Your Daily Game: The Pregnant Pause Opener (AKA The Twatteaser)

Courtesy of Days of Broken Arrows, a very funny opener that requires a steady tongue and exquisite timing to reliably execute,

Walk up to her and say “Can I ask you something?” Leave an awkward pause after she says “OK.” Then ask to borrow a quarter for the vending machine. If she laughs, you’re in.

This opener gambit can be fitted to any context.

“Can I ask you something?”



“Where’s the nearest pet store?”*

The pregnant pause followed by mundane request is dynamite on a woman’s pride because it raises her expectation of a flirty come-on….builds the tension….and then deflates her billowing ego with a prick of banality.

There she is, feeling her Solipsism Market Value rise with every heave of her blushing breasts, her ego growing three sizes in proportion to the exploding girth of her head hamster, smug and sure that what is to follow will fluff her id-clit beyond the bounds of modesty….when it all comes crashing down as our cunning casanova politely asks her for the time.

Mission accomplished: She was huffing her flume fumes, and then withdrawal came hard and fast. Now, despite being stricken by indignation and unable to think clearly through a flare-up of self-doubt and butthurtery, she can’t help but be a little curious about the man who would not instantly swoon under the bat of her eyelashes. The gall of this twatteaser! (i must have him)

Related, an opening gambit I love to do is a version of Pregnant Pause Game. I’ll approach, intro myself DoBA-style — “Hey, can I ask you something?” or a variation thereof — and then act conspicuously awkward and shy, as if I’m desperate to tell her my feelings for her and I’m struggling to say the words. I’ll dig the toe of my shoe into the floor, grab my hair, look downward, then upward, run my hands over the pained expression on my face, sigh heavily, audibly mutter “uuuuughhh….ok ok ok ok….i got this….come ooooooon i can do this”, take a few yogic deep breaths, and then finally…

— and by now the girl is clenching her teeth, looking very nervous and perhaps glancing at the door —

…I loudly announce “HERE GOES”, and, waiting just one more exquisite beat, deadpan, “where’s the bathroom?” Then I garnish the payload with a mischievous smirk after I have gauged her reaction as sufficiently smitten.

I have yet to do this to a girl and get anything but a smile and laughter through exhaled breath, and it’s a perfect springboard to more traditional flirting, because by now the chick knows that you know she was expecting the usual dweebie entreaty and you decided to play a different game. A renegade among the mediocre masses of beta males, your greet theater sets you apart, stokes her interest, and subtly informs her that she might not possess the pulchritude power level to rattle your self-possession. She’s gonna have to watch her manners with you if she wants to see Act 2.

*roosh reference


  1. Can anyone else tell how hawt a woman is by the sound of her gait in heels across a hard floor?

    [CH: a staccato tappity tap
    is the stuff of woozy faps
    while a leaden cloppity clop
    is a bowl of blubbery slop]


  2. Is there a possibility she’ll think otherwise, figuring the pregnant pause and silly question as cowardice, as it not being what you really wanted to ask?

    Or is the pause that powerful that it throws her off completely?

    (Needed a game post today. I know tomorrow’s important, but the early shenanigans are just too much)

    [CH: as long as your performance is over the top, and the climactic line is delivered deadpan and then garnished with a smirk, she won’t mistake it for cowardice. well, unless she’s autistic]

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    • on November 5, 2018 at 11:50 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Is there a possibility she’ll think otherwise”

      Then go with it.

      Play a lengthy ongoing joke on her.


      • on November 5, 2018 at 12:05 pm Captain Obvious

        Those kinda jokes work best when you finally bump into her at a nightspot and you’ve got an equally hawt [or hawter] chick on your arm.


  3. *a foot in a shoe.


  4. […] Your Daily Game: The Pregnant Pause Opener (AKA The Twatteaser) […]


  5. A new trend by me…bumper stickers
    ‘The future is young women of color’
    Non whites are allowed to be tribal…whites are not and white liberals are in no man’s land


  6. on November 5, 2018 at 12:10 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Asking to borrow $5 is a funny one too.

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  7. I could never pull this off. If I can’t imagine Steve McQueen or Paul Newman doing it, I don’t do it.

    Glad you’re all my bros.


  8. (Must be said politely and with unmistakeable sincerity) “I like your shirt/blouse/shoes. I just got my mom that for her birthday. You have good taste.” Yes, it’s a stiff neg and requires immediate departure. But circle back later to soothe her shattered ego.


  9. O/T:

    Seems Torba cucked out to the matzballs


    • I was always suspicious of him, which is why I never went Pro despite being a bigmouth. Why give my personal payment details to someone who could dox me in an instant if he turned Turk, so to speak? Also why I bailed from the site months ago. Just didn’t trust him.


  10. I just tried this on a co-worker. Made sure the pause was long enough for her to be dead-stared on me with the slightest head movement that conveyed (“OMG….what is it?”) . You could swear you heard the hamster wheel coming off it’s hinges.

    Asked for the quarter with a slightest of smiles.

    She immediately started laughing. Started to giggle and started going through her purse. I told her I was messing with her and asked her to grab some coffee with me in the kitchen. She just got up laughing and followed. Fucking exquisite.

    Game does more than save lives, it saves men from the rot of moral and social decay and reinforces a man’s self confidence. If the basics of game is the only thing I ever teach my son, it will be worth more than anything as common as money.

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  11. I would have given it to Miss Poland

    [CH: the beautiful elite of every nonwhite culture are noticeable paler than their country’s rabble. isn’t that interesting.]

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    • I like Belgium, Germany, and Moldova.

      That Vietnamese is an odd-looking gook.


    • on November 5, 2018 at 1:22 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Miss Viet-Naaaaaam is friggin’ WHITE COLORED!!!!! She’s got rinky-dinky-chinky eyes but shit, she’s a shade off-pink.

      Either she’s been to extreme skin bleaching the type that Micheal Jackson would have died (heh) for, or she’s packin’ strong Gaulish genes that rival Jean Reno’s.


    • what the fuck? she’s red.
      her cheeks are so red they’d make a drunk irishman blush.

      on my lunch meeting in an hour i will probably walk down the street and see 7 babes hotter than that slanted saigon clap trap…all of which give my big fat roman meatcock the puppy eyes, because i’m white.

      the earth became a jewish faggot and i’m not ok with that


    • oh jesus fuck why did i do it to myself?

      i went and looked … found the “USA” chick

      and it looked like something that fell from the ugly tropical rainforest tree down in one of those mexican hill troll locales…and hit every fucking branch on the way down.

      her name was “yashvi aware”

      U S A!
      U S A!
      U S A!

      it sucks when i go out in LA and girls like yashvi throw themselves at me, but since they smell like shit and just want my skinny genes i look at them in horror and laugh as i put my arm around a beautiful white woman.


      • “and it looked like something that fell from the ugly tropical rainforest tree down in one of those mexican hill troll locales…and hit every fucking branch on the way down”

        I seriously Lol’d

        To be fair though, if you’ve ever been to DC, she is a pretty fair representation of the local demographic


      • on November 5, 2018 at 7:08 pm traitors first

        it’s sad the vietnamese stunner looks more american than the new dehli born american yashvi aware


    • Italy makes my blood rise, that’s for sure…Greece isnt a bad close second either. I’ll give france 3rd only because the girl reminds me of an intense 1 month fling I had back in college with someone.

      For a chink, the winner isnt so bad. Relative to everyone else(from Europe) she doesn’t compare. Not even close. You can take the winner, put her in south korea and she will look like all the other plastic surgery recipient chinks there.

      It is obvious however, that a white woman will probably never win any of these global beauty pageants ever again. Everyone will just conveniently ignore the object, superior beauty of European women in order to fulfill some diversity agenda. Very sad.


      • on November 5, 2018 at 5:06 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Maybe for a bit, but ratings matter. No one will watch because there’s nothing to see. Then they’ll bring whyte women back becasue they are clearly superior.

        NFL? Mostly black. People get bored. They tune out and turn off.

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  12. Pull the pregnant pause even earlier.

    Walk up to her. “Hey”

    Her. “Hey.”

    Look deeply into her eyes, like you’re going to tell her she’s gorgeous. Wait. Wait. Wait. Then inane opener.

    The bonus of this is that you can gauge her reaction. If she’s smiling and receptive, you could switch to something more sexual.


  13. america is such a shithole

    yashvi aware probably still shits and doesn’t wipe. or if she does, she throws the toilet paper into the trash like all the other 3rd world human shit i am surrounded by.

    but hey, america loves shit. we reward shit. we eat shit. we give shit awards. we put shit on tv. america is shit.

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  14. This is a great example of game. A married man who enjoys flirting, I am going to take this example and use it on so many chicks who give me [that look].

    Self-amusement indeed.


  15. I’ll give Roosh this: the pet store line is a guided missile.

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  16. Kind of like you can tell when a man is comfortable in a suit. Like Watching athletes on game day in a suit . It just looks off.