There Is No Conservatism. There Is Only White Christian Nationalism

Astute comment from Theodora,

Isn’t Shapiro a NeverTrumper?

Jewish “conservatives” are misleading allies, the same as Black “conservatives”. At some point, when their tribal interests are threatened, they revert to the mean – anti-white animus. Just tell a Jewish tradcon that America should end the billions of dollars in aid to Israel or a Black tradcon that affirmative action should stop and they would freak out and show the Dianne Feinstein or Colin Kaepernick within.

They can be allies of circumstance on particular topics or to attain certain temporary goals, but otherwise their ultimate loyalty is with their tribe.

This is maddeningly true. I can count on one hand the number of jews and blacks who are friendly or at least not antagonistic to nationalist (read: Christian White) interests. Let’s see…

Stephen Miller
Clarence Thomas

Give me a while and I could probably dig up one or two more.

The fact is that vanishingly few blacks or jews are genuinely allied with White European Christendom and its diaspora. I have known quite a few conservative jews (and one or two conservative blacks) who talk a good conservative game on taxes, regulations, Muh Constitution, a strong defense, liberty, rule of law, American dream, etc, but as soon as the topic turns to managing immigration and maintaining a White majority in America it’s OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN and DAS RACISS.

Try it sometime. Have a political discussion with a Benny Shapiro-nik, let it build to a friendly crescendo of mutual agreement, and then drop the implicitly White nationalism bomb.

“We have to close the borders, have an immigration moratorium for a few decades, and then generally favor the immigration of Whites when we gradually reopen the borders.”


Sorry, but that ain’t gonna cut it anymore. The reason I assert there is no conservatism without White Christian nationalism is because White demographic hegemony is necessary to perpetuate the ideals of generic anglo-saxon conservatism, which is a creation of WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN. When White Gentiles lose majority rule, their ideals, values, moral sense, and culture go with them.

There is no Constitutional Conservatism without constitutional Whiteness. It really is as simple as that.


  1. Did this the other day. Tribalism ueber Alles

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    • There is NO SUCH THING as white christian nationalism

      Anyone who continues to throw cuck religion in there is already accepting defeat. The principles of this religion FORBID nationalism. it is an EQUALIST religion. Fucking so close to marxism that you can make the case that the two are the same, except God is the State in the latter.

      Either you have to change the religion back to what it was prior to the Reformation and the Gutenberg Bible, and erase literacy, or you cannot use it. The fucking words are on the internet now, every translation is online.

      Once people started rejecting Catholicism, which was a clergy-dictated religion, by learning how to read, they quickly discovered that jesus didn’t say what [email protected] [email protected] did was ok, this isn’t the religion of PIzarro. It reverted to what it was in the First Century- a doomsday cult.

      Do you understand or not that Catholic Archbishops (this is a level below the Pope) are commanding the faithful to welcome migrants?

      You cannot put this cat back into the bag and unwind time to unreform this religion.

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      • “There is NO SUCH THING as white christian nationalism”

        That’s a very anglocentric comment.

        Look up patriotic European hymns from 15th century up until modern times.


      • “Rota” (The Oath) below as one of myriad examples. Or look up “Bogurodzica” (Mother of God) that dates back to possibly as far as the 10th century.


      • @PA, you have crossed to the poor and rich side of the Hajnal line. Poor materially for lack of generational civilized success, and rich for the hunger that remains for never having been the perennial #1. @trav777 is spot the phuk on on his comment. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read here.

        I notice this self-reflective view is gaining in the comments section of this blog, and about time. I never thought it would happen at all. I argued for it before it was cool. The definitive book on Christianity is Joseph Lynch, Early Christianity. i don’t know why CH would pander to Christians given fundamental facts and the trend here.

        Christianity was defined by imperial submission to the point of orthodoxy. Generationally successful white men are by and large cucks of universal sympathy out of cowardice, plain and simple. I have explained this ad nausem here. To repeat pithily, the same China will again outlive the leading Western civilizations. Wake the phukz up. Paper and digital fiat money makes socialism/communism the new Christianity this cycle.

        You yeggs can’t go back into the womb either. Jewzy religion is nothing more that backward rationalized narrative of a people’s true wants. See the Slavs, still hungry enough to kill their enemies, and good for them. It won’t last after their world dominance, if so fortunate. Only philosophy can do that. Instincts must be tamed and aligned to consciousness individually and en masse to do civilization right.

        The Enlightenment was not wrong, it’s just not finished. Maybe it never ends, or maybe humanity learns to transcend this universe’s reality, but it never ends for us even with the most insightful imagination. Change is being alive. Progress is up. Religion is not personal agency.


      • As one of Shakespeare’s characters said, “words, words, words.” That’s not a disparagement of what you or Trav are saying, it’s my way of saying that a black-square bishop can’t capture a white-square bishop.

        You either believe in a supreme, eternal and sentient metaphysical reality to which every believer and non-believer is accountable after death, or you don’t.

        Some things are beyond human knowledge and beyond the reach of words.

        Christianity is the revelation of the one true, omnipotent, omniscient intelligence, embraced by the European man because we are a race with the capacity of mind and the breadth of soul to stand in awe of it and to cherish the sacrifice that Jesus made for mankind. That revelation is the great gift that we have been given, a connection with immortality itself. And God has an adversary who seeks to destroy Christianity, along with the White man as His witness.

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      • @PA, @trav777 and I have laid out earthly facts that are subject to falsification by evidence. So falsify! Your argument for Christianity is mere assertion and is amenable to promoting Islam, Mormonism, or any other absolutist religion I can imagine. Your complaint is “facts, facts, facts.” You are religious because facts scare you. They scare me, but living a lie scares me more. Bravery is facing fear not eliminating it. For example, trying to police the world to zero fear is foolish. Trying to easy button life is same thing for a man.


      • There is no bridging this gap. Your comfort swaddle is this picture of me not facing up to existential questions. So be it. I’m not an evangelical lower case, in that I have no desire whatsoever to persuade a resistant audience.

        I’ve had a demon try to speak with me and I have witnessed two miracles. I’m not just blurting this out now, I’ve described those things over at my place a few years ago.

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      • Indeed, sensibly, the chasm there is.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 9:16 pm Southern WASP

        In Genesis 11 God breaks up a globalist world into different nations.


      • Hello Trav,
        We have not talked before on this forum…besides organized religion, do you believe in something higher than yourself?

        I’m not being confrontational…just a question…


      • Reality Doug sounds like just another annoying Philosophy major, go get laid man.

        Best mockery of philosophy of all time.


      • @trav777 is spot the phuk on on his comment. It’s one of the best I’ve ever read here.

        Translation: trav and this fellow share the same biases. Meh.

        I notice this self-reflective view is gaining in the comments section of this blog, and about time. I never thought it would happen at all. I argued for it before it was cool. The definitive book on Christianity is Joseph Lynch, Early Christianity. i don’t know why CH would pander to Christians given fundamental facts and the trend here.

        Again, merely opinion, and one that wouldn’t be considered aüthoritative by most scholars, be they Christian or atheist or whatever in-between.

        There is no such “trend” ’round chere, btw… more a self-congratulatory view on the part of antiChristians, whose “facts” and arguments are invariably shot down in flames, ESPECIALLY when they attempt to tell those with faith what Scripture says and, more importantly, MEANS.

        All cats have their favorite rats, and in the company of men we all like to boast a bit… but most o’ youse yeggs got no business talking about the ladies and their hamster wheels…

        … and don’t go making like your side’s point of view has been gaining any ground at the chateau… for every “cuckstain” uttered more and more voices of faith chime in for a right smart (((shakin’ o’ de haid))).

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      • Once people started rejecting Catholicism, which was a clergy-dictated religion, by learning how to read, they quickly discovered that jesus didn’t say what [email protected] [email protected] did was ok, this isn’t the religion of PIzarro. It reverted to what it was in the First Century- a doomsday cult.

        And yet my man cortesar only recently printed a looooong list, by no means comprehensive, of all the alleged religious wars fought in the centuries following the printing of the Bible so the masses could read it for ourselves.

        Exactly WHEN, then, did everyone get wise to the fact that we weren’t supposed to fight? Seems to me that pacifism stuff arose strongest, and as a neener-neener against Christians, in the mid- to late 20th century, when God was being ridiculed as mere ignorant superstition, and more and more folks took up the mantle of human secularism.

        Every time you state a “fact”… and every time someone else of your biases praises it as a “great comment”, it’s so easily gainsaid that I’m beginning to think the local community college sophomore class has been directed to this site on some sort of odd assignment.

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      • And the irony is/war/remains, those who attempted to neener-neener Christians about violence did nothing but encourage violence, in harsh word and deed, against them.

        And now that there’s this allegedly great continuation of muh Enlightenment, has Mankind shown himself to be less aggressive?

        I think we all know the answer is just the opposite.

        So where’s thy sting, you proponents of your own “facts”?


  2. on November 2, 2018 at 12:02 pm Captain Obvious

    >>>>> “There is no Constitutional Conservatism without constitutional Whiteness.”

    That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

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  3. on November 2, 2018 at 12:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

    As far as (((they))) go, no matter their ‘politics’, it is their nature.

    It is not unlike the Scorpion and the Frog:


  4. […] There Is No Conservatism. There Is Only White Christian Nationalism […]


  5. I don’t agree with Christianity being fundamental to our new shared identity. That is a true delusion that has been foisted upon us. The reason why it HAS been persistant in our collected identity to date is: a collected, albeit secretive, narrative, eccumenics and latin.

    The cons of going forward with it there as it is; currently it is an instrument of Zion is control. But beyond that, consider it’s position as bedrock to rousseaus classical liberalism. His more efficatious predecessor Hobbes and his “realism” would be far better served to white identitariansm, national socialism and even the contemporary anti semites in the christain identitarians

    Racial realism, as stated in the op is a tree that can bare many fruits; none of which require a common deity.

    My race, my children and my wife is my “god.”

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    • Take it one step further, then:

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      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:21 pm Corinth Arkadin

        John Milius wrote and directed that movie. He is more or less /ourguy/.

        “I’m not a reactionary – I’m just a right-wing extremist so far beyond the Christian Identity people like that and stuff, that they can’t even imagine.”

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      • on November 2, 2018 at 7:29 pm gunslingergregi



    • I worship my Ancestors for having literally created me and for having made me the Aryan that I am. I bend my knee humbly before Them, and my gratitude to Them is boundless. May I always bring honor to my family line, and never shame.

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    • Christianity is essential to the West and the Nations that make up the West. It gave it a foundation of common ground to allow the various Western nations to unite when necessary against the invading forces of Islam in the form of Turks, Ottomans, Saracens and many others.

      The influence of the Zionists has been corrosive, but it can be mitigated specifically by the proper interpretation of New Testament Scripture, wherein it declares that the ethnicity of the people known as the Jews are no longer God’s only Chosen People, but anyone who puts their faith in Christ is equally chosen, and that those who deny Christ are no longer Chosen.
      It undercuts a whole lot of nonsense and shreds their claim of being the Chosen People.

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      • I’m just saying religion is countervailing to the dignity of the nation. Christains can do what they want with their religion and the Jews, but when it comes to matters of state, it has no place in politics. They’re are 0 incidences in us, the west and the world; where involving religion and the state has been the states undoing


      • Christianity as a cultural force is as essential to the success of the West as Patriarchy.
        I concur that faith shouldn’t be State mandated, however I would resurrect Blasphemy laws as a method of maintaining discivilizational forces keep themselves in check.

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      • Well I must say, and not that I disagree with you, but how would western civ be different than the Islamic rep of Iran or Saudi Arabia, conversely?


      • Because the ideas of Christianity are far more conducive to advancing a civilization than Islam.

        For example, the Christian concept of Vocation actively encourages working and puts forth the idea that God acts through the daily toil and work of whatever profession you are in. By going and doing your job, you are God’s providence to the people around. If you are a farmer, you are how God provides the community with food. If you are a carpenter, you are God’s providence of housing and shelter. That’s where the Protestant Work Ethic originates. Your job is an act of worship and you are acting as the hand of God for your community. It provides meaning and motivation to invest in yourself and the future generations.

        Islam, isn’t remotely like that. It says that Allah will provide but then doesn’t say how, inducing a fatalism and a nihilism that is intrinsic to those populations. If your horse gets sick, then there is no reason attempt to cure it, so just let Allah decide.

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      • That’s exactly my point. The love of common man or a “higher power” is the root of all the evil that saps western christain identity. I in no way mean Islam is superior, I just mean that in the new testament it’s fundamental underpinning is the worship of JC. And his fundamental message that cohabitation is above piety dignity or honour. The “state of nature” proffered by hobbes offers that the system that we dwell in is characterized by being nasty, brutish and short. That is not to say that is all we are or can be, it’s just that is a fact that all of us cannot escape. Religions, all of them seek to undermine that precept by installing a common morality. It’s over before it starts.

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      • The bible doesn’t say that Jews are no longer God’s chosen people, but that (((they))) are counterfeits (Revelation 3:9)

        To be a Jew means to believe in God, (((these))) happy folks have corrupted the term to mean “blood” when in fact Paul points out that circumcision is of the heart (Romans 2:29). The counterfeits that murdered Christ have turned the meaning of “Jew” upside down so that they can exalt their own imperfect blood above that of Christ almighty, they preach “replacement theology” when you confront them on this matter when in fact they are actually the ones trying to replace Christ’s perfect Blood. They ALWAYS project, always.

        Which is interesting because the very essence of Christ is racially superiority: his blood is perfect, there is no flaw or defect in it, which is why these vampires see the phantom of “racial superiority” everywhere, even where there is none.

        But this is why I wish that people would stop calling them Jews, even Jesus Christ understood that they are counterfeits in John 8:39-45:

        “39“Abraham is our father,” they replied.

        “If you were children of Abraham,” said Jesus, “you would do the works of Abraham. 40But now you are trying to kill Me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham never did such a thing. 41You are doing the works of your father.”

        “We are not illegitimate children,” they declared. “Our only Father is God Himself.”

        42Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love Me, for I have come here from God. I have not come on My own, but He sent Me.

        43Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you are unable to accept My message. 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me!


      • ar10308, thank you.

        What you are talking about is what the West WAS in the past. We had that and it wasn’t Iran or ISIS. That’s how we know it won’t be like that.

        If you’re worried about freedom or individualism think about Christian western nations in 1900. They had freedoms we can only dream of. Libertarianism wasn’t much of a winner because there was no real need for it.

        When Christians are strong, they are also good. Vikings are fun and all, but if someone resurrected my pre Christian ancestors and dumped them in my neighborhood you’d see real diversity plus proximity equaling war.

        They would be white, but so are the Albanian mafia, or Chechen separatists. And no one wants that.

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      • What about the temperance movement?


      • ar1038 wins the thread.


      • JFC lord please forgive me for what I am about to do.

        AR, you’re an idiot.

        DF you keep calling THIS Christianity the same as Christianity circa 1500? They’re not even REMOTELY similar. Christianity THEN sanctioned the total conquest of the entire hemisphere we’re in now, along with expulsion of jews, muslims, and any heretic. It sanctioned even their TORTURE.

        NOBODY who is honest can read ANY fragment of the Gospel and find ANY basis for this behavior in Christ. NOBODY.

        In fact, islam’s commandments now are FAR MORE similar to how society was ordered back then. Patriarchy. War. Conquest. Death to infidels. Conversion by force.

        The religion bends around a people, not the converse. Culture is downstream from biology. Whites have a cuck religion now bc whites are cucks. It did not help that Christ’s words were EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of how whites were behaving for 1500 years.

        We followed a biological imperative all that time while bending the religion to our societies. Now, we do the opposite. Now, our most devout DO NOT put injuns to the sword or rampage on saracens, they go to africa to devote their resources to them, they open their homes and wombs to heretics and invaders.

        This is not the Christianity that the West used to achieve greatness. It is the opposite. Stop fucking resorting to it…

        Really, everyone, when you keep repeating things that are false, it’s a sign that YOU are an NPC spouting a script. You cannot let go of your “faith”? Your faith isn’t even what you claim it to be. Yet it’s there like a tick dug into your soul, why?

        If you’re going to redpill go all the way.


      • why is my reply in mod, CH?


      • gayg you faggot.


        Only a mendacious cunt could compare the religion used for 1500 years to what we have now.

        NOW we have legitimate cuckstainity as reflected in the actual bible.

        You will align yourself with ANYTHING that compliments your fucking blue pill religion- YOU are why we lose, all of you are.


      • Christianity is essential to the West and the Nations that make up the West. It gave it a foundation of common ground to allow the various Western nations to unite when necessary against the invading forces of Islam in the form of Turks, Ottomans, Saracens and many others
        really what about inter sectarian wars which had been ravaging Europe for centuries
        thirty years war killed one third of german population
        I believe there is more than hundred wars/conflicts after the reformation who were solely fought on the ground of the cuckstian religion split through 16th and 17th century

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      • all right I looked it up

        it indeed gave a common (battle)ground

        Pre-Reformation wars:
        The Hussite Wars (1419–1434) in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown
        Conflicts immediately connected with the Reformation of the 1520s to 1540s:
        The Knights’ Revolt (1522–1523) in the Holy Roman Empire[11]
        The German Peasants’ War (1524–1526) in the Holy Roman Empire[11]
        The Wars of Kappel (1529–1531) in the Old Swiss Confederacy[12]
        The Tudor conquest of Ireland (1529–1603) on the Catholic population of Ireland by the Tudor kings of England and their Protestant allies
        The Kildare Rebellion (1534–1535)
        The First Desmond Rebellion (1569–1573)
        The Second Desmond Rebellion (1579–1583)
        The Nine Years’ War (1593–1603)
        The Münster rebellion (1534–1535) in the Prince-Bishopric of Münster
        The Count’s Feud (1534–1536) in the Kalmar Union (Denmark and Norway)
        The Anabaptist riot (1535) in Amsterdam[13]
        Bigod’s rebellion (1537) in England
        The Schmalkaldic War (1546–1547) in the Holy Roman Empire[11]
        The Prayer Book Rebellion (1549) in England
        The Second Schmalkaldic War or Princes’ Revolt (1552–1555)[12]
        The French Wars of Religion (1562–1598) in France[1][12]
        The Eighty Years’ War (1566/68–1648) in the Low Countries[1][12]
        The Cologne War (1583–1588) in the Electorate of Cologne
        The Strasbourg Bishops’ War (1592–1604) in the Prince-Bishopric of Strasbourg
        The War against Sigismund (1598–1599) in the Polish–Swedish union
        The War of the Jülich Succession (1609–10, 1614) in the United Duchies of Jülich-Cleves-Berg[14]
        The Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), affecting the Holy Roman Empire including Habsburg Austria and Bohemia and Moravia, France, Denmark and Sweden[1][12]
        Bohemian Revolt (1618–1620) between the Protestant nobility of the Bohemian Crown and their Catholic Habsburg king. This revolt started the Thirty Years’ War, causing additional conflicts elsewhere in Europe, and subsuming other already ongoing conflicts.
        Hessian War (1567–1648) between the Lutheran Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt (member of the Catholic League) and the Calvinist Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel (member of the Protestant Union)
        The Huguenot rebellions (1621–1629) in France[1]
        The Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639–1651), affecting England, Scotland and Ireland[1]
        Bishops’ Wars (1639–1640)
        English Civil War (1642–1651)
        Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1644–1651)
        Irish Confederate Wars (1641–1653) and the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland (1649–1653)[15]
        The post-Westphalian wars:[2]
        The Savoyard-Waldensian Wars (1655–1690) beginning with the Piedmontese Easter (Pasque piemontesi) of April 1655[5][16] in the Duchy of Savoy
        The First War of Villmergen (1656) in the Old Swiss Confederacy[17][15]
        The Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665–1667) between England and the Dutch Republic[15]
        The Nine Years’ War (1688–1697)[2]
        The Glorious Revolution (1688–1689)[2]
        The Williamite War in Ireland (1688–1691)[2]
        The Jacobite rising of 1689 in Scotland saw Roman Catholics and Anglican Tories supporting the deposed Catholic king James Stuart take up arms against the newly enthroned Calvinist William of Orange and his Presbyterian Covenanter allies; the religious component may be regarded as secondary to the dynastic factor, however.[18]
        The War of the Spanish Succession (1701–1714) across Europe had a strong religious component[2]
        The War in the Cevennes (1702–1710) in France[15]
        The Second War of Villmergen or Toggenburg War (1712) in the Old Swiss Confederacy[17][15]


      • Christianity: the only patriarchy that ever was.


      • thirty years war killed one third of german population

        Old canard… anyone who thinks religion was the sole cause of even so-called religious wars should study history with a keener eye.

        More often than not, it’s a conflict over issues economic and/or the particular prides of the opponents.

        Your example of the Thirty Years War, for example… under the guise of religion at times, it was far more a multifarious nation struggle for political influence and control of the heart of Europe and the economic advantages such control would provide.

        And if often degenerated into mere brigandry and the simple struggle for survival from marauders.

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      • NOW we have legitimate cuckstainity as reflected in the actual bible.

        Your biases are well-known, and your inability to accept the correct scholarship from those who are far more learned than yourself on the subject makes any statements by you on the issue of Christianity about as valid as a three-dollar bill, and even less worthless.

        Your attitude and flapping yap on subjects you know nothing about is why we lose, in general, and why YOU lose, in particular.

        Avaunt, your tiresome blackguard… you villainous knave…

        You fairy.

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      • Old canard… anyone who thinks religion was the sole cause of even so-called religious wars should study history with a keener eye
        well than forsake scriptures for some time and study it
        all of these were religious wars, if other conflicting groups intertwined that does not change the main reason of the conflict
        they were also those who were purely religious hate such as the Huguenots massacre of 1572

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      • “Your biases are well-known, and your inability to accept the correct scholarship from those who are far more learned than yourself on the subject makes any statements by you on the issue of Christianity about as valid as a three-dollar bill, and even less worthless”

        here is the Galatians 3:27 coming from one of the foremost scholars of your sect
        Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers
        (28) This verse continues the proof that all Christians are, in the fullest sense, “sons of God.” Galatians 3:27 showed why this was so; the present verse shows that there are no exceptions, no inequalities. All Christians alike, no matter what their race, status, or sex, stand on the same footing of sonship before God. There is a unity or solidarity in the Christian body. What is true of one is true of all.

        Greek.—The spread of the Greek race through the conquests of Alexander, their ubiquitous presence, and the use of the Greek language as a universal medium of communication, led to the name “Greek” being applied to all who were not Jews. “Jew and Greek” is intended to be an exhaustive division of the human race, just as “bond or free,” “male and female.”

        This verse marks the immense stride made by Christianity in sweeping away the artificial distinctions which had been the bane of the ancient world, and prevented any true feeling of brotherhood springing up in it. Christianity, at one stroke, established the brotherhood and abolished the distinctions.

        One.—The word “one” is masculine—“one man,” “a single person”—as explained in the paraphrase above.


      • That verse indicates equality in the eyes of God, but not sameness in the material world. Otherwise, the very next phrase would mean that Males and Females no longer existed.

        It doesn’t abolish Nationality any more than it abolishes Sex/Gender.


      • This verse marks the immense stride made by Christianity in sweeping away the artificial distinctions which had been the bane of the ancient world, and prevented any true feeling of brotherhood springing up in it. Christianity, at one stroke, established the brotherhood and abolished the distinctions
        I want to emphasize this part in particular with a particular accent on
        “established the brotherhood and abolished the distinctions”


      • We’ve discussed that issue innumerable times, but you antiChristian fools, who don’t believe in Scripture yourself, keep trying to neener-neener Christians who do.

        One more time:

        That equality refers to spiritual standing before God’s eyes, and in that He created Mankind, there is indeed equal standing BEFORE HIS EYES.

        This does not mean there are no hierarchies in the material world, such as master and slave (which the Bible often quotes), the rich and the poor, the highborn and the low, the educated and the ignorant, etc., etc., etc.

        Additionally, the verse you clowns usually try to throw is that Galatians 3:28 verse, so let’s look at it:

        28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

        So, if what you claim, that this means EARTHLY equality, are you going to say there are no differences between men and women? From a straight biological standpoint there obviously are (we’ll put aside mentalities for a moment), so that proves the equality doesn’t have anything to do with the physical world.

        Additionally, there are, as mentioned innumerable verses about slaves and masters, about women being in subject to men, etc., that obviously DO have to do with the material world.

        So let’s just stop the insanity, because having to have to repeat the same information over and over again makes you clowns look like headless fools, or merely disingenuous antiChristians going for cheap derision of those with faith… NEITHER of which do you credit, and DUH!

        The next time you try to quote Scripture or commentary by experts, have the decency to know what you’re talking about.

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      • Travis’s ignoring of 2000 years of really existing Christianity in favor of the interpretation he came up with all on his own, like the genius he is, is the mirror image of the hipster who ignores 75 years of Russian communism because it hasn’t really been tried and if only people would implement this own vision based on his reading the the Theses on Feuerbach things would work out fine this time.
        Why the talmudic levels of rage against the Faith, Travis? Seems unbecoming in a white man.


      • lolz
        I have not quoted scriptures
        I have given you what you asked for
        The take of one of the foremost scholars on the one of the most famous verse or whatever you call it from scripture
        In fact so foremost that he prefaces/gives the commentary for English bible readers
        The rest you write time after time is devoid of any meaning
        What you call “spiritual standing in god’s eyes” is fundamental to your creed
        That material world that you try to take distinction from is immaterial compared to that very “spiritual” standing according to your creed
        Have you not been poisoning western minds for centuries by preaching that that real “material” life is nothing compared to the eternal spiritual life that awaits us afterwards as long as we accept thew lunacy of your creed and your beloved jesus
        But you go further than jew and gentile than man and women you want to abolish any distinction between a Prometheus and any insignificant parasite
        as long as they adhere to your dogma
        Your creed pardon killers as long as they accept jesus as their savior lolz while condemning for the eternity unbaptized children
        Your cult is not only hostile to Man and Life it is fundamentally detrimental to any higher civilization such as were greek and roman


      • What you call “spiritual standing in god’s eyes” is fundamental to your creed
        That material world that you try to take distinction from is immaterial compared to that very “spiritual” standing according to your creed
        Have you not been poisoning western minds for centuries by preaching that that real “material” life is nothing compared to the eternal spiritual life that awaits us afterwards as long as we accept thew lunacy of your creed and your beloved jesus
        But you go further than jew and gentile than man and women you want to abolish any distinction between a Prometheus and any insignificant parasite
        as long as they adhere to your dogma
        Your creed pardon killers as long as they accept jesus as their savior lolz while condemning for the eternity unbaptized children

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      • Oh no. It’s retarded.

        Did you get dropped on a Christopher Hitchens/Sam Harris book as an infant?
        I expect a higher level of discourse on CH than Churchianity 101 as strawmanned through Basic Bitch Atheism.


      • Oh no. It’s retarded.

        Did you get dropped on a Christopher Hitchens/Sam Harris book as an infant?
        I expect a higher level of discourse on CH than Churchianity 101 as strawmanned through Basic Bitch Atheism
        sorry I was just admiring the sophistication and depth of your argument


      • My arguments are solid and unrefuted. You were corrected on your misinterpretation of Scripture by 2 different entities, yet preceded in error.
        So I’m left to conclude that are you intellectually not tall enough or have malicious intent.


      • GE- Well said above.
        TLDR- The ground is level at the foot of the Cross.

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      • Apparently the concept of spiritual versus physical existence is too much to grok for some o’ these yeggs.

        On a side note, I seem to recall on several earlier threads a very heavy rah-rah of muh Renaissance and muh Enlightenment… for their casting away the shackles of Dark Age Christianity… by the very same fellow who posted a long list of “religious” wars that occurred within those same time periods…

        Yet another “too much to grok” moment for that mentality… go figger.

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      • On a side note, I seem to recall on several earlier threads a very heavy rah-rah of muh Renaissance and muh Enlightenment… for their casting away the shackles of Dark Age Christianity… by the very same fellow who posted a long list of “religious” wars that occurred within those same time periods
        what is your point greg
        are you implying that somehow I deplore these wars from the standpoint of breaking the unity church
        I brought in the connection to the original post that mentioned the unity church provided in fighting muzzies hordes
        the most important connection there is the one I have already mentioned in one of our conversation which is that both renaissance and reformation were necessary to break the iron grip that catholiscm had over west for 1000 years
        It is after these 2 “revolutions” that europe reestablished itself again as the power and it is next 4 centuries that brought the glory of science and art we
        admire today
        Freed from the iron grip of the catholic dogma western man redeiscovered his true Faustian nature and build the world by conquering it
        Faustian man and his christian neighbor lived and to certain extent worked together for next 4 centuries only because the faustian man had been able to free himself from 1000 years of shackles which offered him eternal “spiritual” life in exchange for abandoning any idea of shaping “material” world


      • My point is you can’t have it both ways… you print a list of wars, allegedly caused by ‘religion’, hence bad and ignorant behavior… then you praise the times as men escaping from the ignorance of said religion and enjoying a resurgence of Faustian “conquering” spirit.

        This isn’t rocket surgery.

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      • @ar10308: (1) “Otherwise, the very next phrase would mean that Males and Females no longer existed.” (2) “It doesn’t abolish Nationality any more than it abolishes Sex/Gender. ”

        I think your first argument is solid. In fact, I do not dispute the second argument either. However, what is proven about Christianity in general by those arguments? Can a Christian have two masters?

        We are incompatible, and the reasons don’t matter any more.


      • Being a Christian doesn’t change which Earthly Nation you happen to be. God created the Nations (People group, not State governments), just like He created humans Male and Female.

        If you become a Christian, are you no longer a Male or Female?


      • @ar10308, sex is intrinsic by biological design, but maps of nationhood are not intrinsic to topology. “Being a Christian doesn’t change which Earthly Nation you happen to be.” I completely agree. That is true. Is it also true that being Christian is nationhood agnostic? It must be with a prior commitment to heaven.

        No, I don’t need to believe in a higher purpose, i.e. I don’t need a herd. I’m not saying nationhood is the end-all and be-all. Way of life is how I like to think of it. Functionality is definitive, and that principle is in the definition of female beauty promoted here by CH. I think that principle is important generally. You would call it judging a tree by its fruits. Christianity dominated the West in the late Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages. Not the greatest history of the West. I don’t really care what any scripture says, as if I should test it over and over to find that unicorn. If someone has a unicorn for me, it will be placed handily in my possession. I am not going to waste my life looking for unicorns any more.

        If you can’t or won’t study Christianity from the outside with critical scholarship, you won’t ever come to my way of thinking. I am not going to yours. I respect that you are standing by your beliefs and that you have principles in mind. I even agree with many of them in the abstract without any particular context. Context carries its own truth, and makes unannounced impositions.

        The best laid schemes of mice and men
        Go often askew,
        And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
        For promised joy!

        Over, and over, and over, and over. I don’t want that to be the whole of my natural life. I can’t recommend enough Joseph Lynch, Early Christianity. You can’t recommend enough the Bible. I have one. Never worked for me. It is a great psychological hammer in the hands of my parents.


      • You’re confused here.

        Nation is more akin to sub-Race or Ethnicity, not what State Government rules your country. Think of Irish vs Scottish. Both are different Nations, despite the fact that they’re under the United Kingdom, which is the State that rules over them.

        Your way of thinking is full of lies and has led to Globalism.


      • I will not simply take a side and debate it for relative power with you. I care more for dialectic. Globalism is actually a good thing, in that the increased scale is human progress. It tracks prosperity but not its application. It is not globalism in the abstract that bothers me, it’s the subjugation of me and my potential. Simply put, my enemy is my enemy. Anyone or anything that damages my way of life is my enemy. I should resist. I should win if I can.

        But if we were to have this degenerate into a debate for power where we each take some arbitrary side, I would then say you are the globalist. An omnipotent god requires globalism, n’est-ce pas?

        Isaiah 65:17: “For, behold, I create a new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come to mind.”

        Isaiah 66:20: “And they shall bring all your brethren for an offering unto the Lord out of all nations upon horses, and in chariots, and in litters, and upon mules, and upon swift beasts, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, saith the Lord, as the children of Israel bring an offering in a clean vessel into the house of the Lord.”

        Isaiah 66:23: “And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.”


        Matthew 28:18-9: “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

        Revelation 21:7: “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”


      • AR, my response is in mod and not likely to survive. As for globalism, I had referenced: Isaiah 65:17, 66:20, 66:23; Matthew 28:18-9; Revelation 21:7.


    • How do you combat contraception and abortion – no trivial contribution to our demise – without it?


    • The problem with Christianity is its a religion of another people, a Jewish sect modified with bits and pieces of our own teachings in order to shoe horn a fit with men of the West.

      It also involves us in the Middle East in ways that cost us blood and treasure which is not good either.

      Its a great tool for centralizing power and for breeding a more docile easy to govern people but are we sure this is what we want to be in the upcoming world of scarcity, low trust and zero sum game?

      It occurs to me that Christian symbols are mainly the lamb and the fish , animals to be shorn for wool and eaten or tossed in a stew pot by their betters. Fisher of men maybe so but I don’t want to be a cod sandwich thanks or an MLT.

      Our people are wolves and ravens, bear and boar , predators , omnivores and dangerous cunning beasts not lambs to the slaughter or fish to the pot

      Now the Deus Volt types do make a good point in that without Christianity the complex high trust, high order civilization we now enjoy may not be possible to maintain .

      I don’t think it is anyway not with 7 billion people and an enervated population.

      Soil, water, energy (fracking isn’t forever) easy to get at resources and all that are stressed by the sheer numbers of people, the billions more than we can support.

      Its Whig thinking to assume that we can “progress” our way out of the upcoming collapse.

      It may be that Christianity for all its upsides and they are there plenty leaves us vulnerable and that its loss and replacement with our older inner nature may be just what European folk need to survive and prosper in the future.

      If a Dark Age is inevitable if not soon than in a century or so as I think it is and that barbarians are going to be the survivors not domesticated men than we need to revert.


  6. Besides, conservatism as an ideal is akin to driving forward using the rear view mirror instead of the windshield as an oculous.

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    • Conservatism hasn’t conserved anything. Not even the Women’s Bathroom.

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      • I can’t post raw links per ethics, but Google the wiki on the Whig party. I had forgotten about it, but read carefully the forces that it was martialed against them, b4 being vanquished by Republican forces.

        Also read the “reign of terror” the head cutter offers are also, conspicuously called “Republicans.” They just adorn themselves with the cape of “conservation,” but by every concievable metric they are anything but. They just wear it bc it’s broad appeal.

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    • I sometimes have a problem with relegating the term “conservatism” to meaning only looking to the past and/or only trying to “conserve” that which has already come.

      The real connotation of the word, as most White folks use it, is to not lose, exchange or give away all what is good from the past, merely on a whim of novelty or compromise or expediency.

      The vast majority is aware you “can’t go back”, especially to the world of Leave It To Beaver

      … but that shouldn;t mean you embrace something like Modern Family (modren fambly?) as “the way things are now”.

      You honor and try, as best you might, to stick to the things that made your folk great, and a society pleasant to live in.

      You’re not “conserving” that which is gone, but the ideals that made the past good and great you keep within you and you move forward.

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      • Gotta admit, that was uplifting to read. Unironicaly well stated.


      • Most kind of you say.


      • Great explanation there, Greggy!

        [[[nodding my haid!]]]


      • “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire” Gustav Mahler


      • The only substance to GE’s argument is nostalgia and emotionalism. The Left is stronger at that. You ignore intrinsic value, process, cause and effect. Faith is brutish persistence, no finesse. You address the logic of the criticism only to launch into fuzzies. ‘Ideals that made up the past’, what a perfect view in the rear view mirror. You think good wives were ideal or were subjugated? You think manners were ideal or enforced by a violent code of patriarchy? You think hostiles were reedumicated or treated like animals?

        Can anyone else see the blatant lie of this sentence: “You’re not “conserving” that which is gone, but the ideals that made the past good and great…”?

        Translation: You’re not conserving the real past but the supernatural and pure essence of the past. The past is not the past. And obviously the ideals of the now must exist for the future. I got some laying around somewhere. Anyone seen my ideals? To converse is to conserve (the past)! How about plotting victory in the near future according to the field of play in the present. How about material facts of now that matter. Holy effing Heyzus! Sure you would fight, but never early enough because the losing position is your religion.


      • You’re not “conserving” that which is gone, but the ideals that made the past good and great you keep within you and you move forward
        lolz but it is not bout’ you nor any individual
        very concept of conservatism is contrary to the holly individual
        you are only exist in the relation to past and future as a part of a whole
        and if something is judged to be detrimental the whole you do not move forward you reject you fight it
        True conservatism look at past as something thoroughly tested and anything that is new must judged against what stood the ground for centuries
        As Chesterton put
        Do not ever tear the fence down if you do not the reason is put there in the first place
        What you keep in yourself is immaterial what counts is what is thought in schools what is transmitted thought the propaganda what kind of new laws are instituted to replace ones that worked for centuries

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      • on November 3, 2018 at 3:44 am Carlos Danger

        Bob, dig up some of Cicero’s works.


      • lolz but it is not bout’ you nor any individual

        It is, indeed… unless you believe we’re all just a bunch of cogs that just happen to choose a political, social, or spiritual philosophy upon which to guide our actions, and then ONLY acting in lockstep concert with groups who happen to share said philosophy to any extent on EVERY possible situation.

        I’m afraid your definition of conservatism… or ANY ideology that discounts how an individual may embrace and observe such… is sadly lacking in dimension.


      • as opposed to what
        rejecting the order of things established by centuries just because you as an individual have a disagreement
        funny that you as christian man would say that
        and before you jump yes I do consider religions to be man made designed to in conjunction with political power shape civilization norms and mores
        furthermore I offered a definition of conservatism as defined by Burke which I am not necessarily in full agreement with for different reasons one which is that can work well in an “interrupted” history
        Once periods of decay becomes parts of the history it becomes much more difficult to extract what is to be conserved
        Furthermore a rigid conservatism removes necessary dynamic for civilization and culture diminishing the role of able men
        If you go to extreme you have orthodox jews who adheres to old principles so rigidly that they wear that ridiculous outfit that once upon time served it function in the cold est of yesteryear
        Faced with ever changing world they decided to cling to every single thing from the old instinctively understanding that even a minor change will bring the next and so on
        Yet is there any one who can take these inbreeds as model how establish and preserve a flourishing civilization?
        Faced with other extreme where leftoid lunatic wholly individual rapidly destroys every single bond necessary to preserve our culture and civilization
        I, as many others, had to ponder about that relation (individual vs whole) which more than any other shapes the distinction between civilization and anti civilization forces


      • rejecting the order of things established by centuries just because you as an individual have a disagreement

        Who said anything about rejecting or accepting, or making any of this about muh individualism? My original post, which started this, odd offshoot, merely spoke from the perspective about how one embraces conservatism as, not the mere quixotic attempt to conserve anything specific FROM the past, or attempting to go back in time, rather, it’s an ideology that entails remembering the test of what was good, holding onto those learnings and principles, and carrying them forward to whatever path the future holds, instead of the phony (and allegedly open-minded, hence intellectually superior connotation attempt) worship of novelty and new = ipso facto better that’s been peddled by those who would have us adrift, without a sense of identity.


  7. On an earlier thread, the venerable King (in one of the few instances where we disagreed) cautioned us to, if I may take poetic liberties, “gather ye allies while ye may”, with the hope of converting yon jew and negro especially.

    I believe I may have quoted something about a leopard and its spots… or was it an Ethiopian and his skin? But I digress.

    Blood will out, sez I… never known it to fail.

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    • on November 2, 2018 at 12:18 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Ethiopians (or Abyssinians, at any rate you know, the mountain darkies) at least are Coptic Christians.

      They HATE Muslims. So there’s that.


      • I was merely quoting Jeremiah 13:23 in mentioning ‘Ethiopian’.

        From what I know of ’em in meat world, Rastafarians apparently think highly of the erstwhile “emperor” Selassie, but they don’t seem to be allies of mine.


      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:39 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Not allies. I was mentioning that if you had to pick…well…uh, if you HAD to pick…something…


        What are your African choices again?


      • I gotta go with them exiled Nigerian princes… they’re always trying to give me a boatload o’ cash.

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      • on November 2, 2018 at 12:53 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Every Nigerian I ever met (and they were nice d00ds, one-on-one, LOL)
        was a “…prince in my country.”

        I figgered, sh!t, they’re just handin’ out titles over there. I could be a motherphuckin’ Earl or Duke just by showin’ up.


      • on November 3, 2018 at 4:00 am Carlos Danger

        They have also used the wheel, built multi story structures and used the sail.


    • Whose the “king?”


      • Matt King.


      • Idk who that is, just wondered if it was a person, place or thing.


      • trav is emperor… of the North Pole.

        (for youse yeggs what ain’t hep, that’s an expression from the hobo camps during the days of the Depression… the AMOG hobo was given that glib title, high-sounding, but signifying a paltry realm of little meaning. There was a pretty good movie from the seventies about those times, starring Leê Mårvin, Kêith Carrådine, and Ernêst Börgnine, based upon a book of that title, though they changed it to Emperor Of The North so folks didn’t get the wrong idea about a Christmas movie or such.)


      • Yeah see, I thought you were talking about moi. My vagabond Identitarian ass.


      • Matt King posts often, and is one of the more erudite yeggs to be found ’round chere. He might be some sort of Jesuit brother, and a lot of the antiChristian dirty birds deride his scholarship and method of communicating, but I find him one of the reasons the chateau shines. 😉


      • I’m just trying to find my lane. I do love the atavism though. Thanx 4 the heads up though. Since they shoahd gab, this is all I have now. Lol can’t tell the players wo the pogrom.


      • King is the Yin to Greg’s Yang


      • Bad analogy… we’re the furthest thing from complementary opposites.

        Try again.


      • Gayg if I’m emperor of the north pole, you’re emperor of uranus.

        Bc that’s where your head is lodged.

        Cuckstainity is not the answer. It is dying for a reason.

        People are fleeing it…it is the blue pill at the bottom of an onion of bluepill layers. Something about its ardent practicioners actually opening their wombs to niggers bc jesus is…abhorrent. It’s biologically repulsive. You cannot fight nature; she always bats last. And nature IS God.

        Was the conquest of the New World a Christian thing to do? Of course not. From a man who admonished perhaps his closest apostle not to defend him during his capture? Lol.

        Only the most mendacious liar around, perhaps a jew, could make this argument. That Pizarro was chr!stian in ANY sense of the teachings of the man whose name he came in. A spaniard who conquered an entire continent and slaughtered countless injuns. He go the extra mile? He suffer evil? He turn his other cheek? lol

        There is no precedent in the b!ble, NONE whatsoever, for anything the white race did for like 1500 years. In fact, exactly the opposite.

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      • Gayg if I’m emperor of the north pole, you’re emperor of uranus

        And you’re a Klingon in its orbit..

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      • “but I find him one of the reasons the chateau shines. ”

        Greg, you simpleton.


      • There’s no accounting for taste, amirite?

        And check your premises, as well as they self-written dictionary… simpleton is not even on the horizon of being the correct word in this case… which, of course, makes YOU the simpleton.

        When are youse yeggs gonna learn you can’t snow the snowman?


      • Other than the slam, I don’t catch the yeggs reference. Could you elaborate please?


      • It’s not always a slam, it’s often a wry term of camaraderie directed at one’s friends and oneself, e.g. “rat pack”, or think of Cheedle’s line in Ocean’s 11:

        “It’ll be a pleasure to be working with proper villains.”

        The original slang term is from the days of film noir and potboiler dimestore novels, wherein a ‘yegg’ was a safecracker or other thief, eventually meaning any hard-boiled thug, especially involved with a gang of the like.

        It experienced a mild resurgence through the film Miller’s Crossing, wherein one of the local crime bosses jokingly praises the smarts of the protagonist who’s looking to join his gang:

        “We only take yeggs what’s been to college”.


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      • ohhhh i like that! i love film noir. also, very astute observation. then i wear it proudly. i am indeed a yegg.

        learn something new every day. as a matter of fact im watching key largo as we speak.


      • For those in NV:


  8. This blog has been on fire lately with this post probably being the most important. At what point do gatekeepers like Peterson and Benny become enemies administering their own brand of propaganda poison?

    I want to say we can use them as gateway drugs to the red pill, but it’s increasingly hard to tell the difference between our allies and enemies.

    Beware anyone preaching ideology over race (i.e. Lahren and Southern.) Do not give these broads the microphone. IDGAF if their “documentaries” are better than The Godfather.

    Identity politics works extremely well (see 8 years under gay mulatto,) especially when one side refuses to acknowledge it.

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    • Simple rules:

      1. Never trust a semite
      2. If it ain’t White it ain’t right.

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      • Then why the hell you worship a semitic god Jeesus ?

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      • That’s one reason why I don’t. The other reason is, it’s a fairytale.


      • I agree. That is the foundation of ALL my decision making, all the way down to the mundane.


      • Then why the hell you worship a semitic god Jeesus ?

        Thirsty men concern themselves with what the glass holds, not the glass itself.

        If we can’t agree that there’s a God, and that said Most High is the God of all men, far beyond any category or characteristic of that which He Himself created, then there’s no point in discussion.


      • Nowhere in the bible is Jesus described as Semite. The only physical description we have of Jesus lists his eyes as blue

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      • So inshallah is it then Gayg?

        bc it’s just a cup with water, right?

        so i can pick whichever religion I want and so I ought to go with the one that DOESN’T tell me to love my enemies? Bc that’s fuckin su!cide…


      • on November 2, 2018 at 6:03 pm Flyover Hayseed

        @ Red
        “The only physical description we have of Jesus lists his eyes as blue.”

        In the midwest mid-sized town where I was raised, my entire family was active in a socially prominent Methodist Church where the ministers were male, authoritative, scholarly, and highly educated in the classics; their wives were usually quite pretty, modest, and busy ( too much so at times IMO ) with orchestrating wholesome social events; the organist always performed Bach preludes; and the choir was disciplined and had extensive musical training, and the Sunday School teachers were almost always volunteer fathers, including my own. This was of course long before the advent of single female/lesbian pastors, sanctification of gay marriage, and folk/rock music in the Sunday “services.”

        Anyway I vividly remember the full-length painting displayed in the sanctuary which depicted Jesus with strictly Aryan ( though I did not understand this at the time ) features including long flowing blond hair, straight elegantly proportioned nose, deep penetrating blue eyes, symmetrical Nordic physiognomy in general, and a profound facial expression radiating what I can only describe as the “peace which passeth understanding.”


      • trav, I see an apt metaphor is lost on your two-dimensional mind.

        Or should I say unidimentional? You’re trying that old ‘love your enemies’ gambit again, after it’s been explained at least a dozen times.

        I think through osmosis, your IQ has settled to a lower common denominator based upon your couplings with negros.


      • on November 3, 2018 at 7:10 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Love is the center of a Venn diagram which contains three elements…

        Affection, Fear and…and Desire.


    • “I want to say we can use them as gateway drugs to the red pill,”

      like Ryu used to say, it takes quite a few years to progress from the gateway stage to full-on. Mr. little man with funny hat/Mr. wash your dick my daughter is a thot slow that progression down and serve against our interests. We have momentum now – more dynamic personalities that accelerate the red pill progression and generate a higher conversion rate will start to gain traction and then the special folks will try to shut it down. It’s going to be exciting.

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      • Ryu? What is that? @dread foreman


      • Ryu, from Street Fighter II.

        The racial animus Ryu had for Ken, despite them both having trained under the same master, often parallels the issues we’re facing today.

        Ryu was Japanese, but essentially represents globalism.

        Ken is truly a street fighting Chad–he’s the man stuffing dweebs in lockers and fingering the homecoming queen while getting a beej from her bestie.

        A book should be forthcoming on the issue.


    • Quite sometime ago. Peterson is a gate keeper to forces marshaled against post modernism, or at least he used to.

      It’s the altright (whatever that was) that attempted to conscript him, not the other way around. I personally think that, by in large, this body doesn’t comprehend the power it wields. But never fear, cause I is here. Hopefully it isn’t too late, that is to say that the derrision in our group, coupled with Trump’s proclivity to force race mixing down the throat of the American electorate; hasn’t left in a lesser position to deal from as opposed to 2016.


      • “Trump’s proclivity to force race mixing down the throat of the American electorate; ”

        Where and when?


      • His daughter, president to ALL Americans, he dated a bi racial model, professing his love for Israel, his willingness to cut a deal over daca, condemning the synogauge shooting. Charging fields with a hate crimes, trading wn for Kanye and prison reform, etc.

        Your turn, give me one example that he is /ourguy/ not in words. In deeds.


      • Your concern is noted Bob. I am voting for Hillary next time then


      • I’m not saying that, I’m just suggesting that trump isn’t just all we hoped, but he’s so in the pocket of Israel and the “evangelicals” that either by choice or through manipulation; is actually a net negative to WN’s interests. Now that might be business as usual, but if we don’t not sieze on the opportunity now, we won’t have the capital at a later date.

        We need to operate as a group at this moment. And what is nescessary is, we make him pay electorally for crossing us. Bc clearly, he traded us for Kanye and Candice Owens; and if y’all lay down and continue to do what HE (ISRAEL) expects of you (all of us WNs of every shade; we may not get another opportunity to throw their yoke off. Bc one day soon we could wake up and everything we do on the internet will be grounds for criminal punishment. And they hold all the EVIDENCE they need to do that, all (((they))) need are the correct circumstances to wheel it out for prime time.

        If we are racialist, than we MUST vote that way. And those of us who are not ready to make that commitment are useless politically to anyone except the Jews


      • on November 2, 2018 at 7:43 pm gunslingergregi

        new plant with the us lol


      • @Bob Mathews
        CH, and I criticized the Omnibus Bill at length.

        I’m with Trav (cue the purity incels) when it comes to colonizing the lesser races. He can bang what he wants. He reproduces strong White kids.

        As to everything else, if you feel the nation is ready for a “true WN” candidate, I second your nomination.

        Until then, I’ll work with what we’ve got- which is Trump.

        You’re discounting the importance of political culture, and Trump is a more culturally influential president than we have possibly ever had. His policies become de facto WN if not de jure simply because the libtard media cannot stop bleating about how rayciss they are.

        ((They)) and Trump do us big favors on that front.

        Trump is our guy until you have someone better or are willing to stand in his place.

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      • “Working wih what we got or … run what you’ve brung”

        Albeit a comendable option to work with what we have and developing a sound strategy on how to go forward; I feel that its unjust to encourage others to blindly file along to our demise. My views are ofthen considered to be accelerationist. I find this characterization as not only false, but dishonest to a WN identity and disruptive to group cohession. Heres why:

        By the very assertion, “acceleration(ism)” conotes the acceptance that we see the very same outcome; yet the “ists” differ over tactics. With such derision in our body serves to demean our shared White Identity. To rid of us of this virus that sickens us; I suggest that we step back and objectively evaluate the costs.

        No matter what mutatable Norm De Guerre we self impose to make us more “optically appealig” to the masses; we are white supremecists or by definition, white identitarians. That is to say we all (as whites) suffer the same pursecution, the same raping of the state of prominence we all once enjoyed in a nation of /OUR/ creation. Without getting in to the chronology, lets spend some time appreciating what is at stake and how POTUS has proven nothing in two years save for his complicity.

        This is captured segment from Siege in the appendecies:

        >My son was placed in a foster home after my arrest
        where attempts to “de-nazify” him were started before we
        able to transfer him to relatives two and a half months
        later. He was also interrogated several times by the D.A.’s
        office while the defense attorneys never talked to him
        once. He was forced to testify and put through an ordeal
        not necessary to convict me. Ravaged by false guilt after
        the trial, he had thoughts of suicide but after several
        counseling sessions he has exchanged this notion for the
        transplanted idea that I “murdered his friend”. The ways of
        Big Brother effect even little children and cowardice extends
        high into the ranks among so-called White Racialist
        “leaders” and the creep with the phony atheist church is
        not even the least of these.

        Obviously this is an extreme case; nevertheless as a father, it strikes a cord in me. Without engaging in self doxxing, I included this to establish continuity of what (((they))) or the system saids and does. With no pussyfootedness, this is how they charachterize /us/ and is indicitive of how they will treat us from 1982 through now, and up until the day comes when they can shoot us in a ditch. And when I say us, I dont just mean national socialists, or white identitarians, klansmen, et al.; I mean any white, anywhere at anytime.

        The only true crime committed by the Georgia couple was racial slurs. Slurs. Trumps DoJ civil rights division did not step in to defend their 1st amendment, which was suppressed by the State of Georgia. But in 1969 the Supreme Court of the land did find justly in overturning the Brandenburg v Ohio descision and established a precedant to defend that georgia couple.

        Now you can twist yourself into pretzels to defend God Emporer; or in your case, this is all we got so sit down shut up and comply. Well on behalf of my race, my childrens, my parents and my wifes race I say; No. If there is any truth to white exceptionalism, I will operate as an agent of our collective interest and as a rational actor and say No. Hiding and complying has never helped anyone facing their race or tribes genocide. Make no mistake, that is what this is and this is what Trump will be complicit in.

        So when I say not to vote for him or his agenda I mean any incumbent of any stripe is Trumps. I mean that if he wont help us represent ourselves in this dead shit heap of a nation, the we gotta do for we and ours. You gonna ask the blacks, mexicans or anyone else who is part of “them” to save our “us?” The only intrest without having power for us to logically represent is to destroy their power, sieze it if we can in a collapse; but by all means, tear it down, mayun.

        Maybe I’m that Aryan deliverer that youd Second. But maybe I’m not here to win an election or make the best of the situation. Maybe I’m here to remind you all what exactly it is what we are doing and that is … WE ARE GOING TO SAVE THE WHITE RACE!


  9. The white population is dropping at a precipitous rate. One would think you guys would take all the friends you could find….

    Face it. No one wants what your selling. No wonder white girls are seeking Men of Colour

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    • ^faggot

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    • Who’s our president, and how did he get elected?
      Read any dating articles lately of how rayciss White chicks are?

      Must burn your little matzah balls…

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    • on November 2, 2018 at 12:41 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Benny! Your spellcheck is on and your caps are off. Congrats on learning the keyboard.

      You’re throwing darts at the language though. It’s “Color” here in the states.

      You have Wi-Fi wherever you’re at?

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    • I just heard gillum is visiting an anti Israeli lobby in Fla. I’d vote for him if I was in Fla for that reason alone. I just wouldnt give him a seat at my table for dinner. He’d be dining in the stable.


    • Benny owns a Majid Majid t-shirt. His boy pucci got offended at your last post, CH.


    • JIDF concern troll gaslighting.


    • So you either LARP as a jew, which is pathetic, or you are one and you reinforce all the stereotypes, which is also sad.


    • The ironic part of this Meyer troll is that it’s his own yentas who lust after the dark meat, as do teh gheys, which is why miscegenation is written into every movie and TV script, as well as commercials. Kike women and queers seem to make up the majority of writers and (ahem) ad executives.

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      • LOL the stories I could tell about this.

        People don’t even know.

        Jews ADORE them. Jew women are ALL ABOUT the BBC. They have sexually idolized blacks openly since…the 1920s? There are books about this where jews disclose it.

        Meanwhile on Tinder blacks don’t get swiped on, white men do. Go figure. They have to forcibly match blacks to us in order to get anyone to bite.

        The jew infatuation with blacks is so common…I had a friend (blackish girl, half kuwaiti) who was hit on by Jeff Epstein (yea that one, lolita island guy)…she was like “of course he was a jew”. Black dude i know pretty swole, talkin about how some wife with a ring was givin him the hard stare and women had made comments and hinted wink wink and I asked “were they jewish”…”how did you know?!?”

        They control information so they don’t let this out- everything you see on tv is projection of their psyche with us playing them.

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      • Trav swipes black…


      • Whites have the tendency to idealize blacks as beloved pets such as faithful dogs. Jews have a proclivity for idealizing blacks as their reciprocal. “Everything that they are not” vigor-wise. They also feel a kinship with them as fellow Resources Extraction Algorithm.


    • The ironic part of this Meyer troll is that it’s his own yentas who lust after the dark meat, as do teh gheys, which is why miscegenation is written into every movie and TV script, as well as commercials. Kike women and queers seem to make up the majority of writêrs and (ahem) ad executives.


    • White man is a slave to Jews, he is a cuck a loser and his genetic existence is being erased by his women


  10. Somewhat unrelated, but I’m still trying to understand the CogDis hoops one must jump through in order to say “all peoples are equal” in one breath, and then “I gotta get on the plane and go save all the poor starving babies” in the next.


    • Oh that’s easy. You just assume the Evil White Man is causing the nogs to starve.


    • on November 2, 2018 at 2:46 pm James Forrestal

      All peoples are equal… but “Whiteness” is a toxic social construct ‘n sheeut.
      Besides, it’s the least Whitey could do to redeem his original sin of slavery, or colonialism, or “racism,” or muh 6 billion, or…


  11. I love sooooo much the name Theodora. In Greek it means gift of God. From Ο Θεός (God) και δώρο (gift) beautiful name.

    That was my first thought, I will read now the remainder of post and write something not so useless 😍


  12. I just got back from a wholesale ‘club’. The woman in front of me did not put her mountainload of crap up on the belt. Rather, she had the cashier dig through this pile of diabetes inducing muck and scan each item one by one. Of course this took forever. I was thinking why would anyone have that much stuff and not use the checkout belt. Then it occurred to me that this was a strategy not coincidental laziness. She was hopping that the cashier would miss some stuff.

    The first bill came to $331.xx and was paid for by everyone here. The second bill, the stuff that the mean ole EBT card wouldn’t cover, came to $19.xx. So basically, the selfish @sshole not only held up everyone in line, but also got ~$350 worth of crap (sodas, cookies, ribs) for $19.xx of her own money.

    While loading my stuff in my vehicle, I noticed she was not the only one ambling about. Then it occurred to me…it’s the 2nd of the month.

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  13. Don’t forget the “America was found on Judeo-Christian values” lie as you hear their scaly dry hands wringing together.


  14. hehhe JYT ZERO self awareness

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  15. on November 2, 2018 at 12:51 pm Tatless & Beardless

    Indeed, and old work colleague who always described himself as conservative very quickly defended them when I said they were greedy by saying they make good business people. The second time I mentioned them, he explained his grandmother was an escapee…of course, the phiz, behaviour, and poor night game fell into place. Further confirmation was that he described L0ndon as cosmopolitan, instead of an 3thnic sh1thole, clarified why they side with the politics least likely to turn against them.


  16. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    there is no such a system nor there ever will be one that could alter negro nature
    that is all you need to know next time that kartrashian dick appears


  17. Heartise, you can save a lot of arguments about Christanity if you qualify it by saying “Pre-Modernist” or “Pre-Norvs Ordo”

    When you “Christan” now, people assume that fake hippy bullshit Churchanity that people pratice.

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    • as opposed to which ones
      those who came in Rome at the dawn of the new age and corrupted masculine nature of Roman warrior creed
      those who turned europe roughly between 500-1500 to a dark age swamp that did not produce a single ore very few of achievement of human mind
      those who attacked and imprisoned Galileo and burned down Giordano Bruno because muh flat earth
      those who converted hundreds of million of savages to its creed some of which are coming to pay you visit these days
      those who for centuries fought the Faustian nature of European man
      those who planted the seed of egalitarianism into warriors souls of which the ultimate consequence we see these days

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      • nice non-sequitor
        keep on trolling!


      • non-sequitor
        explain or be damned forever lolzzzzzzz


      • cortesar stop repeating j ewish lies and go read some real history


      • The Catholic Church, nor anyone else in the West for that matter, did not think the Earth was flat. This is a common mistake among the uneducated, and it exasperates historians of science that this myth seems to perpetuate itself.

        They did, however, think that the Earth was at the centre of the Universe, and that the Earth did not move. This is much harder to disprove, which is why it took thousands of years to do so.


      • It’s a good question man. I agree.

        But look at the modern, purer version. It’s gone back to being a doomsday cult.

        the evangelicals are the MOST ardent supporters of israel, probably at higher percentages than jews themselves! Bc Revelations and please please apocalypse come as prophesied.


      • but “flat earth” is so much fun to pass on
        geocentrism not so much or perhaps it is when you consider the nature of the lunatic sect
        I believe there was a special holy inquisition court decree who judged the heliocentric theory heretic and contrary to Scriptures lolz
        I am sure Greg will bring these so we can judge for ourselves and be burnt on fire


      • Nice to be in your thoughts, cort, old man.


      • Shoot, forgot to put in mah e-mail after a reboot… let’s try this again.

        Nice to be in your thoughts, cort, old man.


      • Talmudic levels of hatred for the Faith.
        As AA might ask – why tho?


      • on November 3, 2018 at 7:19 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Galileo was subsidized by the church. The pope paid for his books to be printed.

        A Catholic Priest in Belgium came up with The Big Bang Theory over the protestations of Einstein. The Priest was right so far as the evidence goes.


  18. on November 2, 2018 at 1:25 pm Deter Naturalist

    “There is no Constitutional Conservatism without constitutional Whiteness. It really is as simple as that.”

    Which is why it seems likely that the masses of men must be culled by great hardship, perhaps even slaughter unlike anything seen in the past (lots more people now, so the pyramids of skulls could reach previously unseen heights), before the core of strong, intelligent and (above all) determined men will emerge for the final battle.

    It is unknown who will still have living descendants to wage that battle. It is unknown if that core of surviving knights will be up to the task. Humanity may be doomed to spend millennia returned to ignorance and universal poverty as was most of human existence, if the descendants of WASPs are exterminated by violence and genetic subsumption. What is known is that this will be how it rolls, because the flames of courage are fanned most by crushing threat. No committee of non-combatants will ever map the final fray.


    • ‘WASPs are low life idiots who cucked before the Jew, a race which is so enslaved by its own decadence should not survive as it failed the test of time


    • on November 2, 2018 at 7:54 pm gunslingergregi

      perhaps even slaughter unlike anything seen in the past ””””’

      more babies 2.5 billion killed in last 38 years by woman than all the wars of men it happening still now
      a slaughter that has never before been seen
      bet ya thought it would impact people more but not really
      no trumpets and shit no cool songs about it


      • on November 5, 2018 at 6:22 am Deter Naturalist

        What is abortion but culling of children before birth by the folly/evil of their mothers? Schizophrenia is a product of nature. So are all forms of collective insanity (insanity defined as behavior driven by belief that is so mis-aligned with reality that it’s self-destructive.)

        Darwin only cares about whose DNA shows up in the next generation. IDK about you, but I’m far more in favor of people pruning THEIR OWN BRANCH from the tree of humanity than them trying to prune MINE. I think abortion is the most open admission of a death-cult, anti-life culture possible, even more pro-death than cutting out slaves’ hearts on stone altars. It takes a level of self-hatred I can’t comprehend to encourage women to destroy their babies in utero (as a fashion choice and feeding naught but CONVENIENCE) but this is the satanic age in which we live. Slaves free themselves. Addicts cease their addiction. Members of a death-cult society hew to life. We save ourselves or we aren’t saved at all.


      • Abortion impacts the rest of us. Those White store clerks, laborers, strippers, layabouts, soldiers, mechanics, criminsls, waitresses, and brooding artist misfits that got aborted were substituted by ugly mudworld replacements. Except for the brooding artist misfits because to be that requires having a soul.


  19. יֵשׁוּעַianity is not white. It is the very antithesis of whiteness. It is a cuck belief system that commands its followers to love their enemies and turn the other cheek.


  20. May the spirit of Roland, of Charles Martel, and most especially, of the Frankish King, Charlemagne, always be with and accompany you, Heartiste, all the days of your life — and may their spirit alrays have a sacred, hallowed place of honor at Le Château


  21. Reminds me of George Carlin’s quote: “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”


  22. Eric Zemmour

    Paul Gottfried


  23. There is no Dana. Only Zuul.


  24. Reblogged this on A Life Un-Lived and commented:
    CH is mostly right, but errs in one respect.

    “generic Anglo-Saxon conservatism” is not a “creation of WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN,” it’s a creation of “WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANT MEN”

    We’re called WASPs because the truth leaves a painful welt.


  25. Jesse Lee Peterson


  26. a post praising (((stephen miller))) while pumping the usual (((anglo)))-germanic bullshit. protestants die with jews and go to the same hell. i send them there. it’s in my DNA.

    i thank god i wasn’t born (((anglo))). the world thank is thankful,and you should be too. i know donny is. he loves irish people. he fucking loves them LA romans.

    (((miller))) does nothing for us. all you chumps glad-handing the son of a LA kike slumlord are going up against my wall, on my private beach. out here in LA, the kid antagonizes mexicans and walks away from the bill- leaving hunky honky motherfuckers like me with the bill…you getting this?

    this was a blog where i could go to and dudes talked like it was locker room. now we are praising (((stephen))), who is so fucking weak he doesn’t think he needs to pick up his own trash. (that’s what mexicans are for, damnit!)

    yep. thanks a lot, jews.

    (be sure to datamine this and put it in your next speech, (((miller)))

    brad parscale ain’t got shit on me


  27. on November 2, 2018 at 2:59 pm James Forrestal

    It all comes down to a very simple truism:

    Identity > ideology.

    By a strange cohencidence, the same people who most enthusiastically promote the “anti-racist” canard that the inverse is the case… somehow make an unprincipled exception for their own Tribe.


  28. also, stuffing ben jewpiro into proverbial lockers every day at UCLA was just the beginning. ya, we knew he was going to be fast tracked on the JEWGOP-Express to be some media beltway dandy, but it didn’t save him from being metaphysically and spiritually shoved into big campus LA public school bathroom toilets on the daily. he isn’t welcome back home.

    my fear was “wait til the dumb proles, hicks, and fox news drones of america who can’t think for themselves have this kid shoved into their homes unwillingly…how will that be?”

    and here we are, over a decade later.

    the level of contempt i have for never trumpers, jews, and the american protestant retard class that loves israel more than me…i can’t even begin to describe it. it’s pretty lonely being a hot white male top of his class out in LA. perspective. history. 1776 isn’t shit. it’s deeper than that.

    yall can go retweet your cernovich and scamdus owens now…


  29. Heh, I got 24 hours off from fizzbook for a “hate speech” comment pointing out to the virtue-signaling proles on Boston Herald that the now-pissed Jewish men of Tree Of Life are steamed at White men. Hateful part was noticing that the Jewish folks hating White men are themselves Whitest of the White themselves. They really think they aren’t White. They have everyone convinced they’re a sacred, downtrodden minority and that they are not White themselves. Russian Jews one and all, from the far North of Europe and Russia, literally the Whitest of the white race. And yet, they claim this privilege.

    Notice anyone, how WHITE Tree Of Life, the community, how insular and segregated from ANY people of color? Prime example of: White for me, Diversity for thee.


    • They are not White. Their DNA is not White.

      It’s a well known biological strategy of mimicry.


    • on November 3, 2018 at 9:46 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      It’s totally going to boil over.

      One of these armed Jews will assassinate a white leader, or massacre a white church.

      It’s inevitable.


  30. on November 2, 2018 at 3:51 pm baked georgia

    how many people really still qualify as “anglo-saxons” in usa? it’s funny how hollywood tries to portrait “anglo-saxons from harvard” running new york business in movies. something completely out of the reality since the 60’s at least


  31. I half agree with you that there’s no Conservatism without so-called White Supremacy, but my agreement is for a different reason. White Supremacy is simply a pejorative that the Left uses to denigrate Western civilization. To live in Western civilization (which includes the Bible, the Renaissance, all of European and American music and literature, the light bulb, the car and airplanes) is to acknowledge white supremacy.
    However I don’t agree that it’s enough to have a majority white demographic – half of the whites in the country are leftists. And I also disagree with you on Israel. It’s in our interest to support them because they’re an outpost of Western modernity in the midst of Islamic hell.


  32. on November 2, 2018 at 4:34 pm Furteenhateyeight

    I told you three years ago there are no conservative Jews in America. It’s literally not possible.


  33. Ok, last time you said there were 33% Hispanic which is 1/3, which is false. I said there is 70% White so how can there be 33%?

    You didn’t answer.

    And I’m a lurker of years that was finally goad to write only to receive an unsatisfactory answer. How many CH writers are there? I would guess they all have different talents.

    So now, charts show that at best in the year 2045, hispanics could possibly be 23%. But that is 27 years away from now!
    And that’s not aporoaching 33% or 1/3.

    Stop the craziness.

    As to this post, big big question here.

    How many White men that read CH go to Christian Church every Sunday, single chaste and trying to be decent or go to church married with wife and kids?

    I do.

    You can’t maintain “clean decent honorable White Christian-dom America” when white men are:

    PUA with STDs
    Bastard makers
    Sperm Donors
    Business men that cheat on contracts
    Happy Hour drunks
    Football nancy boys
    Girly men
    Boston Democrats Terrorist inviting
    San Bernadino Terrorist inviting
    John Doe Raid (Wisconsin) East Berlin-ers
    Waco Texas Slaughter-ers
    Cuomo attackers of Proud boys

    To me you have a good bad ahead of you with your own people.

    Identity Politics is a creation of Lib Communists from East Berlin – stop playing it.

    By the way, Hispanic Conservatives dislike their own kind if they are nihilist democrats, period.

    I’ve seen hispanic Conservatives not vote for a family member to Supreme Court Justice of a large State. Why would they vote from a Democrat?

    You think you know but you do not. Respectfully


  34. What do you mean “misleading”? Shapiro never claimed to be a white nationalist, he is not misleading anybody, he was always open about his views. I am a Jew who believe in nationalism and therefore always prefer a cohesive country with a strong national majority, I think it is usually also safer for Jews in such countries and to minorities in general, the problem is when a minority become too big which cause resentment and clash of values. But I am not Ben Shapiro, his assumption is that people with the same values can live together, I think people from different nations will never have the same values because of human bio diversity and also thousands of years of social influence which will take exactly the same time to change again.


  35. There’s no reason to allow immigration. Nothing good comes from immigration. If you want a bigger populace, have more kids. If you want to control land, conquer new ones and kill anyone who would begrudge your invasion and then defend it with extreme prejudice forever.

    Close the border, and then never reopen it.

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  36. The German Roots of American Order | Intercollegiate Studies Institute: Educating for Liberty


    On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress appointed Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin “to a committee to bring in a device for a seal for the United States of America. Adams recorded the discussion: “Mr. Jefferson proposed, the children of Israel in the wilderness led by a cloud by day, and a pillar by night—and on the other side, Hengist and Horsa, the Saxon chiefs, from whom we claim the honor of being descended, and whose political principles and form of government we have assumed.” The seal was to show two groups of settlers: the Chosen People of the Bible and the colonists’ German ancestors. Jefferson’s commitment to Saxon England as a model for free institutions in America was no youthful whim. He wanted Anglo-Saxon taught at the University of Virginia according to the “Report of the Commissioners for the University of Virginia” (August 4, 1818) because of “the great instruction which may be derived from it to a full understanding of our ancient common law.”



  37. wrong. there is no “white nationalism” or “white christian nationalism”, or “european nationalism” or any of that other ridiculous and incoherent pan-racial/continentalist garbage. there is only nationalism, period, or what some call ethnic nationalism. that is the only consistent articulation of the sovereignty principle.

    you either support ethnic autonomy – the right of secession and westphalian sovereignty – or you don’t. if you do, then you also support amerindian land rights and black secessionist movements and yes, israel, because they are a nation-state just like france or russia or japan

    and if you don’t, then you’re simply a racial imperialist. that’s fine, I don’t believe in-group preference is a sin, but have the balls to call it what it is instead of playing the leftist game of redefining words to mean whatever you want them to mean. white nationalism is nationalism in the same way that social science is science. and “white Christian” nationalism is especially ridiculous because Christianity defines itself as a nation transcending race – which is not the same as equalism, paganfags.


  38. Instead of importing any color of people, it’d be nice if we could get rid of some barriers so actual white Americans could pop out some babies. And raise them. You want to go to college? Great, one year of college is paid for in full if you are white, get married, have a baby and raise it (no daycare) for 4 years. Have 4 babies and stay married until each is 4 and you can go to college for free.

    And by then, perhaps the mania for studying ancient Egyptian lesbian poetry will pass.


  39. Our special Guests love the Constitution. They love rules. So long as the rules are written down, they know they’ll figure out how to go around them, doing what they want without breaking the rules.

    We do our best to follow the spirit of the law. They follow the letter of the law. If the letter of the law isn’t violated, no matter how badly the spirit of the law is violated, then they’ll stand tall and claim they did no wrong.

    That’s the difference between racial guilt and racial shame. Our people are motivated internally to do what’s right. Their people are motivated externally to avoid doing wrong. The results are strikingly different.

    If they put that much effort into working around the spirit of the Ten Commandments, do you really think they’re going to try and obey the spirit of the Constitution? Even God gave up on them. Why do we still treat them like our equals?

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    • Good point… and as has been pointed out, one of the premier messages of the Sermon on the Mount was the concept of going beyond the letter of the law and embracing the spirit of the law… yet one more reason why the Sanhedrin of the time didn’t appreciate the message, to the point of calling for blood.


    • Astute analysis, GiA.


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  40. I’m not allied with White European Christendom. I’m allies with Jews. I have shared interests with White European Christendom.

    I would rather Israel not have to rely on the billions of dollars from the US- we’ll be fine- poorer, but independent. As soon as the US doesn’t think it gets equal or more than it puts in, take the money away. If the costs outweigh the benefits, don’t do it. Close your borders- do whatever you want, they’re your borders.

    We don’t have the same culture. Yours is Christian, mine is Jewish. We can be friendly and have shared interests, but we ARE different civilizations.


  41. […] “There Is No Conservatism. There Is Only White Christian Nationalism” dated 02 November 2018. […]


  42. on November 5, 2018 at 11:25 am

    Israel supports Orban. Look, let me be plain: the one country with the *most* to lose from Islamization of Europe is Israel. They will be surrounded by Muslims on all sides. In fact, I think Europe is the soft underbelly of the West vs. Israel. If I were a Jihadi that would be my hot take.

    Ironically, some Jews in Europe might want to align with Islam (to protect circumcision or kosher food, for instance). Diaspora Leftists may see Muslims as political allies. Israel proper, no chance. So, there’s an interesting divergence of interests which was evident when Israel was running interference for Trump after the Pittsburg shooting while American Jewry was scoring political points.