tide breaking the dams, the orcs started to invade by land and by sea, in caravans and boats, walking and swimming, to escape their unbreathable overcrowded countries where they live like sardines in a can, yet they still keep breeding like rabbits, because they know Western do-gooders will help them every time.

    Some things are worse than conscious evil. One of them is misplaced, dumb, irresponsible idealism, the kind that compeled Western cuckstians and shitlibs to redirect resources to the Dirt World mistakenly believing they would heal the world’s suffering. They just increased it tenfolds and this is just the beginning, because it won’t end well.

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    • on February 15, 2019 at 5:51 pm | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Niggers are literally the cancer of the biological world. Even flies have a useful role in the ecosystem. You could argue that Jews perform the role of recycling the property and wealth of gullible white people with their Book and Bust economic magic show.


  16. on February 15, 2019 at 3:16 pm | Reply mudsharks are the greatest losers

    the forces of global migration can’t be stopped.

    unless they try to breach the Israel-egypt border


  17. Yup. 4 billion blacks and 1 billion arabs incoming.


    • There’s no way the world can handle 4 billion nig nogs. I’m betting the Chinese will have something to say about this.


    • on February 15, 2019 at 4:22 pm | Reply Hitler is our pal

      I keep see these projections of an apefrican population explosion. It will never reach anywhere near those numbers. There will be a mass culling long before. Because nature always wins in the end.


  18. What about that Time Magazine cover could ever evoke feelings of empathy in anyone with a functioning gag reflex? I’m so fucking sick of seeing these fat, retarded, unsupervised womb turds, and their grotesque potbellied mother’s with the neck and tit tattoos and fucked up teeth. How the hell does one look at them and feel anything other than an urge to cave in their guacamole filled skulls?


  19. My town has already been colonized. We have a No Go Zone within 1 hour of Times Square. We never enter, we go around. For years now.


  20. on February 15, 2019 at 3:44 pm | Reply Mandy been here a while

    If we lose our civilization in this manner then that makes us rather contemptible


  21. on February 15, 2019 at 4:08 pm | Reply Snark Sandwich

    There is a desperation to these ‘mass-migration is inevitable’ types. If they truly believed what they said why even say it? It’s like they’re trying to convince themselves. And failing.


  22. And Edward James Olmos will teach them all calculus!

    Oyé kimo where my gibs?


  23. It only takes one bullet per person. Problem solved.


  24. “Homeless shelter for the world.”– man, that is sublime.


  25. I swear that these beaners are cloned. They all look alike.


  26. “The Forces of Global Migration Can’t be Stopped” — they forgot to add “except on the Israeli border.”


  27. on February 15, 2019 at 11:02 pm | Reply California Caucasian

    Last time I picked up a Time magazine it was 32 pages… just like the Batman comic books I read 30 years ago as a kid… 32 pages and they are pushing the adopt-a-fat-foreigner agenda. Might be time to go down to ZERO pages and live online as a listicle hub…