Polling That Says Clinton Is Ahead Is Wrong For This Reason (Among Others)

Commenter Experienced Father links to an article explaining how polling can be badly skewed if voters are surveyed in the middle of a transitory mudslinging eruption by the sociopathic Clinton Machine.

CH: i grok the gist of it, but it turns out according to recent polling women aren’t abandoning trump…men are, i suppose to avoid being labeled supporters of a “perv”. so maybe it’s a feminist country now. or maybe, perhaps complementary, it’s a sniveling beta male country now.


Read and pay close attention to the following, clipped from the article link below.


What happens in polling is that, if your candidate does something that makes him or her look bad, or that you don’t agree with, you’re less likely to want to answer poll questions about him – even if it’s anonymous. It doesn’t mean you still don’t support him. Just that right this minute, you really don’t want to talk about it.


The most important thing to note in these poll swings is that the actual voters are really not changing their minds. I think, and history has shown this, that most voters (Ken Bone notwithstanding) had their minds made up by Oct. 1. The crazy numbers are simply representative of which candidate’s supporters are responding to the polls more.

Men have a lot more to lose visibly supporting Trump than women.

Because American men have become wilting flowers.

The media campaigns are so nasty a whole hell of a lot of Trump Supporters have gone underground in the polling, just as BREXIT supporters did in the UK.

And the nastiness of the media campaign in the USA vice [sic] the UK is much larger, so the scale of this effect is much larger WRT Trump.

I agree. A lot of shitlibs are going to be shell-shocked on election night as the numbers roll in YUGE for Trump. Mass suicides are not out of the question. And if that happens I’m busting out the happy Snoopy dance gif.

The polling this year is unreliable for two other reasons as well: skewed sampling methodologies (oversampling Dems and undersampling Indies, typically) and outright collusion with thecunt campaign. It was revealed for instance that a recent NBC/WSJ poll, which was unusually favorable to Hillary, was conducted by Hart Research Associates who received a $250,000 payment in the month of September from thecunt’s Priorities USA super-PAC. Oh, and the president of Hart Research Associates, Geoff Garin, works for the Hillary campaign.


  1. on October 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    First! And I pray every day you’re right CH! ❤

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  2. Agree with the poll skew problem, some of it is venal, some of it is clueless (using 2012/2008 turnout ratios and hoping to get accuracy).

    Let’s remember we’re still halfway into the 4th quarter. Hillarcunt can yet collapse and be carried off by a stretcher.

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    • I predicted that Trump was waiting till this third debate to cause Sick Hillary’s amygdala to overload and cause her to stroke out, live, on national TV, so close to the election it would do the most damage, and live with 80 million watching so the networks couldn’t cover it up.

      I stand by that.

      Trump master planner rape!

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      • How about at the 27 minute mark, FBI agents come onto the stage and formally arrest Hillary… now THAT would be one for the ages. lzozlzolzozlozl

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      • Not gonna happen with this KGB, ahem, FBI.

        Comey is corrupt rape!


      • She’s definitely sick but she is not going to die on live TV. I predict she has two years of life left because medical science is really advanced these days. She’s losing the election. Trump will win. No doubt.


  3. Vox’s first rule of SJWs applies to all leftists.

    Never trust a word rape!

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  4. on October 15, 2016 at 12:43 pm Captain Obvious

    If there is any truth to all of our speculation & theorizing & philosophizing about the true nature of The Hamster, then this relentless onslaught of advertising from thec*nt & her puppetmasters – painting The Donald as a completely remorseless incorrigible jerk – this relentless advertising campaign has got to be having an effect on millions of DEM-ette hamsters. At least the pre-menopausal hamsters. Dunno about the post-menopausals with the gray-haired butch-dyke crewcuts which are all the rage nowadays. But definitely the pre-menopausals.

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    • on October 15, 2016 at 12:47 pm Captain Obvious

      I know that her advertisements have definitely upped my ZFG & Agree-N-Amplify. I’m at the point now that The Donald can grope every dadgum pussy in Washington DC [as far as I’m concerned], and GDP can plunge by half, if only he will build the wall, kick the sh!tskins outta the country, repair relations with Russia, defend Chr!stianity in the Middle East, help our White Brothers in Europe kick out all of their sh!tskins, and wage a relentless scorched-earth war against the Frankfurt School.

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      • on October 15, 2016 at 12:50 pm Captain Obvious

        The erection could very well be decided by the Beta White Knight Cuckolded Eunuchs, if too many millions of them try to virtue-signal by voting for thecunt. But it would also be fascinating if their treason were offset, by, say, 20% of the google population voting for The Donald.


      • on October 15, 2016 at 5:02 pm Belle Igerent

        Re: cuckolded virtue signalling white knight eunuchs… they’ve been programmed meticulously by an entertainment complex marching in lockstep. By contrast, an assortment of red pill easter eggs were readily available in previous generations’ movies, when Irish Catholic lawyers were still battling with babylonian porn moguls for the control of goyim souls (an oxymoron, technically). The vulnerability of the British during their wars in America was summed up by an injun guide who disparaged them for being ‘dogs to their women’ (Last of the mohicans). A more sophisticated enemy has zeroed in on that lingering achilles heel.

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    • In the voting booth… In isolation with an apex alpha male… It is just going to happen Cap…


      • Pulling that lever for DJT will give them all sorts of tingles.

        It’s so naughty that they voted for him, such a badgirl thing to do, something they’ve never done before and as they pick up their PSL from Starcucks, they’ll tweet and tell their friends they voted for thecunt, which’ll only make them feel that much dirtier, leaving a trail of their jubilation down the sidewalk.

        They satisfy their naughty cravings while getting their validation from social media. How many white knights will dutifully tell her they did the same in hopes of eliciting that same type of eroticism one vote can create?

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      • Wow. Great stuff Mendo. Spot on!


  5. The problem Trump faces is the Electoral College. The Beaste has about half of the required votes locked up already.


    • on October 16, 2016 at 2:35 am Diversity Heretic

      Very good point. The national polls aren’t meaningless, but the one that matters is the electoral college count. Real Clear Politics had 260 electoral votes likely or leaning Clinton (270 needed to win), but I don’t know how subject to the errors reflected in this post those polls are. But if they’re accurate, and Georgia is truly a toss-up at this point, there had better be a lot of secret Trump supporters to pull out a Trump victory.

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    • The path has gotten very narrow. He needs to get IA, OH, FL, NC, NV, then either NH or CO for the close win. WI, MI, PA seem to have gayed out. Colorado is pretty fruity; I wouldn’t count on them. This seems to be the one path to pull it off:


      Gonna be like blowing up the death star.

      (If he loses because McMullin takes Utah, oh man…)


    • The thing about the EC though is more than half of the states (27, I think) REQUIRE their electors to vote with the popular vote, and that’s enough to win it if he absolutely landslides the popular.


  6. on October 15, 2016 at 1:23 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    On another note, I noticed Hillary’s speaking schedule for the rest of the October includes no personal engagements except for the upcoming debate.

    How is this not a story??!! If we had a real press, this would be the story. What candidate doesn’t give speeches for two weeks leading up to an election? “https://hillaryspeeches.com/scheduled-events”


    • It wasn’t a story when she went 260+ days without a press conference, so it won’t be a story since she has no personal engagements.

      Remember, the collusion of everyone involved to prop her up no matter what and only speak glowing of her and ill of Trump.

      And, a candidate who doesn’t have a platform and is hoping and the apparatus of those in her favor to make sure she wins is one that doesn’t give speeches leading up to an election.

      Then again, she will give a speech for the right price.


    • it wouldn’t even be a story if she died before she’s inaugurated and served her entire four year term as a corpse propped up in the oval office.

      the standard for whether something is “news worthy” in the mainstream media is not whether it’s truthful. it’s whether it a) serves the elite globalist agenda, and b) whether they can get away with it.

      I’m surprised that anyone here is surprised that the media isn’t about facts. of COURSE it’s not about facts. is there any reason to watch mainstream news?? it doesn’t ever change. ever. there’s no news. not today. not tomorrow. not ever. it’s ALL propaganda, ALL the time.. why is anyone still watching it? srsly.

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    • Its been like this all year. She hasnt done shit.

      Trump busts his ass. Sometimes 2 events per day, in different cities.

      thecunt doesnt do shit, lets the media and her cucks do all the work and she takes a nap.


  7. on October 15, 2016 at 1:32 pm Sean Fielding

    Thanks for this, CH. In essence, what it’s saying is that the Reverse Bradley Effect, our key argument against poll believability all along, is not just a monolith of silent support that shows up on Election Day, but a phenomenon that shifts with the news cycle.

    Note too the desperate need of our Enemy to minimize the chance Trump can capitilize on his biggest potential advantage – his winner mentality, seen best with ‘Well, I’m over here at 30% Jeb and you’re over there at 3 – soon you’ll fall off the stage.’


  8. A dude on Fox was saying this is the reason that Rasmussen shows Trump up +2. He said you don’t have to tell a person for that poll.


    • on October 15, 2016 at 2:29 pm Days of Broken Arrows

      Feel like explaining that a bit more? How do people answer these polls? Online? My own feeling is that no sane person would tell someone who calls the house and HAS THEIR ADDRESS AND PERSONAL INFO they’re voting Trump. You leave yourself open to all sort of things.

      My local paper — which is not conservative — even did a story on how many Trump signs around town are being vandalized. With Black Lives Matter, Brendan Eich, Chick-Fil-A, and Pax Dickinson all still in the public’s mind, few people are going to feel comfortable being “incorrect” on the phone with a stranger. The only people who know my political leanings this season are immediate family.


      • I wish the guy had a chance to explain it more. Besides Hannity, Fox (the “conservative,” “right-wing” network) is busily promoting the narrative that Clinton is winning by 7-9 points and Trump needs a miracle. Baghdad Bob shit. Rasmussen, the man himself, was asked about the poll from the company he used to run and he immediately deflected and said Clinton was actually winning hugely.

        The guy who brought up the +2 Rasmussen poll only got a sentence or so before they cut away.

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      • “no sane person would tell someone who calls the house and HAS THEIR ADDRESS AND PERSONAL INFOx

        exactly right. in fact, with regards to how reliable the polling into is, I’ll take it a step further. I don’t think they could find the actual Trump poll numbers even if they WANTED to. Trump supporters know who’s trying to screw them over, and they’re not taking the bait. being an open Trump supporter in certain areas puts you on the terrorist watch list, so we’re keeping to the shadows.

        the fact that *they* can’t gauge how much support Trump must be quite unsettling. how do they determine how much they have to rig the election in order to win, without making it too obvious that they stole it? what a conundrum…

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      • Polls mostly use landlines anyway. Who has a landline these days?


      • Nobody would admit that they are voting Trump on a phone. No one. People don’t even tell their spouse who they plan on voting for. Trump has this election in the bag.


  9. The dawning of the Trumpenreich shall resound with a great festival culminating in the execution of various media elites, just like Jokeocracy (@theDuck) described in his last hours before being banned from Twatter.


  10. I live in South Palm Beach county, Wasserman-shitz gets elected here, and I haven’t seen one bumper sticker nor yard sign for thecunt. I have seen these multiple times for Trump, plus groups on I-95 overpasses doing impromptu Trump rallies getting cheered. The polls are complete BS.

    Plus, a friend of mine in Peoria, IL, tells me there are over 2000 requests ahead of him for home ballots just in his town. Peoria is overwhelmingly RED, the monster vote is coming my friends…

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  11. i really hate to go off topic here but i am short on time and might not be able to post next time there is a game themed post. I dated a girl and am now planning a second date. She is 18. I am a decade older. It was an accidental meeting. The first date I thought went well except at the end I tried to kiss her and she told me not to because she was too frightened. She did look it, her eyes widened. I am not really ashamed, actually I am relieved I went through with it because it was tempting to back out. But I felt I had to let her know I wasn’t just interested in being friend. She texted me later to say she would have done it which I find a bit odd. Now I said I was planning the second date but I haven’t told her yet. But we have kept in contact via text. I am sort of wondering what to make of this because I am a bit baffled and maybe she isn’t really interested, but I am not sure. I also think it will be a bit awkward trying to kiss her again, which I feel I must do as a necessary step along the path. Any suggestions? I changed some details to protect identities.


    • ages are accurate, i changed what she said slightly. being a bit paranoid about it.


    • on October 15, 2016 at 4:28 pm Wizard of Poz

      Whatever you do, DO NOT waste another nano-second trying to figure out what she’s thinking. Dishrags be nuts, yo. Etcetera Ignore anything she “says” and plow. She’s going to go on a 2nd date with you (presumably) and you did good by going for it on the 1st (in fact you likely just ran into some last-minute-resistance and/or a little anti-slut defense. “I’m not like that!” Yea, you are. You all are…). You set a tone: she knows you have your carbide lamp in hand and are looking to go spelunking. *high-fives self* Keep pressing. Always. Make that 2nd date happen, but DO NOT give her impression you’re doing a dog & pony show to lock it down. Be nonchalant about it, if you can. Remember, SHE disappointed YOU. If/when it goes down she know’s you’ll be going for the mack-ening again and it’s doubtful she’ll resist this time. But I’d recommend leaning into first and trying to leg out a double. You might get thrown out (doubt it!), but fuck it. Be incorrigible; always pressing. They love it. Godspeed.


    • shame on you for trying to detract.

      and if you’re truly just that hapless and desperate, come back after the m’fkin election.


    • Next that bitch. Life is too short.


    • Martin!
      My brother… You are in bro. Set that date. Bitch likes you and is TELLING you… She wishes you kissed her in girl talk. Just be cool man. Set the date. Be awesome. Relax. And do what your ballz compel you to do. You got this son.

      And fuck all the faggots giving you shit here. Wtf? Fags… I got your back.

      Good stuff.. Keep at it.


      • on October 16, 2016 at 8:57 am Captain Obvious

        Martin, my only advice would be: ENJOY YOURSELF. Quit worrying. ZFG. If you take her out on a second date, and it starts to bomb, then throw down another shot of single malt highlands and walk up to the hottest chick in the pub and GRAB HER PUSSY. Life is too short to waste on worrying. Carpe the ol’ Diem, muh google.


    • She sounds like a keeper.


      • droll. She sounds like the creation of a sperg trying to imagine a date-gone-wrong scenario. But, hey, it’s a living.


    • Knock her up. Have white babies. She is the perfect age. Too many girls wait until 35 to have kids.


    • “she was too frightened.”

      Never happened — girls don’t talk like that. This post was written by either a woman, an incel omegaboi, and/or a sodomite on the payroll of Organizing Against White America. But it’s pretty tight that you make $12.25/hour posting baloney on alt-right blogs. Sweet deal.


  12. The only details are your ages. Just as long as it’s not actually “12”, and “several decades older”, there’s no way of finding out what will go down until you find out, I guess.


  13. One of the things to track is the LA Times poll. That poll was remarkably accurate in 2012. So I give it some credibility.

    But obviously the kitty grab tape did impact Trump’s numbers in the LA Times poll. However, we have almost no change in the polls that were showing strong for Clinton. Why is that?

    My theory is that the other polls are basically gamed and dialed in for Killlary. So when bad stuff happens to Don those polls show no change because they were already geared to poll those in the tank for Clinton.

    Shy Trump voter affect. I have experienced this myself. In a professional sense when I travel north or south of the border I am asked quite aggressively about who I am voting for. I voted for Trump in the primaries and I will vote for him in the general, even if he is possessed by the devil himself.

    But reporting in other countries on Trump is so skewed that you don’t dare admit you are voting for him. If you think the press for Trump is bad in the US you should try BBC sometime. So I don’t say I am voting for Trump I do the Scott Adams thing and say I’m voting for Big Johnson.

    Interestingly enough I was confronted on a date recently about this. This girl just wanted to know if I was for Trump. So eventually I admitted yes and I have donated to his campaign. She seemed surprised I admitted it and somewhat taken aback by my knowledge of insider politics. I wont be seeing this girl again but it was interesting.

    Anyway MAGA


    • “So eventually I admitted yes and I have donated to his campaign.”

      The right move here is to fash out with a ZFG smirk on your face and tell her that of course you’re voting for Trump.


    • “But reporting in other countries on Trump is so skewed that you don’t dare admit you are voting for him.” Not just the BBC, which is so rabidly anti-Trump they’ve lost even any vestige of impartiality to a quite hilarious extent. It’s shrieking in apparent terror all day, every day. Mystifying. Has UK been upgraded from Airstrip One to a fullblown state of the Union now?
      I recently saw a France24 studio round table where all the (marginally recognisable) talking heads were practically basting themselves in their smug oily consensus that DJT was literally Hitler. And Beelzebub. But not to be taken at all seriously, somehow, which confused me, for one.


      • It is the same here in Quebec, tv news always has some bad things to say about Trump, they never – ever – mention anything bad about Hillary.

        It is not news it is campaigning for Hillary.

        It is mind boggling that this passes for news.

        Unfortunately most people believe it if they see it on the news…


  14. How do I access your new blog?


  15. Got this emailed link to the people asking about Trump’s final debate. This is the way to let them know where you stand. Hopefully it’ll work for anyone.



  16. Ah yes the noise they make when the sense we can smell their fear.

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  17. on October 15, 2016 at 5:54 pm The Other Jim

    Agree, that it is turning out to be men, more than women wilting under pressure when confronted with the need to support Trump. Most of the Republican Cuckservative Establishment types are clearly in this category constantly whinging and bitching about how horrible it is to vote for Trump even though the rest of us having to vote for cultist Mormon scum like Romney in 2012 was far, far, far more difficult for the rest of us. Either that drama queen bitching about voting for Trump or how things would not be so bad if Hitlery actually wins, because they(the Cuckservatives) will be able to win the election in 2020 because everyone will see how right they’ve been all along…

    Seriously, these cuckservatives actually believe this crap despite Hitlery and the Socialist Demoncrats threatening to destroy the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and pretty much every Amendment that doesn’t suit them along with importing millions of 3rd World Barbarians, especially Muslim Barbarians who will rape their way across America as they’ve been doing across Europe. That is before one gets to Hitlery and the Socialist Demoncrats financially raping America with trillions of debt or letting the NeoCons start a war against Russia because Putin has led it to being more and more independent and Russian Orthodox Christian instead of worshiping the vile Hebrews like America and the West does.

    Trump for the win to save America and the world!!!

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    • Why do you keep paying Hillary a compliment?

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      • I do not think he gets it
        In his simple mind call that ugly corrupt bitch Hitler is the ultimate insult
        He grew up watching Seinfeld and The Soup Nazi

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      • on October 16, 2016 at 2:47 am Belle Igerent

        of course, there is always some flexibility with words/phrases in this age of counter rhetoric. one might suggest that a scenario ‘worse than the gas chambers during ww2’ will emerge if HiLeninery gets the vote. And it’s fair to say that a few coats being fumigated indeed does seem more favourable than the flushing of the constitution.


      • What gas chambers?

        The normal connotation of that term is for inserting people, presumably for capital punishment over heinous crimes committed…

        … not for delousing some ol’ clo’s so the rest of the camp doesn’t get typhoid..


      • on October 16, 2016 at 3:19 pm Belle Igerent

        in the landmark trial (which might as well be land in the arctic circle, for the amount of attention it was “””afforded”””) of that guy in Canada, the prosecution pulled out what they thought was a smoking chimney piece of ofevidence-a letter referring to gas chambers. Irving David, star expert, was able to dismiss the letter as janitorial’


    • Hilary and Hitler are nothing alike.


  18. Think Brexit.

    And this is no ordinary election.

    Fuck the polls.

    Trump 2016.


  19. Think Brexit.

    And this is no ordinary election.

    Fuck the polls.

    Trump 2016.

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  20. According to this Breitbart poll, its conducted by automated calling and internet surveys to a cell phone.


    This one says thecunt is up 5 in Colorado.


  21. Watching on from over here… It seems one of the many things the corrupt MSM has failed to report is just how much CONTEMPT those Republican politicans are showing for their constituents by withdrawing their support for Trump.

    Trump won the Republican primaries by miles. It wasn’t even close. Republican voters want Trump, but this is a fact completey lost on some of the unrepresenative pricks who call themselves Republicans.

    Regardless of the outcome of this election, none of them should have careers as Republicans after this.


    • Once Trump wins his fellow shitlords can get to work on unseating these traitorous cucks in their primaries.

      I understand the need to punish them, but handing the Senate to the shitlibs isn’t the answer.


  22. Another thing: We all know where Google’s allegiances lie.. but has anyone noticed googling Donald Trump immediately brings up the most left of left-wing sources?

    Over here it’s ALWAYS the Sydney Morning Herald (the most left-wing paper in the country) and the New York Times.

    You have to go hunting before you get something not resembling a hit piece.


  23. Trump Campaign has largest pool of individual donors in Republican history.


    The people vs the globalist elite.


  24. chateau heartened


  25. meanwhile in Germany: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2016/10/14/world/africa/ap-af-nigeria-first-lady.html?_r=0

    “Nigeria’s President Says Wife ‘Belongs to My Kitchen’

    “Nigeria’s first lady has openly questioned her husband’s work and said she may not support him if he runs again — comments that President Muhammadu Buhari laughed off, saying, “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

    His comments to reporters in Germany prompted German Chancellor Angela Merkel, standing at his side, to give him a short glare and then laugh.”

    Even the Chancellor from hell likes a jerkboy it seems


    • WTF is the Niggerian prez doing in Germany, flapping his rubber lips?

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • Niggerian prez is sending his overpopulated shithole people to the heart of Europe. He provides the ‘refugees’ and Merkel provides the Jagdwurst to Africa. win win.


  26. on October 16, 2016 at 5:31 am Jim Christian

    Polls are Horse/S if they’re bought ahead of time. They aren’t dependable because there are no more land lines and reliable phone books. Peter Hart when he was a young man told me that a pollsters can sell a poll on the truth (campaigns buy those) or a client (a newspaper or other outlet, usually) can buy a poll built to a desired result. The poll based on the truth is built on actual cross sections, accurate ones based on census/demographic/gender/area. Clients buying a poll for a desired result are easy, if they want a liberal result, the poll is conducted in liberal areas and the reverse for a conservative result.

    Those who are not being polled are pissed off Sanders voters and what cannot be polled are the fed-up husbands and boyfriends of White, Feminist, Liberal Democrat women. These women are the true ball-busters of American Society today. These two groups are un-pollable, which isn’t a word, but I’ll use it anyway. Sanders’ kids can’t admit to sitting home or voting Trump just to stick it to Hillary. But I figure that might be 1/2 of Sander’s boys. Women are morons, so I figure 3/4 of Sander’s girls will vote Vagina. I have no empirical evidence, just the ravings of other pollsters in articles and such.

    Back to the husbands and boyfriends of White, Feminist, Liberal Democrat women, the Queens of the societal ball-busters. If you’re those guys, is voting Trump not a way to get one of your balls back? You have to keep your trap shut, listen to your ball-buster carp about “awful men” week in and week out for a year now. Then, come election day, a little unsung revenge finally arrives. He slide into the booth, checks for Trump, comes out and smiles sweetly at the Old Lady and says, “Go Hillary!”. Imagine his joy at watching the little lady come uncorked at her state and maybe, the Country, going Trump! Ha!

    And he can hold her close, bang her and say, “Aww, gee honey THAT’S too bad!”. I have a vivid imagination and high hopes.

    Gentlemen, good luck, Gentlemen!

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  27. The pres campaign reveal Hilary’s final, desperate tactic: to appeal to the same brand of emotion-driven appearanceoversubstance voter who put NoBordersBarack in power.

    These smug, moronic middle-class feminists and their mangina husbands are a formidable force. To neutralize? Keep hammering, provide a strong alternative to the men seeking freedom from their harridan wives, keep revealing how immigration and rapefugees are going to make the lives of these careergirlz a living hell.

    Post the photo of their Icon: the Dunham Horror and tell them this is their champion.

    If Hilary succeeds, the gender war of the past twenty years will look like sandbox play as far as I am concerned.


  28. on October 16, 2016 at 8:10 am Experienced Father


    See the related Audacious Epigone post here —

    Reuters-Ipsos polling suggests black and Hispanic (but not white) turnout will be down from 2012

    The turnout rate, by race, among eligible voters in 2012:

    White — 64%
    Black — 67%
    Hispanic — 48%

    The percentages of registered voters who self-identify as “likely general election voters” in November in Reuters-Ipsos’ daily tracking poll (running from 9/15 through 10/15), by race:

    White — 77%
    Black — 65%
    Hispanic — 37%

    Comparing turnout among eligible voters and among registered voters isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. The pool of eligible voters is larger than the pool of registered voters, as all citizens aged 18 or older are eligible voters (excluding incarcerated felons) but not all eligible voters are registered to vote.

    Consequently, we should expect the 2016 percentages to be higher across the board than the 2012 percentages are. While that is the case for whites, it’s not so for blacks or Hispanics.

    Whites appear to be fired up about heading to the polls next month. Non-whites, not so much.

    The first rule of negative campaigning is that it reduces voter participation to only the most committed.

    White male voters are overwhelmingly Tump voters.

    White males are fired up to vote disproportionately compared to NAM voters.

    And they are lying to pollsters about it.


  29. on October 16, 2016 at 8:11 am Wizard of Poz

    Dude originally posted vid via twitter…which subsequently…((somehow)))…had the audio scrubbed from it. Shitlording at its finest: https://twitter.com/james_brower9/status/787653598050185216


  30. on October 16, 2016 at 8:21 am Divine Son of Kek

    Donald’s base is energized and see through the demoralization campaign being waged by the media with doctored polling.

    Bernie supporters are assmad enough to stay home.

    Blacks can’t be bothered to give a shit about a post-Obama election.

    Barring electoral fraud, libs will be baffled by the final results and it will be hilarious.


    • “Barring electoral fraud…”



    • on October 16, 2016 at 9:17 am Experienced Father

      Divine Son of Kek said

      >Donald’s base is energized and see through the demoralization campaign being waged by the media with doctored polling.

      Good observation and COTW worthy.

      See that both Politico and Ann Althouse agree with your observation, via Instapundit —

      POLITICO: “Donald Trump has lost little support since the first presidential debate, despite days of damaging news stories about his treatment of women, according to a new poll.”

      Ann Althouse: “That’s Politico, putting in rather bland terms something that ought to be powerfully alarming to those who cannot abide even the risk that Trump could win the presidency. Why isn’t he losing by a lot more? What explains his pesky resiliency?”

      Why isn’t Hillary ahead by 50 points? Quoth Althouse: “She must be truly loathed. I know she wants to win, but imagine winning like that, knowing you are not wanted.”


      • “imagine winning like that, knowing you are not wanted.”

        understatement of the year. what happens when a candidate “wins” the top seat of the most powerful country on earth, who is almost universally despised and feared by every sensible person on earth, minus the media and their globalist siblings? how long could THAT possibly last?


      • “knowing you are not wanted”…

        William Jefferson Clinton’s Position Rape!


  31. Tangentially related.

    Went out last night with a “Make America Great Again” hat. Flaunted it like a badass. Talked to every person I saw.

    Babes loved me. Even some dykes.

    Beta bartender kicked me out cuz i was causing too much of a stir… even though everyone loved me. I did ask an african chick if she was going to give me AIDS so there’s that. I also asked her if she was from Congo or Sahara.



    • on October 16, 2016 at 9:06 am Captain Obvious

      The google-ette went home and got out her white vibrator and diddled herself to sleep thinking of you. MAGA.


  32. i seem to remember an episode of the 60’s batman tv show where bruce wayne/batman was running for office (mayor?), and the polls had him behind, but he won the election.

    the lesson was – don’t trust the polls.

    holy ludicrous flashback rape!


    • In the real world, Ronaldus Magnus was never supposed to win the governorship of CA. And he was never supposed to,win the WH. How’d that work out?


  33. Washington is doing even more saber-rattling than Russia. I thought Dems would have the sense to back down since they rode into office in 08 on the hope-n-change short bus, after 8yrs of war under the previous neocohen bush dynasty. instead they’re going the full-tilt, burn-it-all-down suicide mission route.

    the election is going to come down to whether pearl-clutching Americans fear the end of the world more than they fear pussy grabbing. a real nail biter here.

    a childlike-view-of-the-world-friendly article on why Trump is the peace candidate. feel free to send to your un-woke friends and relatives. probably won’t help, but at least you can say “I told you so” during your last text before the atomic blast radius cuts off your mobile service:

    “In November, Americans will roll to the polls on their motorized scooters to elect the next Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. Hillary Clinton has a track record of following neoconservative foreign policy imperatives that favor “exporting” democracy and disrupting the enemies of Israel, such as Baathist (Arab nationalist) Iraq and Syria. Or as Republicans put it, “muh benghazi.” The Alt-Right cleverly notes that combined with America’s post-1965 immigration laws, this is a policy of “Invade the World, Invite the World.” If not for the dual policies of bombing Muslims and importing Muslims, the United States would be a radically different society. Instead of a bomb-sniffing watchdog state, we might have a night watchman state (like we used to). As late as 2000, some airline pilots would let you into the cockpit, especially if you had a small child with you who wanted to see it. Now even lingering at the front of the plane for to long means you’re a terrorist….”



  34. on October 16, 2016 at 10:53 am Experienced Father

    Ohio goes MAGA.

    SR1267, Two Ohio Polls Show Donald Trump Way Ahead of Crooked Clinton


  35. The problem with that analysis is that the polls generally aren’t showing Trump’s support dropping, but Clinton’s support gaining as undecideds and 3rd party voters now say they’ll vote for her. Trump’s problem is that he has never been able to expand his support beyond his initial primary support + a group who will vote for the GOP candidate whoever he is. Basically no-one outside those two groups is going to vote for Trump. Perhaps it is time to end the political fanfic and admit that Clinton is going to win the election.


    • Actually, the problem is the polls are not being accurately taken to show what the broadbase of people across America are actually going to do…

      … and then there’s that “not going to admit it out loud factor” that skew the polls as well.

      Let’s see how it all shakes out before making unfounded statements about “political fanfic”, boy.

      I think we’re all going to be surprised… some of us pleasantly.


    • The definition of good will is that, no matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, you have to at least admit that pay-for-play is far more egregious than talking about grabbing pussy.

      If you can’t even do that, then don’t speak of intelligence or integrity, because you have neither… and you are an enemy of the people, let alone God, indeed.

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    • on October 16, 2016 at 2:32 pm Captain Obvious


    • It’s pretty obvious the fix is in for her to win, regardless of actual legal votes cast. But most polls are showing Trump coming up far short here. It may not really matter, as simply his successful run, against opposition from all the entrenched establishment on both sides of the aisle, will impact what policies Klinton can actually proceed with.
      I wonder how many CH followers have canvassed their friends and family to see how they lean? Unless you are surrounded by alt-right red pillers, or perhaps are in the active duty military, I bet you can’t get 40 per cent for Trump. Not one of my relatives can stand Trump, 90 per cent of my friends and acquaintances are similarly cowed by the MSM barrage against him. Simply put, most people are sheep, and will go with the herd on this. I doubt Trump takes more than 48 per cent of the popular vote, and forget about the electoral votes – landslide. Where does that leave the rest of us, that’s the question.


      • on October 17, 2016 at 9:07 am Captain Obvious

        Your “relatives… friends and acquaintances” are your MORTAL ENEMIES. Ultimatum their sorry asses, ditch all who refuse to swallow the Red Pill, and find yourself some real “relatives… friends and acquaintances”.


  36. Benghazi, Clinton Foundation Corruption, Gun Control, Assassinations, Suicide Murders, Rape Victim Intimidation, Lies, Sickness, and the MSM attack Trump because he said some things that were Anti-women (read: true). The stakes could not be higher but the solution could not be more obvious or simple.

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    • This underlines why, if anyone has those 33K emails, they need to drop now, not two days before the election. The corrupt MSM can easily bury them for two days. They either need time to get out by word of mouth, or Trump needs to bring them up in the debate where they can’t be buried.

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      • I actually trust Assange on knowing the media cycle better than most of us.

        He knows the media is pro-Hilary and virulently anti-Trump (whom Assange likely views as a less-than-perfect but much better than Hillary candidate). So I would trust that Assange’s release of information is calculated to break through the media’s defensive barrier in the best way possible, if possible at all.

        The drip-drip-drip is a classic tactic to build momentum for such stories and break the walls down. Andrew Breitbart, before he died, was a master at using this strategy to crack Leftist talking points/narratives wide open and exposing them as lies. Similarly, this is how the Left brought down the Nixon powerhouse via Watergate: a stead flow of more and more suspicious information that took off on it’s own and made Watergate drown him, despite the Watergate “scandal” itself being infinitely smaller in reality than Witch Hillary’s crimes. .

        That said, Assange wouldn’t lead with the biggest bombshell until the last possible moment of effectiveness. He’s leaving breadcrumbs that grow larger and larger with each leak, to generate momentum. So expect that the last few leaks will not only be larger, but the snowball of momentum from the others will (hopefully) create the avanlanche effect Assange (and we) want to bury the Witch and Make America Great Again.

        Enemy of my enemy rape!

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      • I hope you’re right. I suppose he’s spent plenty of time pondering this, given what the alternative outcomes mean for his life expectancy.

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      • So far nothing seems to rocking the house… yeah, WE know about the stuff, but the average Joe on the street still has no idea.

        Hell, most folks haven’t even heard of the Yoko tryst, which under ordinary circumstances would be the talk of the town.

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      • “but the average Joe on the street still has no idea.”

        Thats what drives me crazy. Its a hard life being red pilled in a universe of mindless blue pilled masses.

        Most of the ones that are intelligent enough to understand the truth will never go out of their way to find it. And a simple click on Faux news, CNN or Faceberg and they swallow it as truth and go about their day.

        Getting the Donald in the presidency is a YUGE and needed win. The long game has to include a dismantling of the media monopoly.

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  37. Another example of the right wing violence that TC primly lectured us about at the debate.


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  38. From weev’s twitter:

    HAHAHAHAHA! wow.

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  39. OT: So Dark Lords:

    What was RooshV’s interview with Newsweek like, from your perspective, being there?


    I’m 90% sure at least one of the Dark Lords of this blog were there, given that it was DC interview at bars and the reporter mentions at least one of RooshV’s friends were in the “blog scene.”

    Did you record it as well? Get the reporter’s background? Did the reporter try to find out who you were?

    Recon on the enemy rape!


  40. Once in a while, I read questions from people on here (often trolling) as to, “Why is this game site turned all political and shit, man?” Well, because game is about getting women. In order to get women, you need to understand women. And, isn’t it more important to get the RIGHT type of woman instead of some 1,000-cock stare, mudsharking, STD-carrying skank? For example, here is a great photo showing why game is impossibly weaved into the political spectrum, and the great POZ that is befalling the culture. Here are the whores from a stupid show that I never did, and never will, watch….Orange is the New Black (about women in prison, which is where these skanks belong):

    Are these the types of women you want to game just to stick your dick in? Are you really THAT desperate that you have to game these types of bitches? Game should be used to overachieve, not scrape the bottom of the barrel.

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    • Let the cuckservatives chase these types of ‘women’ down, and place them on a false pedestals.

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    • A show about prison where only 10% of the inmates are ni66ers?

      Is this about an Icelandic prison?

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    • Now, now, gentlemen… reverence, if you please.


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    • They misspelled “Cunts”.

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      • Ironically, that would have been truer and wittier for both sides.

        Leftists aren’t creative rape!


      • By and large (hehe), it is frumpy women (old, fat, unattractive) who are most virulent Trump haters. So, for most, shirts with “Frumps against Trump” would be very accurate.

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      • I see a couple of these wall victims pass my house on occasion, with my big Trump sign front and center, who do not say “Hello” and refuse eye contact. As they pass, I say “Trump!” (because, basically, fuck them!). The younger women who walk by are friendly, and engage in conversation, or at least say “hello”. Because, well, the younger girls know that we want to, and will, grab their pussies.

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      • Johnny, this is what I meant when I said it’s not Trump’s pussygrabbing that revolts women but his selectivity of which pussies are worth grabbing.

        women tremble in the presence of an alpha, because he defines the standards which allll other men then adopt. if Trump is prez and all the men across the land see that smokin hot wife of his that’s totally in love with him, some crazy shits gonna happen…can you IMAGINE the shock waves that will send??

        many men will flock to game sites like this one, trying to unlock the secrets. others will seethe will envy over a lifestyle that’s unimaginably far out of reach.

        the women? a very dark, awkward time for many, as they come terms with their ACTUAL SMV, and break from their falsely their over-over-OVER-inflated, media/antidepressant/birth control-enabled SMV. the high SMV girls will be validated and hopefully begin to make better choices than being porn whores and careerist gogrrls.

        Trump bringing standards back to this country particularly to the sexual market is the scariest possible thing that could happen to feminism. the. scariest. possible. thing. it’s gonna be so fkn funny.

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      • low SMV girls will realize, hopefully, that the beta herb they just dismissed for being too boring was actually a bit out her league. they may wake up to the reality that the alpha provider she’s holding out for is never going to show up, and they need to lock that nice guy down while their hb5 smv value is at its peak.

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      • “wake up to the reality that the alpha provider she’s holding out for is never going to show up”
        Can’t see that happening unless we put the toothpaste back in the tube by (1) disinventing all contraception (2) abolishing electricity in its entirety, apart from lightning from Zeus or Thor, those guys.

        There are no apparent consequences, in the female mind, and therefore they can’t end up in the canal or the whorehouse, once they’ve “given themselves/been taken advantage of” by their alpha target and dumped. They are perpetually assured of their snowflake destiny as Prince Charming’s, Mr Darcy’s, or at least Mr Rochester’s lady wife by all forms of mass communication. How could this not be true?, they wail. In fact you’d probably have to ban those confounded novels and magazines that worried the Victorians so much.


      • “They are perpetually assured of their snowflake destiny as Prince Charming’s, Mr Darcy’s, or at least Mr Rochester’s lady wife by all forms of mass communication.”

        Tam, you’re absolutely right. visiting my grandma in a nursing home, I actually overheard 80 yo women talking about guys they like at the facility. “this one’s too boring”. “that one’s interesting but his nose drips all the time.” “that one gets jealous too easily”. no f’n joke! that hypergamy never dies. still waiting for Mr. Right, even when they’re in hospice.

        I haven’t listened in on any guys there, but knowing myself I’m sure they’re, like, T&A all the way to the grave.


    • Because they matter so much! Losers.


    • They call themselves “vaginas”? Isn’t that kinda sexist?


    • By Jove, that’s one for the wankbank, Johnny! Lunch Ladies of the Future.
      Well, eight dinnerladies, one TSA rubberglove cavity search operative and an unexplained overdose, aged 38.


  41. “I’m busting out the happy Snoopy dance gif.”

    Does Snoopy dance on top of Birthday Cat?


  42. More proof the Hellary & Co hates us: campaign chair Podesta laments that the San Bernardino shooter wasn’t white:



    • And that was also the crux of the Benghazi affair — Hillary and the Obama administration blaming the violence by those who practise the Religion of Peace(tm) on some obscure film made by an Egyptian Christian. Their first reaction is to blame whites (or Christianity in this specific case) to deflect blame from their pets that they pander for votes.

      Cuck Romney could have pointed this out in the debate where he was tag teamed by the Kenyan and the CNN moderator, but he kept arguing on their terms and got his ass kicked.


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  44. on October 17, 2016 at 5:00 am Mean Mr. Mustard

    Off topic but worth watching…

    An Australian woman (Bettina Arndt) tells the truth about the Mainstream media’s lies regarding domestic violence.


  45. on October 17, 2016 at 7:39 am Enfant Terrible

    One thing has become certain, if Hillary Clinton wins, legally or illegally, the US as a free nation is done. The (((elite))) and their minions will have full control over the state institutions, and also of the media, and they will be able to do anything they want. Anything!!!


    • We’ll see about that.


      • on October 17, 2016 at 8:58 am Enfant Terrible

        The key issue is who controls the military and the police.

        Who will they side with in a Hillary Clinton administration?

        If the (((elite))) win, they are not going to be accommodating to those that challenged their hold on power.


    • the only thing guaranteed at this point is a struggle for power. the country is split nearly 50/50. the public is too informed and too well-armed. government insiders are as equally divided as the public. there are too many fires to put out, with new ones popping up every minute. the mostly likely outcome is that the center doesn’t hold, and we become the divided states of America.


    • If we Trumpians put relentless pressure on the cucks and prevent the amnesty of the 40 million, and block Hillary’s Pan-American Union scheme, we could kick the can down the road until 2020. There would be *only* 10 to 15 million new foreign interlopers in such a case. Honestly I can’t really conceive of the country holding together another four years (and staving off war with Russia), but there is a lot of ruin in a nation.

      The Republicans would run either a cuck like Pence or Ryan, in which case who gives a shit the country is totally done, or a populist like Kobach or Cruz which could be interesting. There is a huge slice of faggots in this country who from the beginning refused to take Trump seriously because he was a TV star, but they might come around for a “legitimate” politician.

      Even with an amnesty for the 40 million, I could conceive of a winning scenario if White people just snapped the fuck out of it. Here’s my science fiction map for 2020 assuming an amnesty of the 40 million and (most) White people finally waking the fuck up because everything has gone literally to hell.


      Cruz might be able to take Texas post-amnesty which would make it more plausible.


      • honestly, i think we’re in strongman territory now. the polite politics are over. maybe Trump holds it together by motivating and empowering numerous strongman cells across the country. he’s going to have to be absolutely ferocious about it. the way the globalists are escalating, he’ll have to have his finger on the martial law button and maybe even the nuke button 24/7 saying “don’t make me do it”. these people won’t back don’t down unless they know the ultimatum is real.

        if he can’t hold it together, slow death by dismemberment. really awful stuff, like, “would you rather lose everything you own or spend five years in prison for refusing to pay 80% of your income to taxes?” hobson’s choice kinda shit.


      • The stakes are too high, the wastage too obscene, for the rituals of American democracy to persist much longer. 320,000,000 people are in for a crash of hardly imaginable scope.


      • If Trump does not win I’d like to see Donald junior, Ivanka or Scott Eastwood going up.
        I drove all around Pennsylvania and Upstate NY this weekend and saw I’d say 1 000 signs for Trump and about 2 for Hillary Clinton. No exaggeration


      • I’ve seen zero Clinton signs — but it isn’t the same phenomenon.

        [CH: right. thecunt supporters know in their hearts they’re backing a vile corrupt witch.]


  46. DT will run ahead of the latest polling. But not far enough s to win.
    The only hopeful sign is that the LATimes/USC tracking poll, which was one of the most accurate last time, has DT ahead. But it is also very “lagging”. It seems to show DT coming back up after *something*, but its methodology is so weird that it cannot be clear what that “something” is, or how much damage has been done by recent bouts of apparent insanity. But that is a slender thread.


    • Just looked at it.


      It has added vertical lines to indicate those points in time when the debates and Pussygate occurred.

      Funny thing is, women actually moved away from Hillary (and to Trump, but to a lesser extent) after Pussygate came out, but this was counteracted by a much larger shying away from Trump among men.


      • on October 17, 2016 at 12:31 pm Experienced Father

        >>but this was counteracted by a much larger shying away from Trump among men.

        I don’t believe that for a minute.


      • I don’t believe that for a minute.

        I don’t believe it either — at least as far as “men” go. Paul Ryan-type cucks, gammas, and white-knights, OTOH…

        Or, alternatively, men are taking a “shoot, shovel, and shut up” attitude toward voting for Trump as the SJWs around them become more and more unhinged.


      • Based on my personal anectdotal evidence of likely voters in a swing state, I highly doubt that Trump is losing support among men.

        To the extent that they have been willing to disclose their preference, men have been strong Trump voters by a 2-1 majority in my sample set (N = approx 100). Women have been much more likely to not want to answer the question or to answer along the lines of “I don’t like either of them.”

        Fingers crossed that in the secrecy of the polling booth, women are going to go with the man who will grab them by the pussy (rather than the frumpy senile dyke who will grab them by the pussy).


  47. Jews, who are allegedly only 2% of the population, constitute 40% of the House of Representatives and 80% of the sponsors of this gun ban bill: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/4269/text.



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  48. Hmmmm. (((Garin))). (((Garin))). (((Garin))). There is something about that name.


    • This was my idea 17 months ago. We need someone with the funds to create a true conservative news option like Cux News is supposed to be (but is not).


      • who would advertise on it?


      • What about that AON channel?


      • @sentient

        Any corporate whore of a brand. Breitbart is killing it with eyeballs right now. The country is hungry for a right, true conservative network. Advertisers arent the problem.

        IMO its the (((skype))). The media-political control is so deep- and thats exactly why there are no true conservative outlets anymore through traditional cable, satellite and network TV.

        Thats the bigger problem. Im just speculating but I bet there are insane barriers to entry into the MSM news market. Not financial, but political.

        Its been setup that way to maintain control.

        My fear is that although cable/TV networks are shifting to tech/streaming, youve got the same (((skype))) problem there as well.

        Zuckersperg for example.


    • Faux News is controlled opposition. A few of the pundits (Hamnity for ex) are OK, but Hannity was a neocohen also.

      We need a breitbart style large media network to pull honest reporting back into journalism- and move the window far, far to the right.


  49. on October 17, 2016 at 3:59 pm Experienced Father

    O’Keefe just blew the cover of the Democratic dirty tricks teams



    • on October 17, 2016 at 4:50 pm Captain Obvious

      Convicted Felon (((Robert Creamer))) and his wife, CongressSkypeette (((Janice Danoff “Jan Schakowsky” Creamer))).


    • @Experienced Father: That was a good video, and disturbing. We here all know that these are staged events at rallies, and that the rent-a-mob is shuffled around at various events within a certain radius of major cities. What was surprising to me was the ease at which these DNC operatives had in calling the head of the local AFL-CIO in any major city and locating one or more union members who are “hell yeah” ready to do some work for TheCunt and the DNC. I have heard many stories over the last year of White (mostly middle-aged) union members being all about “F*ck Trump!”. Literally pieces of shit trying to save bread crumbs while the loaf is being stolen by the rats.


  50. Women Invite, Men Guard/Invade, Facebook Edition:

    Just did a quick statistical analysis on the number of mutual friends I have for each of my Facebook acquaintances, by sex:

    0-4: 53 F, 33 M
    (IOW, I have 0-4 mutual friends with 53 of my female acquaintances and 33 of my male acquaintances.)
    5-9: 38 F, 36 M
    10-14: 22 F, 21 M
    15-19: 11 F, 9 M
    20-24: 2 F, 7 M
    25-29: 3 F, 0 M
    30-34: 1 F, 5 M
    35-39: 0 F, 2 M
    40+: 0 F, 2 M

    The take-away from this:

    Women are far more tolerant of becoming Facebook friends with a man with whom they share few to no mutual friends with than men are.

    Men have more of a bias toward men they share many acquaintances with — IOW, men who are part of their “tribe”. (NB: Most of the 33 men who have 0-4 mutual friends with me are old friends I’ve known for years, in most cases whom I haven’t seen in a long time.)

    Another indication of women invite / men guard/invade is that there are many males I am NOT friends with but with whom I have a fairly high number (10+ or even 20+) of mutual friends. (I say “males” because the ones I have met are mostly hipsters or other progs, including a few fags.) There are many fewer women in that position, and it’s generally because I’ve never met them.

    I’m curious as to whether or not anybody else has noticed this.

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    • on October 17, 2016 at 4:56 pm Captain Obvious

      (((Robert Creamer))) and its wife, CongressSkypeette (((Janice Danoff “Jan Schakowsky” Creamer)))


      • on October 17, 2016 at 5:14 pm Captain Obvious

        “He pleaded guilty to defrauding banks out of 2.3 million dollars in a check-skype-ing scheme along with violations of federal tax laws.”


  51. Sorry if this has been mentioned, I don’t have time to read the 192 comments above.

    Amy Schumer asked security to escort out people who booed her for saying bad things about Trump at one of her shows.

    Yes she had Trump supporters kicked out. Apparently 200 walked out.

    She behaved like a dictator yet is worried about Trump.

    She has zero tolerance for people who don’t think like her, yet is worried about Trump.

    Leftism is a mental disorder.


    • on October 17, 2016 at 5:23 pm Captain Obvious

      (((Amy Schumer)))

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      • on October 17, 2016 at 5:28 pm Captain Obvious

        CF, the story up above here is about how convicted felon (((Robert Creamer))) was organizing the thugs at the Trump rallies. This is the ONLY kind of behavior that we have ever seen out of (((the Skypes))), for as long as we have a recorded history of (((their race))). Deceit laid upon lies papering over thuggery ending in murd3r. It’s what [email protected]@n created (((them))) to be.



    • I have heard liberals say ‘Bill has nothing to do with Hillary ‘ 3 different people in 3 different stated

      [CH: simple reply to that evasive shitlib maneuver: “hillary smeared and intimidated bill’s victims into silence. she is a rape enabler. you support a rape enabler for prez.” shitlibs can’t answer that without sounding stupid or egregiously hypocritical.]


  52. The Jew will never stop until it is stopped. The Jew physically and mentally lacks the ability to perceive how others perceive it–or the Jew doesn’t care.


    Why would these idiots go to see (((Fat Schumer))) in the first place? So many remain un-woke.


    • lolzozoz this Jew literally has to censor people at her own show.

      What a fat loser pig. Amy, slice lengthwise.


    • Problem is the kikes have embedded themselves with some hardcore Christian types. Judeo-Christianity and support for Israel


  53. http://www.breitbart.com/wikileaks/2016/10/17/rigged-media-politicos-chief-political-correspondent-glenn-thrush-identifies-himself-as-hack-for-podesta/

    “Rigged: Politico Let Clinton Team Edit Story

    Reporter: ‘Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this’

    ‘Tell me if I f*cked up anything’

    Bows Down to Podesta: ‘I have become a hack’”

    Makes you wonder if they release these things to Trump ahead of time, so he can make outlandish sounding claims (e.g. media is in bed with Clinton campaign) that soon prove 100% correct.


  54. Damn I love Trump. Lolz!


  55. This study may have been valid at a time when media was not yet under total control of the 1%.

    Those were the days, my friend.


  56. If you could vote for freedom the only non-free people would be niggers, but lets be serious and remember our own History. If mad King George III wouldn’t listen to the Founding Fathers, do you really believe these delusional globalists will be reasonable and do an honest counting? The motto of these fools is “Through Any Means Necessary”. Its not even catchy or cute. Its the mantra of schoolyard bullies and people who spend their lives filling cells at the State Penitentiary. They might eat those words, or bullets, but reason is lost on them.


  57. on October 18, 2016 at 6:02 am Experienced Father


    The issue with the O’Keefe video is that there is no way that both the Secret Service and local cops in all the cities there have been political violence didn’t know these paid Democratoic Party Domestic Terrorists were there and doing the violence.

    The level of data mining available to the NSA screening for the Secret Service “Presidential security bubble” is such that these people would have been glowing based on their travel patterns…yet none of them have been screened by the Secret Service or local cops.

    The people O’Keefe identified should have been placed on the “Terrorist No-fly List” by the Secret Service very publicly hours after the O’Keefe video surfaced.

    They haven’t…

    …which means Trump had better up his paid for personal security by an order of magnitide because the Secret Service has been “Weaponized” as a Democratic Party secret police by Obama.

    If/when Donald is assasinated by a “Crazed individual,” O’Keeke has given Trump’s would be avengers a list to start a “private justice” campaign with.