Questions That Need Asking


  1. FIRST!

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  2. Because, you know….(((special/chosen))).
    Stop asking about that elephant, stupid goy, and give us your shekels.


  3. on December 14, 2018 at 2:45 pm William of Orange County

    Because one of them is an actual member of the big-nose-tribe and the other is actively supported by the big-nose-tribe (

    It’s why every attempt to pin them against the wall of their hypocrisy regarding open-border immigration for Israel results in them responding open borders for thee, justification-for-why-Israel-shouldn’t for we.


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  4. OT, but is m0d sammy Davis jr?

    The ONLY POSSIBLE explanation is for such ((([email protected]))) is being a handicapped, ghey, j3w, nog.

    Affirmative action pet hire…..?


  5. Jesus, these elites are so out of control that skewering them is like shooting fish in a barrel.


  6. There are consequences to being on the “brink of annihilation” throughout nearly all of one’s known human history. Walls can detain, maintain, restrain, and contain. When a distinct population sets its ego on a “brink of annihilation” virtuality, it must be walled-in and prohibited from diaspora.


    • Be careful here. There is a fundamental moral difference, unrelated to the mechanics of a wall, between walls to keep people OUT – history is full of them, from the Great Wall to walled cities – and walls to keep people IN, the main (only?) example of the latter being the Iron Curtain.


      • of course, the fundamental moral difference between IN and OUT is relative to which side of the wall you’re on.

        Q: when is a concentration camp not a concentration camp?

        A: when the people INSIDE the wall are less (((special))) than the people OUTSIDE the wall.

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  7. on December 14, 2018 at 3:12 pm BrooklynDodger

    Gee goy, I don’t know… maybe because it will ever work and waste is its own form of immorality??


  8. Who said they are willing to fund? There was no special funding by the US for this wall or any other border walls and fences which are now implemented in all of the Israeli borders. In fact, the Israeli left objected the wall in the Egyptian border but Netanyahu went with it anyway citing security concerns, not immigration ones, and now everybody are happy with it because it stops both ISIS activists from the Sinai peninsula and illegal immigration from Sudan, Eritrea and Africa in general.

    What they were willing to fund and in cash are payments to the Iranian government so they will pretend to stop their nuclear program for two seconds. That the question that should be asked, but in this site it is more important to be butthurt about (((them))) than actually doing something positive to improve America. As if everybody here are stuck in the rage stage.


    • on December 14, 2018 at 4:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I read that as “Rape Stage.”

      And I LAFFED

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    • you are a liar and go back to hell mr fecalstein. pissrael don’t pay for nothing. 65 billion so far stolen from the Germans and 100’s of billions stolen an wall st sent to the shitty little country. 25 billion scammed by Israelis a year and 10 billion just from the french


    • Well there is also a lot of stupidity…


    • What they were willing to fund and in cash are payments to the Iranian government so they will pretend to stop their nuclear program for two seconds
      lolz you mean 35 b this year and over 500b in last 40 years
      kike nobody gave iran any money
      that is their money confiscated in us banks after the islamic revolution (+ min interest that is much less than you ilk profited from that money in 40 years)


      • that is their money confiscated in us banks after the islamic revolution

        yah, but reality is anti-semitic. hasbaratchiks gonna hasbara.


      • Yes it makes more sense to give Iran billions rather than cut it off and maybe ya know use it for something else?

        Say Hi to Obama!


    • But ISIS works for Israel and their wounded were/are treated in Israeli hospitals. Why would Israel want to keep them out?

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    • on December 15, 2018 at 1:58 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

      There’s an annual US subsidy…tribute paid to Israel.


  9. I did something similar while living in Germany in 2015. Very easy to leave very small flyers on buses or subways with “Stop Rape Culture,” “End Sex Slavery,” and then directing them to woke or anti-Islam websites. You cannot be sure how much it helps, but you can be sure it DOES help, and may even save the life of one or two random girls who start getting scared and start making a point of it to stay away from the invaders.

    (((They))) know the power of death-by-a-thousand-pricks, of filling the airwaves with very subtle but suggestive messaging for decades, which then creates a swell or tidal wave of ‘change’ in the masses later on.

    We can play that game too. We must, actually.

    This is good. Very good.

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  10. Me: “What’s your name?”
    The Jews: “Puddin Tame. Ask me again, and I’ll tell you the same.”
    Me: “Why is your wall moral and America’s wall immoral?”
    The Jews: “Nazi!”


  11. Another good aspect of this is its standardization. People will notice that a lot of these are popping up, that they look like they are from the same organization, denoting coordination and a larger movement.

    It will encourage many others who are woke but silent to speak up. It will encourage others who are on the cusp of entertaining consciously the bad-think that they know has been knocking on the door of their consciousness for a few years now.

    We need to show those around us how to do it. A lady from my church, who is totally woke, is still a nervous nellie when we’re out in public and her husband and I start ranting. I have told her several times (ala J. Goodman in Big Lebowski) “these people are cowards” and “half the people in here agree with us, and the rest won’t do anything anyway.”

    Christmas parade in the small Southern city I live in, and the shameless Demorat party has people carrying cut-outs of Obama, Michelle, and the Clintons. I was warned that it happened last year. I started screaming “pedophiles and traitors” and such. No one said a thing to me. Several people were laughing, in obvious support, others looked around at me nervously, as the sheeple they are, and the dumb aged kunts parading pedophiles in front of everyone at a freakin Christmas parade only gave me confused looks as they sold their souls to the the Clintons, the devil, et. al.

    Take back the streets. Sure, be aware, but just start doing it. Small, little things first. But it has to be serious and real too, with substance and confidence, and yes, of course, communicating real derision, anger, and hints at aggressiong as well. These people only respond to fear. A single woman getting into her car in the parking lot, with an COEXIST sticker and no one else happens to be around? Mock her ruthlessly and tell her “COEXIST” means she supports pedophile, sex slaving Muslims and she a sick, twisted, ignorant, batch. Because it’s true. Then walk off. Easy win.

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  12. Seems like Trump started this dialogue no?

    Yet the faux fighters are quiet…


    • No he didn’t, for the record.

      Cyberian tweets and forums were filled with this “muh Israel has a wall” gotcha from day one when the idea of an American Wall was being pooh-poohed by the (((MSM))) and shitlibs.

      Granted, his recent mention of Israel’s wall to Schumer was a nice touch, but stop giving Trump credit for half-assing and coming to the party late…

      And stop trying to score neener points against the folks who have rightfully been calling Trump on his tortoise-paced swamp-draining.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Nice touch?

        Show me another sitting President who called out Israel’s nationalism and ethnocentricity – live – on a nationally televised press conference?

        This is why we lose. Faux Righters who don’t understand how the gubmint works, who don’t understand geopolitics or trade, who don’t understand media and who relish their own ignorance in these matters.

        Coming up to the last shake I the haid shake…


      • But he didn’t call it out, as if it were a bad thing… he was attempting to give Schumer the up yours by pointing out the Izzie’s wisdom.

        Geez, Louise… the next thing you know, youse yeggs will be saying that Trump has already built TREMENDOUS portions of the wall, and Mexico’s been payin’ for it.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • This is why we lose. Faux Righters who don’t understand how the gubmint works, who don’t understand geopolitics or trade, who don’t understand media and who relish their own ignorance in these matters

        Some folks only understand what they actually see and hear… and understand the sights and the words that are actually spoken, not what was wished for.

        The batting average of you “insider knowers” speaks for itself… and it’s been bush league mediocre thus far.


      • Show me another sitting President who called out Israel’s nationalism and ethnocentricity – live – on a nationally televised press conference?

        The more I read this statement, the more it makes YOU a participant in Clown World.

        Show me another sitting president who has gone far beyond the necessities of polite discourse in re Israel and has gone out of their way to put a Tsar Bomba sounding SMOOCH on kike backsides.

        The statements and tweets he’s made have been much featured ’round chere, so this statement of yours above is a classic case of Cyberian disingenuousness.


      • on December 15, 2018 at 7:27 am Gunslingergregi

        Yea Greg three allready was a wall watch El gringo with Mel Gibson he showed it to us


      • on December 15, 2018 at 8:48 am Reinald Vallejo

        Trump is basically the only politician ever, who has been consistent about wanting the Wall. He’s the only one, so I would expect a slow development. It’s far superior to no development or complete open borders. Any other opinions about the Wall should have been completed yesterday are simply naive and ridiculous.


      • Youse apologists keep missing the point…

        Just because he’s the only one who made it part of his campaign, and development is expected to be slow because muh Derp State, the point is, all this ballyhoo and braggadocio about it, as if it’s progressing apace, is what rings false, as does the optimism… since muh Derp State is so all-powerful. :duckface

        Especially when a lot more progress COULD have been made by now, for a man with a track record of building “under budget and ahead of schedule.”

        Of course, when you sit idly by and let the likes of 9th Circuit Court judges throw roadblocks in your way, with no consequence to them, then obviously things are going to go slow… not to mention open defiance by, of all things, the mayors of cities.

        If youse yeggs think he’s getting a second term by his track record thus far, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that might interest you.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Tell us Greg. How can a federal judge be removed?

        Look forward to your explanation.


      • A simple google will tell you that, and you know it.

        But here’s a hint about how a REAL God Emperor would go about getting around any bullshit red tape.

        Since there are treason and “good behavior” clauses, it’s easy enough to initiate things along those lines, and then let the OTHER GUY spend time and money trying to defend himself, rather than being oneself on the offensive and looking weak every time some two-bit judge or mayor tells you to go fuck yourself.

        This isn’t rocket surgery… and I thought I was the one slow of wit?


      • Check that, rather than being on the defensive oneself.


      • Look forward to your explanation.

        And try not to gloat about a victory until you’ve actually won one, alt-R ally.

        (((shakin’ mah haid))))


      • Tell us Greg. How can a federal judge be ignored?


      • The problem is, they HAVE been getting ignored when they overstep their aüthority.

        Look, this isn’t rocket surgery, so follow by the numbers for one possible gambit, and keep in mind how the Left has been harassing Trump and his subordinates from day one with trumped up muh Russia charges, for example.

        1. LEOs, from local to FBI, violate muh Constitutional rights of citizens every day. The motto is “let the judge sort it out” to any protest of muh rights when they make an arrest.

        2. Declaring a “sanctuary city” or overriding an executive order in re travel bans from known terrorist countries can EASILY be shown to be aiding and abetting known criminals and/or a breach of national security which can lend itself to all sorts of charges of sedition, harboring fugitives, etc., etc., etc.

        3. Some underling AG or LEO can easily be persuaded (if Trump didn’t want his hands to get dirty) to swear out an arrest warrant for any judge or mayor. Whether the charges will stick, or are a violation of muh Constitution is immaterial at this point, because like any other citizen caught in the web, the arrestee will have to have his life upended, even if just for a short while, defending against the charge or getting it dropped.

        So now, with offense being the best defense (DUH!), a message is sent by the administration that life isn’t going to be a big Pass of Go and collecting $200 if you want to start playing games with the Executive Branch and the security of the American people.

        At least, even if charges are dropped, the stink the (((MSM))) isn’t going to be any worse than it is now, and the American people will see some REAL action by the man who told us he was going to kick ass and take names.

        Or, we can just go on like we have, and listen to n1gger cooze state AGs brag about how they’re going to put a microscope up the president’s ass, searching for ANY flimsy pretext that will make the muh Russia boondoggle look like a well-oiled machine.

        Now, let’s hear about how “it couldn’t be done” and all the other excuses… while Trump’s enemies have been doing the EXACT thing for the past two years, with more and better to come, as promised, now that they’re feeling their oats about gaining the House.

        And btw, you fuckers are tedious for yeggs what claim to be so damn smart. 😡


      • Gotta agree with Greg’s three points. I’d just add that the Wall could be half-complete by now if Trump had used his powers as CINC on Day One and told the Army and the Seabees to head down to el border and start digging. Same rationale — national security. Alternatively, the Wall could have been crowdfunded. Just ask every deplorable voter to send in $100.

        But Trump wanted to play Mr. Nice Guy…so you get what we have here today. I think, though — I hope — that he is now aware of the total ruin that his family faces if present trends continue. And I’m not talking about just personal financial ruin.


      • So did you Google it? From your inept emo response I think not.

        Jeez… I thought civics classes were big in the 60’s?



      • The usual distraction and ad hominem squid ink noted.


    • He started it on the MSM stage. It was underground until then. Now you can talk about it at the Christmas dinner table with your liberal cousin. It was just dismissed as CT until Trump brought it up in front of everyone and made Chuck and Nancy squirm in public.


      • Exactly…


      • Afraid not… back when Trump was campaigning several political talk shows and publications were mentioning Israel’s wall… it wasn’t “underground” at all, and even in my circle of friends, relatives, and acquaintances (mostly normies) it’s been discussed in social conversations for the past two years.

        Even in pop culture, for cryin’ out loud, though of course they made the Izzies the good guys (World War Z).

        And even though through our red pill colored glasses we like to think Nancy and Chuck were squirming, they were doing an awful lot of interrupting, contradicting, and (((shakin’ o’ de haid))).

        You Trump Pollyannas have GOT to know your limitations.


      • Ok Auntie, whatever you say.


      • Great gainsay! I bet your were captain of your grade school’s debating team.


      • “And even though through our red pill colored glasses we like to think Nancy and Chuck were squirming, they were doing an awful lot of interrupting, contradicting, and (((shakin’ o’ de haid))).”

        Tgis is why you are an idiot in these matters…

        No one thinks Pelosi and Schumer were squirming… Lol

        This episode had nothung at all to do with them.

        Please. Just stop. You demonstrate complete ignorance with each political post. More troubling? You seem proud ot it…



      • And you seem to think that merely neener-neenering those whose opinion differs with yours bolsters your argument.

        Note that, throughout this current tempest in a teapot, you’ve done nothing but try and maintain that my intelligence is below par, while I’ve done nothing but report what my lying eyes are showing me… and judging by a lot of the comments on other forums, I don’t seem to be in the minority.

        If you wanna make this a “my echo chamber versus the other guy’s echo chambers”, we yeggs are in the same sort of minority as in ‘Murrica’s street demonstrations.


      • “Minority”

        More is the pity…


    • on December 15, 2018 at 8:44 am Reinald Vallejo

      He’s the first, as far as I know. Maybe Ron Paul back in the day?


  13. More relevant is the self-appointed élite’s busily loving an building walls (literal ones) around their gated communities, and their disdain for a wall to protect the US.

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  14. on December 15, 2018 at 4:14 am Gunslingergregi

    I apparently need a wall around me broke my sternum and don’t fucking know how i did it
    Piece of Bone seperated guess don’t fuck with Jesus apparently


    • on December 15, 2018 at 6:09 am Gunslingergregi

      Yea i guess i broke her pelvis back on day now She broke my sternum aint that a bitch lol the fuck ya even do for that got to put wires or some shit


  15. on December 15, 2018 at 4:17 am Gunslingergregi

    Don’t need to find the dam wall just hyperpreshurized diet BLOCKS diet free


  16. on December 15, 2018 at 4:25 am Gunslingergregi

    Its funny indo building raised highway from Jakarta to my house
    It was a traffic jam the whole way almost
    Stop and go
    And they fixed the road near my house with potholes 6 feet deep lol
    5 hours lol
    Be kind of embarrassing we cant build wall but they gonna build raised highway legnth of country


    • on December 15, 2018 at 4:30 am Gunslingergregi

      Was wild raised massive t columns of concrete as far as could Drive aint put the road on yet
      Traffic was unreal
      They prob need two more raised tiada
      But no abortion i guess what ya get


  17. People have questionable priorities.


  18. *Senses conservative political shift*

    Wouldn’t you be more interested in these wholesome distractions I mean content, my goy?

    *hops on FCC-regulated frequencies for joos* “Attention ALL Juliet Echo Whiskey Sierras, da fuckin’ goyim know!”