Trump’s Sex Talk (It’s Honest And True, Alien Concepts To thecunt)

The GloboHomoBezos Hivemind is pulling out all the stops to prevent a populist uprising. The latest is a mic’ed recording of Trump engaging in some fratty sex talk in 2005 while on the set of a soap opera in which he had a cameo. The bawdy line that has thecunt in a schoolmarmish tizzy is when Trump says, “when you’re a star… they [women] let you do anything”.

Trump is right. Fame Game is the most powerful aphrodisiac a man can unleash in the world of women. I’ve no doubt actresses on that soap opera eagerly welcomed Trump’s inquisitive probings.

I for one welcome a realtalking, truth-telling, ZFG juggernaut steamrolling our vile ruling class. I also welcome Trump reminding thecunt at their next debate of her husband’s rapes and abuse of power to curry sexual favors from female underlings while she protected him and slandered his conquests.


  1. Hahah, yeah just saw this. What a joke everyone gets upset. Its plastered all over huffpo as well. I recently just got into it seems a bit lame to be tweeting or whatever it is, but I’ve been banned/shadow banned on too many things already.


    • Yeah, even Nolte, who I like to follow on twitter and would read when he was with Breitbart, is going full cuck, saying Trump needs to have a presser and APOLOGIZE in person.

      Effe that!

      But I love reading how Jessica Valenti is going off the rails. And did she shave the sides of her hair? I wonder how fast she’ll devolve that she’s hit the wall so hard.

      [CH: if trump apologizes for this (ie if he kneels before thecunt’s demands) his campaign is finished. he should instead reframe the whole thing into thecunt projecting her guilt for smearing bill’s rape victims onto trump.]


      • on October 7, 2016 at 5:21 pm Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

        I wish truth & honesty were commodities that were valued in a democracy. Voters say they want honest politicians; the preferences that their votes reveal say otherwise: “Voters are liars when they say they want honest politicians. Voters want liars and masters of self-deceit made in their own image.”

        Hollywood and New York media establishments know the appetites among the masses for self-deception & distraction and have mastered the arts of gamma cum secret-super-hero-savior / cinderella-secret-princess-makeover-miracle fairy tales to seduce their all-too-human livestock-consumers. Challenging cruel honesty isn’t a popular commodity among any major market demographic.

        I fear Trump’s character is probably too strong for the soft and fickle American electorate. Perhaps a case of overgaming + too much asshole to win the woo. The doom & gloom should be leavened with more comfort game & hopeful unity rhetoric.

        For now it looks like the Senate is in danger of falling to Democratic control. Without the hurdle of Republican acquiescence to Supreme Court nominations, Hillary could really nominate some gems that make Sonia Sotomayor & Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like Antonin Scalia & Clarence Thomas.

        [CH: tbf to trump, this was an old recording dug up by bezos traitors. during the campaign trump has done a decent job of transitioning post-nomination from the straight shooting jerkboy to the comforting beta boyfriend.]


      • He apologized in the story. 😦

        He better reframe and not apologize from here on out.

        CH, evaluation?

        [CH: link?]


      • Nolte is a big cuck. He means well but sometimes he just needs to shut up.


      • He release a statement on his website:

        “This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close. I apologize if anyone was offended.”

        And Cuck Ryan was “disgusted” with this, since he always asked permission to grab a chick’s snatch, that he disinvited Trump from an event in WI he was having tomorrow. Pence is going in his place.

        And yes, Nolte means well, but does have a streak of cuck in him. He needs to start lifting and taking notes from Scott Adams.


      • he should instead reframe the whole thing into thecunt projecting her guilt for smearing bill’s rape victims onto trump.]


  2. on October 7, 2016 at 4:41 pm Canadian Friend

    The more than 200 million women who read the Book 50 shades of Gray agree with Trump.

    They may say they don’t, but their gina tingles say otherwise.


  3. and Rapin Bill’s enabler is shocked, SHOCKED i tell ya.


  4. This could mobilize the google vote for Him.
    “Hey, he’s just like us! Same as ol’ Bubba.”


  5. […] Trump’s Sex Talk (It’s Honest And True, Alien Concepts To thecunt) […]


  6. My girlfriend sent me a link to this, I went with a “he sounds like a rapper” misdirection


  7. on October 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm Captain Obvious

    Okay, suppose The Donald really did grab a bunch of party gals by the snatch. Where are the Kathleen Willeys & Paula Joneses & Juanita Broddericks to complain about it? My guess is that either all that talk was so much hot air [like much of what we throw around here] and that The Donald never actually did this to any chicks, or else TheCunt’s oppo-research team has found those women and is waiting until circa Thursday Nov 3rd [right before Tuesday Nov 8th] to unveil them…

    [CH: even if it wasn’t hot air, the best bet is that those women loved every second of trump’s attention. that’s why no women have come out to say anything but good memories of their time with trump. he’s genuinely a charming mofo (who wouldn’t give the likes of thecunt a second glance irl and she knows it). anyhow, this would be a good time to line up juanita broadderick front and center at the next debate.]


    • Why wait? There are going to be voters who want certainty on the charge. If the cunt waits, it will be obvious why, even to her own supporters. Cunt supporters have been losing their shit, even Michael Moor said Trump won the debate.


      • on October 7, 2016 at 8:03 pm Captain Obvious

        CH: I don’t care if you’re Rudolph Valentino, Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty, or Robert Plant. NOBODY walks up to 100 out of 100 chicks and grabs their snatches and gets away with it. 97 or 98 out of 100, maybe, but not 100 out of 100.

        A: Traditionally, (((they))) always withheld (((their))) most damaging shiznat until the Thursday before Tuesday [Caspar Weinberger indictment in 1992, Dubyah drunk driving in 2000].


      • on October 7, 2016 at 10:25 pm Captain Obvious

        I dunno – maybe there’s some milieu within which you could pull it off [100 out of 100] – somewhere in the NY catwalk fashion scene, or with the starlets by the swimming pool in Hollyweird – somewhere that all the women were effectively wh0res, and they all knew that they were effectively wh0res, and you knew that they were all effectively wh0res, and they all knew that you knew that they were effectively wh0res, and you knew that they all knew that you knew that they were effectively wh0res, etc etc etc…


  8. on October 7, 2016 at 5:41 pm Carlos Danger


  9. Trump says he wants a Tic Tac so he can kiss her.

    He says he always kisses beautiful women as soon as he meets them.

    They get off the bus and meet the chick and within ten seconds Trump kisses her.



  10. Too many CH posts


    • Women need a memory trail and thus it takes them longer to fall in love. Part of this is their inherit need to test if the suitor is a real man. They can’t lock-up with a needy individual so the subconscious shit tests.

      Women like a man who can walk away without a concern. This for a man is the best strategy to keep a women faithful.


  11. So Hillary’s slut-shaming those girls who like having sex with trump?.



  12. on October 7, 2016 at 7:20 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Literally nobody is upset by this except lovelorn cat hoarders and the HB3 legions.


  13. I really wish I was wrong but I am afraid that the feminist propaganda is just too strong already. Now, any sane person knows that everybody said things under the expectation of privacy but, in this case, we are talking about the Government and the entire media morphed into some sort of supernatural Goebbels that will instill the narrative that Trump is Hitler v.2 until this is all you hear. By the way, how many you think noticed the recent Wikileaks dump on Hillary about dealings with uranium and Russia? No matter. Trump desecrated the sanctity of vagina and I am afraid that not enough voters will resist the brainwash. It is already difficult to be a Trump voter in the open. Actually, in academia, is impossible.


    • Isn’t this the kind of shit that got him popular? Look at the inner shitlords he has coaxed out of so many men already.


    • on October 7, 2016 at 8:53 pm evilwhitemalempire

      Do you honestly think that any women that gives a shit about this new tape would have voted for him anyway?

      All that’s happening here is that femcunts (that already hate Trump) are just going to pull the lever for Hillary harder. But doing that isn’t going to make their votes count any greater.

      And who knows?
      Maybe this turn of events will inspire left leaning MRAs (the kind that defended the Muslim rapists in France a while back) to consider voting for Trump just to stick it to femcunts.


  14. on October 7, 2016 at 7:25 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    Women will let met do anything and I’m broke as fuck tbh


    • Perhaps if you kept the firearms at home and approached in a well lit and populated venue, things would turn out differently?


  15. This really does only bode bade tidings for the cunt. This is exactly what made God Emperor popular and this only reinforces his objective qualifications in being the President of this country. Let the feminists squeal like pigs, it will only make them look hysterical.


    • That is the milion dollars question. How many feminists and white knights are out there getting ready to vote? I am afraid there are too many…but I hope I’m wrong


  16. The wikileaks drop finally happened and nobody’s talking about it.

    [CH: I will. the alt right will. as for the legacy media controlling the vertical and horizontal for the rest of america? they’ll pretend it doesn’t exist. war is coming.]


  17. on October 7, 2016 at 8:39 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)


  18. Imagine how many more women would have wanted to sex up DJT if he understood them?


    • on October 7, 2016 at 9:05 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

      I look at these ladies and think it’s horrible that they’ve never had a gamma incel to give them what they really want as women


  19. If it pleases the proprietors of Le Chateau, allow me to offer a bit of a theory on some of the outrage over stuff like this. My theory is not based on game experience but as a gunnery sergeant who has served more than one tour in the front line trenches of America’s culture war.

    Older women tend to hate Trump most, along with low-T men, for the following reasons:

    For these older women who hate Trump, many of them rode the carousal hard and along the way got hung up on an alpha bad boy. They broke all the rules for him and let him treat them in a way they would never tolerate from their later beta hubbies.

    Trump IS that bad boy. Seeing him talk like that and act as he does is a stinging reminder to these women that they failed to secure commitment from the bad boy whom they did everything for and eventually had to settle as a result despite the fact they never got over him.

    For the low-T men, they hate Trump because they’re the ones who got stuck with these harpies once the bad boy lover was done with them. Whether consciously (Read Rollo Tomassi’s article “Saving the Best” for an example) or not, these men know their wives had past lovers whom they treated better, tolerated more BS from, and probably still pine for – all while they have to bend over backwards to make her happy and yet nothing they actually placates her impossible demands.

    These men know the bad boy rule-breaker got all the tail they wanted while they chose to sit and sulk in their low-T status.

    To them, Trump symbolizes the bad boy who got from their wives what they themselves have never experienced; genuine desire.

    If I may theorize further, it is also why a lot of young, attractive men and women are Trump supporters. For the men, Trump has all that they desire by the age of 70; success, status, well-adjusted children, and a hot wife. For the women, Trump has all the alpha traits they find arousing with just enough of a pro-American to give off that “good man” vibe.

    Again, just a theory.


    • People who live free of inferiority complexes, jealousy and the likes are more naturally right-leaning.
      The converse is likewise true.

      In a time where leaning left is the majority-approved conduct, the natural trend is only to grow.
      The weaker one is, the more his need to be sure he is doing and thinking right will be (and he’ll derive this sureness only from being in the majority all the time).


  20. on October 7, 2016 at 9:38 pm Seymour Buhtz

    The Art of the Reframe.

    Trump once again exhibiting super tight game–terse, reframe, and the non-apology apology.

    Jeb! just shit his britches.


  21. Jebus Christ…

    What Emperor Trump said was well documented in ’50 Shades of Awful’.

    Women react viscerally to this and like it.

    Every femicunt was wet and that is why they were upset.


  22. on October 7, 2016 at 11:19 pm Concerned Citizen

    I’d follow this man to war


  23. Grab them by the pussy.


  24. From about the same time as Trump’s recording:


  25. I was friends with a comic named Ray Combs back in the 80’s. He had a show called Family Feud for a while and while he was doing it he nailed model Kathy Ireland. I recall him saying, almost incredulously, that normally he wouldn’t normally have had a chance with her but for “celebritivity”. The fact that he was on TV, even a crappy show turned him into a magnet for high SMV women.

    Trump simply repeated this in locker room terms.

    People react badly to the truth because it’s such a rare event in a completely false world.

    Boorish? Yeah. Vulgar? That too. The truth? Yes, sadly it is, but because of people like Paul Ryan and their own maladjusted form of female objectification, people live in denial of that fundamental reality.


  26. Watched one of the political shows this morning, they had a panel of people to gauge reactions to Trump’s pussy talk v Clinton’s two-faced e-mails, was struck by how many people were more interested in gauging Clinton’s trustworthiness at the debate instead of Trump’s interest in humping. That’s kind of where I am at too: I’d rather have an honest poon hound than a lying, disingenuous deceiver. With Trump, at least we can be sure that the public image of a brash, irreverent braggidochio is true to who he actually is, whereas with Clinton we have no idea if she is telling us one thing in public but telling the people she owes favors to another.