Why Are More Women Munching Rug?

Answer: Look at that masculine digit ratio.


Longer answer: The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for beta males of the West. T levels are plummeting, manboobs are expanding, and women are disgusted by the explosion of effeminate manlets who should’ve died in infancy sucking up to them by professing solidarity with dipshit feminism. What’s a horny girl with a clit itch for a dominant alpha male to do? Why, turn to the next best available substitute…. beta males other women!


Related: Speed dating with cats is trending. (h/t Truman)

O/T, this event in Amsterdam touches on a number of CH themes:

English translation:

Speed-Dating with Cats

In response to the growing number of stray cats, we’ve set up a charity event together with the DOA: speed-dating with stray cats!

Via a 5-10 minute speed-date, you and the cat will get to know each other, and who knows, maybe you’ll be leaving with a new four-legged flatmate.

Follow the DOA’s page for more information.

And keep an eye on this event, because we’ll be introducing a new cat every day!

So are you interested in coming along to Animal Shelter Amsterdam? Then just sign up at [email protected]!

The cats are looking forward to it, hopefully you are too.

Sexbots for men, cats for women. There’s your future of the West, folks.


  1. on October 11, 2016 at 11:56 am Canadian Friend

    Sexbots for men, cats for women. There’s your future of the West, folks.

    And no one will dare go out after dark for fear of being attacked by blacks or muslim refugees or mexicans who will be the majority soon if people keep electting liberals.


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  3. http://www.vocativ.com/268734/bisexuality-is-on-the-rise-especially-among-women/

    I should point out that based upon my experience, the hotter bisexuals / “lesbians” still like men. But the problem is, the faggy little manlet hipsters that are most likely to be their male acquaintances don’t come across in their hindbrains as “men”.


    • Even the not hot ones still seem to like men as well in my experience. True lesbians with no attraction whatsoever are rare creatures.

      Vast majority of women are bisexuals, arguably more attracted to other women than even men. But almost all, even the most seemingly hardcore of lesbians still have “some” attraction for men.


  4. I’m not sure more women are doing it…

    … but the media in general, and Cyberia in particular, sure are amplifiers of the human condition… especially the more sordid aspects.

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    • I was thinking the same thing. this may be coming from the same propaganda machine that tells us the police are gunning down innocent googles by the thousands. the motivations for exaggerating the prevalence of these phenomena (demoralizing white males, encouraging white women not to breed, etc) are all too clear. you can’t trust any of it.


  5. The butch ones get to act hypermasculine- even to the point of being violent. They tend to get away with it, and still get to be in college and stuff, while guys usually get arrested and put out of college if they try one tenth of that stuff.
    Of course, the hypermasculine show is very alluring to the more normal, attractive women they are trying to attract.

    I don’t know if someone is actually engineering society so this crap will happen, but it often looks that way.


  6. There isn’t a lot of difference between “heterosexual,” “lesbian” or “bisexual” women because the fact is, almost all of them are settling for something that doesn’t satisfy them.

    They want alpha but feminism has conspired to stomp the masculinity out of men. So, some women settle for betas, some settle for other women, other women are busy looking and work both sides of the street. Whereas there was once a time in which the beta was acceptable, they’re now gross. More and more women have to settle for something that doesn’t satisfy, no matter which option they choose.

    The only structure available today that avoids all the legal BS is a poly relationship whether it be hard of soft and hard poly is far better. All under one roof and all in the same bed. The driving force is female competition from within and without because they will willingly share the alpha. Once they choose to do that the only way to compete is to give him more of what he wants and do a better job of it. Asking women not to compete with each other is like asking the sun not to rise or the tide not to roll in.

    More women munching rug is a good thing because it means they’re learning how to share and they’ll be ready when men pull their heads out of their asses, choke down the red pill, learn game and do the things necessary to be the man they desire. Because for the man who wants a family and children with a structure that’s reasonably safe from the divorce industry, poly is the only structure that can provide it today. The real tell is the objections don’t come from the women, but from the men who tremble with fear at the idea.


  7. on October 11, 2016 at 12:31 pm Oleaginous Outrager

    Why Are More Women Munching Rug?

    For “likes” on Tumblr.


  8. on October 11, 2016 at 12:33 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Ha. I had an ex with a low digit ratio. Resembled Hope Solo a bit.

    Sexually aggressive career girl who ate the box for awhile before she met me. She actually made the approach.

    Closest I’ve ever been to beating a woman.


  9. I think I read a comment on here awhile back about some girl bragging about getting her “man card” for having completed some workout bookcamp or similar.

    Which got me thinking that if a girl wants to be a man or have the card of one, then eventually she’ll take the red pill if she happens to stumble upon it. But, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether she’ll adopt the masculine or feminine path.

    [CH: she’ll try to adopt both paths, ie have her cake and eat it too, which is the wont of her self-entitled sex.]

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  10. Nice reference to uncle Ted. I ought to send him a letter in Prison.

    [CH: ted said nothing wrong. he was a prophet who lost his way.]


  11. on October 11, 2016 at 1:06 pm Sean Fielding

    There are some lesbians, perhaps fewer than the showy, political ones, who are timid girls that have been propagandized (“every beta frosh who doesn’t ask permission for a kiss on the cheek is a rapist-in-waiting”) to fear men even more than their already fearful natures would.

    Once upon a time in the Catholic world, these women would’ve become nuns. Now they shack up together. It is the only way left to be cool but chaste in the progtards’ world.

    Lesbianism: a latter-day convent.

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  12. Many reason, the most obvious being that real men are sick of these mostly fat, foul mouthed sluts, and since approx 99% of women are clingy co-dependent messes, any body is better than no body (hence all thh cat ladies as well)

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  13. That pic is astroturf…there are no genuine lesbians that look that good, lesbian being a “smash patriarchy!” political term for civilization wrecking activists.

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  14. “Many reason, the most obvious being that real men are sick of these mostly fat, foul mouthed sluts”

    I honestly wonder if some women are munching carpet because they’re so fat/ugly no man will have them. My sister is friends with a woman who is obese. She never expressed lesbo or bi tendencies but never dated guys either. I reckon because few guys were interested. Well last year this woman started dating another woman, a rather mannish dyke. I honestly think some of this bi shit is simply lack of options.

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  15. There will be less women munching rug in Trump’s America. Hell, beta males will start acting more ‘alpha’ in 2017.

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  16. only desperate men who aren’t getting any, are turned on by dykes.


  17. on October 11, 2016 at 2:49 pm Tryintogetthrumod

    Last week I spent an hour in the cafeteria of a major US University. I spent most of that time observing the men looking for a trace of alpha – confident gate, posture, voice, manner of dressing, even muscles…anything.

    Verdict: 1 out of 50 showed even the slightest indication of alphaness. Low-T “guys” everywhere.

    So many manboobs, pajama boys, drooping shoulders, super skinny or too fat, awkward way of walking…geez.

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  18. Next thing you know, it will be orgies with cats. All they need is their girlfirend(s), their cat(s) and their bulldog(s) to make up for the White Man they will never be able to compete with slender starlets with faces of princesses over. That huwite numale over there? He doesn’t count.

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  19. Who’s going to pay for the resulting spike in head and neck cancer these activities cause? Obamacare can’t end fast enough. I don’t want to pay for this shit.

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  20. If you want pussy paradise, the Netherlands is a pretty good damn good place to go. Hot blondes everywhere, and the men (“men”) are so beta it’s painful.


    • Dutch women are stroppy and opinionated blockheads, just not quite as bad as Danish women. More interested in cake than cock, a sturdy weatherbeaten home-maker lurking inside each one, waiting to burst out (with an oven dish of some hearty potato bakey thing in each hand).

      Dutch men are (1) fucking enormous and (2) much given to drinking. Don’t get in a fight with the fuckers, ever. Even English football casuals are leery of them. No sense of humour, and as I mentioned, the size of fridge-freezers.

      [CH: eventually some enterprising geneticist will figure out when and why dutch grew so tall as a population. was it intense sexual selection pressure, or something environmental?]

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  22. and yeah, women who only like girls, I highly doubt that.
    They are more likely to be bisexual than lesbians in my experience.