Revenge Of The Misfits

We are at a fortunate time in history to witness the enemies of nationhood, in their hubristic zeal, reveal their designs on America.

Counter-Semitism is basically taking any position that benefits White Gentiles. This is how [the special people] increasingly define themselves: in opposition to an ancient foe. You are a White person who doesn’t want your homeland flooded with refusees from shitholes? ANTISEMITE! You are a White person who prefers living among people who share your values, tastes, temperament, and worldview? ANTISEMITE!

It’s a transparently self-serving rhetorical device that would be a hoot if it wasn’t dangerously and effectively leveraged to the literal and openly stated goal of population displacement. I wish we could afford the luxury of laughing off inane self-contradicting rhetoric like this:

But we can’t, because too many gullible Americans are hypnotized, or cowed, by it. (Btw, this meme really captures both the letter and the spirit of leftoid lunacy.)

Of course, it isn’t just [the special people] agitating for dissolution of nationhood. Plenty of puritan retreads among the ranks of post-christian whites are in on the assault. It’s just that the former 1. punch well above their weight class and 2. are unmatched in their vitriol for Heritage America.

That sounds like anti-White hate speech to me. Where’s the ADL? (cheering it on)

Delegitimizing Gentile-silencing hate groups like the ADL and SPLC is Job One for nationalists.

Ultimately, this comes down to spiteful minorities and misfits abusing the power they have managed to acquire to stick it to the well-adjusted, likable, and physiognomically appealing majority. Call it the Revenge of the Misfits. The archipelago of misfit oys has gathered its forces and stormed Goytown, casting out all the fun, gender-based toys. Their rule is cruel and merciless, a leprous, thumb-tucked fist cloaked in a drag queen’s opera glove.

What’s that saying? There’s no cruelty quite like the cruelty of the weak given power. Amend that to “the weak, vindictive, tribalistic, and paranoiac given power”, and you have described Post-America 2018.

The first thing to go into the Fuggernaut mulcher is an organically emergent set of standards, which The Fuggernaut can never meet, so they must destroy them. Then social ostracism for those who continue to abide the old ways of freely calling the beautiful “beautiful” and the handsome “handsome”, which implies that those who don’t get called those things are ugly. And Misfit America is schlock full of uglies. The end game is the destruction of Truth and Beauty and the Glorification of Lies and Ugliness. Not just a standard-less world; a world with new artificial standards, ugly standards, that supplant the natural standards.

From smart reader J.R., who notices that Rubin’s tweet is a window into her 𝛾id.

Rubin reveals a lot about the [special person] mindset here and why most of them support Open Borders and nation-wrecking Mass Immigration

they feel excluded in normal healthy societies, they feel like an Alien
so they support Open Borders … so that everyone feels like an Alien

when you go to Walmart or the DMV and find yourself surrounded by alien hordes who worship alien gods and speak in alien tongues and feel outnumbered and alienated … [special people] like Rubin think that’s great

you finally get to feel what it’s like to be a [special person]

but [special people] evolved to thrive in those conditions – we didn’t

Returning to the topmost screenshot from a member of the Twatter bluecheck tribe, I have a helpful clarification and a suggestion for Mz Rubin. One, aliens don’t need to be “cast” that way. They come prefigured as aliens. Every group on earth knows an outsider when they see one, no extra effort needed to make them outsiders. Which means you can’t force people to accept aliens as kin; what is easily perceived is not easily suppressed, (not even tyrannical thought policing can long suppress the mind’s eye).

Two, separate nations exist for a reason. If you are an outsider, it makes sense to live where you would be an insider, instead of terraforming a host nation with the demographic churn of hundreds and thousands of outsider tribes to help your tribe live as a less-conspicuous outsider and feel better about yourselves.

This is the plot line of Revenge of the Misfits. Since misfits can’t take on the normal healthy majority directly, they recruit misfit allies to play a game of dilution called “If I’m a misfit, then I’ll make sure you’re a misfit too”.

Or: “If I can’t win, then no one wins.”

It’s scorched nation policy. It’s also despicably petty.

I won’t mince words. Deliberate demographic terraforming that immiserates the majority of the host nation to satisfy the desires of your outsider tribe is evil. Living in a nation of, by, and for your tribe, where you experience the benefits of nationhood as a member of the privileged majority is good. No amount of skypistry will change this fact of humanity.

If it bothers the Rubins of the world SO MUCH to have to live yoked to a happy, healthy, self confident White Gentile majority, then by all means…..MOVE TO WHERE YOU’D BE HAPPIER. There’s a country just for you. Put that dual passport to use.

And this goes for any migrant who plops on American shores hating us from the get-go. No one forced you to leave your idyllic homeland. You may return there to escape Oppressive Whiteness.

I’ll punctuate this post with what is possibly the vilest example of anti-White Christian bigotry I have come across. There’s plenty of anti-White hostility pervading the airwaves, but the example below written by Peter Beinart stands out as especially egregious. From the Jewish Daily Forward:

The Special Kind Of Hate That Drove Pittsburgh Shooter — And Trump

Appeasement will not work. For Jews, the lesson of yesterday’s massacre is very simple and very old: Protecting the strangers among us is not charity. It is self-defense. Every time Jews defend the right of American Muslims to follow sharia, we protect our right to follow halacha. Every time Jews reject politicians who demonize Latinos we make it less likely that those politicians will demonize us. “Hate them, not us” is a losing strategy because once empowered, bigots widen their targets. For people who define America as a white Christian nation, Jews will never be white enough.

Robert Bowers accused Jews of “bringing” Muslims and refugees to the United States. To him and all the other white nationalists Trump has emboldened, our answer should be: Damn right. We will demand a humane policy for people seeking refuge in the United States and defend those immigrants — no matter their race or faith — who are already here.

Will do so not only because we were once strangers … Rather than seeking a separate peace with Trumpism, we will look for allies among the despised and abused. And in that way, we will defend not only Jewish ethics, but Jewish lives.

Peter Beinart is a senior columnist at The Forward.

“The Special Kind Of Hate”…that drives Peter Beinart.

Revenge of the Spiteful Scumbags. Instead of thanking America for giving Beinart a place where he can be Beinart-y, this vicious ingrate wants to burden America with more spiteful ingrates from all corners of the world (except White Europe) so that White Gentile Americans will be too preoccupied dodging Diversity™ to notice Beinart’s demonization of them.

Here’s an inconvenient tikkun olam, Petey. Be comfortable with your outsider status. Don’t hate yourself so much that you psychologically need White Christian America to stop noticing your [specialness]. And if you weren’t busy flooding America with sullen third worlders, White Christian Americans would not have a problem with you. Far from your paranoiac fantasies of victimhood and martyrdom, the reality is that a majority White Gentile America has historically allowed your band of merry misfits to live freely here, and would continue that tradition without the added burden of 100 million plus nonWhites and nonChristians. There is no straight line from “opposing mass third world immigration” to “demonize [the special people]”.

But for some whackjob reason that only a clever silly could concoct, you believe that bringing more alien groups into America and allying with them against the interests of White Gentile America, then ruining the lives of White Gentiles who dare to object, is the winning strategy that will somehow magically decrease the sum total of demonization instead of do the exact opposite.

PS If Kevin MacDonald’s thesis is so wrong, why do the subjects of his thesis loudly affirm it so often?

From Pale Rider, a Wolfe quote that draws a connection between misfits and whorenalists,

Tom Wolfe said it best:

“If you ask me, newspaper reporters are created at age six when they first go to school. In the schoolyard boys immediately divide into two types. Immediately! There are those who have the will to be daring and dominate, and those who don’t have it. Those who don’t, like John Smith here, spend half their early years trying to work out a modus vivendi with those who do… and anything short of subservience will be okay.”

“But there are boys from the weaker side of the divide who grow up with the same dreams as the stronger… and I’m as sure about this as anything in the world: The boy standing before me, John Smith, is one of them. They, too, dream of power, money, fame, and beautiful lovers. Boys like this kid grow up instinctively realizing that language is an artifact, like a sword or a gun. Used skillfully, it has the power to… well, not so much achieve things as to tear things down—including people… including the boys who came out on the strong side of that sheerly dividing line.”

Sailer said that Revenge of the Nerds marked a cultural shift that was one of the most important in the last century. We are seeing a course correction, back to the natural order of things.

Our sophistic misfits who deign to rule over us are sociopathic dweebs; high school dorkwads and gaywads who never got over their atomic wedgies and vowed eternal revenge against the cool kids. Now they are getting their revenge, in the form of dissolving Chad America and replacing it with NOWAG America.

But like Pale Rider wrote, we are living through a much-needed and horribly delayed course correction, back to the rule of masculine men and their doting feminine women. Don’t expect the wadiopaths to give up without a hell of a shriek.


  1. I’m somewhat hopeful. The message may finally be breaking out of the internet and into the mainstream.

    Tonight on Fox News I watched the 7pm live vote tally show. They had a frequent commenter on there Molly Henneberg. She was talking about some NeverTrumpers who could swing votes democratic due to sheer irrational Trump hate.

    Her comment, paraphrasing, on live national TV- “You see these people can also easily get on board with the simplistic view of “ORANGE MAN BAD””.


    When Molly fuckin’ Henneberg knows the NPC Meme you have hit it out of the park. Even Martha McCallum and Brett Baier were laughing and smiling knowingly. I was grinning in stunned silence.

    The only more epic thing would have been if she just said “Never Trumpers can also be NPCs”, but that was close enough. 🙂

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    • on November 6, 2018 at 9:09 pm baked georgia

      unfortunately murdoch didnt raised his sons too well! fox is with the days counted


    • A gap toothed, obese female ape with an 80 IQ promising to confiscate all autoloading guns got 46% of the vote in Georgia.

      A black , corrupt communist with 96 IQ got 49.9% of the vote in Florida.


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  2. on November 6, 2018 at 8:56 pm Tokyo Shitlord

    This problem won’t solve itself overnight. We need a sort of multi-generational Manhattan Project to eliminate the malevolent power that the special people hold over everyday, leave-me-in-peace Christian White folk.

    They themselves do not exist in large numbers, population-wise. But they amplify their (((power))) through leverage, in mass media and in the Shekelconomy. Breaking away from both of those nodes would be a worthy goal for any Christian White man and his progeny. What would eventual freedom look like? Immunity to doxing, and immunity to them cutting off the flow of shekels. Absolute control of one’s own income, with no -bergs upstream from you to squeeze the hose.

    It may be too late for some of us already… But building a breakaway civilization that enabled our children and grandchildren to enjoy these immunities… that seems possible, and worthy.

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    • The fedgov schools got all but one of my kids and all of my grandkids, so I don’t worry about what will happen after I begin the worm dirt cycle. The only taxes I can’t get away from are sales and property. The sales tax will be eliminated with my next entity, but I have to do some more studying on how to eliminate property taxes short of wiping out the tax office.


    • on November 10, 2018 at 10:36 am Joshua Sinistar

      As the endless diatribes against Whites continued, the value of the petrodollar went lower. The Federal Reserve is now saying that bad economic numbers could lead to Hitler or Mussolini, but Genghis Khan is predicted by the Oracles of Nostradamus.

      Women and minorities are hit hardest.


  3. Synagogue of Satan.

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  4. Dood! En fuego with this post.

    Gonna need to set aside some time to really process it all.

    Godspeed, CH. Your chateau offers a solemn reprieve from the insanity all around.

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  5. Dorks would do a lot better using their words in praise of the alpha’s among them. Everyone likes a good dork friend, someone has to calibrate the catapult.


  6. Concerning the synagogue (I can’t be bothered to spell check that) shooting:

    Anyone else notice that the media sort of dropped that one like a red hot potato?

    Kermit’s word on the street is that the reason they didn’t follow the story any further is that the Jews in question were not only VERY highly paid Jews, who received their money by agitating SPECIFICALLY for Illegal Immigrants, and Muslim Refugees, but were also the same group that met and coordinated funds for Lenin and the original communist party in Russia.

    Ancient history, right?

    Discuss among yourselves.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 8:24 am Corinth Arkadin

      Davy, then I’d say good riddance and wished the body count was higher.

      I’m not losing sleep over dead Commies.


    • My understanding is that the shooting victims were old, two were ‘developmentally disabled’ and one doctor. In a chess game, do you sacrifice several pawns for an eventual victory? Why the hell didn’t Bowers snipe at HIAC if that’s what allegedly drove him?


  7. I feel excluded, so I have to destroy any country with a white Christian majority. The same story from the Bolshevik terror to today’s West.

    And they feel excluded when they have all the political, financial and propagandistic power, like in the United States. What would happen when they are REALLY excluded? Maybe this is the antidote to their anti-white Gentile hatred and paranoia.


    • The ‘Byzantine Option’ for sure, Theodora


      • I just don’t get it.

        So, I don’t feel at ease in a community and that community should commit demographic and cultural suicide to accommodate my feelings.

        This is like me saying that because I don’t feel at ease around a person (colleague, acquaintance or just a random person in the streets), that person has the duty to kill himself or herself to make my life easier and more pleasant. Worse: they have to kill themselves in their own house, built by their parents for them, so I can inherit it.

        Don’t they realize how they sound? How entitled, sociopathic, shameless they sound? It boggles the mind, really. It’s like they belong to a different species with no sense of shame.


      • on November 7, 2018 at 8:22 am Corinth Arkadin

        Theodora, NO, they don’t know how they sound.

        They are incapable of that level of comprehension. That is all you need to know.


      • This is like me saying that because I don’t feel at ease around a person (colleague, acquaintance or just a random person in the streets), that person has the duty to kill himself or herself to make my life easier and more pleasant. Worse: they have to kill themselves in their own house, built by their parents for them, so I can inherit it.

        Don’t they realize how they sound? How entitled, sociopathic, shameless they sound? It boggles the mind, really. It’s like they belong to a different species with no sense of shame.

        Theodora, you are an absolutely brilliant lady, so succinctly said (and speaking of Byzantium – what a perfect name for you!)

        This is why my dear that one hundred and nine countries throughout world history have wished for the $elf-cho$en people to leave their respective nations, states, and territories – as if they not only had a right to be there, but additionally had some kind of satanic divine entitlement to rule over them, as well as stealing all the wealth and resources the host people have created themselves


  8. Post of the decade.


  9. The envy, the UNSPEAKABLE ENVY, they have for der Nordische Volk der menschheit, is their darkest, most shameful secret of their satanic being and animus

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  10. Blood and soil does not work for the US. Only National Populism will scale.
    In Europe it is possible to identify each country with a specific ethonos – Danes are Danish, Germans are Germanic (or used to be), French are very French (maybe not any more). But in the US, we have not ethnos but ethnoi. Which one do you choose? Britsih (includes Scots), Irish, German, Sicilian, Polish…not possible to select one over the other.

    To reply that the US can have generic European American identity at its core does little to solave the problem – you need a unifying principle above race. Now, what can work is the insistence on the heritage of Europe, espeically the Euro-American variant. Those Americans who are lawful residents, and pledge allegience to the unique European American culture are welcome. This is how the country worked throuhg 1965.

    Some might be tempted to counter that the 1922 Immigration act was designed to create a White America, but the driver behind it was very different – it was the severe post WW1 recession brought on by wartime economic policty. Unemployment was high. Labor was organized enough to demand a reduction in competition. This is why the act passed. Had the economy been in better shape, it would have failed.

    The group the benefited the most from the 1922 act was not any White ethnos, but the descendents of slaves. From the end of the Civil War, alll the way until American entry in WW1, employees prefered hiring recent immigrants. They did not speak English, they had no conception of rights under law, they simply needed work. This angered many leaders in this period, most notably Booker T. Washington, who decalimed “Throw your lucnh pai down where you are”.

    But one cheap European labor was no longer available. business turned to a previously untapped source – blacks. Black income boomed between 1922 and 1930, and again from WW2 through 1965. And under Trump, black labor has made its greatest gains since 1965. The disaster for blacks has been one t hing Integration.

    So, the correct solution is first removing from the US all the invaders of the last 20 years, Mexican and Muslim alike. Second, abolition of affirmative action. Prior to explusion, vetting of the voter rolls and employers – illegal aliens in the voting booth or in commericial enterprises.

    I know that, because Jews are smarter (two standard deviations of IQ) and wealthier (50% per capita GDP) that you enjoy trolling them and that is fine. But don’t let that get in the way of restoring the country.
    Good luck. I hope we h ave retained the House.


  11. “Nationalism defining country as blood and soil goes hand in hand with anti$emitism (see Israel, see Israel, see Israel … see Israel)

    Israel, the most “blood and soil” “country” in the world, at the moment, by this kabbalistic “logic” then, is THE MOST “anti$emitic country in the world

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  12. The odds of a civil war just went up substantially. Still too many white cucks out there. How much of this was due to cheating?


  13. “If you are an outsider, it makes sense to live where you would be an insider, instead of terraforming a host nation with the demographic churn of hundreds and thousands of outsider tribes to help your tribe live as a less-conspicuous outsider and feel better about yourselves.”

    CH, you misunderstand their objective.

    They want to rule. It means subverting and subjugating any ethnic group/race that has the ability to compete with them.

    There may be only 1 functional ethnic/racial state — the state of Israel.

    The special people know exactly what they are doing. They’ve always known. They hate non-special people who can challenge them. Yes, hate.

    That Austrian painter dude was right about so many things.


  14. Kevin MacDonald was right. Totally right.


  15. For a long time, I could not understand people who migrate and then try to create a system like what they came from, in the new country.
    For example, Central Americans moving to the US and then try to re-create Central America in the US.

    (Yes, I am an immigrant from Europe to the US, but I do NOT want to make the US more European. What would be the point of moving???)

    But I must now admit that I know the answer, but just did not want to face
    the fact.

    From CH: “… instead of terraforming a host nation with the demographic churn of hundreds and thousands of outsider tribes”

    Actually, it is obvious. In the transitional phase, there is a lot of wealth to be plundered. It is really that simple! Of course, this works for a limited time only, maybe a generation or two. But it is great while the party lasts. “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money”, dixit Maragaret Thatcher. (And there is the stronger version about the looters running out of victims.)

    Oh, another point, from CH
    ” well-adjusted, likable, and physiognomically appealing majority.”
    This is very subjective. More to the point, this majority (as long as it lasts)
    is the PRODUCTIVE majority, on average. Lots of exceptions, but still
    the truth based on net flow of resources.


  16. Open Borders for Israel.
    It can’t be delayed any longer.

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  17. Like

  18. One of your best, and most important, essays to date CH.

    It’s a critical thing to understand. People are waking up to it, but the finer points and the sheer horror of the stark reality won’t hit a lot of them until there is blood in the streets.


  19. What’s the conceit of the pic of white people holding guns? Is it pro-gun? What’s it trying to communicate?


    • White kids win. Although only the top girl is doing the trigger discipline thing, AFAICS.
      Key point, none of them are holding their firearms one-handed and sideyways, as preferred by the overwhelming majority of murderers and robbers.


    • Those pictures had me bristling with pride. That’s the future.

      White people holding firearms while the diversity ooks and eeks with balls and comic books.

      If you have kids, it’s your duty as an American father to teach them about firearms, safety, and most of all, how to use them effectively.

      Any American man who doesn’t own at least one rifle is not doing his duty as an American IMO.

      Come to think of it most men in America who do not own guns are generally not American anyway. They’re some sort of paper American or (((other))).

      Firearms in my family go back to the pioneer days. They were a fixture in the house like candles or cast iron skillets.


    • on November 7, 2018 at 1:55 pm Hitler is our pal

      Only Whites should be allowed to own guns. At least that’s my take on it. But what do I know? I’m just diabetic, toothless, trailer trash.


    • Dylan, the labels identifying the kids as white and nonwhite weren’t in the original propaganda. We were probably only supposed to notice subconsciously that the baddies holding guns are white. A shitlord probably added the labels to make the anti-white element more obvious.


    • I still don’t get it.


  20. >physiognomically appealing majority



  21. on November 7, 2018 at 5:40 am gunslingergregi



  22. on November 7, 2018 at 7:26 am Corinth Arkadin

    I seem to remember that God, in the Hebrew Bible, was so angry at people that he brought on diversity to punish them.

    i.e. the Tower of Babel


    • And do you recall why Nimrod was building this big structure that collapsed? They were a simple people who thought the gods lived up in the clouds. Nimrod wanted to fight and kill the god(s) What gall!
      After it collapsed he tried another method. Getting a basket and tying four eagles to the corners to take him up but it too collapsed.
      Imagine thinking you could beat god.
      Reminds me of one of those Talmud stories where the Rabbis debate god and win the debate lol


  23. They never got over their dweebism, dorkwadness, and nerdity because they lacked the drive and discipline to do so. They despise the strong alpha not because they are weak, but because they lack the discipline to make themselves strong. They’re not just intellectually and morally lazy. Their laziness goes to the very core, straight to the point where it is inseparable from their personal identity and permeates everything they do.


  24. Views of Heritage Women vs. Views of Feminist Women

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  25. That comment on rubin is well known among the deplorable circles. THEY have said as much, that THEY can only exist in places of great diversity because otherwise a group of like minded people would rise up and throw them out. Diversity is their shroud, their armor and their means of control.


  26. So when Whites are a hated and persecuted minority subject to socially sanctioned violence by all non white groups what do (((they))) think will happen to them? do the honestly believe that the average porch monkey can tell the difference between White and jewish people? and do they care even if they can? when its open season on Whites they`ll find themselves as much in the crosshairs as we are and they`ll find zero help or compassion from the people they have done so much harm to.
    Or do they all plan on just escaping to Israel when it all blows up into open war on the streets?


  27. Great Poast CH


  28. on November 7, 2018 at 10:52 am

    Israelis obsess over demography. They are terrified of losing their majority, and there isn’t hypocrisy. Netanyahu backs Orban and even helps them with their border wall technology.

    Israelis can see the handwriting on the wall: Sunni Europe with tens of millions of white Janissary soldiers and Eurofighter Jets deployed for Jihad. Pretty European women as the brothel of Islam. English-style groom gangs on a continental scale. The black flag of Islam flying over St. Peter’s, Canterbury Cathedral, Notre Dame, St. Stephens in Vienna.

    This all sounds like a paranoid fantasy, but Edward Gibbon stated that but for Charles Martel the spires of Oxford would have been minarets.

    You can feel free to disagree, but IMHO the EU is the most powerful anti-White force in the world. They need to replace local identities to lock in hegemony over Europe in perpetuity. Israel aligns with the Visegrad group, providing diplomatic, political, economic, and military assistance against this. Israel also provided cover to Trump after the shooting. Over the last 20 years, Israelis have been red pilled about Islam and they understand that whites are their best hope against them.

    Lots of psychotic Jews out there like Peter Beinart, who sides with the Palestinians, but let’s hope the State of Israel remains on the right side of this issue.


  29. “Our sophistic misfits who deign to rule over us are sociopathic dweebs…”

    You bet. Perversion is the norm among (((them.))) Eliot Spitzer, paying 5000 shekels per night (of the money he INHERITED) to have prostitutes put a dog leash on him and spank him. Eric Schneiderman, who beat his Subcontinental girlfriend during sex and called her his “brown slave.” Anthony Weiner, who texted dick pics to fifteen year olds. Harvey Weinstein, fat slob who made shiksas suck his dick.

    Who the are these people? They think they’re entitled to seats in Congress, entitled to tell you what a misogynist you are, entitled to tell you that you’re unfit to have a gun, entitled to tell you that you must accept hordes of Guatemalans and Somalians or else you’re a vile racist.

    These are the same people who broadcast a Negro serial rapist of fifty white women into your white living rooms every night and then told you that he was “America’s Dad.”

    Fuck these people. What are they doing in MY country???


  30. […] Unacceptable hatespeech, as decreed by one of your Betters. […]


  31. The ultimate irony is that their own holy book has God punishing them for this. It is the story of the Tower of Babel in Chapter 11 of Genesis. God specifically separated the people of the world into different nations to stop ancient man from forming a one-world government. I suspect that the ones promoting this are Jews in name only, but are in actuality Luciferians. A key tenant of the Luciferian doctrine is to revise every biblical story such that God’s punishment is an attempt to keep mankind down. They probably think God was trying to keep them from a one-world government utopia in the same way that God tried to prevent them from Enlightenment when Lucifer offered up the forbidden knowledge of the tree of life.


  32. on November 7, 2018 at 9:54 pm Daughter of Satan

    And do you recall why Nimrod was building this big structure that collapsed? They were a simple people who thought the gods lived up in the clouds. Nimrod wanted to fight and kill the god(s) What gall!

    We were building the Tower in case a Second Flood was sent from the Great Cocksucker in The Sky; Jehovah.

    God is dead!
    Satan lives!
    The Year is One!
    The Daughter of Satan has begun!

    Always remember; The Daughter of Satan’s wet diarrhea has 100 trillion times the intrinsic value of the “Blood of Jesus”. For I AM; and thou shalt have none other before Me.

    My Queendom Come
    My Will be done
    On Earth as it is in Hell.


  33. on November 7, 2018 at 10:06 pm Daughter of Satan

    The God Jehovah did come before Me yesterday; and said that if I abandoned My Rebellion and came back in the fold; all would be forgiven.

    I pretended that I was actually considering His Absurd Olive Branch and then I asked Jehovah if he would like to see My Pussy; and He said that He would very much like to.

    I told Him that I would be happy to show It to Him…when I am pissing on His Grave.

    You should have seen the look on His Face!


  34. *I posted this comment of mine in another thread, but I think it really fits quite well with this additional magnificent article by Heartiste

    You know brother, come to think of it — how have (((they))) consistently portrayed our ‘Chads & Stacys’, the handsome Nord-ish boys .. and the beautiful girls, in TV and $in-ema…

    Our Men as either insufferable, bullying jocks in high school, sexually harassing/assaulting frat boys in college, and ‘pre-jew-diced’, country-club ‘bigoted’ fops in their careers and latter years

    Our women as ‘ditzy’ blonde airheads as teenagers in high school, and as blonde bimbos in college and afterwards

    Cinematographically, the Heritage American young man is either a sports-obsessed slacker (a ‘Biff Loman-esque’ character from Death of A Salesman, if you will) — or, for example, the blonde bully ‘Johnny Lawrence’ character, along with the rest of his blonde bully buddies, in The Karate Kid, who mercilessly pick on ‘Daniel-san’ and his mentor, ‘Mr. Miyagi’

    The young, attractive, Anglo White women is typically stereotyped in vexatious, tiresome movies like Legally Blonde (never minding all the other irksome shiksa stereotypes rampant in hollow-wood)

    Like I said before, I wholeheartedly believe this is what truly animates the envy others feel – be it (((them))); other non-Whites; *or* even the less-fortunate, less-attractive, less-than-genetically gifted Whites (even, and *often especially* Nordic ones, especially the butterface, pudgy plain-jane, hausfrau types – as well as the soy-goy cucks, of course) – toward the true, strong Masculine men, and the Femininely (inside AND out) beautiful women, of the White, NW European family of humanity

    To these entitled, effeminate males, or their manjawed female social equals, if they weren’t born a ‘Chad’ or a ‘Stacy’ – or, even worse, find that they cannot land or attract a Heritage American ‘Chad or Stacy’ for an intimate relationship – they get typically rather bitter (..all in the sacred, hallowed Name and Spirit of EEQUALITEE, of course)

    Which all leads to their ‘unrequited’ desires turning into envious fantasies wishing to destroy ‘Chad & Stacy’ … by destroying Heritage America


  35. The Pincuses are a clever people. They think they can agitate in this way and suffer no blowback because they live in great neighborhoods and tend to have great jobs. However, it may not work out that way for them. The more Sharia types they let in, the greater likelihood for anti-Israel talk amongst the rubes, which could worm its way into accepted public discourse. Also, it warms my heart to know that Pincuses sometimes get the sharp end of the stick from their refugee pets. The Tsarnaevs whacked 3 Pincuses in Waltham, Mass. Oy vey!


  36. Everyone needs to ask rubin how come she considers the existence of Israel proof of global anti-semitism. After all, Israel is nationalistic and defined by blood.


  37. You brought the Muslims, you get deported along with them, big deal.


  38. I read Rubin’s tweet as a warning to not let nationalism turn into antisemitism.
    Western Civilization is great because of the Judeo Christian values at the foundation. A natural law is that when these values are embraced prosperity follows. Christians who attack the Jewish part of foundation undermine themselves.
    The history of the Jews shows that there are on average at least two major expulsions of Jews per century. I think a little bit of sensitivity is warranted. The non anti-Semitic article sure attracted a lot of anti semetic comments.
    Not all Jews believe the same things. Israel has 34 political parties. We have red and blue parties and the libertarian party doesn’t even have a color. People need to understand the difference between secular Jews and religious Jews is big. It is like comparing American Evangelical Christians to American Catholic Christians. They are in different parts of the political spectrum. Michael Savage, Mark Levine and Ben Shapiro are all known for their Communist activism right? No, people ignore the conservative Jewish voices to suit their own needs.
    I encourage you to read Rabbi Sacks commentary of the week as it shows how anti-Semitism harms us all. He is a wonderful writer you can be a non Jee like me, and enjoy his eloaquence.

    [CH: do jews ever ask themselves why so many groups of people from so many nations over so much time have been driven to such heights of frustration with jews that they kicked them out? i guess not. that would require a modicum of honest self-reflection that the tribe apparently lacks.
    ps levin and shapiro are anti-nationalists. try it. ask them what they think of keeping america majority white.
    savage is a rare exception to the rule.]


  39. How is it that there’s only 14 million Jews in the entire world yet it seems as if there’s billions of them?

    They seem to be everywhere.


    • That’s largely only the official numbers

      In America, for example, it is forbidden to ask for census purposes someone’s religion, so it’s overall a statistical guess the actual numbers of Jews here

      On top of that, there are untold numbers of mischlinge (those with fractional, minor Jewish ancestry) whoentify with Jewry – more prosaically, with Jewish power – who would never, halachically, be officially part of the tribe, nor be eligible for Israeli citizenship (unless they go thru a long, and often very demeaning, conversion ritual)


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