Evidence Mounts That The “Pussygrab” Leak Came From A GOP And Cuckryan Operative, Dan Senor

Read a synopsis of the treachery here. Dan Senor, a neocon lackey for Cuckryan and Romney, was behind the leak of the “pussygrab” tape, with the follow-up worldwide release and coordinated rapid cuck response ostensibly directed by traitorous backstabbing bugeyed scumbag cuckryan in an effort to deep-six Trump’s campaign.

Cernovich also has been doing a bang-up job documenting the evidence as it comes in that the GOPe is sabotaging voter registration efforts in battleground states to help ensure a Trump loss.

These snakes are playing with fire that will consume them.

The Cold Civil War is on. These are interesting times we live in, Chateau readers. Veeeeeerrry interesting. If the shitlibs, media, and cucks double and triple down, this Civil War 2 could turn hot.

Storm clouds gather.


  1. Though feelings of hatred run deep for Hillary, the constant barrage of shitlibbery she spews from her saggy jowls never takes me by surprise. We know where she stands and expect nothing less from her kind.

    But when the liberal knife gets picked up by those who should stand in solidarity with you, it stings more. It’s like Goodfellas. “They come as your friend.”

    Cue rope/gallows pic.


    • “The first and fiercest punishment ought to fall first on the traitor, second on the enemy. If I had but one bullet and I were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.” – Corneliu Selea Codreanu

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    • I find Hillary Clinton interesting.

      Is she really a super-ass liberal? I don’t think so.

      When you look into her bland, slightly evil eyes, you get a sense of a time-space warp back to someone like Cardinal Richelieu himself — who, if you know your French history, was a religious man who spent most of his time in the foreign ministry offices of the king’s buildings, and little in the cathedrals of Paris.

      Hillary — it seems to me — is the Cardinal Richelieu of the Democratic Party.

      While her husband is UNDOUBTEDLY a super-pussified limpwrister of the classic Dem variety, SHE HERSELF seems too snake-life to really CARE about the lowlifers and the “47%” who hated good ol’ Mitt.

      You have to realize there are ONLY 2 PARTIES. To accurately represent the psycho-graphics scan of all of America would take TWENTY. So Hillary, while she smiles blandly and spouts that stupid shit about gay rights and Obamacare and the works, can probably be more accurately classified as a “Selective Virtue Signaller who has Corporate Leanings.”

      As a lawyer, she supported only a CERTAIN kind of the underclass — NOT the entire broad spectrum. Her pro bono work was erratic, slanted — and clearly marked to children and women.

      A classic liberal embraces all humanity (assuming gooks and dindus can fit that category, an assertion we may naturally debate) but Hillary does not.

      Also, her work on the Walmart Board of Directors — and her happy-to-shill-for-you time with New York investment banks — is indicative of a pro-Capitalist slant which is more commensurate with the greedy lawyers of Big Law firms like McKinsey Consultants represents than anything else.

      So in conclusion . . . she still must die and be the first to dangle from the gallows, tongue popping out like a sucka, and her fat ass’s skirt ripped off to expose the anus where a rattlesnake crawls out like the vipers in Raiders of the Lost Ark

      Thank You For Playing. Come visit me at my website by clicking on my name. I LOVE YOU ALL! Mwuh! Mwuh!


    • Haters . . . . compare the effort it takes to write a 1-line driveby sniping with my BEAUTIFUL SEXY GENIUS!!!!!!!

      Still . . . I DO Love you. Come visit my site by clicking on my name and LEAVE YOUR HATEFUL COMMENTS THERE. I WILL REPLY TO THEM IN DEPTH, TO MUSIC, WITH WISDOM — AND IN RHYME.

      And my own dime.



      • on October 12, 2016 at 8:14 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

        “Haters . . . . compare the effort it takes to write a 1-line driveby sniping with my BEAUTIFUL SEXY GENIUS!!!!!!!”

        You don’t see that there’s an art to what I do?


      • on October 12, 2016 at 8:17 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

        My laconic strikes are surgical.


    • I wrote in 2010 ago that we were quickly reaching a time when terror foisted on the citizens was, historically, the next step. I was a bit premature as the cucked over Tea Party, too old and too comfortable, quickly retreated-just slightly less comfortable than before Obama.

      I don’t see a way they hold this together in any other way at this point.


  2. They are losing legitimacy by the hour, at this point.


    • What’s legitimacy matter? Iraq was illegitimate. Vietnam was illegitimate. Etc. They do what they want. Such is power.


  3. […] Evidence Mounts That The “Pussygrab” Leak Came From A GOP And Cuckryan Operative, Dan Senor […]


  4. This just really shows what I have been saying for years the repub and the democrat are the SAME party. Totally insane. You have massive faggots like ryan sucking up to whores, like the dildo lady. Disgusting. I only hope they are alive to see it burn, and pay the price.

    If some alt right guy was running we wouldn’t be sabotaging just because we didn’t agree 100%.


    • Yep. GOP is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of shitlibs, inc.

      Trump, having moved past the pussygrab tape, probably doesn’t want to bring it up again. OTOH, portraying himself as the underdog has helped him before, and this shows the GOP is colluding with the shitlibs against him all but openly.

      I don’t know why Assange is spacing out the document dumps past the election. Thermopylae is here, please pass the arrows.


    • How many times have the rank and file grassroots Republican supporters held their noses and voted for the cuck nominee?

      Now that an actual populist is heading the ticket, these sniveling vermin are pulling off bullshit like this?


  5. Throughout history, upstart political movements have something in common. They are not just a motley crew of dissidents . Such parties mimic the state in that they already have their own departments of state, war, finance, etc. They attract and employ people to be experts in these fields so that they do not have “what is Alleppo?” moments. They also manage constant and focused propaganda efforts. If the alt-right is going to be successful post-election, then it must go beyond comm-box war whoops and Youtube stunts. It will be time to get serious and organized .


  6. McCain was a traitor in the Hanoi Hilton and had a mistress there.


  7. on October 11, 2016 at 10:52 pm You Serious Bro

    Come here for the game tips, stay for the idiot racist political commentary. The fact that you so proudly fan this human shitbag’s farts all over your little Aryan wannabe blog says…well, it says you’re a human shitstain yourself. Congrats.



  8. bring it on!!! can’t wait to kill some faggots, shitlibs, and pansy herbs.


    • if it’s a war they crave, a (civil) war they will get


      • I don’t understand what (brackets) mean.

        And what do (((triple brackets))) mean?

        I’m (serious). I (((really))) don’t get it. Am the only one here?

        tl;dr I’m serious. Seriously serious! (Ta-Hah! *amused by myself*)


      • I don’t understand what (brackets) mean.

        They mean “Jew” or “Jewish.” People use them to get around the filters, which they believe eat posts talking about Jews, although I’ve never seen any evidence of that. The posts seem to be eaten almost at random, without regard to their content.

        nigger kike faggot spic chink

        [CH: there are a few filters in place with weird and random words because there are some wackos who want to argue their divorce proceedings or whatever in the blog comments section by dropping the names of their ex-wives, ex-husbands or whomever, and CH doesn’t allow doxing of this sort so they have to be blocked. already had issues with the wife of some rando emailing with legal threats because her name showed up in a comment here once.]


  9. I get the awful feeling that all the talk of the vote being rigged is psyops to make us believe that we can’t actually make a difference by going and getting more votes for Donald Trump. Our side is prone to believing conspiracy theories, because a lot of them are true. But, if you actually get more votes than the other side, beyond their ability to tamper with in a recount, then you actually win. If a lot of people on our side believe that voting is useless because they will rig the vote anyway, then we lose and this creates a feedback loop for those who don’t vote “see, I was right, the vote is rigged. Why vote?” Forget about tampering, fraud or rigging. What the hell is wrong with people? JUST REGISTER AND VOTE FOR DONALD J. TRUMP and let the chips fall where they may!

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  10. Gotta say vis a previous post of yours…., Cuckryan still isn’t quite as refined a CuckFaggot as Jabe! albeit they are in the same league. Dan Senor, Jabe & Cuckryan as the 3 Cucketeers of the election cycle…..a meme pic w/ the 3 wearing skirts is long overdue.


    • The Florida Bushmaster is, of course, son of George “Wimpy” Bush Sr., he who sends thank-you notes to everyone who opens a door to him, so it’s not surprising that he picked up gratuitous spinelessness from his pappa. Pussy in Midland, pussy in Miami.


  11. (((Dan Señor)))

    Every. Damn. Time.


  12. Did a Google Image search of this cuck traitor Dan Senor. What a sniveling effeminate piece of excrement.

    May he and all those like him burn in Hell and sodomized for eternity by the cultural enrichers he has enabled his entire miserable life.

    You can’t defeat this kind of evil with reason or cuckian ideals like the so-called free market of ideas. Time to throw the gauntlet and get medieval on these sniveling scheming evil cucks.

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    • Tar and feathers were a staple of small towns when America was growing into a nation.

      Assholes got an immediate lesson in humility and circumspection. For the more obstreperous, rails were added, as in getting rode out of town tied to one.

      For the more miscreant, there was a rope and the nearest tree that could bear the weight of its (ahem) strange fruit.

      And we grew into a strong country that was the envy of the world.


    • “May he and all those like him burn in Hell and sodomized for eternity by the cultural enrichers he has enabled his entire miserable life.”

      I’m not sure you’re describing Hell for him, there. Quite the opposite.


      • Perhaps, I thought it was quite apt to post images of his punchable face for all to see.

        Calling him a faggot is probably an insult to faggots anyway.


    • I can imagine the Traitor-Cuck having a dream where he thinks he’s some kind of supergodly Jesus-Jumper and then he hears the phone trill and his wife hands it to him and LUCIFER’S VOICE BLASTS OUT:



    • Dan Senor
      Born Daniel Samuel Senor
      November 6, 1971 (age 44)
      Utica, New York, U.S.
      Alma mater University of Western Ontario
      Hebrew University
      Harvard University
      Political party Republican
      Religion Judaism
      Spouse(s) Campbell Brown (m. 2006)



      • Journo wife…


      • “Senor stirred controversy when he told journalists that if Israel launched a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Romney “would respect” the move.[4] Also, Romney was called a racist when, citing Senor’s book, he contrasted Israeli and Palestinian “culture” in a way that was seen as slighting Palestinians.[19]

        Senor praised Romney in an August 2012 op-ed for USA Today as “a longstanding supporter of the Jewish state” who “sees in Israel’s heroic story a mirror of the heroism that America’s Founding Fathers exhibited when, against all odds, they fought for independence and self-government”.”

        Oh the irony…


      • “Senor and Singer have been praised for the effectiveness with which they have “translat[ed] Israel’s own image of itself for an international audience”; their book’s title has entered the language as shorthand descriptive term for Israel.”


      • “In August 2012, Politico said that if Romney were elected, Senor “would likely get a top West Wing job, perhaps deputy chief of staff or even national security adviser”.[24]

        He gave “intensive coaching” to vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan for the latter’s debate with Vice President Joe Biden in October 2012.”


      • This is one of the type that Putin (not the good one across the pond, the asshole who shills here) assures us we don’t need to worry about… ’cause neocons and CIA and such are calling the shots.

        The rest of youse yeggs are only doing half the job when you let that sort of shillery pass uncontested.


      • everyone should read the wikipedia page. tried to post his white America-destroying resume but it’s just too long.

        this guy is a real creep. hiding in plain sight, as usual.


      • “sees in Israel’s heroic story a mirror of the heroism that America’s Founding Fathers exhibited when, against all odds, they fought for independence and self-government”.”

        Against all odds… except with just about the entire political and media apparatus of the West and about $3B in (ahem) foreign aid per annum backing them up.

        With those kinds of odds, the Founding Fathers would have conquered England itself.

        That said, I’ll reiterate my support for ANY people that want their own homeland and are willing to do the proverbial “whatever is necessary” to get it…

        … provided, of course, they actually GO there, once it’s been established, and not continue to undermine said homelands of other folk.


      • warmongers council


      • I thought that name Campbell Brown sounded familiar. I think she was at CNN at one point in time, which is how I know of that name.

        Talk to them as though the debate never happened? Wow…this ties into the other post CH had about the tweet where that (((guy))) is saying the globo cabal is anti-semtic, or something similar.

        The mask is falling off with the quickness on these jokers. They’re truly afraid. Fear causes people to make mistakes and they’re starting to make them in spades.

        We are confident and strong regardless of any outcome, though for Glorious Leader to emerge victorious.

        We will not allow fear to rule us.


  13. Our side needs to start playing dirty or else we’re going to be at a massive disadvantage. That NY election commissioner says Democrats bus people around to every polling station in the city because they don’t check ID. We can do the same thing. Research the voter requirements, fill up a van with your buddies, and spend the whole day voting.

    Watch this video for Balanced Revolution:

    The gist is that disillusioned Democrats are matched one for one with disillusioned Republicans to vote for Gary Johnson rather than cancel out each other’s votes. Go sign up on that site…and then vote for Trump.

    Go to web pages with a lot of Bernie bros, pose as a Hillary supporter, and tell them they’re a bunch of stupid fucking basement dweller morons and you hope they die a slow painful death if they don’t vote for Hillary. These are people who make their decisions based on feelings, so give them some negative feelings to associate with Hillary.

    Get creative. We need to use every dirty trick we can think of, because the enemy is already doing it.


    • *sighing heavily*

      Why are you operating on such a micro-level? Do you think that’s how the DEMOCRATS won America over 50 years ago, a victory they have no relinquished from their spindly hands since?

      Liberals infiltrated the mass media “en masse” and the civil service of the Federal Bureaucracy “by truckloads” and now they own the show.

      Only an opposing mass media organ more brilliant and mentally violent than Fox can beat them. But it is perhaps possible . . .


  14. Yeah no way man. It was Billy Bush who dropped the videobomb. That nobody is just a fall guy to take the heat off the Bush Clan. Having Billy Bush in the vid was sheer stupidity. Someone was too fucking lazy to wipe his face with digital haze. Its little mistakes like this that show how dumb they are. Its the little details that matter. The Big Stuff takes care of itself, but little things like hiding Old Man Bush’s fingerprints on this backstab is what shows a lack of competence. The details are what matters. Little mistakes like this show that they’re lazy and complacent. They were counting on the media to do it and they dropped the ball.
    The GOP has always been colluding, but now they’re just being far too obvious. They’re either too lazy or they’re just phoning it in. I doubt they’re really so secure that they believe they can get away with this. I expect they realize their party is winding down so they don’t really care anymore. A lot of lifers have been retiring. You can see the lifeless go through the motions style that a lot of these clowns are exhibiting. They may be packing a bag and getting ready to run. I hear the Rich have already started buying hideaways in places like New Zealand, and the big thing in construction now is underground bunkers. This long nightmare is coming to an end gentlemen.

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    • I was playing checkers with Karl Rove the other night and he whispered to me, “The fix is in. Cubs take a fall in the eighth. Pass it on.”

      Then we drank some bud and chased ho’s. Bros before hos, Rove. Check the stove. I think that bitch just dove — Rove.


  15. on October 12, 2016 at 3:17 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Off Topic but I think worth sharing.


  16. CH, check out this interview. The link is to a Bill Mitchell tweet. Jack Posobiec lays down insider stuff of what happened.


  17. Yet more evidence that what the Libertardians said all along is true: the two-party system was just a facade, and merely two faces of the same corporate powers.


    • Globalist Puppet String Masters From The Shadows of Soros-Wall-Street and Zuckersperg-Silicon-Valley Rape!!!!


  18. What exactly do they expect to achieve by this chicanery? If they take Trump down, their candidates will never be voted for again by actual Americans. If (when) Trump makes it past their efforts, the purge shall begin the day after Inauguration Day.


    • And now you know why certain republicans never put up a fight when confronted with Obama.


    • (The camera pans onto a grim Trump.)

      “Yes, Pence. Hold the White House. I have to deliver a New York style welcome to our Congress . . . Marines, fall in behind me.”

      Trump strides down the gilded hall to the large debate room.

      The doors blow open, and a movie-like wind arises from nowhere to ruffle the ties of the cucks and the Dems.


      “TIME — TO — DIE!”

      (Rutger Hauer character comes in, looking up at the rain.

      “I’ve seen attack ships on fire off Washington, D.C. Things you people wouldn’t believe. Donald Trump blasting away pedestrians on Fifth Avenue and not . . . gulp . . . losing a vote. Time to Trumpslide.”


  19. Very interesting indeed. There have to be consequences for these Republican cucks. Reince Priebus has already hinted that the backstabbing scum like Jeb! and Kasich may not be able to run for President in the future because they double-crossed the GOP on their pledge. They broke a contract while taking money and resources from the Republican party. (And it was a contract, involving actual signatures, not just the Boy Scout pledge they gave on TV) It’s serious shit. Priebus seems like an honorable dude and I think he’s going to do the right thing.


  20. Just fucking vote first. Trump, nothing downticket. I know we all want blood, remember mental pain hurts more than physical pain. An uncheatable Trump landslide will cause lots of mental pain. Reserve the violence option, but it isn’t time yet. I’m guessing they will try and pin a false flag on the AR if they can figure out a sucker to pin it on. Also expect a peaceful white gathering to get Kent Stated. What happens after matters, if we all go home to talk (be told) about our feelings towards the ‘mistakes’ that happened then it is over. There will be losses, but we can’t stop charging or the cost will be higher.


    • De-stress-ify yourself, my friend.

      Trump is guaranteed to win. He has years of experience on television with a hit show, and DECADES — literally fuckin’ DECADES — of manipulating print and other media as a builder tycoon. He was scribbling lessons on how to anally seduce the media when Hillary Clinton was gazing worshipfully at the limo pulling away with her hubby Bill and his latest Arkansas ho-bag in it. (“Bill, please be safe! I love you so much, Bill!”)

      He smoked. He did not inhale.

      But he WAS smoked by Flowers et al.


  21. Anderson Cooper is afraid of pussy.


  22. If one could look at the future and look at an American Civil War, would it feature jet fighters screaming over Los Angeles and El Paso, or amateur citizens duking it out with Law Enforcement and Regular Army units?

    One can imagine the latter scenario being more likely. The refusal of Air Force pilots to bomb and strafe U.S. citizens would set the stage for extended firefights in the suburbs and urban cores, revolving around who got to control the organs of society.

    The question is: Would Liberals be attacked themselves? There are entire Liberal cities such as Austin, Tx., and Portland, Ore., which harbor seething masses of SJWs and progressives . . . Would be amusing to see shitkickers from Alabama and Oklahoma moseying on over to plug a liberal or two on the streets of the Granola West Coast.


  23. on October 12, 2016 at 7:33 am Laguna Beach Fogey

    Did anyone see Tim Wise’s violent threats on FB against White Trump supporters should Trump lose in November?

    Truly, these cockroaches have a death wish.

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    • No – I don’t have kikebook but screen cap and post them. We want to know.


    • The shame is on us until that sort of n1gger arrogance is answered with, as a minimum, whatever the modern equivalent of a tar and feather overcoat might entail.


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    I’ve started putting out posts on my upcoming mass-seduction rampage, in which I’ll see exactly how many hundreds of fine breastseses I can scoop up in a period of 8 weeks. I’ll see about putting up videos.


  25. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/11/mother-arranged-rape-murder-daughter-watched/

    She’s a woman, so by default she should be revered, right cuckRyan?


    • WTF is wrong with Breitbart? He shows the slightly mystery meat looking craze-eyed thousand cock stare mom, the preteen White daughter, but no pic of Gonzales, the miscreant?

      If he’s gonna go, go all the way… otherwise he’s just playing the Synathedral game.


  26. * Hillary is queen neocon. She loves her wars and has many of them to prove it. She does not care about the people she kills.

    * When South Africa finally capitulated to the neocon elite I had the privilege of meeting people who finally fled S.A.. There spirit was broken. The ones who fled were fortunate.

    * People who send their kids into the military are deluded. The last refuge of a scoundrel is patriotism.

    * People need to figure out who the good guys and bad guys are or else they will be chasing their tale. Greg can’t find the list I made. Please help him find it. .


    • Da, Putin. Comrade Stalin has a WORD for you:

      In 1953, when the Red Czar finally bit the bullet, could he have foreseen America’s fall from grace, from white strength to liberal mongrelism?

      He would have chuckled, I think.

      Stalin himself came from the outlands of the Russian Empire — Georgia, which was not EXACTLY white. He was a sorta-white. Unlike the pure-white slavs of the Muscovite heartland.

      Think of Stalin as a mostly white-looking hispanic who moved from Brownville, Texas, to Maryland and KINDA fit in, and decided to join the Libertarian party, take over from its prez after he died, and execute a coup in Washington against BOTH parties, shooting everyone till he ran out of bullets and the Stars and Stripes was Crimson and Sickled.


    • Greg can’t find the list I made. Please help him find it. .

      Putin, last time, you dumb fuck.

      We KNOW the non-tribal useful stooges and idiots of the Synathedral are enemies, and, as traitors, their fate awaits them.

      But don’t be pointing only to the fucking cockroaches in the kitchen to distract us from the termites in the floorboards and support beams… not unless you yourself want to make it onto your much-vaunted List.

      You fairy.


      • I’ve always said, only a dweeb does that “lol” stuff.

        Except in that given parlance, it means “gots nuthin'”.

        Go off to some other site and show your ass, schmuck. You ain’t foolin’ nobody at the chateau.


    • Is this (((Senor))) character described above on your “list”, bubbeleh?

      If not, then there’s that “credibility” and “bullshit” you so recently pounded your breast over.

      If so, do you mask him off as a mere “neocon”, or do you name the kike in sheep’s clothing?

      If not the latter, well… I rest my case.


  27. * People have been convinced that Tr*mp talking about sex with women is much worse than Hillary attacking her husbands rape victims along with supporting Muslim Rebels in L*bya and S*ria resulting in the death of thousands of women and children. That is fucked up.

    * U.S. tried to interfere with the democratic vote in Cr*mea in regards to leaving Ukr*ine. The U.S. tried to interfere in the last democratic election in Syria.


  28. Heartiste, this blog is on fire with many more posts and and many more quality posts since you left Twitter.

    Don’t go back.


  29. on October 12, 2016 at 9:01 am Jack-o-lantern

    This doesn’t surprise me.

    Back when he was one of George W.’s main spokesmen on the Iraq War, Dan Senor was a professional liar. I always thought he looked and talked like a weasel. He lied constantly about how great things were going in Iraq. He was a senior adviser to Paul Bremer, the American governor of Iraq. Today, Bremer’s main occupation is to try to salvage what little remains of his reputation following the Iraq debacle that the neocons got him into.

    Neocons like Dan Senor want Hillary to win, not Trump. Party affiliation doesn’t matter to them. What matters to the neocons is to have a leader who is willing to have permanent U.S. involvement in Middle Eastern wars and to have the U.S. take it up the ass from Israel and wealthy Jewish donors forevermore. Hillary fits the bill. This means that, in the neocon worldview, a Hillary victory is far preferable to a Trump win.

    Conversely, a Trump victory would result in the end of neocon influence in the Republican party. They would then bolt en masse for the Democratic party. Good riddance to them!


    • I think we should stop calling them neocons, then… they all seem to be of a certain… um… tribal bent

      … and the non-tribal ones who get (ahem) chosen as their elected frontfaces are merely so many coins in their trouser pockets.

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      • Greg, you don’t like calling them neocons.

        Interesting that bothers you so much.

        Sounds like someone is in the camp. I always had the suspicion but now the evidence is starting to show itself.


      • When you kept redirecting to the tribe every-time there was obvious neocon treachery is when I started to have my suspicions.

        So what is it? A daughter in the military?


      • lzozlzozl… nice try… everyone here knows I have no love for this current political system of things, least of all any “conservative” or so-called “Republican” subgroup.

        My annoyance is simple and oft-stated… when shills like you try to point at the disease, but refuse to name the germ or bacteria, the suspicion is on YOUR motives for posting such diversion and distraction… in the best Alinsky sense of the word.

        I thought you were supposed to be smart?


      • Neocons (neo cohens) — The kikes and the kiked.

        Now that I think about it, this describes 90% of the country by one measure or another. They’ve had success even beyond their wildest dreams.

        When there’s nothing left to skim, and no one left to murder, they’ll be gone like a fart in the wind. On to bear light to the next world power…


      • “I think we should stop calling them neocons”-

        Greg Eliot


      • Disingenuous fuck… you forgot the “then”, which hammers home the point that, if they would in face go running back to the Dems once Trump wins, it proves they weren’t “new conservatives” at all.

        You might also note, I referred to neocons as “a disease”, as well… but here you are, trying to further squid ink the waters by a weak-sister attempt to say I support them?

        God damn, you’re an annoying little dweeb. 😡


      • The shekels are off, at last.

        [CH: nice pun]


      • Neocohens.


    • Nice post Jack-o-lantern. Nice to see some are getting it.


      • The fact that you’re congratulating him for making my point is what’s nice…

        Namely, that so-called “neocons” are not “new conservatives” at all, but merely wolves in sheep clothing whose only loyalty is (((tribal))), and who would just as soon run back to the Left the moment a guy like Trump pulls down the facade.

        Tell us, Pooty-poot… why can’t you name the (((Sanhedrin))) as they are?

        Why do you insist on playing the Synathedral distraction game of “neocon”?

        Especially after the chateau has long dubbed them “neocohens”? You aren’t fooling anyone here, as much as that tactic may still work among the blue-pill world.

        Answer the question, shill.


      • on October 12, 2016 at 10:23 am Jack-o-lantern

        Thanks. There’s actually one important point about Senor that I neglected to mention.

        In leaking the video, Senor knew that he was guaranteeing that Billy Bush would be fired. This is despite the fact that Billy is the first cousin of George W., the man who allowed the neocons like Senor to dictate his foreign and defence policy.

        The fact that Senor would coldly sacrifice the first cousin of the most powerful benefactor the neocons ever had tells you a lot about neocon loyalty.


  30. That this cuck is insisting that the media ignore Trump’s very strong performance in the second debate and keep talking about the tape (which is damaging to Trump) pretty much confirms that even if he didn’t leak the tape, he’s certainly enthusiastic about it being talked in the media.



  31. on October 12, 2016 at 10:02 am Days of Broken Arrows

    Gotta give credit where it’s due. USA Today writer Dave Berg just penned an editorial titled “Hillary’s late-night TV pals aren’t funny.” The subtitle is: “They’re acting like they’re on Clinton’s campaign staff. That’s an agenda, not a punchline.”

    This really needed to be written. I’d include a link but I’d disappear in moderation, so people should Google this. Are writers jumping off the Hillary train or is this just one defection?


  32. image post



  33. I don’t apologize for the neoCucks, but I just don’t think they’re smart enough to have pulled this off, or at least not on their own.

    If they were behind this, the time to do it was when the Trumpening was in its infancy last year, before any primary voting. Were it a GOP-caused leak, it would do nothing to replace Trump now (too late with early voting having already taken place). Despite their faux outrage, this does nothing to save their down ticket candidates.

    The simplest explanation is the Democrat-media complex did this at a time that maximizes effect and makes them more likely to get away with their other shenanigans at the margin (voting from beyond the grave, etc).


  34. Do we have confirmation of Senor’s alleged tweets on Sun/Mon telling media to simply ignore Trump’s (winning) debate performance and to keep focusing on “the tapes”? I see that one commenter has posted an image above but I do not see anything in Senor’s Twitter timeline.

    [CH: i saw those tweets too, but off-site of twatter. they looked legit. if they’re no longer on his timeline i bet he deleted them.]


  35. In game news, we have all become 50 shades of deplorable, and known pussy grabbers. That has to be good for some bad boy action.