State Of The State Department

Word from a well-traveled and well-connected derring-doer is that the State Department is manned, floor to rafters, with hardcore globalist shitlibs who hate Trump and commit low to high level sedition every day attempting to undermine his Administration.

He says, without a hint of irony or glibness, that subversives within State will take Trump down if he doesn’t immediately clean house and fire at least three-quarters of the staff. He says, again sans glibness, that whatever negative blowback this will have on foreign relations is more than compensated for by removing an actively hostile threat to his Presidency, and he wonders why Trump has to date dropped the ball on this pressing matter. He presumes members of Trump’s inner circle are deliberately hiding State Department subterfuge from him, and if that’s the case, then the fix is in.

PS Three cheers for President Bolsonaro!


  1. Inner circle being whom?


  2. on October 28, 2018 at 7:27 pm posts only tweets

    If that’s the case, then why let things get this far. I mean why not get Trump out during last year.

    Or are they building a case of some kind in the sense of delegitimizing all things Trump?


    • on October 28, 2018 at 7:35 pm Captain Obvious

      My guess is that they simply ignore any orders which come down from the political appointees above them, and simply keep on keeping on the way things have always been.

      PS: Fat lotta luck getting to the bottom of 0bama’s passport file and the murd3r of Lt Quarles Harris Jr [by John Brennan’s peeps].

      All that evidence was incinerated years ago.

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      • they can’t commit overt sedition; the system wouldn’t permit that.

        The other people would “just do their job” and it wouldn’t work. The military obeys illegal orders left and right as well. It’s just what you sign up for.

        They are slow-walking every directive he makes. It isn’t just State, probably all other Departments as well.


      • on October 29, 2018 at 3:12 pm SteveRogers42

        Testimony that SecDefs and JCS Chairmen have ignored Presidential orders in the past:


  3. That is definitely true about State. It is true of every federal agency in DC because the District itself is 90% Dem and the four counties that surround DC are 80% Dem. There literally are not enough right-thinking bodies within an hour’s drive of DC to even get to parity inside State, Justice, HHS, EPA or anything else. As for Bolsonaro, he will cleanse Brazil with a fury and it shall be glorious. The gender gap was quite small too. Women like him because he will crack down on the rampant violent crime that affects them most.

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    • Right thinking, competent men are also being sidelined in favor of women and minorities in the senior leadership positions. Oversight is systematically being rendered toothless as well. The Obama era political inertia is still working in his favor.

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    • The USG is predominantly black now. 40 years of AA


  4. […] State Of The State Department […]


  5. Maybe Brazil will become the new White Ethnostate!


    • Them helicopter pilots will be rackin’ up on the overtime.

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    • on October 29, 2018 at 6:22 am Rant Casey - BR

      That is certainly not happening.
      Your best hope is for an “ally of colour”.
      It’s a very mixed country and one that is fine with that.

      P.S.: don’t be mislead by stats reporting the number of whites in Brazil. White is a very broad and elastic concept in here. Nothing like your idea of what makes a white person. Roosh would be considered white in Brazil, for an example.

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      • Actually, Roosh is considered white here too.

        Possibly because our Muslim population is small, and most Arab or Iranian people here are still non-Muslim (for now).


      • Roosh is Iranian, full on with no funky Arab strains, which makes him an Indo-European if not an outright Aryan.

        I accept Irish so I have no issues with Iranians.

        [CH: the reason i veer away from “purity” pontificating about a wished-for demographic future of america is that a. America is a big country and purity is practically impossible and b. we can afford to absorb a small number peripheral whites like roosh (and the Irish :)) who are constitutionally on our side and have no interest in refusing full assimilation to the majority white’s will. Or, if we must have diversity, make it limited in scope and sympatico with Heritage America]


      • on October 29, 2018 at 12:24 pm Rant Casey - BR


        I am surprised to learn that Roosh is considered white in America. I though that the concept of white in this country was more narrow, and more correlated with NW European Ancestry.

        Thanks for the explanation.

        Corinth Arkadin:

        I am pretty sure that the folks at racial phenotype classification forums would find Roosh to have quite a lot of Arabic features, more like Ahamdinejad, than aryan itself. Plus some Armenoid admixture.

        Please note, I do not say this to demean Roosh in any way. I don’t think it is a problem.

        [CH: roosh isn’t considered (fully) white in america. colloquially, white refers to european caucasians. roosh would be considered middle eastern, or caucasian. many white americans would probably mistake him for arab, though he is definitely more white looking than the typical arab.]


  6. on October 28, 2018 at 7:34 pm William of Orange County

    Not just state dept. unfortunately. There is 30-40+ years of moldy-termite-infested bureaucratic rot that needs to be cleared out. But doing so all at once would be a nightmare. The strategy for now should be to “de-fang” the 7-headed hydra so it can do as little damage as possible, wait for the red-wave in November (fingers-crossed), and re-election in 2020…

    …then descend on the DC pozlitical class like one of the biblical plagues (plague of frogs seems appropriate) in exodus. Like the Pontine marshes of Roman times, draining the swamp shouldn’t be something done piecemeal. It should be like the military campaign it was. You descend on the enemy in such a way that your speed and ferocity leaves them bewildered…those that survive anyway.

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    • on October 28, 2018 at 7:37 pm Captain Obvious

      If the GOP wins the midterms, then the gloves can come off immediately.

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      • on October 28, 2018 at 7:39 pm Captain Obvious

        Next spring, an hypothetical GOP Congress & Senate could start by repealing the Civil Service Act and writing Griggs -vs- Duke Power out of the law.

        That would clean up about 95% of the detritus overnight.

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    • The federal government in the US to a large extent is a jobs program for the creation of a black middle class. Everywhere is about 40% overstaffed so darkies can be persuaded not to riot. They are literally an obstacle to progress. Frankly the same is true of women but to a lesser extent. We need to bring back the civil service examination.

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      • This is an X ring shot right here.

        People read this again, it is unvarnished truth.


      • Yes, our society is organized around a giant nigger bribery program. Our cities are reorganized and rebuilt for nigger avoidance, with large swaths abandoned to ruin and decay because of the intractable, dangerous, stupid creatures which inhabit them. We have the largest prison system in the world to deal with feral nigger control.

        They’re also the cause of massive social, cultural, and political conflict and chaos, ongoing almost from the moment of the USA’s creation.

        The groid is a pure affliction, with zero upsides. It isn’t even neutral, like grass or muskrats. It’s an unmitigated negative.


      • But… but… muh jazz… muh blues… muh rock ‘n roll!

        Don’ cha know, if it wasn’t for some delta n1gger playing three chords on his cigar box gee-tar, all we White folks woulda had was Pat Boone singing Tutti-Fruitti!


    • The degree of rot was not obvious until Trump came along and you started seeing people taking sides, at least surrepticiously. GE has no idea of what he is talking about here. All of you who demand quick emotionally satisfying solutions as in the movies have no idea what you’re talking about.

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      • GE has no idea of what he is talking about here. All of you who demand quick emotionally satisfying solutions as in the movies have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Mentioning me yet again?

        Well, then you Q and CT aficionados shouldn’t have gotten our hopes up with promises of Real Soon Now ongoing since 2016, for example, pizzagate arrests, October surprises, etc., etc., etc..

        Get your stories straight, with actual RELIABLE information and better estimates of timelines, and you needn’t worry about anyone being impatient.,

        Two-fer alert – 1) this isn’t rocket surgery and 2) can’t have it both ways

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  7. Its not just DoS, its also DoD civies and the entire EPA/hhs/IC led under CIA and FBI. And the Treasury ( secret service, any1?).

    The DoS shit started when “America first!” startled the DoS globalists, even with anti trump petitions circulated among their Fulbright scholars, commie work slow and [email protected] ttp’s, etc.

    Only DHS, NSA, NASA and the research arms, and key parts of the joint chiefs ( mozt important) are in for the big T. He wouldn’t hv run w/o their support.

    Concur the midterm mandate will be to drain and continue. Remember, its not just the DoS, the DoD is also compromised. Lot of mil personnel are first gen or foreign (mavni program), lot are unknowingly socialist ( see how the pay scale and free life long pay and medical care work), and mozt positions are [email protected] make work positionz

    Think more like a Soviet and < an American. The bureaucracy players each hv their own interests, and they play against each other. Some want money, some want attention, some want power, some want to be forgotten. He haz 2 Game them , like spinning multiple plates. Jealous, tired, confused, desperate for money and attention- these are the things to put the bureaucrats in the perma defensive crouch. Its basically going to be a dramatic hostile takeover of govt- and CNN left media borg wont be able to stop talking about it


    • Treasury confirmed.


    • Most DoD civilians are ex military, well over 75%.


    • I attribute the socialist rot you describe in the DoD to Obama. He cashiered the old school ethical generals and the general staff has not yet recovered. Obama did a lot of serious damage at the ground level. I pray I get to see him hanged. This is why people who are forever crying when! when! have no idea of what they are talking about. You have to change the bureaucracy first that will execute your plans and ensure it is loyal to you. We’re still not there yet,

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    • on October 29, 2018 at 3:21 pm SteveRogers42

      The head of the Secret Service is a retired USMC General.


  8. hehe it is 2016 all over again

    Oh, it’s cryin’ time again, Bolsonaro won
    I can see that fascist look in your eyes
    I can tell by the way times are turning’ Oooh
    That it won’t be long before it’s cryin’ time

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  9. PS Three cheers for President Bolsonaro!


    h/t late and lamented Frexit

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  10. Not just the State Department. The DOJ, the FBI, most of the CIA and countless other swamp dens are filled to the brim with NPC basically coded to REMOVE BAD ORANGE MAN.

    Trump has revealed that the situation is incomparably worse than we could read before his election. He has taken the castle, but the swamp legions are surrounding him. We have to consider we have next to no allies in this ecosystem, those who might be sympathetic to what Trump does obviously having to comply with the general agenda that keeps on applying, for their own survival.

    This is why we don’t see Big Tech broken down, the media still spouting 24/7 propaganda, the wall stalling, the declassification of the FISA app being buried and criminals still skating. Beyond the dubious inner circle, the rank and file in D.C. does not and will not comply. Releasing indictments is useless if low-level denizens both on the law enforcement and justice side have the ability to undo them, falsify evidence and let the Cabal walk free. For the State Dept, we are talking about nominations blocked, false evidence circulating and probably much worse, all to cripple his ability to bring allies on board with what he is doing.

    Trump needs to seize power. I hope he is able to do it after the midterms. At this stage, if Dems take the House and impeach him “simply because”, there seems to be no one to be able to stop it.


  11. I just heard the souls of millions of shitlibs from south of the equator cry out all at once. It sounded like “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”


  12. How to clean out both the immigrant problem and the Deep State flunkeys simultaneously.


    – A couple of actually loyal high-ranking generals.
    – Ruthless determination and ability to ahem, bend, the rules.


    1. Get some corpses from the morgue of military-age white guys and spics. Dress them in Border Patrol uniforms (whites) and Mexican Army (beaners).

    2. Shoot them up with the weapons of the other side, splash a bunch of fake blood around, place at border near caravan entry point. Have troops of loyal generals “discover” them.

    3. Declare war on Mexico for “killing” “border guards” to facilitate infiltration.

    4. Don’t invade Mexico, but declare that illegal immigrants probably contain Mexican army spies, saboteurs, and infiltrators. For the safety of America, round up every beaner who can be collared and camp them like the Japs in WW2.

    5. If Deep Staters resist/protest, arrest them for sedition in time of war. Replace with carefully vetted Alt-Right and right-wing anti-immigrationists.

    6.Blow up some sagebrush on the border spectacularly, to shock and awe Meheecans, tell them that the war will end when they take back all their infiltrators and we’ll forget it ever happened.

    7. When Mexicans knuckle under, ship camp contents over border en masse and build the fucking Wall double-quick, with minefields.

    8. Announce peace, hold huge celebrations, quietly release Deep State buffoons to go get a burger-flipping job that’s been vacated by deported beaners.

    9. MAGA accomplished.

    I’m only half-joking. 😉

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  13. I honestly can’t even imagine what they’ve got planned for this week.


  14. It’s the same at EPA, DOI, DOE you name it the bureaucracy is in open revolt.

    A lot of people got hired and promoted in the 8 Obama years. Those people want their rice bowls left alone.

    State has like 20 something Diplomatic Czars of something or other. These guys and gals all make north of 200k so yeah they ain’t happy about the money being taken away.

    State is also very dysfunctional. That was proved conclusively in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

    State needs to be slimmed down to diplomatic posting type service with very limited special diplomatic side jobs. And all of the foreign missions need to be reformed.


    • I keep hearing rumors that there will be a 25% reduction in the civil service in the next two years. This would take care of that crew because the civil service is seniority based.

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  15. Oh yes, so the fix is in all right, at the State Department.
    Why am I not surprised?
    The same is true of the Department of Justice, where Sessions is at
    best useless, and his deputy Rod Rosenstein conspires against the president.

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  16. on October 28, 2018 at 8:48 pm posts only tweets

    Time for isolationism.


  17. Obvious! Except I never thought of it until now. OF COURSE the population in and around DC is massively Democrat. The system aggrandizes itself. See “Parkingson’s Law” (from the late 50s, I think) and on. Also remember that Eisenhower’s warning about the “Military Industrial Complex” applies à forteriori to the the government’s Welfare Bureaucratic Complex. A massive army of bureaucrats propping up each other. And 90% Democrat.

    A solution would be cut all the dept. budgets in half (for starters). This will free up lots of real estate (private houses as well as office buildings). And Voilà real estate in and around DC would become much more affordable.
    Follow up with using the attrition process, and get new hires who are not life long Democrats.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom (and let the blooms flower)!


    • Same reason Austin Texas, for example, is blue. They cluster around government power like flies on shit. Thousands of right wing nationalists would need to descend on DC en masse to replace the flies buzzing around shit.

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  18. “State Department is manned, floor to rafters, with hardcore globalist shitlibs who hate Trump and commit low to high level sedition every day attempting to undermine his Administration.”


    I know it for a fact myself. And not just State; Treasury is confirmed.

    Honeycombed with traitors.


  19. on October 28, 2018 at 9:45 pm Alex the Goon

    I thought everyone knew State was outright commie by 1946, and never looked back.


    • Yes, (((commie))). A few years ago, I read from a good source that framed Israel “art” was common throughout the offices at the State Department. Similar to how it is at the SPLC.


    • Exactly… this is news?


  20. Nuland and the U.S.-backed/created coup d’etat in Ukraine:

    Wiki on Nuland (Not her born name):

    “Victoria Nuland was born in 1961 to a Jewish family.[5] She graduated with a B.A. in 1983 from Brown University, where she studied Russian literature, political science, and history.[6] Nuland’s husband is Robert Kagan, an American historian and foreign policy commentator at the Brookings Institution.”

    Aye-aye C.A.


  21. Beyond pozzed… What a pair of archetypal shitstains. Did that bugman actually mention his “wife?” What species of bug could that be? The mind boggles…


  22. I have known this for some time. I see them often and always think of them as deep state traitors. They are your typically sanctimonious shitlibs. They are also heavily special people infested.

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  23. “the State Department is manned, floor to rafters, with hardcore globalist shitlibs who hate Trump ”

    Can confirm.

    Expat here. For some time I was chummy with a American Political Officer at the local US Consulate. He was a total sh1tlib, could not understand how I could hold the views I did without being a knuckle-dragger. I did not fit his caricature of a deplorable.

    Anyway, I got to know a few career Foreign Service officers, sat next to the US Consulate General at a lunch event once. She was a careerist cat lady shrike type. Every week there is a “Celebration of LBGTXYZ/Black/Asian/Midget Dwarf” event at the Consulate. Basically, everything but White people

    State is lousy with lefties and pinkos. Hasn’t changed from Alger Hiss times.


    • on October 29, 2018 at 5:54 am Carlos Danger

      I can confirm. This is also why we need to clear out the schools and universities. Most have no concept of an educated conservative but educated conservatives are by the far the brightest class of people. I had a little Hebe complain about me dominating the National Security Policy class at Maxwell when I went. The CIA and GAO both recruited there. GAO used to have a lot of smart conservatives but not anymore. The students at Maxwell were generally naïve and full of themselves, utterly ignorant of the world and viewed it through rose colored shit lib glasses. I enjoyed poking them in the eye and stamping on their feet.

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  24. As far back as the 1950’s, in my own memory, the State Department was known as “Foggy Bottom”. Which meant that they did not really answer to the President, they carried out their own agenda even then.


  25. on October 29, 2018 at 4:40 am Buck Turgidson

    I have worked in close proximity to state dept. This is 100% true and i think Trump would be well served if he closed every position in the building and shut it down. State is bursting with far left anti American anti Trump communists and zealots. These people love traveling the world on your tax $$ but if you voted Trump they see you as mouth-breathing red neck ignorant racist white trailer trash. They represent only far left elitist views and not those of working blue collar Americans, whom they loathe


  26. > Word from a well-traveled and well-connected derring-doer is that the State Department is manned, floor to rafters, with hardcore globalist shitlibs who hate Trump and commit low to high level sedition every day attempting to undermine his Administration.

    …and he has yet to E.O. the whole place into rubble as is his clearly-enumerated power to do. Which implies…..

    — Face the facts, people: Trump is NOT touching any of the Deep State/Shadow Party’s actually important crockery. Federal funding to education, federal debt ceiling, Democrat and Republicuck treasonous liaisons with foreign powers, Obamacare, Title VII, Social Security, etc.

    Aside from lip-service, after two years, the conclusion is clear: he’s not even trying.

    The men who hired him for the role did their research well: they knew the pendulum shift was coming after Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. (who was also their man), and front-ran it with their hand-picked candidate, whom the press immediately gave millions in publicity to (burying the rest of the candidates) and getting red-pill America to reflexively back because he was an alpha shitlord.

    Well, so was Bill Clinton (who was their man too).


  27. I work for said organization and this is 100% correct. I could go on but the organization is a hotbed of POZ. I would gladly see it shuttered even knowing it would cost me my job, if it meant that we could get the average “cookie-pusher” off of the government payroll.