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You know what makes my day? When a globohomo capital-stripping small business-destroying scumbag cock-eyed oligarch monopolist open borders billionaire whines about his dick pic being released by America’s foremost legitimate newspaper run by friends of the billionaire’s Prime Enemy, Presidente Trump.

Hey Jeffie, dick pics die in darkness!

Here’s Bezos Boner’s blog poast wherein he publicly weeps about the National Enquirer blackmailing him with threats to publish his dik piks texted to his over-the-hill mudsharking spinstress.

Federal investigators and legitimate media have of course suspected and proved that Mr. Pecker has used the Enquirer and AMI for political reasons. And yet AMI keeps claiming otherwise:

“American Media emphatically rejects any assertion that its reporting was instigated, dictated or influenced in any manner by external forces, political or otherwise.”

Of course, legitimate media have been challenging that assertion for a long time…

“Legitimate media”. This bugman is really butthurt about Trump and half of America calling his bought-and-paid-for rag Fake News.

Here’s a piece of context: My ownership of the Washington Post is a complexifier for me.

“Complexifier” is not a word in English.

It’s unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will wrongly conclude I am their enemy.

LMAO at this lame CYA. “Experience Washington Post news” sounds like a marketing slogan for a themed sex toy retailer.

President Trump is one of those people, obvious by his many tweets.

Every one of those tweets has gotten under Bezos Boner’s skin.

Also, The Post’s essential and unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in certain circles.

Khashoggi was a Moslem Brotherhood mouthpiece and a PR tool for the Qatari government. He was not a “journalist” by any definition that doesn’t include the word “whore”.

CEO Dik Pic wants us all to think he doesn’t direct or influence the reporting at the Bezos Post-Op, which he owns by the short and curlies. This is a lie. Bezos could fire every shitlib reporter working at the Post and replace them all with right-wing nationalists tomorrow if he wanted, but he doesn’t because under his tutelage he has preferred to turn the Post into a Trump Deranged dishrag publishing nonstop yellow journalism that fluffs the globalist billionaire class while crapping on the middle and working class Americans who voted for Trump to do something about the real threat to democracy posed by deracinated, cheap labor loving oligarchs like Bezos and by a lying, malevolent, agenda-driven Fake News media propaganda juggernaut.

I’m still laughing!

A commenter at Sailer’s scoffs at the accusation made by the Bitch Bezos,

Bezos really needs to lay off the T injections. Not only is he sexting like a teenager when he is the leader of global mercantile empire, but he is completely mishandling this matter with National Enquirer. First of all, Bezos knows shipping books, but I doubt he can manipulate sleaze and backstabbing like National Enquirer and Trump.

Bezos has private investigators going after National Enquirer and he is threatening lawsuits and subpoenas. National Enquirer responds that they have more embarrassing materials that they could publish, but are refraining to do so. National Enquirer is engaging in a settlement negotiation where both parties release their respective claims and National Enquirer would agree to refrain from publishing the incriminating photos. This is hardly a blackmail attempt.

Bezos is embarrassing himself because no one is willing to tell him no and critically, in the age of Trump, Bezos knows that the media will have his back regardless of how foolish he is acting. Much like the Clinton presidential campaign, there is no negative media feedback loop to keep Bezos in check and thus he is getting out over his skis.

Bezos is the kind of guy who would destroy an industry — book store retailers — by exploiting a middleman online niche and exercising monopsonist power over suppliers, then buy back the vacant stores he destroyed and sell books out of them under the brand Amazon Books. Oh wait, he did that!

PS Kamala Harris, Stalinist:


yewotm8 comments,

All the [sex] photos are of him. She didn’t even send any nudes? That’s the most striking beta tell here.


  1. on February 8, 2019 at 12:11 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Nice writeup
    On the last shit again
    As long as it aint white that run this shit
    We might have a chance at happiness


  2. on February 8, 2019 at 12:20 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Yea She right racist in America
    Against white males is a matter of world security
    But try to get a bitch or anyone to wrap their head around that
    But whatever im at peace with Chinese hedgemon im not racist
    They can be supremacist


    • all this shit is our achilles heel…lol

      and meanwhile in Russia they have none of the diversity…so they must be very weak and totally not a threat

      soon it will be time to defect to Russa…who saw THAT coming?


  3. on February 8, 2019 at 12:26 am | Reply California Caucasian

    @HermesDiaktoros pretty much nailed it to the wall. Personally, being a native born Ohioan I’d have used more profanity (my fuggin people, amirite?!?!) But yeah, we are definitely gonna need more secret courts, more FISA warrants, more shadowy investigations into “Russia!™”…

    Apropos Russia… ten years ago as a himble blogger (don’t laugh, we were all bloggers back them before the ascendency of Faceboom!) I was pointing out the Russians are facing demographic winter. Fast forward 10 years, little has changed… short of going into Palestinian style fertility war, they aren’t coming back. A full century of abortion will do that to a country… so what props up this fantastical fear of the Russians?

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    • on February 8, 2019 at 12:28 am | Reply California Caucasian

      Damn the typos. Sorry homies.


    • on February 8, 2019 at 12:38 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      I think Whites been ready to go Bible said soon on end of world been over 2 k years
      I Medan come on man
      The dudes who write it longggggggggg


    • Jews are the only “americans” who seem to hate Russia.

      Heritage Americans have a lot more in common with the average Russian than any fucking desert scum bagel eater.

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      • on February 8, 2019 at 6:18 am John Joel Glanton

        I love it how DC democrats always imply what happened in East Prussia when they’re talking about “Russian aggression”

        All the young Russian men were dead or in elite front line units by 1945. The raping was done by Mongolians from the Far East and their Judeo-Bolshevik commissars.

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      • This.

        ok…so you’ve heard the phrase “Never Forget”?

        that is what the jews do.

        they are still waiting for the Amalekites…from 5000 years ago.

        it’s a tribe that always pursues revenge to the end. this is the way of desert nomads, full tribal warfare…whites these days are simply Eloim and not prepared for this type of mentality or violence. The saintly native americans had similar dispositions; whites, used to terms of surrender and honor and whatnot, were simply aghast at how they acted. Like savages, truly.

        literally, if they feel wronged, they will try to destroy you…forever. And will not stop until you or they are destroyed.

        Putin divested a lot of jew crooks of russian national assets, so they have it in for him.

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      • The Eskimos have an unquenched historical animosity towards Russia because they believe they were wronged with The Pale of Settlement. Actually, The Pale of Settlement was a mild attempt to control their well-known subversiveness, not mentioning that a Special Person in the Pale had more rights and freedom of movement than a Russian serf (the majority of the Russian population) of that time.

        If anything, the Tsarist Russia tried to find a humane solution to the Eskimo Problem, the alternative being to expel them, as the vast majority of the countries that ever hosted them ended up doing because they couldn’t tolerate their wrongdoings anymore.

        I’m not implying they need a reason to hate a white Gentile country. America and Canada always treated them like royalty, and they showed their gratitude by wrecking and subverting their host societies in the same way, to the point of supporting and advocating for ethnic cleansing, like Matthew Yglesias.


      • on February 8, 2019 at 11:33 am John Joel Glanton

        Pretty much

        The only people they hate more than Russians are Germans

        They already bastardized the Roman and Greek races out of existence with money worship

        Now they’re finishing off French and Anglo. Germans will be next then they will try to bring wogs into Russia


      • on February 8, 2019 at 11:36 am Captain Obvious

        F-Street, you’re gonna need to surrender your JIDF badge.

        You getting Stockholm Syndrome, muh hebe?


    • Abortions in Russia have dropped precipitously in the past six years, from what I hear.

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  4. on February 8, 2019 at 12:40 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Getting divorce fuck this bitch who cant listen or cant understand me


  5. A líkely scenarió fór the future:

    Whítes wín the róad war agaínst the spícs, nógs, (((specíal peóple))) (intentiónally named last) et cónsórtes, wíth a reductión of the tótal pópulation óf the wórld by abóut 70%.

    Meanwhíile, The nógs have retreated tó the cóntinent óf Wakanda (fórmerly knówn as Afríca), where they have fórmed the vast yet extremely prímitive state of Hip-hópia. and the spícs create the state of Tórtíllia in what was previóusly knówn as Sóuth Ameríca. Rumóur has it that a man named Trav is sómetimes seen there, fraternízing with the lócals.

    It takes years before the Whítes restóre cívilizatión tó a reasónable level. The tímes are, welp, góod again?

    Then, óne day, an excessively-hand rubbíng mérchant arrives in tówn…

    Rínse. Repeat.

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    • on February 8, 2019 at 1:31 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Yea lifeea too gay and repedatuve


    • on February 8, 2019 at 1:40 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

      Cant even be a billionaire and enjoy it sheot


    • you know that most south americans are not beaner people, right? I mean…like none of them are. The squatemalans are central americans.

      south american women are more attractive in almost every respect than white liberal western women

      ok, so let me trot out an example- Francisco Pizarro. One of the most alpha dudes in history. Conquistadored the entire Inca empire with no support, all the way around the straits of magellan from any resupply out of the caribbean. After he killed the emperor, he took the emperor’s 10 yo wife and knocked her up.

      you mfers would have said he was a niggerfucker or…something. Yet he did shit more badass than is even comprehensible to the likes of you, a TRUE white man, a historical giant. A man who with 100 illiterate spaniards, conquered an entire empire.

      they don’t eat fuckin tortillas in south america, retard.


      • Oh, excuse me, “Central Americans” not “squatemalans” – can we put them all in the admittedly broad category of “Sh!tsk!ns and fr!ends” and call it a day?

        “south american women are more attractive in almost every respect than white liberal western women”

        Your point?

        “ok, so let me trot out an example- Francisco Pizarro”

        Explain this to all the modern-day Francisco Pizarros squatting !llegally in the U.S., fvcking the place up for everyóne else (the more-than-substantial contribution from the nógs notwithstanding) – y’know, how they’re just not living up to the potential.

        “they don’t eat fuckin tortillas in south america, retard.”

        Ah, the NUANCE of south amerIcan food.


      • You’ll never get another West from even the cutest second- and third-world women.

        Miscegenation is forever, as even your Pizarro example proves.

        Of course, being an obvious mischling yourself, this is what you desire for the entire planet, wherein you fancy you and those like you as the one-eyed rulers of The Kingdom Of The Blind.


      • gayg you’re such a fucking idiot

        have white children yes

        have a lot of bastards too…fucking knock up the brown women

        you’re a goddamned orthodoxy worshipping status quo boomer idiot. just die already


      • I’m the idiot, but you’re the one who would breed future enemies of your own White children?

        You’re becoming a pathetic parody of the pismire you’re always been.


      • You’re a real card, try-hard… the knave of spades. lzozlzozlzozlzozlozl


      • Oh, do excuse me for getting my types of sh!tsk!ns m!xed up.

        “sóuth american wómen are more attract!ve in almost every respect than wh!te l!beral wéstern womén”

        Yóur póint?

        “ok, so let me trót out an example- Franciscó Pizarró”

        Please let the millións of modern-day Franciscó P!zarró’s l!teering Amer!ca knów that they’re just not l!ving up to all that tremendous potential.

        “they don’t eat fuckin tortillas in sóuth amer!ca, rętąrd.”

        Ah, there’s our free da!ily lessón ón the NUANCE of sh!tsk!n cuis!ne!


      • BOOM… roasted.

        Well-done, Pete.


      • on February 8, 2019 at 11:42 am John Joel Glanton

        Well akshually

        Trav you unwittingly disproved your own point. Before Pizarro’s bestiality orgy, the South Americans were literal monkeys, as in pygmies. The subhumans inhabiting South America today are actually half-white. Believe it or not. So by fucking those pygmy sows Pizarro actually gave them a genetic upgrade to make them brave enough to be aggressive towards humans.

        Yes he was alpha only by circumstance. Any white man can make a bunch of Pygmy monkeys submit to his will. Have you ever actually spoken to a colored person before? Do you understand how naturally submissive they are? Thousands of years of sharing and cooperation in sunny weather did that.

        Anyway you shouldn’t be fucking dark people dude it’s disgusting. However it’s better than banging college teeny boppers.

        Also I would much rather a high-maintenance Nordic blonde than any retarded smiling mutt.


      • Yeah you gave them a genetic upgrade.

        you think they were fucking nonaggressive before this!?!? df stupidity is this?

        future enemies of my own white children…wow…mmmk…well, shit.


        then there’s the fucker who doesn’t know

        most south americans are WHITE you fucking retard. The entirety of S. Brazil, and almost all of Argentina. Europeans. Uruguay too…the further south you go the whiter they get

        you motherfucking geographically illiterate retard


      • Incas = white as as a sheet according to the insufferable muzzturd niggerfucker. That’s around as ignorant a comment as you have ever fucking made , and you say dumb shit every god-damn time you post.
        You are a catfish, all mouth and full of shit.


      • on February 9, 2019 at 6:32 am John Joel Glanton

        Ummm well we have a pretty good track record

        Wiped out the Celts, Apaches, Australoid etc.

        If I was Pizarro I would have called the Armada and cleansed the continent of savages

        I have no problem with white South Americans obviously


      • on February 9, 2019 at 6:54 am John Joel Glanton

        I would totally marry a white Catholic girl from Argentina, Uruguay or Southern Brazil. They’re good stock but they’re going to be gone within a few generations.


    • on February 8, 2019 at 11:39 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      Then, óne day, an excessively-hand rubbíng mérchant arrives in tówn…


    • Then, óne day, an excessively-hand rubbíng mérchant arrives in tówn…

      Rínse. Repeat.


  6. 12 Year old Lolita seduces 27 year old man, man goes to jail, outrage ensues :

    “An office worker who lost his job and home after he spent the night with a 12-year-old schoolgirl who pretended to be 19 has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

    Carl Hodgson, 27, brought the girl to his Manchester quayside apartment after he met her on a dating app – not realising she used a fake profile which claimed she was ‘experienced’


  7. on February 8, 2019 at 3:07 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    See without racism can kick a lying brown bitch to curb
    With racism ya feel bad cause She brown
    No racism good


  8. on February 8, 2019 at 4:03 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Allright ready to go to great Beyond no loose ends
    Is it really not a drill this time
    Or is it still a joke


  9. I bet his dick looks as weird as his face. Can’t wait to see it.

    no homo


  10. And there’s the Achilles heel with weight-lifting. The iron doesn’t discriminate with regards to building muscle. You lift, you’ll gain. Although lifting should transform your mind/thinking as well, not always. So noodle-armed Bezos went to Jacked Bezos physically, but his mindset stayed grounded in faggotry (I want to smell you). OTOH, if Bezos got jacked doing CrossFit, his lack of mental transformation into a hardened man makes perfect sense.


    • “If I … give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” – Cor. 13-3

      If you lift but your spirit is shitlib, those muscles are worthless ornaments.

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    • weightlifting is usually just vanity

      if you want functional strength do jiu jitsu


      • Bullshit… there’s body-building, which is vanity when taken to the extremes we see (usually accompanied by steroids) and there’s weight training, which benefits every- and anyone, increases functional strength like NOTHING else, and is the only fountain of youth I know of, especially because it can be done alone, in one’s home, with many types of equipment (free weights, leverage and cable machines, etc.)


      • on February 8, 2019 at 8:37 am John Joel Glanton


        NoFap, intermittent fasting, organic food

        For fountain of youth

        Liked by 2 people

      • Solid additions, without question… but I was merely addressing the physical activity side of things.

        In the grand overview, the fountain of youth can be summed up pithily as:

        Move more, eat less.


      • once again gayg opens his mouth about something he knows nothing whatsoever about.

        fucking cable machines increasing functional strength…lol

        dude do you fucking know the meaning of the word FUNCTIONAL?

        working against free weights is better than nothing, all the stupid boomer machines you have are better than nothing, but this isn’t functional strength.

        functional strength comes from actually performing FUNCTIONS, you deranged, senile, old fuck.

        If you want functional fighting strength…for fuck’s sake, you know I teach this shit, right? It occur to you that half the guys, probably more, that come into the gym to learn bjj already fucking lift weights all the time? some of these guys are fuckin jacked already.

        after a year of jiu jitsu they feel significantly stronger. Applying force against easy-to-wield inanimate objects is one thing, against people is entirely different.

        STFU and quote a scripture or something, there are men talking


      • I guess lifting things in meat world, carrying them for some distance, and being able to manipulate your own body weight spryly don’t count as functional, eh?

        And leverage and cable machines are a fine alternative to keeping up strength for those that don’t have spotting partners and thus are concerned with safety at home alone, and/or those who have joint issues due to injury or age.

        Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, asshole… I’ve been lifting all my life, and still put most men half my age to shame, both in ability and appearance.

        Or just keep making yourself look like the loud-mouth try-hard punk most here deem you to be.

        Look, punk,


      • I guess in your frame of reference, no one can be strong if he or she can’t make it to a gym three days a week to throw other people around, eh?

        For a guy who supposedly is out and about in the big world so much, you sure have a pipsqueak’s perspective on real life.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • You’re giving solid reasons to start training jiu jitsu. Is this a young man’s sport? By that I mean how much fighting is a man going to learn if his fighting days are behind him? I started TKD recently to cover what I’m calling a bare minimum, but I’ve got no reservations about being king of the ring someday.


      • Your ju jitsu can’t beat my raifu, you muzzturd. Go get your sketty-o’s out the microwave and spare us your niggerbabble.


      • gayg–simply for ONCE, stfu. men are talking about shit you can’t grasp.

        cable machines…LOL. I mean, I can’t even….

        gregi- TKD isn’t a real martial art, it’s really faggy dancing. If that’s your thing, hey, cool. I have some students, several into their mid or late 40s. Not too many people start after 50. but they are out there.

        Everything is a “young man’s sport” in any real sense. But you can still do them even when older. You have to find the right gym, with the right instructor and the right student population. I have students anywhere from teenage girls to guys who are 48 I think is the oldest. A wide range of athletic talents and backgrounds


      • and wtf is a raifu?

        is that a rifle? If so, look at the serial number on it. Does it say “1”? If your fucking gun doesn’t have “1” on it you can be quite sure there are more of them out there. Guess how many I have


      • gayg–simply for ONCE, stfu. men are talking about shit you can’t grasp.

        cable machines…LOL. I mean, I can’t even….

        I’ve built a tremendous amount of hand, neck, and shoulder strength using cable machines… and they’ve helped my knees quite a bit after two operations, back in the day.

        Not to mention that more than a few physical therapists recommend them for rehabilitation of various injury, so there’s that… if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t have been around as long as they have been, and you wouldn’t find them in some of the best college and pro gymnasiums either.

        But you and your jujitsu are the only way to get useful physical fitness, and you know more than all the kinesiologists physical therapists, and sports trainers in the colleges and pros, amirite?

        Just keep up with the vapid girly “lol” shtick, try-hard. This is why YOU lose.


      • Men are talking? You fucking child? You punk?

        The benefits of cable machines are well-documented and time tested, which is why you find them in every college and pro-sport gym, let alone pretty much every physical therapy environment.

        I know they work well from my own personal experience, especially coupled with free weight training.

        And if you want to pose as man talking, I suggest you lose the girly “lol” shtick.

        You fairy.


      • on February 8, 2019 at 8:20 pm Pretty Boy Looch

        Loooool @ cables

        Barbell or get the fuck out my gym you soft ass nigga


      • And like clockwork, mischling explains mischling.

        And the card still says “moops”.

        Your muh barbells-only against thousands of trainers, physical therapists, and sports medicine practitioners of science, engineering, and time-tested results combining free weights, weight-stack cable machines, and leverage machines.

        You half-breeds should try thinking with the lighter side, such as it may be, of your DNA for a change, instead of leading with your chins all the time and sounding like the Qs of physical fitness.


      • And like clockwork, mischling explains mischling, and with the same girly “lol” tell, go figger..

        And the card still says “moops”.

        Your muh bårbells-only against thousands of tråiners, physicål theråpists, and sports medicine pråctitioners of science, engineering, and time-tested results combining free weights, weight-stack cable machines, and leverage machines.

        You half-breeds should try thinking with the lighter side, such as it may be, of your DNA for a change, instead of leading with your chins all the time and sounding like the Qs of physical fitness.


  11. The cunty NAM from California has since changed her NatSec lock-up-the-opposition tweet to a simpler sentiment using subtler Italian language.

    You can count on nogs for one thing: allowing their amygdala (emotion) to override their genetically smaller frontal cortex (restraint) as their thoughts travel out of their bodies.

    As their perceived political need for restraint lessens, or their Jewish advisers start giving less shits, tweets like this don’t get revised and likely get worse. That’s good for us.

    The best response to her old tweet would be that her party’s modern foundation was indisputably a creation of (((Russian))) propaganda, and to stay consistent with her proposed NatSec action her party would need to be broadly “dealt with”.

    This logical implication would have been immediately apparent to her advisers, like a smack with a bagel across the face.


  12. Kamala Harris is frightening. She’s like thecunt’s malevolent idiocy and Nancy Pelosi’s restless insanity in one person.

    God help us all if she’s ever the Commander-in-chief in the US. She’s the kind of fanatical, dumb lunatic who is ready to order the bombing of whole countries because she considers them racist or Islamophobic or whatever.

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    • Hilldog, Kamala, AOC, Pelosi – The 4 Horsefaces of the Fugopalypse

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    • And they say we need more female leaders. Jesus, even GayMulatto seems somehow reasonable compared to this demented hag.

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    • She was raised mostly Canadian and Hindu.

      Hindus don’t like mohameddans too much. But Candians seem to not be able to get enough.

      Simply put that bitch is the goblin product of a miscegantion that should have never been – a Jamaican and a hindu mudshark. In fact, in India the mother would probably have been gang raped and killed for mudsharking.

      Both of her parents were here on student visas and no Americans. She’s less American that the shitbird Obama even.

      I guess that’s the ulimate virtue signal. Turn the leadership of your country over to people that hate you and aren’t even your people.

      Toonces the Driving Cat is the best metaphor for empowering minorities in any capacity.

      In case some of you younger guys don’t know the meme:

      I can’t believe it! Toonces can drive a car!

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      • Jamaican + Indian = that’s anti-White hatred and envy on steroids.
        It’s also streetshitting on steroids.

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      • on February 8, 2019 at 6:20 am John Joel Glanton

        Canadians hate them just as much as you do bro

        But what can we do? Elections are a choice between fag A and fag B

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      • on February 8, 2019 at 6:23 am John Joel Glanton

        Yeah Jamaicans are a special kind of savage

        Bred for like 300 years for high testosterone and low IQ so what does that tell you

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      • almost all liberal whites have internalized that they are evil and need to die


      • That any sentient being could, with a straight face, state that transphobia is a matter of national security, well… this is the distaff side of Clown World, which makes it the clowniest ring in the circus.


      • “That any sentient being could, with a straight face, state that transphobia is a matter of national security, well… this is the distaff side of Clown World, which makes it the clowniest ring in the circus.”

        Tranny Imperialism. That’s what Kamala’s America stands for.

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    • on February 8, 2019 at 10:23 am | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “order the bombing of whole countries because she considers them racist or Islamophobic or whatever”

      Uhhh, are you describing Are Greatest Ally?


      • Ho-Bama will never do that, she knows on what side her bread is buttered.

        She is capable of ordering the bombing of Hungary, Poland, Italy, Austria or even a war with Russia, or any other white country she will deem waycist, aka fighting for survival by electing patriotic politicians and parties.


    • Kamala Harris is going to be the living embodiment of Diana Moon Glampers in Vonnegut’s “Harrison Bergeron”… great short story if you’ve never read it.

      And Vonnegut saw all this shit coming way back in 1961…

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  13. […] Source: Heartiste […]


  14. on February 8, 2019 at 5:42 am | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Yea national security like anyone gives a fuck about that seeing Millions of people from other landscape who could destroy our infrastruktur in heartbeat im event of war
    Fucking God dammed retards


  15. This is an example of “Failing the Jumbotron test” and it is a shit test of grand proportions. Imagine a woman doing this to you (which is probably what this is)…how would you respond?

    Media whore is just playing her part.

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  16. All the photos are of him. She didnt even send any nudes? That’s the most striking beta tell here.

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  17. on February 8, 2019 at 6:13 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

    I always assumed that once you make a few billion dollars some Bulgarian gangster would just walk up to you and ask if you want to buy any nukes or nubile teeny sex slaves.

    So why the dik pix Jeff?


  18. on February 8, 2019 at 6:33 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

    All day I dream about juicy squirting vaginas and yet I cannot find one anywhere

    Can someone help me pwease


  19. Stalinist repression will make us stronger and smooth the way to fascism and eugenics.

    Brown person Stalinism will fail because it will drive out competence and honesty and boil the frog very quickly. Eugenics and fascism will emerge with a vengeance because people will want the electric grid to work and potable water to come out of the faucet.

    The best way to leverage the decline is to become an engineer. Engineering knowledge and ability will be the coin of the realm in the brown person Stalinist Dystopia.

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    • Fixing rich men’s toys was always a sound profession.

      And when you REALLY think about human history, even things like electric power and running water in the home are indeed, rich men’s toys.


      • right.

        and you notice how swimmingly well Zimbabwe is doing with that, right?

        you people are whistling past the graveyard. South Africa is showing us how this goes in real time…is anyone paying attention?


      • I’m not talking about Africa, where the already minority White population got further chased out or killed so as to become nonexistent, for all political and social intents… I’m talking about societies where there is still a semblance of relative order.

        You are one dense fuck if all you can do is play knee-jerk contrarian and bring up analogies that don’t apply.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • And if things deteriorated to such an extent on this side of the pond, how’s that muh jiu-jitsu gonna add up, when niggers are just shooting and stabbing everything in sight?

        But I digress.

        Learn to think beyond one- and occasionally two dimensions… you WERE bragging about how smart you are, amirite? :duckface


      • on February 9, 2019 at 7:28 am Gunslingergregi

        You people so what are you trav?


    • The job title “Engineer” will be held by a nonwyt. When things break, a wyt temp contractor will be called to fix. He will not have regular employment and will be scraping by.

      There will be no further “progress” as wypipo inventing stuff is embarrassing to the nonwyt, who can’t. Enough .gov regs and no one will even try to build new things.

      Having that secret knowledge isn’t going to help. They hate you even more for knowing why it’s broken. No one will shed a tear when the Man who shames them by being alive is killed in “a home invasion gone awry”.


      • There’s black-pill, and there’s pucker-ass-tight N1GGER pill, my friend.

        The late Harold Covington had an apt scenario in one of his Northwest novels about such a situation… a pair of good ol’ White boys, two brothers, had been rendered unemployed and unemployable and had their service station confiscated. They headed out in their mobile trailers with their tools and stopped at several truck stop diners along the major routes and set up a make-shift mobile business, and their specialty in truck electronics soon got them a reputation and a solid livelihood… all under the table… by going mobile.

        Watch the po-lice and the tax man miss me. 😉

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      • Out here in the fields
        I fight for my meals
        I get my back into my living


      • Say hello to the new boss,
        Same as the old boss. 😉


      • Dang Greg, you’re entirely right. I try to type fast to avoid what I’ve found to be a timer on [email protected] (thank you CO for explaining that one). As such, I don’t always clarify my thoughts properly.

        Everything I wrote is IF we allow the Stalinist dystopia to come into existence. If we don’t fight, that’s our future.

        I’ve said it before, but we’re not voting our way out of this. We either fight or we lose. My big question is what it will take to reinvigorate that fighting spirit. It’s not merely present but, as in your example, is actively looking for ways around the problems that already exist. What I’m looking for is that point where wypipo acknowledge that the Stalinist dystopia is the no-fighting future. What is the line in the sand that brings out the physical fighting in the streets? What causes a wypipo riot? What marks the creation of the nogo zone where zog isn’t welcome?


      • on February 8, 2019 at 11:51 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “As such, I don’t always clarify my thoughts properly.”

        Tell me about it.

        Trying to type fast enough to get a kkk0mment past M0d/[email protected] is kinda nerve-racking.

        I often end up poasting rank gibberish as a result.


      • No, gregi- YOU are right. the other idiot is fuckin wrong as usual.

        He’s less correct than a broken clock.

        in a browned out model, everyone’s business gets fucking stolen by the niggers.

        THIS IS EXACTLY what is happening in South Africa AS WE SPEAK. In Brazil, Mexico, the mid hue countries, it’s the same shit. Getting a business off the ground is NOT fucking as simple as this idiot with his novel where the two white boys go out in a van and ply their wares. hire a white man? LOL…no. Just steal money and live without power or water- THIS Is the nigger model. They don’t fucking know nor care. They haven’t the brain power to do so.

        Go ahead and try that self-reliance western spirit shit in RSA. Try it.

        Your van will get stolen and you will be killed by niggers. The government STILL exists, even in Zimbo, and it steals whatever is within reach. There’s business to do but only if the bribes are paid.

        This fucking pull yourself up by the bootstraps boomer crap…these fucking parasite locust senile old fucks don’t have a clue what hardship looks like. They grew up in a system where there were rules and etiquette about what was yours and what was mine- a WHITE, high trust society.

        We don’t have that anymore. we have niggers…you put a Kamala in charge, same as Obongo…what did we see? The government repurposed for LITERALLY banana republic level shit, using the IRS to destroy political opponents, the spy agencies against Trump. In nigger cities like tha D, do you think you have a shot at starting a business? The niggers will shut you down unless you give them a piece.

        My MPD friend was once suspended for taking side work bc his sergeant expected a CUT of everyone’s action in order to approve the work!

        Nigger-run societies are corrupt to the core. That white van on the road will get lit up by the police, and towed off bc of lack of “permits” or some other bullshit.

        Africa has already shown us how a brown takeover of literally first-world countries goes. Detroit, bodymore, any of a number of cities have already shown us.

        without the state of MI propping it up, tha D would have no power, no water, no sewage, no trash collection- NOTHING. In like one generation it all fell apart under black rule.

        There’s a reason why shit doesn’t WORK in these brown countries…expecting to show up there, go to india or something and try to run yourself a business. You’ll wish the mafia was your problem.


      • @Travvy Trav

        What’s left then? Australia? They got pozz of their own.


      • I’ve heard NZ is nicer

        oz is very white…see, once the world burns and the USA falls, there will be places out from underneath the poz control.

        Really the US is the #1 threat to the white race…we’ve dictated, along with the, the infestation of everywhere with brown people. Also the fall of the gov of RSA and destruction of the entire country.

        we destroyed Libya, freeing millions of niggers to migrate north and get on boats funded by jews to go to europe.

        The USA is a world cancer now….it has to be reined in for the good of all


      • Trav is on the money
        I went to S Africa for the world cup in 2010 and stayed at a hotel run by a German couple.
        They were robbed at gun point a month earlier and lived in constant fear and on edge. They were trying to sell the business to get out.
        The hotel lobby had Get Smart type laser security beams that came on after 10pm.
        So here we are, my crew. On vacation at a world cup and most nights we stayed in our rooms.
        No bars, no clubs.
        Advised not to go here and there.
        Even any women showing interest we were warned about aids.


      • Oz, Australia will be ok. Aussies are tough, they have the convict gene.
        Italy will be ok.
        Austria and Swiz will be ok.
        Most E European countries…they are still enact as nations and I think it’s too late now for them to be pozzed.
        The Irish are going through a major fem led pozz but they still got the fighters.
        I think they’ll be ok.


      • Something I agree with trav on — the United States is a hellish blight on the White race and has been for a century, ever since it decided to start fucking directly with Europe in 1917.

        I think it would have been better if the nation had split in 1865 — not simply because of any racial issues at the time, but because it would have lost the ability to turn into the monolith of Poz Oppression that it has become. Its grotesque power to bend the whole world to the bidding of its abolitionist and (((nasal))) masters would never have arisen if several competing countries had been here.

        That was one of the problems with the MAGA agenda from the start. If somehow successful, it would simply have extended the lifespan of the anti-White hegemon by generations.

        I certainly hope that some worthy successor states will emerge from the shambles of this country, but if they’re a bit smaller and more limited than the original titan, it will benefit our race immensely.


      • ghey mod is exceeding ghey

        I didn’t know you clowns were imagining an America where Whites began as a minority and then shrunk to single digits through flight and genocide due to an Africa-like change of gummint.

        Fucking DUH that all bets are off under law of the jungle… I was talking about an America still 35% to 45% White, with a gummint still able to provide some semblance of order.


      • I didn’t know you clowns were imagining an America where Whites began as a minority and then shrunk to single digits through flight and genocide due to an Africa-like change of gummint.


      • I personally think all of Europe will make it, with the possible exception of England. Some more painfully than others, of course; the French are going to have quite a bit of cleansing and purging to do, but they’re probably fiery and violent enough, as the Yellow Vests show, to achieve it.


  20. […] From Twitter via CH, appended to a guffaw-fest on Bezos’ boner boo-hoos. […]


  21. Western company pulls out ads trying to push feminist propaganda in Russia


  22. When will the Kindle version of his dik pics be released?

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  23. on February 8, 2019 at 7:18 am | Reply Elmer T. Jones

    A “matter of national security” means secret courts, review of your online data, paramilitary raids, enhanced interrogations, and black site prisons.

    And the IoT buttplugs.


  24. on February 8, 2019 at 7:45 am | Reply CultwuralResilience from Mobile

    We have circled full back around to the point were a contemporary Charles Dickens could only publish truths veiled in extreme charicature.

    On Dec 24th 2019 as the iPhone bleeps midnight, Old Bezos was visited by the first of three spirits; The Ghost of Dik Pik Past.


  25. Lol what the fuck is transphobia?


  26. Bezos hasn’t sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Holocaust ‘survivors’ during a State of the Union address, though.

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  27. Kamalia Harris will lead her followers to certain death. Problem is she will become a martyr when she gets sniped from the grassy knoll. This will be the start of the race war. Which is exactly what buttboy benzos wants. Red pills shipped right from the Amazon source.

    Liberislism is the new religion, worshiping false gods, the virtue signaling by zeolite clones. All will be consumed with their madness. Let them burn.


  28. New Murdoch Murdoch AMA fam


    • on February 8, 2019 at 10:31 am | Reply Captain Obvious


      Five HOURS, forty-three minutes, and thirty-three seconds?!?!?!?


      • Yup, it’s the guud stuff


      • on February 8, 2019 at 11:53 am Captain Obvious

        Is there a tl;dr version?

        PS: They need to get some software which can make the mouths of the characters open & close when the character is speaking.


      • I wish there was a TL;DR, but they just dropped this vid, so we’ll have to wait until other anons chop up and upload their answers to the important questions. Also, at some point after the 5:00:00 mark, Chan mentions that she was a virgin when she met Murdoch, and that he was a “whore” before he met her. He was like “No shit, lol” and that every guy should have experience with women before they enter a committed relationship, otherwise their inner beta is gonna take over and disgust her. Murdoch Murdoch a low-key lurker of the Chateau?


  29. on February 8, 2019 at 8:47 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

    Ummm yeah and one thing that seems to be condoned around here is 40-50 year old men fucking college students

    That’s kind of immoral and pisses me off. I think those people should be shot by a firing squad

    Are there not any women your own age? Or what?


  30. This is what the survival of Western Civilization will look like:

    “Are you carrying the fire?”

    And no, they don’t eat the boy. They adopt him as their own and journey on. McCarthy’s book ends on this grace note.

    Strive to be the man who could keep his family alive and intact this deep into the shit that is coming.


    • Only if there is no God…

      … and I believe there is, but that’s a discussion for another day.


      • Or one may see the survival and arrival of the family as God’s Providence.


      • No, only if there is no omnipotent lord god that treats us like his children. Of course the odds of that are much, much smaller, which is why you yeggs attack the strawman of atheism and project the fallacy that disproven atheism is proven (((Christianity))). The Jews have all the major contestants. What a game.


      • A fair point, michaelfury.

        As far as this goes:

        why you yeggs attack the strawman of atheism and project the fallacy that disproven atheism is proven (((Christianity))).

        Normally I would have stopped reading at “strawman of atheism”… and certainly at “(((Christianity)))”, but my curiosity got piqued.

        When exactly did this mighty debate occur ’round chere?

        On a side note, and for the umpteenth time: answer a simple question, you “muh joo on a stick” dopes… if Christianity is such a kike canard, meant to lead the goy sheep astray, why do the modern-day Sanhedrin and every one of (((their))) useful stooge minions make every effort to either eradicate it or at least corrupt it, and denigrate it and it’s followers at every opportunity?

        It’s one thing having a blindspot… it’s quite another doing the foe’s own bidding for them while stumbling in the dark.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • because you perpetually stupid boomer fuck


        they are DEFILING YOU, get it? Just like your savior.

        why do these nigger bitches not only ask me to but get off on being called filthy coon piece of shit colored nigger slave trash desperate for this white master race DNA while I am hammering them? Bc they’re fucking whores who get off on being humiliated.


        I mean for the love of god, if you ever were in the midst of a pass around whore, df you gonna do, tell her how beautiful she is? Spit in her gd face and piss on her, that’s what she’s got coming to her.

        the jews subverted your ENTIRE religion; rather than let go of it, you keep clinging to it while they have you marching off to die for their apartheid state and literally giving birth to niggers. They doing a victory lap on your wife’s pussy after they put their cigarette out on it.

        And here you are thinking “oh this is so awesome, the fact that they’re carving their initials into me with a dull knife must mean I’m really special!!!”

        you fucking clown.

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      • Try-hard breaks his usual foul wind and his butt buddy sock boy moopsie looch marvels at the wondrous redolence, go figger.

        Keep trying hard, punk… you’re digging your own grave for all the words you’ll be answering for.

        If you wanna disagree with someone’s opinion, you don’t have to be such an odious smacked ass each and every time. It’s tedious and bitchy, no doubt osmotic traits you’re exhibiting from the company you keep.

        Matthew 12:36 – But I tell you that men will give an account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.


    • on February 8, 2019 at 11:46 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      Threads is better even though I’m a McCarthy fan


    • on February 8, 2019 at 12:00 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      I had never heard of this one.

      Read a little of the Wiki – is this movie worth searching out?

      It sounds like “The Walking Dead” before there was “The Walking Dead”.

      Trying not to learn too many spoilers.


      • on February 8, 2019 at 12:01 pm Captain Obvious

        ^^^^^Talking about “The Road”.


      • The movie is based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel and is, like the ruinous, post-civilizational hellscape of its setting, grim going. Like the novel, it avoids any racial tribalism (it got made, after all), yet becomes a paean to fatherhood, family and the heroic virtues. Its spiritual meaning deepens on reflection.

        To appreciate the boy’s miraculous salvation, consider the degenerate brutality of the reality he and his father have navigated. This scene may also be considered allegory for what our demonic “elite” is already doing:


      • yes, every man should watch this movie


      • meh. saw that movie years ago. didn’t think much of it.

        the bitch sure was worthless tho.

        and df didn’t he kill that nigger’s ass dead for?


      • Try-hard, your puerile and stunted take on all matters artistic has been noted innumerable times before… no need to keep drilling holes in the hull of your already sinking ship.


  31. Mrs. D Sanchez, please rate your transaction:

    “Shipping was unbelievably fast however the item was defective, wrinkly and had an odd smell. It was also definitely smaller than pictured. The package did not meet my expectations. I give it 1*. Would not recommend to a friend.”

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  32. Firstly, this is just mechanistic history. The Roman elite became sexual perverts first-class and the deserved their empire to crumble. The nobility of Europe became sexual perverts with courtly love and intrigues. That is why monarchism is wrong. Today, the imperial elite are increasingly sexual perverts. Some are full ‘tard perverts now.

    Secondly, what Bezos should do is say and do, “So what.” He won’t. He does not understand that being a pervert is ascendant now, and his perversion is trivial, or that he empowers base others to hurt him by his caring about his ‘vulnerability’. That Lauren Sanchez must be some crack to get Bezos to send dick pics. At this point I wish Lauren Sanchez would fully seduce me ’cause it must be exquisitely pleasurable.

    Thirdly, don’t live vicariously through the pain of Jeff Bezos. Don’t think you can ‘make a difference’. There are a million more dance step until this all burns down. Be strategic with your time and energy. His losing is not your winning. Try to win today, and Kamala “Camacho” Harris for president!


    • on February 8, 2019 at 11:54 am | Reply John Joel Glanton

      Yes when you fuck too many women, the Universe gets magically angry and crumbles your empire

      Serfdom was an institution of bride-rape

      Sex was encouraged among Roman and Spartan youth even at their peak powers

      Only the old Germanic tribes encouraged chastity to my knowledge and that was to prevent too many vendettas

      The reason those empires fell is because of Jews seizing power and bringing in brown people. Had nothing to do with sex


      • As Freud noted, and as evo psych asserts axiomatically, every human motivation is somehow sexual. Since Freud’s breakthrough, not necessarily before, the Jews seizing power certainly does have to do with sex, by redefining it for their #1 opposition. Cf. Art of Love by Ovid, history of wet nurse as servant of the rich and powerful to increase pregnancy rate of desirable wombs.


      • RD,

        Why do you give any creed to that ((hocus pocus)). Whatever is right is ripped off Jung, and whatever is not plagiarized is wrong (“comment peut’on etre goy”)

        Reel dum


      • Gone are the days when you had to tippy toe around on here with ‘eskimo…’the chosen’ or ((( )))

        Everywhere is like that


      • (((RD))), your own Freudian slip is showing.

        Here’s a hint for you… if you want to portray yourself as somehow proficient in thought and of opinion to be sought-after, don’t be building your intellectual temple on Freud… that kike fraud has been sussed out long ago, and only a fellow (((tribesman))) would attempt to prop up an intellectual observation with the ideas of that quack.

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      • My point is that J0os did not, as far as I can see from actual evidence, a strategic knowledge of using perversion of alien sexual identity until Freud. There has been perversion of sexual identity in all three Western declines. If the J0os are leading this decline, they are certainly using perversion of sexual identity, particularly in young children over the generations. The two earlier declines don’t look orchestrated by J0os to me. I think the non-Jo0 elites did it to themselves. That’s how I read the evidence. Sorry to express myself outside the bounds of your stupid narrative.


      • You don’t get to call anyone else’s narrative “stupid” after posting the yidspeak below, Schlomo.

        As Freud noted, and as evo psych asserts axiomatically, every human motivation is somehow sexual.

        You’re gonna get called on your attempted bullshit ’round chere, especially when it’s of the kike variety.

        Your butthurt is not my stupid.


    • on February 8, 2019 at 12:04 pm | Reply Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “he empowers base others to hurt him by his caring”

      I don’t know that we want a 100-Billion-Dollar Mischling like Jeff Bezos to go to That Dark Place and Stop Caring.

      Dude would have enough money to go full 12 Monkeys on us.


      • A terrifying thought, though unlikely. He would have to first learn the RP arts, especially body language, and that would expose him to RP philosophy. The silver lining in that scenario would be hyte powa if that absolutely matters.


    • on February 9, 2019 at 3:37 am | Reply DissesMYisland

      “His losing is not your winning”

      I disagree Doug. It’s clearly a loss for him. It’s a win for us because it galvanizes us by Proving that’s Palpatine is little more than the wizard of oz. little man behind curtain. We need not fear.

      And of course the lulz


      • If I can’t live well, I want to make my enemy suffer. That’s true. My point is that true winning is having your own sovereign way of life, your own system, over time. I think cuck whites are happy enough to tear down their master’s system without building one of their own. I don’t think success is about where you end up from where you start. I think success is living well over time, i.e. maximal area under the curve. It is not enough to tear down Jeff Bezos or even the entire rotten system. It is not even enough to build our own. We must maintain and extend our way of life as feared shitlords. You are right that it is winning at all, Disses. I want more than these crumbs though. I am still living a shit life whatever happens to Bezos. We are still being ground under. Ain’t nothing like having sovereignty for a long time.


  33. Bezos fell hard for that trannyface menopausal Sanchez because, probably for the first and last time in his life, the wimp felt sexually desirable. He felt exhilarated to finally see how it is to sext and send dick pics on demand like a Chad, somehow like that species of ugly cactus which can bloom only once. It’s the story of Charles and Camilla once again.

    [CH: lol nice analogy]


  34. “…unrelenting coverage of the murder of its columnist Jamal Khashoggi”

    Did the WAPO find the body?


    • maybe the dude just went into hiding and the sound on his iphone recording that bone saw cutting into a human was just some video game sound effects…

      he wasn’t really a reporter anyway…he was muslim brotherhood agitator


  35. amazon start doing operations in my country (until this year was just reseller of other websites). cuckservatives thinking this is great because it’s modernity and show how the free market is good and everything.

    I hate to be in a country that is 10 years behind the truth. if you say that free market is gonna completely ruin the country, they think you’re a communist. “nazis are leftists” and crap like that


  36. Re: Sen. Harris:

    When she tells you she hates you, pay attention. Then act like you heard it.


  37. Let’s not knock Bezos. He proved without a doubt that beta simpery cannot be cured with wealth.


  38. “Bezos is the kind of guy who would destroy an industry — book store retailers — by exploiting a middleman online niche and exercising monopsonist power over suppliers…”

    That is exactly the type of liberal anti-business nonsense that anti-Trumper use .
    Publishers can’t rip off readers like they used to because of Amazon.
    Yeah, Bezos is an ass clown…Amazon as a whole (minus the WaPo) is a fine company.


    • the company that makes workers pee in water bottles bc they can’t spend the time to go to the bathroom a mile away without getting fired? lol

      i love how the lefties revere apple and scamazon…the former had to have nets installed in its Chinese factory to prevent people from jumping off the roof repeatedly to their deaths. lol


    • on February 9, 2019 at 3:43 am | Reply DissesMYisland

      “Publisherscan’t rip off readers…”

      And how, exactly, were publishers “ripping off readers” before amazon, (((friend))))?


  39. /What is the point of having billions of dollars if you can not even tell anyone and everyone to FOAD whenever you want or when it is necessary?
    Reminds me of POTUS Trump in that he has all of the authority that he needs to carry out his MAGA! agenda but will not use that authority./


  40. WTF is the deal with the jew commissar moderator/censor on this site?


  41. Some things money can’t buy.


  42. Jesus Christ. Anything to get us to waste our time obsessing over the fates of these faces and heels.