Tonic Masculinity

Via Libertardian, a great snippet from the new insiders’ book about Trump on the campaign trail,

Reading Lewandowski’s book (Let Trump be Trump).

‘When Jason Miller joined the campaign as communications adviser, and Paul Manafort was still the campaign’s chairman, the two would come up with lengthy briefing notes for Trump’s radio interviews containing information like “This guy’s located in X city or market and has been the show’s host for X number of years, and he has an X-thousand-person listenership.” Trump would look at the paper and say, “What the fuck is this? I don’t need all this. Just give me a phone number and tell me who to call.”‘

I lol’d. That’s the difference between President Chad and the Studycunt (as MPC so pungently coined it).

The Virgin Studycunt vs the Chad President. Tonic masculinity is back in the White House and not a moment too soon.


  1. Until Don came along, i never truly understood how Julius Caesars’ men could love him so much. Now I truly know what it means to have a war chieftan. One Chad to rule them all

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    • I’ve had a similar thought: it always used to confuse me how pre-modern people deified their leaders? Why would they confuse a man for a god? Well, if Trump is able to drain the swamp and bring in a new age of sanity, it’s actually quite easy for me to see that. Divine intervention is real.

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      • on December 5, 2017 at 4:21 pm SteveRogers42

        Last sentence is the payoff. The whole Trump train has been so successful, despite being so unlikely and so rabidly opposed. Call it fate, or call it the hand of God, there’s something unseen at work here.

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    • on December 5, 2017 at 4:22 pm SteveRogers42



    • on December 5, 2017 at 5:15 pm traitors first

      just wait until he goes full on duterte on their lib$hi+ a$$e$
      I can hardly wait

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    • on December 6, 2017 at 8:36 am Carlos Danger

      Nor why it was so important to his enemies to kills him. The Senate Curia is a small room too. It might be 500 SF


  2. on December 5, 2017 at 1:03 pm meistergedanken

    Effective people know how to cut through the BS, filter out extraneous information and zero in with laser focus on what is only really needed to tackle the task at hand. This mindset is characteristically masculine, because women habitually get lost in the weeds of needless detail and become distracted by minutiae.

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    • Also a Beta has a mindset of covering all the bases and advance prep because they are more concerned with blame than successful outcomes.

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      • Partially agree.

        In this context I agree, however being prepared and detail oriented is not a beta only trait.

        Examples that come to mind are any dangerous outdoor sports, military or law battle situations. Being detail oriented during prep is essential.

        What Trump has -in addition to his instincts and brass balls- is decades of experience in making 100s of decisions per day as it relates to making or losing money. What real business owners have to do.

        Career politicians and government workers aren’t under the stress of losing a job or income based on day to day tasks. It’s a complacency thing and it’s a sharpness thing.

        Like Mitch McTurtle crying earlier this year about Trump trying to do too much. It’s not too much, it’s just too much for Mitch. McTurtle wants to fart around with Congress and play grab ass and worry about his reputation and career. Trump DGAF about that shit because he’s 100% let’s get shit done.

        Lord Trump isn’t going to read some faggoty brief about a radio interview. BUT I will say that if youre working for him you’d better have the info ready in case he asks for it. But initially just give him the SLO: single line objective.


    • WOmen lurv “detail” because it acts as a decoy for intelligence and “get it done” activity.


    • Wrong, autism boy. He wasn’t filtering extraneous information. He was ZFG.

      He didn’t care enough about winning to stress out about details, or being politically correct. He didn’t have prepared speeches. He didn’t need teleprompters. He just said “wall”, “lock her up” and Maga over and over again.


      • Partly that; partly the details were what he paid “them” for to go over.

        Not so he would have to be bothered with them.

        Kind of like when you pay a guy to do your taxes for you.


      • on December 6, 2017 at 6:22 am meistergedanken

        Aww, look who’s still butthurt that the Cunt lost.


  3. Maybe if the radio host were a chick, Trump would ask, “Is she hot?”


  4. i just want to be a light onto every man like the don doda and gregi.

    if i don’t amount to shit, at least i’ll have made every man around me cooler through swag osmosis

    sometimes the highlight of my day is sharing a smoke and some small talk with stranger. just getting them to loosen up and shoot the shit like men

    this is maga


    • i fucked up my foot hitting the heavy bag with the foot instead of the shin

      my signature walk has been acutely affected


    • Your “swag osmosis” smells like dindu shit…


    • You smoke, eh?

      Then you’re an even BIGGER asshole that most of us ’round chere took you to be.

      I bet you have tats as well…

      No respect of one’s own body = no respect for any damn thing… except maybe the smell of your own n1gger rhetoric wind breaks.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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    • on December 5, 2017 at 1:37 pm gunslingergregi

      yea had my counselor playing with her hair the whole time today he he he
      told her bout steel 300 a ton and how cheap it really is to make shit she looked up the prices
      I guess copper only 3600 a ton the fuck
      so really why aren’t we making computer shit man
      look at actual material costs of shit its crazy
      too easy to maga the shit out the whole dam thing
      and yea every interaction make someones fucking day


  5. on December 5, 2017 at 1:35 pm Marcus Aurelius

    Any analysis on the Don’s hyper-affinity for the chosenites? His rabidly pro-Z10N foreign policy doesn’t seem like a ploy, and neither does his loyalty to Sheldon Adelson.

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    • Moving the embassy to Jewreuselem…after destroying ISIS and giving the Saudis a bunch of weapons.

      Id say hes the stirring the pot…playing all ends for the benefit of America.


  6. on December 5, 2017 at 1:41 pm gunslingergregi

    “What the fuck is this? I don’t need all this. Just give me a phone number and tell me who to call.”‘”””””””’

    that’s why it is crazy they drugging the high energy kids
    or talk about adhd
    who the fuck else is gonna be able to make 3 million decisions a day to run a fucking empire
    someone who sits there and gets told what to do
    or someone who comes up with thousands of things to do on their own


  7. on December 5, 2017 at 1:43 pm gunslingergregi

    chateu needs to open its own manufacturing arm of the alt right he he he
    lets make ripoff lambos so everyone has one


  8. on December 5, 2017 at 1:56 pm gunslingergregi

    well bout to go grab the ex by the pussy he he he


  9. on December 5, 2017 at 2:03 pm Clane Machirrica

    Been so long since we had a leader who was not a crippled neurotic we forgot what it looked like.

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  10. No comment about the disaster of a tax bill that is the first/only major legislative “victory” under Trump from you political savants, huh?

    [CH: explain the disastrous parts of the tax bill.]


    • Judging by the folks calling it a disaster, I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic.

      Mah White privilege showing?


      • Ditto. After reading the whining that property owners in manahattan and San Fran will pay more tax, while pretty much everyone else gets a nice cut, I don’t see how the bill doesn’t have near 90 percent approval.


    • Exactly, it was so good and popular that they didnt even explain it! And they tried to discredit every independent agency that spoke out about how regressive it is, then forced it through before anyone could read it.

      But if you are for soak the rich, supply side economics that goes against all empirical evidence of growing an economy then this bill is perfect. The only way they could force it through was by letting each senator take turns adding on special amendments from whichever corporate donors currently own them.

      But no no lets keep focusing on race and gender politics, or maybe North Korea! Christ you guys are just as bad as the liberals.


      • You mean like How Obamacare was passed?


      • on December 5, 2017 at 8:23 pm Vagina dominator

        @ Jerry: “But no no lets keep focusing on race and gender politics, or maybe North Korea! Christ you guys are just as bad as the liberals.”

        I am not sure that you understand the problem. You say “let’s”, that is, “let us” but who is this “us” you are referring to? Please define it for “us”.

        Us = we and “We” cannot defend ourselves effectively because

        1) our cohesiveness is being destroyed by race and gender issues.

        2) we are under attack by a particular racial group (((who))) can act with not just immunity but with impudence because we may not name them or talk about the problems they are causing us or we are “racists

        We cannot defend ourselves until we can adequately define who we are.
        If “we” includes jews and dindus and beaners – as civic nationalists tell us – then self defense becomes impossible, because jews, dindus, and beaners are the one’s destroying “us”.

        To ignore issues of race and sex and family life is to ignore one’s own identity, and if one has no identity, how can one have any interests?

        You need to start at the start and decide what team you belong to. Everything else comes from that.


      • on December 6, 2017 at 8:34 am Carlos Danger

        What exactly is wrong with the new law? Last I heard the state and local tax deduction was kept. i supported pulling it because anything that damages NY, NJ, Massachusetts, etc. puts a smile on my face. Nothing makes me happier than liberal tears. What would you do differently? What about the Fed? You fail to address that 800 pound gorilla altogether and it is the root of the problem and the cause of our national looting.


    • (((jerry))),

      you are so smart. wow bro. you’ve got me convinced…


  11. Goys, please tell me what you think about this.

    I truly hope (((they))) actually succeed in impeaching and convicting Trump or try to charge him with a crime.

    My reasoning is I want to see what he’ll do next.

    Obviously (((they))) will never stop fighting every second to kill white babies and obstruct every effort to simply make our country work for decent people.

    The current situation is just a slow burn delaying of the next thing.

    By the way, prices on self defense tools continue to be ridiculously low. That’s because normie Boomer muh constitidhunalists remain stupid and naive. You have to be stupid to think the fight is over just because we won an election.

    Obviously everything is as bad as ever when it comes to (((deep state))), as many pointed out in January. The price of tools should be high right now, not at historic lows.


    • on December 5, 2017 at 6:47 pm traitors first

      quiet, stupid………. enjoy the low prices and keep buying and stocking up….. God knows that’s what I’m doing


  12. Surprise!

    Half the coments are from gregi again…

    Did not see that coming…


    No really…

    Seriously tho…

    [CH: maybe gregi will cave to commenter pressure to condense his thoughts into one long comment?]

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  13. Fuck yeah!


    • on December 5, 2017 at 9:37 pm gunslingergregi

      wouldn’t even have a name lazarus so non whatevs
      so who are the sock puppets you ain’t gonna answer?


  14. Also reading “Shattered” which is an account of the Hillary campaign.
    1. Bill liked to go out and find people who disagreed with him and win them over, whereas Hillary preferred small groups of pre-screened people who wouldn’t heckle her.
    2. Bill thought the campaign was too focused on collecting and analyzing polling data, especially since said data conflicted with his sense of the reality on the ground. Hillary and her campaign manager, however, were slaves to the data-driven approach.
    3. Bill grasped the significance of the Brexit vote, just as we did, and he continually warned the campaign they were underestimating it.

    Somewhere in all this there’s an essay waiting to be written on when the Moneyball approach is correct (your competitors are behaving irrationally and you can exploit it) or not (your data are bad, or you’re interpreting them badly, or your experience can tell you things the data can’t).


    • The issue isn’t that the data was bad or that having a data driven approach is bad. You need unbiased smart people to analyze it though which Hillary lacked. I bet both on Brexit and Trump by analyzing data.

      How stupid can they be to expect blacks to be as motivated to vote for an old white bitch as they were for Obama? Or to expect Hillary to win states harmed in the last decade under Obama where she barely campaigned? The data was there, but the assumptions and interpretation was retarded. The way the analysts thought about the 201) election will become a statistics case study.

      [CH: the interpretation of the data was deliberately retarded because the polling wasn’t meant to inform, it was meant to demoralize the enemy (trump voters). that was its purpose for all of 2016, and still is going into 2018.]

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  15. He was on WEEI in July of 2016. They got him on the line, you’d have thought they were old friends and THEY had to get HIM off the line, they went on with him for so long. I believe that accounting on the “what the fuck is all this”. Point of it all is, guys that believe in what they’re doing don’t NEED these crib notes the politicos draw up for morons like Schumer and Obama and Franken, Hillary and their ilk. Like em, or hate em, the Bushes, Reagan, Trump, Bill Clinton, the likes of a Bobby Kennedy, these are resolute (smart?) men, they needed no notes. Trump is merely the most recent of them. Not sure where to find more of them, but at least there’s one around now.

    HATE the Jerusalem thing. Moving our embassy one hundred-odd miles inland to the center of it all is a terrible idea, will be regarded as a terrible, expensive thing, possibly far worse than Lebanon. If you’ve ever been there (I spent mucho time there 77-81), you’ll know this one doesn’t end well. I felt sorry for him having to knuckle under to them, Israel has gotten to be a terrible burden, here and over there anymore. And they do the shaming thing at every turn. One grows weary..


  16. […] Everywhere you choose to look, you find evidence of a great nation swirling the drain. America is about to hit the Civ Wall at speed, and only Trumpism can prevent the impact. We need to roll back the toxic feminization of US politics with a healthy swig of tonic masculinity. […]


  17. […] Everywhere you choose to look, you find evidence of a great nation swirling the drain. America is about to hit the Civ Wall at speed, and only Trumpism can prevent the impact. We need to roll back the toxic feminization of US politics with a healthy swig of tonic masculinity. […]