Chicks Dig Murderous Jerks (A Recurring Theme)

A man who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters receives sexy pics and love notes in prison from adoring women.


From a reader,

Whatever that ding is in the brains of women…

They rock the cradle and dig the grave of civilization.

Great line. The essence of woman is to create and to destroy. To birth and to bury. To nurture and to neglect.

A smart society thwarts women’s destructive impulse while encouraging their natal instinct.

From another reader,

Was watching a clip from Goodfellas last night… where Ray Liotta beats the snot out of the guy across the street from his girlfriend, and she admits she was turned on by it. And then remembered that Ted Bundy got love letters in the pen.

Chicks dig dominant men.
The dominant man fulfills a woman’s urge to submit.
The sexual polarity is aligned.
The Fuggernaut wept.

One must give credit to the world’s newspaper of record — the Daily Mail — for printing in full so many of those love letters to a killer. They are dark portals into the soul of woman, a glimpse of her demonic id, and a front row seat to her rationalization hamster. You’ve never seen such spinning!

“their saying that your a monster and that your a POS and that your a physopath (lmao yes I know I spelled that wrong) but I’ve been telling them that their wrong and that I do not feel the way they do!!”

Verbatim. Who’s “they” telling her to stay away from a triple murderer? Her mom? Her male friends? Her female friends? Her court-ordered therapist? How many people has she told about her unrequited love affair with a killer of women and little girls?


“[I’m] someone who knows nothing about you therefore will not judge you based on your current situation.”

She’s writing a love letter to a man who’s in jail for murdering his entire family. And very misogynistically murdering them, I might add. She certainly knows that about him. Oh look, a hamster!

Let’s check out Tammy’s phyzz:

Not bad. She’s slender. Which means one bangable broad who isn’t a land whale is off the market for beta males, because her heart belongs to a man who slew an adult woman and two minor girls.

From T. Goodchild,

There are hundreds of thousands of dutiful betas who have never so much as raised their voices to a woman, all sure that if they just work a little harder, save a bit more, buy more expensive gifts . . . they’ll be able to score a girl like Bikini girl from that first photo.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

*surreptitiously kicks the poosy pedestal under the bed* “I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t polish a pussy pedestal.”

My point with these posts isn’t to sour men on women, or provoke so much cynicism that good men go their own way, or to suggest that men should never bond with women.

My point in exposing the dankest crannies of the female id is to remind men that the pussy pedestal is a lie, and an obstacle to true and real bonding with women. Face up to women for what they are, not the fantasy you wish them to be, and you won’t be so easily disillusioned when the fantasy inevitably breaks apart or fails to materialize. You will better appreciate women once you know what makes them tick, know their flaws and corrupt desires, and can enjoy them without anxiously dreading a moment they deviate the tiniest bit from a false narrative about their inherent goodness.


  1. I knew a Californian woman who was around 16/17 when the Manson trial was in progress, and she said one of her girlfriends was sending fan mail to him, telling him how she totally understood him, unlike all those other people, etc.

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  2. Psychos gotta psycho…..

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  3. Youve also gotta keep in mind that this is also like yelling in a pillow or keeping a diary for these broads. They get to pump their darkest id all over these dudes, who are in prison for ever and ever, without fear of any sort of discovery or repercussion. Well, unless the Goddamn daily mail outs them, which is Goddamn hilarious. It’s like if the dude that sends unsolicited dickpics to chicks had a broad he could just send jerkoff videos to his hearts desire and never get a complaint. And to think, everyone of these chicks will have some dude dote on her most likely in the near future. Pretty disheartening. Imagine how awesome it would be if someone put together a tome of “serial killers and the skeezers that flick their beans to them”.
    And on that note, remember that EVERY EVERY woman on earth has a skeleton at least this awful in her closet. All of them. Aaalllllll of them. So it’s either close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears, and go for it in a relationship, or make sure you’re always worse than them at all times and keep your expectations right around zero. I like the latter.

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  4. It’s their very own Beauty and the Beast story. They want to be the beauty that tames the beast, not understanding they don’t really want a tame beast. And they would rather be strangled to death by their beast than be touched by a beta.

    I understand why most of you have absolute disdain for the majority, if not all, women.

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    • (1) A chick wrote this? (2) I know what comes after chick empathy or sympathy, and I don’t want it. (3) Address my like your favorite stone cold killa or don’t address me at all, not that I speak for the majority here, or Gayggy. lulzllzl


    • this is true. beauty and the beast. by some, seemingly odd, twist of nature, it works.

      my girlfriend is young, lithe and beautiful. I’m a hideous, scarred up, old crag. I once told her how we’re the epitome of the beauty and the beast story. except of course I reversed the roles and said that I am the beauty and she’s the beast. we both got a hearty laugh out of that. though I definitely laughed harder.


      • on December 19, 2018 at 4:54 pm Captain Obvious


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      • haha! oven is already preheated.

        remember the “fainting thot” post? same girl. i pegged her as medium-to-high risk from the get go, so put the screws in her from day one, cutting off all her exits.

        first, I flipped the biol-ogical clock script on her and tell told her k-ids within six months or GTFO and don’t waste my time. this is an ace move because it’s usually the girl putting pressure on the guy to get with the program. a guy telling a girl to get it together regarding fam-ily ki-ds or he’s out is just what the modren thot wants/needs to hear

        next, I moved her into my place after dating her four weeks. people thought I was nuts. nope. I just knew that in order to extract her from the poz cult I needed replace it with something else. that “something else” was home and fa-mily. so I moved her in, told her we were having ki-ds, soon. brought our fam-ilies and friends together. and she transformed into the most perfect loving, happy, optimistic, ma-ternal, sexy m0ther-of-my-ki-ds woman I’ve ever met. fast.

        there was one major shit-test. she had an orbiter that she would go rock climbing with every week. met the guy once. immediately wanted to throw him into a wood chipper.

        so we were already living together when I meet this dweeb..things were great. lovey-dovey. but she’s still keeping the leech around. she even invites me to come hang out with the two of them. naturally I chose this as the hill for the relationship to die on.

        so every week when she decides to go climbing with this worm I would disappear. gone for the night. no calls or texts. come home late. icy cold. won’t have sex with her for two or three days afterwards. it shook her, hard, that I can turn off the love spigot so fast and so cleanly.

        this want on for about foyr weeks when it finally to came to a head. she’s thinking I’m nuts, because I’m not fighting her over it, not trying to control her. I’m just dropping her and it’s making her head spin.

        so she brings it up and she argues that it’s her god given right to keep her loser orbiter around. and I calmly said, yes, of course you do have that God given right, but it makes you look like a piece of garbage when you hang out with losers like that. and I subsequently lose all attraction for you. it absolutely grosses me out that you would keep a guy like that around. it reflects on you very poorly.

        so you are free to continue doing that, but just know that you’re taking a huge gamble by doing so, because it causes me to lose all respect and attraction for you.

        and that was that. never heard about the orbiter or rock climbing ever again. she dropped both. shit test passed. after that things got way easier.

        so January first is six months to the day. she asked for extra time before getting pre-gnant because of her recently starting a new job. fine. granted. we agreed we’d start trying in January. eventually she will be a stay at home m-om so if she wants to keep the silly job for a few more months I’m okay with that. she has carefully and thoughtfully moved her entire life and se-curity entirely under my umbrella in a very short time and has shown that she’s all in. I have little, if any, reason to believe she won’t follow through.

        i am thus far extremely satisfied with her and impressed. I’m glad I hacked through her poz shield and got to the woman underneath. it helps that she is an absolute smokeshow. I wouldn’t have done the work otherwise. she’s also solid on many other levels. great cook. good to my friends and fa-mily. happy to plan and hos-t events. great sex every day of the week. lets me choke fuck her and gives me head even when she has the flu. keeps the fridge full and the house clean

        all that being said, I don’t give her a friggin inch of latitude on her behavior. and she knows it. if she gets sassy for even an instant the mood turns scary. she lives in a constant mixed state of fear and pussy-wetness. in between the terror and choke fucking there is a lot of cuddling.
        mostly I keep her working hard, and she loves it.

        so yes, cap. WHITE BUNZ -> WHITE 0VEN

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      • on December 19, 2018 at 6:41 pm Greg Eliot, Second-Tier Adventist

        Atta boy


      • on December 19, 2018 at 8:20 pm Corinth Arkadin

        “my girlfriend is young, lithe and beautiful.”

        No, she isn’t. Liar.


      • how’s your saxon woman doing, Corinth? is she turned on by you playing with steam engines?


      • “You’re the Rhoda I’m the Mary” always gets an arm punch from them.


      • Congratulations PJ. I wish you all the best. Children are a wonderful gift from God and will make you a man. It is no longer about just you and her. It will stress your relationship but if you love one another, it will ultimately bring you closer.

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      • That describes my wife to a T, Corinth except she never gets sassy and I am a grumpy MoFo. I am irascible about 75% of the time.


      • PJ, the shit that American women do and act as if its utterly normal blows my mind. You handled it correctly but no man should have to do such monkey dances. You will need to keep the pimp hand after the children arrive. She craves it and needs it.

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      • on December 20, 2018 at 1:27 am Greg Eliot Hungry For Black Pole

        Might you name the baby Greg?


      • “PJ, the shit that American women do and act as if its utterly normal blows my mind. You handled it correctly but no man should have to do such monkey dances. You will need to keep the pimp hand after the children arrive. She craves it and needs it.”

        thanks, Carlos. i recognized the need for Terminator level pimp hand with this girl early on. the amount of pussy pedestalizing she’s experienced and continues to experience is mind boggling. she had a team of pedestalizing when we started dating. that’s one of the main reasons I moved her in right away. she needed and wanted to be pulled away from all that, but it was her security blanket until I put her in the position of “it’s either me or them. now choose.”

        those guys are all gone now. she knows now not to dare bring any other guy, or even mention another guy, no matter how innocuous, into our space. And i don’t think she wants to. her situation with me is too good. still, I won’t be letting my guard down with her, ever. except maybe when she’s hit the wall.

        one thing I realized through this is that these shit tests actually help a guy, if he can pass them. we NEED to be with a woman who challenges us in the sense of being in high demand by other men. your pecking order status grows immensely when you can keep a beautiful, high SMV woman under your spell indefinitely, while other powerful guys are doing backflips trying to find a way in. my pimp hand never sleeps and has only gotten stronger. i don’t always need it, but it’s always there.

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      • “Congratulations PJ. I wish you all the best. Children are a wonderful gift from God and will make you a man. It is no longer about just you and her. It will stress your relationship but if you love one another, it will ultimately bring you closer.”

        thank you, Carlos. wise words. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

        Merry Christmas to all other knuckleheads as well.

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      • all *you other knuckleheads


      • knucklehaids

        /fify rape!


      • good on you, pj.

        I’d have responded to the orbiter thing differently tho, but it worked so no quibbles. It seems like strong frame is the most important thing, not the details.

        I walked out on my gf one time for contradicting me in a discussion about South Africa with some random couple we were sitting next to. She followed me into the street and just begged me to hit her. One of the weirder experiences I’ve been through honestly. She knew she was wrong, she knew she needed correction, and rather than go thru the whole “process” like you had to it was just can you please smack me so i can get my mind right…

        and of course I had to worry about jail and all the rest of this “patriarchy” bullshit so I couldn’t take the direct and simple course.

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      • “and of course I had to worry about jail and all the rest of this “patriarchy” bullshit so I couldn’t take the direct and simple course.”

        trav, if that option was available it would have made it so, so, SO much easier to get her in line. instead I had to use subterfuge, and mental “violence”. being extremely warm to her one minute then shutting off all connection with her when she fucks up, while she’s living under my roof, and keeping a straight face while doing it, shocked her out of her “liberated woman” fantasy pretty fast. it was a long, harrowing 4-5 weeks of tension, though.

        also, I don’t have the cleanest record when it comes to DV. (one false accusation, which in my state is essentially a scarlet letter) so any hint of anything physical was absolutely out of the question.


      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:44 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “so any hint of anything physical was absolutely out of the question”

        The Reserve Army of Beta-Pedestalizing Fools: police orificers, DAs, judges, state legislators, corrections orificers.

        The Praetorian Guard of the Frankfurt School.

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      • everyone still posturing in the comments


    • on December 19, 2018 at 4:24 pm Darth Caucasious

      The letter bears a resemblance to the kind of naive letters a beta might send a centerfold model.

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    • on December 19, 2018 at 4:59 pm Captain Obvious

      jg7, if you aren’t pushing out a new White [email protected] about once every 18 months, then you are committing a terrible crime against G0d’s Creation.


    • this beauty and the beast thing reminds me of lady and the trump


  5. on December 19, 2018 at 3:39 pm Hackett To Bits

    Geez check out bikini chick Tatiana and herletter. Talk about trying to qualify herself to a dominant man, every sentence she writes is an apology for possibly boring him.
    Let that be a reminder: never be deferential and never apologize.

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  6. It’s almost like
    Women are giving men a PERMISSION SLIP
    To let slip the dogs of war
    release fury and vengence
    set things right and proper
    and they will be there for us again

    Sometimes it’s like who is dominating who

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    • Peak, you make an interesting point. If Betas rose up and started some Brevik shit, all the sudden they’d be swimming in pussy. They’d probably lose the war because of weak legs.

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      • yup. the one thing they fear is the path to their salvation

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      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:07 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “If Betas rose up and started some Brevik shit, all the sudden they’d be swimming in pussy.”

        JOHN VUKOVICH [TO RUTH]: “You’re working for me now.”


      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:09 am Captain Obvious

        I wonder if that’s why we got the Baby Boom starting in 1946?

        Because all the Betas rose up and started some Breivik shit on the Krauts & the Japs?


      • “I wonder if that’s why we got the Baby Boom starting in 1946?

        Because all the Betas rose up and started some Breivik shit on the Krauts & the Japs?”

        very interesting thought.

        the other idea I’ve had is that ww2 caused the greatest generation to be acutely aware of their own mortality, and hence the importance of fa-mily.

        but then they turned right around and passed civil rights and legalized abortion, and basically initiated the great flushing of heritage America down the toilet. so it’s not quite so simple.


      • Like

  7. Nice graphics with the piece. The hamsters in a swimming race, funny. Any hamster over 5′ tall is a dangerous beast rightly regarded first and foremost as a dangerous beast. Men who think that enforcement against domestic violence is at worst simply a witch hunt do not understand their decisive handicap afflicting their balls vis-a-vis her vagina and have already been defeated a la Sun Tzu. The culling is calling. I wish I were younger. Kai Murrows makes a lot of sense, though I would quibble that it it best to love yourself first and always. So-called love is based on utility. Utility qualification gives producers the advantage over parasites. Unconditional love is natural only to self, though children deserve that as the default that can be lost. What KM says is great and I don’t think it will be so readily available online at some point. What he says must happen must happen. Never let a crisis go to waste. Learn by example.

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  8. the industrial revolution and its consequences were a mistake

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  9. I would never do that, I would never think that, I would never be that… every woman ever

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  10. on December 19, 2018 at 4:57 pm Captain Obvious

    TAMMY: “I’m 36, never [email protected] (was close one time but my career got in the way), no kids die-hard OSU fan (alumni too) sorry but I really don’t like the Steelers… I will try not to hold that against you…”

    CH: “Let’s check out Tammy’s phyzz…”


    Q: You know what phreaks me out about Ch!ldless Career-Woman OSU-Alumna Tammy’s appearance?



    Perfect teeth are starting to look like to me as though the Children of the Corn grew up to be NPC Bugpeople.


    • Actually, being able to graduate from university and spell like that at 36 is what shocked me most. America has a problem with its human resources.

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  11. My take is that these halfwit ratchets don’t want a relationship with Watts, not that they could even have one with a guy doing mandatory life. But they would like to have a raw dog trophy with him. Watts is a good-looking fellow. And from the ratchet’s perspective, they get his alpha/killer DNA but are safe from his stabbing rampages. A woman with a barren womb is a frightful thing indeed.

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    • “they would like to have a raw dog trophy with him. Watts is a good-looking fellow.”

      I was thinking that in particular with the hot Ukrainian blonde. She’s likely always wanted an all-American looking white guy, but been disappointed with how milquetoast most of those guys are. Watts has the whole package, the look and the alluring bad boy psychopathy.


  12. plumpjack
    You’ll loose your power slowly once the baby comes. At her mom groups, FB pages, TV she’ll learn of her Gov given power over you.
    Good luck my brother

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    • on December 19, 2018 at 8:21 pm Corinth Arkadin



    • on December 19, 2018 at 11:06 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “her mom groups, FB pages, TV”

      mom groups: Get her out in the countryside, away from Bluetopia.

      FB pages: no iPhag, no scr0tial media

      TV: cut the cord, pull the plug.


    • Mostly the power loss comes from the change in the family structure. You are no longer the focus of her time and attention, the children are. You will have to take a back seat if you love the children and she is a good mother. It is no longer about just you. My wife is a loner and only associates with family and a couple of women who are older and live far away and don’t seek to undermine me or our m4rri4ge. The children simply need her more than I do.

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      • on December 19, 2018 at 11:35 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “You are no longer the focus of her time and attention”

        Let’s hope and pray that our brother PJ has no desire whatsoever to be the focus of her time and attention [once the ch!ldren arrive].


      • Wrong. Dead wrong.

        You must remain her focus and attention. Fucking people who put their kids first are fools and betaing themselves.

        If you let her become just a mom, you are paving the road to divorce

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      • trav is correct about this

        the problem with most families today and for the past generation or two is that most parents are putting the kids at the center of the family universe instead

        all you get with that is miserable [email protected], kids who don’t have a good model of what a healthy man/wife relationship is, and kids who grow up to be narcissistic shits who expect the world to revolve around them

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      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:12 am Captain Obvious

        How in the name of G0d Almighty do your homeschool your kids if they aren’t the center of your attention?

        How do you get them to the swimming pool for their cardio?

        How do you fill your 2-car garage with selectorized stacks for their lifting?

        How do you cook all that non-processed natural food and wash the dishes afterwards?

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      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:38 am Captain Obvious

        do your homeschool your kids


      • So long as the children are not spoiled, this is a sound approach. My parents did everything they could to raise us children well, which meant that my strict Old World father was the unquestioned autocrat of our house – but his strictness was applied for our sake, for our own good, so that we would turn out right.


      • You dolts have it precisely wrong.

        Spoiling kids consists of NOT paying attention to them but letting them get their way in everything and giving them whatever consumer shit they want so that they stay out of your hair, and to assuage your guilt over neglect.

        Raising them means giving them ALL the attention you can spare from survival, while not granting their whims, letting them run wild, or

        Spoiling is neglect and lack of leadership combined with disregard or bribes, punctuated by negative attention in some cases (punishment, meaning the kids will act like shit SPECIFICALLY to get your attention, even if it’s having the crap beaten out of them in preference to being ignored).

        Correct raising of kids is positive attention plus leadership — mutual participation in activities and learning, plus control to establish boundaries. You set the boundaries, but you get the fuck in there and GIVE — in terms of attention, leadership, education, sharing of experience and insight, and even just having fun. Otherwise you’re setting the example of a narcissistic asshole whose trivial bullshit is too “important” to give up for the sake of raising your own kids, for fuck’s sake.

        100% with Captain Obvious on this one.


      • TL;DR

        You are the primary example for your kids.

        Which example is likely to turn out better people:

        Self-centered jackass who ignores his own fucking flesh and blood to “do his own thing,” to hell with responsibility.

        Guy who puts his own needs on the back burner to provide leadership, guidance, and attention to the growing minds in his family, to give them a better shot at life. demonstrating responsibility, patience, and fairness, as well as an ability to sacrifice self for the good of family.

        Your choice.


      • To expand a bit further, the disastrous collapse of the British ruling class is primary example of how zero-attention parenting results in badly defective people

        Take Kim Philby as a prime example. His father believed in giving zero attention, other than occasional beatings in between deliberately ignoring him constantly.

        Philby, like all young humans craving input and attention, acted up specifically to get punished so that he would at least get some attention. The technique first trained him to associate doing destructive stuff with getting attention.

        In the second place, when he ended up at the gulag, er, boarding school, it was simplicity in itself for the commies to recruit him. His recruiter and handlers became his dad, his brothers, his family, people who listened to him and who gave him a sense of belonging.

        Those who aren’t anchored to the clan will end up anchored to something else, whether that’s a commie movement, a bunch of drug-binging assholes, or whatever.

        Do you really think that Philby would have turned to the Soviets if his dad had taught him how to shoot, gone fox-hunting with him, sat and told him tales of the Indian frontier over dinner, learned Latin or Greek with him, and whatever the hell else British ruling class people did at that time? He would have laughed in the commies’ faces and sung “Rule, Brittania!” while strutting off to maintain the Empire, instead of destroying it.

        Because he would have been loyal to his family, and thus to his nation and race.

        Why do you think a fair number of these Antifa pricks, especially the leading ones, come from “good” families with a lot of money? It’s because the rich anuses have the resources to farm their kids out to a series of nannies and such (whom they periodically replace, of course, because they’re actually jealous of a bond forming between the kid and the nanny) and can’t be bothered to interrupt their money-snuffling and oh-so-important pansy-ass “social climbing” to instill anything in their kids — except neglect and failure, that is.


      • Long poast about K1m Ph1lby, [email protected], and the Emp1r3 in m0d. If I feel like I might sanskrit it up later so it’ll appear. Got to go for now, though.


  13. I don’t know. I can agree for the most part about a woman’s desire to submit. But, you have to realize that a lot of weird shit happens in this world. There are designated volunteer organizations and companies (i think one is called penpal for jailmates) that write to jailed people or go read stories to them out of compassion. Don’t ask me why. But that doesn’t mean they’re like super duper gaga in love with them…….I would say females enjoy submitting, yeah. but to go so far as to say that they’re into guys who kill their families…haha not too sure about that man


    • on December 20, 2018 at 11:14 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “but to go so far as to say that they’re into guys who kill their families…haha not too sure about that man”


      Reading Comprehension.

      Try it some time.

      It’ll open your eyes to all sorts of phenomena you wouldn’t have guessed could have existed.


  14. WTF happened to the commentariat here? The majority are incoherent sperglords, unlike five years ago.


  15. I’m just pointing relevant shit out honestly. the letters that they showed (i;m sure there’s more) were also written like right when he was starting to get accused in august so he wasn’t convicted yet,


  16. like if anything this guy is a real beta loser….killed his own offspring and never will have any ever again…probably these girls are just teasing the poor beta now


  17. This bitch is in her late 30s and actually wrote “lol” in a hand written letter. She deserves to be strangled to death during a conjugal visit

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  18. One positive is these women like to be fucked hard. So go forth and fuck hard.


  19. fuck this gay world


  20. Seems like the driving force is female compassion (illogical obviously), which is taken advantage of by the psychopathic killer and their manipulative tendancies. not so much the killing part

    [CH: funny how women can’t summon any compassion for lovelorn beta male incels.]


    • on December 19, 2018 at 11:28 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “female compassion”


      Sadly, I’m not a psychopath, but my guess is that women never get as moist between the legs as they do when watching another human being get its brains bashed in with a baseball bat.

      And it’s probably similar with the s0d0mites – they probably get their biggest hardest throbbingest er3ctions while watching a little pre-pubescent boy being [email protected] to d3ath.


      • on December 19, 2018 at 11:30 pm Captain Obvious

        My guess is that those of us who grew up out in the countryside, in the little house with the white picket fence, have no earthly idea how Evil things are in the Big City.


      • when the male wins the fight against the challengers, the women have to be wet bc it’s mating time. It’s evolved behavior.

        females who got went in response to violence had more offspring


      • I find talking while gritting your teeth gets them wet


    • Female compassion is like female love of truth… it can be found now and again, and in a fiercely powerful manifestation…

      But the offhand manner and unpredictable target of such defies objective and rational analysis, which ipso facto defeat the purpose of the actual terms, since they are inexorably wed to said objectivity and rationality in their truest denotation AND connotation.

      “Getting a man to tell the truth is like trying to capture a cuckoo in the deep woods… getting a woman to tell the truth is like trying to capture the echo of its call.”

      “We can tell the truth as well as any man, as long as we know what purpose it will serve!”


    • “[CH: funny how women can’t summon any compassion for lovelorn beta male incels.]”

      Indeed, just when has a “normal, average” (beta) guy got letters like these? Even ONCE in his fucking life? Especially unprovoked and initiated by a woman.

      But oh wait, they get told “you’re a nice guy!” often so it’s ok, while these bints go fuck the child murderer. *shakes head. Women.

      They’d also ALL be happy to be fucking him too, it’s not even like he’d have to chose.


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:28 pm Gunslingergregi

        I got a letter from chick on 8 the grade talking bout it was hard for her to fit on too after i fought a few dudes
        She wasn’t my body type though
        Still remember her name though jeananne


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:31 pm Gunslingergregi

        Should look her up on Facebook it was pretty cute and like page long he he he


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:42 pm Gunslingergregi

        My first Ten picked me
        Told my friend to hook US up
        But then i have allways been lucky in matters such as these
        Except my parents divorce turning me into a man with no hope that rejected my destiny


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:46 pm Gunslingergregi

        Rejected lot of woman before that happened though
        I was a picky fucked
        The chicks all seem to have lots babies though so i think i was good influence
        Chicks that are near me or i talk to get spontaneously pregnant just not by me He he he


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:51 pm Gunslingergregi

        If it males ya feel better when i was on my true don’t give a fuck phase
        Shooting up Cars in back yard
        Shooting target practice down on celler
        Riding around with trunk full of guna and thinking bout murdering all the time after my parents divorce woman did not throw themselves at me


      • on December 20, 2018 at 12:56 pm Gunslingergregi

        I guess i wasnt true zfg
        Since There still had to be a reason to murder people lol
        Still had internal morals
        Rofl fucking white people


      • on December 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm Gunslingergregi

        Fond memories though


    • on December 20, 2018 at 1:04 pm Gunslingergregi

      Females are the true psychopaths they don’t just think about murder they follow through 1.5 Billiton abortion worldwide im 38 years
      And for people like u saying their fuckedupidnese is some dudes fault he he he


      • on December 20, 2018 at 1:45 pm Hitler is our pal

        The death of one seven year old squatemalan is a tragedy.
        The death of 1.5 billion aborted babies is a statistic.


    • Never said they show much compassion for lovelorn beta male incels….But there are plenty of females who are against bullying (betas) and fat shaming (also betas). This killer was already somewhat alpha to begin with too (had an attractive mistress etc etc). Being in jail and what he did is not the reason for this female attention. I interpret this more as “Hey Chris, damn that really sucks your in jail now, no pussy ever again! But I’ll tease you, can we be friends???? I need the emotional support while I have fun on a carousel out here” They literally all said “can we just be friends” lmao

      Now, for the rare examples of jailmates having kids (and usually with pretty trashed out girls)….: they are psychopaths, so yeah, in person they will manipulate.


  21. on December 19, 2018 at 9:56 pm whowantsgingersnaps

    I hope those serial killers take Capt. Obvious’s advice to heart and start putting some bunz into those ovens. Gotta think there’s no soy going to be the outcome there, even if dad doesn’t live at home.


    • absolutely to have a psychopath father who killed his own family and a 1000 cock painfully stupid slut as mother I cannot possibly see how he will not turn to be a wonderful human being

      Liked by 1 person

      • on December 19, 2018 at 11:32 pm Captain Obvious

        Either the Good Guys put the White Bunz -> the White Ovenz.

        Else the Bad Guys* will put the Evil Bunz -> the White Ovenz.

        Ain’t no middle ground.

        [*To include the j00z.]


  22. The comments here are fine. It’s when Greg “the c-u-n-t” Elliot starts commenting that the entire comments section goes down the crapper.


  23. Lorena Bobbit… never got 1 Love letter… even from the most preening omega…


    • on December 20, 2018 at 5:09 am Alea Iacta Est

      but her husband really managed to “put his life back together”….


    • on December 20, 2018 at 5:45 am Gunslingergregi

      If i had a dime for every time a chick threatened to cut my dick off or kill
      Me guess im playing the extreme hard level though he he he


      • yeah no shit man.

        I don’t respond well to that. My response is deadpan, “I would cut your fucking head off. After I sawed off your tits and your pussy.” Or sometimes “I would gouge your eyes out then beat you to death with my bare hands.” Like biblical level violence.

        I don’t think they’ve ever brought that up again.


    • That piece of human filth Casey Anthony did.
      Not to mention all the beta boy losers screaming for attention from actual pedophiles if the teacher is even remotely physically attractive.

      How the hell are we supposed to restore The Patriarchy under the resounding mewling of betas, “oooh that lucky boy!”

      Point is broads have always been degenerate children in need of guidance and behavioral limits. But in recent times, White Men have gone from setting those limits to removing them.

      As it said on my Bumble profile: #repealthe19th
      Glad you’re all my bros.


      • How the hell are we supposed to restore The Patriarchy under the resounding mewling of betas, “oooh that lucky boy!”

        Beta thirst and shitskinesque muh dik is why we lose.


      • lol. Gotta agree.


      • fucking adolescents is not pedophilia…look up the definition of the word


      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:22 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “#repealthe19th”

        I guess the reason your current account on Bumble hasn’t been banned is that none of the c*nts know what the 19th is.

        [Weren’t you the one who had an account banned for poasting “No Mudsharks”? It’s kinda scary that the c*nts know what a Mudshark is, but they don’t know what the 19th is.]


      • @CO
        Yep I was banned. I did get some hilarious screenshots from chicks asking me what the 19th was.
        My buddies and I all got a good laugh.


  24. It’s not that these men are violent – it’s that they are locked up. A girl can safely fantasise to her heart’s content, confident of never actually having to deal with the man himself. Compare with nuns: women who marry a dead guy.


  25. on December 20, 2018 at 5:31 am Gunslingergregi

    Watching years come off my wifes face daily
    Poor thing was stressed the fuck out
    She got fucked up to plus cant have my kids now due to second operation
    There better be a heaven


    • on December 20, 2018 at 11:23 am Captain Obvious


      ex ex

      ex ex’s daughters

      16yo [is she 17 now?]


      • on December 20, 2018 at 1:15 pm Gunslingergregi

        Yea wife knows i want kids
        If ya want to set me up a site for chicks to go to sperma bank
        Ill donate the sperm
        Just put up my story’ from ch
        And tell em im good looking
        Ex ex has allready volunteered to be a womb for me prob could get few others


      • on December 20, 2018 at 1:59 pm Gunslingergregi

        And the almost Ten that came to visit that told my wife She was gonna marry me one day still here for last three days at my wifes sisters next door


  26. “Career got in the way. No kids”. Can’t think of a better epitaph for our shit society tbqh


  27. The Female
    of the Species

    WHEN the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
    He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
    But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail.
    For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

    When Nag the basking cobra hears the careless foot of man,
    He will sometimes wriggle sideways and avoid it if he can.
    But his mate makes no such motion where she camps beside the trail.
    For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

    When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws,
    They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws.
    ’Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale.
    For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

    Man’s timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say,
    For the Woman that God gave him isn’t his to give away;
    But when hunter meets with husband, each confirms the other’s tale—
    The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

    Man, a bear in most relations—worm and savage otherwise,—
    Man propounds negotiations, Man accepts the compromise.
    Very rarely will he squarely push the logic of a fact
    To its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act.

    Fear, or foolishness, impels him, ere he lay the wicked low,
    To concede some form of trial even to his fiercest foe.
    Mirth obscene diverts his anger—Doubt and Pity oft perplex
    Him in dealing with an issue—to the scandal of The Sex!

    But the Woman that God gave him, every fibre of her frame
    Proves her launched for one sole issue, armed and engined for the same;
    And to serve that single issue, lest the generations fail,
    The female of the species must be deadlier than the male.

    She who faces Death by torture for each life beneath her breast
    May not deal in doubt or pity—must not swerve for fact or jest.
    These be purely male diversions—not in these her honour dwells.
    She the Other Law we live by, is that Law and nothing else.

    She can bring no more to living than the powers that make her great
    As the Mother of the Infant and the Mistress of the Mate.
    And when Babe and Man are lacking and she strides unclaimed to claim
    Her right as femme (and baron), her equipment is the same.

    She is wedded to convictions—in default of grosser ties;
    Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies!—
    He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild,
    Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.

    Unprovoked and awful charges—even so the she-bear fights,
    Speech that drips, corrodes, and poisons—even so the cobra bites,
    Scientific vivisection of one nerve till it is raw
    And the victim writhes in anguish—like the Jesuit with the squaw!

    So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer
    With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her
    Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands
    To some God of Abstract justice—which no woman understands.

    And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him
    Must command but may not govern—shall enthral but not enslave him.
    And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail,
    That the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male.


  28. […] “They rock the cradle and dig the grave of civilization,” writes a Chateau Heartiste commenter on the story that the “man who murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters receives sexy pics and love notes in prison from adoring women” — Chicks Dig Murderous Jerks (A Recurring Theme). […]


  29. first thing I noticed is the rambling wordiness of the letters ch posted. when I’m out with a woman and I notice this in speech patterns it means she wants to get fuked.

    my mom told me her biggest fear with raising kids was that her kids would be bullied and unpopular. I suspect the reason why some women are attracted to killers is they would rather have kids that are evil, or capable of inflicting evil, then have kids that are unable to defend themselves or be bullied or be unpopular. I suspect that’s why chicks are attracted to social status and fame. their offspring would have a decent chance of achieving the same level of success because they have those traits. it explains why betas red-pilling is such a threat to that dynamic.


  30. Adult women are not Adult Men.

    Not even close.
    You were raised to think that.
    You were lied to.

    Adult women have the physical AND mental equivalence of prepubescent boys.

    Why do Men fear the FUTURE result of multiculturalism while women prepare to hug the browns as they get off the buses?

    Women are not capable of truly comprehending future effects like Men. Like children, they are concerned with the here and now.

    Women are idiots. Stunted emotionally and logically. The Males HAD to be more mentally sound and physically stronger for our kin to survive because WOMEN cannot support their weight and guarantee survival.

    We have conquered the weather with our materials, we must now conquer mental viruses such as misandry (a.k.a. fEmiNiSM!)

    Our boys’ grade school teachers are female. Their advanced degree professors are female. Their school administrators are female. The field trip chaperones are female. The PE and sports coaches are becoming female. The loudest organizations on campus (sororities, fraternities, black lives matter, etc.) worship females. TV shows are about females. Pop, rock, blues, country songs all written about females. Reddit’s lost to female thought. Universities promote female thought. Companies promote female employment. Tech companies rearrange content to benefit female choice.

    American Men have been watered down… by females.

    Our language has been watered down be females. How many times have you heard women use words incorrectly or illogically?

    How many illogical double-word catch phrases have you heard in the last 20 years designed and used to bring down Men specifically?

    Toxic masculinity.
    Cultural Appropriation.
    Fat Shaming.
    Institutional Racism.
    Double Standard.
    Sexual Assault.
    Gender Neutral.
    Mental Health.
    Rape Culture.
    White Privilege.

    Simple-minded and illogical phrases indicate a corruption of culture. Men are so weak we’re allowing women to bastardize our language and repeat phrases designed for confusion and control. Where are the INTJs when you need them??

    Donald Trump will not save you.

    Men must lift weights, correct speech, and become great again.


    • A fast anecdote along these lines of fems taking over…

      Back when my oldest son was in the scouts, his first year, we were on a 20 mile hike that took us through various woods but also along some roads.

      One of the scout “leaders” was a forty-something female in full regalia, a bit chubby and ridiculous looking, but what the hell, she was volunteering her time and I think one of the boys was her nephew.

      We came to a bend in the road on a large hill and two of the boys were wandering in the middle of the road and not concentrating… had a vehicle come around the curve at any sort of speed, they would have been splattered, so I said in a loud voice (so they would hear me), but not overly stern, “BOYS! Come out of the middle of the road, any oncoming cars won’t see you.”

      The bish chimes in “Oh, relax.”, as if a mere volunteering parent that wasn’t an official part of the troupe shouldn’t be ordering the boys around.

      I was taken aback for a moment, since the situation was so obviously one of potential danger. I then told her “If that’s your attitude towards the safety of these children, then you won’t be having my son along anymore.” She just put on her bitch face and walked ahead.

      One of the male troupe leaders later came over to apologize, and I just told him, “Where were you, buddy? And why isn’t she the one over here right now apologizing?” He just gave a sheepish shrug.

      Totally cucked, even worse than now, and this was already about 20 years ago.

      Still (((shakin’ mah haid))) over that one.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sometimes the worst part about patrolling these thots is that you can’t expect any backup from other “men”. Lonely at the top, eh?


      • Brutal. Just brutal all around. Broads are on auto-snark. She could’ve saved face just as easily by thanking you for catching that and calling attention to it.

        But nah. Auto-snark. Who cares if a few kids get pancaked.

        The real disappointment is the dude who could’ve done the same by just piping up and saying “let’s stay safe and out of the middle of the road.”

        He didn’t even need to confront the slutscout.


      • Sometimes the worst part about patrolling these thots is that you can’t expect any backup from other “men”. Lonely at the top, eh?

        Uneasy the haid. 😉

        My biggest problem when these sorts of fem snarks happen is that they seem SO surreal, so black when the color is obviously white, that it takes a moment to regain one’s sang froid.


      • She could’ve saved face just as easily by thanking you for catching that and calling attention to it.

        Hell, she didn’t have to say anything at all… I was merely the first to notice the boys, and having taken care of it, it should have merely been an “onward” situation.

        Point is, this was nearly 20 years ago, so the fem poz has been running deep for at least two generations now. It was only a matter of time before the scouts caved on every other sort of poz malaise.

        I understand they recently filed for bankruptcy.


      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:32 am Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Auto-snark.”

        That was my point on the recent Battlecunt thread.

        Dudes were chiming in with all of this circa-1980s advice, and it was obvious that they weren’t aware that “auto-snark” is the BASELINE AVERAGE for chicks in 2018.

        Battlecunts in 2018 are so much worse than mere “auto-snark” that it’s like comparing Josey Wales to Hannibal Lecter.


      • “auto-snark” is the BASELINE AVERAGE for chicks in 2018.”

        Sad but true. Hop on a dating app for 5 seconds. Every single bio reads:

        Experiencing different cultures! (barf)
        Speak fluent sarcasm!


  31. CH, this post reminds me of your very old post about chris brown hehehe rihanna didnt stop loving the guy, actually maybe loving more than previously


  32. Check out this guys game at the beginning of the song.


    • Like it. The walk-away is crucial.

      Reminds me of something I used to do circa ’03-’10 when bars and clubs were actually fun.

      Walk up to crowded bar and tap cute chick on the shoulder:

      FE: Hey. You mind getting the (male) bartender’s attention for me? My money says you might be better at that than me.

      Chick: Haha. Sure

      FE: Besides, you don’t mind if I pimp you out just a little bit for a drink, do ya..

      Chick. Hahah.

      (most of the time it’s so crowded she can’t get his attention right away. Leads to- hmmm… this isn’t working out.. gonna have to work harder.. you showing enough skin tonight?…)

      She gets his attention and you tell her what you want as she orders.
      Drinks and tab arrive. As I’m reaching for my wallet I’d always say

      FE: Oh this round’s on you right…
      Chick: hahah

      I would always pay for both drinks. (In before cries of BETA! You bought a drink!)

      Then I’d peck her on the cheek and say, “See ya around.”

      Walk away.

      I would always run into her later in the night and just say, “Oh it’s you again.”

      It worked as much as anything else, and it was fun.

      Feel free to use, modify, discard. Whatever gets my bros some action.


      • Now I know why they call you Fast Eddie.


      • I did a harder version of this one night in da club

        walked up to the hottest chick in the joint, spoke in her ear, “you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress”…walked away.

        maybe an hour later she was hitting on me. All i had to do was stand in the middle of the dance floor. “OMG you are soooooo cool.” Women are fucking retarded.


  33. O/T

    Trump’s wall has a GoFundMe. Time to cough up your filthy lucre, droogs.

    If not, the LEAST you could do is get the word out.


    • Well, in the spirit of Christmas I tossed in a double sawbuck… that and my taxes for 2018 is a reasonable contribution, sez I.

      Out of curiosity, I’m not familiar with how GoFundMe is controlled, so I’m hoping there’ll be no shenanigans over freezing the funds or putting it towards negro businesses if the Wall don’t happen.


    • It’s called MY TAX DOLLARS…so I am not giving extra to a GoFundMe when we are giving $34 billion to Israel, $4 billion to Mexico, a few billion to Central America, etc. There is PLENTY of money to build the wall…it is just being funneled to bullshit at present.


    • Even if it turns out to be a Quixotic gesture, from an optics standpoint alone it will look pretty sad if support for the Wall can’t generate some significant support, when every whore with a sob story can raise at least high five figures.


      • I see the total is up to $5M now, a nice surge from the $.5M from a day or so ago.

        And I see they’re implementing some assurances that the funds will go to the wall and only the wall.

        Excellent. I believe I’m gonna go and help my karma a bit more. 😉


  34. What a filthy animal. Killing his pregnant wife and two minor daughters and storing them away in oil cans.

    These women getting wet over him (mostly because of his appearance, so let’s be up front about that) are just the outlier mental defectives (psychopaths, themselves). I am sure that there are men who are attracted to abusive, psychopathic women, as well. The scary thing here is, with either sex, you just can’t which ones are the absolute nutty ones from first impressions.

    I am guessing, due to their generally good looks, that they are able to find men and breed easily, coming from a long line of crazy women in their family tree (and I pitty the men who had to deal with them). Modern times just allows the nuttiness to be expressed more freely, and in more dangerous ways. After all, this explains most of the mudsharks that you see walking around.

    Sometimes it is expressed in clear, but ‘innocent’ ways, like the women you see covered in tats and piercings. They are mentally off, and that terrible body art is a sure tell. It is like Mother Nature telling you to stay away from this one – she’s poisonous.

    However, one generally knows a “good girl” when he meets her (their overall vibe and appearance is quite different – almost shockingly different), and those are the ones to hold on to and make healthy babies. At the first hint of ‘truly nuts’, drop the woman you are going after (or dating) and move on to someone else. And never forget – if the mother is nuts, she is too, and it will get worse with age.


    • just saw a profile on a website of a chick like this.

      went from a good looking normalish girl to some kinda freak with the nazi haircut type of shit and flesh tunnels. She lost her mind somewhere in there…it happens. Bitches are known to crack up like that.


    • It’s not just the “good looking” women getting to breed any more though.

      Here in Rotherham (yes, that one), I regularly see absolute fuglies with prams, and you can guess what’s in them.

      Passed one in the shop the other day, absolutely huge, taller than me, at least 4x wider, poorly dressed, belly hanging out from under the rags, skin on the back of her neck all bubbled up from some kind of condition, stank of smoke and BO, permanent scowl on the face (like a bulldog), she looked like a fucking pig monster out of an rpg, with the heavy breathing / grunting as she walked to match.

      Almost retched just walking passed her, especially when I saw she was pushing a pram…that of course had a screaming little chocolate monster in it.



  35. There are plenty of other examples:

    Wife Plotted with Husband’s Best Friend to Murder Him — and then Killers Married Each Other


  36. Actually I have been thinking about it…

    …is there a way to find and elicit similar feelings from a woman like Tammy without really being a murderer?

    I don’t know how many there are women like that, but it seems like these kind of women will stick to her man so strongly that they even could do crimes themselves just to help her man out. Now, I don’t need that “doing crimes” part, but everything else would not be bad at all!

    How one could go about creating an image of “dangerous” man like that without really being criminal?

    While I have practiced thai boxing, still beating up a man on the street, while she is watching is likely to bring criminal charges on me in my country (Europe), so that is not a good option.


    • on December 20, 2018 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “How one could go about creating an image of “dangerous” man like that without really being criminal?”

      Stop smiling.

      Stop talking.

      Grunt at her [or snap your fingers] if there absolutely has to be communication.

      Spank her [both her buttocks & her Mons pubis].

      Choke phuck her.

      Ignore her.

      Flirt ruthlessly with other women.


      • on December 20, 2018 at 11:54 am Captain Obvious

        Although if you’re choking her with your left hand, and diddling her c1it with your right hand, then there is the very real danger that the weight of your upper body bearing down on her is gonna snap her neck.

        Of course that would make you an actual murd3rer, so afterwards you’d have real-life street cred.


    • Sure- but you will not like the answer.

      Option A: she must be a full 2 points lower than your SMV.

      Option B: instead of violence just give her drama. Manufacture it if necessary.

      I don’t recommend actually going to jail (I wouldn’t have given my stay 5 stars.) But, no matter the chick, they always seem to want to know about it.

      Before I was banned, I also put “Only been in jail once” on my Bumble.

      Chicks would constantly message asking what I’d done, and I’d drive them crazy with evasive responses like, “I was innocent!” or “Nothing bad.”

      Worked IRL as well.


    • “bring criminal charges on me in my country (Europe), so that is not a good option.”

      Europe ain’t no country I ever heard of. They speak English in Europe?


  37. Why is this Watts not given the DEATH PENALTY? If anyone deserves it, he does. This motherfucker destroyed and threw away what many men would kill to have. Don’t the libs want to kill white guys? Here’s a good chance to do so!

    Not only will taxpayers have to pay for his 3-squares, gym and library time for life, he will inevitably get conjugal visitation rights at some point and some slut(s) will have his spawn.


  38. The old goddesses had killer undertones.

    Diana/Artemis and Kali spring to mind immediately.


  39. Had a paperback bio on Ted Bundy on my shelf years ago. My girlfriend at the time was fascinated reading it


  40. well this was demoralizing.