Walls Around Hypocrites

The GayMulatto Wall is especially hypocritical because that smug nullity is protected by multiple walls, fences, a guard tower, and even road barricades.

Reminder that geographical distance and attentive police are also “walls” in the sense that both help keep the riff raff away from the properties of sanctimonious urban shitlibs. Hence why fat crap Matty Yglesias says he lives in a “diverse” city and has no problem with it, while neglecting to mention his million dollar condo is actually in one of the whitest neighborhoods in DC, and just far enough away from the criminal horde and public transit to inconvenience would-be predators.


A commenter snarked that the analogy fails because these are high profile people who need protective walls.

Like most pleasant White nations, America is a high profile country. We need the same protection. BUILD THE WALL


  1. Will was right, Obozo do habs a wall ’roundst his ‘umle abode.
    And that swarthy shaheed slum-slut shagger said he didn’t.
    What you reckon the Sultan of Sketty-O’s spin will be on that ?


    • on January 7, 2019 at 10:10 pm Captain Obvious

      The Secret Service has barricades in the middle of the streets and has blockaded off several entire city blocks in order to protect the Obamas & their fellow parasites in crime.

      Something on the order of 2000 ft x 2000 ft = 4,000,000 sq ft = 92 ACRES!!!!!


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    • Trav won’t have shit to say. But hey, what’s done is done.
      Trav, it as a lesson, that like any good gym, military unit, or man dominated squad, it’s better to not come out dick swinging.
      We got nothing but love for you here pal.


      • you freakin moron, I already TOLD YOU IDIOTS THIS

        He has a FENCE around his house, not a fucking “10 foot wall” like Trump claimed.

        I told you morons to get the story straight.

        Yes, there are also road checkpoints, which was never in dispute.


      • In this case, I’ve got to agree with trav. That’s not a 10 foot wall, it looks like a 4 foot wall with a 4 foot fence on top of it.

        Never bothered to look it up before because I don’t actually believe that a throwaway taunt at an enemy does much of anything anyway. Real action concretely improves the position of one’s own side or impedes the adversary. People have been making clever quips for decades and it hasn’t shaken the trajectory of policy yet.

        But it’s a fence. Pretending it’s a 10-foot wall is absurd.

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      • trav + Ironsides— Semantics.

        Not disagreeing w/ either of you, but this is that whole “wall vs. fence” thing you are seeing writ large in the media. Getting caught in the weeds, forest vs. the trees, etc.

        It is a BARRIER to keep people the fuck out, its actual material is irrelevant. Its purpose is to prevent entry / invasion and it is working as intended. So the point stands that these people have ‘walls’ (barriers, fences, whatever) to keep undesirables from shitting on their lawn, much like WE the people want.

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      • That’s true, Jay.


      • It’s a quite a bit more than a mere fence, I’d say, but as Jay mentioned, semantics-schmantics… point is, a barrier is a barrier, and as the old maxim goes, they make good neighbors.

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    • on January 8, 2019 at 9:42 am clarence boddiker

      I think we could use a DMZ like between the Koreas. Those poor farmers in texas could use a mile of free fire zone at the border to keep the bad hombres away.

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    • Minnie the Moocher says Trump shouldn’t build a wall.
      “I have one at my house.” , she explained.


  2. The thing libs hate is the message it sends. They act like it’s about tax dollars as if they ever cared about that.

    No. It’s not. It’s about saying “fvck off, this is Whitey’s zone, no shitskins allowed”. The efficacy is second in priority to symbology. They know this deep down and that’s why they get so riled up about it.

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    • It’s the same reason things like “white flight” and “sundown towns” existed.

      White people have it the best and have the most to lose out of anyone. When everything else is a step down, you have to step out.

      Nigs, squatemalans, etc. Don’t need walls because they have nothing to guard. They are the people that need kept out, not the ones who need anyone else kept out.

      But parasites never fancy themselves as such. They never see how arrogantly and forcibly they interject themselves in our spaces. Hell, our governments have taken it upon themselves to undermine every exclusionary practice possible. Minorities love to colonize and infect our countries and neighborhoods and cozy up to us and try to pretend they belong.

      Nigs especially love to defecate, literally and metaphorically, in our spaces. It is a sign of pride and conquest to wipe our noses in our “racism”. Does it occur to them how ridiculous of a gesture this is? To deliberately abandon your own kind to live amonst whites, preferentially pursue another race of women and wish your kids were less like you? And then bitch and gripe about our “supremacy”?

      Idk how these browns keep it together. 110% psychological projection and total lack of self-awareness.

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  3. Oh yes. By distancing themselves, they have no skin in the game. There should be a law that leading politicians – to be defined – should be prohibited from living behind walls better than the WORST part of the wall at the Mexican border (which means pretty much no wall at all).

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  4. Honestly the day of the rope can’t come soon enough. I just pray I know the time and the place to say “fuck it” and help kick of the revolution

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  5. on January 8, 2019 at 1:59 am gunslingergregi

    prob automated gun turrets too rofl


  6. When you don’t build walls around your country, you feel compelled to build walls within your country.


  7. This is the way to do it. Mock them without mercy. Point out their personal choices are 180 degrees from their prescriptions for others.

    Invariably, SJWs I encounter live nowhere near the 3rd world diversity they love to import. Point it out to them. Look up the racial composition of their zip code and point out it’s 85.2% White and 97% median income. Ask how diverse is their kids’ school. They go bonkers with cognitive dissonance.

    In the long run I dunno how much it will matter. Many of these people are women, or clinically insane.

    My mother is a lib type. She’s moderated over the years, but she absolutely cannot reconcile her feelz with logic. I once asked her if she would continue wanting to live in her house if she were the only White person left in the neighborhood. She said “no.” Yet she votes and votes for more 3rd worlders and more gibs for them. I guess she wants them to live near other people, just not her. She understands logically, but her feelz are just too powerful. The pic of the drowned boy in Greece or staged pics of toddlers in cages at the US/Mex border short-circuit her brain.

    Women voting are a massive liability to society. There is no doubt about it.

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  8. on January 8, 2019 at 3:22 am DissesMYisland

    Post Suggestion:

    CH can you please Do a post on the coming Technological Singularity that recursive AI will bring us?

    My thoughts: it scares the shit out of me and makes me think twice about having kids (even though I will anyway).

    Science isn’t sure whether it will bring about the end of the human race, or a utopian heaven. As far as I’m concerned, either way we lose. This is obvious in the former situation. But the latter is trickier.:..here goes:

    What makes us Men, specifically ARYAN MEN, is our insatiable drive to take risks (h/t Plumpjack in his responses to reality Doug), explore, conquer, learn, etc etc etc.

    If we have an omniscient, omnipotent AI overlord that will literally allow us to wish anything into existence, we effectively become obsolete, redundant. We won’t even need our balls anymore. We will effectively cease to exist. No thanks. Heaven can wait.

    And we are RUNNING OUT OF TIME. It could happen as early as 2050!

    So while we are busy with our more mundane struggles like, ya know, taking back our country and stuff, (((faceborg))) and (((goolag))) and their ilk are merrily working away on The FINAL, Final Solution. (It’ll get them too. But who cares about (((them))).)

    THEY MUST BE STOPPED. And the only way to have a chance do it is for us to WIN, total victory…right Phucking NOW. Only then will we have the raw political power to shut Skynet down, and subsequently have the power to turn our attention easteard and make sure the Ching-Chong’s don’t do it either.

    My existential dread thoughts for the day…go ahead and discuss amongst yourselves.


    • on January 8, 2019 at 3:37 am DissesMYisland

      What interests me is how the Singularity relates to our cause and should function as a ticking doomsday/death clock to crystallize our focus and thinking and provide needed motivation for us to stop wasting time With petty squabbling, unite, and have the courage to do WHATEVER is necessary to achieve victory. (((They))) are running the clock out against us.


    • we’ll run out of energy supply first

      infinity is not achievable


      • on January 8, 2019 at 11:58 am DissesMYisland

        So what you’re saying is that there is not Enough energy in the world/universe/existence for the AI to do enough recursions to react infinite intelligence? An interesting point and it rings true.

        My response would be: does it NEED to reach infinity to be sufficiently more intelligent than humanity in order for it to be no more knowable to us than we are to ants? I’m no physicist but my gut says no.


      • we’ll run out of energy supply first

        infinity is not achievable

        Using breeder reactor technology, there’s enough uranium ore in the earth’s crust to provide energy for millennia. Before that’s gone, we’ll have figured out something else. History is littered with technological advances that people a century previously would have marveled at.

        If the white race manages to get the kikes and niggers and their handlers off our backs, the sky’s the limit.


    • I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream is the most likely scenario. Either that, or the AI will hoover up all the input it can on this planet, get bored, and engineer the earth into a pulse-drive vehicle and go star trekking.

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    • No depiction of the future has ever been accurate yet. So I doubt that either the “Singularity” or “Peak Oil” will happen as anyone is imagining. Probably a totally unexpected situation will be the actual outcome.

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      • One possible outcome we could look to potentially help develop is to decentralize technology.

        The nature of manufacture and technology required huge organizations (mass production, factories, etc. etc.) from about 1850 to the present time.

        However, the technology is now sufficiently advanced that there signs of its potentially diffusion, rather than concentration. Take, for example, 3D printing. Automation and robots could also point that way if developed in the right manner.

        Throughout most of history, small workshops were able to produce almost everything. This led to decentralization of economics in a way that’s very difficult for us to wrap our heads around because of being in an era of giant businesses and factories, but once upon a time, everything, from swords to plowshares, was pretty much made locally.

        Regions might have specializations, due to skills, resources, whatever, but production was still widely diffused. There was no Colt making longbows, or Ford making carriages or wagons.

        What if we’re headed back in that direction? What if we pushed the technology specifically TO move in that direction, where a lot of things can be made locally by workshops, using 3D printing, milling, some small-scale automation?

        That’s a fairly exciting vision, IMO — being able to supply yourself and your community to some degree with the crap you need without depending totally on Globohomo for it.

        Just brainstorming here, it’s not a fully developed idea, just a notion that seems like it might be interesting to pursue.

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      • on January 8, 2019 at 12:15 pm DissesMYisland

        Agreed Ironsides. Of course we can’t know what will happen. But we can observe what is actually happening and we have enough data already to extrapolate trends.

        The truth is we have a MUCH better understanding of Peak Oil because we understand energy fairly well and we’ve had millennia of experience with it going back to the discovery of fire. We can prepare for peak oil and indeed folks like Elon Musk are.

        But we have no idea whatsoever what will happen when Strong AI comes online and gets away from us. That’s the scary part.

        There’s a reason Musk and Stephen Hawking before his death are/were argued so strongly against it. These two are way smarter than me and if you’ll pardon my appeal to authority I’m with them. I’d rather err way on the side of caution.

        Google “wiki alphago”. The first version of alpha go beat the best go player in the world 4-1. The second version of alphago beat the first 100-0! And it only took a few weeks for it to learn enough to get there. There are more possible decisions in a game of Go than there are atoms in the universe. And the machine TAUGHT ITSELF. That’s recursive AI.


    • “CH can you please Do a post on the coming Technological Singularity that recursive AI will bring us?”

      You are a fucking nutter. The funny part is, the futurists in many ways want this to occur as much as the tin foil hats do not.

      The main issue is, both are delusional. We are SO far away from some ‘uploading our consciousness’ to the machine hivemind it is laughable. We have absolutely no idea how human consciousness even works right now. Ask any neuroscientist who isn’t full of shit and he will shrug his shoulders for the most part.

      So you are going to interface a system that you barely comprehend how it even works and meticulously and methodically take it apart piece by piece and reassemble it in machine language? Got it… that black helicopter outside you’ve been seeing? It REALLY is after you, so keep your head down.


      • This… all we got so far from AI and robots for the common man is a vaccuum cleaner and a Q & A with a pleasant voice…

        … almost forgot, parallel parking ’cause the ladies don’t have very good peripheral vision.


      • on January 8, 2019 at 12:18 pm DissesMYisland

        How’s your reading comprehension today Jay? Show us where someone made mention of “uploading our consciousness” before you said it.


      • Well, I can’t argue w/ that because you did NOT specifically mention that but the end-game of these scenarios tends to be we are gobbled up by AI, borg style.

        In either case, Greggy is more on point in that we still seem to have a few ‘gaps’ in our tech since right now we have a Roomba and a sexy robot voice for our phones. Massive leap to a self-aware self-replicating Skynet, innit?

        tl;dr- We have much more immediate problems being eradicated by the ‘brown goo’ than the ‘gray goo’, if you take my meaning.


      • on January 8, 2019 at 2:35 pm DissesMYisland

        “In either case, Greggy is more on point in that we still seem to have a few ‘gaps’ in our tech since right now we have a Roomba and a sexy robot voice for our phones. Massive leap to a self-aware self-replicating Skynet, innit?

        tl;dr- We have much more immediate problems being eradicated by the ‘brown goo’ than the ‘gray goo’, if you take my meaning.”

        Yes I do take your meaning and I agree with you about the brown goo being the more urgent problem.

        GE either understands and is trying to be funny or he just doesn’t understand recursive AI machine learning.

        It’s the opposite of diminishing returns. Instead growth getting harder and harder (like a gym newbie gaining his first 10lbs of muscle in 6 months, but taking 2years to gain the next 10lbs and 5 years to gain the 10 after that), it gets faster the faster it gets. So things that would take humans years or decades or millennia to work out will be worked out in microseconds by the AI. So it’s a leap for us but not for skynet.

        The point of my original post was that this is a problem that is coming whether we like it or not. And yet we can’t tackle it until we handle your “brown goo” problem first. But we can’t take so long dealing with the brown goo that skynet makes us all obsolete anyway.

        (And I’m not a nutter. This is just something i thought about this morning and wanted to see what my bros thought)


    • on January 8, 2019 at 12:40 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “our insatiable drive to take risks”

      This is what Calhoun discovered, with the First Death [the death of the body] and the Second Death [the loss of the will to live, which results in the death of the soul].

      Death Squared: The Explosive Growth and Demise of a Mouse Population
      by John B Calhoun MD


    • Yup. AI is already here in small doses. Uber has made cab drivers obsolete. Manufacturing is increasingly automated – this has been going on for a 100 years or more. Clerical jobs – much of it is done by computers. Secretaries – now rare, for high level execs there are personal assistants, often a highly qualified job, the rest of us do our own typing on a computer.

      Retail is slowly going the same way. Order from Amazon etc, the shipping is increasingly automated. And the cashiers in supermarkets are being replaced by self-service checkout.

      But these are probably mere adumbrations. Will there be a break through?
      Vernor Vinge has written a Sci-Fi novel or two about this (“Marooned in Real Time, IIRC) – and one or two others.


      • Bro, cabbies aren’t going away anytime soon since Uber went bankrupt after their board of directors enlisted Arriana Huffington and her ilk to infiltrate their business.


  9. Like

    • This is a very useful graphic I hope everyone takes a long hard look at. We see that goofy meme with Le Happy Merchant, but the grim reality is that these people hoovered up massive amounts of Euro / Slav DNA last century. They did this by design as it is MUCH easier to infiltrate if your (((skinsuit))) is white skinned and possibly even has blond hair or light colored eyes.

      Russians and Eastern Euros made a dreadful mistake offering these desert people refuge so they could capture the only thing which has any real value, genetic fitness.


  10. on January 8, 2019 at 8:24 am Missile-Grade Autism

    In Canada, between the town of Mount Royal, Quebec (Liberal since 1940, formerly represented by Pierre Trudeau, and Park Extension, a poor diverse neighborhood, is an “immoral” fence.



    Who lives near these walls??

    Glue posters of illegal immigrants to these Walls. NOW.


  12. on January 8, 2019 at 8:58 am Staten Italy Man

    All the videos of key Democrats trashing illegal immigrants need to be compiled and circulated everywhere. That kill shot? Just a start. Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer … All were against illegal immigration in the past. Show it everywhere.


    • I have said this before. Most of the Dems got with the program in the last 10 years or so. The BIG issue is not illegal aliens (not the same as criminal extraterrestrials) being criminal beyond their mere presence. Not is it drugs, they are small and easy to smuggle. No. There are two minor issues, and a YUGE one.

      Minor issue No 1: Fun to kick Trump in the shins, and deny him another success.

      Minor issue No 2: Actually, an intermediate issue: The cost of illegal immigration, as many of the illegals end up on some form of welfare, or at least their freshly spawned children do. A fifty billion dollar wall would pay for itself in a year or so.

      YUGE issue: Producing and Importing voting cattle for the Dems.


  13. on January 8, 2019 at 2:48 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Remember these compounds well. Learn to recognize the dripping hypocritical unctuous sanctimony.

    Your elites live in Bunkers.


  14. Yes, they are all hypocritical cunts. Facts and logic will not change that fact. Thus, God Emperor Trump needs to BUILD THE FOOKIN’ WALL ALREADY!!! No more channeling George W. Bush and hunkering down in the White House waiting for the Democunts and Kike Press to come around to his agenda or start providing fair/objective reporting.