The Abridged Family


How much blame for the low fertility of developed nations can be placed on the disappearance of the geographically convenient extended family? In all the debates about below-replacement TFR I’ve read, this angle is criminally under-explored.

Maybe it’s not just high housing costs (read: high diversity costs) that are the culprit of low TFR; maybe a primary driver of reduced family size and childlessness is the expense of out-sourcing extended family care to unrelated third parties (corporations, daycare, nannies, etc).

If grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins significantly contribute to easing the financial and emotional costs of having children, then their geographic dispersal and separation from any family connections would have a big impact on the willingness of young couples to take on child-rearing.

Globalism and its consequences (free movement of labor, job insecurity, fleeing from diversity) provides incentives to spread out geographically and away from the family “home base”. A low TFR decreases the number of extended family members with each generation, until even extended families that remain local don’t have enough members to assist young parents with the quasi-communal child-rearing.

A vicious negative reinforcement feedback loop sets up, until TFR crashes and outposts of high TFR White subgroups like the Amish inherit the future.

The virus in the code of Western society is the abridged family, and as usual the vectors of this virus are mass immigration, forced multiracialism, and rapacious wage-cutting oligarchism.

PS A reader insightfully theorized that the introduction of child car seat laws had a depressive effect on fertility, because car seats take up a lot of room, and middle class couples who want more children are forced to decide between buying a bigger, more expensive car, or not having that third kid.


  1. Globalism and its consequences (free movement of labor, job insecurity, fleeing from diversity) provides incentives to spread out geographically and away from the family “home base
    very true
    but in addition it also kills bonds between men
    Scattered elementary particles want to rebel sometimes against the mighty and invisible power but find themselves alone on a street of a city they have no attachment to
    Man’s attachment to nation has to pass through the narrow street of his childhood
    Only than he will fight surrounded by people sharing common memories of ordinary things lived together that comprise human life and destiny

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    • on January 8, 2019 at 11:51 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Globalism and its consequences (free movement of labor, job insecurity, fleeing from diversity) provides incentives to spread out geographically and away from the family “home base”.”

      Conversely, Israhe11 has a wall around it, receives about $40B in free shekels every year from the mouth-breathing goyische idiots in the USA, and provides a “home base” [with astronomically high fert!lity rates] for the Tribe.

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    • I’m a husband and father of four. The real problem is the cost of daycare.

      Essentially, since a lone man cannot work a blue collar job and subsidize his whole family of wife, two children, and a house in pre-suburbia any longer. Think small plot of land in late 1930s. You now “need” to have both people working so you can get that massive three story dream home you can’t afford. Replete with flatscreens and surround sound in each room, that you actually can’t afford.

      So, your wife has to work. If you have two kids within two years of each other, you have between 5-7 years of diapers, two additional mortgage payments to a day care facility (800-1300/month per kid), formula, doctor’s visits, gas to get everyone everywhere, and blah, bliggity blah blah. It adds up!

      In the past, as I’m learning now that my wife’s parents are here assisting us with our two youngest since they are retired, you didn’t have that problem. And, you needed that big dream home because people were all living in with-in a few feet of eachother. No need to pay for babysitters. If you wanted to go see a movie, you talked to one of the parents, and you went.

      You will be able to keep romance, because you will actually be able to budget time for romance.

      Divorce is the evil demon princess offspring of globalist ambition to make people work to an early grave buying crap. If you get enough of us to believe that “is just how life is!” Well, you’re seeing the results.

      The Mhong people across the street from us have it figured out. Each sibling of the parent’s offspring have their wives/husbands drop the kids off with grandpa and grandma Mhong. Their cars are always over there because they always eat over there. No one pays for daycare. The grandparents assist, and raise the kids if they are not in school.

      It used to be similar for all races here in the US pre-WW2 “prosperity.”

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      • But your wife has to earn a lot to justify the costs of daycare, transportation, etc. My wife and I looked at her salary vs. cost of her working after the kids were born and decided it wasnt worth it for her to work. And she breadtfed so no formula to buy.

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      • I considered this problem, then moved to a rural property, and brought the grandparents in as well. Makes an amazing difference. Commute sucks, but telework is more and more possible with one income.

        It’s all about choices, and more importantly, having a future plan. I’d say the root problem for most millennials, and most humans, is the future planning part. That thinking used to be a part of traditional cultures and extended families, but the short time period gratification cycles that each generation has been fed is seriously impairing the long term thinking.

        If there’s anything that you can do as a parent to teach delayed gratification, It’s probably the best legacy you can leave to your kids.

        Speaking of that, the best family businesses are the ones where the parents turn over control and income to their children earlier, and make it worth it for them to stay involved and on a common mission. Too many simply let pride get in the way, or fail to share the vision, control, and most importantly, profit from work.

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      • Beyond mitigating the cost of daycare, remember also that extended families provided jobs for relatives, particularly in family-owned businesses, but also through nepotism in government jobs, blue-collar corporate jobs, etc.

        Daycare is a necessity if you have to move away from the family to get work, but also, the risk of moving away is very high. Even if you are initially paid enough to afford daycare in a distant location, you’re screwed if you get downsized or outsourced (a situation that typically wouldn’t happen if your job is based on “family connections.”) The slightest amount of job insecurity with no backup and no social resources is going to drop fertility to near zero.


    • The most important costs aren’t paid in dollars. We had to move out of state for my job leaving both sets of grandparents and other extended family members behind. We had no childcare expenses to speak of because my wife home schooled our children and is a stay at home mom. The real cost was the relationship between our children and their grandparents and other family members and that cost can never really be tallied.

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  2. on January 8, 2019 at 11:12 pm A Patron of the Arts

    My first take was that this makes a lot of sense.

    But Japan is also experiencing low fertility rates, even though it’s still an insular society, and given that it’s an island, getting away from your extended family would be difficult, even if you wanted to.

    Maybe Japan’s low fertility rate has different causes than those of the west, but still, it’s an exception that needs to be accounted for.

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    • Well, maybe. But Japan has a culture very different from that of the West. It works for them – or, considering the birth dearth, does it really?

      Also Japan is a geographically good-sized country spread out over a long North-South axis, NOT the same as if it were roughly circular with the same number of square kilometers as she actually does have. From Okinawa to Hokkaido, not counting smaller islands.


    • Japan’s low fertility comes from another evil of globalism which is overworking of a human being
      Constantly stressed working 12+hours per day removes a man from his family
      At beginning this separation is physical only but with time causes a mutation which main manifestation is loss of social fibre which brings humans together
      Nature of Japanese is reserved and when further exacerbated by competition and everyday struggle it creates an asocial man who leaves with technology as a substitute for practical needs of life which used to be provided by other of family
      Yet void in the soul remains and sooner or later the void will ask for accounts to be settled
      When you stare into an abyss for long time the abyss will stare back at you
      That is 1st Nietzsche’s theorem of vertigo further elaborated by Kundera

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      • “Constantly stressed working 12+hours per day removes a man from his family”

        Something similar here, too, but with women also. Even with geographic dispersal, we could have some semblance of community, but with the vast majority of women in the workforce, there’s no chance.

        Think of a community where the women don’t sit in HR cubicle farms all day. Housewives, all. They’re now free to make the thousands of little decisions that glue a community together. “What are we going to do at church on Mothers Day?” “Who’s going to take the elderly widow in our neighborhood to the store today?” “Who’s going to help organize the food drive for that family who’s father just got laid off?”

        Men aren’t wired for decisions like that, women are. But now they’re at work all day, and when she gets home all the chores are still there, to be done with an equally tired husband, and then (if they even have them) spend some time with the children, get them ready for school the next day, go to bed exhausted and not even thinking of sex, get up early the next morning, feed children, get them to school, get to work, etc., rinse, repeat. Now add in geographic dispersal and the concomitant isolation and, yeah, we’re all fucked. Now add in all the diversity costs, and the fact that inflation has tripled wages in the past 30-40 years, and fucked isn’t even the word for it.

        What millennial wants that? Why would anyone want that?

        Still, I agree with Cappy: BUNS – OVENS – NOW. The alternative is extinction, and some things are right but not easy.

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    • Japan has extremely High Cost of Living, particularly for housing. Even a tiny two-bedroom home in Tokyo would go for over $1000000. Also, because of the hyper-competitive nature of the society, one child cost a fortune to raise with all the tutoring classes and additional training to help them succeed in school. The amount of time that must be devoted to an individual child also makes it extremely difficult to have more than one and expect them to succeed.


      • that is because they got to many people there. that is why they tried to expand into china in WWII. I do not believe for one second the jew propaganda of japan and the west are gonna collapse because not making enough kids. bullshit. there are to many people there and in the US. when there was under 200 mil people in the US it was paradise. now with 330 mil it is hell. what public place was you ever in where you said man I wish there were more people here? the white west survived the black plague 1000’s of years of wars WWI 20 million gone then the Spanish flu took another 50 mil. 70 million dead in WWII. and we are not gonna survive not having 2.2 kids a woman. all jew lies to make you accept 130 million sub humans that will save us. there is not one country with over population that is not a disaster. when there was under 200 mil here we had high wages and low land prices . now it is low wages and high land prices. but the jews tell us we need 200 mil more here

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      • I’m with you as far as population shrinkage not being a societal death sentence, but dwindling numbers can strain productivity as older people can’t work and require help. That said, you don’t build your future with other people’s kids.


      • @Mr Meaner: COTW.

        Sitting there listening to Trump the other night ” We NEED more people, legal immigrants”.

        Look at some fox news streams on jewtube: WE NEED MOAR IMMIGRANTS

        What the actual fuck? [Fox is on the same side as CNN et al,but they have different messaging strategies]

        No, we don’t. They add almost no value in the majority of cases. And every one that gets a job is an American that doesn’t. Then there is the IQ drain problem from these low IQ shitholes too.

        I’ve had several conversations with pro-Trump boomers over the holidays about this topic and they just don’t get it. Identity politics doesn’t compute with them. The word “nation”, in their minds equates to state or government, not people. Even using Molyneux’s simple analogies like “If i replaced all japanese people in Japan with Italians, would Japan still be Japanese” would just elicit blank stares. I guess if it’s still called Japan in their world atlas then it doesn’t matter who lives there — culture comes from the lines on the map. Or something.

        I’m losing hope.

        We don’t need a single motherfucking foreigner here ever again and we need to really think about sending these paper Americans back to where they came.

        They hate us, our culture, our religion, and they blame us for their own failures here and ;back home’,

        Fuck em all. Desert or jungle people were not selected to thrive in temperate climates and only survive at all because of welfare taken from the ice people, by force, by an (((alien))) group who controls the government, banks, the media, and academia.

        Some German phrases carry a lot of power. I like this one:



      • on January 12, 2019 at 3:56 pm Sebastian Hawks

        “and we need to really think about sending these paper Americans back to where they came.”

        Fake Americans


      • @Roy the Boy

        I don’t know what sort of Boomers you know but there were some unsophisticated ones from the backwaters and Podunk. OK I’ll assume they’re not here.People in the past were a bit more subtle. Perhaps they were more homogeneous and understood each other and didn’t have to spell everything out(like trying to explain something to a nogger lol)
        Your problem is one of language and what they hear when Trump says something and what you hear. I don’t know if there’s a more fragmented society or just a general dumbing down.
        What a Boomer hears when Trump says that is that we’re going to skim off only the very cream in minute numbers that we can use to augment our own top people. Not that we are going to scour Africa or whatever to find smart people.Trump doesn’t have to say a some Whites or perhaps a few Asians because we know he means this.
        If I’m talking to an old prep school friend for example I hardly have to say anything to be understood. If I said that a certain man was frivolous, which may sound like nothing to you, it’s actually a big insult because only children or females would behave like this.He would know this because he would have taken Latin and would understand the Roman, Gravitas, Levitas etc
        So there’s a difference between not only generations but classes.


    • Logical fallacy: affirming the consequent.

      There can be other explanations for low fertility; this doesn’t contradict that an abridged family would cause low fertility.


    • on January 9, 2019 at 9:30 am Samuel Skinner

      Japan’s fertility started dropping when we forced them to import feminism after world war 2. Specifically a Jewish woman (Beate Sirota Gordon) wrote the section of the new constitution abolishing patriarchy. I think MacArthur was still salty about the Japanese kicking him out of the Philippines.

      Emancipate women so that men can’t pass shit tests and women stop having
      kids. The same thing happened in South Korea and Taiwan (both of which have lower fertility then Japan).

      Wherever there is feminism and women’s emancipation, fertility collapses. Leftists openly admit this when they talk about the subject.

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      • THERE ARE WAY TO MANY PEOPLE IN JAPAN. they are packed like sardines in 30 sq ft units.

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      • on January 9, 2019 at 7:20 pm baked georgia

        of countries with significant population germany, italy and japan, in that order, have the older median age of the population.

        we fought the wrong enemy


  3. Quite a fussilade that, CH. But you are right, as usual. I have been a part of “extended family” both as a child and as a grandparent. It works for me.

    But, yes geographical dispersion makes this difficult. (I am a fine one to talk, having moved from Europe to the US)

    The diagnosis (Dx) is easy. The prescription (Rx) is difficult. But mass immigration is most likely a force contributing to the problem by driving down working class wages. (I used to think Dems were the champions of the working class – maybe they were in days of yore.) So the wall would help, but only somewhat. Other ideas?

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    • Dems have explicitly declared that they are no longer the champions of the American working class. Their former base – the American working class – are now “the deplorables” and “toothless rubes.” The Dems weighed their options and determined there is more power in being the party of the brown and foreign. Now Dems openly fight against the white working class and their interests (i.e., they used to be vociferously pro-wall, now that’s the epitome of racism), and pit them against their new brown horde base.

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  4. My family is relatively close-knit, although the aunts/uncles/cousins have been drifting away since the grandparents passed. But we’re close enough that free childcare and rides to work and the store are available to any of us at all tiems if needed, and if someone gets a bad illness, at least one person becomes a de facto nurse and visits them once a day, with other relatives dropping by and bringing food.

    I ran away from all this as a younger man, and now I regret it. I thank God I got to come back and experience this. One relative said she couldn’t imagine raising her toddler-aged children without all the babysitting she has from us all. I weep that this would likely mean she would have died barren if she had been without us.

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  5. Absolutely insightful

    The most intelligent stuff I read since a long time.

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  6. on January 8, 2019 at 11:25 pm BrachaBenedicta

    Wasn’t it Freakonomics that brought up this angle to child car seat laws?

    Ironically, considering all the diverse savages driving around our cities, I can’t imagine how much higher child fatalities would be without car seats.

    Also, WEIRD deracination seems to be less impactful on non-WEIRD populations. Dot forget this is the country with a history of heroic, gritty nuclear families settling frontier lands a la Laura Ingalls Wilder. That virus has been dormant and is now flaring due to sociopolitical. Sad.


  7. on January 8, 2019 at 11:31 pm Carlos Danger

    Throw in the debt from university degrees, you go girl!, the need to have two incomes in places like DC to even have children, the poor quality of child care and the denigration of staying home for women to raise children and you have a TFR crisis. This crisis has been deliberately manufactured by the elites who control our nation. The plans are hatched at Bohemian Grove, Bilderberg, Davos, and the various related think tanks these groupings spawn and support and are specifically aimed at the most advanced nations. Now in many EU nations, most young women are not even having children and the next generation must be that much larger for it to catch up which will now take several generations. The turd world OTH, shares none of these concerns and just drops shitlings without any thought. This is now well beyond boomer bitching about just tightening one’s belt. Worse still, the young people of today are too immature and ignorant to even be parents.

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    • on January 8, 2019 at 11:55 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “This crisis has been deliberately manufactured”

      This is the point which we have to keep pounding home to the Normies: NONE OF THIS IS RANDOM. NONE OF THIS IS ORGANIC. NONE OF THIS IS MERELY COINCIDENCE.

      AA wrote an essay about it the other day:

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    • “too immature and ignorant to even be parents”. Yup, in many different ways. One small example: Last year I found out that my adult son and his friends had never heard of Gutenberg. Now, obviously, this is not life-critical knowledge, but again, will serve as an example.

      The wife of a friend of mine, about 40 or so, did not know that salt is a preservative. This can have consequences, such as equating storing ham and storing fresh meat.

      A handyman I employed to fix a few things (he is actually literally handy) wanted to pour sulfuric acid down my drain to clear it. Or so he said. I was dumbfounded until I found out that the substance in question was a very concentrated solution of KOH and NaOH, witch will not damage any metal in the piping, but will dissolve fat and destroy hair. He also believes that gasoline and kerosene have about the same properties. An opinion that could set somebody’s house on fire. Etc. And this guy is at least 50. And he believes in plenty of other things, beliefs that are unlikely to kill him but are fully absurd. Gold is produced by bacteria in the ground. Etc.

      Where is the knotted whip when you need it?

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      • Isn’t Drano flammable. And what heat source is going to be inside your pipes to ignite kerosene. I see no problem with this. And Steve Gutenberg was in Police Academy a long time ago, I don’t think he’s relevant anymore. And finally, can you prove that bacteria doesn’t create gold.


      • @pulsotic:
        No the kerosene does not go in the drain. But I can think of lots of applications where kerosene, with low vapor pressure at room temperature, is safe to use for e.g. various cleaning purposes, kerosene lamps etc., where substituting gasoline would be disastrous.


      • Meant to be ironically funny due to the nature of your post about stupidity. To be fair, few get my humor.


    • on January 9, 2019 at 5:52 am Les Saunders, Protestant


      Media outlets are important players at these meetings. They continually reinforce the message that moving to the city and partying it up is cool; having a family is bad. I wouldn’t rule out at all that Friends and Sex and the City, and the proliferation of tv shews in the 90s glamorizing the crummy/boho apartment in the big city were purposely designed to this end. After all, where did I get the idea that moving away from home at 19 to the city and joining a moderin corporatocracy was a swell idea?

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      • Additionally, when a TV shows DOES feature a more-or-less intact family, the paterfamilias is usually shown to be a buffoon.

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      • on January 9, 2019 at 12:54 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “I wouldn’t rule out at all that Friends and Sex and the City, and the proliferation of tv shews in the 90s glamorizing the crummy/boho apartment in the big city were purposely designed to this end.”

        Stop suspecting it, and start accepting the reality of it.

        Furthermore, stop writing in a passive & questioning voice, and start writing in an active & declaratory voice.

        State simply that “Friends and Sex and the City, and the proliferation of tv shews in the 90s glamorizing the crummy/boho apartment in the big city were purposely designed to this end.”

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    • on January 11, 2019 at 1:06 pm terryegrafed7039

      The industrialized West is definitely practicing the K strategy (having only the number of children we’re sure we’ll be able to care for WELL). That’s better than the r strategy (breed like rabbits) still practiced in developing countries. But yes, some Westerners carry things too far by having NO children.


  8. Many high IQ worker’s have to move to find work, away from extended family to pressure cookers like NY or SV. Low IQ moochers, on the other hand can comfortably stay in the ‘hood with extended family. One situation discourages fertilityand the other encourages fertility.

    BTW, Jacques Chirac described something much like this in his famous “Le bruit et l’odeur” speech in the early 90s.

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  9. Globohomo is even inspiring metal bands from Mongolia. They get it.

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 12:27 am Captain Obvious

      I was thinking to myself, “Wow, that is an awesome video.”

      And that was before I realized you could turn on the Closed Captioning for the translation of lyrics.

      [They must have filmed that with consumer grade drones; there’s no way in he11 anyone this side of Goldman Sachs would have had the $$$s necessary to send helicopters that deep into the desert.]

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      • This is one of those things were you have to separate message from messenger. We see this theme here repeatedly.

        I like these guys style / look. Some nice Gengis Khan throwback and modern sensibilities. The messaging is almost secondary since we don’t speak the language.

        I actually afford no ill will to Mongolia. Conquering the known world is quite a fucking feat in any epoch / era. There is a damn good reason that the neighboring countries of Mongolia want to keep them under their boot. Wouldn’t want them riding out from the Steppes again to crush YOU under their boot, would you?

        Other than Alexander of Macedon and a few other notables Gengis Khan was one of the only people to grip multiple continents at once. Doesn’t get more Alpha than that.


      • on January 9, 2019 at 1:13 pm Captain Obvious

        Taking our Great Mongol ancestors’ names in vain
        How strange, how strange
        Yet, would not honor our oath annd destiny
        How strange, how strange
        Why the valuable ethics of ancestors become worthless?
        How strange, how strange
        Hey you traitor! Kneel down!


    • Huh, enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would.


    • re: Odious, Ironsides

      predator game recognizes predator game


    • +1000 Poptarts
      Thanks for telling me about this band. So good. Check out their song Wolf Totem. I’m gonna play that s#i+ on repeat in the gym, nothing I can’t lift with that as the soundtrack

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  10. “A reader insightfully theorized that the introduction of child car seat laws had a depressive effect on fertility, because car seats take up a lot of room”

    It began long before that; it began when Caucasians were kicked out of compact, livable urban environments and forced into car-dependent suburbs where they could spend, spend, spend on the car and oil industries and on all the other things that come with big houses.

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    • There is an odd difference between most of Europe and most of the US as to how cities and suburbs work.


      • on January 9, 2019 at 5:00 am Carlos Danger

        People live in suburbs in the US to avoid darkies as much as anything. Negroes have utterly ruined our cities.

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      • This “Benegerung” stuff is clearly new to you European chaps. Whereas it’s old and weary stuff that has defined the landscape of our country for as long as most of us have lived, and longer.


      • Eh. While I grew up in Europe, I have lived most of my life in the US.


      • Does anybody here know any cities in the USA over say 100k that are safe for White people at night (Ie not be condition orange/red constantly)? I’m (taking my family on a road trip this summer, looking for possible stops.

        I’ve been to a few cities that downtown didn’t feel dangerous after dark:

        Burlington Vt
        Portland ME
        Asheville NC

        On the other hand I’ve been to ~50 that had a distinct and very noticeable african feel to them. By that I mean you could hear the cannibal drums in the distance and see random groups of them roaming around looking for their next meal. In a couple of cases it was more of an Aztec beat but otherwise not that different.

        Nowadays I just avoid africans at all costs.


    • “A reader insightfully theorized that the introduction of child car seat laws had a depressive effect on fertility, because car seats take up a lot of room, and middle class couples who want more children are forced to decide between buying a bigger, more expensive car, or not having that third kid.”

      Just had our third kid. Due to car seat laws, when we visit the US I have to rent a minivan now even though we would all fit into one of my parents’ 4 door sedans.

      Yeah, it’s real. The car seat thing puts huge downward pressure on family size, no doubt about it. Great example of an unfunded gubment mandate.

      My sister and parents are so concerned we put the kids in carseats right from the airport. They were aghast when I told them no problem, just pick us up without carseats. It was totally taboo for them, that’s how brainwashed they are.

      PS I grew up in the 70s. I remember big families jammed into station wagons. Hell, we never wore seatbelts either. We’re still here.

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      • I can empathize. When my wife got pregnant with our third, we had to go from a car to a suburban. Even if you dont adhere to the ridiculous car seat rules, most cars are too small to carry 3 kids. especially as they get bigger.

        We dont follow the rules on car seats very well. Heck, where i live, you are required to keep a kid in a car seat and/or booster till they are 8! And every year they update the safety features so you cant buy or sell second hand car seats. and new car seats are expensive.

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      • I used to think that, until I saw what a seatbelt can do to a 5 year old’s neck in a car crash. I’ll take the bulky, ridiculous car seats, even if they are a pain. Anything to protect my kids from the idiots that surround us.

        The 70s had less people, less people driving, and less people driving over the speed limit and running red lights.

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      • Well, I guess I’m one of those weak, puny wimps, then, because apparently, I rode home from the hospital in car seat and occupied one until I was big enough to use a regular belt, BEFORE any of this was legally required. 😉

        Of course, I’m one of those annoying jackasses who always buckles up, too. Darwin ain’t gettin’ me that easily, pards.

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      • Liberals will make carseats mandatory until age 18 soon.

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      • So true. I had two and often thought about everything you said back then.

        I bet if we looked at who pushed for car seat laws, it was either a woman or a jew; or a jewish woman.


  11. On the car seat issue, as jan1 the state I live in has yet another car seat law. Having children these days invites the government and busybodies deeply into your life. One hassle and expense after another. And heaven forbid you let the kids off the leash these days.

    In another forum on the unrelated subject of automobiles an old driving education film was presented. Then some 20 something noticed a horror in this late 60s early 70s film. Little children out on their own in a suburban Chicago neighborhood. What was common up until about 1986.

    Another thing that has declined, the american neighborhood. When people knew each other. Not only did an uncle or a cousin live on the next block your parents knew the parents of the other children and they knew who you belonged to.

    So decline of the extended family in proximity. Decline of the neighborhood where people know each other. And a decline in the independence of children.

    So less childcare options and more childcare required.

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    • This whole business of constant supervision of children, even children at about 12, is an abomination. In some cases it might be necessary, but it is still horrible. When I was a kid, I was allowed to swim, row a boat etc all on my own (say 6 y.o.) And I loved it to the hilt. This would now be considered child neglect in most industrial countries.

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      • Yeah, how dare people keep their children safe from predators and actually taking care of their offspring rather than leaving their survival to chance while they go watch soaps and pursue their social life. They might even manage to transmit some values to their kids if they’re around them more than 5 minutes a day. The horror, the horror.

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      • Ironsides, we used to have a society where “predators” were removed from being much of a concern. What happened to where everyone is now isolated and frighted to the point that it is illegal to leave a 12 year old home alone or allow children to get on their bicycles and explore?

        Parents had a lot of time with their children and the children also got to know extended family.

        With all this keeping children safe all that happened was permanent children that now look to the government to be their parent and protect them the scary world. It didn’t transmit anything. The old way of kids having some freedom and extended family did.


      • Diversity has destroyed social trust in much of America.


  12. …Typically, in Europe, rich people live in the cities and less well off live in the suburbs, although different suburbs of the same city can be drastically different from each other.

    In the US, most of the inner city – the parts that are not just offices – is a place where poor people live. Rich people live in the suburbs. Now, this is a general rule, YMMW.


    • on January 9, 2019 at 5:01 am Carlos Danger

      In Germany people who can afford houses live in the suburbs so they tend to be better off so that rule doesn’t apply so much there.

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 7:40 pm baked georgia

      in some cities, like nyc, I think the very richest people live in the cities though. they may own additional suburban homes for the weekend. for example, the insanely high private schools are usually in the city, high-density area.

      but yellow vests in france it seems to be very much related to long-commuting folks. in europe this is specially worrying because gas is much more expensive. they’re are people that can’t live in a rich area and probably are removed from their previous middle-class neighborhoods (now diverse sh!tholes), so they’re moving in some very random areas.


    • In the United States, by FAR the most expensive places are big cities. New York, San Francisco, Washington DC. The poor in these places are still there because of Section 8 housing and massive projects in the Cabrini Green mold. Take away things like the Queensbridge Houses and rent control, and every single income under 50K would be forced out of NYC in a single year, all replaced by eager young hipster whites willing to pay a fortune for living “the New York Experience”.

      Suburbs? Suburbs are where you go when you either A) want a family, or B) can’t afford to live in the cities.


  13. Low fertility nations are those where women can pursue education, jobs and vote themselves subsidies via the taxation of men, as well as hiring quotas.

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  14. The Mongolian metal video awesome, thanks for sharing.

    (In before Greg the worthless c-u-n-t Elliot black pills the whole thing)

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 5:12 am Carlos Danger

      That guy ruins everything.

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    • I thought you clowns didn’t care what I think?


      • on January 9, 2019 at 11:30 am Carlos Danger

        we don’t but you still need to be kept in line with regular reinforcement.

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      • HAHAHAHA!!!

        The only line you ever kept straight was on an EEG.

        If you think your lame ass and one or more socks who only post to show that I’m still livin’ rent-free in they haids are going to deliver any semblance of control, you should check your premises, such as they are.

        And that goes for the rest o’ youse no-account yeggs that give these fuckwits a pass.


    • Are you a woman? FFS some of you are more caustic to this place than Greg ever will be. Bringing up names like his, Trav, or CO when they haven’t even said anything.

      What’s worse, is when someone like “MikeF” chimes in about ANYTHING, it’s only to slander someone else.



      • on January 9, 2019 at 11:07 am Carlos Danger

        No, are you?


      • Carlos, you know that wasn’t directed towards you. You and Greg have your differences, and that’s fine. His comment would have been just fine leaving it at the metal video.


      • Don’t hedge now, boned… Danger is just as much a fuckwit as that MikeF when it comes to my livin’ in his haid… especially when he feels he has to add his congrats to such hare-bråined antics, let alone the constant projections about envy and need for popularity.


      • I get waaaay more upvotes than you, you Democrat schmuck. Even dumping on you got two upvotes. You get mobbed regularly and told to leave. Everyone hates you here fuckwit. Take the hint.


      • Oh, brother… boasting about “up votes” from tòmjones, the only sock monicker to actually get banned by CH.

        You just keep breaking the dial on the douche chill-o-meter, Danger… that seems to be your special gift.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Greg, I don’t care about what you and Carlos have going on. It’s one thing for you to comment and THEN someone blast you, but I don’t recall him ever posting a comment then finishing it with “fuck that Greg guy” out of nowhere.


  15. My sister is 34. Her husband 35.
    No children.
    He is planing videogam up stairs after work.
    While she is drinking wine and cuddling with their dog downstairs.
    Fucking pathetic. The state of the Western World.

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  16. Yes. Important post. The “nuclear family” was the first step in the breakdown.

    An extended family meant both men and women were under the eyes of the parents, cousins , sisters , brothers, aunts, uncles, and most important the grandparents.

    This provides a foundational psychological buffer that both supported people and kept them from acting badly.

    It’s one thing to slut it up when your role model is Arianna Grande, it’s quite another thing when your wise and clever grandma is going to see right through you. Grandma is the real Matriarch and her position was earned from doing it right. Grandma is also more distant from Mom, who has both a supporting and confrontational role. So a girl is more capable of hearing the good advice.

    And in those cases where the girl is “madly in love”, grandma can know what to tell the men to do to handle that situation as well

    And of course she has a massive effect on the males. And everything said for grandma applies to grandpa.

    Now of course the nuclear family model has grandparents. But they are not a direct member as in the extended family model. Also they have less real power as the nuclear family model relies on making only replacement numbers if children. This both limits the number of people grandparents can influence and it also puts more strain on children who want to support the grandparents.

    The problem with all this is that unless you truly believe in God, you are not going to be able to go with the extended family model bc you will by necessity believe that the world will not be able to sustain unlimited reproduction (extended model).

    Fortunately, God is in fact real, He made it clear we are to “be fruitful and multiply”, so if we make the people He will do the rest.

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    • The Nuclear family has been the traditional family form in the english speaking world for centuries. What has changed is that people once lived in the same neighbourhoods and towns as their brothers, uncles, parents and childhood friends. They had a vast social network to rely upon to help them with childcare.

      The greatest calamity that the whites ever endured was being driven out of our neighborhoods by black violence and forced into the white refugee camps we call suburbs. The second greatest social calamity was the rise of the modern post-secondary education system which pulled untold millions of young whites away from their families and into the maw of the atomising and alienating communist factories we call university

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 5:07 am Carlos Danger

      We don’t have grandparents anymore, we have SKIers- spending the kids; inheritance.

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      • A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

        Provers 13:22

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  17. I was just thinking about this exact theme the other day.

    globohomo inc has spread the wypipo middle class all over the place.

    family and community are decimated. having to fly all over the place to get together. to see and help raise the children. the increased costs. the increased detachment. the decreased bonding. replaced with faceborg posts of the kids. and facetime video sessions.

    I have a dream. of a caucasian ethnostate. a white enclave free from Jewish and federal overreach. where whites can have generations of family.

    p.s. gavin Newsome needs to go

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 5:03 am Carlos Danger

      Gavin is trying to protect his graft income stream.


    • “caucasian ethnostate. a white enclave free from Jewish and federal overreach. where whites can have generations of family”

      That’s what we had here in the USA until the post WWII period. Women were liberated, negroes were made equal, and it all went downhill from there.


  18. Forget the cost. Knowing you have nothing to give your children, no history, no legacy, no family, is depressing. No incentive.

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  19. The extended family still is around costs wise. Just look at all those old shits looting the young. Lol


    • ding, ding, ding

      men in their late 20s and 30s and 40s are ALSO saddled with paying for the welfare-warfare state
      (i.e. subsidizing g’ma’s riding mandingo in Kenya or Costa Rica or Bang’Ladesh; instead of staying at home, helping with grandkids)


  20. The total Destruction of the white birth rate has numerous causes. They are all interconnected, and this is certainly part of it. It is also why young white children are so deracinated list. Many have little if any connection to their grandparents and do not even have cousins. Remember, if every nuclear family is destroyed, there is no extended family in terms of aunts, uncle’s, and cousins. What destroyed the nuclear family? A million things, including over educating and over hiring women and a lack of affordable family formation. The hollowing out of the working class and pulling up the ladders to the middle and upper middle class are contributing factors as well. With all this in mind, it’s a miracle that our people haven’t stopped reproducing completely. Despite the financial burdens of it, children are worth more than any Earthly possession. There is no comparison between any things that you could buy with money and your children. In the long run, Perhaps it is better that people that cannot make that distinction are taking their shallow, idiotic genes out of the gene pool.

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    • Was at the mall last weekend with the wife to return something and I noticed almost no White children, but a literal herd of aztec children.

      Sad. If there are no White children then where is the next generation?

      Feminism has killed millions of our people, from abortions to all the childless women it has produced. I would call that a massive opportunity cost: all the White children that were never born or raised so women could have careers and ride the cock carousel. You can’t put a dollar value on that.

      I think feminism the root cause of the decline. Suffrage + economic empowerment + legalized abortion + no fault divorce = White genocide.

      It’s not over but it’s gettin’ pretty dark out here.

      3000 miles from Tenochtitlan and we’re getting overrun by aztecs.

      And most people here pretend that it’s just fine. After all everybody loves tacos and Cinco de Mayo.

      I guess it’s going to have to get a lot worse before it can get any better.

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      • on January 11, 2019 at 1:33 pm terryegrafed7039

        But then, the smaller family is also catching on worldwide–even among immigrants and especially among their offspring (second-generation residents). The “demographic transition” is happening almost everywhere. (Even in traditionalist societies like Iran and Saudi Arabia.) Despite what alarmists say, nobody will continue to greatly outbreed “us” for long.


  21. Geographic mobility is a killer, be it adult children scattering to other states, retirees moving south, your best friends following their careers across the country, European emigration from points west to points east, cross-cultural mrrge, all of those things. This is why a contrarian point some make about a border wall: “What if it’s gonna end up keeping you in” is flat. Well fuck, where is the problem. This is your country, where exactly do you have business running to?


    • […from points east to points wast]


    • That’s right. Many of us here have experienced it first hand.

      It’s all based on money and its scarcity.

      Most Americans worship money and all the things it can buy. Our biggest heroes now are the richest people. Doesn’t matter what they did to get rich, or what type of character they have, only that they are rich.

      Americans judge each other on their salary and what sort of material possessions they own. Advertising constantly bombards you with messages of inferiority if you don’t own this or that product.

      ::Gotta chase those $. Money uber alles! This new doodad or that new countertop will make you happy! If you don’t buy it you will be sad and your friends will mock you!::

      First, nculcate a materialistic culture. Then flood the labor market with women and foreigners which drives wages down massively in terms of purchasing power, while at the same time taking control of a currency and its issue, creating scarcity whenever they so choose.

      We have been and are being jewed in the worst way.

      They can’t help it and we can’t admit it.


  22. on January 9, 2019 at 5:44 am Les Saunders, Protestant

    Go to Washington, London, or Toronto: it’s all the same story. Kids move from down on the farm, from upstate, or from their life in a northern town to the glamorous big city to take high paying jobs at soulless corporations or government ministries. They’ve no family there; they’re compleatly on their own. And these cities are full of these rootless cosmopolitans. So when they finally settle down (meaning the girlz hit 36 and decide they’ve performed enough blowjobs and want to have a child), there’s no extended family around to help out. The children grow up without grandparents, cousins, or aunts and uncles around and feel estranged from their family. I now see urban families spending their Christmas holidays in Cuba or the Dominican Republick. That floored me because I thought Christmastime was meant to be spent at grandma’s house with all the family gathered round. But families and people are so atomized now that they prefer an escapist trip down south over a depressing little Christmas dinner of 3 or maybe 4 people sitting around a turkey.

    Conclusion: people need to stay home. Not pursue hollow dreams in big cities.

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    • we gon’ git it. Good and Hard.

      (Massa Mosby regrets nuffin)


    • I love my Corporate Cubicle Career!!

      Does THIS sound soulless to you??

      $2000/mo Luxury Apartment
      $100/mo Water Bill
      $100/mo Electric Bill
      $100/mo Gas Bill
      $800/mo Audi
      $200/mo Fuel
      $200/mo Auto Insurance
      $300/mo Groceries
      $30/mo iPhone installment
      $60/mo iPhone data plan
      $40/mo iPad installment
      $60/mo iPad data plan

      – Sent From My Cubicle


    • on January 11, 2019 at 1:40 pm terryegrafed7039

      Let he who hasn’t gotten his share of no-strings bj’s for 10 or 20 years after puberty cast the first stone.


  23. on January 9, 2019 at 6:01 am Name (required)

    A further data point: in Taiwan, it’s normal to have three generations in one household, and the entire extended clan lives within a few blocks. TFR in Taiwan is about half the TFR in America.

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  24. Cura te ipsum, Maitre


  25. The fact that Western governments view their own (White) citizens as the enemy does not help either. They are unlikely to champion policies that increase (White) fertility.

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  26. Re: car seats, besides taking up a lot of room, they’re annoying as fuck. Strapping the kid in and out takes just enough time to always make you late for stuff. And with Society’s recent hypersensitivity to leaving a child unattended in a car, for any reason, even if safe, a 3-stop errand run becomes a real hassle. Traveling also becomes a massive pain in the ass (either you bring the car seat with you or you can’t rent a car or take a taxi). And while a long car ride would be the perfect time to feed a hungry infant, you can’t do it because the baby must be in a car seat.

    That said, raising a kid is still not that hard if you play your cards right. Wife staying home with the kids solves lots of problems, but she’d be happier if her sisters/cousins/aunts/etc. were also around to ease the monotony of child rearing.

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  27. In a few social media brawls this morning with nigs and browns. Bottom line- they fucking hate us and they live in our nations. Eventually they gonna be like kill whitey.


    • Yes, they are quite stupid enough to kill the goose that lays the golden gibs.

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      • [cough]Haiti, Uganda, Rhodesia [cough]. Yes they are. But that would involve time-preference thinking and foresight, and an element of personal responsibilty. ATM they got YT to do all that uncool shiz for them, so hey, why even bother? Civilisation’s eternal freeriders.
        You can’t reproduce Haiti in Canada.


    • yes we will end up like south afreaka where it is now legal to kill whites. sadly 80% of whites gleefully look forward to their genocide. if I talk about that to 50 whites MAYBE one will agree and half the time I do not believe him


  28. The skilled playah knows that in order to seduce a naïve, unsuspecting woman into hedonic abandon, he must separate her from her pack.

    The skilled (((playah))) knows that in order to seduce a naïve, unsuspecting White Race into hedonic abandon, (((he))) must separate them from their family.

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  29. Having extended family nearby is a godsend when you have kids. My extended family is quite large and spread out, but i still have two brothers and my parents nearby. Between me and my two brothers we have 14 kids who are all close in age. This lends itself well toward free babysitting, play dates, family get togethers, and it encourages close friendships among all the cousins and closer friendships for my brothers and our spouses. My parents are very involved with all their grand-kids and see them almost daily. When my wife or i need help with things, we can call any of them up and they can come over in minutes and help. In spite of all this, my wife will still occasionally tell me to quit brainwashing the kids as i plant the seeds of then staying nearby when they grow up.

    I have two other siblings living in different metropolitan areas and their kids just dont have the same opportunities mine do. They are utterly removed from their cousins and grandparents and so those relationships are non-existent. When things go bad, or there are health scares, or financial woes, no one is nearby to help them. Good luck getting their “diverse” neighbors to care about them.

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    • re: ur wifey

      seems that ur wife’s POV needs some adjustments.

      No worry, ye’re in the right place to learn how to do it.

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    • When I was young, I had a HUGE extended family. My maternal grandmother was one of 13 kids… you read that right… and Thanksgiving and family reunions were like getting a whole village together. But my mother and aunts and uncles had fewer kids, and now WE are having fewer kids. I was one of four. My wife and I have had two. As Mark Steyn put it, the West’s family trees have become inverted.

      The whole extended family support thing was no BS either. When my mother was divorced with four kids to take care of, extended families helped out a lot. Car problems? The mechanic cousin helped. Money problems? Aunts and Uncles helped. Need babysitting? Cousins galore standing by.

      All that’s gone now. MY nuclear family’s life is much more self contained than that of my parents and we siblings. Not to mention that, with greater affluence, families are not only smaller, they’re moving farther away from each other with things like promotion chasing in careers.


  30. How can grandma and grandpa assist when you’ve moved their grandchildren 3000 miles away, and your plan for eldercare is to sign over their house to the state so an overweight Jamaican nurse can sedate them until they pass: alone, morphine addled, no last rites, and the hope of seeing one last time the faces of their children and grandchildren fading into the darkness?

    We never, ever lived like this. EVER. The Romans especially understood the power of family and the protective hand of the Paterfamilias. The Church quadrupled and extended that effect by making the entire parish a family.

    What atomized our culture? The better question is (((who))). We stopped thinking generationally, and went after the bait of unlimited, free sex with whoever we wanted (thanks birth control and abortion!) and unlimited “stuff” to fill our attics (thanks Visa! thanks Mastercard!).

    Look up the history of when birth control, abortion, credit cards, porn, and no-fault divorce were activated in our culture. All within a 10 year period by hook-nosed judges, lawyers, and activists, all in the name of freedom. Freedom, the god that failed. Throw in (((rock ‘n roll))), (((hollywood))), (((drugs))), (((modren art))), (((modren literature))), and all the consumption and nihilism was enforced no matter where one turned.

    And now (((they’ve))) got the the one place you could turn to inoculate yourself from it all – or think they do. We’ll see.

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  31. in other I’m Shocked, Shocked news, check out the pictures of ClemsonU huwhyte negroball QB with his girlfriend.

    He in full lean-in, she in full lean-away. He, the best athlete in the nation; she a random died-hair bimbo (literally, I think there are one million females in USofA with similar or better physical attributes).

    The hamster really has no mercy, no reason. Keep yer Pimp-Hand strong.

    What Fast Eddie say.

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 1:28 pm Captain Obvious


      • She’s not leaning away because he’s beta, she’s leaning because that’s a heavy haid against hers.

        Now that he’s REALLY famous, he can afford her a new pair o’ pants. 😉

        On a side note, whenever I see a woman in torn pants, I ask sympathetically and with the most serious mien, “What happened to your pants?”

        Hilarity often ensues.


  32. outposts of high TFR White subgroups like the Amish inherit the future
    only if they can persuade someone else, a very very violent and resourceful someone else, to hold off the prowling packs of feckless starving vibrancy which will otherwise eat them alive, probably literally.

    Or they could adopt Spartan Law (minus all the bumming ..) into their religion themselves.


  33. on January 9, 2019 at 12:44 pm Abelard Lindsey

    Guys, read Jonathon Last’s book “What to Expect When No ones Expecting” if you are interested in fertility and family issues.

    His is, by far, the best of the pro-natal” books. He discusses everything from housing and medical costs to regulatory costs such as car seats. What is particularly good about his book is that it does not have the preachy crap exhorting everyone to have kids even if they don’t want to. Rather, his focus is to help make it easier for the people who DO want to have kids to have them and to have more of them.

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  34. My heart fucking bleeds

    Non whites (hispanics, nigs) I work with including those who work here are popping out kids in their 20s and they do not seem to have large family support
    And they are born and reared in the US with the same exposure to the poz as white women
    I remember at a work lunch and the topic came to kids and the young nig women all said they wanted four or five while the white women said 1 maybe 2. I know it might be R/K selection etc but still.
    White western women have turned into selfish, lazy, entitled, fat, narcisstic sluts. Those in the cities anyway. Those who are SJWs and protest and are the loudest voices are white women. I do not see many non white faces at these events.

    And my Grandfather’s job in WW2 was reclaiming damaged tanks after a battle and getting them back in action. he spent many a day scraping human remains out of a tank.
    I know of miners who in poverty stricken times mined in very dangerous conditions and all died in their 30s. That’s emotional distress.

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  35. on January 9, 2019 at 7:11 pm baked georgia

    the way USA structures it’s cities and society itself is very hard to have grandparents living close to their now grown-up kids. my mom always worked, but who bring me to school was my grandma or older aunts.

    obviously the retirement age back then help, today it was probably that my aunts will still be working full time even if they live closely.

    in usa the way that schools are funded (tax on home ownership) makes it too expensive to older couples that dont have minor kids to still live in the same suburb.

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  36. “Maybe it’s not just high housing costs (read: high diversity costs) that are the culprit of low TFR”

    Eh, in the suburbs, maybe, but not in places like New York and the Bay Area. High housing costs there occur for different reasons. In New York, it’s basically one giant hipster competition to move into ever more “authentic” NYC apartments (white people love classy older things and will pay top dollah for them). In the Bay, it’s more about millionaires wanting to price everyone not in the Millionaire club out. People like George Lucas may not want minority crime, but they don’t want REGULAR white people either. They wan their chummy, clubby Limousine Liberal Republic. Good working class people, even if all white? Please, those people will just do things like build houses that spoil their bay views.


  37. on January 10, 2019 at 8:58 pm Abelard Lindsey

    I just had a thought. One stop gap that we could all do is to do the senolytic compounds such as Dasatinib and Quercetin (D&Q), Fisetin, as well as several others. I did Fisetin for 5 days and felt some improvement (minor back pain I had went away). Others I’m in contact with are reporting more significant benefit. Until we have more kids, we might as well do whatever things we can to maintain our health and vitality. I’m surprised that more alt-right types aren’t into the senolytics as I would have expected. I know a lot of you guys are into fitness and bodybuilding (or least I think some of you are).


  38. […] Chateau Heartiste The Abridged Family […]