Younger Mother, Bigger Family

If you want three kids the natural way, you had better start by knocking up a woman no older than 23. Younger, hotter, tighter, and now with more residual reproductive value! (h/t chris)

If you know how many children you’d like, and whether or not you would consider, or could afford, IVF, a computer model can suggest when to start trying for your first child.

Happy with just one? The model recommends [women] get started by age 32 to have a 90 per cent chance of realising [their] dream without IVF. A brood of three would mean starting by age 23 to have the same chance of success. Wait until 35 and the odds are 50:50 (see “When to get started”).

There’s a cautionary statement at the end of the article that I think worth reposting for all man-hating bitterbitch femcunts who so desperately wish the God of Biomechanics would treat men and women the exact same way.

The information captured in the fertility model is extremely important to have out there. There’s been a lot of publicity recently about the decline in fertility with age – not all of it well informed. This is such an emotionally charged subject with such fundamental consequences, we need to get the message right.

In June, for example, one scientist suggested that women who haven’t started a family by the age of 35 should freeze their eggs. But this doesn’t guarantee a family – eggs don’t always freeze well, and you need to freeze quite a few to give yourself reliable insurance.

It’s also been suggested that all men should have their sperm frozen at the age of 18. That’s even more ludicrous, because while male fertility falls with age, the effects don’t kick in until the late forties.

The biggest Darwinian difference between men and women? Women run out of eggs, men don’t run out of sperm.

Young people today expect to have complete control over their life. The messages about unwanted pregnancy are clear – you can control that with contraception. But when it comes to getting pregnant things are less clear. For most people, it’s not as simple as coming off the pill.

The Pill has distorted the thinking of many urban shitlib women, not to mention corrupted their femininity. The ability to perceptibly sever the connection between womb and vagina has metamorphosed in women an aggrocunt personality and sleazy sexual voraciousness that doesn’t sit well with their sex.

It is our duty to educate people about the decline in fertility with age. There is also a case for providing fertility checks to couples. At the moment, such tests aren’t widely available to healthy people, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be.

Couples need support so they can start their families early. Women who have children in their 20s are more likely to achieve their desired family size but can also expect lower lifetime earnings than women who start later.

Careergrrls who can’t abide this trade-off will simply see their genetic lineage disappear from the face of the earth. The lower earnings of more feminine, mothering women will be made up in their ability to attract more masculine male providers who are aroused by vulnerable women.

We need to ensure women aren’t disadvantaged at work, and sort the lack of childcare facilities so we can enable young couples to establish their careers and families at the same time.

This is an impossible task. You either have a fertile society, or you have a lawyercunt careergrrl society. Any attempt to reconcile the two on a large scale will end in massive debt overhang and gradual social decay. Western shitlib Whites are gonna have to learn this lesson or take their insipid equalism ideology with them to the darwinian dustbin of discarded DNA.

And there are sexual market disruptors coming that will make the Pill and abortion seem like piker stuff. Just remember, when the sexbot revolution emerges like a kraken from the depths of the robot AI-fake skin-so-soft tech atlantis and sets off the final solution for all of humanity, CH was among the first to warn you.

Gabber @cleisthenes writes that a TradLass revolution is inevitable,

Between trans women dominating their sports and sexdolls (I assume childbearing ones will be a thing eventually) women are going to move to hard Trad positions over the next 50 years. Will be their only option.

A plausible case can be made that social forces now in motion will birth a TradLass reaction the likes of which haunt feminists’ nightmares. It’s not just tranny normalization, the Pill, and sexbots contributing to a potentially society-wide backlass. Assuming current disparate fertility rates between lib and con women continue on the same trajectory, there won’t be many rootless deracinated White women left to bitch about the patriarchy. The gene pool of the future will shimmer with tradly luminescence, and that more than anything will alter the direction of “progress”.


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  2. In an R-selected family, three seems like a good number, maybe four if resources allow. It grows the next generation and provides decent assurance that you’ll be taken care of when you’re 85 and can barely stand without assistance.

    I guess to Heatiste’s point, a man starting at 35 with a woman at 23 should be more than economically fit to bear the weight of the whole family (barring income isn’t turned into gibmedats in a blue ethnostate).

    Perhaps it’s been discussed before, but how would you ideally set up a family unit while continuing a rotation? I’d assume just stick to old fb’s and keep the mother of your children as an ltr and never marry. Shifting focus to raising children will likely limit libido, but I don’t think it’s impossible to keep spinning old plates for a few hours after work.

    Any older men have experience with this? There’ll be some time before I decide on the mother of my children, but it never hurts to plan well in advanced.


    • > Ideally set up a family unit
      > Continuing rotation

      Pick one.

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    • “set up a family unit while continuing a rotation”

      Follow a vocation where your personal ability is the linchpin to your income.
      eg surgeon, programmer, engineer. Have a bolthole in another country eg a little charter boat business in the Caribbean. Make is clear to your wife that divorce or bad behaviour will bring the benefits to a crashing halt.


      • [sorry, dropped a line] , running your business net-worth-neutral.


      • on September 14, 2017 at 5:04 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Be a situational alpha: be the boss in the fashion or entertainment industry, and you’ll be surrounded by girlz to bang. Or a congressman or state assemblyman with an office of women and a state Capitol full of interns/gogirrlz at your disposal. Few man can do that, obviously. Perhaps being a prof would get you some poosy. Work-related Travel acrosst the country or internationally, ideally repeatedly to the same locations to build up your network. If you’re Joe blow $75,000/year financial analyst with no status, you’re going to have to ramp up your game skills to never-before-seem levels to attract girlz who’ll knowingly hook up with a márrièd man.


      • …except they won’t.

        She can take everything that you called your “life” away from you on a whim with the help of the State.

        Your word against theirs and the internet which has fora specifically for advising women how to make the most effective decapitation strikes against you and the family.

        Never live in a non-shared-parenting State. That is my only advice.


    • You’re effectively asking a forum of r-selection [email protected] how to remain K-selected.

      You are dum.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 2:04 pm whereiscourtney

      What a great example for your children to inevitably discover and emulate… My God. Have more respect for not only innocent children but also their mother than that. Not only are you royally screwing up your kids for life while being a horrible father, you’re screwing up their mother who committed to you and bore you children.

      Honestly, with such disgusting thought processes, you should never have children or marry, and just stick with loose women and hookers.

      Just because others have done such things doesn’t make it right OR mean you should do it.

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  3. on September 14, 2017 at 1:58 pm dergeistdesrotenkampfflieger

    If someone would be good enough to explain to me how to submit images, I’ll upload my text convo for alpha grading.

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    • You’ll have to save the photo to some online photo place, like imgur and/or

      Then, copy that link of that photo once it has been loaded. It should end with “.jpg” or “.png”, depending on the file.

      If it ends in “.jpg?width=908&height=100” then crop out the numbers so it ends with the file extension.

      Then paste that link into the comments section and Robert is your sister’s brother.


  4. It’s a tax problem as much as a social issue.
    Up till the 70s, a man could support his family on one income. Now the tax structure as well as the feminist dogma, no woman dare to even hint at becoming a SAHM.

    The desire by many to live where there’s good schools, big yards and social capital has required two incomes and putting off having kids.

    The end result is we sacrifice our future fertility/kids to later give them nicer lives while. Providing support to ferals who breed without thought.

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    • “The desire by many to live where there’s good schools, big yards and social capital has required two incomes and putting off having kids.”

      This is where mass immigration really serves its purpose vis a vis the destruction of the family. Mass immigration = demand for property outstrips supply = price of property goes up = property in nicer areas at a premium = ordinary working people can’t afford to raise a family in decent surroundings.


  5. Would you rather have a steak fresh from the market, or one that’s been freezer-burned months later?

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  6. a part of me wonders if women getting diplomas and trying to climb the corporate ladder is the essential western fallacy. the idea being to put off family life until mid thirties, find a perfect man, have children, then get back to being an ultra creative CEO, prime minister, president. They told women this would fulfill them but of course in reality they study ridiculous topics and work is rather dull. this is the point I would try to get across, that fulfillment by pretending to be a man is absolutely unfulfilling.

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    • Biggest mistake women made; assuming men got “fulfillment” from work. We got fulfillment from tapping that ass that our income, interesting jobs or social power that these careers gave us.

      The jobs themselves? Not so much.

      Or to put it another way; it was our lives outside of work that gave us meaning or value, obvious really, how many people stay at their jobs after winning a few hundred million dollars?

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  7. on September 14, 2017 at 2:10 pm name (required)

    I’m showing this to my daughter. She’s having trouble finding a man, because she insists that he be single and Christian.

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    • Is she attractive? Attractive girls looking for commitment seem do very well in their local churches, assuming the congregation is large enough to support a decent population of men. Uglyfatties tend to become virgin spinster uglyfatties, which is a sad sight. The attractive ones at my local megachurch get snapped up and ovenbunz early on.

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  8. Speaking of freezing your sperm at 18. I remember watching a show in England called “If I were king” where they interview prominent people for policy ideas. Germaine Greer’s idea was to force all men at 18 to freeze their sperm, put it in State run sperm banks, be vasectomized. Later, if they wanted children, they could apply for use of it from the appropriate agency.

    And leftists say they’re not totalitarian.

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  9. A good canned line to use when pointing out the ridiculousness of feminism to the girls in your life:

    ‘Feminism is the idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.’

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  10. women need to have children for mental stability, so the earlier they get started the better it will be for everyone involved.

    i don’t know any older childless woman who isn’t batshit insane

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    • As soon as a woman turns 25 and if she is childless, the rot (mental & physical) will start to set in. And when they approach their 40s, they become very bitter. I have seen no exceptions.
      Women 16 to 25 have a glow about them.
      Female childless bosses in their 40s are miserable wretches and treat their female employees like dogs.

      They do not seem to be able to recognize the source of their misery to tell future generations. or maybe they want other women to suffer too.
      I’d be a #1 feminist if the feminist movement if they were all about conservative dress, cherishing their chastity, shaming women in porn and in the MSM who tease, encourage motherhood etc.
      Women love and go crazy for new borns.

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      • yeah, there’s always a lot of talk about how bitter the women are who don’t have any children at all. i’d also include women who do have kids but start later. even as early as their late 20s women are messed up if they haven’t had any yet.

        mostly because they’ve spent at least a decade focusing on selfish pursuits instead of learning to put their wants/needs aside like you do when raising children.

        they focus on school, work, whoring it up, and going from one relationship to another getting more and more selfish and damaged the longer it goes. by the time they are in their late 20s and beyond they are already ruined. can’t bond with men properly, mess up the kids they do have with their selfishness, psychological issues, etc.

        women should have their first kids no later than 25. better if sooner.


      • I tend to agree, Cracker, though as always there are exceptions.

        But, mostly, women are encouraged to do this…to while away prime fertility years, to live it up, to get educated. To not trust men. Period. Their fathers do it, if they have dads around. Mothers. Teachers and guidance counselors and friends. The electric Jew, music, magazines, catalogs, colleges. It goes on forever.

        If women are so malleable then it’s easy to sway them into one course of action over another. Let’s consider women have limited agency. They need strong guidance, a rudder and a compass star, to maintain the right course.

        it starts in the home. The defense has to be a relentless and ruthless as the poz offense is.

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      • My wife was a standard Scandinavian libtard, left voting, march in the May Day parade, EU best thing eva, everyone’s the same etc etc. [email protected] at 22, first kid less than a year later, three more by 30, all doing well, and she’s gone from your typical Eurotard to, well not quite 1488, but she’s well aware of the JQ, hates niggers and shitskins (her words), and let’s just say she knows who’s in charge, and loves it.

        Was a SAHM until the kids were well into their teens, and that was best for both.

        Contrast that with her (slightly) older sister. Still full on eurotard, career go girl, [email protected] to a hipster man child who begged her to [email protected] him only recently (she kept her own name, of course), drives an electric car, is a marathon runner, loves travelling. and has a grand total of ONE kid. Who lives in the major city over there, in a “diverse” area, and possibly on drugs. And who is an artist.

        Guess which sister is happy and content. And which one is chasing windmills.

        However, to our chagrin, her parents think her sister is the epitome of the modern woman, and love her sisters “husband”. And hate me. So I’m doing something right IMHO.

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    • No shit!


  11. Thanks for the White Pill! May I have another!


  12. Wait until 35 and the odds are 50:50 (see “When to get started”).

    As a man who is already 40 and considering ending a long-term relationship because he really wants kids (and, speaking candidly, is not confident of his ability to attract a woman under 35), this is terrifying.


    • Stick around. Read the archives. Pay attention. It won’t be as terrifying as it is now.

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    •’ll have the time of your life. Women 18 – 30 love older dudes in their 40s.

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    • It’s going to get EASY, bro. If you are in shape and have an income then you have a chance. I started an experimental dating account and I’m running off the hose-beasts already. Once women start to realize what’s in store for them on the current “contract” feminism is offering them there is going to be a lot of late 20s still viable women looking for an established man.

      Learn your game and frame NOW you’re going to need it.


    • on September 14, 2017 at 7:52 pm Vagina dominator

      Get in shape if you are not already in shape. Not for the whores as much as for yourself and your own confidence and health.

      At 40 this should not be a problem. It is still quite young. And make sure you follow the eating advice so often offered here. It is almost impossible to eat badly and stay healthy and looking good after 40.

      1. Meat.
      2. Fat. Healthy oils.
      3. Low carb. No grains or pulses.
      4. Foods that support good gut bacteria, e.g., kim chi, sauerkraut.
      5. Raw foods that have enzymes to aid in the digestion of respectively protein, fats and carbs. Look these up. For example, pineapple and papaya help us break down proteins. There are lots of these foods. Even raw carrots. It isn’t a big deal.
      6. Go easy on the alcohol.
      7. Get D3, either as a supplement or directly from the sun


    • Age difference is nonsense. Women don’t really mature past 15.


  13. “If you want three kids the natural way, you had better start by knocking up a woman no older than 23.”

    Why stop at 3? I married a 24 year old and now have 5 kids the natural way. We live very comfortably in a mid-sized city and my wife stays home to keep the house and homeschool my boys. An extra income would be nice, but there is no way my wife would trade being a mom for a paycheck.

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    • on September 14, 2017 at 7:53 pm Vagina dominator

      You, sir, are a fucking champion.


    • Gabe, The wife and I have been doing just this for 22 years, but w/ 2 kids. She is the happiest woman I have ever met. Super traditional homemaker, fit, healthy and a true home economist. Our now grown homeschooled sons have been redpilled and are preparing to take on the Poz.
      We have no debt other than a tiny mortgage. Our net worth is sizeable and growing each payday Also started a from home side business a few years back that she contributes to, working for US, not a boss. Decent income in a mid size city with plans of early retirement. Sure, younger women look good but I enjoy nothing more than taking care of business at home. Living the dream in the Midwest


  14. Mel Gibson is having his 9th child with his 26 year old girlfriend.

    Also reading about Wernher Von Braun

    Von Braun had a charismatic personality and was known as a ladies’ man. As a student in Berlin, he would often be seen in the evenings in the company of two girlfriends at once. He later had a succession of affairs within the secretarial and computer pool at Peenemünde.

    In January 1943, he became engaged to Dorothee Brill, a physical education teacher in Berlin, and sought permission from the SS Race and Settlement Office to marry. However, the engagement was broken due to his mother’s opposition. Later in 1943, while preparing V-2 launch sites in northeastern France, von Braun had an affair in Paris with a Frenchwoman, who was imprisoned for collaboration after the War and became destitute.

    During his stay at Fort Bliss, von Braun proposed marriage to Maria Luise von Quistorp (born June 10, 1928), his maternal first cousin, in a letter to his father. On March 1, 1947, having received permission to go back to Germany and return with his bride, he married her in a Lutheran church in Landshut, Germany. Shortly after he converted to Evangelical Christianity, his bride and he, as well as his father and mother, returned to New York on March 26, 1947. On December 9, 1948, the von Brauns’ first daughter, Iris Careen, was born at Fort Bliss Army Hospital. The von Brauns had two more children, Margrit Cécile in 1952 and Peter Constantine in 1960.

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    • Mel Gibson is is like a demi-god to me.


      • on September 14, 2017 at 7:55 pm Vagina dominator

        He made the Jews watch a highly unpozzed successful movie about Jesus, made a billion dollars from it and didn’t give the Jews a big slice.

        Definition of winning.

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      • Damn, VD. I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re right.

        Now I like the bloke even more.


      • Yeah, he showed that one didn’t need to kowtow to the (((distribution network))) to get a film made and seen by regular folk.

        Of course, it WAS a captive audience of church-goers, but still, money got made and folks got enlightened.

        In the end, though, he did decide to do the usual mea culpa for his in vino veritas moment… more’s the pity.


  15. In mod rape but Mel Gibson is expecting his 9th child with his 26 year old girl.


  16. Reading about Wernher Von Braun…rocket scientist, charming personality, dated many women at same time, had affairs..

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  17. “A plausible case can be made that social forces now in motion will birth a TradLass reaction the likes of which haunt feminists’ nightmares. It’s not just tranny normalization, the Pill, and sexbots contributing to a potentially society-wide backlass. Assuming current disparate fertility rates between lib and con women continue on the same trajectory, there won’t be many rootless deracinated White women left to bitch about the patriarchy. The gene pool of the future will shimmer with tradly luminescence, and that more than anything will alter the direction of “progress”.”

    And there you have it. There is no way in this hell or the next that “they” can get away with tranny normalization and in the same day (or life) even attempt to, without serious harm to credibility, go after trad normalization as wrong.

    Of course with the signal boost they get from the Cathedral, it’ll be up to the shitlord brigades to “personalize” the leftist hyprocrits and shame them publicly. That is, when they attack, spare the dialog and just find their tumblr account. Anybody who can run on such a double standard has very likely already embarrassed themselves on the internet (they can’t resist that).

    It’s also perfectly fitting, fighting fire with righteous fire. The left is actually performing some kind of grooming with trannification and gayification of kids. These groups that cannot reproduce like the opportunities they get adding freaks to their ranks, be those sexual ranks, Marxist ranks, voting ranks.

    We can do the same. Think about it. Imagine say you got a 13 year old teenage girl now who gets the dose or brain anti-virus (shitlibism being THE virus) and by age 23 she’s full on trad (instead of lesbian, tranny, marxist, etc.). Today’s 20 y/o shitlord who does his due diligence now on the current crop of teenage girls will be having a better pool of women in 10 years, and can hook up with a younger woman too, and have that large family of future shitlords.

    All war, in the end, is a war of attrition. The left figured out how to reproduce. We already knew, but “adapted” to post modernity too well.


  18. All women need to do is get married at 16-18 years old to a man, say 26-28 who’s on the road to being established and can support a family, then pop out a trio of sproglets and they’re done with the majority of childrearing by the time they are 30. Then they can go to college, law school, etc if they want to become career girls, with a 10-15 year delay. They’ll have the rest of their lives to work in soulless cubicle if they wish.

    It’s a simple solution, so naturally the globalists and their lackeys won’t propose it.


    • ‘Then they can go to college, law school, etc if they want to become career girls, with a 10-15 year delay. They’ll have the rest of their lives to work in soulless cubicle if they wish.’

      No. Bitches must never go into the corporate workforce. That is the reason why the West is doomed. That is the reason white people got so fucked up in the first place.

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    • I used to believe that, but the only reason for female careerism and education, deep in the id, is sexual access to alpha males. It viscerally loses its appeal when her pussy stops working.

      The exception being a few borderline autistic hard science chicks. But generally they don’t pay much attention to gender politics.


      • In my world, borderline autistic hard science chicks should be the only women permitted to work for corporations.

        If I was King of the World, there would be a special card (like a driver’s licence) that we give to high IQ women. This card permits them to work in finance, law firms, etc. Only borderline autistic chicks would qualify.

        A pretty girl would work as a secretary and she would be the servant of the alpha boss. Bonus points if she has whyte kids with him.

        In my world, the only jobs for regular women: Nurse and kindergarten teacher.

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  19. I married a 22-year old when I was 24. Immediately started having children. We have eight now and I’m nearing 40. She’s never worked outside the home and homeschools the children admirably. I figure we’re more than doing our part and we’re having a lot of fun. We always get weird comments from people, of course. Have more than a couple of children and society freaks out. But then, MPAI.


  20. Who needs kids? Career cunts can have a cat or six.

    I love talking to our barren, late 40s HR director. She has lots of adventures and sees her parents quite often. I asked her how old they are and will she do when they are gone. I said she will always have her cats.


    • I run into girls where the hamsters already spinning, lonely and uptight, and she’s on psychotic meds in college

      I don’t want to play with fire and it sounds like an unstable situation. But I really do think that she just desperately needs some dick. I think a spike in sex hormones would clear that gunk out of her brain


  21. You’re leaving out that the feminine women having kids might pass on their genetic legacy more than lawyercunts do but the liberal turds then educate the feminine women’s kids… in feminism. So you will still always end up with lots of bitter man hating cunts coming from the universities.

    I’ve said for awhile ending the commissar campuses is as important for Trump as the Wall or nothing will fundamentally change. You have to end the public funding for jumped up little tyrant brainwashing academies but Trump hasn’t even mentioned it.


  22. The bigger problem is the globohomos putting an antisperm gene in food. Works in both men and women. 3 generations of rats fed on this I think it was 30% of this shit no longer reproduce. Thats why they made the Illuminati movie children of men. Whats the point of being evil if you can’t brag about it?


  23. on September 15, 2017 at 12:25 am Mean Mr. Mustard


  24. The classic way to get this done is what the chateau has advocated for years:

    Pump a decent amount of sluts, have some medium-term relationships when convenient, and then when you get a bit older, use your honed game on some young naive minx that is dumber than you and start popping em out

    Key to a perfect life

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  25. “It is our duty to educate people about the decline in fertility with age.”

    I think that’s part of the solution, but the real duty is to educate women that motherhood and babies is actually a lot of fun. Despite what the mommy blog martyrs who never sleep tell you, parenting little people can really be delightful. Yes, it can be stressful and you do miss out on sleep for about 3 years (about the time it takes to get your MBA or JD! Look at that!) but the perks are awesome. The first time your kid invents a really clever game or masters a complicated skill is so extremely rewarding.

    Caveat: it’s less rewarding if your kids are in day care for 9 hours. The women I know who are burnt out and miserable get very little pleasant time with their kids because daycare. Their kids are up at 5 to get dropped off and are always sick and overtired and the parents get the end of the day, over-stimulated, melting downs. No fun.

    Keep an eye out for how often motherhood is portrayed as a joyless slog and you’ll see why women – and men – put it off for so long.

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  26. First comment lost in mod.

    The only solution to the problems facing the West today is Game. Smart attractive women need white men to Game them into submission. Here is the Ultimate Game Challenge: Find an beautiful, intelligent, 22 year-old woman and get her to bear you 6 children. Convince her serving you is worth quitting her career. Game her so that her only focus is to loving you and bearing your progeny.

    It won’t be easy. Especially after she has your first child and labors for 20 hours trying to push your large-brained offspring through her tight vagina. She will shit test you. She will talk about “going back to work”, or “not being ready for another child” etc. You must keep your frame. If you are strong she will bear you child after child until you can’t keep the names of all your kids straight.

    The downside of this is, of course, that after she has risked her life and sacrificed her body and youth and beauty to serve you, you have a responsibility as a man to be faithful to her. Even when she doesn’t look like she used to. When she finally slams into the wall, you pat her on the head and say “that’ll do”.


  27. While we’re talking fecundity:

    Fraternal birth order effect on homosexuality is absolutely, positively a real phenomenom.

    Male babies produce H-Y antigens. Mothers can produce H-Y antibodies in response to this, these antibodies will mess with normal male brain development. Because of this, the risk of homosexuality shoots up for each older brother (or previously miscarried male fetus) that a male child has.

    This does not explain 100% of homosexuality, but explains a helluva good chunk of it.

    The skinny: Funny enough, this is neither genetic nor environmental. Its a maternal immune response (being an immune response, it has both genetic and environmental factors).

    Most importantly, this is easily testable (and probably treatable-ish). Mothers who have high H-Y antibody titers would probably not have more kids, abort future male fetuses, or even undergo plasmapheresis (which is safe during pregnancy) to remove the offending antibodies.

    Or just go Trumpstyle and have your youngest male son with a fresh womb.


    • Interesting. Studies show homos have older brothers at high rates?


      • Yes.

        25 year meta-analysis:

        Start with Ray Blanchard’s research and go from there. Its a slam dunk.

        Even First born sons can of course still be homos with this explanation. Mother previously miscarried a male fetus, or the mom has a wonky immune system that produces HY antibodies.

        Blanchard estimates about 50% of homosexuality is explained by this. That leaves plenty of cases where neuroplasticity/epigenetics covers your favorite environmental explanation (molestational imprinting, cochrane’s gay germ theory, etc.) But make no mistake, Fraternal birth order and HY antibodies is legit.

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      • Glad mine are spaced 3+ yrs apart