Libertarians, In One Meme


  1. My sides.


    • Nah. That’s recycled commie propaganda.

      It’s right up there with the latest far-left bilge claiming the USSR was ‘really’ state capitalism and Venezuela isn’t ‘really’socialism.

      Government sweetheart corporations are a phenomenon of the far-left. It drives them nuts that Libertarians have been destroying these monopolies and exposing their racket over the last decades while slowly restoring the commons. They know the libertarians are gearing up to go after their monopoly on the universities. The left always projects on others what it does.

      If that meme said ‘Democratic Socialists of America’ then it would be correct!


  2. on January 15, 2019 at 11:40 am gunslingergregi



    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:03 pm Captain Obvious

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:10 pm Sorcerygod at

        *sticking tongue out*

        I like my meme better than yours. It’s Jew vs. Jew in our memes — clash drawn to a stalemate — but mine’s in . .



      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:25 pm gunslingergregi

        i think we crashing cause the jews got to old
        they obviously helped make us rich and powerful


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:26 pm gunslingergregi

        maybe they got bored with so easily winning
        they human too get loney
        prob wonder why the fuck they should care to win it all when winning it all ya still just a human on earth

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:28 pm gunslingergregi

        how many times is it cool to go to an almost empty beech
        and talk to an old bitch with celulite all over her ass


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:32 pm gunslingergregi

        like nobody has compassion for the super rich
        imagine how bad it could really suck


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:34 pm gunslingergregi

        some old jew chick living in a 3 mil house wanted to kick her roomate out for not going to thailand with her
        well why didnt she have any real friends to go with shit
        enough to almost bring a tear to the eye


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:39 pm gunslingergregi

        plus dealing with all the fucking responsabilty and no fucking appreciation
        how many people getting free shit sent a thank you letter


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:48 pm gunslingergregi

        how many employees of amazon sent bezos a thank you letter fr having a fuckikng job at all


      • It never gets old.

        It truly defines an entire subset, a very large subset, of the Boomer generation.


  3. Chose the right photo, too

    The right meme will never die. It becomes its own and pivots expectations.

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  4. on January 15, 2019 at 11:43 am gunslingergregi

    coorporation: we are a multinational corp now and see no borders
    country to corp: yea you built that manufacturing for us thanks we aint paying for it though fuck off and we stole your tech bitch
    corp to daddy us army: waaaaaaa help us they wont pay


  5. I have to laugh, otherwise I’d cry.

    Libertarians are civilizations worst enemy. At least SJW’s have declared their side.

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  6. The other major thing that needs to be dismantled is the idea corporate person hood. Basically, corporations get all the god given rights of an individual, but none of the responsibility or consequences. I wonder ((( who ))) came up with that deal ?

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    • This is actually a TERRIBLE idea

      This would really crush small business and open us to even more legal liability, and, put all of our personal assets on the line if a company fails or gets sued. Our personal assets are untouchable in a business failure unless they can prove fraud or gross negligence which is actually kinda hard still.

      Ending corporate personhood would, overnight, cause a lawsuit feeding frenzy and there would not be a legal small business left in this country.

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      • Disagree. You can still keep the protections for the personal assets of business owners. However, corporate drones need to be accountable for their crimes and ” mistakes “. They shouldn’t be allowed to be involved in politics, lobbying, and social manipulation. Especially multi-nationals, which by their very nature, have absolutely no allegiance to their country of origin.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:06 pm Sorcerygod at

        It was liberals who infiltrated and took over the corporations that deal in public media. Public media has created the “raciss” taboo, and the result has been disastrous from a talking-points standpoint. TV is the gun at the head. Corporations of size MUST BE surveilled and monitored by government for takeover by leftwingers. Must. Be.


      • Corporate drones are responsible, the problem is the laws are simply not being enforced. I mean stuf flike Facebook making material misstatements on it’s financial statements, where is the SEC? That’s just one little example off of the top of my head.

        Plus, you are saying here:

        “Dismantle the idea of corporate personhood”

        but yet saying

        “You can still keep the protections for the personal assets of business owners.”

        But, this is the the entire point of corporate personhood, the seperation of the individual and the business, and giving protection to the individual. So you are saying to keep in effect to keep corporate personhood but just call it something different.

        Existing laws need to be enforced before you start messing with something like Corporate Personhood which actually works for us.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:12 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> ‘However, corporate drones need to be accountable for their crimes and ” mistakes “.’

        The worst thing is the corruption of the bureaucrats who are supposed to be overseeing & regulating this shiznat.

        A $100 Million fine levied against Goldman Sachs is simply a cost of doing bidness.

        But a $100 Billion fine levied against Goldman Sachs would have Chucky Schumer on the Red Phone with Yossi Cohen, speaking to an emergency meeting of the Uber Sanhedrin on a heavily encrypted conference call.

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      • ” Existing laws need to be enforced before you start messing with something like Corporate Personhood which actually works for us. ”

        However, are they ? Will they ever be ? Thats the problem. As far as ” corporate person hood ” is concerned, keep protections for business owner’s personal property, gut the rest of corporate “rights”, rename the whole deal. I think we just got confused on the semantics.


      • ” A $100 Million fine levied against Goldman Sachs is simply a cost of doing bidness. ”

        Exactly, how can corporations pull the scams and crimes, we often hear about but no one in corporate leadership gave the orders or knew about them ? Does anyone actually buy into this ? These punks get away with crimes we would all be sitting behind bars for.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 12:28 pm Captain Obvious

        Point being that either:

        1) The regulatory bureaucrats are all Tribe, or

        2) The regulatory bureaucrats are all on the take from the Tribe, or

        3) The laws are so seriously out of date [or were intentionally written to be so toothless] that the fines authorized by the laws don’t even amount to background noise to the International Frugalists.


      • No foreigners should be allowed to own a business or land in our nation. Or run a business here. Get one of our people to import your crap, pay tarrifs on it, or sell your wares elsewhere.

        Otherwise, every business, office, home, factory, and farm should be owned by nationals only.


    • Thought experiment. Corporate liability spills over to personal liability.
      For starters, very few people would dare owning stock.
      In the next stop the companies would include into ALL their contracts (this includes you buying an apple at the grocery store) a clause where you would not be allowed to buy that apple without signing a waiver saying that you would have no recourse to the owner’s assets, only to the company’s assets.

      None of which is to deny that corporate managers can (and do) build corporate structures that are odious, e.g. putting liabilities in a subsidiary, and letting the sub go bankrupt.


      • you’re right man bc before we had corporations nothing was ever bought and sold and there were no apples

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      • One more time for clarification.

        ” As far as ” corporate person hood ” is concerned, keep protections for business owner’s personal property, gut the rest of corporate “rights”, rename the whole deal. “


      • No, there should be no preexisting protection of the owner’s personal property.

        In some egregious cases, the owner or owners should all be impoverished and/or thrown in jail or to the lions.

        The justice, equitableness, mercy or rapaciousness of ine’s community and society is determined by the character and heart of its people. Injustices will happen.

        But owners being truly responsible and taking on real risk, and therefore manful and real responsibility as well, rather than taking on an artificially lower risk through dumping some of that risk and its potential costs on society at large through so-called “protections”, only serves to get us in the very same situation we have today. Such truncated personal risk does not minimize overall risk but rather dumps part of that risk on unwitting persons in the larger community who will unfairly have to suffer more from whatever losses or damages these owners might incur.

        With true personal responsibility, you have far fewer shysters and conmen entering the game or getting very far in it. More incentives for good owners to keep their companies small so they can properly oversee their operations. You have much more localism. With corporate protections of personal wealth, you have globalism. Scams on a massive scale, w the main perpetrators walking scot free because they are protected from having their personal wealth taken from them.

        And if u have a shitty culture and society full of rapacious lawyer willing to sue people over bad apples, and impoverish them for making honest mistakes, then you have a shit culture anyway, will have far more problems than just that, and blood needs to be spilled and good people will have to stick closer together. And then no law will help protect u anyway when u have a shit society like that anway.

        Like our current society.


      • First, jill all the lawyers.


  7. Because its such an overarching major threat to this nation. SMH

    – Democrats Prepare Hearings On “Rightwing Extremism” –


  8. Gee, I wonder why ?



    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:31 pm Captain Obvious


      That link made my day.

      Huge smile on my face now.

      I told youse guys that Gates is one of us.

      You can’t look at the “Picture of the Day” at Bing every day and not realize that he’s one of us.


      • However, he’s a major proponent of vaccinating everyone else. Whats he know ? Whats in those vaccines ?


      • @ Amon Ra
        There was a pretty cool British TV show a few years ago called Utopia. I’m loath to spoil it but it’s basically about the elites conspiring to bring about massive population reduction by creating an urgent need for a vaccine which in fact made about 50% of the population infertile.

        It was well made and brutal at times. I’d recommend it.


  9. on January 15, 2019 at 11:56 am Matthew Alexander

    As a libertarian, this just makes me shrug my shoulders. Not particularly effective. It’s the same nonsense we’ve dealt with a million times before with Leftists. It misunderstands our philosophy and doesn’t contain that kernel of truth necessary to land a hard-hitting bit of rhetoric.

    There is a good portion of the libertarian population that will have to be exiled when America is finally reclaimed. They’re nothing but Leftists with a bit more education on economics. But there is a very strong, alt-right sentiment flowing through the libertarian community, and you might consider more attempts at recruiting from it than alienating it.

    Stuff like this, apart from not being true, is not going to help you recruit from that demographic.

    [CH: recruit? i’d prefer to convert them]


    • Nice message, but it won’t land here.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:37 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “our philosophy”


      “Your” philosophy was created as an exceptionally inelegant psychological warfare campaign by a not particularly bright, not particularly well-spoken and rather hideous old Frankfurt School yenta w!tch named Alisa Rosenbaum.

      “Your” philosophy – still chuckling – y’all tards never cease to amuse.

      If your treason weren’t such an existential threat to us, then maybe we could even drink a shot of single malt together.

      But as it stands, y’all are srsly angling for the DOTR.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 5:39 pm Matthew Alexander

        ““Your” philosophy was created as an exceptionally inelegant psychological warfare campaign by a not particularly bright, not particularly well-spoken and rather hideous old Frankfurt School yenta w!tch named Alisa Rosenbaum.”

        The libertarian philosophy was not created by any single individual. And Ayn Rand was an Objectivist, not a libertarian.


    • A useful rhetorical quip is “the libertarian utopia is as likely to materialize as the communist utopia.”

      Libertarianism is a foreign concept to non-whites. It’s even mostly foreign to the whitest of Germans and Scandinavians. Most of them have no affection for it. Not even a little.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 1:01 pm Captain Obvious

        The yugely ironic thing is that Libertardianism is PERFECTLY NATURAL to most of the inhabitants of the british isles [with the possible exceptions of the welsh & the southern irish].

        It’s basically what we call “The Common Law”.

        The problem cums when your country ceases to be Anglo-Saxon in nature, and is overrun by lutherans or jesuits or j00z or mandarins or street-sh!tters or WTFE.

        Then you quickly reach a tipping point where the underlying bl00d & soil can’t support “A Common Law” anymoar, because you have too [email protected] many cheaters in your midst [with adulterating bl00d coursing through their veins, and a contempt for the soil].


      • on January 15, 2019 at 5:42 pm Matthew Alexander

        “A useful rhetorical quip is “the libertarian utopia is as likely to materialize as the communist utopia.””

        I am pretty much in agreement. But the closer we get to the libertarian ideal, the more prosperous we become.

        Assuming, of course, we’re not talking about the Lefty, open borders libertarians who would have society destroyed.

        “Libertarianism is a foreign concept to non-whites.”

        Again, agreed.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 6:18 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I also agree. Libertarianism is compatible with common law. Perhaps with Christian societal mores, as well. Live and let live, but ostracize as needed. Many people from the third world don’t have the mentality of personal responsibility ingrained in them. It’s masters or slaves. But libertarian thought is not too compatible with the current legalistic culture of the United States, either. The author of this blog insists to fight the legalists and their ilk in their own arena (“just make more laws!” “antitrust!”) without understanding that we will never ever have a chance in such a fight. The better strategy is to shift the overton window, and stop thinking in terms of how to opress our fellow brethren with more laws, or how to weasel out of our yoke with more laws. I would rather we concentrate on how to liberate ourselves from their laws – which ultimately serve them, and not the people.


      • Libertarian_Pill’s post is redolent of the ivory tower, circular, masturbatory philosophizing and intellectualizing that libertarians endlessly engage in, and have been engaging in for almost 100 years now… to no avail. While abjectly losing the war on every front: in government, in culture, in schools.

        Yes, yes, yes, if we all Go Galt and Liberate our selves MORE, those same people will suddenly learn to play nice and let us be and then let each other be.

        It’s so trite, and tiresome. And wholly incompatible with the annals of human history and reality.


    • Where were you retards when the refugees & immigrants were flooding in? Oh, that’s right, i remember. Back in 2011, Ron Paul, among libertarians on the internet (it was the IN thing back then) were advocating for open borders because a wall along a border would “only serve to keep us in!” & it wasn’t “free market”

      Libertarians suck on the free markets cock, for free(taxation is theft after all), without realizing that the founding fathers & other important figures in american history, were against free market & more for protectionism (Lincoln in included in this camp. Southerners were “free market” because of their dependence on slave labor. Look it up) They also suck on the free market cock lie, without also realizing that this “ideology” that they worship was actually disseminated by Neo-con think tanks like Cato institute & Heritage foundation, EXACTLY so that at this point in time that we’re in, fuck faces like you would have NO PROBLEM with corporations taking away our rights. You retards were arguining against “government tyranny” for years, but your worship of the “free-markets” blinded you pompous faggots to the TRUE enemy of our rights, the corporation. If you faggots were so enlightened, you would’ve warned us of this during the 2012 political era. You didnt.

      If you’re still a Libertarian in [insert current year in which you read this] you’re retarded, outdated & irrelevant. Libertarianism is utopian nonsense that doesnt deal with the real world, just like communism. It “sounds good on paper”, but good luck implementing your ideas in the real world, especially with a non-stop influx of sub-80 IQ retards flowing into the U.S

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      • God, community, family, protectionism & national identity is the future. The worship of the free market is canceled as of 2019. We worship GOD now.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 5:43 pm Matthew Alexander

        Mr. Correcto, wen faced with such erudition, what can I do but bow?


      • on January 16, 2019 at 12:56 am terryegrafed7039

        “[Libertarian ideology] was actually disseminated by Neo-con think tanks like Cato institute & Heritage foundation, EXACTLY so that at this point in time that we’re in, fuck faces like you would have NO PROBLEM with corporations taking away our rights. You retards were arguining against “government tyranny” for years, but your worship of the “free-markets” blinded you pompous faggots to the TRUE enemy of our rights, the corporation.”

        EXACTLY. While we were ever-vigilant against “Big Brother” in the form of Big Government, it sneaked in through the back door in the form of Big Business.


    • For every protestation of a libertarian against their own reckless ignorace I can provide 5 examples of schmucks lecturing people about how Gillette, Faceberg, Twatter, Shovey…ad nauseam are private companies and can do whatever they like to the commons/markets/borders/workers/customers. It’s laughable.

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      • But you can CHOOSE to take your money and business elsewhere!, they shriek.

        But NO I can’t when I have no other options because ALL the other fake options are owner or supported by homoglobo coporations and have so impoverished us and flooded us with dirt peoples that you cannot afford to even make your own or start your own business. JewCorp will shut you down or out-compete u with their cheap labor and $.03 Chinese made versions, and if that doesn’t work they now just shut you down for being a white male.

        But yeah, libertarians, just “choose” to go elsewhere and the Magic Market will sort it all out and the good guys will win in the end, right?!?

        Utopian hogwash.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 5:45 pm Matthew Alexander

        Yes, I agree. But then, they can come around. I used to be an open borders nut job at one point.

        The problem with many libertarians, and with myself at one point in time, is the failure to put principles into proper context.


      • Notice I said ignorant. I was ignorant once too. I wasn’t that dedicated to it.


      • Peylayo gets it.


  10. Men bad, vagina good.

    The woman who directed the Gillette short about male toxicity also directed this beauty celebrating vaginas. –


    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:07 pm Sorcerygod at

      @Amon Ra

      The vagina is especially beautiful when it’s gushing junk, those 4-5 days, irregular or like clockwork.


    • That was grotesque. I only got about halfway through. And why doesn’t it surprise me that the “musical” accompaniment sounds like some kind of negroid droning, too?


  11. on January 15, 2019 at 12:01 pm Deter Naturalist

    Libertarians (used to be one) come in two flavors: Leftist and Rightist (just like the rest of us.)

    Left libertarians think they can have their cake (Utopia) and eat it too (without violating the “sacred” Non-aggression Principle.) Right libertarians think they can have their cake (Nirvana) and eat it too (without the aristocracy that would emerge from meritocracy.)

    Both are fools who think people are all the same (115 IQ, relatively self-controlled, sort-of logical.) They all (to a man or woman) grossly overestimate their own “logic.”

    Leftism thinks it can have people without people’s biological humanity. (facepalm.)


    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:43 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “(used to be one)”


      Welcome to the club.

      I used to be a rock-ribbed paleocon fundamentalist, right down to the wingtips & the starched button-down-collared white shirts & the striped ties.

      I even went to the barber and got a proper fash haircut about once a month.

      But now that I’m a stalinist, I walk around all day barefoot, in a t-shirt and some boxers, and I don’t think I’ve had a haircut in about a year.

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      • on January 15, 2019 at 6:21 pm Libertarian_Pill

        How can you be a stalinist yet opposed the “poz”?


      • You lost me here.


      • on January 16, 2019 at 8:46 am Deter Naturalist

        Rather than tongue-in-cheek (Stalinist), I’m more a Charles-the-Great or Charles Martel-ist.

        Sadly, odds do not favor me living long enough to see anything remotely resembling an aristocracy emerge from what’s coming. Maybe fate will smile on me and let me at least see some mildly meritocratic system occur on a very local basis.

        The only homo I like is imagining a return to my homogeneous culture. For everything else it’s pogrom time.


      • on January 16, 2019 at 7:47 pm Libertarian_Pill

        Russia is one of the most atheistic (except for the fervent Muslims), materialist societies in the world. This is a result of Bolshevik destruction of Christianity and the “deplorable” class, something which Stalin continued. So I don’t see how someone like Captain Obvious, who doesn’t seem to adhere to the materialist (poz) school of thought, can think so highly of Stalin, Putin, or other products of the Soviet experiment.


      • It’s because Stalin fought the Skypes


  12. Simply excellent.
    I implore someone to polish it up a little bit, it looks a little cheesy.


  13. Corporate Censorship:

    Corporate censorship is NOT a first admendement issue, in fact, the moment the huge corporations started committing censorship, they began committing MASSIVE FRAUD and of making fake court filings.

    Let’s give an example. Maybe you remember this. So some chick gets bullied on FB a few years ago, freaks out, kills herself. Parents sue. FB gets out of this lawsuit clamining they are not responsible for policing content as they are a platform providor not a content providor.

    People organize crimes on FB, victums sue FB, cases get tossed saying the same thing.

    SO, years pass, and two years ago they start a MASSIVE ongoing censorship campaign agains all things Trump and right wing. NOW CLEARLY they are no longer a platform providor, but are now in fact policing content, which means they should be open to all of these bullying lawsuits and victium lawsuits.

    So, this is the “Check” that is in place in the system, if the company supports the First Adfmendent, then, they have no liability on these lawsuits.

    Censoring content should have opened then up to all of these lawsuits, BUT YET because the system is rigged, they still get away with it. They get to have their cake and eat it too.

    So it’s not a “Free Speach” issue but a fraud and systemic corruption issue.

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    • on January 15, 2019 at 12:48 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> ” BUT YET because the system is rigged”

      If you allow j00z to enter your country, and attend law school, and sit for the bar exam, and become lawyers & lawmakers & jurists, then the system will ALWAYS be rigged.

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  14. I’m starting to warm to Vox Day’s proposal of implementing Christian blasphemy laws and that free speech is a failed idea that was perveted only to subjugate whites and Christians.

    It was only ever intended to be related to politics.

    I also reject the “principle” of the separation between Church and State. It’s only intention was to not establish an official state denomination. Like “free speech” it was absolutely perverted by the left to eliminate forcefully all Christianity while simultaneously allowing America’s enemy religions of Islam, YKW, and atheism to flourish.

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    • on January 15, 2019 at 1:21 pm Captain Obvious

      The Frankfurt School is running another semantic wordplay thing now with the 2020 census.

      The constitution originally called for a census of “free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons”.

      I.e. the constitution essentially called for a census of the Populace, rather than of the Citizenry, because of the 3/5s compromise [owing to all the chattel s1aves which the Frankfurt School had sent to the New World from Africa].

      Then after the 13th “Amendment”, all of the chattel slaves became “citizens”, so there was no longer a distinction between “Populace” & “Citizenry”.

      But now the Frankfurt School is trying to revive the distinction, in order to stop the Trump Administration from inquiring about citizenship


      • on January 15, 2019 at 1:22 pm Captain Obvious

        I.e. the Frankfurt School is trying to pretend that there is no 13th Amendment, which is a rather perilous position for them to take.


    • The Orthodox Church has never abandoned or changed its stance on the ideal relationship bw the state and The Church.

      Syntonia. The double-headed eagle.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 8:56 pm baked georgia

      despite being in the constitution, the free speech (other than political speech) related to “arts” only become a thing in the 60’s. before that many books are censored for obscenity.

      books that to these day’s standards are like PG movies


    • YKW. Lol haven’t seen that in years.


  15. Corporations (and their apparatchiks in the HR departments) are one of the biggest threats to our freedoms. Try getting a good job if corporate America (or Western Europe) decides to blackball you for wrong thought (or simply deep sixes your resume for being the wrong race and/or sex – i.e. a White male). The USA has been taken over and run by corporations (and run AS a corporation) for many years.

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  16. I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what Libertarianism entails.

    Genuine and tongue in cheek explanations both welcome.


    • Ayn Rand is NOT a Libertarian. She is Objectivist. Libertarians do not believe “Big Business is the most persecuted minority” as she wrote.

      A corporation is a tool – like a gun, it can be used for good or evil.

      Libertarianism is NOT what it is caricatured on this site.

      It simply means a belief in liberty. Not worshipping government, realizing that taxation is robbery at the point of a gun, not worshipping politicians (including Trump), etc.

      I don’t why Libertarianism is impugned here…

      If it was understood, it would not be..or maybe the Fox News/Big Daddy Government mentality is too strong here.

      Libertarianism is NOT looking for Big Daddy Trump or anyone else to solve all problems.


      • ‘Libertarianism is NOT looking for Big Daddy Trump or anyone else to solve all problems.’

        So for example, how would libertarianism (or libertarians) solve the demographic crisis in the US? While I would always prefer a smaller government rather than a big government, I can’t see how such a huge problem created by government can be solved by anyone but government.


      • No, that’s false. Libertarianism does not simply mean a belief in liberty. That is reductionism to the point of meaninglessness. What you just said… means nothing. It’s like some stupid whore trying to claim that ‘Feminism just means a belief in the liberty of women.’

        As an Austro-libertarian for the vast majority of my adult life, and now someone who totally rejects it, I can tell you that neither Big D nor the vast majority of self-identifying libertarians really understand what libertarianism is. I’ve been steeped in libertarian literature since I was 15, and had a grandmother getting libertarian publications as far back as the early 40s, many of which I later picked up and read. I still have some early 50s editions of classics by Leonard Read and Hayek. I know not only the basic arguments and hierarchy of values of libertarians and libertarianism, but also how many of those arguments have changed in the last 60 years. In some cases, to the point of being almost the opposite of what they were 60 years ago, whilst still claiming ‘liberty,’ ‘personal liberty,’ and ‘small government’ as their stated goals. Those are most definitely their stated goals, but they don’t know what those words really mean. They retreat into generalities when pushed into making more tangible and concrete definitions that can stand the test of time. See: Big D’s attempt to define libertarianism. Then they just accuse you of ‘not understanding’ them or ‘not getting it’ or ‘not understanding’ what Liberty is.

        It is a hodgepodge of various ideas that center around notions of limiting government for the purposes of increasing individual liberties and increasing material wealth and security for individuals and groups outside the State. A stand-alone, organic philosophy it is not, and it is merely an outgrowth of materialist and humanist Classical Liberalism, which also spawned Marxism, et al. Marx explicitly espoused ‘free markets’ and borderless societies as a step towards world government. Marx also saw man as a purely material ‘homo economicus,’ just as libertarianism demands of its adherents.

        It is a hodgepodge of beliefs set upon shifting sands. It is a presuppositional and epistemological disaster. It is most assuredly utopian and incompatible with reality. “Ceteris Paribus” is its foundational epistemological framework, its standard for deductive reasoning, as is the case with most of economics and theoretical sciences, which, at the start, makes it very UN-realisitic. You can find no place on earth, no moment of time in the history of the world, in which all other things were held equal… while some other isolated event or transaction or thought process was taking place.

        The caricatures of libertarians and libertarianism on this site are more accurate than inaccurate. At this point in the game, in the history of the West, if you’re still asleep and not woke, then you deserve to be mocked. Especially if you can’t see how current realities of the world are ruthlessly shattering your precious libertarian principles and worldview.


      • A corporation is a gang. A collection of people trying to make a profit.

        A local police department is also a gang.

        Gangs can be good if they are out to protect their own and one is one of them.

        An entire country is supposed to be a gang—one nation that would die for each other and the future, with children who look like everyone else having a future.


    • Most people here don’t know because it is a popular joke spectre. I think the term was perverted by propaganda because the original Libertarianism is antithetical to the spirit of big government, of organization imposing one person’s will on another’s. I think it means live and let live, but universal cooperation is stupid, which is how Libertarianism has been demonized, I think. Christians love to denigrate it’s pacifism. I think Libertarianism is the proper goal of violence/force. Free markets are imposed. Civilization is exclusive of the uncivilized. I don’t think Libertarianism is a complete ideology or a complete philosophy, like other ‘systems’ claim to be. I think of it as a plank. It detractors think of it, in isolation, as retarded.


  17. Inside every libertarian there’s a fascist trying to find his way out through a cloud of marijuana smoke.

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  18. I’m a Libertarian. I am against institution too big to fail, which means people are hypothenticated for government debt. Libertarians do not advocate big government/corporation, call it what you will but it is persistent bureaucracy that dehumanizes.


  19. That’s why I gave up on Stossel.


  20. Off-topic post, because I don’t know where else to ask: Best options for a non-latex condom? Wife has noticed that she’s happy right up until the condom goes in.

    No bunz->oven right now due to medical issues. Something better quality (for me) than trojans would be nice, but not at the risk of a pregnancy that sets her health back by a couple of years.


    • on January 15, 2019 at 5:03 pm Captain Obvious

      Latex allergies are horrible.

      I’ve known nurses whose hands would break out like poison ivy if they put on some latex gloves by accident.


      • on January 15, 2019 at 5:05 pm Captain Obvious

        You might look at nitrile.

        Although personally I’d be thinking horse play and no PIV until you’re ready for bunz -> ovenz.


      • Brand recommendations?

        We already have two kids. I’d like to do 2 more, but with how much #2 knocked her back health wise, I suspect #3 will be the last.


  21. Shit like this is why I left the libertarian party. And I even worked for Ron Paul once.
    Fact is, whenever some fucklhead is like “no guns in my business!” here are the libertarians to remind us that it’s perfectly in his right to do that.
    OK then, how about “no fags and trannies in my business!”
    Nope, no libertarians to be found. Anywhere.
    In the meantime, the libertarian movement was so desperate for bodies they became such a huge tent and let in degenerates. They were intentionally pozzed and taken down by C4SS. Back in my twatter days, I always followed “accounts to follow” suggestions and ended up following some C4SS type who always followed back. That dude had more trannies on his timelines than a freaking Manhattan fashion show. Every time he posted some shit that I found to be rather pozzed, I looked at the thread for it: trannies and traps and assorted freaks. This was around 2012-2013. By 2014 the libertarians were a complete laughing stock.
    The reality is that libertarian social order is not going to be achieved with libertarianism. The only thing salvaged from that mess is Hans Hermann Hoppe and his concept of “physical removal”, so to speak.


  22. LOL “”””Reality””” Doug can never recover

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  23. on January 15, 2019 at 9:00 pm baked georgia

    many libertarians are against corporations. but their solutions are naive.

    if certain business dont accept you, you can create your own business!!!”

    like we can create our own billionaire media company or credit card corporation

    look what’s happening to gab or the goyfundme website

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  24. While some libertarians like some democrats and republicans hide behind ‘but it’s a private company / corporation’ nonsense at least some libertarians understand that many corporations and the state are so tied together it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. Is there a single mainstream D or R that will even entertain the idea that we live under a government-corporate partnership?


    • almost every republican and democrat voted for laws such as the “Telecommunications_Act_of_1996”.

      the curious exceptions: bernie sanders and… john mccain. but I think in the last case was just to be a contrarian