Spot The Cockblock

Tough… tough… Hmm. I’m not usually challenged like this. After some serious reflection I’m going to go with the girl in the pink dress. Look at her oversized earrings and bright red lipstick. That’s a big clue she doesn’t like being ignored and will make it hard for you to hook up with her prettier friends.


  1. except black dress is a fatty; which means pink doesnt have to worry about not getting approached and (while she may have to inkling to cb, itll never get that far)

    going with black.


  2. I hope you’re being sarcastic Rois, ugly lady in black is clearly the cockblock, although pink’s combo of exhibitionism and prudishness certainly has cockblocking potential.


  3. Are the scantily-clad girls Redskins cheerleaders? If so, they are posing in some kind of professional / PR capacity. Will probably be nice and friendly, as that is their job.

    The Pinkie looks like diamonds come of of her Poopenschaft. I call Pinkie as cockblocker early in the evening, and fattie later on as she gets more and more resentful of being the group ugg.


  4. Humor is so easily missed here…


  5. on November 20, 2009 at 9:20 am msexceptiontotherule

    Are we *really* saying that the scantily clad girls are the more attractive members of the photographed group? The lady in the pink dress seems to really only need to wear less and let her hair down to blow the rest out of the water in looks.


  6. I say the cheerleaders are the cockblock….many men would be intimidated by their extremely good looks and friendliness.


  7. Any one of them could start up, especially if it’s been decided that it’s a girls night out. The two with barely any clothes on will be most likely affecting an air of studious annoyance for getting the attention that generates, like a girl can’t walk practically naked into a bar and just have a quiet drink (when not on the dance floor doing what amounts to a lesbian floor show with her similarly dressed friend)….but I think 9/10 times they’d enjoy the attention and give you 5mins of their time/let you buy them a drink before ushering you along.

    The Pink Princess looks like she could kick off too but in that pretending-you’re-not-even-there way. Total shutdown, elevator stare and pantomine conversation with her friends as if you’re invisible. Her phone will suddenly become required reading or some guy only vaguely in her social circle will walk by to be grabbed and get the biggest hello he’s ever got from her – and be ignored again come Monday morning in the office. This also demos how ‘popular’ she is to her sisters.

    Depending on the situation black dress could be the worst or the most welcoming. Wouldn’t like to call it, like I said any one of them could go off.


  8. Ha ha ha


  9. msexceptiontotherule,

    to blow the rest out of the water, she’ll also need bigger personal inflatable flotation devices.


  10. Whereas the fatty could blow the rest out of the water merely by jumping in.


  11. I didn’t read Roissy’s comment before I decided it was the lady in pink. To me she’s the purtiest, but has the most rigid body posture which makes me think she’s uptight and therefore more likely to C.B.


  12. What’s up with all the dudes in drag next to the woman in the pink dress?

    Why is that blonde man’s woman’s head so small?

    Why is that black man’s woman’s head so large?

    Do black dresses add 50 lbs to 200 lbs women?

    Why isn’t lady Gaga in this photo?

    Yeah, pink dress is a hot. I would definately do all kinds of nasty to…wait, mom?!


  13. Seems like some people around here have their Sarcasm-block fully deployed


  14. The lady in pink is confident and wearing a wedding ring. She probably hosted/organized the party, and is thinking:
    -my babysitter needs to leave in one hour
    -the bartender and band need to be paid
    -what to do with the extra food

    She has no interest in attention from other men beyond their offers to carry the party decorations out to her car.


  15. Errr, Roissy, I think if you look at the photo more carefully, you’ll realise that the two ladies in black and pink are most likely the cheerleaders’ mothers. And if they’ve got any sense at all, which I would hazard a guess they do, they’ll both be “cockblockers” extrordinaire, especially against the likes of you and your followers.


  16. Fatties have no sense of shame.


  17. That must be damaging for her ego.


  18. It could go either way. The woman in pink is either not even interested in the social under tows or she is an enforcer. She is clearly not making herself a target.


  19. definitely the chick in pink. her dress is the most uptight out of the group, even fat chick knows to show off some tatas. the two in the same outfit are obviously hired guns.


  20. Guess you guys missed that lecture on sarcasm in high school…


  21. CR–

    My sister and I BOTH immediately answered “Duh, the cheerleaders are the cockblock.”

    And you deleted her (obviously correct) answer as well. How come a female can’t even have a correct answer, here Roissy. Stop being such a little bitch.

    Obviously 99.9% of men will NEVER get a date with the cheerleaders…..and 99.9% of men wouldn’t have the balls to approach (girl on far right) OR the “ugly-girl” BECAUSE of the cheerleaders.

    This is like have a multiple choice question and only one answer to circle. Too easy.


  22. I’m pretty sure Roissy was being sarcastic here, guys.


  23. My instinct was pinky also.


  24. Pink dress.

    The inclination is to think the fatty would CB, but in time there comes a point of acknowledgement and acceptance for fat women in the company of exceptionally attractive women (particularly when blatantly displayed) that the lion’s share of male attention will go to them despite of her best efforts to displace it. Fatties abandon the CB after a while.

    Conserva-girl in the pink is the greater threat for a CB. Hair pinched back, overdone makeup, and she knows she’s down a notch competing with exposed flesh and semi-exposed breast implants. In another circumstance and dressed differently, she might even be more attractive than the hotties, but it’s this subconscious knowledge that would make her more determined to CB if the Man approaching them were high-value enough.


  25. Womyn sure love the camera. The only time they don’t give the camera a toothy smile is in mugshots.


  26. We should kill the fattie. Candle stick to the head when she goes to the john. Hide the body in the janitor closet.


  27. yeah this was a joke. i’d say black dress out of fat girl/hot girl jelousy, even though her expression is friendly. they’re posing for a pic, though, so once the pose is gone the body language, facial expressions, and group dynamic would become more clear.


  28. some people need to change the batteries on their sarcasm detectors.

    nice experiment roissy.


  29. note how the chick in black sought to minimize the disparity in looks. she wears a huge sparkly necklace and a low cut shirt with accentuated cleavage. that’s like bringing an air rifle to a gun and knife show.

    odds are she’s the biggest slut of the 4 while still being the cockblock.


  30. Blonde is not so hot. She has too much Foofyness about her looks. Take off the long blonde hair, tan and see how it goes.

    Cover her face and tell me if you’d really want that below average body with the poor hip to waist ratio.


  31. @chuck,
    help me think of a term opposite to “pedestaled”.

    Attractive women are attributed characteristics of purity, goodness, wondermnent.

    Plain women are attributed with dirty, base, evil sluttery. They are __________.


  32. on November 20, 2009 at 11:55 am personal trainer

    1. The blond is a mother fucker. I would not sell her short for the cock blocker.

    2.Fat ass in black is harmless, clueless and the only reason she is there is to buy drinks.

    3. Red dress girl does look a bit like miss cunt but I still think the blond is the biggest whore.

    4. The black girl gets my vote abd is my target to enter that set, then of course I would have to deal with the blond.


  33. No, no, I was being serious. Second from the left is invisible to me.


  34. And in any case if she weren’t would have no success in her blockage, LOL.


  35. Girl in pink is going to have her hands full with all the cock that is being thrust at her. She is not going to have time to cockblock.

    It’s ALWAYS the fattie.


  36. “Plain women are attributed with dirty, base, evil sluttery. They are __________.”



  37. @Chuck,
    best of wishes to you in your quest for gf’s of goodness and purity.


  38. anony:

    who is talking about girlfriends here?


  39. How can the lady in pink be the cockblock when she would be the target?


  40. one senses a certain (rightful) bragging with this post, no?


  41. Trick question, guys. The cockblock is the guy taking the picture.


  42. I don’t think Roissy is being sarcastic here

    Look at their body language – Black dress is very open, pink looks defensive.

    I’d agree that black and pink aren’t actually with the other two however (they aren’t a group). Hired guns or something of that sort.

    Blackie appears to be a friendly fattie… easily disarmed with a smudge of attention. If you played your cards right with her I bet she would even gunning to help you with acquiring your target. Actually if pinkie was being a real bitch shutting down anyone who approached her group I think the best bet to leverage yourself in would be via blackie.


  43. and whomever said that blackie and pinkie are mothers has obviously missed that it is pretty unlikely to have skin that black with a mother that white.


  44. The girl in pink, no contest.

    But, then, she would be the first I would go for. The black dress seems friendly, the other two… just no. Not attractive.


  45. This is a trick question!!!!!! It’s the cameraperson.


    plain women attributed with dirty, base, evil sluttery are __________.

    ignored, invisible, used, misjudged, villified, presumed desperate, debased, discarded, trashed, graffitied with permanent markers, too poor to afford plastic surgery, calling their attorney, lied to by evil men, lucky to avoid evil men who would think so, dropped from a height of 1km into a cauldron of acid by evil men, sewered, guttered, landfilled, discriminated against, oppressed, muslim, your mom.

    (in case it wasn’t obvious: I’m kidding.)


  46. Adam: I did not see your comment. I don’t know how you feel about being on a similar wavelength here.


  47. initially i thought the girl in black was the block, but after thinking about it i’m going with pink.

    to be an effective cockblock, a woman has to be respected by the women she’s blocking for. the girl in black would likely be more willing to go along with the crowd than take a stand against them. just as i easily discarded the girl in black, the other women would do the same if she was talking to them. the one in pink would have the respect of the others – because she’s the best looking – and they’d listen to her.


  48. *whooooooosh*
    right over their heads.


  49. I would have no clue how to work this set. The cheerleaders and pink dress are out of my league, black dress is worth a lay if she’s easy.

    But if I go after black dress, I’m basically acknowledging that the hotter ones are out of my league (since they are clearly hotter), which makes black dress shut me out as well. (Since it would be embarrassing for her to leave with someone the other girls wouldn’t fuck, she would have to shut me down to save face.

    Unless there’s lots of alcohol/drugs going on, in which case all bets are off.


  50. on November 20, 2009 at 1:47 pm Cannon's Canon

    it’s the black chick. she is fully prepared to steer any conversation toward the godliness of barack obama. good luck sarging through that.


  51. im confused, is this a trick question? i’d probably go for the pink one, how can a girl cb herself?


  52. lol Roissy.


  53. Could one of the super-geniuses who see the obvious sarcasm please explain it to the rest of us dolts?


  54. Depends on the context of that particular event.

    Since my target would be the Black girl, my gut tells me the fat homely chick is a red herring, cock block is definitely the broad in pink.

    Absolutely no sarcasm.


  55. The sarcasm is that calling the hot girl in pink the cockblock because of her red lips and big earings and saying the she is protecting her more beautiful friends is an obvious opening neg directed to this very same hot girl in pink.

    And I’m guessing it worked….


  56. on November 20, 2009 at 2:32 pm Venusian Arts Knack

    OK first: The cock block is rarely the least attractive girl of you study and apply Mystery Method.

    On the initial opening you befriend the least attractive first. That would the the one in black. I have NEVER been cock blocked ever from the least attractive girl (except once when she was cheated on in the group and they were out to bitch about men… all men were the enemy that night). They are usually nice, friendly and intelligent types because they have had to cultivate a personality. Seriously guy just treat them like human beings and you wont have an issue.

    Now, seeing as how the two “cheerleader” types are in the picture and dressed radically different, they are most likely not part of the social circle of Pinky and Blacky. If Pinky is your target you have no CB. Blacky will befriend you and help you win her over. The two cheerleader types arent going to be an issue because they are clearly there to promote some event. They arent going to be terribly interested in the dynamics of your sarge, beyond a moments amusement before they go back to the promotion shit they were doing.

    Now however it gets complex, Lets say your target is the dark haired cheerleader or the Blondie. First, as the groups are not actually a 4 set but two 2sets, you need to let the momentary interupt of thier photo taking and the few minutes of small talk pass. If you dont, you are in social violation. In which case, the one in the black and pink with both CB. The Black will CB more because physically less attractive girls are less willing to tolerate disrepect from social violation because their egos cant handle the hit. Pinkie will do it too, but will be less fierce about it.

    Once Blackie and Pinky go off to get a drink or eat bonbons or whatever the fuck chicks do at that kinda crap, You have your 2 set of Cheerleaders.

    Now, between those two, who your target is will depend on your tastes. Dark hair is clearly more relaxed than Blondie. Blonde is there to preen and pose and look her best. Dark hair is just having a good time. Blondie is NOT going to like Dark Hair getting attention and will likely attempt to pull Dark hair over to the next “photo op”

    If you go for Blondie, I dont see Dark Hair being a CB. Shes chill enough she will wonder off on her own to have fun once she sees Blondie enjoying talking to you.

    So Rundown:

    Blackie: No threat is MM is used properly
    Pinky: Only a threat if you socially violate
    Dark Hair: No threat
    Blondie: Most actively CB for no good reason.

    Blondie takes it as the CB.

    Now, if you want my take, I would personally either go for Dark Hair (cause she seems the most cool to be around), or Pinky because shes more my physical type. I’d let each 2 set go thier own way then attempt to get them both.

    Id begin with Blondie as she needs to be disarmed first, switch to Dark Hair. Date / # close Dark Hair (since a direct pull or bounce is unlikely as they are hired guns. Then Id use the social proof and enter the pinky-blacky set. Id befriend Blacky, who will happily help me get pinky.

    Two birds one stone.


  57. Venusian Arts:

    “Now, between those two, who your target is will depend on your tastes. Dark hair is clearly more relaxed than Blondie. Blonde is there to preen and pose and look her best. Dark hair is just having a good time. Blondie is NOT going to like Dark Hair getting attention and will likely attempt to pull Dark hair over to the next “photo op””

    — Just as I was about to revise my previous statement and pick the “blond” as the CB.

    Solid rundown.


  58. on November 20, 2009 at 2:48 pm Venusian Arts Knack

    Thank you Sir. And its just Knack not VA


  59. Pinkie bears an uncanny resemblance to my ex-wife. My first instinct would be to… well… do something that would wipe that smug grin off her face.

    But I know this is a joke post. The other girls are dogs.


  60. The lady in Pink is most peoples pick…and my initial reaction too.

    But – the very fact she CHOSE a FEMININE colour such as pink indicates to me that perhaps initial appearances are deceiving.

    Methinks break down the barriers and the lady in Pink would be a warm-hearted sensual women to enjoy many happy times with, both in and out of the sack. her smile too. Her smile is not forced, her smile is real. There is something warm about this woman, and I don’t just mean the honeypot between her thighs.

    BUT! – there is something NOT RIGHT about the BLONDE. I can see through that bullshit smile. She is one massive attention whore who would be likely to go into a hissy fit of outrouageous ‘cockblokus extravangazus’ should genereous dollopings of your manly male attention not be diverted her way. And why not – she gets it all the time, with her All American Beach Babe looks, her pouting boobies – what man in there right mind not would not follow her around generously sucking the farts out of her arse should she generously offer a backdraft in your direction?

    So – I am going against the tide. I am going for the blonde. The blonde is the cockblock.


  61. 2 4 6 8 which one the cok really h8?

    its the one taking the picture of course!

    fatty will ho out with first to express drunken slothful interest. pink just did someone in the vip box bathroom.
    cheerleaders – how much cash ya got?


  62. Hand on heart I don’t see a cockblocker here.


  63. It’s the stubby girl. You guys are kidding, right? You really missed Roissy’s sarcasm?

    That’s a big clue she doesn’t like being ignored and will make it hard for you to hook up with her prettier friends.


  64. Methinks break down the barriers and the lady in Pink would be a warm-hearted sensual women to enjoy many happy times with, both in and out of the sack. her smile too. Her smile is not forced, her smile is real. There is something warm about this woman, and I don’t just mean the honeypot between her thighs.


    You gotta be kidding me…

    Pinkie is a first rate attention/status whore, and to top it all off she has no class. That’s the worst type, BTW. And her smile is so, obviously, practiced and fake…

    You’re just blinded because she is better-looking than the other ones.

    Pinkie is good for a short fling — nothing more. The others, well, I’d have a beer with them, but that’s about it.


  65. on November 20, 2009 at 3:35 pm Cannon's Canon

    in other important news, this video is splendid

    [editor: so money!]


  66. cheerleaders – how much cash ya got?


    Thanks for the betting offer, but I’d rather keep my money. I’d put odds on them (the ones who are in shape) being cheerleaders 2 to 1.


  67. No Welmer, I’ll stick with my opinion. There is something awkwardly endearing about her.

    I think she would have been a tall gangly girl in school, a late bloomer if you will. As I said – I don’t think there won’t be barriers to break down, for sure – but I don’t think she would be the cockblock type.

    The blonde has been having her ass tailed for as long as she can remember. She can’t deal with not having everyone kiss the ground she walks on.

    Just my take. Roissy is with you, so – you are in good company.


  68. Btw – when I look at someone smiling, it is not just the lips and teeth I look at. Look at the eyes. In combo this will tell you a lot. Forced bullshit smiles can be hard to pick up.

    Look at the blonde – her eyes give it away.

    The Pinkie – her eyes speak to me in an warm way.


  69. pinky looks like michael jackson.
    maybe its the lighting.


  70. I’d take black over pink.

    Pink probably has those weird inner-thigh stringy muscles the stick out. Ugh.


  71. on November 20, 2009 at 3:55 pm Horatio Sanchez

    Fat Black isn’t that horrible in and of herself. I’ll give it a 4. She just loses out by being in the company of babes, and for being an obvious cockblocker.


  72. My first instinct was to go with the short girl in the black dress who obviously isn’t as good looking as the other girls.

    However, upon further inspection I’m going to have to go with the black girl. She really is the odd woman out in this picture. Because of this trait, she could be considered the mother hen (odd one out, etc.)

    I’m going with the black chick.


  73. obviousness.
    Not quite the mother of all CB’s from an earlier post, but still fun and sarcastic.
    Note that pink dress woman seems pretty cool with everything, haters.


  74. The cockblock is clearly Zunder.


  75. Though come to think of it, if pink has a good personality, that’d change everything. From the looks of it, she has either a horrid personality, or a really awesome personality. Someone who applies that kind of makeup could go either way.

    The two “attractive” ones probably have extremely boring personalities and a sense of entitlement. I never feel like dealing with that.

    I’d probably be a good wingman, keeping them busy while you go out to score. Hell, I’d probably never be in a place like where that picture was taken anyway. If I meet anyone it’s going to be at a video game convention or something ❤


  76. If I meet anyone it’s going to be at a video game convention or something ❤

    At video game conventions, beware:
    — Attention whores with issues, usually offering free hugs to anyone.
    — Under-age girls.
    — Fat girls, who’re often depressed.
    — Maladjusted shy, socially excluded and introverted girls (they have their disadvantages but probably best bets. Still not any good if you can’t handle a woman well: you will become ‘patient’ with her about getting physical and overfeed her ego).
    — Men in a woman’s body (including new-age-y types) who’re prone to heavy sluttishness and drama.
    [I would be glad for anyone to expand on this.]

    May you find someone to less than three you too, Chunk.


  77. Uh such an incisive, intelligent comment from ‘gay bar lurker’.


  78. oh, haha. okay i get it now, clever


  79. on November 20, 2009 at 4:39 pm Marcus Aureliette

    Seriously guy just treat them like human beings and you wont have an issue.

    Wow, what a concept! It’ll never catch on.


  80. Reading Knack made me actually consider this as a serious effort. I don’t know the Venuvian arts down cold, but let’s say I go for the obvious blond cheerleader (BC) , Black Dress (BD) wouldn’t care because she’s basically not the same species…no ego hit for her. Other cheerleader (OC) wouldn’t care because she probably isn’t even friends with BC, sees it a hundred times a day, etc. That would leave Pink Dress (PD) as the CB, she would be insulted because, hey she’s just as blonde and as attractive, (“why does this guy have to go for the one showing off her goodies…I went to Smith!”) then she’d get riled up and go in for the CB.
    On the other hand, if I were to go for OC, then I think BD would get upset and CB since she’s obviously thinks she should be second scraps (e.g., BC>>OC).
    Going for PD, would lead to obvious CB by BD as OC and BC wouldn’t care but oh, BD has seen it all before and is pissed.
    Going for BD? Have at it.


  81. on November 20, 2009 at 4:49 pm gunslingergregi

    Getting a bad vibe from one on left like maybe not who she says she is.


  82. Bhetti–

    – Maladjusted shy, socially excluded and introverted girls (they have their disadvantages but probably best bets. Still not any good if you can’t handle a woman well: you will become ‘patient’ with her about getting physical and overfeed her ego).

    If there are hot, smart and hungry to follow fun ones amongst this group, nope I won’t be patient. I’ll overwhelm her with laser deep attention and “getting her”, praising her, then withdrawing, teasing her, then reassuring. Up and down. Giddy she’ll be. But then they’ll tend to get all clingy. Which will make me feel guilty, so I’ll will be patient in the extraction phase. But maybe I won’t entirely extract. Fuck buddy sometimes.

    – Men in a woman’s body (including new-age-y types) who’re prone to heavy sluttishness and drama.

    Fun for fast in, and fast out. Play jujitsu with her drama by totally not taking her seriously, or caring.


  83. Bhetti–

    Never been to a video game convention so I’m totally taking your take on it, Bhettster.


  84. Cannon’s Canon–

    Yeah that tune is a hoot. Francaise to boot, looks like.


  85. Doug: That would require visualising you or even someone like you at a videogame convention, which could happen in a limited set of circumstances.

    I will suspend my disbelief to make a tiny correction:

    But then they’ll tend to get all desperately in love

    Sounds like you’ve garnered many poor victims.

    But maybe I won’t entirely extract. Fuck buddy sometimes.

    One step away from heartless and an expert at it!

    Well, that’s what a woman gets for falling for you. A passing chapter of intense pleasure in her life that ruins her forever more. I hope you feel very sorry.


  86. Never been to a video game convention so I’m totally taking your take on it, Bhettster.

    Yes, wouldn’t have thought so! I did express my difficulty with this above.


  87. Isn’t Dubai very like a big video game? 🙂 at least in recent years.


  88. on November 20, 2009 at 5:38 pm gunslingergregi

    Imagine if life were a video game how many people would continue to play?


  89. on November 20, 2009 at 5:47 pm gunslingergregi

    But yea unlimited monry in dubai sure he he he


  90. maurice: Which game are we thinking of?!

    Some six years ago now since I’ve been to Dubai. The city was alive at night, after six, all hiding from the heat.

    Dubai was one big playground. Cheap cabs — not that I could go anywhere alone being a little girl. A can of coke for 1 dirham, 1 dirham being fixed at 3.6725 USD. Shawarmas to takeaway for 3 or 4 Dhs, to eat while watching videos (Die Hard and Disney) with the family and drinking laban.

    Swanky hotels: sometimes for a show of bellydancers and sometimes for weddings that’re truly shocking — halls containing 500 people, all dripping in jewelry and ostentation. All that fades to nothing: nothing sweeter than watching when they truly have their first dance they’ve ever had together. That’s the valuable moment there, the one which has no price.

    The long Dubai Summer Festival. Three guesses on how long does summer last in a desert climate?! Just pandering to conventions of the Anglais calendar. The Global Village — shouldn’t be surprised to learn they’re turning it to permanence — with the fleeting contact there with true homeland, lost to me except through family. Saris. Lebanese dances. Palm reading and coffee fortune telling from the Egyptians, with their little charms against the evil eye.

    Dubai Shopping Festival. Motorcycle parades. Stalls selling cheap things. Offers everywhere. My favourite was father taking us as children to fairs and temporary rides lining Al Rigga Street.

    And the massive City Centre Mall. My first memorable bookstore, Magrudy’s. There’s an indoor theme park, logical when you consider the heat outside. Ice cream, junk food and good memories.

    Even away from Dubai. Sharjah — picnics and kebab grilled picnics on the grass next to the artificial lake.

    And more. Innocent times.

    Forgive my offtopic nostalgic meanderings.


  91. @bhetti- no need to apologize at all, dear. Sounds like both an awesome video game and a wonderful childhood experience. I’ll be in the area shortly and am hoping for a visit.


  92. maybe the greatest half hour of tv, and pertinent.

    Always Sunny, The D.E.N.N.I.S. system of game:


  93. Bhetti–

    I really don’t think I could take the looong summer heat. I don’t think I could take the Arizona or Nevada summer heat either but at least that’s dry heat. Lately I’ve learned that it’s wet summer heat at 120 deg. F in Dubai and the Emirates in summer. Not the peak. The often reached.

    Well, that’s what I got from the extras to the Netflix DVD “The Kingdom” (Saudia Arabia) I recently watched. Bhetti?


    Winter, ok.


  94. maurice: Keep me updated!

    Doug: Thanks to God inventing night time and a man called Willis Carrier inventing air conditioners, it’s not noticeable at all. They are used liberally. It’s hotter here in the summer!

    Well, anyway, do I want to go back? It wasn’t all idyll.

    Not surprising you would watch The Kingdom without telling me. Off with Arabs behind my back. Committing movie adultery. What next, Doug?

    It is this one, right? Should I watch it?


  95. DF “What’s up with all the dudes in drag next to the woman in the pink dress?”

    Lol: win.


  96. “Could one of the super-geniuses who see the obvious sarcasm please explain it to the rest of us dolts?”

    Because you’re obviously going to be hitting on the lady in pink, who is far hotter and womanly than the two bikini clad transsexuals or the fatty (who will be the CB; the two attention whores with dong bulges will be hitting on you). For all you who think she’s not “classy” -she’s standing next to two half nude transsexuals and a cow: she’s the most worth hitting on in the photo.


  97. @bhetti- yeah, ari gold as an embassy official- NOT. that movie had its flaws, to put it mildly. frontline (US PBS) had a very well-done documentary on the kingdom a number of years ago.

    i will – after new years.


  98. girl in pink is very attractive, interesting photo to say the least.


  99. A looong hot summer when air-conditioning failed one night; that reminds me of Doug. Of course he has a point. How can a man that hot survive there, even with air conditioning?

    Aren’t I supposed to be the young ‘un disappearing off to do random socialising or who-knows-where on a weekend, instead of procrastinating on work?



  100. Zunder, lmao. That comeback makes the annals of “worst comebacks on a internet posting.”

    Go back to hugging Dolly and listening to her tell you you’re a “baaaaad” man.

    lol baby.


  101. Dubai, I have some fond memories growing up there too. But, the local Arabs suck. They are the biggest bunch of jerks on this planet. Worse than right wing nut Americans even.


  102. 4


  103. For all you who think she’s not “classy” -she’s standing next to two half nude transsexuals and a cow: she’s the most worth hitting on in the photo.


    Lupo, she is most definitely the only one with serious sex appeal in the photo, but that doesn’t mean she’s classy!

    I should know — I have long had this bad habit of hooking up with sexy girls with no class.


  104. None of the women in that picture are LTR material if you were being remotely cautious. Pink dress wants your money. Black dress wants her cake and to eat it too. Half-naked girls are half-naked, although the black woman looks quite sweet-natured.

    Adrian: You know a person lived in Dubai when
    … they call the Emiratis, the ‘locals’. +2 points if it’s ‘lochils’ to imitate the accent.

    The Emirates is intensely nationalist, which means locals get priviliges us lessers are not privy to. It wouldn’t quite matter if it weren’t for the superior attitude they can suffer from.

    However, there’re really nice friendly ones too.

    You could’ve had it worse by not being particularly integrated.


  105. Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, just looking at that made me belly laugh out loud.

    Thank you Roissy, for that fine comedy. I love a good laugh….


  106. If there are hot, smart and hungry to follow fun ones amongst this group, nope I won’t be patient. I’ll overwhelm her with laser deep attention and “getting her”, praising her, then withdrawing, teasing her, then reassuring.

    hungry is key.


  107. uhm what are you talking about .. she is the prettiest in the group…


  108. None of the women in that picture are LTR material if you were being remotely cautious. Pink dress wants your money. Black dress wants her cake and to eat it too. Half-naked girls are half-naked, although the black woman looks quite sweet-natured.


    I, too, think the black girl looks genuinely nice. But (aside from what are probably fake boobs) she is built like a man…

    The blond looks like she’s sucking in about four inches of gut. Heroic effort, but I ain’t buyin’ it. Besides, she’s got a huge neck and small head — not the most attractive combo on a woman.

    Black dress looks like she’s had and eaten a legion of cakes.

    You already know why I don’t trust pinkie.


  109. Completely irrelevant to the conversation, but I was at a party last night and bumped into a girl walking around a corner. She looked at me and said “wow. You’re gorgeous!”

    She was only a 6.5, 7 at best, but I fucked her as a reward for having good taste.

    More women need to be rewarded asi.


  110. On topic now

    I would start hitting on the chick in the black dress.

    I would then wait for a hot friend of hers to come up who can’t believe what the fuck is going on and then let her do the work. Black dress would be disarmed, cockblock threat dismissed.

    Worked on countless occasions.


  111. The cockblock is in the pink dress. Used to attention, and unwilling to allow moves made on others unless she was first considered. The woman in black already knows that most attention isn’t on her anyway (esp. at a party with redskins cheerleaders), and more likely to be there for a good time. I also agree with those who said that she’s most likely to help assist. Women aren’t TRULY delusional all of the time.
    – OG (Original Grace)


  112. This may be the easiest Roissy challenge yet. The girl in the pink dress looks like the epitome of cock block. Tall, decently attractive, conservatively dressed, yet the attention getting pink dress, over sized earrings and lipstick.


  113. This is a trick picture. Newbs will say black fatty, but she is already insecure hence she is wearing a black dress to look thinner. It is obviously the pink on the right, if she is cute why isn’t she wearing the same outfit as the other two hotties? Because she feels obligated to take care of her friends including the fatty. She doesn’t want the fatty to feel left out by wearing the same type of outfit as her.

    They must be very good friends though they made sure that he picture is nearly perfectly symmetrical (Beauty) with the two outliers having their hands on their hips. Damn that blond is mine.


  114. Isn’t it pretty obviously the girl in the black dress? She’s a Fugly if ever I’ve seen one. That’s my choice.


  115. The girl in the black dress could be quite pretty. She needs a Spanx garment to make her more hourglass. She needs her hair done professionaly, false eyelashes (like the other chickeritas), and well applied make-up – those thing would make a BIG diff. Oh and take the hideous necklace off – too distracting.


  116. aoefe said:
    “She needs a Spanx garment to make her more hourglass.”

    Or she could always hit the gym, or change up her lifestyle. Change eating habits, drinking habits, amount of sleep she gets. That works too.


  117. aoefe

    The girl in the black dress could be quite pretty.

    The kids call that kind of comment an Epic Fail.

    Pinky looks like she was photo-shopped into that group picture.

    The black she-male might be the most likely CB just because she might be a more extroverted, obnoxious, higher T black female.


  118. Mandy! xD

    aoefe said:
    “She needs a Spanx garment to make her more hourglass.”

    Or she could always hit the gym, or change up her lifestyle. Change eating habits, drinking habits, amount of sleep she gets. That works too.

    Great, Hey Socrates don’t forget to add gene therapy to your list.


  119. on November 21, 2009 at 3:45 am Cannon's Canon

    Mandy! xD:
    “Or she could always hit the gym, or change up her lifestyle. Change eating habits, drinking habits, amount of sleep she gets. That works too.”

    She could also try being 17 years old again. That’s good for the metabolism.


  120. the fattie doesn´t look like the standard evil fattie, she looks much more like that rare breed, the benign fatties

    girl in pink looks much more evil, tough it is obvious from her picture that she´ll never get fat.


  121. The second from the left. She is jelous of her hot friends and doesn’t want to be left alone. At least that’s who i always assume to be the cockblocker.


  122. I still don’t see it. The two cheerleaders being trannies? Um, guess so? Their hips are sorta narrow.

    The cock-like thing between the black chick and the fattie? I think it’s just pinkie’s hand.


  123. @bhetti,

    funny fill-ins. “debased”, “villified”, and “landfilled” were my favorites. poking around the thresaurus, I found “vitiated”.

    Several examples in this thread that men pedestalize attractive women, and vitiate plain ones.


  124. Doesn’t the situation influence how to chose here? This looks to me like a Komen “Race for the Cure” breast cancer awareness fund raising event held in DC. The Washington Redskins cheerleaders have little pink ribbons on their hips. Pink is the breast cancer awareness ribbon color. The woman wearing pink chose that color to coordinate with the ribbons. The black dress woman is wearing that pinkish necklace for the same reason. Because it is a “Girl Power” event raising money for breast cancer research, they are going to have a strong sisterhood vibe going. That contributes to why the heavier woman in the black dress is comfortable taking a picture with two professional cheerleaders who normally would irritate her because physically she can’t compete with them. The woman in pink is so comittee to the event she literally wrappped up in it with her clothes’ color choice. The two mercenary hotties in their cheerleader uniforms on on the job so they’re going to rebuff any attempts at getting deeper than the veneer of their smiles. Overall this is a tough crowd. Deciding who you want and who is the CB is rough here too. Personally I’d be friendly to all of them and leave this event, hoping at best to have built
    up some credibility for a future encounter. But then i’m no PUA. If I absolutely had to pick one to pursue I’d target the pink dress because she’s beautiful and slighlty approachable, especially if you compliment the event (she may be a coordinator). But I’d initiate contact via blackdress because she is most likely to go home alone and therefore is more willing to accept initial overture from a guy. Once admitted to the group I’d begin pursuit of pink dress by flirting and slight negs (remember the sisterhood mentality would exaggerate her sensitivity this night) while ignoring her intermittently by talking up the cheer squad. When leaving I’d make a point of saying to the pink woman only that the cheerleaders were nice but I especially enjoyed my conversation with her. This will make her feel that she was recognized as special despite being visually eclipsed by the professional lookers.

    What say you all?


  125. Mandy looking into the future:
    “Or she could always hit the gym, or change up her lifestyle. Change eating habits, drinking habits, amount of sleep she gets. That works too.”

    Ya duh – obvious. I was talking about how she could have looked good that night, girl.


  126. @bhetti,

    Being fiercely nationalistic is fine, almost every country in the world can claim to be the same. It does not excuse them from being uncouth boors who literally get away with murder.


  127. these girls aren’t friends. this looks like a dumb work function complete with car models. scary spice looks good though.


  128. very easy question, the girl in the red looks like a B*tch and has a fake smile and is the closest in beauty to the other two (than the black one) so she is the most threatened.


  129. My wife looks like the chick in the black dress. Seriously, it could be a photo of her. Of course, my wife is pushing 40 and has had two kids.

    For all your Roissyite non-breeders out there, my wife was a size 4 right up to the time of her first pregnancy. But that was the end of that.

    Just sayin’


  130. From left to right:

    1. Slut
    2. Slut who will eargerly go down on you.
    3. Slut
    4. Bitter cockblock.


  131. on November 21, 2009 at 2:07 pm Wendy Schwartz

    Ummm The woman on the far right may, indeed, be “pretending to be high class and up her value” and all that, but those of you who are like “ugh, she’s not even hot” are clearly blind, stupid, and aware that she would never talk to you anyway.

    She’s clearly a very attractive woman that just about ANY man would at least attempt to get a date with. (Even if after said date they realized she was a total dud.)

    Stop playing the “I don’t want her anyhow!!!!” card.


  132. on November 21, 2009 at 3:20 pm Wendy Schwartz


    This is where you hone your “observation” skills:

    If the woman on the right IS, indeed, wearing what appears to be the shade of red the pictures shows you already know ALOT about her:

    This color is known (amongst women and the fashion world) as “Old-Hollywood Red”.

    This is a famous color you’d relate to women like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, Elizabeth Taylor, and various other “romantic old-time starlets”.

    This means that although she is high-brow and maybe snooty to some degree…..she has enough class and knowledge of fashion to know what I already stated above (old-time starlet look with “new” modern edge) and wants to be perceived as “reserved but feminine”.

    She will be easily won by old-school types of Chivalry and the more “manly” variety of romance. (ie: a nice dinner sans all the whiny emotional stuff). She probably fancies a relationship much like an old-hollywood movie. If even ONE of you would pay attention to the small-but-important details about other human-beings, you wouldn’t have to hate-on and speculate on women so much. You’d already have your answer without asking a question or saying a word.

    Gentlemen, in all seriousness that is a weakness of your gender that hurts you in romantic/dating situations. Your lack of attention to small details. Women are like the fucking CIA and see/hear/remember the slightest details about others (which is what give us our reputation to being “more intuitive” than men.)

    It’s not REALLY “women’s intuition”. It is something you guys could just as easily posses and use to your advantage. Just pay attention to detail like we do. That’s it.

    Although I know since it’s coming from me you’ll continue to blindly stumble through the dating scene missing every single opportunity to “have the upperhand” JUST to smite me and my advice (based on my tiny female brain, of course).


  133. DumbArtist: Best evaluation of the situation yet imo.


  134. The blondie on the left is wearing her bandana on her right arm which clearly indicates her married yet open for fun state. The lady in black has heard that wearing heavy jewellery contributes to increased calorie burning and is planning on wearing the necklace for up to eight hours to maximize effect. The dark skinned gal has to pee badly. The lady in pink was a recently fitted with a back brace and is smiling through her pain. Wow this is so obvious I can’t believe anyone didn’t catch it before.


  135. on November 21, 2009 at 3:11 pm attention whore

    roissy is a vagina block.


  136. Is it me or did anyone else get the impression “these are all crappy looking women” when seeing this picture?

    Obviously I’m not talking 100% looks, I’m talking about the image they give off.


  137. on November 21, 2009 at 4:45 pm Wendy Schwartz

    Cliff, if that was directed at me….I genuinely did not understand any of it.

    However, comparing me to the “dark deities of the underworld” is fucking awesome. I have no problem being associated with Anubis, Osiris, Hades, Persephone, Hecate…..the list goes on and on of Gods that are “awesome and bad ass”.

    So if you’re going for an insult…….you’re reaaaaaaaallly missing the mark.


  138. shut up Wendy Schwartz you lesbo


  139. on November 21, 2009 at 5:13 pm Wendy Schwartz

    shut up Wendy Schwartz you lesbo

    I assure you that I have TRIED to be a lesbo. I really wish I WAS a lesbo, and am really jealous of women who ARE lesbos…..but sadly, I am not.

    [Editor: Yes, the world’s men are sad you haven’t removed yourself from the heterosexual dating market.]


  140. Thank the dark dieties of the underworld that LR showed up, for once her Springeresque

    The rest of this comment thread was such a massive example of FAIL that it passed embarrassing and slipped into mortifying a long time ago.

    Remember Roissy, guys that aren’t getting any but who hope to someday (ie most of your readers, especially the big talkers) have _no_ sense of humor about possible roadblocks on the road to Poonsville.


  141. Wendy Schwartz

    I assure you that I have TRIED to be a lesbo. I really wish I WAS a lesbo, and am really jealous of women who ARE lesbos…..but sadly, I am not.

    Maybe you didn’t try hard enough or with the right woman.

    I know of a naive, sexually repressed Cuban girl who could use the loving touch of an older, more experienced woman like yourself.

    And then there’s aoefe, that Canadian mess. But that would probably be like you getting it on with one of your mom’s friends.

    You are a take charge woman, Mandy the Cuban Einstein is begging to be manhandled by someone, as long as it’s not some icky man person. Oh my god they’re like sooooo totally gross.

    Plus, she’s Latina. She can help with the housework.


  142. on November 21, 2009 at 5:36 pm gunslingergregi

    ””’I assure you that I have TRIED to be a lesbo. I really wish I WAS a lesbo, and am really jealous of women who ARE lesbos…..but sadly, I am not.””””’

    Just another normal american chick lol


  143. @Willard -and then there’s aoefe, that Canadian mess.

    Ya know ya waaaant me. 😉


  144. Woman in red is the cockblock because, number one, she looks like a high maintenance bitch. Number two, her two scanty clad friends are going to suck up most of the male attention, which Red believes she deserves.

    Black chick looks the most approachable.
    Blonde is OK, but doesn’t do much for me.
    Black dress chubby might be fun to bounce on..
    Red dress woman is the one I’d want once I brought out her animalistic instincts.


  145. I would go for the fat(fugly?) chick in black, second from left.

    The ugly ones are almost always the cock blockers.

    There’s a difference between cock blocking simply for denying you access to ANY pussy, and ‘cock blocking’ because she prefers the sexual attention for herself. The pink one belongs to the latter category, assuming she really ‘cock blocks’.

    Some women do like bright color dresses and over-the-top make up. This is not a reliable test of being an attention whore. Also, there’s no need to test. ALL women are attention whores.


  146. I think Knack is right, it is not a 4 set. These girls are not all together. It is two 2 sets.

    The two girls in dresses are probably friends and the blonde and the tranny are working the place or part of some event.


  147. I only like White Women, Willard.


  148. on November 21, 2009 at 9:36 pm Albion Moonlight

    A little off-topic, but here is an alpha guy.

    Of course, you have to take the being shot and hung by your heels part with it.


  149. [quote]A little off-topic, but here is an alpha guy.[unquote]

    Mussolini fuckin’ rocks.


  150. on November 22, 2009 at 12:33 am Conservative Cock

    I think it’s the fat girl. Fuck, even on ecstasy, the fat girl has no hope. All of the pump and dumps she has experienced has prevented her from experiencing the wonders of oxytocin. She has no love for the world and is left a degraded misanthropist. No one wants a fat bitch.

    I am so fucking high right now. I am like an emo leftist hipster. But at least I am not Wendy Schwartz or the limp-dicked David Alexander.


  151. Ah Lurker – you know why Limbaugh has lost so much weight recently?

    Because he has been sticking his “fat” deep into your turgid ass crack.


  152. I would say that neither of them are cockblocks in the sense you are suggesting, because they look like they are having their pictures taken with some cheerleaders who have nothing to do with them.

    If you want to go for the cheerleaders, I would bet that neither of them are going to be CBs.


  153. Oops that didn’t make so much sense, that should be:

    “Thank the dark dieties of the underworld that LR showed up, for once her Springeresque sensibility and low impulse control could actually raise the tone here.”

    (rest of the comment as before)


  154. Fakeness and attention-whoring abound in this photo.

    These are Redskins cheerleaders making a publicity appearance and the other two gals are putting on their best pose next to women in essentially bikinis. Cheerleaders, beauty queens (Hot Pink Dress screams that, looks like Elizabeth Berkley) expect a gravitational pull of men to them – none of them would appreciate male attention going to another female in the group without the right of first refusal. Pink Dress also thinks she has much more to offer than pom-pom’s, so she wouldn’t appreciate runner-up status and likely CB.

    BBD (Big Black Dress) has the most natural, non-practiced smile but that matters little because she violates the dictum to stay in shape. She’s the most interesting to talk to after five minutes and would be grateful for any attention, but she wouldn’t actively block moves on other women.


  155. Hah… if this isn’t sarcasm then color me shocked. Pink Dress is too busy walking around making herself feel important to be a cockblock anyway. The fat chick is irrelevant though because, as mentioned, they aren’t all in a group together. Black Dress was a B-level organizer of the event, somebody who did a lot of planning and work but isn’t important enough for Pink Dress to spend a lot of time with her that night.

    The black chick is the only one worth approaching in this group. The stereotype fits for the blonde, she’s your standard cheerleader/red bull girl/etc., who loves the attention from doing these events but scorns the guys giving it to her. She’ll only respond to over-the-top asshole game and/or a coke connection. You could probably also convince her that you’re Steve Meisel’s assistant or some shit and get her in bed after you promise you’ll give her some lighting tips in the morning.

    The black chick has her head tilted in a slightly submissive stance. She might not take the cheerleading/promoting gig too seriously. Those girls tend to be pretty cool as they get into these types of gigs because they love working out and keeping in top shape but yet don’t starve for attention. The way to play that is to strike up a short conversation and say something making fun of the blonde chick about how she takes this a little too seriously. Go back to circling the room while they do their photo ops and every now and then make a snarky comment to the black chick about the blonde. Quickly establish some kind of inside-joke code word or, even better, hand-signal or gesture that you can use when you catch her looking at you from across the room. This will only work if she is half-way intelligent. If your psy-ops are tight you have her qualifying that she isn’t an uptight status whore and when you leave early (because you have a “studio session” or some shit in the morning) you hand her your number on a piece of paper (adding to the secretive vibe) and tell her to text you your number. Definitely no take-home close on this one because her outfit has her a little self-conscious as it is.

    Not for beginners, but definitely not the most challenging situation, it just requires the right girl.


  156. I haven’t read most of these responses. My initial impression was/is that the two scantily glad “women” are actually men. Second, their heads look photoshopped on. Now I’ll read the rest of the responses and see if anyone else agrees.


  157. By “men”, I mean transsexuals.


  158. on November 22, 2009 at 1:46 pm Wendy Schwartz

    Please, Cliff ….I would never get physically violent (meaning fistfights, screaming, and slapping) and especially not in public. I’m not at all violent and when I get angry, I don’t “lash out”. I go completely silent and stare through everyone who I’m pissed at. Sometimes I will go weeks without acknowledging the person or even answering them.

    I get that from my dad because that was the closest thing to a “fight” you’d see between he and my mother. When I’m angry at people, they just disappear, so to speak.


  159. Hmm. The fat girl has the “low position in the totem” sad smile, so I don’t see her getting in the middle (she’s used to be invisible).

    But yeah, the two ones with bras and micro shorts are waitress or something (dunno if strippers/hookers have other uniforms besides the birthday suit, lol) and women who wear fosforescent pink WANT to be noticed, so there’s an attention whore right there.


  160. Called it on the beauty queen vibe. Gal in pink is Miss DC 2008.


  161. Ha, they do look like transsexuals. With fake boobs. Gross.


  162. “Ha, they do look like transsexuals. With fake boobs. Gross.”

    I was just thinking — that’s a man, baby!

    Pink dress ftw.


  163. Pink dress looks like a gold digger.
    Black dress would be alot cuter if she lost weight.


  164. So folks it’s Alias Clio and Patrick H’s big day. Why everybody and I do mean everybody from the chateau came out to see Clio get married. Even Mandy xd flew in to see clio and patrickh exchange vows.

    *agnostic and ganon look over at the newly legal Mandy and shake their heads*
    *said in unison*

    “She is now 18 and past her peak”

    racerx flexes his snake like tongue at clio and mouths, “you better come and get a piece before you exchange vows”

    *clio shudders*

    I don’t know who came up with this seating arrangement. They put Lurker between Zunder and Mandy XD and they sandwiched Gig between Nicole and Jamilla. Willard was seated between Ruby and Joe.

    The drink brothers, Whiskey and Rum walk to there seats. Whiskey sits in the second row with a dazed expression on his face while he repeats over and over to himself “But PatrickH is more beta than I am, but Patrick H is more beta than I am, but PatrickH is more beta than I am”.

    chic noir and PA sit in the last pew to comfort a very distraught Tupac. Between looking after tupac, defaulta, and default Jr,chic noir’s hands are tied.

    Out of the corner of chic noir’s eye she spots Wendy Schwartz walk in with a low cut red dress and Femx walk in with a blk lacy see thru number.

    chic noir thinks to self* now they know this is suppose to be clio’s day so why would they dress like that*

    Poetry of Flesh comes strutting thru. Maurice and Firepower look at her with their mouths hanging open. Poetry is wearing a tasteful dress that gently skims her bountiful feminine curves.

    *tupac lets out a small wale*

    So far tupac has gone thru two boxes of kleenex.

    *chic noir walks over to where doug and Mu are sitting*

    Either of you alphas have a handkerchief you can loan tupac?


  165. It’s now time to exchange rings and Gunslinger, the Ring-bearer can’t find the rings. Aw man..
    don’t worry he found them, he dropped them inside of his flask for safe keeping.

    A few minutes later, it was now time for Patrick H to kiss his bride.

    chic noir and PA dive on tupac to keep him seated and quite.

    two hours later….

    the wedding went off with only a few small glitches but it was a very lovely wedding. clio and patrickh are now husband and wife.

    So everybody’s at the reception and firepower gives a toast.

    PatrickH oh lucky you are
    we can all see clio’s purity from afar
    I expect you to be hitting all night until very late tomar.

    30 minutes later guess who walk in….

    Wendy Schwartz and Femx, they’ve decided that clio has had enough attention for the day and now it’s their turn. the two start drinking and dancing. Wendy Schwartz dances with willard but breaks away for a spin around the pole. Old habits die hard.

    I could write out the rest but I’ll just let you look at.


  166. *doug pulls out a cotton handkerchief*
    *Mu pulls out a blk silk handkerchief with his initials inscribed in the corners*
    *doug growls but keeps it down for clio*

    chic noir snatches both and utters a thanks over her shoulder.

    Well it looks like it’s time to get this show started but people are still talking and gossiping amongst themselves. So Ferdinand stands up and yells to the crowd ” “Everybody shut up, I said quite right now”.

    Ferdinand alpha scowls and pops his collar.

    When Ferdinand sat down, you could hear a pin drop.

    DA starts playing the piano and Clio came down the aisle. She had Roissy walk her down the aisle since she’s known him longer than any of the men of ChateauR.

    *dun dun du dun *

    What a beauty Clio was in her white gown. and boy did she pick a perfect gown to highlight her beauty. The whiteness of the gown was almost blinding as it reflected Clio’s purity. For a minute I thought the dress was transparent and I guess Tupac did too because he was quite for about 30 seconds.

    Boy ole boy is PatrickH gonna have a good time parting those tight folds. Or, either get a herniated disk in his back from having to go where no man has gone before.

    30 minutes late….

    The reverenced asks ” is there anyone here who objects to these two becoming man and wife”

    Everyone turns to look at Tupac who remains silent but his body is racked by a violent wave of sobs.

    Suddenly, Whiskey stands and yells “But but but PatrickH is more betta than I am”

    *the guests take a sharp intake of air*
    Willard to whiskey: Whiskey sit your delusional azz down.

    Whiskey sits down and the reverend picks up where he left off.


  167. on November 22, 2009 at 8:09 pm СОФИЯ/sofia


    What about the GirlGame girls!!


  168. Oh sofia, I have one for you ladies coming very soon.


  169. Can I catch the bouquet can I can I???


  170. on November 22, 2009 at 8:30 pm СОФИЯ/sofia

    I call NOT being the drunk girl who embarrasses herself.


  171. I can be a little drunk when I catch it – I’m good for comic relief.


  172. on November 22, 2009 at 8:43 pm СОФИЯ/sofia

    FeministX needs to make out with somebody during the wedding!

    I would also like to be wearing something floor length, and satin, like this.


  173. on November 22, 2009 at 8:47 pm СОФИЯ/sofia

    Wait, wait, I like this way better.


  174. Oh I’m with Sofia – floor length but I’d like an empire waist please and thank you – and would red be too bright? 😉


  175. I like classy vintage so this one might do the trick. I might have to rethink the red but it’s my color.


  176. on November 22, 2009 at 8:53 pm СОФИЯ/sofia

    I always wanted to get married in this dress. I love lace! And veils! But excuse the irony about it being from SATC. Hehe.


  177. on November 22, 2009 at 8:54 pm СОФИЯ/sofia

    Aoefe, very good choice of colour! Lovin’ the red.


  178. Gorgello Sofia and from what I’ve seen of your figure you could totally pull it off. Before I get booted for making this very MANLY site ridonkulous with girly talk I’m running. Byah.


  179. on November 22, 2009 at 9:14 pm The Fifth Horseman

    Hallelujah !

    An attractive Russian chick describes why Western feminists are wrong about everything, with a level of logic that American women could never muster :


  180. lmao Zunder. At least you can admit now Limbaugh lost weight!

    Actually, he lost it by running one mile for every delusion you put forth.


  181. Hey Tude I saw your video on YouTube – great idea in theory how’s it working out for you? 😉


  182. Yes, let Aoefe have the red dress, Chic. I would never wear a red dress to a wedding.

    I would be wearing a brilliant leafy green, and it would NOT be low cut. I like to show off either my back or my legs bc they’re long.


  183. And because your tattoo shows with a backless dress.


  184. Field Report, Exp sipping pilsner with a buddy at a bar, HB7 goes by, flag down

    Exp: Answer this, we were just arguing about something, in your hands, answer this: if you had a choice between two worlds, one with only dicks, one with only pussies in it, which one would you chose?
    HB7: Pussies, I’m biased
    Buddy: I told you
    Exp turns away from HB7
    3 sec later
    HB7: Oh wait; there would be no love in it


  185. Wendy Schwartz´s comment on “November 22, 2009 at 1:46 pm” unleashed a series of uninterrupt comments by women.

    Any man here should go through those comments, which finish almost above this comment of mine.

    You can´t get any better example of how a random group of women, discussing any possible subject, turn it into a session of waterboarding torture. the problem is, without physical presence, you can´t properly lead women out of their innate boredom, and you won´t have any sexual stimulus from reading what they write.


  186. they sandwiched Gig between Nicole and Jamilla

    that would be a sandwich with too much bread and too little ham.

    also, since I, like Obama, am a post-racial being whose opinions about the quality of women´s talk transcends race (women of all races are uniformly boring), I´d rather have Obsidian or DA by my side than those two


  187. now gig, imagine growing up AS a woman with the same reaction to natural female conversation and interests that you had and with zero sexual attraction to them. uch


  188. *aoefe enters the room with her huge badonkadonks and spots LR from a mile away because her tattoo is outlined in glow paint and because her long legs make her stand tall amongst the little people.

    She approaches her from behind, LR still unaware of her presence. With cat-like grace aoefe launches herself at LR and wrestles her to the ground. LR lets out an inhuman shriek but is able to recover quickly and in a move aoefe doesn’t anticipate flips herself over and is now grinning down at the face of her opponent. The wrestling begins with a vengeance and a crowd gathers. Little sound beyond grunts, moans and shredding clothing is heard. Before too long the women are half naked, someone gets the brilliant idea of pouring champagne all over them and now they are soaking wet. Both are intent on winning and pay little attention to their surroundings forgetting they are guests at a men’s club.

    Gotta go to work…but ya…silly girl stuff did take place in a place of Big Important Ideas… 😉


  189. The two blonds have strikingly similar facial features, same height, mirror-like stances…almost look like sisters.


  190. Nein, Aoefe I have no need to scrap with women. I think the last time I got in a chick-fight I was in middle school.

    There’s really nothing that I can think of that would incite me (as an adult) to hit another adult.

    Here’s how it would REALLY go down Aoefe:

    *…..Wendy Schwartz has already “made her rounds” and smiled disarmingly at the guests….making sure that they find her to be “quite charming” (all the while knowing better).

    Wendy Schwartz goes immediately to the (open) bar and orders an extra-dirty (Kettel One) Martini. She walks around for awhile pretending to really throw that one down and heads back to the bar… get a round of shots for her acquaintances…..

    Fortunately Wendy Schwartz has her vial (necklace) on containing enough Rohypnol to knock out a horse and carefully adds it to Aoefe and Chic’s drinks.

    We toast in celebration and Wendy Schwartz enjoys the rest of the evening while the other guests admonish (in shock) how nice girls like Aoefe and Chic could let themselves get SO drunk as to pass out in the coatroom on the floor in such an undignified manner.

    Wendy Schwartz just shakes her head (as if punishing a little child) and says “some women just don’t know how to behave at a formal function, I guess……sad isn’t it?

    Wendy Schwartz whisks her coat on and smiles with satisfaction as she brusquely kisses the happy couple on each cheek in thanks for a wonderful evening…..

    ….and walks away satisifed.*


  191. chic noir and PA sit in the last pew to comfort a very distraught Tupac

    At the reception, I twirled a delighted Bhetti around the dancefloor, as I kept one eye on her angry-looking male cousins. Then I did vodka shots with Gunslingergregi.

    Some guests report seeing a strager in a custom suit swoop through, amidst much flutter. And a bridesmaid is unaccounted for.

    Make that two bridesmaids.


  192. Dang chic yee of little faith I would have snatched up that chic in the red dress and the pole before they fell and saved the day he he he


  193. Not to be too much of an @$$h07e, but isn’t Eivind Berge right that the only way to short-circuit the CB besides being really good-looking and high-status BEFORE you get game is to become a rapist? I learned Game without being good-looking and powerful and now the only difference is I can get Black Dress effortlessly. That’s an improvement?


  194. on November 23, 2009 at 1:39 pm Wendy Schwartz


    Contrary to what you may think, being on “lorazepam” (which is just a Benzo-class sedative that they give to seizure patients) has nothing to do with my personality, opinions, character, or anything else I say or do.

    If I were taking my meds…..I’d just be a little slower to respond, lol.

    No, seriously.


  195. LR needs to go back on her meds.


  196. Welmer: “I have long had this bad habit of hooking up with sexy girls with no class.”

    You make it sound like this is a bad thing. Nobody’s asking you to marry her. Jizz in her mouth and make her walk home if her lack of classiness annoys you. At this point in life, I’m grateful if she doesn’t have beard stubble, like the one next to her.


  197. Freya called it. Same face, same earrings. It’s Miss Grinold
    in the pink.
    Nakeva Corothers, Chantel Wright and Kate Marie Grinold


  198. Here’s the same photo (almost)

    Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, Miss DC 2008 Kate Marie Grinold, and PINK JAMS! Founder Christa Floresca


  199. ok, Alex

    I’ll take Don Cheadle with the Tuck In