The Great Men On The Wall

Excerpt from John D. MacDonald’s 1966 mystery novel, The Last One Left (h/t Burton):

_[She] was one of the great broads, years past the peak of it, but hanging in there so well, you had to marvel at what it had to be costing her in time and effort to keep the illusion of youth. Not only the masks and packs, and the oils and skin foods and lotions and the careful measuring of sun to keep that flawless brown gold of the expensive tennis-club tan, but on top of that, the daily measurements of every dimension to the quarter part of an inch, followed by exercises that would exhaust a stevedore. Then, once you had the pretty machine all assembled, you had to imitate the unconscious tricks of youth, no matter how tired the flesh. You had to walk pert, more trimly and quickly, smile saucy, exaggerate all expressions and all gestures, move the head quickly, and run the voice up and down as many notes of the scale as you could handle._

_But, baby, the years are written on the backs of your hands, in bulged veins and thickened knucklebones, and written in the horizontal lines across your throat and in the little striated patterns on the slightly puffed flesh under the eyes._”

Christine Ballcutter-Fraud must have been fighting the advance of the Wall during her Fake Testimony. It’s disconcerting to see an older woman who hasn’t aged well at all hit every note on the valley girl register in a transparently lame effort to sound like a vulnerable teen girl. Shitlibs, naturally, fell for it.


Bonus quote, this one credited to Hemingway, although I haven’t been able to confirm the source:

You could never remember the exact moment she was in love with you – but you knew the instant she wasn’t.

All to true for so many men, but for the few who have earned their stripes, the moment a woman falls in love with you is detectable when she inconveniences herself for your favor. (More romantically, it’s the moment her eyes do the talking.)

PS In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, the Hemingway short story “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” is an absolute must-read for any student of the crimson pill. Hemingway knew the truth of female hypergamy and its attendant vindictiveness toward beta males who dare to rise above their station.


  1. I gotta check out that Hemingway short story; thanks for the link. I like his writing style, which is any reason I like Raymond Carver’s style. Though Carver’s are some damn depressing stories.

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  2. I can’t recall the exact issues, but Dave Sim’s “Cerebus” had an arc on Hemingway when he went on a Safari with his wife. The general gist was that the wife was relentless in her emasculation and equalization to her husband that contributed to his suicide.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 10:42 am Darth Caucasious

      The b!tch would rather he killed died than find satisfaction away from her solipsistic, sadistic emasculation. In the story, she kills her man at the moment his mind turns from her clit-teat to the freedom his own unbridled masculinity.

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    • I am sure hemingway shot himself cause of impending death from some sickness.


      • towards the end of his life he got so desensitized that he had to get off by seeing people get killed by cuban commie thugs

        Hemingway, the standard in wasp depravity

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    • on November 23, 2018 at 12:09 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Hemingway was Alpha in most respects…however yes, the standard of WASP depravity.

      He was also a closet Communist.


  3. That Hemingway short was assigned in my English Lit class in High School, including written analysis and extended class discussion, back around 1980. That teacher must’ve been trying to say something.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 3:15 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

      A high school English class circa 1980. Those must’ve been the days.

      I remember a few years ago leafing through my father’s high school yearbooks from early to mid-70s. Medium-sized town in English-speaking Canada. It looked like a wonderful time and place. The student body looked hale and wholesome; the girls were radiant and looked more like young women with blow-dryed blonde hair blouses. There seemed to be an enormous amount of school spirit leaping off the page: all the teams, clubs, sporting events, productions, teachers looked relaxed and friendly. Candid photos of guys and girls walking down the halls earnestly carrying books or hanging out in the quadrangle or the library. Needless to say, the school was 99% white.

      I went to the same high school as my father. When I shewed up in the late 90s, there were vestiges of the old times, including some of the same teachers and books in the library that my father and uncles had signed out, but even by that time, something had changed. Yes, it was less white, but still over 90%. Yes the English department still taught Shakespeare and poetry, but it’s almost as it the soul, that beating force that made the 70s look like such a warm, familiar, and congenial time, was starting to erode. Yes, They were giving out condoms in the nurse’s office, but the whole gay, lettuce bacon and tomato scourge hadn’t yet descended.

      I’d frankly be terrified to send a child into a publick high school today. At least one that wasn’t in the whitest, remotest, bible beltest region I could find.

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  4. Whenever I meet a shitlib feminist, I go out of my way to tell her that I like Hemingway. I expect them to become indignant, but instead their nipples perk up immediately.


    • on November 20, 2018 at 12:10 pm Captain Obvious

      I’ve been on record for a while in observing that the Maul Right now reads like Hemingway & Jack London & John Steinbeck & Upton Sinclair.

      Raging unrepentant womanizers, drunks, scoundrels, racists and SOCIALISTS. Go figure.

      Hard Times make Hard Men.

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      • if those men were alive today would they still be shitlibs?


      • After college 10 years ago, I made a specific to read London, Hemingway and Steinbeck. It was a great time and those men and their pieces were deeply resonant to me.

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      • Having to write essays on Sandra Cisneros and Toni Morrison can make a man infertile.


      • Major, ain’t that the effen truth. One English class (twas my first major after all) we read both of those authors.

        Funnily enough, in my medieval English class, the female teacher wasn’t a feminist b1tch, taught from the material and never made her teachings social issue bs. She was a good one. Damn near a radical nowadays.

        And back then, I was a beta’s beta. Eesh. . .


      • I can recommend JG Ballard.

        We are living in the atrocity exhibition.


      • Ballard wrote Crash
        He once wrote ‘ after seeing so many PSAs on road safety…I was almost glad to get into a car crash’.
        I reference this all the time when talking about the Holox.

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      • London was a socialist when perhaps it was necessary for White men of good will to be one… read his now all-but-forgotten Iron Heel, and you’ll understand his socialist leanings… as well as why the (((MSM))) and schools prefer that work to be obscure.


  5. John D – – my favorite author

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    • He had a spiel in one of his books about what it meant to be convicted of a felony without spending a day in prison — in a better than 90% white country. But now it doesn’t seem to mean a thing.

      He truly was great. Heck, I may read through his Travis McGee series again. That was some fun reading.


    • The Travis McGee stories are always a great read…


  6. The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock by TS Elliott is what happens to a beta male that ages alone, the anti Hemingway.


  7. Google “1980s girls glasses” and then look at images. Then ask yourself why a fifty year-old woman in 2018 would wear the same glasses that high school girls wore in the 1980’s. Playing a role? You think?


  8. One of MacDonald’s best novels. For those who are interested in his Travis McGee novels, I’d recommend Darker than Amber. There are some really incisive passages about women that would never make it past the PC police today. McD was seriously red pilled

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    • All of the Travis McGee novels are good, but a lot of John D’s other novels are also very example, ‘The Girl, the gold watch, and everything.’


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    • For YT vids, just copy the URL from the address bar and paste into the comments window. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

      For photos: right-click on the image and copy the image address. As a rule of thumb, I always paste that copied address in the address bar to make sure I got it right. And, ensure that the file extension at the end of the link is either: jpg, png or even jpeg. Do the same thing: paste that link—ending with those extensions—in the comments section.

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    • with videos you can usually post the url from the top of your browser
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        About 99% of all j00tube URLs make it past M0d.

        But only about 10% of all image [jpg, png, gif, etc] URLs make it past M0d anymoar.

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      • true

        many of the pics i’ve tried to post don’t make it through and there’s no clear pattern as to what causes that. it’s always a crap shoot


  10. The link to the PDF Hemingway indicates the story was first published in Cosmopolitan in 1936. Cosmo had quality at one time. Gone now.

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    • Ian Fleming’s short story “Quantum of Solace” (about a beta who m4rries a th0t) was first published in Cosmo in 1959. It even takes a swipe at the “readers of women’s magazines,” though as you say Cosmo might not have been lumped in with them at the time.

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    • Cosmopolitan wasn’t a slut power magazine yet .


  11. “What happened to you?” she said suddenly, lightly pushing me away, feigning anger, and heartbreak, and shock. “Why did you leave me?”

    I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face trying to determine if she was asking me a serious question. She couldn’t possibly have forgotten that she left me, suddenly, and without explanation. I’m a lot older today than I was then, and I’ve learned a lot about women in the interim. Now, any female attempts at revisionist history bounce off my body like a bullshit Superman, leaving little piles of smelly words all around me. I called her out on it, but I wasn’t butthurt. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    “Carmen, you left me. It’s that simple,” I said plainly. “You know that, so don’t try to paint it any other way. It embarrasses you.”

    She buried her head in my chest again. “I know. I’m so sorry. You have no idea. You’re the only one it ever felt right to be with. You always just let me be me.”

    Every man’s had a woman in his life who steals his soul and turns his whole world into a giant fucking circus act. Any man who hasn’t, hasn’t really lived. Carmen was my ringmaster – once upon a time.

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  12. If you haven’t read John D MacDonald, do so, without further hesitation. His Travis McGee character will teach you more than a PhD in humanities.


  13. on November 20, 2018 at 12:40 pm Bored housewive in Bogota called Esmerelda

    ‘All to true for so many men, but for the few who have earned their stripes, the moment a woman falls in love with you is detectable when she inconveniences herself for your favor.’

    Something similar. I remember one moment, in my first relationship. We’d been together two years, I’d just completed university and had just started my first job – a place with a great reputation, but the people … My manager was a man-handed humourless middle-management small-town square, and I’d complained to my girlfriend about her.

    A few weeks later, we were out somewhere social with friends, and people asked me how my job was going. I started saying that it wasn’t all what I had expected it to be, especially the management. My girlfriend jumped into the conversation and said, unprompted ‘She’s not a good manager at all. No people skills, no humour’.

    I was taken aback. It was as though she had completely absorbed everything I’d said, without question – that she and I were one, and that what I saw was what she saw. That really surprised me.

    It was great for the next six months. Then she started getting all ‘broody’. Wanting to move in. I resisted, she started with dread game; blue pill me, not realising the score, ignored it thinking the cheesedick she was flirting with had no chance with her. She escalated, I withdrew, she eventually left me for cheesedick, he pumped and dumped her and six months later she’s telling me the same stuff that ThoughtMarauder penned above.

    You live and learn.

    I can’t tell you how much I love this community.


  14. I worked on a project that allowed me to read a very large portion of Ernest Hemingway’s mail. [fun facts: he used to go fishing and shoot sharks with sub machine guns. He was once in a plane crash. A second plane came to the rescue to transport the injured survivors. The second plane crashed as well. He survived. Loved big game hunting] Thousands and thousands of letters. IMO he was purple pill. Def a manly man, but it did seem like the concept of ‘true love’ ate away at him. He could go out and bang a chick only to turn around the next day and pen a sappy creed professing his love and devotion for another. Very interesting man.

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  15. “Her face was plastered with layers of powder and looked like a face of stone. And with her noble profile, she seemed, on the triangular, moss-covered pedestal hidden by her cape, like a crumbling goddess in a park.”

    – Marcel Proust,


  16. on November 20, 2018 at 1:16 pm gunslingergregi

    All to true for so many men, but for the few who have earned their stripes, the moment a woman falls in love with you is detectable when she inconveniences herself for your favor. (More romantically, it’s the moment her eyes do the talking.)”””””’

    what is it when they die without you or cause they can’t have you?
    is there another word needed than love?

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  17. You need to check out Adam Conover

    He’s a “beta male” and he has a hot white.

    Also Blasey Ford is a hero. Do you know how many death threats she gats?

    [CH: not enuff? (FBI plants…that there was a joke. you can relax your mormon sphincters.)]


  18. After reading the post title, I was expecting something along the lines of:

    – Tucker Carlson

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  19. The libs didn’t “fall for it”.

    At least the ones pulling the strings didn’t – (media, “journalists”, entertainers, politicians, assorted grifters, etc.).

    The useful idiots? Now, that’s a different story.

    No, the bitch was another mentally defective loser that happened to be saying things the Left could exploit in their never-ending demonic quest for power and degeneracy.


  20. @P.S. all wahmen are insane in the noggin, but wasp bitches are a special type of deranged


  21. Could The Wall be why there is so much opposition to The Wall?


  22. I remember that Hemingway story. Believe it or not we read it in my high school english class my junior year, taught by a large fat man that in no little way resembled a walrus.

    I suppose it’s natural for women to act like this though. When something goes from placid and predictable to powerful and not, fear can take over. Like a mountain that was really a once dormant volcano. Can’t have that!