Early Voting, Inaccurate Polling, And Diversity

Early voting and other nontraditional methods of voting such as absentee and mail-in ballot have been trending rapidly upward since at least 1996. The early voting trend is most pronounced in battleground states like FL and NC (this is important…see below*). The only nontraditional method of voting that saw a decrease has been “absentee voting with an excuse”. Basically, a lot of states have made it easier for residents to vote early (and vote twice). Goodbye, America, the series.

Widespread early voting adds layers of complexity to polling and to predictions of election day results. Nontraditional voting weeks in advance of an election means that polling agencies are either wildly off due to faulty inputs in their models (GIGO) or because they are emotionally biased to favor the Democreep Party, early voting (among other tricks of the trade) gives them the cover they need to rig their polls in an effort to demoralize and depress the turnout of the opposition.

It’s hard to say which Party benefits more from early voting, or how early voting may or may not be a leading indicator of election day voting. Relevant data is difficult to find, but generally Democreeps vote early in larger numbers than do Republicans. Polling based on early voting is notoriously inaccurate. In the 2012 Gay Mulatto-Magic Cuckerwear election, predictions based on early voting tallies were badly off.

But really it looks like early voting isn’t indicative of who typically wins the state in fact in a lot of states it’s the opposite, whoever wins early voting loses the state. It seems that Dems have the advantage in early voting because they bus people in as is happening in Nevada. Dems have always been good at rounding up the chimps and giving them vouchers for some Nike’s and moving them to some place to stage a protest or fill out a ballot.

Early voting numbers seem to just indicate which party is blowing their load before election day.

There are some current early voting results to back up the theory that Democreeps blow their GOTV wad early and fade as Election Day draws nearer. For instance, in FL the Dem early voting advantage decreased by over 9,000 votes from the first to second day of voting.

*It’s no coincidence that early voting is becoming the norm in battleground states like FL, NC, and AZ. It’s in these states where racial Diversity is either entrenched or making quick inroads. The Diversity is the reason these states are battlegrounds at all.

So why are more Americans (and Mexicans squatting here) voting early in national US elections? My theory:

Diversity + Proximity = Make the Vote Remote.

Diversity™ causes societal breakdown. The more Diversity, the lower the social cohesion and the more disconnected people feel from one another. Everyone feels more distrustful of their neighbors. Voting on Election Day is the kind of national ritual that Americans share with one another. But when America is a multikult dystopia, the national rituals lose meaning. People come to view these sacred duties as a chore instead of a time to reinforce one’s identity as an American, because they look around and ask, rightfully, “What identity exactly am I supposed to feel a part of?”.

There are plenty of socially atomized White Urban Shitlibs who are voting early, and they give all sorts of anodyne reasons (“my schedule is hectic”) but I suspect the real reason they’re voting early, a reason they will never admit to anyone even themselves, is that they find the idea of going to a polling station in the not-yet-fully-gentrified Section 8 zone of their hipster enclave to vote side by side with the vibrancy a dreary proposition.

Data on voters’ reasons for early voting is sparse, but one recent survey found that half of likely US voters are concerned about Election Day violence.

That’s another cost of Diversity: violence. And intolerance. And irreconcilable hatreds. So why is the ruling class inviting more Diversity into our homeland?


FYI this is why it’s better to viciously mock SJWs rather than reason with them. The cunty SJW is immune to logic and reason. Rationality slides off her like sanity slips free of her cortical bonds.


This made me laugh and retch simultaneously:



    • (((They))) are in full out panic mode because (((they))) know that #weknow.


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    • It’s already clear by now that Trump is outperforming Romney everywhere. Whether it’ll be enough to win is another question.

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      • And then there’s Trump’s secret weapon this year: Nobama. The dindus turned out in force for Osambo, but won’t for thecunt.


      • I think Trumps secret weapon is the silent white vote that will come out.

        Thats what the libtarded left is afraid of…and why theyre gearing up the fraud machinations, propaganda and corruption to African warload nigger levels.

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      • I went to vote Saturday, my location was doing fairly brisk business, no lines, but a steady flow.
        I think Ripp is right, the ‘silent majority’ might carry the day, I’ve never been polled, and neither has anyone I know.
        I hope I’m right, the last thing we need is Angela Merkel 2.0.


  1. In Miami, the ballot is in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

    A nigger who speaks only Creole should not get to vote in my country, obviously. They are already “stuffing the ballots” with “legal” voters.

    I promise you the system will be different in 15 years.

    I don’t know what king or strongman will be in control, but it will not be anything like the “democracy” we have now.

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  2. […] Early Voting, Inaccurate Polling, And Diversity […]


  3. Leaving work now…heading over to HOLLYWOOD/HIGHLAND to MAGA up that homeless patriot. Thinking of bringing some top notch gourmet foodie hot food to keep that fire in her belly going through the night. The rain is coming tonight so I’ll bring her some ponchos I keep in the saddle…

    We must protect this house!

    MAGA time
    surfs up, guns up

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  4. Crooked Hillary allegedly met with Florida Broward county google election supervisor a few days ago.

    Possible shennanigans to sway votes through shitty google handling of vote printing and distribution.



    • on October 27, 2016 at 6:55 pm Canadian Friend

      If Hillary wins Florida it will be because of intense voting fraud.

      I just read that Tin Kaine had to cancel appearances in Florida because too few people were going to attend!

      If no one wants to go to Hillary and Kaine appearances, yet tens of thousands go see Trump, how are we supposed to believe Hillary is ahead in the polls????

      If she wins it can only be because of intense massive gigantic voting fraud.

      My American friends PLEASE don’t let the cunt steal this election, FIGHT this!!!

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  5. What?! Homogeneous societies are stable?!? Japan: 2,000 years of stability. Congo, not so much.

    What?! Israel deports Africans and brown people. Who knew?


    • Homogeneous societies are stable…

      … so long as they’re not brown.


      • If they’re brown and not propped up by whitey and just left to be stone age shit pits, they’re relatively stable.

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      • Yes… stable for a shitpit.


      • Brown societies are stable. They are not hyperviolent like nignogs. They are poor and agrarian and traditional. It’s like they are frozen in time. Nothing is ever invented or changed or transformed. People live the same way their ancestors did. Fine by me. Just leave white countries alone.


      • Homogenous White societies are stable as long as they don’t get the PC guilt trip disease foisted upon them by enemies from within.


    • “Yes… stable for a shitpit.”
      “.. Where, at the bottom of the graves
      Low Probability behaves.”


  6. the Make the Vote Remote. is probably true

    I have a friend who is a “dual citizen” he’s got a US and EU passport. When I remind him of the oath he took as a citizen – you know the one that says

    “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen;”

    So under his oath he can’t have another passport but whatever. Well he wants to vote in the US election by absentee. He moved back to the Continent over the Summer. Cute no?

    I ask him what he will do when Killary makes America Mexico Again. And he literally waived his EU passport in my face!!! These libtards need to be taken out and treated as all traitors should be treated.

    Oh as a curious side note. Guess which country was the second country in all the cases where an attempt to revoke US citizenship was made by the US government on grounds of being a citizen of another country. Guess which (((country))) it was. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afroyim_v._Rusk#Beys_Afroyim

    The Trumpening can’t happen soon enough.

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  7. on October 27, 2016 at 6:14 pm Alien Sex Fiend

    Breaking news:


    The CultMarx nutcases keep providing great material before election day.


  8. on October 27, 2016 at 6:16 pm Divine Son of Kek

    “Could you let me talk to her for a moment?”

    “Don’t call me that”



    • Call me hard-hearted, but is it, could it be just possible that these ChantyBinx-type canufuckwits take shedloads of “confidence-enhancing” talkytalkytalky medication powders before their ambushes?
      (Conveniently arranged in Thafe Thpathe, with White Knights aplenty in the wings, many in blue patriarchal uniforms).
      That would account for the ADHD word salad and highly uncharacteristic aggression and ballsiness.
      I mean when was the last time any of you were followed down a dark alley by an SJW? (Shuttup Strapon, I mean with malintent, not as a customer).


  9. on October 27, 2016 at 6:22 pm The Other Anonymous

    Voting – rates along side a trip to the Division of Motor Vehicles or Jury Duty – it is outright depressing. THESE are my civic peers? Ugh, pass the brain bleach.

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  10. Assange quoted today. Apparently from phone call to argentina.



  11. Meanwhile Kaine cancels his Florida event tomorrow…

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    • Oops. From 2015. Sh1t.


      • Things haven’t changed much in a year in that regard.


      • on October 28, 2016 at 9:26 am Canadian Friend

        It does not matter that is from 2015.

        Trump has thousands of people ( I think his largest crowd was around 25 thousand ) while Hillary has trouble getting 200, and Kaine had to cancel some appearances because no one cares about him or Hillary.

        It does not matter that the photo is from 2015, Hillary has never had a crowd that big, never ever.

        Trump has a record breaking following on the internet, he has record breaking crowds when he appears in public.

        Trump had record breaking donations

        Trump broke other records ( can’t remember them all there are about 6 so far )

        It does not matter that the photo is from 2015.

        Your point still stands, tall and strong like Trump.

        Trump is much MUCH more popular than Hillary despite what the – lying trough its teeth – media says everyday.

        Trump should win easily unless democrats can find a way to add about 5 to 10 million fraudulent votes. ( which democrats might find a way to do, as they have no conscience and feel that they are above the law )

        Trump should win easily.

        Trump WILL win.


      • I think the largest was 30k in Alabama, either in late-mid 2015 or earlier this year.

        But the point remains—Trump’s drawing in tens of thousands of people, while thecunt has to pay her own staff to show up at the rallies and fill ’em out.

        I truly believe this will be a YUGE victory for Trump.

        I believe that shitlibs won’t come out en masse as with obozo and also because lethargy and the someone-else-will-vote-thecunt mentality will afflict them into not acting.

        Using Scott Adam’s terminology, this is the rising part of the third act in the movie, where the hero has had to adjust to claim victory and it’s those final minutes when he’s just about to win, even though it might seem like the villain will succeed, the hero manages to defeat them

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      • Some conservative blog was keeping a record…I can’t remember the name but Trump was getting 300,000 a month and Clinton was getting 30,000.
        For Barry the very campaigning like this they must be scared.


  12. How can you “not” vote for someone who says/tweets things like:

    1. “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”
    2. “The wall just got higher.”
    3. “Are you friend or foe?”
    4. “Look at that face. Who would vote for that?”
    5. “If we had to be in a war, I’d take the oil. I’d take the oil!”
    6. “The only card she plays is the woman card.”
    7. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
    8. “…sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”
    9. “You may have more hair than I do. But I get more pussy than you do.”
    10. “Because you’d be in jail.”

    How can you vote for someone who says things like:

    1. SIGH!
    2. I’ve got tabasco sauce in my purse!
    3. Presumptious Donald….

    Even on the basis of pure style / technique / rhetoric &c., one of the two is a monumental failure.

    [CH: i sometimes scratch my head that anyone would prefer thecunt schoolmarm to the shiv-tongued golden don, but then i remember there are a lot of losers and freaks and feeble betas and sexual market rejects in america who can’t handle an alpha male reminding them by his mere existence of what they are.]

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    • on October 27, 2016 at 6:59 pm Divine Son of Kek

      The people voting for Hillary aren’t really voting for Hillary.


    • Agreed. But I keep thinking: EVEN IF you’re a feeble beta…don’t you watch movies, and think: God I want to be like Robert Mitchum or Humphrey Bogart and be a bad-ass. This is the same with Donny. On the basis of pure style alone, he is worth emulating and learning from. This guy takes risks, and whatever you might think of him or his politics etc. (i’m talking about the so-called undecided), this guy has got some stones. He’s got nerve and intestinal fortitude. and that is worthy of respect. You can disagree with Dirty Harry in the movie, but you gave him his due because he stood his ground. Am I so deluded to think that even a feeble beta would be turned off by “Dirty Harry”? If so, then Don’s win is even more crucial for the culture wars.

      [CH: smart betas admire their betters so that they can learn to improve themselves. bitter betas resent their betters and learn nothing. most betas are bitter. millennial and boomer betas are particularly resentful of alpha men. millennials have to be the faggiest generation of manlets in history, so it’s no wonder they can’t handle the trumpian truth.]

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      • Very true. And yet, truly mind boggling. I keep thinking: come on. Get off it. Human nature has a hard time dealing with monotony, boredom, ennui &c. I remember as a teenager everyone went through existential angst &c. But you can’t sustain it. Or at least I couldn’t. Similarly with bitterness, depression &c. You can break up with a girl. You get mopey and depressed. You badger friends and acquaintances with details of your lovelorn life &c. After a while, it palls. It’s BORING. It’s tiresome. Similarly with bitterness. Or at least as it applies to me. So I see Don as inspiring. And I guess I’m with CH in scratching my head. I mean, how long can you hold on to your ‘bitterness’? Doesn’t it get tiresome after a while? Even to yourself (rhetorically addressed to the ‘bitter beta’]. Unbelievable.


      • on October 27, 2016 at 7:30 pm Captain Obvious

        Does anyone find themselves torn as to whether they’re gonna root for Rick or for Neegan? [The only problem is that Neegan’s leather jacket looks very 1970s Village People ghey-as-he11. But Rick is a known oil-driller. Blecchhh.]


      • [CH: smart betas admire their betters so that they can learn to improve themselves. bitter betas resent their betters and learn nothing. most betas are bitter. millennial and boomer betas are particularly resentful of alpha men. millennials have to be the faggiest generation of manlets in history, so it’s no wonder they can’t handle the trumpian truth.]

        Vox Day still thinks that Deltas (smart betas) are the most common type of man, but I’m beginning to think that Gammas (bitter betas) actually are, unfortunately.

        This election may provide a clue. Trump wins = Deltas still outnumber Gammas. Trump loses = the reverse.


      • @ Capt obvs: There is no rooting for Rick. Rick is a quintessential libtard. If not for the writing, he and all the others would have died by episode 3. Literally.


      • I grew up in Europe watching American movies…all the classics.. and very few Americans I know …know the references I make. Old movies are not known so all the younger generation know is faggotry.


    • I have a couple of friends who, while Europeans in Europe, are middle managers at Silicon Valley companies and thus hate Trump. At first, it was because Trump was so stupid, now it’s because he’s such an asshole.

      They furthermore seem genuinely upset about it, which is a bit eerie because it’s feminine feelzing and acting all the way, and they are after all middle-aged men. But I guess you don’t get to be a middle manager if you can’t parrot the party line with some conviction.

      They never mention Clinton at all. Everybody from media and downward seems to have agreed that the less we think about her, the better.


      • I grew up in Europe and even as a kid in the 70’s and 80’s, I noticed that any anti-American sentiments among Europeans were always tinged with a rather heavy dose of envy.
        Plus, most Europeans have never been to the US and get their ‘information’ via Hollywood movies, TV series and the highly biased Euro media.
        You should have heard the mega-epic shitfits they had when Reagan joked; “The bombing of Moscow starts in 5 minutes’…….


      • “Plus, most Europeans have never been to the US and get their ‘information’ via Hollywood movies, TV series and the highly biased Euro media.”
        You friends with Arbiter?


      • Wolfie…’Sonne statt Reagan’


  13. They have to vote early and often. You have to realize the whole 50-50 division thing is a scam. Romney really believed 47% of the country was permanently on Obamaville, but actually we’re dealing with a Lunatic Fringe. 18-19% tops. The numbers are skewed by all the normies that don’t vote because of lukewarm lamebrain candyass candidates like Mc Shame or Milquetoast Romney. But Trump is different. The media is going apeshit because all those no-shows since Reagan left are coming out this year. How much can you stuff a ballot box before you have so far over 100% it starts a War?

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  14. My state is vote by mail. I like it. Signatures are verified and ballots are hand-counted.

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  15. I live in a state with vote by mail. I happen to like it. Signatures are verified and ballots are hand counted. Unfortunately my state is worth very few electoral votes. #MAGA216


    • Every little bit helps. CO, NH, ME, whatever — we should get them if possible.

      Also, as FL demonstrates (here), mail-in voting favors Republicans.


    • Bad idea. Mail-in ballots are an invitation to fraud, no matter the “verification”. One Day, One Vote, One Time. Paper ballots (still the most easily secured) Photo ID, no same day registration or absentee (deployed military excepted). If you can’t be bothered to show up on Election Day, too fucking bad.


      • Apologies if that sounded harsh, but when you live in the state that gave us Obamacare by way of voter fraud, one tends to be bitter.


  16. In NYC, Philly & other cities many of the folks voting D are concentrated in large apartment building. Polling locations are at most a short walk away. So for GOTV work, a few people can go door to door in the building & drag people to the polls. In FL, NC, etc, their voter base isn’t as concentrated – plenty of rural poor folks. So now those GOTV workers need more time to drive from shack to shack, rounding up voters & getting them to the polls. Hence the need for an “election season” instead of election day.


  17. on October 27, 2016 at 7:38 pm Divine Son of Kek

    If you had told me in May 2015 that I’d actually be voting in this election…


  18. Off topic but there’s been a surge in “women getting the pay shaft” propaganda lately.

    Photo caption : This woman better keep working while her male coworker takes a break if she wants to make up for the wages she’s losing by earning less than him.


  19. Voting on Election Day is the kind of national ritual that Americans share with one another. But when America is a multikult dystopia, the national rituals lose meaning. People come to view these sacred duties as a chore instead of a time to reinforce one’s identity as an American, because they look around and ask, rightfully, “What identity exactly am I supposed to feel a part of?”.

    There are plenty of socially atomized White Urban Shitlibs who are voting early, and they give all sorts of anodyne reasons (“my schedule is hectic”) but I suspect the real reason they’re voting early, a reason they will never admit to anyone even themselves, is that they find the idea of going to a polling station in the not-yet-fully-gentrified Section 8 zone of their hipster enclave to vote side by side with the vibrancy a dreary proposition.

    Interesting. Probably the causality runs both ways, although stronger in the direction that you have presented here.


  20. O/T

    You might find this old Apprentice clip interesting, if you have not already seen it.

    Trump: “What do you mean you’re ‘white trash’? You don’t joke about that.”

    Come the Trumpening

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    • Not OT at all — Trump has a solid instinctive racial pride in his people.


      • Wanted to go out as a “smart-ass”? The only place where calling yourself white-trash is useful these days is maybe “marketing” because it is relentlessly anti-white. Anywhere else? Why would anyone want to hire someone that deprecates themselves? You want to represent me? Not a chance.


  21. something dawned on me, what with half the white race virtue signalling itself into oblivion* is the problem with how Americans, at least, signalled.

    Back in the day, ya signalled you were awesome with a bitching camaro, or a half a pound of coke.

    Now America’s been deballed that you signal through virtue signalling. And not like Tebow going to volunteer in some 3rd world hell hole. No…you bring the 3rd world here and stick it in some deplorables’ backyard.

    The solution, bring back bitching camaros.

    * dangers of electing liberal is they run with that ball. Like Merkel, or Clinton, just open those borders, make that permanent change.


    • While I like the idea of resurgent Camaros, the reality is that good cars are too expensive for your theory. They’d need to reduce the price of the new Camaro by 50% in order to get the desired effect.

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      • Bitchen Camaro! I ran over my neighbor!

        Look for late 80’s to late 90’s Camaros, V8, with manual transmission if you want to be bitchin on a budget.

        Former Owner ’67 RS/SS 350 Camaro. It was bitchen — modded to hell and back.

        Nothing says virtue better than a wild ass burnout leaving dual stripes of black rubber for hundreds of feet while fishtailing through a cloud of bluish tire smoke, engine roaring through straight through muffers (hooker maxflo), mullet flying in the breeze, sleeveless t-shirted arm hanging out the window, blasting Van Fucking Halen.

        America? FUCK YEAH!

        In remembrance of the Dead Milkmen:


      • americans need to virtue signal through muscle cars again!

        Imagine one of these babies with Trump on the side



  22. Similar on topic… In 2004 I had bought a house in West LA and was a registered Republican (no, not anymore). When I went to my polling place to cast my vote the old yentas working the ballot hand out desk claimed they couldn’t find my name on the voter roll, I showed them my voter registration and etc. again and told them they had better find it or they were going to have a problem. Of course they found it right away. My neighbor across the street was a registered Republican Jew. He told me when he went to vote at the same place the old yentas told him he should be ashamed of himself…

    Don’t tell me there is no fraud. No f’ing way…


  23. on October 27, 2016 at 10:39 pm Alien Sex Fiend

    “That’s another cost of Diversity: violence. And intolerance. And irreconcilable hatreds. So why is the ruling class inviting more Diversity into our homeland?”

    The question answers itself.


  24. Donna Brazile, the braindead buffalo.

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  25. Trump will win…but a few things have to happen. The conspiracy theories have to tamp down. A lot of people won’t vote if they believe their ballots get ripped up, Dems get to vote twice, etc. Yeah, this does happen to some extent, and it matters in elections decide by <0.5%. We could literally lose the election because 2,000 conspiracy minded people in Florida were depressed about all the absolute hoaxes going around like the photoshoped Oregon ballot that didn't have Trump's name on it. I've had friends who would otherwise vote but said "the election is already decided". Nonsense! Yes, it is divided if too many people like you won't vote. Those for the Trumpening need to shed any grip left wing psy ops have on them. Go vote and bring everyone you know with you. Volunteer, display Trump signs, shitpost on twitter and FB. Make sure the votes get in. Volunteer to watch them tabulate the votes at the precincts and submit them to the boards of elections. You have a right to do it, as long as you're aren't electioneering. Other than that, get the absentee ballots sent back, and everyone vote yourselves. If it's a Florida 2000 type situation, Trump will fight like hell to prevail, no doubt. But, it would be a huge shame if he lost and the difference was people who thought it was already predetermined for Hillary. Don't let it happen. Don't quit. Never give up. Trump will win and it will be a party like you've never seen until the sun comes up, and after on Nov 8. because we ain't going to work the next day! It will be pure ecstasy. Just imagine ordering drink after drink at the bar without a care in the world after they announce for Trump and the liberals slink home. Make it a reality. Believe it into existence, and it WILL HAPPEN. Mark my words.

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  26. on October 28, 2016 at 7:14 am CBR600RR_Rider

    it was 100% googles operating the polling station during the primaries in Coral Springs, FL where I’m at 🙂


  27. I have a friend who moved to Asheville NC a few years ago. She told me she voted early last week, and blamed it on “living in a swing state with no gun-control” and all the media reports of Trump supporters’ violence. Some people are snowed pretty easily.


    • Liberals are so brainwashed and ignorant. Asheville is the white dread-lock, lesbian, hippie patchouli smelling capital of the Eastern USA. It is deep blue enclave surrounded by hard core Red areas. Areas where church, family, guns, hunting, fishing, off roading, and traditional gender roles reign supreme. I live in one of those red counties nearby and visit Asheville occasionally for entertainment — decent restaurants and nightlife there compared to my town.

      “Those people” were violent and vulgar at the Trump rally in August, while all the ‘rednecks’ from the surrounding countryside were peaceful and polite. Perhaps too much so, but I digress.

      I’m dressing as USBP agent, with Trump paraphernalia to troll the shit out of the shitllbs in Black Mountain on Monday night.

      BM is a deep blue town outside of Asheville, so White and trusting that the residents there don’t lock their doors. kids can trick or treat without an armed escort. It’s almost like America of the 1970’s. Except stuffed full of virtue signalling shitlibs. They also love Hillary and open borders. As expected, those with the least first hand experience with vibrancy are those that tout it the most.

      I may go-pro the whole thing, in case one of their more ‘tolerant’ folks starts some shit/gets physical. I’m ready for whatever may come. If I get my ass kicked then so be it. Been training for years for something although for most of that time I didn’t even know what it was. Now I know.

      If I do get some good footage, I promise to post it on my youtube channel and link it here for your enjoyment.


  28. Our ballot had 6 names on it, Trump, Billary, Toke’em Johnson, Jill Stein (….) and 2 more I’d never heard of and don’t remember.
    If Johnson gets the poll-projected 20% in NM and Hepzibah, erm, Jill Stein gets , say 5% or so (LOTS of greenie-weenies hereabouts), most of those votes will likely come from disenfranchised Bernie supporters who just can’t stomach the Screech Owl.
    Meaning: She might not win here……despite all the lesbos, baby-boomer bitches, real and post-hippies and Hispanics….

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  29. Who invented the expression ‘white trash’? What the fuck is that self-loathing bullshit? Why the fuck would you be ashamed of being white?

    I never met a Chinese man who called himself ‘Asian trash’. Why? Because he has some fucking self-respect.


    • You misunderstand the concept of ‘white-trash’ entirely. It is a catch-all term that covers all the pre-PC degeneracy. If you fucked Googles, lived like Googles, or generally acted like a Google (down in the South) then you were clearly white-trash: back before they were called whiggers and mudsharks.


      • Thank you… it was originally an epithet reserved for Whites who lived and acted like n1ggers.


      • Whites have never acted like googles in the history of the Universe. Whites have never lived like googles. Whites are nothing like googles even if they hang out with googles.

        Only Googles act like Googles and by Saint Peter, it’s a nightmare.


      • I wish that were true.

        The fact of the matter is the 80/20 rule… about 80% of Whites are normal and worth knowing… the other 20% are best given a WIDE berth.

        That said, with googles, it’s reversed.


      • I’m with Greg, unfortunately. Having seen first-hand the true depths of depravity that leads to mudsharking, white-trash is the only correct moniker.


    • on October 28, 2016 at 12:52 pm Combine Honnette



      • Perhaps a white man categorized Asians into Jungle Asians and Fancy Asians, but no Asian man that I know has the pathological self-hatred of white liberals.


      • on October 28, 2016 at 1:11 pm Combine Honnette

        Try again. The YT video was created by Asians, discussing common inter-Asian stereotypes and perceptions.


      • Try again. Name one Asian country that permits mass immigration. I’m waiting. Oh that’s right. Zero. Cuz they protect their turf.

        Of course, Thai don’t like Chinese and vice versa. Every tribe on earth hates their neighbors. A Thai man never calls himself ‘Thai trash’.


      • Even though they pretty much all look alike to us, the Oriental races and subraces are famous for hating each other, and being fiercely proud and jealous of their own identities… up to and including even the North versus South Koreans.