The Sociopolitical Theory Of Everything

Physicists are always searching for that unifying Theory of Everything that ties all the loose ends together and accounts for all phenomena. In the sociopolitical realm, that Theory of Everything is already discovered: Anti-White Animus. Once you see all the actions of our present-day ruling classes and their morbidly obedient anti-First Amendment lackeys through the clarifying lens of Anti-White Animus, everything happening in the West makes sense.

From Gab, @Atavator writes,

Why the animus rules: white delusion. The biggest error of whites: the assumption that nature defaults to a condition where justice is distinguished from vengeance. WhItes rarely see the hatred for what it is.

It’s a truism that we are often blind to our own existential flaws, given that humans have evolved an ego-fortifying habit of mind to overconfidence in our rightness and other’s wrongness. Whites of NW European extraction may be afflicted the worst with this condition, which is ironic considering that recognizing their flaw in thinking will be what saves them from their own evolutionarily refined and exquisite taste in navel-gazing introspection and empathic identification.

@MadScienceType adds,

Biggest problem is decades of globohomo agitprop has convinced whites that non-whites are Just Like Us. Whites naturally project their non-sociopath gestalt onto sociopathic groups of parasites. Globohomo propaganda reinforces this with dopamine hits (“virtue signaling”) to insane degree.

Totally agree. My opinion on Globohomo anti-White agitprop is that it requires a genetically susceptible audience to gain a toehold, but that given enough time and propagandistic energy, the agitprop can successfully amplify the existing moral degeneracy of the host audience and even flip those on the margin between wokeness and anti-Whiteness into the false consciousness of race equalism.

Universalist Whites of the West will need to destroy the Globohomo propaganda hate machine, AND they will need the help, in interbred blood or electoral power, of their clannish White brethren to prevent the West from driving off the cliff. Trump has channeled both forces, but he can’t do it alone. He needs his people to keep him honest.


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  2. on September 15, 2017 at 1:56 pm XTRABEING ZILLIONZ

    “Trump” needs them … “to keep him honest.”

    I sense a creeping doubt sneaking into Heartiste about the God-Emperor.

    I think the best chance for alt-right fantasies to come true (and I’m not being supercilious) is for the Constitutionally-derived Republic to fall, Trump to assume dictator’s power (as he wants, obviously) and loyal military men of alt-right persuasion to indicate their preferences STRONGLY to him.


  3. on September 15, 2017 at 2:02 pm alpha-sometimes

    shitlord of the year?

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  4. on September 15, 2017 at 2:04 pm Hackett To Bits

    The ugly fruits of anti-white animus:

    Not one whyte man anywhere in the world was alpha enough to impregnate this b*tch and say no to virtue sniveling mud-doption? She’s over the hill now but you know that other celeb-tards are right behind her, giving the impression to a gullible public that this is the height of Goodness and Greatness.

    I predict that Jennifer Lawrence (((Aronofsky))) is next. She can’t deform her figure at the height of her career. So adopt-a-mud is a twofer!


    • Makes you think doesn’t it; adopt a billion little brown skinned children and nobody says a word.

      What would have happened if Theron had adopted a dozen or so blond haired, blue eyed Aryan sorts?

      Makes me think somebody might freak out over it.

      Actually at this point in time, seems like a good way for a celebrity to get their face in the news without doing anything at all.

      Almost surprised none of them have hopped on that train yet.

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    • That creature is a tranny, there was no way he was giving birth to any children. Same deal for JLaw Look at the shoulder to hip ratio and you will see it’s all wrong.


    • Although it might suit multi-millionaires, this particular type of virtue signaling is cost prohibitive for anyone who may need to depend on their children for support in their old age.


    • Go to the grocery store. This week’s demand antiwhite conditioning magazine at the checkout line is (((Madonna))) (raised a Catholic) with “her” 4 nigger kids.


      • Greets every white woman who goes to the grocery store at least once a week.

        (((Grocery store checkout line magazines)))) are a Jewish weapon.

        Somebody should purchase a pack of yellow star stickers and label things accordingly.


      • (((They))) were only able to get 50% of the niggers to smile. After all they’ve been given. You’ll notice that nigger kids are nasty, angry little animals if you are unfortunate enough to see them in action, such as at a playground with your kids that should be whites only (for obvious reasons).


      • By the way, of course, (((People))) and (((Time))) magazines are 100% Jewish. Openly. Not 99%. 100%.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 7:29 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

        That’s just a Cohencidence.


    • Blurred out faces of the niglets is actually a significant upgrade. Should have done the same for the dame, too. Don’t want to look at its traitorous face.


    • on September 16, 2017 at 6:48 am Wrong Side Luciano

      Charlize, like Madonna, is a Kabbalist.

      is this how hollywood goyim show their allegiance to the Js?

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      • Yes. Kabbalism is the religion of the NWO.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 4:46 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        To point out the bleedin’ obvious:

        You can make heaps o’ fun of those Hollyweird freaks beholden to Scientology, but even though it’s hardly part of the (((orthodoxy))), who ever lampoons Kabbala?

        As Publius’ pic shows, Charlize probably isn’t close to done, and there’s no shortage of little critters available for this second harrowing of Africa by white elites.


      • Yes.


    • Didn’t she have a relative at Rourkes Drift? Anyways niglet collecting has to be one of the least rewarding hobbies.

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  5. My ultralib gay SIL lives in one of the western sh!tliopolises and is gay-marr1ed to some jewess whose dad was a flamer (so I guess turning gay was her love-me-daddy cry).

    Last time she was out here, I asked, when “we’re gone, what will you have?” She didn’t get it. Perfection, I guess, or a chance to make a perfect world.

    They won’t have utopia or perfection. They won’t have peace. Or unity. Or equality, or recognition.

    What they won’t have is animus. They will not have an enemy. When whites are gone, they will not have an object of hate.

    And then…what will fill that void?

    THAT is the truly frightening reality they do not want to face, will not face, cannot face. For in that reflection is their own doom, their own Portraits of Dorian Gray, reflected forever in a hall of mirrors that shatters every glimmer of light into grotesques of the humanity they willingly shilled to the (((Virtue Mongers))) at the expense of honest souls.


    • Once (if, God-forbid) they manage to eradicate all whites, what’s left will simply devolve into what’s left of non-white Africa as seen today: Somalia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe.

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    • Pro comment!


    • on September 16, 2017 at 4:52 pm Oleaginous Outrager

      It always makes me chuckle when Afro-Americans crow about the “minority majority future of America”, as if the coalition of the fringes is real and those brown and yellow fellows don’t loathe blacks even more than grandest of dragons among whites. They’re nearly as clueless about the real implications of demographic change as the homos and the “hello fellow white people!” people.


  6. The globalist class wants to make war against the nationalist hoi polloi.

    There’s no virtue signaling but rather mating signaling. The 21st Century is the result of the a female shit tests that European men failed in the 20th Century. The beta hordes of men are being useful idiots for the globalist parasites so as to say: “I’ll let you be the shrike feminist and put up with you because I have enough globalist fiat money so that we don’t need to live with the consequences of your actions.”

    The males who virtue signal are like the male feminists: trying to gamma into the woman’s panties.


  7. well what exactly do muslims, lgbt, feminists, immigrants, and other minorities have in common that would cause them to form a coalition? certainly it isn’t the rights of any one of those groups given that they all conflict with each other so it must not be something else….


  8. Are we done with Trump yet ?

    – Trump Wall: Israeli Company to Make Prototype for His Mexico Border Wall –


    • Is there anything that even one of ((them)) can do that you won’t object to? They are HELPING him with the wall. Those who are helping him are on your side. It also segues nicely into a narrative that he is merely doing what Israel already does, which makes it less objectionable to a lot of people.


      • ” Those who are helping him are on your side. ”

        Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

        ” It also segues nicely into a narrative that he is merely doing what Israel already does, which makes it less objectionable to a lot of people. ”

        Has the fact that Israhell is a totally racist, murderous, terroristic, religious / ethno state, allowed any other country to copy its example ? I think you know the answer. Remember Israhell’s unofficial motto:

        Do as we tell you. Not as we do.

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      • on September 16, 2017 at 7:33 am Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Whatever (((Satan’s children))) do is always a trick to stab you in the back, no matter what. (((They))) are not helping you. Stop falling for it, they’ve proven this again and again over thousands of years.


    • Bullshit on all these “prototypes”… we know what a wall looks like already, so start actually building the damn thing… and I don’t mean a few miles here or there, to make it look like the progress is underway… I mean some serious building and jobs, stretched over hundreds of miles by now.


    • Yes.


  9. on September 15, 2017 at 2:47 pm Wrong Side Luciano

    just ask the average brahmin and aspiring brahmin what the first amendment shouldn’t cover

    all you need to know.


  10. Its not anti white. It’s anti-white Christian male. No other group is awake enough to see the rot stemming from the tribe or others. Sadly its other white male cucks that are the biggest enemy.


    • As I read CH’s post, I couldn’t help but think this entire globohomo propagandaization as being simply anti-Christian, tying into CH’s earlier post about how these faggots have made themselves into gods and as such, are doing everything anti-God.

      If believers are the body of Christ, then the anti-Christ would be those who oppose Him.

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    • Globalism is how Satan gets the world to Armageddon. Suicide for all races (humanity).


    • I’d say shitlib white women are more damaging then the men, but I suppose it’s the failure of men that unleashed that beast


  11. The Cult of Diversity places white men as their “devil” that corrupts humanity and defies their god “Equality.” They will try to make the date of MLK’s “I have a dream…” speech their Year 0ne, and will attempt to paint the enlightened time of the founding of the United States as an ignoble period of white supremacy.


  12. “Why the animus rules: white delusion. The biggest error of whites: the assumption that nature defaults to a condition where justice is distinguished from vengeance. WhItes rarely see the hatred for what it is.”

    As a friend of mine with a bit of “experience” behind him in things military or shooting people used to tell me:
    “Americans have no idea how cheap life is to these [central American] people. They’d piss themselves if they saw it”.


    • The primary fallacy is thinking that the rest of the world values human life to the same degree that we do.

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      • on September 15, 2017 at 6:54 pm Captain Obvious

        Cynthia, it’s even deeper than that.

        The primary fallacy is in NOT REALIZING THAT WE HAVE ASSUMED THAT the rest of the world values human life to the same degree that we do.

        It’s arrogance to the point of sin: A vanity which refuses to allow the introspection which in turn might force us to wonder whether we have made any [false] assumptions that we don’t consciously realize we have made.

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      • Absolutely. People don’t even understand they have a fault assumption here.
        They think they have the Truth.

        It’s an easy mistake to make. This logic of “white people have no culture” leads to the conclusion that all Western/Christendom attitudes, opinions, beliefs and values are not unique, but universal.

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  13. on September 15, 2017 at 3:35 pm Wrong Side Luciano


  14. on September 15, 2017 at 4:02 pm Captain John Charity Spring MA

    That thought got me banned on Breitbart.

    The only thing that makes the seemingly nice motives but nasty consequences of policy more than coincidences is that the entire thing is Anti-White.


  15. Most Americans, and especially the white middle class, have no idea what true hatred looks like. They don’t experience it growing up in their own white middle class neighborhoods. They don’t travel outside our country to see it in action in other parts of the world. Their movies and TV shows don’t ever talk about, preferring stories about how bad white people are. They’re never exposed to anything like it. They almost can’t describe it, and when they encounter it, they often can’t recognize it for what it is until it’s too late.

    The Left’s biggest miscalculation has been introducing bald hatred back into American society. They could have gotten away with so much more, had they not made it so obvious.

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    • on September 15, 2017 at 6:57 pm Captain Obvious

      “The Left’s biggest miscalculation has been introducing bald hatred back into American society. They could have gotten away with so much more, had they not made it so obvious.”


      The JIDF monitors every poast at this board.

      And one of those little Hebrew Day School mothaphuckaz might have an Uncle Mordechai with direct ties to the Uber-Sanhedrin.


      • I don’t give a shit what the Jews are doing. I’m far more concerned about the functional atheists in our government who only worship themselves, but call themselves “culturally” Christian.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 9:28 am Wrong Side Luciano

        “I don’t give a shit what the Jews are doing.”

        u really should

        but even if u don’t – pretend that u do lest captain obvious accuses u of being one of yossi’s angels


    • cynthia,
      You are over in the Houston area, are you not ? Hope you and yours are ok.
      Brother in law lives in Pearland and thank the good Lord he didn’t get flooded.
      Other Brother in law lives in Lumberton, and he dodged a bullet too.


  16. Usual progressive self-destructiveness:


  17. on September 15, 2017 at 6:12 pm Captain Obvious

    RIP Harry Dean Stanton. USN veteran of the Battle of Okinawa…


  18. Like

  19. Well worth watching.

    ” WotW goes back to the ’60s for a nostalgic look at London, investigates a plan to end the white race, and discovers a mysterious ‘spiritual nobility’ ”


    • The Jews as “…a spiritual nobility of Europe…”


      The Father of Lies himself could not have done better.

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    • Not a huge fan of 60s pop/rock and find organ music in rock especially obnoxious (Fuck you, Ray Manzarek) but there is something about this song that I’ve always liked.


    • London 1953 The Oval Cricket Ground
      All white cried watching white players.. England v Australia


    • The endgame is that whites will be a high-achieving minority – just like the Jews, but without the protection afforded by anti-Nazi “never again” attitudes. On the contrary, whites will remain the scapegoat for all of society’s ills, even as our numbers dwindle towards zero. The film is right to compare our future with the collapse of Zimbabwe.


      • Maybe, but the big difference is that we are armed – and are motivated to use said arms. If this does happen, and it might, it won’t be us going quietly into the night. At least in the U.S.

        Every other “white” country is probably fucked, however.


      • The fact that the left and the browns are getting more and more frenzied, rather than less, probably means they won’t ALLOW us to to just quietly sit back and allow everything to run down. They’ll push harder and harder and meaner and meaner, until they push too hard.

        As for Europe, I can see them going either way. On the downside, they’re unarmed. On the upside, they’ve got a real collective obedience vibe going. Let one Udo Voigt slip into power somewhere and they’ll put on their jackboots as uncomplainingly as they accepted their neutering 10 minutes before.


      • Good point.

        And I should clarify that Eastern Europe will kick @ss if required, but may not be enough to help the West.


  20. As long as most tax payers are cishet white males they deserve whatever hate-driven rent-seeking they get.


  21. ” WotW’s personal story of political transformation, and a message of hope for the West. ”


    • on September 16, 2017 at 2:13 pm safespaceplaypen

      That guy has a cool channel.

      The question becomes: if voting for and bringing in politicians isn’t going to save us, then what will?

      I’m starting to think if not politicians, then money + technology + spreading the truth + providing cultural value (i.e. art, buildings and stuff) might have the edge.

      Trusting the law is pretty much out of the question (((they))) control what is legal and what is not, AND going the lawsuit route requires money in the first place.

      And Trusting brute force (i.e. violence) is out of the question because WE are not united and (((they))) control the law enforcement.


      • ” then money + technology + spreading the truth + providing cultural value (i.e. art, buildings and stuff) ”

        Isn’t that what the western world has done for the last 1000 years, and where has it gotten us ?

        You propose we keep slaving away inventing the next technological advances, so that the brown races have better, faster computers, improved weapons, and more sophisticated technology to conqueror us with ?

        You say we should build better, more advanced cities, so the Muslim hoards can move in and take over ?

        You say we should spread the truth so that it can be taken and twisted to makes us look like racists, subjugators of natives, and enslavers of women ?

        The time for those things had pasted a long time ago. You deny what the true answer is because you are comfortable, and full of fear. Do you think law enforcement is capable of putting up a fight against a determined opposition ?

        Look at videos of the Romanian revolution for inspiration.

        Look how the Moslem’s stand up to the fag Police in Europe. Look how stupid, overweight, and cowardly the cops are in the US. Do you believe these “tools” of the Yid, are willing to perish for their jobs ?

        I find you lack of confidence, and defeatist attitude disturbing. It has a certain, how shall I put this ?, stench of the ((( juice ))).


    • on September 16, 2017 at 6:27 pm safespaceplaypen

      nah it has a certain stench of not being retarded.

      Unless a militia of right-wing patriots is established and actually *used*, Violence is not an option.

      Unless loads of money is funnelled unto lawsuits, using the *code of law* to protect us is wishful thinking.

      WE do not have leverage with regards to physical violence, peaceful protest or the legal system.

      Right now there DOES NOT EXIST a determined opposition because white people still hate themselves to some degree, and of those that don’t hate themselves (i.e. the altright) there is too much disunity, lack of money, and lack of collaboration of any kind.

      Therefore, until leverage with violence and legality is established, our only option is subversion via technology, money, spreading the truth, and providing cultural value.

      Another, maybe better option (although I still think is not viable at the moment), is developing/joining exclusive clubs/groups of some kind. But there are issues with this, such as if a liberal outlet (the media, antifa, etc.) found out about it, it would get shut down immediately. All people associated with it would get outed, fired from there jobs, or worse.

      Of course, a possible solution to this downside, from what I’ve read of Hipster Racist, is that rather than developing our own clubs/groups from the bottom up, it would be better if we infiltrated pre-existing groups and turn them implicitly alt-right/pro-white. For example, infiltrating the Freemasons, Fraternities, and so on. It would be cool if we had some kind of lingo/jargon/dogwhistle spread on the internet we could use to identify people of the same bent, thus preventing counter lib infiltration, but that’s a discussion for another time lol.

      For now, the point is that we have little good leverage. All solutions will have to be subversive in some way.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm safespaceplaypen

        Also, more rallies would be great. But they have to be well made and hip. How we are perceived is everything. And people have to come ready to be violent with antifa


      • Point 1: There is absolutely no need for militias, as they have proven themselves easily infiltrated, and more over, laughable. They mostly consist of overweight guys with gun fetishes. Whats the point of having a $1000 dollar scope, when you cant even run properly because of your blubber ? If you want to train with other like-minded individuals, do what the military does, and train for a zombie apocalypse ( their own words ), there have been several major military exercises using this terminology. Don’t fall for the trap of played out keywords, such as patriot, constitutionalist, and other easily identifiable terms.
        I’m not advocating the overthrow of the government, or some other played out B.S. such as that. We are to prepare for when the government falls because of its own hubris and corruption.

        Point 2: The key lies in self training. How many of us here can filed strip any type of rifle ? How many here no the basics of hit and run tactics / combat tactics. How many of us know the basics of battlefield medicine ? What about the basics of psychological warfare on target populations ? How many of us here workout are minds and our bodies ? How many can identify edible plants in the particular environments they live in ?

        Point 3: We must give up the temptations of the YID influence. Turn off the JewTube. Throw away the pron. Quit watching google sports. Read, read, read. Cultivate you minds.

        Point 4: Use psychological judo, against the opponents of the white race. Instead of trying to point out how whites are under attack all over the planet, point out how the poor minorities are treated in Israhell, and how that society has racism inherently built into. There are tons of material on the Internet, including documentaries about female slaver for the feminists ( Israhell is world capital of that ), the treatments of Ethiopians / African immigrants. Point out how the Orthodox Yid treat women and Gays. The lefties will never know what hit them, make our enemies fight each other.

        Don’t be afraid of the government, as there is no need to fight it. Its collapsing on its own.


    • Nothing short of WW3 can save whitey.


  22. Well, here’s my prediction for the future of America.

    The Mexicans will win, initially, and fairly soon. They will achieve a majority within the next couple of decades and will vote in a permanent Mexican gov’t. The official language will be Spanish; the Constitution will be abolished and replaced with an approximation of the Mexican constitution.

    They will, however, be unable to maintain the place in anything like its current condition. Economic contraction and hardship will follow rapidly. Infrastructure will become run down. Corruption, banditry, crime, bribery, and violence will be rampant everywhere.

    Just as is happening in Mexico now, local defense groups will start making their own territories in an effort to control the gangsterism and corruption a bit. These areas will still be part of the central organization at first.

    However, this isn’t Mexico; they’re all Mexicans, so those “local defense groups” aren’t really independence movements.

    Here, there are a zillion ethnicities. Those “local defense areas” will acquire an ethnic cast rapidly (or will be born with them). This will lead to low-level conflict, escalating in some areas. The groups will form alliances based on who they can trust (i.e. fairly ethnically similar).

    The country will eventually divide into a number of small countries. These may well be racially mixed to some extent, but each will have a “dominant” ethnicity which controls the place, and the others are second-class citizens therein.

    Probably a slight majority of these will be Hispanic. A smaller but still significant number will be white. The Asians will probably function like medieval Jews in all areas — enclaves tolerated more or less for their economic services.

    Where the groids will fit in all this I cannot even begin to imagine. The Mexicans have no use for them; the dethroned and desperate whites will have no use for them; and they have less ability than Mexicans to take care of themselves. Any state they tried to create would probably fail, and lacking U.S. charity as a safety net (with the U.S gone), that would leave them in a very disastrous situation indeed.

    In short, Variations on the Theme of Yugoslavia.


    • Fair assessment. However, let me make some points.

      1. Who gets the nukes ? Heavy weaponry ?

      2. The Latinos / Mexicans will have unlimited reinforcements coming in from the south. Including probable military help from Mexico at the least.

      3. Most likely the fighting will never stop long enough for these enclaves to form in the first place, to wish for some white Utopian areas to form is probably unrealistic.

      4. Knowing what we have leaned already, to allow any non-whites in ethno-european areas will eventually lead to the same outcomes we have now. At that juncture the only option is ethnic removal, whether by force or persuasion.

      5. The conflicts will never stop till only one force dominates, the need for resources will be to great to allow for a clean end.

      Lets face it, this is a battle to the death, there is no other viable solution.


      • So, ye’ll be looking for skilled European immigrants again then?
        Any chance for Scots Borderers and Irish Protestants? Or do they just get lumped in with the English, Canadians and gays?


    • For several decades before Trump, the government only pretended to be working for the people, right? This game will continue, even if the President and other leaders have Hispanic names and faces.

      One reason why elites find Trump so threatening is that he is trying to represent the views of the majority. This upsets elites’ assumption that their moneymaking, and the elected “shallow state”, can continue unchanged while the USA turns itself into Mexico.


  23. – Why I Fear Civil War Is Inevitable –


    • Yep, you’re right, my version was too peaceful. What I left out, I realize, are the insane communist killers who now make up a fair chunk of the population. My analysis was flawed by its assumption that all the people involved are normal people, even if they’re ethnically incompatible with each other.

      The commie leftists are the loose cannons. This is going to get messy.

      Human beings: specializing in tragedy since 7.6 million years BC!


    • Melinda Carroll featured in this Way Of The World vid, and her facebook friends, display very succinctly the weakness of the gay and femmy.

      Pretty sure the gay and femmy can’t win. That’s absurd. Because if they win, they lose. If that is really on, (such losing by way of winning) well ….. that would be tantamount to a return to the state of omnipotence of the singular female, earth-mother-gaia-style. But all these anti-masculine forces gathering, is a denial of the principle of the endlessly ongoing partial resolutions of the prime polarity – the competition/cooperation polarity. In the primordial past, the masculine arose from such partial resolution operation, as a more nuanced and sublime partial resolution, by way of the natural process of binarity formation, and as such, more nuanced and sublime, as compared to the omnipotence of the singular feminine principle, from which it arose.

      So ….. human beings have the audacity to believe that they can simply will the extinguishment of that? Absurd I say. Gay and femmy absurdity.


  24. London has been enreached again today but miserable muxxies agian failed
    to make a bomb lackily
    but today I am in the mood of posting just vetr best white people made
    One of the best live performances ever
    Let’s help white boys to make it 100M

    Uh but the horns they blowin’ that sound
    Way on downsouth
    Way on downsouth
    London town


    • Seriously dude, you dare to bring this here as an example of “white boys ” finest ?

      Mark Freuder Knopfler was born on 12 August 1949 in Glasgow, Scotland, to an English mother, Louisa Mary, and a Hungarian-Jewish father, Erwin Knopfler.[8][9][10][11] His mother was a teacher and his father was an architect and a chess player whose anti-fascist sympathies and Jewish parentage forced him to flee from his native Hungary in 1939.[12] Knopfler later described his father as a Marxist agnostic.[13]

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      • I did not know that about Knopfler
        but I do not care
        This a the last snapshot of the white London in its fading glory

        So go fuck yourself


      • ” This a the last snapshot of the white London in its fading glory ”

        It is because snapshots such as this that London is fading in the first place. Idolizing a Marxist ((( Yid ))) ? Are you truly serious ? Swearing usually indicates that a raw nerve has been hit. Are you sure you’re on the right site
        ((( cortesar ))) ?

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      • Relax retard
        As I said I did not know that is half jewish, so I did
        a quick research and could not find anything that would confirm that he had any role in the (((cultural destruction)))
        The only thing I idolize here is the music and its master performers
        There is that faggot thing i the money for nothing and some other stuff that would make you think he was quite a red pill
        Just 4u


    • on September 15, 2017 at 7:05 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      dis shit weak breh


  25. One Anti-Whyte effort failed today:

    “Former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty Friday of murdering a man while on duty, setting off hours of sometimes violent protest.

    “St. Louis Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson’s highly anticipated verdict found the white former St. Louis police officer not guilty of first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the December 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, a black drug suspect, after a high-speed pursuit and crash…”

    The prosecutors attempted to paint the perp as a either a harmless person, or one attempting to surrender, sitting in his car, and to frame up Stockley as having planted a weapon and a stash of heroin in the deceased’s car, which fell apart during the judge’s examination. Stockley smartly waived a jury trial – we know how that would’ve gone in inner St. Louis – and actually got a fair review of the (((facts))).


    • Were it not for the police, pissed off white men with guns would have straightened out this country long ago. The cops serve two functions and two functions only:

      1) To protect BLM, Antifa and other scum of society from white men, by whom they are heavily outgunned and outnumbered and

      2) to generate revenue from the same white men, sucking them dry over mere peccadilloes to fund their disgustingly distended pension funds so they can ride around in golf carts watching Matlock reruns for 30 years.

      In case you didn’t notice it, neither of these functions involves protecting you from criminals–after all, there’s no money in that and it might endanger the princess’ precious “officer safety.” (Officer safety is the most important thing in the whole universe, far more important than the constitutional rights and basic dignity of white citizens.)

      The police are the jailers in your multicultural insane asylum. They are every bit as much an anti-white force as groups like antifa. They are enemies of the white race and need to be tried for such after this country balkanizes into race-based nations, just as the East German border guards were after German re-unification.


      • Was Tulsa 1921 actually the start of a, ahem, movement towards ethnic homogeneity, which was nipped in the bud by the aforesaid jailers and asylum?


      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        THIS. What Feral said.

        And that ain’t the half of it, as they say.
        FOP network (see A dee El formation from bunaiBriiith, and why)
        (((Internationale))) Unions in Govt – the irony!


      • Cops are trippy man. You just never know what you gonna get. I’ve been on both sides – if you be a rep of big business (which I have been), well you get the brown-nosing.

        But – if you be seen as just a singular dude with some backbone – watch out. The cops don’t take too kindly to that. Been there, done that, wouldn’t really recommend it though. I’ve been thrown in the holding cell for fucking no reason at all, except maybe knowing the wrong person – escalating that shit all the way up to consecutive yelling matches in the police crib (kept pulling me out of the cell, and then throw me back in when it not going their way – all day long), calling them out for their gang like vibe, and laughing at them for it. Yikes – you get some problems down the road over that shit – retribution-style. Best not to got there.

        Otherwise the general demeanor of police interfaces, as a singular dude with some backbone, all-in-all, over my long life, have solidified my views on this.

        Look – the cops are a gang first and foremost. They don’t have your interests (or anybody’s really) in mind, as first priority. The gang thing is first priority. And I’m in shitlib Canada and this happens – so …. I’m sure it’s like this absolutely anywhere where there is police. It’s human nature. That’s why in the west we need to have all the cylinders of the western institutions well firing – checks and balances man. Too bad there is so much subversion around these checks and balances by way of our other institutions (like the elected lawmakers, and the judiciary). These subversive elements are the most vile enemies of the west, imo.


  26. on September 15, 2017 at 7:21 pm Vagina dominator

    There is a theory in physics that does have great explanatory power in social/sociological contexts. It is called the Maximum Power Principle (MPP).

    From Wiki:

    The MPP or Lotka’s principle has been proposed as the fourth principle of energetics in open system thermodynamics, where an example of an open system is a biological cell. According to Howard T. Odum, “The maximum power principle can be stated: During self-organization, system designs develop and prevail that maximize power intake, energy transformation, and those uses that reinforce production and efficiency.”

    Another way of saying this is that those entities that consume more energy are more successful.

    It is easy to imagine examples of how this works and how it usually means that the “worse” or greedier or more feckless and destructive the behavior, the more “successful” the entity will be.

    So we may have two tribes on either side of a river. On one side the tribe controls its populations and lives within its means. The tribe on the other side of the river does the opposite, breeding incontinently and consuming everything it can grab with no thought for the future. We know that in the end the greedy side will outnumber the prudent side and overwhelm them. This was how the Climate Change Agreement was going to work. America would exercise self control. The rest of the world would greedily consume what the US did not.


  27. “Just like us”.

    My soon to be ex wife shares this delusion. She reads something about muds, ant people, and mystery meat brutally murdering each other, women, children etc, and can’t understand it. I try to explain to her that she’s making the mistake of assuming these people are like us. What drives them is not the same. Their morals are not the same. Nothing is.

    At one point in time, i thought i was getting through to her. Now she just stares with a blank look on her ever fatter face and then drops her eyes back to her iFaggot.

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    • Well, deep down in your white soul you know what must be done. You can’t save them all. Good luck.


    • on September 15, 2017 at 8:46 pm Vagina dominator

      “soon to be ex-wife”

      Yes, of course I am just plain curious, but background would also contribute here.


    • this tweet is a testimony to it
      sand nigger obviously cannot grasp the concept of “common good”
      that is precisely why streetshitters live all in hell holes where running water is scarce and shit galore


      • Baby Boomers. So selfish, yet able to virtue signal with such skill as to appear the victims of everything, until they became the enablers of the globalists aka the destroyers of civilization.


      • Libertarianism — the classical liberalism outlined in the founding documents (((as distinguished from Randian/Rothbardian kikery ))) — only works in a white Christian society.

        In the US, you can track the subversion, dilution and destruction of Constitutional protections perfectly with the incremental rise of Jewish power in American institutions. This is not mere cohencidence and the phenomenon is as old as the tribe itself and has been played out over and over and over again in every country which allows them access to their institutions. It’s. what. they. do.

        All of this can still be researched (this might not be true five years from now). Start with the drivers of the Hart-Celler act and work back from there.

        The mainspring of the most recent epoch of human history began at the foot of the cross. You either accept Logos or reject it. If a people will not be ruled by a God, they will be ruled by Jews.

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      • on September 16, 2017 at 7:23 pm Vagina dominator

        See it every day. The browns, blacks and yellows are all simply too selfish and lack the imagination to understand pay-it-forward.

        Any public good – e.g., smooth and safe traffic flow – that requires anonymous cooperation dies a very fast death outside the white world.


    • And with the brown invasion a slow death within it.


  28. Trump has a a limited chance and a small window of opportunity to even try to save the US. Failure is not an option, as white America will not be able to muster enough enthusiasm, and hope, for another candidate. This is the last opportunity.

    Some stats for everyone:

    * The cost of educating illegal aliens children is staggering. From K-12 it costs taxpayers $122,000 for EACH illegal alien. That is not even counting the FREE school lunches every day for 13 years.

    *2012 illegal aliens sent home $62 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin. This is why Mexico is getting involved in our politics.

    *30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens. Does not include local jails and State Prisons. At 21,000 per
    year expense per inmate in Federal Prison—do the math.

    * Using the Obama created program- DACA, 800,000 illegal aliens has funneled 800 THOUSAND jobs away from American Citizens.

    *$17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.

    *$3Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens, I repeat 3 MILLION a DAY to process Illegals in the Criminal justice system.

    *$2.2Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as SNAP (food stamps),WIC, & free school lunches for illegal aliens.


  29. Like

  30. Wrap your head around this one. The airline wants to punish the pilots for secretly filming, but no word of punishment for the female crew engaged in the filthy behavior.

    Never forget, white men = evil bastards. Women = innocent snowflakes.

    – German airline threatens pilots with jail for secretly filming stewardesses having sex –

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    • Fake news:

      However, although the airline has launched an investigation, it has not yet been able to unearth any staff sex videos.

      Lurid rumours touted by limey fags and/or kikes using a shitskin (ahem) reporter to distract and demoralize the goyim.

      And of course it’s German pilots on a Brit-owned airline, go figger.

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    • Mies, you seem to specialize in posting this sort of “Oh my, look at THIS!” agitprop.

      Clean up your act, alt-R ally.


      • The truth behind some these things does not matter as much as you think , as what’s more important to the controllers, is the narrative thats being set on a subconscious level. Additionally, I’m very far from being alt anything, as even they are too accepting of the ((( other ))), i.e. Richard Spencer. At a foundational level I’m a an ethno-nationalist, with certain other leanings.


      • The truth behind some these things does not matter as much as you think

        Truth does seem to be passe’ to the South Park generation, but it matters to God… and therefore, to the type of people that deserve His grace.

        That used to be us. 😡

        But even at a common decency level, it stinks to the skies to talk about the other guy’s fake news, whilst generating a raft of our own.

        Not my kinda folk.

        , as what’s more important to the controllers, is the narrative thats being set on a subconscious level.

        That’s my point… giving legs to agitprop… especially (((THEIR))) agitprop, works on our already battered subconscious… even for those who take the time to look deeper and discover it was bullshit all along.

        Like I said, clean up your act.

        And that goes for the rest o’ youse yeggs, too.


  31. Poor female snowflakes get duped into believing they were auditioning to star in porn flicks. Of course, the evil man goes to jail. Poor women are so traumatized now, their dreams are ruined.

    – Fake porn producer goes to prison for duping women into sex –

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  32. Every group that seems to want to lay blame at the alter of the ‘straight white male privilege’, uses preemptive bullying, daring the white man to knock the chip off the shoulder. Here are those chips by group:

    Muslims: Muh Mohammad: “Don’t you dare fucking say nothing about my precious (Muh Mohammad) or me or my brethern will kill you”

    Jews: Muh Holocaust: “Don’t you dare fucking say anything about my precious (Muh Holocaust) or me or my brethern will paint you as a nazi-scumbag, a vile monster, or an immoral lunatic, and will blackball you and ruin your life”

    Feminist: Muh Precious Pussy (or Muh Precious Boobs as the case may be – see CNN clip above): “Don’t you dare fucking say anything about my precious (Muh Pussyhood), or I will shame you as an unworthy creep with tiny dick that can’t get any, and I will attempt to blackball your sexual value-reputation and ruin your sex life”

    Gays and the gender confused: Muh Jollies. “Don’t you dare fucking say anything about my precious (Muh jollies orientation) or I will spaz out, cunt-mode-style” (note – this only works as an adjunct to the Feminist ploy – can’t otherwise stand on it’s own – only work because the Feminists chime-in).

    OK – so do straight white men resort to preemptive bullying as well? If so what would that be? “Don’t you dare besmirch, twist, or pervert muh western culture or …….” – what?

    I don’t know enough about the working of the black culture or the Hispanic culture to make much comment about it. But from my far-off Canadian perspective, re American blacks – it looks to be they got a leadership problem. Their leaders mostly suck (i.e – don’t actually help their constituency). But the “Don’t you dare” thing? I think BLM is not really representative of black culture proper. I think it’s probably a ploy foisted upon the black community by outside agents, for ulterior motives, and the buy-in among the black community is only lukewarm (and it really only amounts to “Don’t you dare de-victimize blacks or I’m gonna bang on this drum all day”). In Canada here – First Nations aren’t very passionate about the “Don’t you dare” ploy either (however others are promoting it – probably for ulterior motives as well).

    OK – so doesn’t this “Don’t you dare” ploy make the jewish thing and the Islamic thing sorta gay and femmy? See what I mean? And as far as BLM goes (as not a real representation of black sentiment) … it’s sorta gay and femmy too.

    OK – so, one way of looking at it …… doesn’t these “Don’t you dare” permutations amount to a jealousy thing? (which means the “Don’t you dare” perpetrators are putting themselves in the inferior position, in their own minds). Makes some sense – eh?


    • My answer to “Don’t you dare” is to dare. It is a remarkably week tactic on their part, and it completely stops working if I stop being nice to them.


      • Yes – that is usually the correct response. The schoolyard bully dares others to knock the chip off shoulder. If you don’t – he will see you as weak and escalate, using your weakness as an excuse to dominate you. But once one stands up, others will usually champion that person’s cause as well. Done right and the bully must sulkingly withdraw (group consensus now formed against his domination ploy – swamps his resources).

        But at the larger scale, preemptive bullying by groups, ….something goes haywire. Too many people who you would think would want to champion the cause of someone who refuses to be dominated by preemptive bullying, instead, SIDE WITH THE BULLY! Or perhaps for some – it’s a matter of sitting on their hands.

        This is the way of gang formation. Which form of tyranny will one tend towards accepting in one’s life? The tyranny of dominance/submission games (submit and side with, or fail to denounce, the bully – accept the conditions that are the underpinnings of rule by gang), or the tyranny of fairness (refuse to accept to be dominated – promote a culture of fairness based on merit, a culture of moderate individualism. I am still defining this as a form of tyranny, because it requires the exercise of self-agency – which is akin to accepting the tyranny of personal responsibility).

        The tyranny of the gang mentality seems to be the norm in human affairs. The tyranny of moderate individualism is what the true-west promotes. But there are a whole lot of people borne of western heritage that don’t seem to understand this, or don’t want it. As such the western agenda is rather tenuous (even within the insular west, which is only an abstraction at this point anyways – where is the west now insular?).

        This is the primary quandary. The only way the west can survive is if it attracts more adherents. The preconditions of the west are dependent on this ideological component – a willingness to accept the tyranny of personal responsibility (i.e. – I don’t think it’s just purely about race – otherwise there wouldn’t be so many leftoids and cucks among those of western heritage).

        OK – now, given all this, my point is that from the true-west perspective, the bully and his minions and cucks look gay and femmy.

        But maybe the bully thinks the adherents of true-west look gay and femmy as well, similar to the way the bully perceives his minions and cucks? Does the bully mis-perceive the true-west root sentiment of refusal of dominance by way of accepting the tyranny of personal responsibility, as a weakness on par with the weakness of his minions and cucks? If so – who is right in this matter with respect to who is gay and femmy? Is the true-west perspective more accurate, or is the gang mentality perspective more accurate?

        Look – I’m bringing this up because “gay and femmy” is a deep mode of rhetoric. And rhetoric is called for now. Can true-west carry the day by way of painting the bullies, along with his minions and cucks, as gay and femmy?


  33. As is typical these days with so many women with this equalist career go grrrl fem!nist self-perceived higher SMV BS, Theron has probably priced herself out of the market to the point where there were no men left for her to look up to. Or the alphas just said no thanks, because they can get someone else just as attractive, younger and without the drama.

    What a waste.


  34. I don’t think we evolved. I believe we adapted.


    • Interestingly, it was stumbling across the Kakistocracy blog (and Atlantic Centurion, now unfortunately defunct) that alerted me to the existence of the alt-right. I was looking for non mainstream takes on Trump early last year after long giving up on politics, when I found those two blogs. From there I went to Vox Day, and eventually Occidental Dissent, Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, and this noble Chateau.

      Kakistocracy is great stuff. Highly recommended.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 6:09 am Wrong Side Luciano

        gay ass aurini was the first time I heard of the “alternative right”. I was like what thefuck is that?

        porter is a talented man.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 6:13 am Wrong Side Luciano

        Bloody Shovel, Jim’s Blog, Kakistocracy, Chateau Heartistzes, The Right Stuff circa 2013

        my fav blogs


      • Bloody shovel- great name. People underestimate what a great weapon an E tool can be.


  35. on September 16, 2017 at 7:37 am Wrong Side Luciano

    the best and least offensive advice I can offer a normie is to stop thinking in terms of political and economic isms. none of that shit matters and just gets you bogged down in the abstract morass



    how to keep power

    who can mobilize the most bodies?

    fuck everything else. it’s a waste of brain power.

    people power is a pretty lie. everything flows from the top down.

    real change comes from infiltrating institutions


    • on September 16, 2017 at 7:38 pm Vagina dominator

      Most people don’t have the brain power or the emotional strength and self confidence to deal with an expert in ism-talk.

      Probably the thing that puts most weak people into the -ism trap is that they won’t say “The most important interest to me is my self interest” – because then the ismist will say they are a “selfish” person.

      But unless you start from that “selfish” and self-respecting position then you are very easily put into the shitlib, self-destructive, virtual-signaling mode we are in everywhere today.

      They don’t understand that their self love is the reason why they need to have “selfish” things like friends and family and peace and productivity – the basis of a good society. Instead they allow themselves to be isolated and bored and put upon and used by the ismists – to prove to the ismists that they are not “selfish”.

      That is why “selfish” PUA is liberating for society as long as enough men (betas) can be brought into its gravity field.


  36. video/1


    • Last Exit Brooklyn


    • Islamic public call to prayer. A command that all (the whole world) must eventuality utterly submit to Allah. This submission that is called for, but of slightly different flavor, is nevertheless akin to the submission the leftoid shitlibs preach, which at root, is a call, a public pronouncement, of the supposed (but incorrectly understood and therefore mistakenly conceived) command of Nature herself, to return to the state of omnipotence of the singular female, earth-mother-gaia-style.

      Both pronouncements are absurd, and absurd in a particularly gay and femmy way, because at root, both are in denial of the masculine principle. This absurd audacity is most gay and femmy.

      The Jewish Retard mindset also shares this gay and femmy quality.


    • on September 16, 2017 at 4:26 pm vaguely human slav

      come on, the president you dummies elected called that the most beautiful sound in the world…and teh sound of the “folks” he would side with in any dispute between the US and muzzies.

      You US voters did realize that, didn’t you? Surely, your GOP … the hate filled xenophbic blah blah blah nominated a monster willing to call out the dog eating, muslim gaywad the DNC nominated in 2008?


    • on September 16, 2017 at 5:14 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      who’s she?



  37. Like

  38. on September 16, 2017 at 12:29 pm BrachaBenedicta

    Anti-white AND anti-Christian. Put it this way: if you’re white or Christian you’re a target (minus ‘extenuating’circunstances, like if you’re a Bosnian white Muslim or Dinka black Christian); if you’re white AND Christian you’re the king of targets.

    This isn’t going to end well. Saxons, please don’t fall for these shticks next time. The world needs you!


    • on September 16, 2017 at 4:27 pm vaguely human slav

      it’s no accident Osama Bin Laden was still bitching about the battles that kept the muslims out of Europe 500 years later.


    • If you are a white, male, heterosexual Christian, you are presumed to be an oppressor by nature. Unfortunately, there are still too many who buy into the globalist pitch that this presumption is rebuttable by performing various public acts of contrition.

      IT IS NOT.

      Once you understand and internalize this simple truth, you are free to pursue and defend your own interests without affect or guilt or apology. This is basic human dignity. If you are going to have it, you’ll have to take it back.

      The choice is yours…


  39. Non-whites are racists and homophobes and white liberals don’t really believe other races are just like them they just fancy the idea of civilising the earth. Coy.

    The other side of America are the underachievers and proud of it. There’s no false modesty there.


    • on September 16, 2017 at 2:09 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      ironically, bigoted shitlords will have an easier time building rapport with non-whites than they will White liberals

      chad swag transcends racial divides

      blacks correctly see White libs as fake ass faggots and pounce on that weakness


      • chad swag transcends racial divides

        Dream on, mischling… the only n1gger-White buddy scenarios are in the movies… IF the White is willing to adopt the lingo and mannerisms of a half-assed shitskin.

        … the ones produced, written, directed and distributed by (((ykw))) and their useful stooges.

        Which one were you again?


      • Blacks do seem to look out for me on my Captain save a ho ways. To almost the point of fighting to knock sense into me from there perspective. Really came close my black Bros in Kuwait definitely did not want me getting serious with a ho. When I got loud about it and was willing to throw they backed down like let him make own mistakes or they were seeing if I how far I would go if they fucked with her the answer murder something they could all understand but yea one dude said he was going to take my girlfriend at time basically rape her so yea. Think I got lots bitch out of it so all good.


      • He is right. They won’t be your friend but it earns their respect and they will want to work with you more constructively than is otherwise the case. This is in contrast to surrounding you and beating you senseless.


      • WSL and CD are right. Nobody worth a squirt of piss — black, white, brown etc. — can respect a supplicating bitch boy.

        SJWs hope to be raped and eaten last. It won’t work out that way.


      • Tens of thousand of Jew-hating Muslims get imported every month. You think that’s a Jewish conspiracy?

        Looking forward to your conspiracy theories to explain that.

        As you can see from the responses, alt-R ally rabbi, some conspiracy theories are no longer theory… nor conspiracy, when (((y’all))) gots the chutzpah to admit it outright.

        Ball in your court.


      • WSL and CD are right. Nobody worth a squirt of piss — black, white, brown etc. — can respect a supplicating bitch boy.

        SJWs hope to be raped and eaten last. It won’t work out that way.

        Nobody was arguing THAT point, and DUH!

        But if you think being a cocky asshole is going to get you a “good YT” pass when de re-bo-lu-shun git here, you got another think coming.

        NOTHING crosses the racial divide between White and shitskin. YT will do well to remember that.

        Respect at arm’s length is another thing altogether.


      • Not a “good YT pass” more like a “fuck dat cracker. Let’s go fuck with these pussies ova here.” pass.

        The Machiavelli (Better to be feared than loved) pass?…


      • Point is, we don’t need n1ggers fucking with ANY White folks… we’ll take care of our own traitors.


      • Need to think about that one, GE.

        I’m partial to poetic justice.


      • Negros with ill intent don’t often take the time to discern one White face from another, amirite?


      • Also, one of the problems with poetic justice is that it’s seldom poetic and even less often just.

        We’ll police our own… and if there are any negros or jews of good will, I recommend they do likewise.


      • The problem with “policing our own” is that we’ve (whitey) never been able to actually bring ourselves to do it effectively. It always amounts to nothing more than lot of talk because we tend to err on the side of mercy rather than justice.

        It’s what (((they))) and their puppets count on, and it’s why we’re in the predicament we’re in right now.

        Hillary and Bill, e.g. are walking around free right now enjoying all the benefits of being hundred millionaires. They’ll both likely go peacefully surrounded by the best medical care money can buy. The people they betrayed? Most will die early with not a cent for heirs.

        Tell me I’m wrong.


      • Fair points, in re Clintons and others who thus far escape scot free.

        But the Day o’ Reckonin’ ain’t come yet.


  40. I discuss on my blog how the Left originates from Frankism and the evidence is ridiculously overwhelming. Accordingly, the Left will hate Torah-peoples:

    Orthodox Jews, who were conveniently Holocausted when FDR’s Sabbean-Frankist Cabinet Jews passive-aggressively refused to get them out of Nazi Germany AND Christians of the more old-school Southern variety.

    So, whites shouldn’t be the object of hatred, yet here we are? Why?

    It turns out minority groups really, really hate white people. Notably they vote against the “white” tribal proxy Republicans universally, with the exception of guess who? Orthodox Jews, who support “White Power” Republican Party at the same level as Southern Evangelicals.

    So, this all becomes clear that the hatred is against trad Judeo-Christian values, with “whites” being a proxy of this. “Anti-White” Left is just another case of mis-direction. They don’t hate GoodWhites, they hate BadWhites who retain oldschool Torah values (Old Testament, family, law-and-order, ethno-nationalism).


    • on September 16, 2017 at 2:32 pm Wrong Side Luciano

      u see

      its not all jewz, goyim

      just those bad baad jewz who hate our shared judeo-christian values


      • Tens of thousand of Jew-hating Muslims get imported every month. You think that’s a Jewish conspiracy?

        Looking forward to your conspiracy theories to explain that.


      • The Jews and Muslims have always had a nasty symbiotic relationship. A lot of Muslim theology and Sharia was actually formulated by Jewish scholars and “lawyers” in the area of initial conquest. There was even an entire Jewish army assisting Mohammed’s first expansion.

        See “In the Shadow of the Sword,” by Tom Holland.

        The Jews also assisted Islam in Moorish Spain. When evicted from Spain later, many of them immediately went to Muslim lands, where they took up their usual trades of usury and such.

        One doesn’t need a “conspiracy theory” to think that the Jews are helping with the arrival of Muslims. They freely and frankly admit it. In writing, even.

        “Logically,” they would help us, you’re correct there. But they’re both Semites. And their hatred for us seems to eclipse their hatred for each other and allows them to work together despite “incidents.”


      • I will let your (((ilk))) explain it shlomo


    • Yeah, Jews stand with Muslims. Except in Israhell and Palestine. Who would have thought ? Watch what the Yid does, not what he says.


    • “Judeo-muslim”, there, fixed it for you. Two sides of the same coin, THAT”S why.


  41. To this point, nobody but a Red Sea pedestrian says “my fellow white people,” and they only say it in trying to convince their unsuspecting competitors to give up:


    • Jewish Retards tend to want it both ways, like women tend to want want it. Jewish Retards and women alike: “I’m the same as you when it suits me, otherwise I’m special”.

      Gay and femmy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • At least with women, their gay and femmy ways are understandable, as it is their nature after all – femmy – mostly good on a woman, but the gay part (wanting it both ways and failing to see that that desire is rooted in the hyper-personalized nature of the feminine self-preservation drive), is aggravating but otherwise tolerable, given the charms of the feminine.

        But Jewish Retards: No – its an aberration of nature, and not tolerable.


    • The Left hates Jews more than “whites”. In Britain, Labour is becoming Judenrein. They voted Conservative.

      US Leftist Jews are struggling to find a niche as “good whites”, but this is short term. A party of Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics, has no place for Jews or GoodWhites. Tribalism is the order of the day. The days of the Leftist Jew, bete noire of the far-right, fading away. We face a vengeful brown enemy who will do to you what they do to Jews and whites in South Africa. Hunted like animals.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 7:46 pm Vagina dominator

        “we”? smdh. You know this ain’t the Catskills don’tcha, shekie?


      • Clean house on your own folk spewing their agitprop and undermining the integrity of our lands, and maybe THEN we’ll talk about an Aryan-Jew alliance against the rising tide of colour, Schlomo.

        Until then, you’re just another disingenuous enemy of a future for White children. :man:


      • All those “old school Torah Jews” fighting on the side of the moors… hahaha

        GFY, liar.

        You’re either a kike agent or a dick dumb evangelical who can see Gaza from his back porch in Alabama. Either way, you’ve been had.


  42. Globohomo anti-White hate machine ..umm, why not just call it what it is -loxism.


  43. on September 16, 2017 at 4:20 pm vaguely human slav

    us badwhites need to call out the real bad whites for what they are: societal autoimmune diseases and challenge their assumptions.

    1. do they really want to be just like us or do they just want our stuff?
    2. what is the model for the diversitopia you’ve destroyed western civ in favor of? Every other nation on earth is one dominant ethnic group and one or two barely tolerated other ethnic groups.
    3. how can we continue to pretend 90% of the earth is composed on minorities? Once we tear down borders and give job preferences to wogs, whites are the true true minorities.


    • This is absolutely correct.

      As much as people say Jewz this Jewz that, all they are doing is weaponizing our people’s genetic trash against us. The problem is this keeps happening because we never clean house until its too late.

      Economic prosperity (built by high-quality genetics of generations of white geniuses) is being used to subsidize our own white genetic filth AND to weaponize all of the dirt world ethnicities against us. It’s a huge problem when everyone else has a sense of us/them and we have huge amounts of people who don’t have that instinct.

      The dirt world, in particular blacks, have no value for any of the BEHAVIORS that allow for technological advancements at all. Zero. Niggers don’t even pretend to give a shit about tech, math, anything. Sure, they’ll buy an iPhone with their welfare check, but just so they can get some “white bitchez” Snapchats to more easily coordinate a fuck session or something. Same for all kinds of technology; its just something “cool” that’s available to them.

      So yes, the answer is that they just want our stuff. Liberals either are delusional or don’t care, but the truth is all this “migrant crisis” shit is basically about not having to work and just live off our efforts and to fuck our women.

      TLDR: Coloreds just want to live in white countries so they don’t have to work and they can fuck white chicks. Water is wet.


      • Liberals are virtue signaling to the elites they want to claim allegiance to. This is the deliberate policy of the elites to create more compliant and disposable farm animals. Then there are the added benefits already discussed for the women like higher relative SMV. But these are secondary.


      • As much as people say Jewz this Jewz that, all they are doing is weaponizing our people’s genetic trash against us.

        Oh… is THAT all?

        Sorry, Jewz… my bad.

        :Mt Rushmore DUCKFACE


      • Greg, I’m just saying that they would have no power if it weren’t for their silly goy pets all across the land.


      • Which has been acknowledged innumerable times already at the chateau.

        Obviously, if miscreants don’t find their dupes then their evil intentions are attenuated, thank you very much.

        But the point is/was/remains: when you say things like “If it weren’t for the cooperation of A-d-a-m and E-v-e, Satan wouldn’t have succeeded”, it sounds like you’re giving the Devil a pass.


  44. Still sitting on your ass by the poolside ? Its time to get up, and reclaim whats yours.


  45. on September 16, 2017 at 7:51 pm Mandy been here a while

    Do people still believe Trump is playing 4d chess after this DACA fiasco?


    • No, now its hyper-spacial, multidimensional, 15d wormhole chess.


    • It’s time to just start playing good ol’ fashioned 2D chess… the one where you actually CAPTURE enemy pieces.

      This 4D stuff,, where apparently sacrifice appears to be the strategy, with only promises of future advantage gained thereby, is starting to hurt me gulliver.


    • There still are some, yes. This is not one of them typing here.


    • There is still a significant number of Trump cultists
      These highly emotionally driven individuals have fear of being left alone with their shuttered delusions
      They are in many ways comparable to a beta male who desperately cling to a relationship in which he was given nothing in return for his unconditional adoration and commitment


      • Here are some of them
        Mother of all rallies few hundreds including BLM


      • CLOWN WORLD: Black Lives Matter organizer allowed to speak at #MOAR.

        This is why we lose.

        From the pics I saw, that so-called “mother” of a rally had fewer people show up than a nearby juggalo mob, protesting the FBI’s classification of them as a “gang”.


  46. on September 16, 2017 at 8:07 pm Vagina dominator

    It is the weekend so I will share an exercise tip for men who travel a lot, sit in cars and airplanes, stay in hotels and can’t get to a gym and would like to be able to efficiently do some refreshing, strengthening, testosterone-stirring cardio all at once in just a few minutes.

    Equipment: Flip-flops or shoes to protect the feet. Gloves to protect the hands. 1 x motorcycle tire inner tube (from, say, a 150cc size motorcycle.) Timing device.


    1. Stand on the inner tube with both feet 8 or 10 inches apart.
    2. Grasp inner tube, one hand on each side, near the ankles or calves.
    3. Draw in the lower abdomen
    4. Stand while pulling straight-armed. No need to stand completely or to put the lower back into lordosis. Experiment a little with the effects. I personally do not stand completely and keep the lower back rounded. But I am careful to keep the lower stomach drawn in.
    5. Repeat as many times as you can for time.

    I started at one minute a couple of weeks ago and am currently doing sets of 2 min 30 secs and it leaves my heart pumping solidly, not like a fast sprint but certainly at a good rate.

    No homo, but the effect on my butt has been remarkable, taking it in just the first week from “firm” to absolutely rock-like. Any women readers out there, this is the ultimate for your butt.

    This is an effective exercise for the entire posterior chain from the ankles to the traps and sterno-cleido mastoid, very suitable for any man who has had a day of too much sitting but is short on time or space.

    If you try this, let me now how it works for you.

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    • The first week of Fight Club, their asses were like cookie dough…

      … after a month, they were carved of wood.


      • that has a rather homoerotic ring to it amiright?


      • that has a rather homoerotic ring to it amiright?

        Right you are… and if you’ll recall, more than once I’ve jibed a yegg or two about calling Fight Club a red pill movie, giving all the homo undertones dished up therein.


    • on September 17, 2017 at 6:04 am Wrong Side Luciano


      good shit.

      what do you think of stomach vacuums?


      • on September 17, 2017 at 6:17 am Wrong Side Luciano

        i was forced to take an extended deload recently

        I did a lot of plyometric shit in the meantime

        100s of these increased my vert and had me feeling more explosive than ever


      • I’m sure when you pictured in your mind’s eye a bucket of KFC, there was plenty of spring to your step.


      • Somebody with skillz photoshop said bucket of KFC on WrongHaid’s n1gger there.

        If you’re going to post vids of n1gs at the chateau, at least make us laugh, alt-R ally.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


      • on September 17, 2017 at 8:56 am Wrong Side Luciano

        I just grabbed a gif of sumbody doing kneeling jump squats

        i wasn’t able to find one of a lily white dude for greg’s satisfaction


      • on September 17, 2017 at 8:58 am Wrong Side Luciano

        >”I’m sure when you pictured in your mind’s eye a bucket of KFC, there was plenty of spring to your step.”

        fuck yeh


      • i wasn’t able to find one of a lily white dude for greg’s satisfaction

        Which is why we lose.

        Your disparaging use of “lily white” noted, alt-R ally.


      • >”I’m sure when you pictured in your mind’s eye a bucket of KFC, there was plenty of spring to your step.”

        fuck yeh

        Yeah, well… okay, I’ll give you that.

        Ah likes some fried chicken on occasion mah damn self. 😉


      • on September 17, 2017 at 5:45 pm Captain Obvious


      • on September 17, 2017 at 5:50 pm Wrong Side Luciano



      • on September 17, 2017 at 8:29 pm Vagina dominator

        @ WSD “what do you think of stomach vacuums?”

        The muscles used in stomach vaccums are targeted in this exercise bcs you have to pull in the stomach while doing it. These muscles have a big role in stabilizing the sacral muscles. That is part of what makes this a good exercise for men who have been sitting too much and so are developing a pot and weak lower back muscles.

        Another thing I like about this is that it is safe lifting without lumbar lordosis. In other words, it is the kind of lifting that you see in rice fields around the world, where men and women simply bend at the waist and lift bodyweight-heavy bags of rice up onto the head with no need to go into some kind of Workplace Health and Safety rigmarole.

        I am not against the safe lifting practises of weightlifting – at a certain weight level, you have to lift like that – but I do think that when someone thows his back out bending over to pick up a child’s toy, it is not bcs he was lifting incorrectly. I just think it is bcs he has become so very weak and untoned and *uncoordinated* in the lower back that he can’t safely perform even this very basic human action.

        Too much sitting.

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    • Here’s an exercise tip for men out there:

      Do physical work …mow your lawn…keep your yard tidy…rake leaves.. .physical work in fresh air will make you feel great…much better than exercising in conditioned air in a gym
      clean your house
      Take care of your kids…run after them if they are toddlers…carry them around if new borns
      Go grocery shopping
      Fuck the lady
      Take care of your car

      Gyms and exercise routines are for urban shitlibs who have no families ..have too much time and spend hours isolated wearing head phones with other losers and gays in gyms


      • What Lichthof said, but I would add, make your own gym in your basement or a designated room rather than going to a gym, which takes travel time, expense, and the aggravation of public places..

        No excuses about space limitations.

        Hell, even when I lived in a studio apt in my salad days, I always had at least a bench and weights, and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

        craigslist always has good used equipment offered for pennies on the dollar.


      • on September 17, 2017 at 5:48 pm Captain Obvious

        “craigslist always has good used equipment offered for pennies on the dollar”


        Possibly THE BEST kept secret in the entire United States of ZOG.


  47. ” but the effect on my butt has been remarkable, taking it in just the first week from “firm” to absolutely rock-like. ”

    No homo, but pictures or it isn’t true. Just kidding guy, good suggestion.


    • on September 16, 2017 at 8:29 pm Vagina dominator

      “pictures or it isn’t true”

      I’d have to shave it first, or you’d think it was just a pic of some rabbi.


      • on September 16, 2017 at 8:40 pm Vagina dominator

        I used to think it was a caricature. Now I see it’s actually a portrait.


      • I’d have to shave it first, or you’d think it was just a pic of some rabbi.

        Beyond The Valley Of The D(r)olls.

        I sniggered.


      • “You want to get nailed to a cross?”

        “Nobody does that anymore!”

        “Right… so just apologize for the last one.”

        I hate to encourage schmucks doing South Park antics, but I had to laugh at that line.

        That said, I think the fact that the prankster was obviously a kike himself… well, he damn sure looked the part, if not… doing a Howard Sternesque shtick gives all this a been-there, done-that type of air.


      • on September 17, 2017 at 12:55 pm Wrong Side Luciano

        ari shaffir

        his stand up is everything u’d expect from a jewish comedian


      • Actually, crucifixion is still practiced in Saudi Arabia, I believe Yemen, and a couple of other MENA nations. Its done the old school way too.


  48. What’s CH’s racial proximity theory again ?

    – A survey of 25 nations has revealed that countries with higher levels of immigration are changing their attitudes towards it fastest. –


    • Deep down, even shitlibs know that they need more Africans and Muslims like they need bulletholes in their heads.

      It’s just that the shitlibs never thought they’d ever have to deal with the consequences of their retarded equalism.


  49. Burkel takes random questions from the audience
    except the lil’ presstitute has all questions and pictures of those will ask
    Random Shill 1
    Mme Merkel would you tell us if you consider AfD to be like literally Hitler


  50. Really no matter where I go the people’s color religion country whatever try to look out for me
    Even girl got out jail black dude man to man talked me do I know what she does
    Indian dude Kuwait brought bunch young chicks to get me with one of them stead of my older wife still kept just my wife at that time


  51. Had friend from Bosnia Serbia and kosovo


  52. I told a drug dealer I didn’t even know after asking him if I could step on his porch aftery girl was at his house I looked him in the eye and said drug dealers need to go.He kept looking me in the eye and said I agree with you.


  53. Now that is extremely looking out bit that’s my life I guess


  54. Dude that took my knife and causedy extreme emotional pain brought the shit back bayonet I used to play with as kid indestructible white dude


  55. People will literally agree to die for displeasing me but I want them to fucking livvvvveee!
    Talked to dude from Africa that tectedy girl he said plenty of room west africa for American blacks at end of convo he said whites could have west africa


  56. He said whites be scheming to get the goodies from their land I’m like we didn’t have to scheme to give u shit we could of just taken.your land we got fucking nukes and we kind and pretend to need to play that game


  57. Well maybe not pretend right word maybe to keep it fun



    Brother Nathaniel’s new article. Dreaming of Jewish Sci fi Jewish State. Very funny!


  59. My ex ex asked him bout Africa and he didn’t say shit pissed me the fuck off. I’m like u trying to open Pandora’s box


  60. I think de ja vu


  61. Ain’t u guys watched men who.stare at goats fighting is passed unless for men to have fun


  62. Since that epic thread
    How to make a girl send you nudes is closed I have yo leave this here


  63. Killing can be done with people’s permission therein lies salvation and ultimately kindness when u show mercy


  64. Yup court that’s all day for our white woman from all over world but if it means they give up there countries to us with slight convincing cause they know they can’t make a white bitch think ok lol


  65. An affirmative action cunt is allowed to score one of the most anticipated fights of last year
    She scores 118-110 (10 rounds to 2) for Messican while all non visually impaired saw the exactly opposite

    There is no single man domain which a cunt will not destroy if allowed

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  66. Actual words I’m sorry drug dealers need to go


  67. Naa Reb that shit so weak it’s practically retarded


  68. I can change my fitness to whatever I want it to be depending on how I want to play the game or even bitches fitness with miracles


  69. Will see if wife gets preggers


  70. They prob don’t take into account that God is real either


  71. on September 17, 2017 at 7:02 am Wrong Side Luciano

    “Wolves understand cause and effect better than dogs”

    domestication makes dumb dumb dumb and hyper-reliant

    our pre-agricultural pre-iPhaggot ancestors were probably brain surgeons compared to most of the population

    and everybody was probably on the same page b4 the IQ gap widening effect of civilization


  72. on September 17, 2017 at 9:59 am Captain Obvious

    Trump was right! Police first held ‘refugee boy’, 18, arrested at Dover over bucket bomb


  73. on September 17, 2017 at 10:04 am Captain Obvious

    “Sources say Sir Christopher’s decision to leave comes after failed attempts to unify the ‘rival’ royal households. This included a disastrous plan in 2014 to merge the press offices into one hub at Buckingham Palace so the Royal Family could ‘sing with one voice’, a strategy championed by Sir Christopher and (((Mrs Cohen))).”





    [CH: do you see me running for prez and telling half the population to fuck off?]


  75. California passed legislation (along party lines) to become, in effect, a sanctuary state, to not assist, and thwart where possible, federal attempts to identify, detain and deport illegals. And, on cue, a Chicago federal judge issued an order attempting to stop Trump’s administration from withholding funds from sanctuary cities. By mere cohencidence, Chicago is now about 30% squatamalan – even blacks are fleeing the city. Shit has to be bad for blacks to start abandoning ship.


  76. Is Eastern Europe the only place stating the obvious ?

    – Polish President: ‘There is No Doubt the Growing Wave of Terrorism is Linked to Migration’ –


    • One way in which you can tell whether or not your government is legitimate is by whether or not it affirms its boys. I once CONTRASTED a Public Service Announcement in Poland vs an infamous one in America. The former advised parents to build up their sons, the latter tore them down.

      A larger point in that post aligns with your above comment. For any people to have the fight in them to overcome their conditions, they have to see that it’s possible. During Communism, the free-market West served in that role, as an (illusory, in retrospect) aspirational example of how nice things could be. Today, the Visegrad Four are such an aspirational model for the pozzed people in the West. As in “Yes, it is possible to have an all-White, single-ethnicity state that’s prosperous and and safe.”

      People in the West don’t remember what it’s like to have a government that doesn’t want to eradicate them like bugs. That’s why counter-examples are so important.


  77. – Cultural Marxism is just Global Homocapitalism –


  78. This is how you encourage the formation of our future armies.

    – Russia: Putin awards Order of Parental Glory to large families on Intl. Children’s Day –


  79. You don’t slaughter an enemy’s mediocre self-annihilators. You target its minority of racinated (S)upremacists and obscure your dirty deeds amongst its grass-gorging sheep.

    The operative paradigm is anti-white (S)upremacy with a varying array of archetypes particular in their origin.

    “Anti-white animus” misses the internecine aspect of the existential war.

    [CH: the internecine warfare is covered by the more precise term “anti-white ethnic animus”.]


  80. Remember, boys and girls, when you’re out being progressive…


  81. Mr Heartiste you are correct. I don’t agree with everything Trump has done but he has really stuck the middle finger to the bitching ass ‘minorities’ in the USA .
    white people are 7% of world’s ethnicity so don’t let a shitskin or nigger play that whole guilt bullshit with you. Whites are the minority of the world by alot, but we have the best civilizations.(since we are the race solely responsible for advancing humanity out of the stone age.. meanwhile the nogs still live in mud huts in AIDSfrica and can’t find clean water, pathetic )
    Since we do have the best civilizations since we basically Built all of them, shit skins Hispanics and the absolutely cancerous nigger race comes racing to white man land while their pathetic race stays intact where they originated from. any uncucked government with an ounce of human instinct left in them would stop legal immigration NOW to the US and Europe before the inevitable occurs. Tribalism will prevail and the white men will have to save the fucking world again and stop the subhumans from trying to erode our country to the shitstain that is theirs.

    Also the simplest answer to saving WHITE MEN right now is fatherhood. Dad’s need to instill stern discipline and hardwork / no bullshit ethics into their sons from birth basically. This world is pumped full of emotionally weak, cowardly, weird fucks. We need fathers to be mean as hell again if that’s what it takes. Fathers that make their son study hard in school, play sports from the age they can start learning, and bond with their son and don’t just let him sit inside on the Xbox all day during the week