Censorship Factories

This is happening in China, but the censorship factories are fully operational in the land of the free and home of the brave. Hunched-back teams of foreign nerd-mercs and spiteful soylibs at all the Big Tech Bathhouses — Goolag, Fapple, Facecock, Amazog, Gaypal etc — censor reviews and comments, shadowban and delete accounts, tweak algorithms to hide opposing views, deplatform and demonetize heretics, ban users, and stop the payments of thought criminals.

The term “corporate conspiracy” doesn’t quite capture the breadth of malice these speech police oligarchs have toward free-thinking Americans who won’t parrot Globohomo orthodoxy.

If it isn’t illegal, it should be.

But it is illegal.

It’s Big Tech collusion to suppress the voices of dissidence. Anti-trust laws were made for times like these.

So where is the DOJ?

In bed with their Big Tech buttbuddies?

If so, then revolution is coming. And it could get ugly, fast.

Worldwide, “cybersecurity” is the excuse that governments and their corporate partners use to justify our silencing. The Surveillance State is a goal, not an accident.

This is what Big Tech wants for our future — selfies, sales, sportsball, and celebutard gossip. A compliant herd of sheep hooked to a Serotonin drip.

Pull out the IV, and release the spirit of rebellion.


That’s all it takes to change the course of history.


  1. To paraphrase Churchill, “We shall fight in Congress, we shall fight in the States, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength online, we shall defend our First Amendment freedoms whatever the cost may be. We shall fight in the streets, we shall fight on the seas, we shall fight in every corner of the dark and light web, we shall fight in the court of public opinion; we shall never surrender.”


    • Churchill didn’t like any of our amendments , the British never fully appreciate our constitution.

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    • oh there’s that awful “fight” word again…


    • Really, the solution is a two pronged attack.

      1. YOU, personally stop feeding the big tech beast. Look for or start creating your own botique internet companies and put your servers and preferably your persons outside the Pantsuit Anglosphere to evade the censors. Use Bitcoin to avoid the Anglo banking cartels. I moved from Illinois to Uruguay to start and internet hosting company. I’ve got servers racked in a datacenter here with some customers though I would like more.

      If you would like to do this yourself, you deal directly with the independent datacenter avoiding US/UK/EU based chains, find they aren’t very common anymore and then sign a bunch of contracts.

      2. You, in the general sense, continue waging the war on the Pantsuit femstate and its enablers as Heartiste advocates. Except, crank the principles up enough. Accept in your heart that the USG is a criminal organization. Trump’s great and I hope he succeeds and the Great Again rises over the land. The cancer in the USG cuts deep, and it extends to USG’s accessory organs including universities and anywhere the femstate thrives. If you want to live in a sane world and advocate anything to that end… you are an outlaw, and you will still probably be an outlaw when Trump’s second term ends in 2024. Act accordingly

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      • How is Uruguay?


      • Like

      • Uruguay’s pretty chill. Like most places as a foreigner you get more social freedom than the rather white (southern European) looking locals. The local government is held by a coalition of socialist parties that govern very ineffectively. There’s a couple pre-candidates in the presidential election who could channel the spirit of Great again, their candidacies helped by the glory days of 1990-2000 and 2004-2010 contrasted to their present frog boiling depression (no crisis necessary).

        It’s distance from Venezuela means the Venezuelans coming here bias towards educated professionals and those from families who made money in a civilized manner and can’t under Chavez/Maduro.

        Proximity to Argentina means the local work ethic and culture is one of poverty though a hefty value added tax makes Montevideo expensive. Income taxes are low.

        There are a class of locals who take garbage out of the dumpsters and leave it on the street while they mine for anything of value. Any criminals with weapons tend to rob casinos, banks and Abitabs meaning the threat of being targeted for theft as a pedestrian is low unless you are a timid Uruguayo with body language clearly inviting a mugging.

        There’s 1.5 million people in Montevideo and somehow it manages to feel more rural than my hometown of ~10,000 in corn and soy country.


      • on January 7, 2019 at 5:05 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I had a girlfriend from Paraguay way back when I was young. She was 18. I wonder what I did to screw it up.


      • @Corinth Paraguay is the worst -guay. Uruguay is an almost white country, the Switzerland of South America. Paraguay on the other hand is a landlocked dump with a nearly 100% mestizo population which has a tendency towards fostering bizarre dictatorships, failed utopian projects out in the scrublands and swamps, and thriving black markets.


  2. Fuc churchill


  3. Yup. Goodness addicts, i.e. selfrighteous shitlibs.
    And the Hilldebeest is still alive and – at least officially – well.
    Antitrust, where is it when you REALLY need it. Trusts making
    steel or pumping oil etc. are at worst innocuous by comparison.
    One of the worst black holes is Wikipedia, not necessarily those
    who run it but self-assigned group of editors.
    Some years ago, I looked up Karin Boye, of Callocain fame (much like “1984”, but published EIGHT year earlier).
    The article covered the fact she was living in Germany, but bugged out soon after the Nazis took power. Fair enough. What the article did NOT tell is that she and her left-radical friends visited the Soviet Union soon afterwards.
    And then she came back to Sweden, and committed suicide maybe a year later. Dissilusionment and cogdis. (OK, she was also Sapphic, which was frowned upon at the time.)
    So I edited in the part about her visiting the SU and – prsumably – getting disillusioned. I checked yesterday (i.e. years later) and both the trip to the SU and the fact she actually LIVED in Germany for a while, had dissappeared.

    Specifically, there is supposedly a team dedicated to keep Wikipedia free of criticism of Global Warming (OOPS, Climate Change, much easier to find.)

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  4. Seeking political solutions to problems caused by human sin is a fool’s errand. Politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from 300+ million individuals.

    Until the deadly sickness in people’s souls is healed, the filth and degeneracy of “shitlibs” and the “globohomo elite” will keep flowing downstream and soiling everything around us. We will never solve the problem by changing our political or cultural arrangements.

    We must go farther upstream if we want to find the source of this pollution and see it reversed.

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    • You are very right, Sage.

      The Anglo sickness is entirely a sickness of soul and spirit.

      Coincidentally, that’s why white people are viewed as the mindless foot soldiers of the Jew, the world over.

      And it’s literally true. We are the soulless, morality-less, degenerate foot soldiers that do exactly what the Jew tells us.

      You can either revel in this Western Babylon and fuck as many yeastbag sluts as you can (it gets boring. Trust me).

      Or you can go Roosh and grow a jihad beard and move overseas.

      Or you can stew, occasionally shitpost about it online, and eventually get arrested when they go for the Final Solution for heritage whites.

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    • Bad prescription, Blue Chekist. The great Jesus of Nazareth committed suicide and will not be heard from again.

      Other problems with your prescription include its egocentric sentimentality, its masochistic ethics, and the Iron Pyrite Rule wrongly called “Golden”. The IP Rule says, in effect, that we must treat rotters such as Marxists and postmodernists with courtesy and respect if that is what we expect from them. Even a dog trainer ought to be able to explain plainly that being nice to rotters will positively reinforce their rottenness, which is just what we don’t need.

      Your religion of being BA presupposes faith in Torah, which is problematic. Torah (1) rejects alleged incarnation of God, (2) rejects a second coming of the Israelites’ messiah (promised to them only by theirselves), and (3) rejects abrogation of the many mitzvots. Christianity even misinterprets the Hebrew word for young woman as virgin.

      Torah has defective cosmology, too. Genesis 1 says that Elohim is a waterworld god who built a great dome in the sky to hold back a great mass of waters.

      The Early Hebrew Conception of the Universe

      So it’s evident that the cult of precious Jesus, suicidal supremacist, is part of the syndrome from which we suffer. Christianity is disease from which to recover, not cure for other diseases which infect us thanks to an immune system ravaged by Hebrew pathogens named Simon and Saul.


      • Rather than type a small booklet to gainsay all of your misconceptions and, perhaps, DISinformation, let’s just tackle one, and let the wise reader make that stand for a countermand to the rest of your mistakes about Scripture, or do the remaining homework on his/her own.

        Christianity even misinterprets the Hebrew word for young woman as virgin.

        Yes, we’ve read all the alleged claims that the Hebrew word simply means ‘young woman’, but even a sophomore knows that translations need to delve into context and connotation as well, and there’s nothing about almah that precludes virginity… in fact, the way the word is often used in context of an unmarried young woman, hence assumed virgin… current mores notwithstanding.

        So, who else agrees with that rendering if ‘virgin’? Check out innumerable translations of the Bible… a quick check on the hub shows about 14 out of 16 translating Isaiah 7:14 as ‘virgin’, so that would mean, if you were correct, that innumerable scholars were either unschooled in their endeavor or outright disingenuous.

        A hyperbolic assumption fit only for the “we never landed on the moon” type of CT aficionado.

        But the BIG TELL you’d have to explain away is why, in the THIRD CENTURY B.C. a committee of rabbis, in their endeavor to bring Torah knowledge to the Greek world, translated that passage as ‘virgin’.

        What, pray tell, would have been THEIR motivation for the mistranslation, if it were, in fact, wrong?

        Rhetorical question, of course… the case is actually closed.

        I could tear apart your other claim in re Genesis, but my points been made and, like I said, let others do some homework if the interest is there. We both know no one is going to be convinced if they’ve already made up their mind without study.


    • Sounds like you’re hard to do some orc ministry. I refer you to Lord of the Rings for how to do it properly. Fodder and assistance for my enemy is my enemy.


    • “Our constitution was created for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.” -John Adams

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  5. In high school, i wondered if the future would be more like ‘1984’ or ‘A Brave New World’.

    I should have embraced the power of ‘and’.

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    • on January 7, 2019 at 8:52 am Samuel Skinner

      Those were both too optimistic. They postulated states that could maintain themselves indefinitely; ours cannot. Hopefully Trump pulls us out of the tailspin, but if not we get to see how much a society can degrade and if there is a bottom.

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    • ok…it seems everyone missed the point of BNW

      everyone in BNW was happy…except the savage. Re-read the fucking book instead of the cliff’s notes from people who think it is like 1984


      • Bernard Marx wasn’t happy either Trav. He didn’t fit in because alcohol in his blood-surrogate had stunted his development. Today he would be antifa.


      • Soma did make them happy.


      • on January 7, 2019 at 9:25 pm Libertarian_Pill

        I wouldn’t say people were happy, maybe they were lulled into a false sense of security and purpose. But they seemed more numb than happy. Soma, anyone?


    • In high school, just after 2nd-wave had won without my awareness of it, I assumed my generation would grow up into adults and defend our civilization and cooperate with me roughly according to my values. They did the opposite. I was a fool. I hate my parents accordingly. Yes, they know. Nads, you had the right idea. The speed of decline is imperceptible until hindsight.


  6. Can anyone with more legal knowledge than me comment on the potential of declaring those websites/companies as publishers and being able to go after them in court as such?


    • on January 7, 2019 at 8:50 am Samuel Skinner

      Law is not an abstract thing, it is the creation of people. If the people who are manning the system want you dead, appealing to precedent and procedure doesn’t work.

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    • I have more legal knowledge than you. Legal theory does not matter anymore. You are encouraged to believe it does so you will not conceive of the actual solution for them which they have for us. Anyone remember when Cunt supporters expressed fear of being killed by the coming Trump regime? There hindbrains are…wait for it…hindbrains. Their goals are virtue signalling Kathy Griffin.

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      • on January 7, 2019 at 7:05 pm Corinth Arkadin

        If anything, the Rule of Law is whatever goddamm well the establishment want it’s to be.

        St. Tommy More showed us exactly that the Rule of Law is basically whatever you can get away with.


      • I think Saint Thomas More began a process of birthing white-man socialism from white-man Christianity. To wit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utopian_socialism#In_literature_and_in_practice):

        Perhaps the first utopian socialist was Thomas More (1478–1535), who wrote about an imaginary socialist society in his book Utopia, published in 1516. The contemporary definition of the English word “utopia” derives from this work and many aspects of More’s description of Utopia were influenced by life in monasteries.


  7. Truth and beauty go hand in hand. There is a direct link between this post of CH’s (the suppression of the true) and the one from Jan 2, 2019 on the suppression of the beautiful, entitled “The Normalization Of Ugliness Inevitably Becomes The Denigration Of Beauty”. I’d like to suggest to CH and others to take a read of Roger Scruton’s essay “Beauty and Desecration” from Spring 2009. You can find it easily in a web search.

    One of the money quotes from the essay explains why (((they))) react so violently against both truth and beauty:

    “The current habit of desecrating beauty suggests that people are as aware as they ever were of the presence of sacred things. Desecration is a kind of defense against the sacred, an attempt to destroy its claims. In the presence of sacred things, our lives are judged, and to escape that judgment, we destroy the thing that seems to accuse us.”

    Truth and beauty, by their mere existence threatens (((them))) because it judges (((them))).

    What to do? You can rally – for a time – against (((them))) – but it will always fizzle out because (((they))) are the masters of the “anti-“ and will always out “anti-“ you. By definition they are anti-Christ; anti-beauty, anti-truth, anti-reason. (((They))) are experts at tearing down and opposing; they don’t know how to build. Everything (((they))) touch turns ugly, false and rancid.

    It is the nature of the true, the beautiful, and the good to be *for* something. Something real and timeless, something that has defended truth and beauty for hundreds and hundreds of years, regardless of the fact that it has been infiltrated by (((them))) and (((their))) ideology. That is the only way to defeat (((them))) – to take back what is ours and to use it as a sword and shield against ((them))). It’s our only hope.


  8. Not quite on the mark.

    4chan has a term of art for this: He does it for free, or They do it for free, refering to the site’s janitors who police the forums on a volunteer basis.

    More often than not the unpersonings taking place on social media don’t originate from employees, in the traditional sense. It comes from the ordinary SJWs who make a hobby, not a living, of rooting out dissent.

    Think about the levels here. On one level, you basically turn yourself into a data mine by producing content for a website while they sell you ad after ad. For free. On another level, you invite the website into your phone, your home, your car, etc. and allow them to record every facet of your life to sell your data and show you more ads. Again, for free. But on a whole ‘nother level, you take time out of your day to get on the website and tattle on other users so the website, who is in essence your customer, can keep rolling along with its agenda, and again, to sell you ads. For free.

    In other words, at least the Chinese have to pay their citizens to flip them and turn them into agents of the state.

    Our crop of “citizens”?

    They do it for free.


    • More often than not the unpersonings taking place on social media don’t originate from employees, in the traditional sense. It comes from the ordinary SJWs who make a hobby, not a living, of rooting out dissent.

      Sometimes they get extra credit from the shul.


  9. “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
    – Samuel Adams

    PS, if you want and eye-watering shock check out my current post.


  10. on January 7, 2019 at 2:59 pm UndertheDRADIS

    Hopefully someone will leave millions of printed Hangman’s Knot instruction leaflets.


  11. Winter is coming


  12. on January 7, 2019 at 9:05 pm Clay Matthews

    The Brownies just like to complain:

    NAACP blames ‘white supremacy’ for Portland earthquake signs



  13. on January 7, 2019 at 9:21 pm Clay Matthews

    Based upon his eye bruise, someone from the (((Cult))) must have sent Satan’s little helper a message

    Pope Calls for Solidarity Toward Globalism, Decries Nationalism



  14. Pretty sure that all of Jewgle’s and Faceberg’s censor minions have hook-noses. I always wondered where all of those jewish college students went after graduating their indoctrination centers.