Alexis de Tocqueville Predicts Current Year America

Give the Frenchman credit for having Nostradamus-like power of prescience. He eerily foresaw the primary danger to established democracies like the US, and his warning echoes in the reality that exists today.

Democratic governments may become violent and even cruel at certain periods of extreme effervescence or of great danger, but these crises will be rare and brief. When I consider the petty passions of our contemporaries, the mildness of their manners, the extent of their education, the purity of their religion, the gentleness of their morality, their regular and industrious habits, and the restraint which they almost all observe in their vices no less than in their virtues, I have no fear that they will meet with tyrants in their rulers, but rather with guardians.1

I think, then, that the species of oppression by which democratic nations are menaced is unlike anything that ever before existed in the world; our contemporaries will find no prototype of it in their memories. I seek in vain for an expression that will accurately convey the whole of the idea I have formed of it; the old words despotism and tyranny are inappropriate: the thing itself is new, and since I cannot name, I must attempt to define it.

I seek to trace the novel features under which despotism may appear in the world. The first thing that strikes the observation is an innumerable multitude of men, all equal and alike, incessantly endeavoring to procure the petty and paltry pleasures with which they glut their lives. Each of them, living apart, is as a stranger to the fate of all the rest; his children and his private friends constitute to him the whole of mankind. As for the rest of his fellow citizens, he is close to them, but he does not see them; he touches them, but he does not feel them; he exists only in himself and for himself alone; and if his kindred still remain to him, he may be said at any rate to have lost his country.

Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks, on the contrary, to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. For their happiness such a government willingly labors, but it chooses to be the sole agent and the only arbiter of that happiness; it provides for their security, foresees and supplies their necessities, facilitates their pleasures, manages their principal concerns, directs their industry, regulates the descent of property, and subdivides their inheritances: what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?

Thus it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. The principle of equality has prepared men for these things;it has predisposed men to endure them and often to look on them as benefits.

After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.

I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom, and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people.

Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions: they want to be led, and they wish to remain free. As they cannot destroy either the one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once. They devise a sole, tutelary, and all-powerful form of government, but elected by the people. They combine the principle of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; this gives them a respite: they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardians. Every man allows himself to be put in leading-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons, but the people at large who hold the end of his chain.

The great fear de Tocqueville harbored about American democracy was the rise of the Administrative State. He believed a vast, expansive and expanding, bureaucratic regime would spiritually enervate the nation’s citizens by stripping them, slowly and inexorably, of their agency and willpower. We would become consumerist pods attached through dopamine IV drips to an impersonal and suffocating paternalistic directorate issuing countless rules and regulations and codes of social conduct intended to relieve us, as de Tocqueville wrote, of the need to think.

Alexis de Tocqueville if he were alive today would have admired Trump, figuring him for the incarnation of a true resistance against the Administrative State; a man embodying the desperate howl for life from the broken but not yet dead soul of Heritage America.

There’s still fight in us Americans, and we’ll go down swinging if nothing else.


  1. […] Alexis de Tocqueville Predicts Current Year America […]


    • on December 3, 2017 at 6:51 am shawn gallagher

      Our choice is Brave New World or 1984.


    • on December 3, 2017 at 10:32 am Captain Obvious

      DE TOCQUEVILLE: “I seek in vain for an expression that will accurately convey the whole of the idea I have formed of it… the thing itself is new, and since I cannot name, I must attempt to define it.”

      I suspect that what he’s imagining is what now we would call “Psychology”, and especially “Group Psychology”.

      But de Tocqueville seems to be describing a natural, innate, organic drift of the Group Psychology into a state of soft totalitarianism, rather than imagining a foreign race of genetic psychopaths seizing control of the culture and intentionally pushing their psychological slaves in that direction.

      In de Tocqueville’s time, the passions [and the passionate] burned themselves out so quickly – de Sade & Robespierre & Napoleon & the disastrous early 19th Century turnover of governments & political movements – that the idea of a long-term, methodical, scientific slow-boiling of the frog might not have dawned on de Tocqueville.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 10:34 am Captain Obvious

        Although I suppose de Tocqueville would have been intimately familiar with jesuitical nihilism, and the jesuitical penchant for seizing control of institutions & poisoning them, but the jesuits never dreamed of becoming as powerful as the Frankfurt School became in the 20th Century.


      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:24 am Captain Obvious

        On the other hand, for (((anyone))) already IN the Frankfurt School [or maybe thinking about formalizing the proto-Frankfurt School into the actual Frankfurt School], with this passage, de Tocqueville is handing to (((them))), on a silver platter, precisely the strategic game plan necessary for seizing control of the huWhyte Sh!tlib Insula, enslaving it, and destroying it, on a racial & societal & civilizational level.

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      • Let’s not forget who funded that revolution, cutting their vermin teeth, as it were.


    • Tocqueville’s famous passage is best paired with Zarathustra’s discourse on “The Last Man,” what we would call betamales. Especially since we seem to have our own flea problem among the reactionary right:

      (And thus spoke Zarathustra to the people:)

      It is time for man to fix his goal. It is time for man to plant the seed of his highest hope.

      His soil is still rich enough for it. But that soil will one day be poor and exhausted, and no lofty tree will any longer be able to grow there.

      Alas! there comes the time when man will no longer launch the arrow of his longing beyond man — and the string of his bow will have unlearned to whiz!

      I tell you: one must still have chaos in oneself, to give birth to a dancing star. I tell you: you have still chaos in yourselves.

      Alas! There comes the time when man will no longer give birth to any star. Alas! There comes the time of the most despicable man, who can no longer despise himself.

      Lo! I show you the Last Man.

      “What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?” — so asks the Last Man, and blinks.

      The earth has become small, and on it hops the Last Man, who makes everything small. His species is ineradicable as the flea; the Last Man lives longest.

      “We have discovered happiness” — say the Last Men, and they blink.

      They have left the regions where it is hard to live; for they need warmth. One still loves one’s neighbor and rubs against him; for one needs warmth.

      Turning ill and being distrustful, they consider sinful: they walk warily. He is a fool who still stumbles over stones or men!

      A little poison now and then: that makes for pleasant dreams. And much poison at the end for a pleasant death.

      One still works, for work is a pastime. But one is careful lest the pastime should hurt one.

      One no longer becomes poor or rich; both are too burdensome. Who still wants to rule? Who still wants to obey? Both are too burdensome.

      No shepherd, and one herd! Everyone wants the same; everyone is the same: he who feels differently goes voluntarily into the madhouse.

      “Formerly all the world was insane,” — say the subtlest of them, and they blink.

      They are clever and know all that has happened: so there is no end to their derision. People still quarrel, but are soon reconciled — otherwise it upsets their stomachs.

      They have their little pleasures for the day, and their little pleasures for the night, but they have a regard for health.

      “We have discovered happiness,” — say the Last Men, and they blink.

      (And here ended the first discourse of Zarathustra, which is also called “The Prologue,” for at this point the shouting and mirth of the multitude interrupted him. “Give us this Last Man, O Zarathustra,” — they called out — “make us into these Last Men! Then will we make you a gift of the Overman!” And all the people exulted and smacked their lips. Zarathustra, however, turned sad, and said to his heart:)

      They do not understand me: I am not the mouth for these ears.

      Perhaps I have lived too long in the mountains; I have hearkened too much to the brooks and trees: now I speak to them as to the goatherds.

      My soul is calm and clear, like the mountains in the morning. But they think I am cold, and a mocker with terrible jests.

      Now they look at me and laugh: and while they laugh they hate me too. There is ice in their laughter.


    • (While mod gets its shit together…)

      Tocqueville’s famous passage is best paired with Zarathustra’s discourse on “The Last Man,” what we would call betamales. Especially since we seem to have our own flea problem among the reactionary right.

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  2. The French have produced excellent thinkers in their day, and fierce warriors upon the battlefield. To this day, they still maintain a pussy infrastructure that is beyond most states, even if it shows signs of wear and neglect brought on by the fuggernaut. They are, after all, descendants of the Gauls, and Germanic by blood.

    To see a nation like France, the most populous Christian nation in centuries past, is truly sad. Mother Europe is crumbling, and her daughter America is becoming a post-wall tattooed and septum pierced mud shark.

    Reagan was right. This is the last best hope on earth. If we fall, there will be no place left to escape to.

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    • Check out another Frenchman, Jacques Ellul, on the technocracy.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 6:54 am shawn gallagher

        Taiwan’s okay for the last decades of my life. Pussy infrastructure’s great here, at least until China fucks it up. Then it will be better for a while.


      • Modern Frenchmen are mostly Gaul + Frank

        From the Loire Valley to the south, there is a tremendous admixture of Visigoth ancestry that came in via raiding parties from points east and south.


    • I have to correct you here — Gauls are CELTS not Germanic, if anything the opposite in the raging fires to the deliberate Teuton.

      AND …

      as to the larger point, we have indeed arrived in the managerial state, exemplified by anarcho-tyranny. If you are a mud, you can freely shoot as many Kate Steinles as you please. But if you are white, you can go to jail for a process crime and be fined for jaywalking.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 8:42 am Mandy been here a while

        The Franks were Germanic. Modern Frenchmen are mostly Gaul + Frank


      • Whatever greatness the French have enjoyed can be attributed to the Frank and Viking blood ties of yore.

        Otherwise the indigenous population would have been little more than the likes of the Picts.


      • I want justice for the gauls


      • vaarg says da nords have always been pussy whipped cucks



      • Whatever greatness the French have enjoyed can be attributed to the Frank and Viking blood ties of yore. … Otherwise the indigenous population would have been little more than the likes of the Picts.

        Read some history about the ferocious warrior qualities of the GAUL chieftain Vercingetorix, who required the might of Caesar to (barely) put him down.

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      • I’m well aware of Vercingetorix… I never said there weren’t any bad asses to be found in just about ANY population.

        We tend to vary on what constitutes “greatness”, it would appear. :duckface


    • on December 3, 2017 at 10:29 am Gregory Daniel Nikolic

      The French have taken a little TOO well to civilization, wine and all, whereas their great adversaries to the east kept honed their bitterly cold barbarian edge. Hence, 1940.


    • the joonited states of america is the reason mother Europe is crumbling

      fuck this country.

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      • I apologize if ur grandparents fought for this place

        but I’ve lost absolutely all patriotic feeling for the global headquarters of pozz


      • I wore the uniform of a US Marine for eight years during my youthful prime. Deployed to combat thrice, and have more friends in national cemeteries than I have fingers and toes.

        I would love for the blood of my comrades to have been spilled for a noble purpose that buttressed Western Civilization, and by Western Civilization I mean a healthy nationalism of mutually respected borders for the tribes. I no longer have that fantasy of comfort. My men who fell by the hand of our enemies died for the globohomo elite. Their valor has been stolen from them, and their wives and children go without for a reason that does not serve their nation.

        Heartiste was right. It is time for the mail right to discourage white men from their innate drive to serve at arms to be used as pawns for the globohomo pozz.

        Semper fidelis, gents.

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  3. I’ve read many a summary of De Tocqueville, but ne’er such a lengthy quote. I suspect CH’s attraction is more than philosophical; rather, he recognizes a contemporary, à la Bill & Ted.

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    • CH, take that in the most flattering light possible. I’ve been Sailing with Jerry again tonight, and I’m always extra clever while sailing (it seems).


    • on December 3, 2017 at 6:59 am shawn gallagher

      If you have any interest in present times, De Toqueville, Payne, Jefferson, Mises, Hayek, and Ron Paul should be on your reading lists. I might add Adam Smith and the Kinsey Report. Marx would also be good because you need to know your enemy.


  4. Prescient indeed, considering he was writing iiirc in the 1830s. Life was hardly a bed of roses back then.

    If I was to date the start of the slide it would be the instantiation of the modern police force as it exists today beginning in the 1800s.


  5. I have no idea what you may wish to do with this, if anything, but

    On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 10:24 PM, Chateau Heartiste wrote:

    > CH posted: “Give the Frenchman credit for having Nostradamus-like power of > prescience. He eerily foresaw the primary danger to established democracies > like the US, and his warning echoes in the reality that exists today. > Democratic governments may become violent and” >


  6. I’ve always figured the spanner in the works for the globalists is the sheer amount of fire power possesed by you yanks. As the doosh said power comes from the barrell of a gun and you septics got hundreds of millions of them. Jealous I am.


  7. Almost 200 years ago Tocqueville predicted the rise of the Welfare Sate and its consequences which we can see all in clear light
    Thus it every day renders the exercise of the free agency of man less useful and less frequent; it circumscribes the will within a narrower range and gradually robs a man of all the uses of himself. The principle of equality has prepared men for these things;it has predisposed men to endure them and often to look on them as benefits.
    Denizens of today’s Murrica have no clue what is “free agency of men”
    I wish Tocqueville could see mobs of Black Fridays of today or political scoundrels of our time
    He believed in America and saw it as a free, new and exciting alternative to class stifling European societies of that age
    Yet he could never fully reconcile himself with the very idea of equality as the foundation of a free society and free agency of men
    Freedom or equality pick one
    He did not read carefully Maistre though he should have

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    • on December 3, 2017 at 7:03 am shawn gallagher

      He commended America’s NGOs, which were voluntary, fulfilling, and joyful. Now the government organizations just shoot you if you flinch.


  8. The enemy never changes. Its modus operandi is the slime they see as their Mother. Look at the enemy and its insanity has a pattern if not an actual reason.
    They are the bottom of the gene pool. They hate beauty, because they are ugly. They hate morality for they themselves have none. They seek pleasure for anything more requires hard work and skill, which they have not the character or discipline to get.
    Democracy is a deflection. A cheap excuse. Like the other cheap excuses. The appeal to women and the stupid is a natural result of the operation. They have no philosophy or science. Both seek Truth and lies are their bread and butter. BIG LIES.
    Emotionalism. Feelings. It is bound to appeal to women and stupid people. They HATE thought and rationality. They police you with hyperemotionalism. Oh, you’re hurting their feelings, they say. They MAKE them hypersensitive, to better POLICE your thoughts. A million spies and commissars. Attacking you for “hurting their feelings”.
    Is it brilliant? Nah. It would fool YOU if it was. But they don’t HAVE TO FOOL YOU. As long as women and minorities OUTVOTE YOU.
    THEY WANT YOU DEAD. They are about to do a Marxist Revolution. A French Jacobin Bloodbath. BLM, Antifa and all sorts of scum. Somalis, “refugees” and dark-skinned bums. All gunned up and ready to go. That old fool Trump is doing the worst of Reagan and Bush. Meanwhile an ARMY is being RILED UP. PURGE.
    Get Ready. Civil War II is about to GET HOT.

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    • on December 3, 2017 at 7:12 am shawn gallagher

      I hate Big Brother! I hate Big Brother! Until/because sex in a grassy field and new razor blades are impossible. Then I opt for Alaska or Siberia.


    • Definitely. Their language has grown more venomous, hate-filled, bile-ridden, and uncompromisingly frenzied as they’ve won their agenda over the past decade or so, not less. Now they’re openly calling for the death of white people, setting up dichotomies where we can do no right (have an opinion, “whitesplaining,” don’t have one, “white silence is violence”), calling our DNA an abomination, designating all pro-white activism as “bigotry” and “racism,” saying that we have no culture, opposing “whiteness,” saying that we stole everything from the saintly browns, etc.

      As just one small example, a tiny number of unarmed black males are actually killed each year by the police. Yet the (((tribe))) has bombarded the groids with enough rage and grievance so they now believe — falsely — that the police are mowing down “black bodies” by the thousand daily.

      All of this appears to be the (((commissars))) whipping themselves, the white traitors, and the brown hordes up into a frenzy of rage and hate, preparatory to loosing them against the “kulaks” (i.e. all neutral or non-submissive white people) for purposes of wiping them out.

      Stay alert, gentlemen. There’s no way out but through.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 9:06 am Hilary Clinton

        The only way out is to support israel – concentrate (((them))) in one place & abolish female suffrage (too susceptible ti narrative Cathedralese).


      • Shut the fuck up about abolishing female suffrage.

        Why not just say, “I think we should make everything perfect all of a sudden”

        Try to make a dent in the feminist stranglehold on family courts first before you think you could get anywhere with ending suffrage.

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      • Universal suffrage will end in our lifetime, first informally, then formally. The informal end has already begun, evident in the voter participation rates.

        (((Their))) experimental war against nature is over, and their defeat is slowly dawning on them such that our daughters and granddaughters will laugh at why they even attempted such a struggle — the way that Gen Z laughs at the idea of email.

        “Why did our slutty foremothers even bother getting agitated over low democratic practices like voting? Did they volunteer to clean dogshit off the streets too?” Only complete naifs think the franchise has anything to do with personal power or sovereignty.

        Being concerned with the quotidian maintenance of the swarming hoi polloi is a civic burden, not a right, and certainly not a privilege. If you don’t see our strange fetishization of democracy as already dying, either you have a poor imagination or you are fully captured by the time.

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    • everything sucks until joos r gone and we can beat women again


    • Josh..I’m copy and pasting that for the future. Excellent writing.


    • on December 4, 2017 at 6:53 am HungarianPatriot

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Trump is (nearly) useless. His ELECTION symbolizes hope in the sense that white ppl in the states had the balls to vote for him in the face of everything the Frankfurt school threw at them. But that’s about it.


  9. Brilliant stuff. But he didn’t foresee that the free of spirit would be demonized and labelled by the state while the properly “educated” freaks would bully and abuse them at work and in education. The coercion in other words is not so gentle and no doubt in the future will become deadly. Our chosen rulers ache for the day it reaches the stage where they can begin to do that.


    • on December 3, 2017 at 7:13 am shawn gallagher



    • on December 3, 2017 at 10:27 am Gregory Daniel Nikolic

      I think we live in a “strong persuasion” age more than that. There ARE guns, and there ARE prowl cars patrolling the streets, but they are more markers of significance than actual paramilitary utilitarian tools.

      The combination of the school system and a (relatively) mass culture inculcates in us all a kind of sickening politeness and desire to get along.


  10. on December 3, 2017 at 3:42 am gunslingergregi

    We would become consumerist pods attached through dopamine IV drips to an impersonal and suffocating paternalistic directorate issuing countless rules and regulations and codes of social conduct intended to relieve us, as de Tocqueville wrote, of the need to think.””””””

    how is anyone supposed to memorize all that shit without thinking though?

    ”””””””what remains, but to spare them all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living?””””’

    to me the money qoute

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    • on December 3, 2017 at 7:26 am shawn gallagher

      Just read through the several million regulations in the Federal Register and you’ll understand everything, even though the US’s legislative bodies can’t be bothered to read them. Regulatory agencies translate and codify them into policy.with teeth, and even lawyers can’t understand them, except for their very narrow fields Schmucks that read the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, and case law can only say WTF or SMH. The gov’t side says FYTW.


  11. on December 3, 2017 at 3:47 am gunslingergregi

    True freedom is the ability to die on the sidewalk of starvation.

    although I suppose people could force others to do that too


  12. on December 3, 2017 at 3:50 am gunslingergregi

    true freedom will come about when all crime is solved and backed up so that nobody is afraid to exercise their freedom and it doesn’t hurt anyone else not offend but goes against the law
    when people can be dropped before they murder rape steal
    he he he
    ok some environmental regs might be a good thing


    • on December 3, 2017 at 3:54 am gunslingergregi

      oh yea and lies being 100 percent detected will be hugggeeeeeeeee
      change the whole face of the world
      and it would be glorious


    • on December 3, 2017 at 3:58 am gunslingergregi

      but maybe that would create a lack of thinking perhaps
      the liars do work my brain to catch the lies but maybe the truth would work it in a better way like maybe I’m supposed to get someone I’m compatible with and not a person that is an alien to me

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  13. We did not swing. We already went down. W struck out looking.

    Democracy is tyranny of the majority. The majority of people are lazy, stupid, and cruel. Now factor in that we let even blacks, women, and brown immigrants vote. Do the math.

    Tyranny over those who work and save. Literal theft from the good people.

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    • We struck out looking.


    • on December 3, 2017 at 4:05 am gunslingergregi

      and we’ll go down swinging if nothing else.”””’

      I don’t think people have gone down yet.
      but if it goes down to death
      people prob won’t even hear the round that blows people to pieces so won’t be swinging that is the part about the total change in the world that Tocqueville could not predict
      it’s worse than can possibly be imagined
      its in the realm of god but worse than that even
      worse than concept of the devil
      worse than the worse than the worse than the worse
      worse than the concept of evil
      complete and total absence of remorse but not in a way that is psychotic but worse than that
      worse than the worse horror movie
      worse the worse thought that could enter a mind
      I suppose we will all know by the end whether there is a God or not.


      • on December 3, 2017 at 4:08 am gunslingergregi

        to comprehend where we are is to be able to comprehend eternity it doesn’t actually fit in the brain it can’t or man would go mad
        people are trying some but it doesn’t hit people just what the fuck is going on

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  14. on December 3, 2017 at 4:22 am gunslingergregi

    other than that believe in god and not too big a deal
    and ahh yea keep doing life I suppose


    • serving god is the only true freedom

      ur living an animal existence until u have harmonized thought, speech and action with the logos

      i’m trying, gregi


      • Referring to the Gospel of John now, are we? Pick a god, schizo.


      • Our spirits yearn for revelation,
        Which nowhere burns with purer beauty blent,
        Than here in the New Testament.
        To ope the ancient text an impulse strong
        Impels me, and its sacred lore,
        With honest purpose to explore,
        And render into my loved German tongue.
        (He opens a volume, and applies himself to it.)

        ‘Tis writ, “In the beginning was the Word!”
        I pause, perplex’d! Who now will help afford?
        I cannot the mere Word so highly prize;
        I must translate it otherwise,
        If by the spirit guided as I read.
        “In the beginning was the Sense!” Take heed,
        The import of this primal sentence weigh,
        Lest thy too hasty pen be led astray!

        Is force creative then of Sense the dower?
        “In the beginning was the Power!”
        Thus should it stand: yet, while the line I trace.
        A something warns me, once more to efface.
        The spirit aids! from anxious scruples freed,
        I write, “In the beginning was the Deed!”

        — Goethe, Faust, Part One, III


      • on December 3, 2017 at 4:46 pm gunslingergregi

        try dieing and get back to life the navy seals do it I hear
        must be a reason


  15. on December 3, 2017 at 5:25 am hamster_wrestler

    President Andrew Jackson nails it:

    “It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes. Distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education, or of wealth can not be produced by human institutions. In the full enjoyment of the gifts of Heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society–the farmers, mechanics, and laborers–who have neither the time nor the means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their Government. There are no necessary evils in government. Its evils exist only in its abuses. If it would confine itself to equal protection, and, as Heaven does its rains, shower its favors alike on the high and the low, the rich and the poor, it would be an unqualified blessing. In the act before me there seems to be a wide and unnecessary departure from these just principles.”

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    • on December 3, 2017 at 7:50 am shawn gallagher



    • He got that right. Particularly in light of the giant international corporations, which have quasi-governmental, unelected coercive power (see also Tony Hovater — not only fired from his job for being a pro-white activist, but then having his donations cut off when the payment provider stopped access to the funds for political reasons).

      The international (((corporations))) are hand in glove with the commies, importing the foreign rabble to perpetually drive down the price of labor and to keep us atomized, on the move, fermented into uncertainty and chaos which leaves people isolated, helpless, and unable to band together to assert themselves.

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      • Not only was Hovater fired, but HIS WIFE AND HER BROTHER who worked at the same place were also fired. So who is going to support who? At least there appears to be no kids.

        The backlash, when it comes, will be fierce and swift. Only 10% of the population needs to go full 14/88 to affect change. When?


  16. did de tocqueville have anything to say about jews?


    • Don’t know about that but I do remember reading in Thomas Sowell’s Conquests and Cultures that European writers exploring the newly formed American colonies wrote of African-Americans as being ‘lighthearted’ and ‘talkative’ whereas they found Native Americans to be rather ‘morose’ individuals.

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  17. One of the best parts of De Tocqueville is where he predicts and correctly that America would produce masculine women and weak men.

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  18. From a Jordan Peterson perspective, the idea of the unblinking eye at the top of the competence pyramid means no person or group can use rules to manage and then just “mail it in”.

    It always requires living attention, which as the author implies the new order always seems to be working against.


  19. on December 3, 2017 at 6:14 am Mellivora Capensis

    As a white South African I laugh at you idiots. You are getting everything you deserve. The wheel turns. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  20. One of the tentacles of the Big State is feminism, which we all know is a harbinger of dark times (unless you’re pink collar, work in health/daycare, part of a harem).

    A conclusion I have reached is this: women themselves, for the most part, do not know what they want. If you don’t believe me, try asking them, getting into specifics, then following up with observation. Most of them declare what they want, but this is just a facade in our grrlpower era. So to think that one should find some direction and support by following the modern woman is an exercise in futility.

    This has opened up numerous other challenges for stable societies, notably how it weakens the host and allows nefarious groups to take root.

    No, this isn’t an incel rant. An observation that more men need to hear.


  21. on December 3, 2017 at 7:57 am CBR600RR_Rider

    Re. San Fran shooting verdict: Let’s face it. This is a big FU from the jury (representing quite well the brown America) to the whites. Make no mistake: if Kate was a DREAMER (this fucking word brings up a little vomit into my mouth everytime I say it) and the shooter was an AltRight guy, he would be hanging right now. The next great battle between the races will take place in the courtrooms and jury rooms; the disadvantage white man has is the blind faith in the justice system.

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    • Yes, and when the white man finally has his come-to-Jesus moment, it may be too late.

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      • They have us chained in paper handcuffs (mortgages, credit ratings, etc), and eating Lotus plants that keep us in a ‘peaceful’ apathetic sleep from reality.

        And when we break those chains and act in our own interests, they drop the hammer, which is the ‘justice’ system where the book is always thrown at woke whites.

        Until we can change this, it remains a very effective system at keeping us where they want us, getting angry on the internet, but never actually doing anything.

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      • Strength and truth conquer all. The tyranny of weakness and lies rests upon the apathy and silence of the strong.

        Prepare yourselves and your fellow brothers for what is to come.


  22. Kamala Harris,
    emerging media “heel”.
    Generates page-clicks.


    • Senator Niggums

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    • not to muh dick, but kamala harris so gilf-y

      i figured her for a high yella but apparently she’s watermelon curry


      • Kamala Harris
        will lose because most women
        will hate her hairdo.

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      • FFS you thirsty thirsty wigger

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      • February 27, 2016 “White men with black women” OP

        saruh writes:

        White women are built for storing fat — dairywomen. Black women, when not grotesque, retain a more “paleo” physique built for traipsing and gathering on the savanna.

        Once at a bar, a knockout black girl sauntered up to me and started flirting heavily (I love their frankness) while I was eating a huge pile of chicken wings like a dumb mook. Black mini-dress, flawless dark skin, excellent shape, big tits, long natural hair that she had straightened. Best part … very light brown eyes.

        After touching me a couple times, she starts bragging about her new job at a law office and her new condo. I know she was qualifying herself, but my will to bang departed immediately. Two scenarios: I have to see her fucking condo, or she has to see my spartan rented room.

        I also like the frizzy-hair urban hipster black chick (under 125lb). Got it on with one once, the hair — the fucking hair drove me insane. Caramel colored goosebumps will finish you off quick, man.

        short side of wrongstory writes:

        I’m open to bedding a black chick tbh

        I’ve just never been particularly wow’d by one

        Captain Obvious points out:

        And this essay has brought so many n00bs bursting out of the woodwork, to extoll the wonders of miscegenation with simians, that it suggests to me that Director Tamir Pardo has a cadre of agents in reserve who specialize in that most odius form of propaganda.


      • man, i miss uh. that was my boy. i hope he’s gotten his shit together and his outlook is different now.


    • This is Lester Holt.
      Who bang Kamala Harris?
      those pointy elbows…


    • I don’t think they will put Harris forward. Not yet. Obongo the the cunt are too recent.
      The current angle seems to be a faggy white beta like Trudeau or Macron or Ossoff.


  23. “I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom, and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people.”

    Peter Hitchens wrote of this recently:


  24. on December 3, 2017 at 8:32 am Eduardo the Magnificent

    Tocqueville is a red-pill treasure. He spends the first hundred pages giving us the history of the people in the different colonies, and makes the correct claim that you can’t know a country unless you know the history of its people. New England, Virginia and Georgia all came from different stock, have different attitudes and will develop in a different manner, for instance. His last hundred pages correctly predict what will happen to the Indians, slaves and Texians.

    I made it all the way through college without ever reading Tocqueville. There’s a reason for that.

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  25. I’m with you until the second-to-last paragraph. Trump isn’t true resistance against anything. The only thing he is is a fuck-you to the Dem/media establishment. If anyone, Tocqueville would admire Ron Paul for opposing nanny state-ism.


    • on December 3, 2017 at 8:54 am Captain Obvious

      Silly White boy. Thinking with his forebrain.

      And teh Frankfurt School pwns you every time by attacking the hindbrain.

      Insula >> Amygdala.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 9:12 am Hilary Clinton

        Nail on head CO. 99% of people DNWTF Ron Paul is. DJT is world renowned.

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      • @CO – not a white boy.

        @CO and HC: Not really sure what either of you mean vis-a-vis my comment.


      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:28 am Captain Obvious

        “not a white boy”

        g00k == ant-j00???


      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:28 am Captain Obvious

        “Not really sure what either of you mean vis-a-vis my comment.”

        And therein lies the problem.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:49 am Captain Obvious

        If you’re honestly curious, then search for ‘Study: Shitlibs Really Do Suffer From A Case Of “My Feels”‘, Jan 18, 2016, by CH [AND THEN READ IT!!!].

        Apparently, to a very good first-order approximation, Common Sense & Intuition dwell in the Amygdala, whereas Fantasy & Delusion dwell in the Insula. Furthermore, the great psycho-social divide, between White Heritage Amerikkka versus huWhyte Bluetopia Sh!tlib America, boils down to Amygdala-dominant [== resistant to Frankfurt School cultural poisoning] versus Insula-dominant [== silly putty in the hands of the Frankfurt School].

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

        Ron & Rand Paul are both spergs – their political philosophies dwell entirely in their Amygdalae – whereas the G0d Emperor’s political philosophy straddles the dividing line between Amygdala & Insula.

        Furthermore, the G0d Emperor spent DECADES in show bidness, perfecting his sales pitch to the American Insula.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 11:51 am Captain Obvious

        A huWhyte Sh!tlib is what you get when you take away Reason & Accountability [& strength of character]. Sadly, such people actually exist in Our Race, and to win elections, you’ve got to deal with them [which is a roadblock that will always derail spergs like Ron & Rand Paul].

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      • Cappy,if you didn’t call Catholics “papists”,I’d wonder if you was Steve Bannon.


    • Trump isn’t true resistance against anything. The only thing he is is a fuck-you to the Dem/media establishment.

      No sense of proportion whatsoever. “Politics is the art of the possible,” and “[politics] is [civil] war by other means.” Therefore you apply the standards of war to the game of politics, which makes you unable to recognize what #winning looks like in either realm.

      There is no surrender or total victory in politics, only more and less gristle in the sausage-making. When Trump delivers 80% USDA Prime to your dinner table, you want to complain about the 20% while utterly forgetting the shit sandwich served up to us for the last quarter-century. Black pill cynic shill STFU.

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      • Good analogy with the sausage-making


      • King, I love ya like a brother, man… but if’n we’d been seeing even 60% by this time, accusations of black pill would hold more water.

        Thus far, I’m seeing about 20%, and 15% of it is just from the election win.

        Tweets don’t count in mah book. 😉


      • Well then, brother, tell me what your time frame is for one man alone to lay the groundwork to begin the rollback of 50-100 years of corruption that warped where it didn’t destroy every institution in our civilization?

        The fact is, his election alone was all the toehold we needed to begin the counterrevolution, and yet “Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope.” Our faith allows us the sub specie aeternitatis, which in turn protects us from the self-devouring quality of all massive changes, given that “Revolutions eat their children.”

        The chief reason marxism failed wasn’t out of wrong-headedness — for when did ignorance ever inhibit a revolution? — but rather impatience. As Marx himself said, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” Which led to “What do we want? [FILL IN THE GRIEVANCE]! When do we want it? NOW.” The impatience of the young and stupid, marking themselves for extermination in the cradle.

        The cultural marxists learned the crucial lesson and quietly bode their time to make a devastating and near-complete “long march through the institutions.” Your morale is up to you, ye of little faith. This can’t work if we burden our general with maintaining the optimism on behalf of the short-sighted. We few, we happy few — are few. There just isn’t the manpower.


      • I’m not asking for miracles…

        But it would have been nice to see at least a few bricks laid on the southern border, by now…

        Or Sessions initiating an indictment or two… rather than the president asking for investigations merely on tweets.

        Like some guy once said: “If not now, when?”

        I still look forward to the day when youse yeggs can deride me with the ‘Told Ya So” dance.

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      • Greg Eliot, stop making damn sense outside a herd narrative. And I agree with PDB but still hope for some meaningful ‘cleansing’ and winning anyway. Even if antifa and deep state and Ad Council waxes, this is an Indian summer of meatspace social norms to enjoy. Make socioeconomic hay. Just seeing the Mistro effect the libtard malaise playing their only game better than they can is priceless. But if he we’re serious, the exec branch would take down Hillary, Comey, Obongo, whoever did Vegas black flag, Kathy Griffin, and more. Time is of the essence. We’re talking capital wrongs that don’t inspire the discussion of fines. Is Leader behind sexual accusations purge? Is he that clever? If so, does that give beetches more power? I think in institutional control, yes; in personal life, no. Winning culture battles feels good, but the filthy population is left as is. No consolidation. FUBAR. FTW. I am black pill about Western Civilization 2.x, but there is future hope, of green-sourced fertilizer becomes cheap and plentiful. Natural law and the god of biology have a fixed sequence of dance steps, whatever the timing. The rejuvenating work gets done or no rejuvenation. What the work is can’t be made pretty and symbolic and inconsequential IRL. Lie ultimately for their own destruction they do, but libtards care about winning IRL. All conservatives are ultimately cucks, or show me one meaningful effing thing that has been conserved the past 50 years. If you can, I will recant black pill. Handicapped defense is not winning offense. No harm, no foul, and every bitch instinctively knows it, as contempt.


      • We don’t often agree, RD, but I can’t gainsay too much of what you’ve written.

        Is Leader behind sexual accusations purge? Is he that clever? If so, does that give beetches more power?

        This neo-McCarthyism, in which mere accusation from some cooze’s 20 and 30 year old memory of events gets one black-listed and fired, cannot possibly redound to our society’s benefit, and especially not to us men.

        I’d hazard a guess it’s more likely the (((usual suspects))) are behind this recent odd barrage, because it fits into their “See! EVERYBODY does it!” take-the-heat-off-Hollyvood-kikes gambit, while having the extra bonus of casting aspersions, whether prosecuted and proven or not, on the president himself, whose reputation is one of grabbing pussy. (Clinton is still shakin’ her haid and babbling “I can’t believe I’m not ahead in the polls by 50 points!”)



  26. So much privilege its almost unbearable.


  27. that’s what democracy gets you, a tyrannical majority that votes only to preserve its own power and to enrich itself at the expense of others. rights of the individual need to be strengthened against the rights of what a majority wants. the expansion of democratic rights to women, children, migrants etc has all been done in the name of expanding the power of a majority. who would put their family’s welfare into the hands of mob? look at the migrant crisis. Does any single individual benefit from their presence or does it largely benefit an average interest of having no responsibilities but being taken care of by a state?


  28. My anger at the Swedish people grows daily. What the hell is wrong with you ?

    – Nobody Wanted to Help Swedish Woman Raped by 20 Migrants: “Eeew, You’ve got Sperm on Your Face…!” –

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    • Seriously, i’m tired of hearing about swedish women being raped, and people asking me to care.

      They caused it, now they can just suck it up. This was all their fault remember…..

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    • I see Little Miss Sunshine has skipped by again, spreading her rose pedals.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • Some other Swedish woman committed suicide after being raped by a refugee recently.

      Looks like it’s starting to take it’s toll.

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      • Yet the yeggs ’round chere have it on good authority that these gals are pining for them swarthy (ahem) alphas, go figger.


      • Yet the yeggs ’round chere have it on good a-u-t-h-o-r-i-t-y that these gals are pining for them swarthy (ahem) alphas, go figger.

        On a side note: ghey mod is ghey on the above hyphenated word, go figger.


      • For all intents and purposes the swedish police refused to prosecute her assailants despite physical evidence, bruising etc…..siting lack of evidence they closed it.


      • I wonder how many of the police these days are muzzies themselves over there.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 7:26 pm Gunslingergregi

        Why didn’t she kill him


      • Why didn’t she kill her rapists?

        Sense of lacking value due to being reduced to an object by a couple men and then being betrayed by her own country and culture.

        No value, no place to turn, no connection to her own people and severely psychologically traumatized.

        Women aren’t supposed to kill their rapists, that’s our job.

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      • on December 4, 2017 at 2:04 pm Gunslingergregi

        We need to be able to tell if lying stat


  29. I see comments saying that America is like the Titanic or the Lusitania because of demographics. But I like to think of it as Apollo 13 or Flight 1549. We are on the brink of disaster, but fate intervenes are we are pulled to safety.

    Yesterday I saw a sight for sore eyes. A Catholic community has been reinvigorated in my home town. Scores of moms who already have a few kids but also pregnant. And this community was rapidly going downhill and undergoing white flight. Now it has turned around. If this became a model for the rest of the country, our demographic woes would quickly fade.

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    • The exponential Amish expansion (or the Israeli haradim takeover) shows just how quickly trends can turn around when the “quiverfull” mentality is adopted, which is just not a practicable program outside of religious motivation. Putin knows this, which is why he launched his $8.6 billion demographics program while simultaneously courting the church as part of his “re-election” campaign.

      Ultra-fertility is also the mark of tradcath families today who are separated across the US by distance but connected through social media — a separation that will last only until the catladies and their eunuchs die off and the faithful fecund reinherit the earth.


    • The point of the Titanic analogy was that catastrophic and irreparable harm was done to the country and at the time it was not immediately apparent to most bystanders that anything was seriously wrong.

      I’m skeptical that a solution can be worked out or fate can somehow intervene and produce a situation where diverse racial and ethnic peoples live together in the same country under the same government and attain longstanding peace and prosperity. Particularly when you see the type of diversity we have imported into the US over the last 50 years and the types of societies from whence they came.

      Demography is destiny.

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      • To accusations of defeatist black-pill shillery I would offer that there is hope, but it does not come from the polity of the United States of America. That is not a black pill. Just a red one that can be particularly hard to swallow after a lifetime of having a proud American identity stoked by the history and heritage of a nation which in effect no longer exists.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 7:29 pm Vagina dominator

        Resource availability is the context in which all demographic and political possibilities play out.

        Resources are destiny.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 7:30 pm Vagina dominator

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      • Resource availabity is an unhelpful metric because of group differences in ability to extract and create resources. Park a bunch of black people on top of any amount of “resources” and they will find a way to be poor. Put white people on top of the same “resources” and they will thrive. The carrying capacity of resources is logarithmically relative to the ingenuity of the people who possess them.


    • It isn’t only the type of diversity that is the problem, it is the magnitude. If you are in your 30s or 40s or younger you will most likely live to see an America in which white people are a minority.

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 7:42 pm Vagina dominator

        If you are in your 30s or 40s you will certainly see a worldwide population fall that will proportionally be greater than was seen in the Great Financial Crash of the 14th C / Plague times /era of the Mongol invasions.

        Here is an interesting related article, just looking at the credit over-extension angle (not the resources angle). It is pretty tendentious in some of its arguments but there are a few interesting historical points in there that I was not aware of.

        For example, I was not aware that Venice and Florence has achieved a monopoly on the minting of silver coinage in Europe and that forced those who wished to borrow to come to them for “real. widely acceptable money” (like the dollar today) at an unfair exchange rate.

        When in response Edward III tried to mint English silver coins, the bankers this article says – arranged a boycott of the coins on the Continent. To force him to borrow from the bankers (who were themselves, like banks today, insolvent, yet still lending!)

        I find this easy to believe because its exactly the kinds of tactics the commercial and central banks use today to squeeze us dry.

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  30. Democracy was inposed on people, not created by said people.

    All the fancy words and convoluted speech isn’t going to mask a fool from acting foolish.
    What the writer overlooks is evil minds.
    Evil minds that hold the reigns in any “democratic” society.


  31. >> Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions: they want to be led, and they wish to remain free. As they cannot destroy either the one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once.
    — Tocqueville


    >> A society that puts equality—in the sense of equality of outcome— ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom. The use of force to achieve equality will destroy freedom, and the force, introduced for good purposes, will end up in the hands of people who use it to promote their own interests.
    — Milton Freidman, from Free to Choose

    Both… point to the dangers of the State.

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    • (((Milton Friedman)))

      Nice try, daysofgame, you self-hating cuck!


      • Touche’


      • “Whatever is well said by anyone belongs to me.”
        — Seneca

        “Whatever is true is my property.”
        — Seneca

        Is Seneca gentile enough for you… little man.

        So… if it’s true… I won’t quibble like a child about who said it.

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      • He was being facetious, daysofgame… someone up above called him a cuck for not hating the usual suspects enough. 😉

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 7:51 pm Vagina dominator

        This super “freedom” they spruik is a mirage for anyone but a sociopath. The only way to maximize the general social utility is by trading/sharing with people who restrain their urge to cheat, steal, and free ride because

        a. they have our interests at heart because
        b. their fate depends on our fate.

        This is why diversity doesn’t work. Those with whom I must daily treat have only their own interests in mind and do not see that their fate is linked to mine.

        Go to India to see how that works out.


    • King MVP!


  32. Oh Rohina. With all these sexual assaults it was getting harder for hos like you to sleep their way to the top. No more Rothschild happy hours for you my dear. Your partner (((Jeffrey) must be distraught.


  33. We return now to our regularly scheduled beatings for shitlibs, shills, and cucks.

    “Donald Trump: People Should Sue ABC for Stock Market Crash Triggered by Fake News”

    “CBS News Poll: As Majority of Alabama Republicans Believe Allegations Against Roy Moore False, Judge Takes Commanding Lead”

    “Mitch McConnell Folds on Opposition to Roy Moore: ‘We’re Going to Let the People of Alabama Decide’”

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    • h/t RexLex

      “The stock market keeps breaking records, and the latest gross domestic product data show that the real economy is roaring, too. The tax cut bill—despite being about as popular as North Korea—moved significantly closer to Senate passage on Wednesday, as Republican senators on the fence swallowed their doubts and voted to move it to the floor for a Thursday vote. This same tax bill will do much to gut the same Affordable Care Act that was “saved” a few months ago by three defecting Republicans. Another Trump nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals was confirmed by the Senate, meaning that Trump will have placed nine of his nominees on federal appeals courts, three time as many as Obama had placed at this point in his presidency. A federal district court has allowed Trump to place his budget director as temporary head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; the same budget director, who as a congressman, called the agency “a sad, sick joke.” Across the executive branch, industry lobbyists have been placed in charge of everything from drug pricing to environmental policy, while some of the sharpest critics of decades’ worth of trade and immigration policies are now in charge. And in Alabama, Trump’s preferred choice for the Senate, former Judge Roy Moore, has opened up a significant lead over Doug Jones in the days after highly credible accounts of sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

      All of this—and much, much more—is happening under a president who, month after month, earns the lowest job-approval ratings of any first-year president, and whose policies—from taxes to health care to immigration to the environment—are rejected by thumping majorities of Americans.

      How is this possible?

      The logic that persuaded many Republicans to stay with him last year even after the “Access Hollywood” tape—electing Trump was the only way to achieve long-standing conservative goals—has been vindicated. The evangelicals and social conservatives who saw the federal bench as the reason to stay with Trump are now seeing their fondest wishes for a sharply more conservative federal judiciary come to life, as well as a Justice Department now aligned firmly with them on matters ranging from abortion to gay and transgender rights.”

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      • So when do we see all the queers and trannies going back into the closet?

        Last I heard a judge ruled Trump can’t ban transgenders from the military… not that that makes a big difference, given all the queers already in the ranks, but still…


      • In short, we’ve all pretty much agreed we can’t vote our way out of this…

        … so what makes anyone think we can legislate our way out?

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      • on December 3, 2017 at 10:06 pm gunslingergregi

        eliot just has to be a plant man
        whats up bro?


      • on December 3, 2017 at 10:15 pm gunslingergregi

        voting and legislating out
        wonder how many people voted for the first time ever for trump other than me and my ex


      • on December 3, 2017 at 10:16 pm gunslingergregi

        shit I wouldn’t mind if all dudes went queer no competition for me
        I think the queer hate is another made up media invention


      • eliot just has to be a plant man
        whats up bro?

        Plant? Jes’ keepin’ it real. While I like the news that all these (hopefully) right-thinking judges are being appointed, all I keep hearing about is courts shooting down The Donald on this, that, and the other.

        Besides, too many genies out of the bottle, law-wise, to ever hope of a return to normalcy, amirite?

        God’s law is gonna be the final say… and His judges don’t write no minority opinions.

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  34. John Glubb:
    When I first read these contemporary descriptions of tenth-century Baghdad, I
    could scarcely believe my eyes. I told myself that this must be a joke! The descriptions might have been taken out of The Times today. The resemblance of all the details was especially breathtaking— the break-up of the empire, the abandonment of sexual morality, the ‘pop’ singers with their guitars, the entry
    of women into the professions…

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  35. CH and DS keep me sane in this world. Up until 18, the way Anglin writes is how my friends and I all talked.We grew up in the last sane white decade..the 1980s.
    Now Anglin is confined to the outer limits of society. I remember normal times, the normal natural world. I cling onto those memories for sanity.

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  36. Book 3, Chapter 12, end: “As for myself, I do not hesitate to avow that although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is in some respects one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked, now that I am drawing to the close of this work, in which I have spoken of so many important things done by the Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply: To the superiority of their women.”

    We’re so ____ed.


  37. Great women’s march today for Kate Steinle….0 in my dream.


  38. No mention in there anywhere of jew treachery/subversion/deceit.


  39. “It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd”

    This is totalitarianism. We can call it “soft” totalitarianism, if you like, but there’s nothing soft about what happens to people who break those rules – especially in places like the USA where prison rape is seen as just a regular part of the penal system.


  40. Tocqueville knew Trump-“The mental habits which suit action do not always promote thought. The world is not directed by long and learned proofs. All its affairs are decided by the swift glance at a particular fact, the daily examination of the changing moods of the crowd, occasional moments of chance, and the skill to exploit them.”
    He met in the White House with Trump 1. Andrew Jackson, found the rough man with the hard bark to be an astute judge of all his sophisticated enemies and more than a match for them.


    • on December 4, 2017 at 4:39 am gunslingergregi


      ”” In 1835, Jackson became the only president to completely pay off the national debt, fulfilling a longtime goal. ””””’

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  41. “There’s still fight in us Americans, and we’ll go down swinging if nothing else.”