Jonathan Chait, Duplicitous Hypocrite


Heh. What’s the word to describe this kind of rank hypocrisy pushed onto a gullible public with almost insane zeal….. what is it……

ah yes…. CHUTZPAH.


  1. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. The left is far more likely to not accept the results of the election and in general foment domestic uprising and disturbance. Obvious to anyone without blinders on. And regardless, there ARE legitimate concerns about the integrity of the voting process.

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    • on October 20, 2016 at 2:53 pm Colonel Hogan

      Agreed. Additionally, the msm gleefully broadcasts Hillarys lies without question. So fucking shortsighted. What’s to keep the people who try to undermine the 2nd amendment from having lobbyists who OPENLY undermine the 1st? Or the 10th? Or the 17th, etc? I understand the depths to which ykw, and their enablers, have infested our system and institutions with poz, but are those individuals so blind that they can’t see these things? MOST journos (similar to actors in this respect),trickle down media whores, whatever the term, don’t make much money and have no more power than the average citizen. This seems like the perfect time to undertake an entrepreneurial approach to their ‘careers’ and start exposing the corruption. Attack it with all the zeal that was used to drag down Nixon. Nixon, a man who really deserved a Nobel Prize (especially when compared to the ‘achievements’ of our current CiC) for what he accomplished with China at that time in history. I suppose this, too, could be traced back to (((?))) and whatever phase of the AGENDA they were pushing at the time, but it was objectively more important than anything fuccboi cryalot EVER did. These faggoty journos could gain high trust and career advancement within the right if they simply got on board with the truth. Help drag down all sides of the establishment and take the side of the people. I’m annoyed now and have to go back to work. I was born too late. By at least a century.


    • The Left is the feminine of politics so of course full of double standards.

      Trump is the bad boy alpha who the hot girls call a jerk but then sleep with them.
      I work with liberals who are on hysterics over Trump but need their Trump fix.


  2. on October 20, 2016 at 2:22 pm Lost white adolescents lacking male role models

    Tfw you literally believe Hitler was right. God my mid 20s have been paradigm shattering. So many red pills. Thank you CH I am a monthly donor to you and Molyneaux. My white genes are activating as I turned 26 this year. Back to the gym … test supplements in the mail … time to get combat ready just in case.

    Now to find a baby’s momma…

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  3. […] Jonathan Chait, Duplicitous Hypocrite […]


  4. on October 20, 2016 at 2:24 pm Enfant Terrible

    I don’t think the (((Eskimos))) are either leftist or rightist, or whatever. All they really care about is keeping the goyim fighting among themselves, so that they can profit from it.

    They are chameleons and will do whatever, say whatever, pretend to be whatever, as long as it serves the interests of the tribe.

    That’s all there is to it.

    [CH: no this is only half the story. the skyes are indeed very leftist. shitlibbery is an innate disposition in skypes. look up the CH post “IQology” for proof of it.
    btw i don’t primarily fault them for being leftist or tribal. what i object to is their smearing of anyone who discusses their influence honestly and candidly. the masthead of this blog is “where pretty lies perish” for a reason: pretty lies are always the precursor to ugly tyranny.]


    • Oy vey! Such an “obsessive Jew fetish”!


    • [CH: no this is only half the story. the skyes are indeed very leftist. shitlibbery is an innate disposition in skypes. look up the CH post “IQology” for proof of it.
      btw i don’t primarily fault them for being leftist or tribal. what i object to is their smearing of anyone who discusses their influence honestly and candidly. the masthead of this blog is “where pretty lies perish” for a reason: pretty lies are always the precursor to ugly tyranny.]

      CH: You’re doing God’s work here. Keep up the good work.


    • Many think they want total white genocide, they just want just enough whites left so only the richest of Pharisees can snort cocaine off a blond boy’s PP.

      They want to be a ruling elite over masses not smart enough to know 500%APR payday loans are a bad deal.


    • The skypes were the first mass migrant group but were shunned in Europe in the Middle Ages. Europe was a very tribal closed off continent back then. So the skypes have always been on the outside and their rejection by whites has created their hatred and their determination to control, subvert and ultimately destroy Europeans.
      Subversion is happening right now in the US.
      Subvert and destroy Christianity that binds Europeans. Incense other outside groups against whites (blacks, gays, Muslims etc).
      Incense white women against white men.
      Promote a degenerate society. Make the defenders of western nations (white men) effeminate and weak (happening in Germany right now…incapable of stopping a muslim invasion). Age old tactics.

      Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins, William Pierce…Houston Chamberlain…Henry Ford…Joseph Goebbels…Martin Luther..Tolstoy.


  5. During the primaries, I think it was Kentucky that thecunt was losing to Sanders by about 4k votes. Then just before time was up. 4k votes came in for her, almost within a matter of minutes.

    Now that this whole “rigging” potential is out in the open, with the entire MSM chastising Trump for not saying he’d accept the results due to rigging, and them saying the word or the term “rigging” and in all its various forms, what will happen come election night should the same situation happen in thecunt’s favor.

    The MSM will have been imparting rigging to the viewer this whole time so how will they spin such a tactic–4k votes in the closing minutes–this time around, without arousing more suspicion that rigging is in play?


    • on October 20, 2016 at 7:51 pm Mandy been here a while

      If Sanders hadn’t been such a wimpy pansy in refusing to attack her and call out about this sabotage , he’d be up there now.

      Amazing that septuagenarian Jewish communist in Vermont would be less corrupt and less antagonistic to the original American stock than her.


  6. Yet another kike, talking chait, go figger.

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  7. Heh, heh… nothing like getting caught with your thumb up your azz, thanks to the interwebs.

    I thought (((they))) were supposed to be smart?

    [CH: they are. but they have finally met a smarter enemy. and it’s driving them insane with atavistic tribalism.]


    • I thought (((they))) were supposed to be smart?

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      • Lol


      • Lol.. right the Libs are SMORT you know!

        Wolf? Nope..


      • It isn’t scientific, but I’ve personally always been fond of the “argument from Jeopardy!” to debunk jewish superiority. If jews were a superior race, then why doesn’t one go on the show and beat Ken Jennings’ record? Jews love money and it’s an easy, fun way to rack up $2 million+. Yet I believe the best jewish run is jewlatto Matt Jackson’s 13 games. That’s short of White lady Julia Collins’ 20 in a row, and well short of stupid White goy Ken Jennings 74 games in a row. Stupid White goy Brad Rutter is probably even better than Ken, beating him 5/5 times in tournament play.

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      • that was surprisingly lolzozlozlzolzoz


      • The reasons no Jew dominates Jeopardy is because they can’t find two other Jews to (ahem) cooperate each and every show.

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    • If they couldn’t steal tech from white people I don’t think they would be doing so well. Everything said about White Privilege pretty much only true for them. I am not aware of any scam that is not just an updated version of what Martin Luther wrote about. If you traveled back in time to explain high speed trading to him, he would say “yes I already know about the Rothschild’s hiring falconers to kill other peoples homing pigeons”. Einstein was the ZCuckberg of his day stealing relativity from an Italian scientist.


  8. since Foval etc admitted to 50 years of mass voter fraud, it’s obvious Gay Mulatto stole the 2008 & 2012 elections.

    I’m sure McCain, Romney & Ryan will raise the issue post-haste.


  9. on October 20, 2016 at 3:20 pm ConantheContrarian

    Deplorable, Irredeemable. Domestic Insurrectionist: Making America Great Again. Agree and Amplify.


  10. Off-Topic but check this shit out lol. “I went to Nigeria to meet the man who scammed me”:

    – Silly old Swedish bint gets scammed by a Nigerian posing on a dating site, sends him money.
    – Realises she’s gotten scammed and he’s Nigerian, becomes interested and wants to meet the real him.
    – Visits Africa for the first time
    – Meets her scamming Nigerian and “feels she has known him all her life”
    – Spends a “blissful” fortnight “transforming their romantic feelings into a good friendship.
    – Meets up with all his scamming Nigerian friends (just one isn’t enough)
    – Spends the next six years ARRANGING FOR AFRICAN “Artists” to VISIT EUROPE (FFS!)
    – Sources international grants and cash for them. Continues to visit African countries to meet more of them and “improve their lives”.
    – Scammer “friend” moves to “study” in America due to her assistance.
    – Continues to provide him with money until he finishes his degree and gets a job in the oil sector.. (how many poor white men would have loved this chance?)

    “Without him, she would have not met Africa”.

    As more and more of these stupid, fat, ugly feminist spinsters get older, we’re going to see more and more of this. Where they not only fuck themselves up and go to fucking Nigeria to meet a bunch of scammers, they ACTIVELY ARRANGE FOR THEM TO LIVE IN WESTERN COUNTRIES WITH FINANCIAL SUPPORT.


  11. This post’s title should read (((Jonathan Chait))) (((Duplicitous))) (((Hypocrite))) or are the parentheses just redundant?