The Motivation To Shame Masculinity

When do “discussions about masculinity” find purchase among men?

When those men have become effeminate soyboys.








Modren Soyboy: “We need to talk about definitions of masculinity and make it more expansive to include effete little fuckers like myself, because I am not getting any action out here.”

If low T manginas can’t be masculine, they’ll subvert masculinity, and question its basis in reality. They may not get laid from this ploy but they can at least feel better about themselves and experience a tiny….tick up in their social status among their queer peers. If the ideal is unattainable, pathologize the ideal.

That’s the male side of the motivation. The “toxic masculinity” poopytalk on the female side has a similar source — envy — amplified by unfulfilled sexual tension.

On the female side, the anti-masculinity agitprop is driven by uglies and fatties and aging shrews to spite the alpha men they can’t attract, but mostly their misandry is directed at the betaboy suck-ups they’re stuck with as male company. A limpwrist can’t debase himself enough in the eyes of these battlecunts.

On the POC side, the motivation is “whatever emasculates White men”.

On the [special person] side, it’s age-old envy of robust goyium physicality and fear of high T cossacks riding over the horizon.

There is currently a lot of anti-White man hate spewing from every orifice of the Gaytrix. Woke Capital is fully on-board the man-hating agenda.

Feast on the hate. Absorb its energy. And when the time is right, expel it against your enemies with a fury only the sons of Martel and Washington could muster.


  1. on January 17, 2019 at 10:03 pm Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “Modren Soyboy”

    What percentage of these will have been raised by single m0thers?

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    • All of them (sic Obama and Clinton).

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      • on January 17, 2019 at 11:28 pm Captain Obvious

        Can you imagine the first 18 or 20 or 22 years of your life if all you ever heard was the dark black venomous poison of your M0ther’s Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder?

        He11, it’s bad enough having a m0ther in an INTACT family.

        But a growing up as a boy with a single m0ther?


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      • Cap

        Can attest to this. It’s by the grace of God I escaped it. I was a child during late 30’s through mid 40’s. My puberty lined up with menopause. What a horrific combo.

        I’m not ungrateful for the sacrifices she made, but I did feel like I was being deliberately broken feed her BPD ego. It’s a horribly emasculating experience. Thank God for my biodad’s (alpha fux) alphagenomics to pull me through. I think years of antibiotics, endocrine disruptors, age-related womb deterioration, etc. did contribute to some health issues in my adulthood though.

        This world is an abomination.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 9:55 am CalvinDecline

        He11, it’s bad enough having a m0ther in an INTACT family.


        Of the girls I’ve seriously dated, all came from supposedly “stable” two-parent homes. Didn’t matter. If you raise a girl telling her she can do no wrong and that her shit never stinks (especially if you never punish her), you’ll always get this “me first” nation wrecking princess mentality.

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    • on January 18, 2019 at 7:12 am Les Saunders, Protestant

      While many will no doubt have ben raised, by virtue of the divorce epidemic of the 80s and 90s, in homes where there was no male householder present, there exists a shocking proportion of these pitiable souls where they were indeed “raised” by both parents.

      Take your typical 20th century baby boomer dad. A house in the suburbs, with pool and air conditioning, lots of spare rooms. Golfed, watched sportsball, collected “stuff”, hung out in his basement bar/mancave.

      Put the boys in front of the tv unsupervised so that they could be exposed to the vast degenerate programming that was 90s television. Boys watch homosexuality on Ellen and no one intervenes. They watch the Clinton affair unfold and no one steps in. They watch OJ Simpson and believe that feral blacks are saintly victims of white supremacy. They play video games all summer long. (An aside: once I brought a soviet girl back to my hometown. It was a summer’s evening and we stopped to get an ice cream cone. She saw young guys sitting in their cars eating ice cream with their buddies and commented, “it’s Saturday night – why aren’t they out meeting girls?). They send them off to school to be indoctrinated with the proliferation of supercommunist cirrrucula that emanated out of ministries of education acrosst the English-speaking world in the 1990s and 2000s, and rarely did they push back or storm principals’ offices. (When the Boy Scouts went co-ed in Canada in the 90s, a small group of parents fought back. But they lost.)

      The fathers are passive, more interested in their own stuff, and govern (if you can call it that) the household with a “do what you feel” attitude. They also pursued a “happy wife/happy life” surrender plan, sending their wives off to work and letting the, run roughshod at home, just as long as they got to play golf on Sunday.

      That’s the heart of it.

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    • Or in families with totally cucked fathers. Strong fathers (who don’t even have to be super Alpha, but just woke) generally steer their boys away from being pathetic, weak faggots.

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      • My wife gets a little nervous sometimes when I tell her in advance what my plan is for discipline in response to a certain situation our boys find themselves in. My goal as a father is to have my sons look back on their childhood and know their dad was a hard ass.


    • White men are the target of the left FOR NOW.

      Trust me, once they have cucked, disenfranchised, and repressed white men enough, they will move on to oppress other males and/or other groups they deem to be the enemy at the time.

      Blacks in California were the left’s fav protected class for decades and the blacks rewarded them richly with their votes. Then Haispnaics mass immigrated to California and have replaced blacks as the Left’s fav group there. Compton, CA used to be 91% black; now it is 80% Latino, almost entirely from Central America. Blacks are being displaced, discriminated for jobs, and imprisoned en masse. Latinos became the Californian Left’s new fav group. Blacks are now an afterthought, since they still get majority of black vote there.

      Why do you think black groups like the “Black Elephants” and black YT stars like Diamond and Silk are turning to the GOP like never before? They were betrayed by the left.

      This unholy alliance of feminists, white upper middle class women, and poor immigrants will not last, just as the German and Swedish globalist elite’s alliance with foreign Muslims is crumbling under pressure.

      White women today are the Left’s favorite protected class nationally and a sure Dem voting block. The minute the left has an amnesty, white women WILL be targeted and accused to privilege, racism, and etc.

      White women enable and empower the left. They are the modern Useful Idiots of the left’s new Bolshevik revolution in America. They will be demonized and ignored the instant we have an illegal alien amnesty.


  2. Spot the Alpaha

    Can you spot the alpha in the following video? In case you don’t parla italiano, English lyrics are underneath.

    Woman is fickle
    Like a feather in the wind,
    She changes her voice — and her mind.
    Always sweet,
    Pretty face,
    In tears or in laughter, — she is always lying.
    Always miserable
    Is he who trusts her,
    He who confides in her — his unwary heart!
    Yet one never feels
    Fully happy
    Who on that bosom — does not drink love!
    Woman is fickle
    Like a feather in the wind,
    She changes her voice — and her mind,
    And her mind,
    And her mind!

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    • on January 18, 2019 at 12:27 am Greg Eliot Hungry For Black Pole

      Guys with their bible verses,and now this fag shit. Come on,losers.


    • Opera is a treasure trove of confirmation of everything this site preaches. I went through all the operas on Metropolitan Opera On Demand (ie, a hell of a lot of operas, hundreds) and was going to start taking notes every time an opera espoused or validated Heartiste principles, but could barely get past one opera, it was just too overwhelming.

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  3. This is basically the soy boy version of “Sailer’s law on female journalism”.

    “Sailer’s First Law of Female Journalism is that the most heartfelt journalistic extrusions will be demands for how society must be re-engineered so that, come the Revolution, the writer herself will be considered hotter-looking.

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  4. on January 17, 2019 at 10:20 pm William of Orange County

    Regarding our (((special))) friends I’ve said before that they will never forgive western men (specifically the Romans) for burning down the temple. They see every western govt. (That isn’t theirs) as a potential enemy that must be eaten away at from the inside as as revenge. The have wanted us destroyed ever since and have worked directly or behind the scenes to do so.

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    • God sent us to demolish it, after they murdered His only Son. He is a vengeful God.

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      • And yet according to God salvation is of the Jews. God did not send us to demolish them.

        There are very bad jews at the forefront of every major industry that do not represent the majority, just like there are bad liberals in America that don’t represent the silent majority here.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 5:28 am Enfant Terrible


        Salvation is not of the Jews you idiot. Salvation comes from one source only, God. Jesus was born among the Jews because that is what God promised he would do, raise the Messiah from among the Jews.

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      • @enfant terrible

        I quote Jesus and you lash out at me. You’re going to have a bad time squaring away your opinions and the word of God.


      • Salvation is Jesus. Jesus came from the Jews

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      • The vessel in which God chose to place the Messiah while the latter was on the earth happened to be jewish by blood.

        Everything about Him caused the Jews to reject Him and then have Him killed, so there’s that, for anyone that wants to boast of a jewish Jesus, or attempt to take the heat off of what the modern-day Sanhedrin are doing.

        Bottom-line, God is of no ethnicity or flesh, and certainly no respecter of persons.

        Choose what you would say about it all accordingly.


      • “God is of no ethnicity or flesh, and certainly no respecter of persons.”

        Everyone agrees with that statement.


    • “They see every western govt. (That isn’t theirs) ….”

      Can you name a single one in that category?


      • (((Sore losers))). Just over a century before that, a Monsignor G J Caesar, late of Rome, boasted that out of about 3 million Gauls (proto-frogs) he killed 1/3, enslaved 1/3 and kept the rest in place as serfs to till the new provinces.


    • Hey enfant terrible, read John 4:22.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 10:03 am Enfant Terrible

        The Jews are a bunch of people, they are not God, they cannot save you from anything. According to the scriptures, God chose the Jews to make itself known first to them, and eventually to all of humankind. God also made it known to the Jews, through the prophets, that he would raise from within them the Messiah to usher in a new understanding onto the world. Jesus, for those that believe it, is the Messiah, hence God’s promise is fulfilled. Therefore, when Jesus says salvation is from the Jews he’s talking about God fulfilling his promises, not elevating the Jews to a God like state where they can save people for just being Jews.

        Furthermore, since the Jews reject Jesus, then salvation is no longer manifested within the Jews, and instead comes from Christianity, as Jesus makes it clear: “- I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”.


      • Nobody said jews were themselves salvation. I was just making a point by quoting Jesus, which stirred the pot and allowed everyone to defend their version of Jesus regardless of the biblical reality.


  5. Guys, you are allowing yourself to be taken over and become minorities in your own countries because you are cucks. What is stopping you from getting rid of all the non-whites and taking power in your country? Absolutely nothing.

    In all the other countries people are remaining the majority there. But that’s becaue they are not cucks like you. Try to get rid of muslims for example in a muslim country and see what happens. There will be lots of blood spilled.

    That’s why you are losing in Afghanistan, Because you are cucks and they are not.

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    • Absolutely nothing? The most powerful conglomerate on earth is stopping us.

      There will be no victory for whites in our lifetime but it isn’t for lack of trying.


      • So why are eastern europeans refusing mass immigration and you are agreeing to it? Orban just banned feminism studies in hungarian universities. Why can’t you do it?

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      • Honestly? Because nobody gives a fuck about eastern europe. Its high stakes in America, there’s a lot to loose. We can’t “do it” because anyone who dissents is shut down. With no ability to form a cohesive voice for the silent majority the insane left has declared itself the victor and nobody can stop it.

        This is why people get so extreme about our president, the most powerful man in the free world is struggling to push back even though his message is far too moderate.

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      • on January 17, 2019 at 11:31 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Orban just banned feminism studies in hungarian universities. Why can’t you do it?”

        You badly misunderestimate the importance of St Joseph Djugashvili to the preservation of Western Civilization.

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      • Even Slavs, Balts, Romanians and Bulgars don’t want to live in Eastern Europe. Those ones claim it’s because it’s a shithole, but they would say that, wouldn’t they?
        I think most of them live in England now. Next door to half the Indian Subcontinent. Don’t worry, we’ll just build some new islands when it’s standing room only. Or maybe put an upper floor in.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:32 am gunslingergregi

        There will be no victory for whites in our lifetime but it isn’t for lack of trying.””””””’

        rofl who has tried?
        we beat the muslims


    • “Orban just banned feminism studies in hungarian universities. Why can’t you do it?”

      Maybe because Hungary doesn’t have a bunch of niggers on the dole and spics pouring in like cockroaches?

      I’m just spitballing here and would love to see feminists banned from american universities and planet earth.

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    • On the mark. Time goes by and nothing ever happens. Lon Horiuchi still breathes. Leaderless resistance, aka solo action still works. When everyone is chipped at birth it will be too late.

      “How we burned in the camps…” indeed.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 7:19 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        “Chipped at birth.” Also known as the Mark of the Beast.

        It is most certainly coming. Revelation is not a prophecy, it is someone who saw the plan and chose to warn us about it. The same people who wrote the plan 2,000 years ago are actively working to implement it today.

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      • We already have universal ID numbers. They’re called SS numbers. They were originally intended only for SS or taxation purposes but are now used for everything as an ID number.
        Soon you will also have a genetic ID number.


    • “What is stopping you from getting rid of all the non-whites and taking power in your country?”

      White women, ZOG and LEO, Laws on the Books, The Gamma Warren, NPCs (in the form of Gangstalking) and 4GW.
      Let me explain below.

      Any White Man that is illuminated to the horror that has beseiged his homelands is subjected a flurry of of gangstalking attacks by the NPC horde (what the psychs call Paranoid Schizophrenia as experienced by the Patient) is subjected to a flurry of micro-shit tests by White Women and Gammas. Once you understand that Feminism is a civilizational shit test you will see it everywhere. The White Women will also sense that you know and employ every tactic to get a violent response in collusion with their mino male “friends”.

      Ive been subjected this tactic everywhere from the gym, to the smoking area at the bar, the bar itself, the work environment, and even the line at the convenience store. Which harkens back to Gangstalking. The NPCs are robotically reacting to someone their AI narrative programing has identified as a threat. Even before you speak. You’re forced to deal with tactical dilemmas in every milleu in the current year. Hence why the study of 4GW is so important. If you dont believe me go to one of your local haunts and shout nigger.

      The White Women know what they stand to lose if White Men marched into the streets. No protection from ZOG and its agents. No more laws on the books that act as a barrier to perserving the Feminist Hegemony. No more manipulating the Alphas who are to spineless to point out whats going on. They will also lose the domestic sphere protection of Gamma apologists.

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      • Also I feel like im living in a clown world simulation of the Victorian Arcades.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 3:08 am Darth Caucasious

        While the “gang stalking” bit sounds as crazy as David Icke’s reptilians, perhaps it does still serve as a good metaphor for the experience of going against what is, for many, subconscious programming. Once your presence has subtly set something “off” about the setting for others, they will subconsciously respond. And, as you’ve mentioned, some are very much consciously aware of the reasons for this mass media and culture induced conditioning because they actively benefit from it. Women, who are especially adept at high context communication, “subtext,” or “speaking in code,” as Tomassi calls it, are almost always “in the know” to a greater degree. Especially white women, who occupy the apex of hegemonic cunts.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 3:17 am Darth Caucasious

        The adeptness at high context communication undoubtedly is rooted in the greater connectivity between the hemispheres of the female brain and gives the majority of women the ability to communicate on a subtextual “wavelength” that is unaccessible to some men, unpenetrated by most, and chthonically blinding to the psyche of the rest of us. Like getting slapped in the face by a stank ass bass.

        The minds of women are more deeply integrated. Cunt and brain and larynx holistically unified like the dashboard lights connected to the rest of the car. Just read the subtext.


    • You’re right that nothing is stopping White men from reclaiming our countries.

      Apart I suppose from the political and legal systems, media, banks, internal security alphabet agencies, education at every level, affirmative action and the Special People co-ordinating it all.

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      • on January 18, 2019 at 3:25 am Darth Caucasious

        It’s like money. It’s just paper but it’s not just paper. But it is. Or like Chigurh’s transubstantiated lucky coin. It’s belief backed by threats.

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    • Yes, tough to have a revolution when 1/2 the population in your own race – your natural allies, that is – are some of your worst enemies. I think a lot of it has to do with the size of the USA, and the complete (intentional) stratification of the White race here. Too many cultures, and too many class differences. Gone are the days of unites urban areas of Italians, Poles, Germans, Irish, etc. that could hold the line in their own areas. Those were purposely broken up by forced integration. Now, everyone is stratified, commercialized, lied to, and distracted. Divide and conquer is very effective. Things have to get much worse before they will begin to get better. Too many leftists leave very comfortable lives (lies) in very White, safe areas.

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  6. I’ve thought a long time about this Toxic Masculinity term and I kind of dismissed it. After the razor commercial I’m not dismissing it.

    According to Myth Toxic Masculinity came out of a Male Mythopoet movement. And Feminist Men reacted to the Male Mythopoet Movement and labeled the MMM as promoting Toxic Masculinity or some such story.

    I’m not going to get into that. What I’ve been curious about is why the Feminist Journalist types ran with the term. I’ll grant you it has impact. No one wants to be “Toxic”. But why all this heavy handed pushy social engineering?

    The only thing I can think of is Trump.

    The Feminist Intelligentsia is terrified of Trumpian ways being modeled by the men in this country. Trump does things that no one would think possible. Just today he took a Busload of his biggest enemies on a ride to nowhere.

    A woman challenged Trump and instead of being a “Gentleman about it” read as a “weak man who takes beatings from women”. Our Trumpian leader B-slapped the lot of them. There is No. Dang. Way. any of those people on the bus going round and round, round and round, missed the Trumpian message.

    How long has it been since a man publicly said to a woman “F with me and I’ll F you harder and faster”. Not in my memory. Not since the 80s I think.

    It’s Double Down writ large.

    How long before men notice that they don’t get a ration of crap from women in their life if they fight back and Double Down? How long before men notice that if they quit cucking themselves and have an “in your face, I’m a man doing masculine stuff” yields better treatment by women?

    Men in the west have been too nice to their women for too long. And like feral she-wolves the women are acting out goading men in ever more passive-aggressive ways.

    So raise your voice a little, bang things around, bound a punching bag or two, do the things we are today told is “too masculine”, and maybe just maybe women will go back to acting like they used to. Everyone seemed happier then, especially the women.

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    • You have feminists because you are cucks. No feminism movement in Eastern Europe.

      You see, if you allow them, they will piss on you. If you don’t allow them, they wont.

      Man, this obsessive white knighting is some kind of western disease. A granstanding. Muh look how progressive i’m! How advanced i’m! Look at how i treat the poor Womyn and Minorities!

      This cucking is western stuff. Its decadence. Grandstanding.


      • Man, we agrew with you. But you have to understand that they have been “allowed” to function since before most of us were born. Your message is for people like Greg Elliot who grew up in the age when feminism could have been stopped before it got out of hand


      • There are pussy boys in Russia too. It’s just that the society has a different history so their attitudes are more natural for the sexes.


      • Shit, now THAT’S my fault too, eh?

        My wìfe was a stay-at-home mom who homeschooled and raised four children.

        What more you want from me? (((shakin’ mah haid)))

        “Muh Boomer” is pretty much the equivalent of “White Privilege”… youse yeggs want to keep carrying water for the Sanhedrin?

        This is why we lose.


    • Someone said something wise once, it may have been here actually:

      Men are becoming the submissive women they want, and women are becoming the aggressive men they need.


    • Our society moves differently than yours does, Passerby. There have been many organizations here full of smart, dedicated, masculine, Christian men. All doing their best to reverse this decline. The John Birch Society is a great example. The social mood wasn’t right, though. All things happen at the right time. Things are better and worse at the same time now, as they were in my father’s day.

      As the other commenters were saying, America is ground zero and headquarters for this satanic global movement. This movement will fall, as they all do. Society will return to Jesus Christ. All at the right time. In the meantime, duty is ours, results are God’s.

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  7. The Gillette guy that approved the ad was a beta shlub Indian.

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    • Gillette has apparently also been a leader in breaking the “glass ceiling” and putting women in control. According to one Gillette employee, women are using their power to exclude men, which is what feminists accuse men of doing to women. You can find this comment on the above video (if it hasn’t been taken down): “I work for P&G the company which owns Gillette. I have to tell you that this stuff goes all the way to the top.

      A VP said in a 100 person meeting that she will never promote a white man again. There was a diversity training I was forced to go to that put up 2 pictures, one of a white male team, and one of non-whites and we were asked “I know its an obvious answer, but look at these 2 teams, which would you rather work with?” Then they hired a black intern right out of college, he was decent but not great, and had his summer boss give him an offer letter. The salary was 15% higher than the manager which had worked for the company for 13 years. The manager quit 2 weeks later, the project they were working on fell apart.”

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      • These people believe that the “institutions”, the companies, will last forever. They don’t need to make the company strong as it will always exist to provide them employment.

        The only reason these companies aren’t being driven into the ground right now is the Law. It’s legal to not-hire white men. It’s illegal to hire only white men.


      • Whether it’s fems, queers, or (((YKWs))), once they insinuate themselves into an organization, they bring in more of their own.


    • Who if he’s not a citizen will probably go back to where he came from.


  8. “If the ideal is unattainable, pathologize the ideal.”

    And it is working. CH, whats the endgame here, because its looking bleak. Guys like me and my crew wait for chances that never come. The opportunity to act as a unit doesn’t present itself and to act alone is to accept suicide.

    I’m getting tired of ridiculing soyboys and shaming whores, I want to have kids. What future is there for our children if the best we can do, here and now, is squashed by our elected officials?


    • I hate to be too naive, but I hold faith in the world-splitting power of pure anglo-saxon rage. There is only so much that the common white man will tolerate, and history has shown us time and again that it only takes very few of us to make a huge difference.

      When whites finally chimpout, people die in droves.


    • Irish Democracy.

      Eventually, and I’m not saying soon, but eventually, we stop obeying the law. We’re currently the only ones following it, so it’ll take just a nudge to get us over the top.

      At which point, the whole ediface falls. We’re maintaining the legal structure that enslaves us. When we stop maintaining, it falls.

      I’m not talking about refusing to purchase clothing from Converged Clothiers. I’m talking about post election lamppost decorations that no one takes action on because “no harm no foul”. When you just don’t care anymore, things change quickly.

      Things will change when we stop enforcing their laws against ourselves.

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      • I’ve already started doing that. Cant say much on here but I think the mid terms finished me off.

        Even simple things – it sounds childish but not obeying a traffic signal. I’m not putting anyone else in danger but hey it’s an undocumented move.
        My job pays for travel so I park in handicapped spaces and expectant mothers etc. I’m all about equality.

        I contracted myself back to my firm, registered my company elsewhere and try and pay as little tax in this country.
        Undocumented earnings. No human is illegal


      • I realized a while back that in an 90%+ plus white homogenized society we can and should obey laws and have morals and values
        But we dont live in that society.

        We have openly white man hating mushlim women in Congress and organizing our women to march.
        The Cl1ntons etc are a cr1me family.
        People at the bottom are skimming it too.

        The law obeying middle class white man who pays his taxes, obeys the laws, has morals and values is getting fucked over and is hated anyway.


  9. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.

    And, in my opinion, the most underrated by thinkers these days. Explains so much of the Left’s mindset.

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    • Totally. The meltdown of the Left is the biggest case of penis envy I’ve ever seen. Bitches are mad because Trump doesn’t talk about them “that way”. i.e. “grab em by the pussy”.


    • on January 18, 2019 at 7:23 am gunslingergregi

      envy can be good to make people work to get to be what they envy

      what happens though when ya have no envy
      when ya can’t envy the top people
      cause ya wouldnt want to be them
      then nothing to look forward to
      nothing to strive for
      just bleh

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    • on January 18, 2019 at 7:26 am gunslingergregi

      course if envy makes you want to destroy instead of become i suppose bad
      yea i envy the nogs being able to do whatever the fuck they want and i can’t
      so i want them all killed or relocated is that wrong?

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    • on January 18, 2019 at 10:46 am Elmer T. Jones

      It’s what fuels these college anti-white-supremacy spasms. Certain people can’t compete or are not applying themselves so fortuitously have these outbursts right around exam time. And the tactic works!


  10. A rare insight into the Jewish mindset, but it’s not the Cossack that is the bogeyman. It’s the “muzhik”, the Russian peasant. More specifically, it was bands of muzhik thugs who would be stirred up by tsarist propaganda and organized by the Tsar’s officials and unleashed on Jewish shtetls.

    I can tell you, this fear and hostility of the non-intellectual, high-T male who negated their advantages in IQ with brute force is reflexive and elemental in Jews — imprinted in their chromosomes. I saw this up close and personal during three year stint in law school


  11. After my first exposure to this site, I performed a simple experiment. I flipped a coin each time my LTR was scheduled to visit. Heads, I made sure I was doing a traditional man thing when she arrived, messing with the motorbike, up on a ladder, simple carpentry project. Tails, I’d be just putting the vacuum away, cooking, cleaning. 100% she greeted me with a smile if Heads, 100% no smile maybe even a frown if Tails. Try this at home and see that if you get the same results. Now everytime I hear some crap about sharing chores I remember my experiment and smile. I know better.

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    • That’s a great post

      Field Report
      Buddy of mine is dating ultra shitlib…he’s maga but blueish pill still with wimmin

      According to him he lost his temper and ranted and raved about politics
      He thought he went too far so made an excuse to leave
      She asks in shock where are you going?
      He says he has to go
      She replies she will miss his d1ck


  12. OMG (BARF!!)
    Excuse me while I go exterminate an endangered species to put some meat on the table and go defoliate a forest while gather some fire wood to stoke the cook stove,heat my cabin and keep my family warm…. NO! there is no nearby walmart to go get packaged meat so I gotta go get it on the hoof from the gitgo.. ‘plenty of wild hogs out there!! Bacon galore.. I can just see a mil-n-eal gutting a hog…. “RIGHT!!!”


  13. “Toxic masculinity” is set to launch “toxic femininity” which is really just dyke “nature.” Ergo, dyke “nature” is the foundation of “toxic masculinity.”


    • Its still weak rhetoric from both sides. The underlying dialetical problem is that Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity are oriented around the Social Axis of Reality only. Both used to be oriented around the Biological Axis and Legal Axis, with Culture acting as the Vector. Higher T Women (or hormonally imbalanced women) were kept in line by their men and the law.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:35 am Darth Caucasious

        Higher T Women (or hormonally imbalanced women) were kept in line by their men and the law.

        Before there were S&M choking fetishes there was beating your wife over some trivial matter before requisitioning her into punitively intense sex acts.


      • Akuma…

        The larger point is neither phenomena exists outside the mad mind. The sole purpose of “toxic masculinity” IS TO INTRODUCE the debilitating deception that is “toxic femininity.” “Toxic femininity” is derived from toxic “feminism.” But “feminism” is a deception itself, openly hiding dyke “nature.” IOW, a movement without an ounce of femininity called “feminism” is homodyke deception. Alt-writers need to script “The End” of the slippery slope.


    • on January 18, 2019 at 8:13 am CalvinDecline

      “Toxic masculinity” is set to launch “toxic femininity”

      True… in fact, toxic masculinity is -actually- toxic femininity. As men become more feminine, women lash out in search of what they really desire. Women slowly become ever more raunchy, unrestrained and undesirable.

      Shooting themselves in the foot.


  14. The reasons are pretty obvious for this small minority’s attitudes but (((who))) gave them the platform to air their petty grievances with the world?
    These tiny groups of malcontents have always been around but what emboldened them to bitch in public like that do? If they did this in the past they would either be laughed at or pitied.Like some poor nerdy pencil necked geek complaining that it was unfair that he didn’t have a Playboy bunny.

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    • on January 18, 2019 at 8:36 am Darth Caucasious

      Yeah, or ugly cunts mad that they got older but never got pretty. Not even for a moment of an entire lifetime.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:47 am gunslingergregi

        an ugly bitch can become pretty by being a good girl
        and be worth dying for


      • on January 18, 2019 at 9:49 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Not even for a moment of an entire lifetime.”

        Every chick is pretty dadgum cute around the age of 14 to 16.

        The problem cumz when they wait until 34 or 36 [or 44 or 46] to try to find a man.


      • on January 18, 2019 at 10:52 am Darth Caucasious

        The problem cumz when they wait until 34 or 36 [or 44 or 46] to try to find a man.

        My problem with this is when this becomes my problem in such a woman’s mind—and furthermore, my fault.

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    • Erm…listen to us we control the banks


  15. If Gillette is secretly buying likes for the video to make it seem like the market likes the video more than they do that could constitute fraud to their shareholders.

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    • Get a thousand of you together and buy 1 share each in the co. Then at the next shareholder meeting which you are entitled to attend make your comments.
      In fact, cause a riot so it’s gets into the (((media))) Make yourselves look larger than you really are like the libtards do to get attention.
      Most of these libtard demonstrations don’t amount to much and most of the people you see are just spectators watching them.
      Pussy hat and slut parades? These are just girls who want attention (from men) Bring men over and give them what they really want. A good shagging.


  16. High T Cossacks riding over the horizon!
    Great image!


    • Harold Covington wrote a story once, whose title unfortunately escapes me, about a jewish town in Russia that had one of their fairest daughters offer herself to a Cossack commander so he would spare the town.

      Said commander wound up falling love with her, and vowed he would return one day to take her back to his home. But the jewish fathers, once their town had been spared, then stoned the girl to death for her “whoredom”, even though THEY were the ones who persuaded her to approach the commander in the first place.

      The commander got word of it and returned with his full cavalry of cossacks and razed the village, killing everyone and everything within.


  17. “VICE’s French website has celebrated the young people of France who have opted to get themselves permanently sterilised to “save the world.”

    The website sought out French men and women in their twenties and thirties who are deciding to go “child-free” in response to the “ecological emergency.”


  18. on January 18, 2019 at 7:02 am Mandy been here a while

    Dalrock has a great post on this now – a new modern insult has been born “ You look like the kind of man that shaves with Gillette “

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  19. on January 18, 2019 at 7:15 am gunslingergregi

    it does take anger to finally reach exit from the bed chillin critical mass

    i go to dc though just gonna wear my coat with my slogan
    talk with people pick up dc hos


    • on January 18, 2019 at 7:20 am gunslingergregi

      think time to make those whites in power talking shit on whites lower than them to have them back up that talk
      and make room then


  20. In the meantime, for some feel-good shaming of ‘toxic femininity’:

    Some thot gets to use a colostomy bag the rest of her life after an anal train.



    • Not a lot of sympathy for her but remember her mind has been poisoned by the (((nation-wreckers))) almost since the time she took her first breath.

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    • Speaks volumes that in a day and age when those with incorrect political thought are de-platformed quite easily on the net, porn is widely available with the click of a button to anyone who can simply agree that they are “over 18”. And not just simple porn, mind you. No. The world of every degenerate perversion in Satan’s playhouse is available for their viewing entertainment. If I were in charge, I would shut all that shit down, and exterminate the rats producing it if I could locate them. And this disgusting fascination with (too many) men with having anal sex with a woman is shocking. One step away from being a faggot, in my mind, because everyone has a arsehole.

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      • Yes, I’m a bit amazed by that too esp. reading it on pua blogs. What man would even say ‘I’m going to fuck her up the azz”
        Aside from the fact that I doubt that even 1 female in a 1000 would let them it does seem queer to me.
        Most of the objections to homosexuals actually has to do with buggery (anal) and called sodomy in the US. In fact, some States still even have laws against this regardless of the sexes involved.
        The age of consent is 16 in England but it was 18 for homosexuals even after it was decriminalised. When they had the debate in Lords about lowering the age to 16 the main concern, and this was both from the liberal or conservative Lords, was about buggery.In this era of AIDS it is even more important.
        It’s always been about buggery in regard to homosexuals. Even in religions they considered it a bigger sin than just masturbation or bj’s between queers and imposed greater penances.
        So when these pua types talk about fucking females up the arse I have to wonder how they got this idea because I have never once heard a Boomer say that.


  21. I must confess that I enjoyed watching Twatter CEO Dummy Jack get emasculated by a (((special person))) in this interview:

    The little cunt actually harrassed Dummy Jack a bunch of times, so he passive-aggressively unfollowed her. When confronted, he tries to worm himself out of it:

    First, I noticed you unfollowed me on Twitter within the past couple of months or so.
    I did?

    Yes, you did. Was there a reason why this happened?
    I, uh, was probably going through my list. I’m not sure why.

    I hope Jack smokes A LOT of weed, because either that, or he’s really dumb. This article reads like a satire. This is an actual exchange:

    And is there any situation at all in which you would decide to delete the site?
    Now I remember why I unfollowed you! Because that’s all you DM me, “delete the site.”

    Well, that’s … Maybe half the time.
    But how is that going to help?

    That’s the question, though. Is there a situation where you would just decide that it’s better to be free of this?
    Should we just delete all the negative things in the world?

    Are you saying Twitter is a negative thing?
    Well, that’s what you’re assuming when you say that.

    Not necessarily.
    What would you use if we deleted it?

    I don’t know, I’d have a lot more time on my hands.
    What would you do with that time?

    I really can’t even begin to imagine.


  22. Actor Chris Pratt is engaged to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eldest daughter, Katherine (29) – whom he had with Maria Schriver. Not bad genes in that one (well, either of them, for that matter). Hope he gets busy pumping out 2-3 childrenz with her before she hits 37.


  23. Tangentially related:

    Martel would make a fine name for a son, IF dundus didn’t love making up names of random sounds jumbled together. Unfortunately it now sounds suspect.

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  24. “Toxic masculinity”‘ means Truth, Beauty, Courage, Strength, Hierarchy, Harmony and Excellence in Shitlibese. The members of the Fuggernaut/ degenerate freak mafia react like vampires exposed to light and holy water whenever they encounter a piece, however small, of the greatness they can never possess. Deep down inside, they know they are the dregs of humanity, so they try to bring the superior – “toxic masculinity” – to their level, misery and chaos.


    • on January 18, 2019 at 8:21 am gunslingergregi


      the name of my clan in delta force ii
      we fucking owned
      i got 286 kills on the board with all the metal fences with a saw
      nobody believed it
      no cheats


    • on January 18, 2019 at 8:24 am gunslingergregi

      we would make other team quit in public lol
      all they did was die
      now i guess the chinese like we used to be before vid games went full metal fag


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:29 am gunslingergregi

        started splitting up to make it fair if we were all on


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:34 am gunslingergregi

        yup there the whit prob making it fair instead of ruthlessly destroying everything that stands in our way


      • on January 18, 2019 at 8:36 am gunslingergregi

        get rid of everyone else whites will still have a shitton of competition from themselves he he he
        but without handing out handicaps to people who aint gonna compete to make us stronger


  25. “The reasons are pretty obvious for this small minority’s attitudes but (((who))) gave them the platform to air their petty grievances with the world?”

    The English and Dutch, mostly. They were sent packing by the Spanish in the lat 1490s, right after Spaniards retook Grenada from the Musselmen and pushed them across Gibraltar. The Spaniards even managed to take lands across the straits and were poised to push the Muzzies back across North Africa into their shithole in Arabia and seize their ports along the south Mediterranean coast to stop their attacks on Southern Europe.

    But a curious thing happened. (((They))) offered money (what else?) and special knowledge of Spanish ports, naval capabilities, and gold galleons coming from the new world to some very ambitious huwites with names like Henry, and William, and Edward and Elizabeth. That’s always the case. (((They))) could never defeat us without traitorous complicity from some of our corruptible fellows.

    Anyway, the English pirates – excuse me, “Sea Dogs” – harried the Spaniards across the ocean to their west , while English kings and queens and German electors made alliances with the sultans to the Spaniard’s south and east. Philip’s coffers were drained trying to defend the European heartland from invasion through Austria, huge naval battles in Med like Lepanto, constant harrying from English thieves – er, “privateers” – directed by the English crown, and not at all antifa-like uprisings in the Low Countries.

    Until this point in history, huwhites generally knew that Musselmen and Kyaks (sic) were out to destroy them and acted accordingly. It’s exceedingly long-game irony that Musselmen are now stabbing huwhites along the Thames with blessing of the Musselman mayor of London.


  26. Why doesn’t this blog have a chronological index?


  27. on January 18, 2019 at 8:42 am Hackett To Bits

    Trump to Pelosi:

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

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  28. CH, you omitted the fact that soyboys are snobbish in their effetery.


  29. Did you see the Christie piece on (((Jared))) today?

    We called it since 2015.


  30. eh, I don’t think you are right on this one, at least not on the men. I think they are doing it BECAUSE it is getting them laid. Why else would they debase themselves like they do if not for pussy? It’s a mating strategy.

    As for my fellow tribe members, I don’t know, I’m not a bolshevik myself so I can’t really understand the mind of one. Left wing MoT’s piss me off as much as they piss you guys off. Even more, as they are the ones that are going to get us thrown into ovens again. The ‘robust goyium physicality’ line made me laugh though. I don’t think it’s that. Now, even non bolsheviks are worried about the cossacks. I have 5 guns and they aignt for hunting, they’re for when they put us back in ghettos. But if I had to guess as to why the tribe is so subversive…mother issues?

    What I think it is, is that the there is a certain madness that has taken over the upper class, a ‘respectable opinion’ on a whole host of issues has been established (through the communist takeover of higher education as but one example), and as a way to stay in the good graces of the class, all members of the class adopt those opinions.

    I’d be interested in The Rebbe’s opinion on it, if he’s lurking.


    • I think E Michael Jones has it right. You are right about the Bolsheviks too. I used to like Jews and am often mistaken for one. The current rhetoric is frightening and the undermining of the nation and open hostility to my people has made me want to herd you all on to cattle cars again. If you have any influence over your people get them to knock it off. I am being very serious here. As far as the impetus, in addition to E Michael Jones, I encourage you to read a book called the Fruits of Graft. Your people will pay in spades for the sins of the banking cabal.


  31. Son of Martel here, via formerly aristocratic Huguenots that came to America rather than deal with <>. It meant dumping titles, estates, servants, booty and a great social life, apart from the Wars of Religion at least.

    Now it’s time to fight again for liberty and dignity. Vive la difference et vive la guerre!

    Worth. Every. Last. Denier.


  32. Love the Real Talk. Queers and Trannies are no longer in the DSM, but look for “Traditional” Masculinity to be included, now that the APA has put out a pamphlet on it.

    It’s gonna be us against the (Poz) world, but luckily, we’re men. So sing a happy tune, and sharpen your swords and axes and oil your guns.


  33. It’s all a big push to get Alpha’s to fuck the fatties. See exhibit #1


  34. Talk to me about masculinity when I am not armed– which is never.


  35. on January 20, 2019 at 5:56 pm thesegregationofdialogue

    I don’t think the “Jewish motivation” is quite so conspiratorial. Jews don’t get together and have meetings were they decide to emasculate other men. most Jewish liberals are just a liberal for the same reason that any other guy is a liberal.

    Personally, I think the gender is far more relevant than race in all of these considerations. I have more in common with black men than I do with white women, simply because we are both men.


    • You need White women to not go extinct.

      You don’t need black men for anything.

      See c. 2009 comment archives here. It was settled that life > homoeroric antiracism.


  36. on January 21, 2019 at 9:18 am dontfkwtheiceppl1674

    This “Toxic Masculinity” is partly Alpha Bait (or Beta Bait I forget the application…the one that filters out the weak). “Liberal Feminist” can be submissive to the right man. Don’t think you have to find a conservative white girl only. With a “strong hand” even the hot lefty hyperboreans can be brought in line and they will start to see the truth. In CH terms it’s all about Frame.