Smoking Gun: John Podesta Directly Linked To Voter Fraud

One of the WikiLeaks emails appears to reveal a direct link between Hillary’s campaign chief, John Podesta, and acts of Democrat voter fraud. (via an anonymous deplorable at /pol/):



So much corruption, collusion, and conflict of interest in the Democrat Party and the Clinton Machine. And of course Soros, a minion of Satan (both start with S and have five letters!), is the Lizard of Poz behind the curtain.

Trump is right to say he won’t automatically concede the election. The system IS rigged, and the rot goes all the way to the bone. The GloboHomoBezos alliance would LOVE if Trump cucked himself out and said something like “I will honor and respect the principles of this Constitutional Republic and lose gracefully no matter what evidence of voter fraud and election malfeasance may surface between now and then…”, because that would make their rigging job that much easier to pull off. But Trump is a fighter, and he has put the globigarchs on notice: their malevolence will be met with fierce resistance.


pps Cleveland is in the World Series. In the movie Major League, Ricky Vaughn led the hapless Cleveland Indians to a World Series.


  1. I don’t know what happened in the sequels, but there’s no Wod Series in “Major League.” The Ricky Vaughn Indians win a one-game playoff to get into the postseason, or something like that.


    • Indeed, they were American League Eastern Division champions. This was 1989, when there weren’t all these wild card teams and extra tiers of playoffs, and a team that finished in first place could feel a lot of pride for their season-long accomplishment no matter how the epilogue that was the postseason turned out.


      • They just had the championship series back then, right, when there were only a total of four teams vying to play in the World Series?


  2. And that is the just the corruption we know about it goes much deeper than that. Also all the whiners, SJWs and freaks are crying like babies about Chief Wahoo- I hope the Injuns win the World Series.

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  3. Soros = “Lizard of Poz”. Good title, so true.

    TRUMP was 100% correct in not agreeing to agree (for all you Legal Eagles). If there is evidence (and there already is) of widespread fraud then he should rightly pursue it through legal challenges.

    The 14 Million fraudulent voters keep coming to mind. And you know a big part are the illegals.. with drivers licenses now, so good luck enforcing anything, even if voter ID comes into play.

    And yep CLE is in the WS!


  4. on October 20, 2016 at 12:46 pm Bitter Clinger

    No disputing that they’re rigging the election and have been for decades, but this doesn’t look like a smoking gun. SEIU provided $50k to pay for a bus. Easily could be a campaign bus. Or “bus” could be a code word for something related to rigging the election. This email is quite deniable.


  5. So the SEIU paid for a bus so losers could get to the polls. Are we surprised? Is this really voter fraud? I’m sure it happens; not sure this is a good example.


    • Round here on that bus is a “bag lunch” with a ham sandy and $20 in it…

      You fuckwit…

      Troll elsewhere…


  6. Let’s keep our powder dry — this one is more likely that they got SEIU to cough up $50K towards buying a bus for Hillary, and FFA “primed the pump” by contacting them first. This shows FFA illegally fundraising for the campaign at least, but not as clearly vote fraud.

    (Not saying that this doesn’t mean that, but that it more likely refers to money than people.)


  7. […] Smoking Gun: John Podesta Directly Linked To Voter Fraud […]


  8. Great, now we just get the FBI to investigate and recommend that the DOJ file… sorry, I’m laughing too hard to finish that sentence.

    He won’t be prosecuted, nobody will report this, and nobody who votes Drmocrat would care anyway if they did.

    But it’s good to keep our side fired up.


  9. on October 20, 2016 at 1:02 pm Divine Son of Kek

    This is what it’s like to live in Latin America

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  10. Trump should start offering pardons in advance to people who step forward and confess the whole rotten system before Daddy Trump (and his minions Christie and Giuliani) come to town.

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  11. As Foval says in one video, even if we know there is voter fraud, it is very hard to do much about it.

    The police is not going to arrest a couple million individual “fake” voters and they will not prosecute each of them as this would take years and cost too much money.

    Foval does not say it in so many words ( he seem too dumb or at least not sophisticated enough to even know about this ) but this is the Cloward Piven principle in action; overwhelm the system so that no one can do much about what is going on. While a system is overwhelmed you can bring on changes and it can not be stopped.

    It is like when in France the muslim “youth” set on fire a few hundreds cars in one night, they overwhelm the police and the firemen, thus nothing can be done about it.

    The police may catch a couple of them red handed but it is like a drop of water in the ocean.

    I am not saying there is nothing Trump can do, I am saying it is not going to be easy for Trump to do something about the voting fraud.

    The left is beyond devious, they make Satan look like a choir boy.

    It is going to be extremely difficult to do something about the record breaking amount of voting fraud the left will commit next month.

    I hope citizens take matters in their own hands.

    If there is obvious and undeniable voter fraud on a large scale, I hope Trump supporters riot, set buildings on fire and do such things if there is undeniable evidence of fraud and the people in power refuse to do anything about it.

    The devious left keeps pushing things further and further, something has got to give at some point.

    Don’t let the left steal this election.

    All that is necessary for evil is for good men to do nothing.

    The evil is the left and the main stream media that works for them.

    You – the people who support Trump – are the good men.

    All that is necessary for the evil left is for you the good guys to do nothing.

    Do something!

    Fight this with all you have!

    If things get as bad as I think they will you will need to go to civil unrest at minimum.

    Half the people in the democrat party should be in jail, you are dealing with criminals.

    Fight this.

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    • Foval does not say it in so many words ( he seem too dumb or at least not sophisticated enough to even know about this ) but this is the Cloward Piven principle in action; overwhelm the system so that no one can do much about what is going on. While a system is overwhelmed you can bring on changes and it can not be stopped.

      Salient point, and they’ve known this for many decades hence why we are where we are today. However, as they like to say in the military especially from the Vietnam era forward– “Tracers work both ways”

      I’m sure you take my meaning.


    • I’m sure the USA’s many lawyers will keep a close eye on any hint of vote tampering.


  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the Indians going to the WS-Ricky Vaughn comparison.


  13. on October 20, 2016 at 1:28 pm Divine Son of Kek

    How dare Trump not stand for electoral fraud when shitlibs kvetch about Florida 16 years later.


  14. Great news! This is YUGE!

    The Breitbart Facebook page and the Donald Trump for President Facebook page were the 1st and 2nd most shared content pages on Facebook for the 24hr debate period.

    This is THE PEOPLE circulating and reading news without constraint or force from the MSM. Now im sure Faceberg is still censoring its trending news section to hide conservative leaning and Trump news, like they have before. But its important to note this

    Giving me good vibes to contras against the Soros voter fraud schemes that im sure are underway.

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    • yeeeah!!! about time. this will spread like wildfire. the 70% of deplorable Americans who don’t trust the media have been thirsting for an alternative. DJT used debate 3 as the launchpad. smart fkr.

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    • I spend hours posting on the Guardian (the ultimate condescending liberal website) and Facebook and have been pleasantly surprised to see alot if comments from.people who are calling out the bullshit.

      BTW Newt Gingrich has given some good interviews…Pence is doing a decent job…a Steady Eddie…and Donald Junior is my new shitlord icon. Hot wife and 5 kids and only 36!


  15. Balls of steel, American steel. Fucking awesome to hear all the vote fraud whining going on. And what is funny the shitlibs know about setting the frame with news coverage but they can’t stop themselves. He said he would accept the results if he wins, sounds good, I will consent to be governed if he wins.

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  16. on October 20, 2016 at 1:52 pm Divine Son of Kek


    Smith Machines are poz and designed to weaken the white man.


    • on October 20, 2016 at 1:53 pm Divine Son of Kek

      The barbell is an aryan instrument of transcendence.


    • on October 20, 2016 at 1:57 pm Divine Son of Kek

      If the Baron Evola were alive today he would call cables degenerate


      • Aw, bullshit… QUALITY leverage (e.g. Powertec) and weight stack machines (Tuff Stuff, Body Solid, et. al.) are fountains of youth, once the shoulders can’t tolerate barbells like they used to.

        I’ve been using them for over a decade now, and guys half my age still call me “Sir”.

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      • In addition to what GE said, with cables you also get greater range of motion using cables and when used properly, are a welcome addition to one’s training program.

        Smaller muscle groups such as arms benefit from them greatly, but you can also target the larger groups for greater development.

        Wait a sec, DSoK, aren’t you the same guy that thinks Jason Blaha is okay for training advice? If so, then that explains much.


      • Along the decades I have tried both free weights and cabled machines, I prefer free weights, which is what I use at home every week.
        For a few muscles or certain “moves”, the cable machine are better. I still prefer free weights.

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    • The hardest thing about using a Smith machine in the gym is telling your parents you’re gay.

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  17. OT: you guys catch that clip of Bill Kristol on Morning Joe? Man was literally on the verge of tears, accusing them of being “easy” on Trump. In some frames, he’s doing that heavy pouting, panting that happens when kids are in a tissy.

    Friggin’ hilarious.

    [CH: the second best thing about THEE CURRENT YEAR (after the trumpening) is the sight of all these skypes absolutely losing their shit. way to come fully out of the anti-gentile closet, skypes, and confirm everyone’s caricature of you!]

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  18. on October 20, 2016 at 1:54 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    “I will accept the election result… IF I WIN!”

    Crowd goes nuts!


  19. After debate on Sky News, great footage of Donald Trump Jr defending his dad against the old guard negro of the left, Jesse Jackson. DJT Jr was hitting the O’keefe tapes. DT should be proud of his son, good job.

    Then these two annoying Sky News broads are talking with each other when they see another Trump emissary step into this media zone. They say it looks like another spokesman for DT is here, we don’t know who he is, but let’s see if he can blah, blah, blah.

    It’s freaking Stephen ” Gimme the fucking keys you cocksucker motherfucker ahh” Baldwin. How can you not have ever seen the Usual Suspects? And not recognize the best character in the movie!

    McManus Rape!!!!


  20. I just wish Wiki would do a dump of the GOP emails… just let’s get this whole thing cleansed already…

    Purity via fire

    [CH: a dump of cuck emails would be stone cold icing on the woke cake.]

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  21. Have you been missing the “Hillary begs forgiveness from Rothschilds” leak?

    It explains so much.