Keep An Eye On The Ed Buck Story

This story, if the chaimstream media blockade against reporting it is broken, has the potential to take down quite a few big name Democreeps.

Second black man found dead at home of Ed Buck, Democrat donor

A black man was reportedly found dead Monday morning at the Los Angeles residence of Democrat donor Ed Buck — the second such mysterious death at his home in the past few years.

Wehoville reportslaw enforcement has yet to release the identity of the deceased male who died in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment. Buck was investigated — and later cleared — following the death of Gemmel Moore, a young man who died of a drug overdose at the 65-year-old’s home in July 2017. Following Moore’s death, Buck has been accused of having a “fetish” for inserting drugs into black men he meets through dating websites. Before his death, Moore wrote of Buck injecting him with drugs during their encounters.

Local activists have said the Los Angeles Police Department declined to press charges against Buck due to his sizeable financial contributions to then-California Gov. Jerry Brown and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The rich and powerful have a knack for getting away with murder. Did thecunt personally intervene on her rich friend’s behalf?

Shockingly, Ed Buck, besides being a homosexual paraphiliac drug pusher, may also be [a special person], though evidence for that is circumstantial.


  1. on January 8, 2019 at 7:16 am BlackBuck=GoodFun

    Ed Bucks? More like Dead Bucks!


    • Years ago here in Arizona, he was a part of the lynch mob out to get governor Evan Mecham, the only politician within the past 50 years aside from Ron Paul and President The Donald to engage in any realspeak. He called MLK a communist, said a woman’s place is in the home and printed up a bunch of bumper stickers for his supporters that said “Queer Ed Buck’s Recall.” He was a man way ahead of his time. Forgive us, Ev, for we knew not what we did.


      • on January 8, 2019 at 7:31 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I was quite impressed with this governor. Before reading this site I wouldn’t have noticed the body language, or the self assured smirk, and calm manner, but things are beginning to come together little by little.


  2. on January 8, 2019 at 7:17 am Hackett To Bits

    SoyStream Media: “Nothing to see here, move along”.

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  3. Look at that Anderson-cooperish-phys

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  4. on January 8, 2019 at 7:36 am BlackBuck=GoodFun

    So the guy likes to have a good time and doesnt mind blowing a couple of (black) bucks in the process, wheres the crime in that? Other than getting them hooked on drugs to the point they would OD. You know the old saying:

    Die at my place once, shame on you.
    Die at my place twice, police are gonna have a hard time covering it up this time.


  5. Aside – Yellow vests now French author Yann Moix is “causing a stir ” by saying women over 50 are invisible to him
    The reaction is priceless

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    • Based Frenchman.


    • True, and yet: for those of us who have been married for decades to the same women, with whom we have had children with, our 50 something wives are not invisible. Somehow the memory of the young woman we married remains forever with us.

      Another reason why women should heed Robert Herrick’s timeless advice:

      Then be not coy, but use your time,
      And while ye may, go marry;
      For having lost but once your prime,
      You may forever tarry


  6. Aside – Yellow vests now French author Yann Moix is “causing a stir ” by saying women over 50 are invisible to him
    The reaction is priceless


  7. mod rape.. see Yann Moix


  8. on January 8, 2019 at 8:11 am BlackBuck=GoodFun

    Ironically, had he got the black men addicted to injecting themselves and their extremely heavy women with insulin instead, he would have saved untold black lives. I guess the line between hero and creepy manslaughterist isn’t as well defined as we’d like to think.

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  9. “Ed Buck and The Dead Bucks.” I’m feeling a Phantom of the Opera-style hit musical smash. Just add water, West Hollyweird.


  10. on January 8, 2019 at 9:02 am Peaceful Acid Attack

    Scene: All night cafe. A grizzled LAPD officer has just sat down when his walkie talkie goes off.

    Dispatcher: Officer Mason, come in.

    Officer Mason: (Groans) Yeah, Mason here.

    Dispatcher: We have a 1488 [black man dead in unusual location] at the residence of Ed Buck. You’re the closest. Can you take this call?

    Officer Mason: (Groaning irritably) Jeez, can’t you send the rookie?

    Dispatcher: Officer First Degree has already been by there tonight. He’s currently en route to the coroner’s with the body.

    Officer Mason: (Groaning to beat the band) Ffffffine…

    Scene: Ed Bucks Residence. Officer Mason rings doorbell. A nervous Ed Buck answers the door.

    Ed Buck: (Nervously fumbling with his bow tie) Hello Officer. Haha. Sorry to bring you out so late. Come on in. I’ll show you where the body is. Can I get you anything? Oh, don’t mind this mess (kicks aside a syringe and a crack pipe).

    Officer Mason: (Examining body of dead black man) So, when did you notice he was dead?

    Ed Buck: Haha. Hard to say. I was placing some ads on Craigslist in the next room. I went in to see if he wanted anything from the Keurig machine, and I found him just like you see.

    Officer Mason: Any idea where he got the drugs?

    Ed Buck: No idea really. Maybe he just fell in with a bad crowd. Haha. Please ignore my nervous laughter. It’s a silly old habit that means absolutely nothing.

    Officer Mason: Right, I’ll call the morgue and have them pick up the body.

    Ed Buck: Actually…Haha, can you make it for two. There’s another one in the pool.

    Officer Mason: Another dead black man. In your pool.

    Ed Buck: Right. (Shrugs) Haha, sorry.

    Officer Mason: (Calls Morgue) Hello? Yeah, can you send out a van to pick up two bodies at the Ed Buck residence. (Sarcastically to Ed) It IS only two bodies, right?

    Ed Buck: Oh, um…

    Officer Mason: You have got to be kidding.

    Ed Buck: Well, there’s this other black man on the roof who will probably be dead too by the time the van gets here. How many bodies can they fit in the van?

    Officer Mason: If they do a tight pack, probably a couple of dozen. You lose more with the tight pack, but then you had more to start out with.

    Ed Buck: Sounds fine. Hey, I just realized, I’ve got another black man coming over in about two hours. Do you just want to tell the van to come later. It’ll save you a trip.

    Officer Mason: Good idea. Meanwhile, can I use your restroom?

    Ed Buck: Sure, right through there.

    Officer Mason opens the bathroom door and a dead black man falls out.

    Officer Mason: Oh, for the love of Pete!

    Ed Buck: Looks like I need to do some early Spring cleaning around here. Haha.


  11. Wait, now you’re mourning the death of a black person? I’m surprised that you aren’t hailing this as a victory for ‘murica. “Two down, 45M to go”

    [CH: mourning? no. leveraging.]


  12. on January 8, 2019 at 9:50 am Oswald Spengler

    How can these crimes be blamed on cis gender, heterosexual white males?

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  13. A white democrat caused the death of two black men?

    quick we must impeach Trump!!!

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  14. It’s amazing, the double standard.

    If the victim is black, and the killer is just thought to be white right wing, watch the corporate media swarm and speculate—even if the identity of the killer is still unknown:

    If the victim is black, and the killer is a known white or (((white)) man of left-wing bonafides……it takes at least two black bodies in his home to make the news, and then no speculation is allowed.

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  15. The collapse can’t come fast enough.


    • on January 8, 2019 at 1:09 pm gunslingergregi

      i don’t want t to collapse
      make money here spend it where appreciated
      whats the problem
      if im gonna be here thats what im doing


      • Collapses will only be regional, gregi. Get your wife(s) to grow garden stuff, while you sack away the rice. Bank credit not needed then, just reputation. Locally. And take some goddam exercise once in a while.
        Srsly, a friend.


      • on January 10, 2019 at 2:46 am gunslingergregi

        yea need to lift too dam lazy lol


  16. “Shockingly, Ed Buck, besides being a homosexual paraphiliac drug pusher, may also be [a special person], though evidence for that is circumstantial.”

    More like, circumcisional…..BAZINGA!


  17. And so lemme get this straight (no pun intended)? A gay guy who has two dudes die in his house, no one in the mainstream gives a fuck? Yet women put out for Weinstein, Cosby, and now R Kelly for decades, even though these three are decidedly perverts, and people give a shit? R Kelly might be a weird man who likes to go pee pee on teenage girls, but at least he’s not killing them or making them overdose afterwards, so there’s that.


  18. on January 8, 2019 at 4:18 pm Peaceful Acid Attack

    Idea for a Four Panel Cartoon Meming Ed Buck

    Panel 1
    Title: Ed Buck
    Artwork: Ed Buck in front of his house smiling as he hasn’t yet caused another man to overdose.

    Panel 2
    Title: Dead Buck
    Artwork: Ed Buck wrings his hands as he stand over a dead black man in his house.

    Panel 3
    Title: Million Bucks
    Artwork: Ed Buck writes a huge check to the Governor of California who hands him a pardon.

    Panel 4
    Title: StarBucks
    Artwork: As Ed Buck enjoys a his first celebratory cup of coffee for being cleared of charges on his second dead black man, he chats up a nearby black man.

    Ed: Knock Knock
    Black Man: Who’s there?
    Ed: Tijuana
    Black Man: Tijuana…
    Ed: Tijuana go back to my house and shoot up heroin?


  19. Should be giving this jew homo a medal. He is eliminating negro homo drug addicts.