Dispatches From Post-America

In Post-America, fat-shaming is a mortal sin while cheating on your fiancé, being filmed on camera having illicit sex, driving your boyfriend’s getaway car from the scene of a murder, threatening the life of a judge, bearing the bastard spawn of a drug lord, and happily lying while under the direction of a presidential candidate and a colluding media about your “20 years of humiliation” from experiencing a gentle and encouraging chiding about your weight are trivial details that should not reflect poorly on an attention whore’s character.


Bring back the America of balls and steel and rope.


Dispatches from Trump-America: another masterful (and shivtastic) reframe:

For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o’clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there, awake, to answer the call!

Keep it coming, Don. Don’t let up on the gas. Take thecunt out. She’s begging you to put her out of her misery.


  1. Bring the ruckus.


  2. Well, if it makes you feel better…

    I live in SoCal and I make it a point to go out to a coffee shop wearing my Trump shirt reading “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”.

    It helps I am bigger than most people I guess.


  3. I sometimes question why so many of us are so sure that politics will solve this. No matter who it is… even DJT… They necessarily talk about how inner city googles need help and why they’ll be so good for the said googles, and why foreign born colors love them. Even DJT has to brag about how googles and yahoos love him.

    Sometimes I think the only way back to prosperity and truth and beauty is war, and payment in blood. More theirs, hopefully, but blood all around, nevertheless.

    I wonder what your thoughts on this are.


    • It’s not so much that “politics will solve this” but rather Trump is using the political arena to finally voice and bring to light what has been bugging many great Americans to date.

      Before anything can be solved, the problems has to be identified and this entire election has done this, that is, those with a modicum of respect and decency.

      It’s the smashing of the Overton Window. Now the light can shine through. And for some, it’s too hard to open their eyes, it’s too bright.


    • on September 30, 2016 at 1:05 pm Captain Obvious

      The problem isn’t the googles & the yahoos so much as it is the friggin (((SKYPES))) who [import and] manipulate the googles & the yahoos. Concentrate on the real enemy here.


    • politics is merely a civilized way of getting a foot in the door..humans are tribal. you can enforce or not enforce laws based solely on tribal preferences, and reverse justify your actions using judicial means for plausible deniability, or not.

      observe what’s taking place in the Philippines, as an example of how a politically elected official can empower the people to act on tribal preferences.

      having an Aryan warlord at the helm sets an entirely different tone than a gay mulatto, a cuck, a lying dirt bag, etc. if it didn’t matter, the left wouldn’t be freaking out. Trump won’t have to do ALL the heavy lifting, trying to legislate mags policies one tedious piece at a time. all he has to do is frame the conversation around the idea of America (whites) First and light the match. the rest will handle itself.

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    • Several of us here have often said Trump or no Trump, ‘Murrica is finished.

      Even those of a more optimistic bent haven’t claimed Trump to be any sort of Savior, beyond our tongue-in-cheek monicker of God Emperor.

      I think we all know, deep down, that sumthin’s gotta give sometime in the next forty years or so… if we even have THAT long.

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    • Just to let you know it’s a good guerrilla tactic to replace your preferred racial epithet with “googles” but it’s easy for them to screen because people don’t usually use that form-with the s on the end- so they’ll mod their searches to screen out “googles” in favor of “google”


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  5. Indeed…. FUCK gay America.

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  6. The liberal media is being disingenuous as always with Trump supposedly fat shaming the Miss Universe winner only because he offered help for her to lose weight (because that was what the job demanded of her).

    Look at any leftist comedian openly making fun of Rush Limbaugh’s or Chris Christie’s weight to see their hypocrisy. A fat man or conservative is always fair game as far as his weight goes.

    And who really sets these so-called ‘impossible’ beauty standards? The models who appear in fashion shows and magazines are all pushed by an industry that is almost completely the domain of the left (fashion designers are largely gay men and women). It’s certainly not “patriarchy” that is doing this.

    I could create a fake online dating profile of a 200 pound woman and generate hundreds of messages from desperate white knight thirsty betas pining for love. There’s no such thing as male privilege — nobody ever talks about female privilege.


  7. America II: The Brownening


  8. I do find this whole thing rather odd. Even today, people are still speaking as if his alleged fat shaming 20 years ago is such a terrible offense, and this is after all the truth emerged about that horrible woman. I went and read what Hillary said about this ms machado during the debate. Funnily enough, she said machado would be voting in november. I take it then that hillary wants immoral sluts, people that threaten judges, drive getaway cars, and cavort with drug lords to be voting for her in the election? How is this not being used to skewer hillary?


  9. on October 1, 2016 at 9:34 am Experienced Father

    Somewhat related —

    42-yo white female with mixed race daughter heads to Canada to “avoid bully’s” going after her daughter.

    Please note the “Bully’s” ethnicity-race is left out and the mother headed to the whitest area she could find —



  10. My impression is that pussification of America happened due to decrease of masculine physical jobs. Sitting all day in the office will only make testosterone levels lower along with bleaking of natural instincts. Same is with girls who instead of raising childs and working in the house now watch tv soaps and drive everywhere (no wonder they’re fat). Leftist media only tried to justify this phenomenon and present it as normal. We are set for even more bizzare future once AI developments take another hundred millions jobs from the market.


  11. Let’s make the White House NOT gay again!


  12. The only thing that can save us is hate.

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