A Thank You And A Social Media Platform Update

First, I extend a warm thank you to all the CH readers who donated big and small to yer grateful host. This past year saw an especially generous outpouring. Although this blog would happily churn out truthcopy without the cash infusion, it certainly provides a high octane emotional boost to know concretely that the effort is appreciated.

Next, a brief programming note. I’m now on the Twatter-replacement insta-discourse website Gab, under the account “chateau_pussygrab“. Please to be stopping by and make for group hugs. As for recolonizing Twatter, I’ll see what I can do. (Anyhow, even if I manage to get back onto Twatter, with only a month to go until The Trumpendammerung it’s a good bet the limpwrist faggolas who are running Twatter into the ground will unceremoniously and without even the courtesy of a fake justification kick me off. Censorship and sanitization have become wholly-owned properties of the shitlib left.)


This is a good place to link to MPC’s “E-Day” thread. What will you be doing on the Day that the Skypes Rent and the Four Pepes of the Trumpocalypse charged in to usher forth a reborn America?

My election day plans are p simple. Morning: Vote for the Golden Don & MAGA
Evening: Torchlight parade and/or  street fights


  1. the two choices,

    Grab a pussy or be a pussy!

    twisted play on word rape!

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  2. I live in a heavily blue area. I plan on going down to the local DNC base of operations and marching around in front, Trump-hat askance, wearing a Pepe-Trump T-shirt, bearing a sign that proclaims “All Hail Glorious President Trump! Burn the Witch, Sire!”

    Asking for a mob attack rape!

    [CH: if you do that, take a selfie or have someone take your pic (blur your face in the photo if deemed necessary) and email the pic to me. I’ll frame it in a post.]

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    • Trump 2016: The Left wanted witch trials, now they’ll have them.

      They just didn’t figure they would be the witches.

      Spectral evidence rape!


    • WF, I’d love to be your wingman for that endeavor.

      In there in spirit rape!

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    • You could bring in the German anti-media chant “Lügenpresse, halt die Fresse!“ (Lying media, shut your hole!)

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    • I have 500 Trump bumper stickers. I am spending the next 24 days posting them in various places, such as on (1) known Jews’ cars; (2) trees and poles at busy intersections; (3) at the entrances to banks and grocery stores; and (4) at the entrances to downtown office buildings where Jew lawyers work.

      Have to be careful. If you guys don’t realize it, there is nowhere you go in public that is not being recorded on a closed circuit camera.

      I also have about 20 yard signs. I will place them where tens of thousands of shitlibs drive by on their way to work, one each day for 20 days. I will do this at 6 AM every morning, so that many commuters will see it before it gets taken down.

      Yes, in a heavily blue area. lolzozozozozoz

      On November 9 I will walk like this: http://i.imgur.com/biDFHU0.gif

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      • on October 14, 2016 at 3:54 pm Captain Obvious

        FYI, SKYPES LURV LURV LURV THEM SOME VIDEO. All the Skypes that I know have 24×7 video rolling from all different angles on their property. Dress accordingly, and don’t get your pickup truck’s license plate within a country mile of the scene of the cr!me.


    • Voting is just our opening offer.

      If ((((they)))) were even 1/1488 as smart as ((((they)))) think ((((they)))) are, ((((they)))) would accept our peaceful offer and thank us for our leniency.


  3. I plan on voting for Trump and letting out a war cry as I do so.

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  4. […] A Thank You And A Social Media Platform Update […]


  5. Donated.

    MAGA by supporting CH!

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  6. donated. MAGA!


    • Thank you CH for your tireless efforts. I’m hitting dat donate button after i post this. Your thank you post today reminded me of the last time you wrote a post expressing your gratitude, back when i was still an anon. I went back to your gratitude post and found my comment from that post. Like many men, I have come a long way since finding your teachings. Happy Friday you magnificent shitlord!

      Making me proud to be an american rape!

      January 12, 2015 at 9:28 am

      I have been smiling since 2015 began. I have kissed more strange women in the last two weeks than i can ever recall, within minutes of meeting. I now hit the gym with the same ferocity I bring to following my personal mission. My body and my life is changing. I was a 60 pounds heavier just 7 months ago. My brothers in real life and my brothers online carried me until i had the strength to carry myself. Truly, this post you made CH brought tears of joy to my eyes. I know the feeling now of not being able to stop smiling, of wreaking pure chaos on these hoez and seeing them not only enjoy it but invite more. The number of men and women i see living static lives makes me realize the gift you and Rollo and Mystery have given me is truly too valuable to ever repay. So I hope you walk with a skip in your step (fuck I already know you do haha) because you are doing more for MEN than any fucking source i can think of. When i have a son someday he will start with the archives. God speed

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  7. Well after voting, I’m going to spend the day volunteering to drive Trump voters to the polls or doing whatever else the campaign asks for help with.

    And then, yeah — torchlight parades or street fights.

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  8. on October 14, 2016 at 12:53 pm Divine Son of Kek

    I miss twatter, but they have mistreated me.

    They could’ve just left me to hate post in peace, but nooo

    [CH: heh]

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  9. Just followed you on grab, er, I mean gab, CH


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  10. I’m confident that the way Glorious Leader is speaking these days, that even if thecunt manages to steal it – he will never concede the election. No call to thecunt on election night. His only comment – “I’m not going anywhere.”

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    • That is a VERY interesting proposition, especially given how much the military HATES Hillary and how much she HATES them back. And given that Trump likely has employed former Special Forces operators as bodyguards for a long time—giving him a liason between himself and the military. And given how much Obama has humiliated the military over the last 8 years. And given how much red-staters and young white dudes are going gaga over MAGA.

      Now that I think about it, I’m sure President Trump has been in contact with higher-up military types in case the Left tries to steal this. He won’t fire the first shot, but if the Left tries a coup/rigged election, he play politics by another means.

      He’s thinking ten moves ahead rape!


      • “thinking ten moves ahead”

        yes. now we’re tapping into our inner Aryan warlord 4d chess genetics.

        genie’s out of the bottle rape!

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      • Oh the military culture is changing rapidly. My friends in the Special Forces are seeing feminism and anti-Christianity taking over quickly.


      • My idea of a Trump-led general strike, should Hilldog steal the election, would be a good way to initiate some resistance while at the same time taking the temperature of how much the people are behind Trump.

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      • “My idea of a Trump-led general strike, should Hilldog steal the election, would be a good way to initiate some resistance while at the same time taking the temperature of how much the people are behind Trump.”

        Built in excuse for Trump should he lose, which is more than likely. Listen, Corvinus, why don’t you put your fake Christian mug on YouTube after the election and gauge that resistance with a substantive field report.


    • An unelected Trump can still be coronated and issue a mobilization order and declaration of war.

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      • That’s the goddamn spirit. Fuck yes.

        Why would we be taking options off the table before we even start? The Art of the Deal has never been more in need.

        Again, vestigial GOP loserism. I swear, with victory a fingernail’s breadth away, we are still looking for ways to fail.

        Armed revolt, why that is out of the question! Even if it is, you can still use it silently as leverage if you don’t blab away your position before you even sit down at the negotiating table.

        Has the enemy ever taken violence off the table? Or do they routinely, systematically whip up riots for the very purpose of using them as political chips? The left burns down entire cities and enslaves whole peoples to preserve their power.

        Ours has always been a failure of nerve.


      • A general strike would be an immensely powerful weapon against Jewish tyranny; Trump’s people keep this nation running.

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      • A general strike starting November 7 (day before the election).

        Serves the dual purpose of freeing up all of the employed, productive Trump voters to hit the polls on November 8.

        Bring public transportation to a halt.

        Turn the lights out if they can’t run the grid without us.

        Trump’s voters, self-reliant, will flood the polls and Trump will win.

        Obama will nullify the results, claiming the strike disenfranchised blacks and other low-agency voters.

        Next move is Trump’s. Having flexed his muscle, he might call off the strike and allow a second election, with White men emboldened and the phony sex scandals forgotten. He might fight it at the Supreme Court. He might call upon the military to enforce the election results, or prolong the strike until the government relents.

        I’m LARPing yeah, but still.

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  11. Glad Ricky made it back to Twitter. Take a clue CH! Don’t run. Stand tall, fight, and win. Social media is for faggots. Encourage people to go outside. When I need to take a shit, I log onto Twitter and dump on (((leftists))).

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  12. KEK help me, I’m posting this from I-30 north of Texarkana while driving an old Oldsmobile back to pasture, literally.

    From MPC

    Yesterday, 08:31 AM
    Let’s not get carried away about sperging for Trump.  Election fraud at non-negligible levels isn’t something you can do anything about with ground level antics, you’ll just make people think you’re losing it.  Just vote and watch the returns come in like everyone else.  This election is the start of something, not the culmination of it, so calm down.  Accept that Trump might lose, and it wouldn’t be proof that democracy sucks or life is over.  I’m going to start suspending people for a week if/when they being crying or freaking out on election day (sooner if I have to).  Go swallow a jar full of black pills somewhere else.

    Not even the shitlords at MPC will openly support Trump.

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    • @tteclod, I read that in a different manner.

      P-man was responding to the OP as a way of saying, “Let’s not start with the election fraud talk right now nor start crying about it if it does happen”

      He suggests a wait and see method and wrote what he did as a way of curbing the people that’ll go to extremes with such talk about fraud and the like.

      The comment after the one P-Man wrote builds on the main theme that the election is a start of something.

      And MadScienceType’s comment after that sums it up well regarding the notion of mass election fraud, which the OP seems to fret.

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    • Concern trolling born of hidden despair, which is a symptom of that old GOP loserism. Thanks for being preemptively concerned about our temperament, we will be just fine.

      Instead of trying to dissipate, disqualify, or deny our legitimate rage, this fellow should instead seek ways to productively channel it as Trump has and will. He should try leading those in his little domain rather than threatening them and shitting on their concerns a full three weeks before a situation — which very well may not even materialize — presents itself.

      Somebody’s got the yips on the eve of battle. Loosen your grip, son. You can do this. This is what we’ve trained for. No one said it was going to be easy. I’ll be right there next to you.


  13. Yep. Keep pushing Jews. Steal this election from THE PEOPLE, the Jew.

    Come on.

    Get what you are asking for.




  14. on October 14, 2016 at 3:14 pm Divine Son of Kek

    Imagine if there existed a super secure ethnostate for kvetching journalistos to go to if they’re that afraid of resurgent anti-semitism

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  15. Putin is about to pussygrab the entire world. No doubt if Trump loses, Russian world-domination is next unless you think a military of niggers and lesbians will be able to handle the offspring of Ivan The Terrible


  16. Pussy Galore


  17. Googles decolonizing science lollllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


    • Stupid f*cking blacks. Amazing – on a University campus, no less. It shows what a joke any liberal arts (i.e., non-science) degree is these days. Jibber jabbering African bitch.


      • This bix nood ooga-booga bullshit is actually taking place in an institute of learning?

        Think about it… I’m serious… it would be


        if it wasn’t such a fucking sign o’ the (((shakin’ mah haid))) times.

        Fuck this ghey planet.


      • bitch looks like she’s from the matrix


  18. Marvelous. Welcome to Gab.


  19. Dumped twatter, now rocking gab.ai. It just feels good to have an alternative where truth may out.


  20. African science, LOL.


  21. on October 14, 2016 at 5:43 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    OT, bitter spinster’s sour vagina regrets she tried harder when she was still pretty:



    • Notice how the article goes out of it’s way to mention how the “Trump camp” brought this guy forward… the nudge-nudge being that he’s just a paid stooge… they also take pains to mention his past whistleblowing on some Brit politician, being the latter’s procurer of boys.

      Did they mention anything about Clinton bringing Leeds forward?


      • Another thing about this whole flap that doesn’t get mentioned is why would Trump even bother with that hag in the first place. 35 years ago he would have been 35 and she pushing 40. He had hotties at his beck and call, he wouldn’t be pawing at a post wall career slag who is older than him.

        Most likely he was just being his charming self and over the years her hamster spun it into “He was ravishing me because i was so hot, successful, confident, etc.”, which basically falls in line with what the fella in article says.


  22. Thanks for noticing my plight with Jackie. Bish was all up in my shit, I said bounce, and next thing you know, the secret’s out about September rush pledge parties.

    Here’s the problem with apex alphas who approach. Or are approached.

    As we saw with airplane girl, she was harassing Trump, got rejected and carried bitter pills for life…carrying a mattress for him, you’d say. That’s a problem.

    Another problem is say you’re a work apex alpha who, while you wouldn’t necessarily grab a pussy without an IOI, you’ll occasionally proposition a girl. Maybe kino. This is now “groping” when you run for president. You get shot down, you’re now a sex offender 10 years later.

    My answer. Be Michael Huchinsesnse of INXS. When he was on Carson, he just told his future wife, come up to my hotel room for teh sex.

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  23. on October 14, 2016 at 5:59 pm Sean Fielding

    I’ve never spent a ton of time at MPC. Right now, there’s an Amazon Prime link with this text;

    “The bigots better get used to it: Amazon Prime drones are going to deliver life-saving HIV medicine directly to gay people. And for every Amazon Prime free trial sign-up, MPC gets $$$pAiD$$$. Already have Amazoid Prime? You can still give back to this gay-friendly cyberpunk samizdat forum . . . ”

    Is MPC gay-friendly?


  24. can’t find link, but here’s Minogue who received similar pick up line from Hutchence


    • basically, “I don’t know if I should have sex with your or take you to lunch.”

      “I was kind of taken aback but with his charisma…”


  25. sperg alert, found it:

    “I mainly interviewed Michael’s crotch and at the end he asked me back to his hotel room. I said, ‘Crikey, no, I’ve got a baby’.”

    she regretted it but she corrected it



  26. on October 14, 2016 at 6:15 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    this just gave me a raging boner!

    landslide rape!

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  27. https://downwithjugears.blogspot.ca/

    A quote: “The first order of business once Fox News calls it for Hillary on that night in November is not to collapse and give in to despondency and despair and total depression.

    No, really, guys. I have heard from a lot of you who have drunk the Trump kool-aid and drunk it deep, to the point where I’m worried about some of you. If and when Fox News calls it for Hillary do not, do not do anything bloody stupid.”


    • yes. the election is only Plan A. allow them plenty of rope to hang themselves.

      “Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”


  28. The basic strategy is survival, not jumping headfirst into the fire. Tactical, methodical, precise. Not blm table-stomping theatrics. We will have to learn how to adapt to a society in which the secret manipulators have been revealed and are among us. Ancient babylonian times we’re talking.


  29. on October 14, 2016 at 7:01 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    BTW CH, oh mighty dark lord, you have opened my eyes on great many things. Looking at the world through the red pill lens, suddenly things make a lot more sense 🙂


    • I made a parody ID of a muslim who trolled liberal sites thanking Western leaders for helping the islamification of the West.
      Allowing millions of migrants to live in the West with free food allowances and free accommodation. Apologizing constantly for the actions of the radicals. And taking out moderate / secular regimes of Saddam, Gaddafi and Asad.
      It’s almost like the Saudis and the Israelis control Western Governments. Viewed through this lens everything started making sense.


  30. I strongly suspect the tools are in place to censor the web by excluding conservative domain names and mobile applications from platforms owned by american tech companies. Unfortunately, those tech companies have begun to own not just content, but actual internet infrastructure and pipelines. So they are very much capable of doing this without people really noticing.