Confounding The Cocktease

If you’ve been around enough women in your life, you’ll have come across a most frustrating subspecies of the sex: the manipulative exhibitionist, aka the cocktease. Anonymous writes,

Happened to a friend of mine. She let him touch her everywhere but nothing more. When he gave up, she lured him back, only to play the same game again, for months. Don’t waste your time with such women, or improve your game to prevent these games.

The worst reaction a man can have to the unique predations of the cocktease is gullibility. Like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football Lucy is holding for him, the cocktease will never let you make solid contact. Keep hoping for a different outcome with her, and keep getting stymied right at the moment your blue balls have hit maximum pressure.

You have to stop pulling her toward you, and start pushing away from her. Redoubling your efforts to get in her pantsuit will only lead to the same detente: her stringing you along by the short and curlies, and then giving you the Heisman when you think you’ve breached her perimeter defenses.

A few CH words of wisdom on the cocktease, which should help clear any man’s mind about the nature of his antagonist.

The worst of the Manipulative Exhibitionist girls are power-tripping narcissists who love inciting sexual arousal in men, but especially in men with whom they have no reciprocal romantic interest. I.e., the classic cocktease, on roids. This is important, because the ME girl’s feeling of control and power over men would be harder to sustain in the presence of a man who likewise aroused her own curiosity.

The Power Tripper ME girl loves the reaction of sex-struck beta males driven to catatonic impotence, but she loves even more the consequent opportunity to put those betas in their places. This is why more than a few Power Trippers are past-peak women in their late 20s and early 30s; she is the woman in dire need of reassurance that she still has the slut stuff to play bumbling betas for marionettes.


The cocktease’s ideal man would be someone she approaches first, but who doesn’t flirt back. He just stands there being amused by her antics, making her work harder and harder for his attention, until his value is outsized in her mind. One step forward, two steps back, is his motto for dealing with cockteases. And then when the time is ripe, he pushes hard for the close, leaving her little head space to rationalize yet another coquettish escape.

The cocktease doesn’t want you to chase her; that will only embolden her to greater depths of cockteasery. The only intervention that breaks the cocktease’s spell is non-intervention.

When she lures you back….don’t bite. Brush her off and later offer a rescheduled meeting on your timetable and at the place of your choosing. This will screen out the cockteases who truly have no interest in you and are just using you for ego thrills. What the cocktease least wants to do is make an effort, so if you have made her work a little for you she’s more likely to drop her act and get real.

When she lets you touch her….don’t bother. Your active disinterest will drive her crazy, and she’ll overcompensate by coming onto you harder to provoke a flirtatiously sloppy reaction from you. State control is your best friend when in the company of a cocktease.

When she’s coming onto you to provoke your ardor…..push her away. “Whoa, not so fast. I like to be wined and dined first.” Or, “What are you running here, a brothel?” You get the idea. You want to frame the situation as one in which you’re the prize and she’s the ho who can’t control herself around you.

The Confound the Cocktease strategy is basically flipping the seduction script. The better you are at psychologically manipulating a cocktease to believe she’s chasing you for your approval (and romantic interest), the quicker the cocktease will stop manipulating you for external validation.

Tell your friend to give it a go, and report back to us.


  1. on December 22, 2017 at 1:59 pm Tomfromdelmonte

    Without the Chateua we are lost


    • The cocktease doesn’t want you to chase her; that will only embolden her to greater depths of cockteasery. The only intervention that breaks the cocktease’s spell is non-intervention.

      Further testimony against the Bustamove Fallacy.

      And aren’t all quality women, at some level, “cockteases”? Cocktease = Pulchritude + Modesty — the two highest qualities of woman (along with submissiveness). Without the first, she’d be repulsive. Without the second, she’d be a slut.


  2. on December 22, 2017 at 2:11 pm Captain Obvious

    I never had any luck with the c0ck teases.

    My policy was always to turn my back on bishes who “play games”.

    That sh!t ain’t natural.


  3. […] Confounding The Cocktease […]


  4. local supermarkets are staffed by the third world. So fuking frustrating trying to organize Christmas dinner. I’m sick of it.
    One third worlder ‘Oh I will ask the manager’ as her low IQ cannot fathom any questions away from the usual
    Then the manager comes- another third worlder, and I can go through the same shit. Not understanding me, difficulty comprehending..

    Game of Thrones is everywhere…created by (((you know who))). Every fuking time.


    • Somewhat similar to me this morning: went to McD’s to get some coffee before going to work (and damn are they pricey–even for just regular coffee) and I asked for a large coffee, black.

      As I drive up to the window, I see the lady–messican–pouring it from the carafe with the orange handle, which everyone knows (well, which civilized people know) is for decaf. As she hands it to me I ask to confirm it’s regular and not decaf. She replies: “yes, it’s black coffee” but clearly not understanding what I had asked.

      I figured effe it and bailed outta there.

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      • on December 23, 2017 at 8:26 am Captain Obvious

        One of these days, when Le Chateau is on another diet/health kick, we’ll need to talk about caffeine addiction…


    • So many pharmacists are now mystery meats that don’t know nothin’ about nothin’. Any questions to them receive a circuitous reply in sing-song ching-chong until both parties are heartily sick of the encounter.

      When does the diversity + proximity thing kick off?


    • Buying food that has been handled by people who wipe their ass with their bare hand…you crazy?


  5. The 3 strikes rule.

    also, the paragraph that starts with ‘The cocktease’s ideal man..”,
    according to SJW-set standards, would be advocating rhhapppee!!


  6. Off-topic:

    Ian Mckellen says women traded sex for jobs, and helped contribute to the culture of sexual harassment. Apparently Matt Damon is saying some of the same things.

    ““From my own experience, when I was starting acting in the early ’60s, the director of the theater I was working at showed me some photographs he got from women who were wanting jobs … some of them had at the bottom of their photograph ‘DRR’ — directors’ rights respected. In other words, if you give me a job, you can have sex with me.”

    ‘That was commonplace from people who proposed that they should be a victim,” McKellen said. “Madness. People have taken advantage of that and encouraged it and it absolutely will not do.””

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    • Brigitte Nielsen was a nobody in the ’80s when she famously got Sly Stallone’s attention by sending him full-length nudes. He made her a star. I’m pretty sure he had “DDR” on that.

      Come on, this happens all the time. What we are seeing with all this “oh I’m a victim!” crap by (((hollywood))) women is just ASD. Giving sex for career advancement/fame looks slutty, so they play the victim card. Women are hardwired to avoid being outed as sluts.


    • Oh, Ian! You bitch!


    • Actually, I think this is much on topic. Classic cocktease, but on steroids. Give me a job and I’ll give you a job, so to speak.

      And I suppose most of us in the manosphere have known or at least suspected this for a while, but I’m glad Mr Bourne himself is speaking openly on this. I just hope he doesn’t pull a 180 and retract. I don’t think he’s got much to lose. As far as I am concerned, he’s still got a career and hopefully a nice chunk or wealth in case Hollywood goes after him.


  7. Slight disagreement. Cockteases are trying to provoke rape. They’re the extreme left of the asshole-loving bell curve. Their ids are saying ‘the only man worthy of me is one who will take me and not put up with my teasing’.

    I don’t recommend doing this in our current legal environment. Leave em alone. There are plenty of regular old sluts to stick your appendages in.

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    • yep

      these are the same girls who will pick fights with you, leave, and expect you to chase after them. they will act out, give you the silent treatment, all kinds of shiz and expect you to be the one to come to them apologing and fixing everything even if you did nothing wrong.

      they always want you to be the one doing all the work to prove you’re into them, want them, etc. and there are almost no exceptions, girls like this are never worth it

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    • Quite frankly, you’re better off going celibate for a few years, building up your wealth, career, and personality, and then at some point just dive in. These women will chase after you. And if they start this cockteasing shit, dump em and move on. For one, these women are a dime a dozen. Plus, at some point one of them is going to realize she’s got more to lose by her behavior, so hopefully she changes. If not, there’s always Eastern Europe and Latin America. Just hope feminism hasn’t made it that far.


  8. Several of the Poon Commandments apply here, like II, V, VI, VII, XV, and XVI. Especially V. If you have the golden ratio set way over at 90%+ (or, not infrequently 100%) your moves, there’s something wrong.


  9. Well; your not really manipulating her into believing she’s trying to get your approval.

    That’s what the cocktease is literally doing.

    It’s simply all she wants and once she has enough; she goes on her way.


  10. on December 22, 2017 at 5:51 pm strongwhitecock

    This article could just as easily read “How To Pick Up Strippers”, aka professional cockteasers. It’s what I’ve done with a few with great results.


  11. on December 22, 2017 at 9:28 pm Leonard D Neubache

    Brutal, unflinching alpha-male eye contact, held until she breaks first.

    “I see through your games, and my eyes are beholden to my will, not your tits.”

    Only you and daddy have ever looked at her that way.


  12. In order to get anyone to do anything, you have to offer them something that they want that they don’t already have.

    These people already have what they want, simply by you expressing desire. This is the same dynamic as the friend zone: the (almost always) female is already getting what she wants, so why rock the boat by taking the relationship anywhere else?

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    • Yeah. They cockteases are just one kind of arrested-development addicts…

      (Addiction controls the addicted, not the other way around.)

      Why nobody says: stay away from them, that’s beyond me.

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  13. In all fairness, “no means no” still applies here. If she’s teasing you, you want to go farther, and she says no, well, tough luck skippy, unless you want to escalate and risk a rape charge. As the old saying goes, a man goes as far as a woman wants.

    That’s why I would tell my future boys not to mess with these girls. Too much drama and tension. If you still feel like being with these girls, just follow the advice above. Especially the sex part. When a girl like that suddenly feels frisky and you push her away, it drives them insane. I did this to my ex once and I actually made her cry. And of course, she made me go on a guilt trip by saying I had erectile dysfunction and I needed help. Of course I don’t have that. I was just tired and needed to catch some ZZs. And did I mention I was crashing at her living room in her house and her parents were sleeping nearby?

    Or just remind her that nothing in life is free, that Gucci bag ain’t gonna pay itself, so she better start calling you Daddy.


  14. “True” Nice girls are unicorns. This “nice/bitchy” talk sounds Madonna/whore syndrome. Most nicegirls are temporarily agreeable from a masochistic posture. Women are mostly “femme fatales” as portrayed in the Old Testament. If a woman ever gets power she morphs into a sadistic posture. See the feminists running Sweden gleefully getting sadistic jollies from young pretty girls getting raped. Jacob Frank, the Jewish Satanist whose ideas spawned the modern Left, was obsessed with giving women power.

    So, women can be nice, if, and only if, they are in a masochistic posture. Trad religions make this easy be restricting women. In a feminist society, women will literally be demon spawns. Note how they vote for societal oblivion via immigration.

    I’ve known a few truly nice women. Again, see Ruth in the Old Testament. They were either lesbians (the mental illness of homosexuality tends to produce agreeableness) or just very well-bred, kind of like a Collie (Ruth was descended from King David).


  15. King David was descended from Ruth.


  16. on December 23, 2017 at 1:28 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    I knew several girls like this in college. I blew one off and basically didn’t respond at all to her. The next thing I knew, she was telling people I was gay.

    To me, this proves sexuality is a form of aggression for a lot of women. It’s a way to goad men or get a reaction or something. It was easy for me not to fall for this since I had a girlfriend, but that didn’t stop “OMG! He’s gay!”


  17. To many bitches to fuck to play silly games with bitches that won’t fuck


  18. The THREE date rule deals with the cock tease nicely.
    If – after 3 dates – you don’t get what YOU want (whatever that may be), next!

    Wish I would have known that in my 20’s..


  19. It may be that the ideal man for the cocktease is one who never vied for her attention in the first place. But she has a particular flaw that can be turned to advantage, even by some men who fell for her tricks the first time or two she trotted them out. She thrives on male attention more than any other woman, so even a guy who has been surprisingly cringe may not turn her off in bewilderment, the way a cool 8 would be bewildered, if he turns from giving her way too much attention to none at all. She gets so much pleasure from cock-teasing that’s she’s already invested in any man she has teased – it’s hard for her to withdraw once he flips the script.