The Wall, Visualized Through Botox Appointments

I’m sure we all woke up this morning hoping to see a visualization of the Original Wall through the lens of botox appointments. Your prayers are answered:

Botox is a neurotoxin produced from the most acutely lethal bacterium known, Botulinim, and it has the effect of paralyzing and relaxing muscle cells. For this reason, it is used in the cosmetic treatment of age-related wrinkling. Results are temporary and fresh injections must be administered every three to four months to maintain the waxy rictus of Fake Youth.

Scheduled botox appointments can therefore be interpreted as warning flares of looming Wall impact (aka sexual worthlessness).

Women are 92% of cosmetic procedure patients, so we can safely assume the above chart primarily reflects the anxieties and priorities of women.

The chart above reveals that for most women concerned about the first conspicuous signs of aging of the face, interest in botox intervention skyrockets between the ages of 30 and 39. Interest remains high through the 40s, then tapers off in the 50s and beyond.

From this, we can conclude women are aware of their impending hit with the Wall, and that this hit will take place sometime in the mid 30s, on average. Once first contact with the Wall is established, women spend the next ten to twenty years in a tragic denial of the Wall’s wake of destruction, going for monthly and then weekly “touch-ups” and draping velvet over all the mirrors in their homes to delude themselves of their sexual invisibility.

Once a woman hits her 50s (never in stride), she gives up on the dream and lets nature take her course (abject defilement of the body by soulless biomechanical forces). Self-delusion is therefore strongest during and around the time of Wall impact, when memories of the dew-dappled rose she once was can still be seen in the rearview mirror, to cruelly suffuse a woman with ill-bethotten hope.

But the very act of making the botox appointment is, on the deepest level where even the hamster dare not spin, awareness by an aging late 20-something beauty that her salad tossing years were in the neighborhood of 15-22, regardless of statutory laws implying the contrary.

Most depressingly, women as young as their 20s will feel the first sting of Wall anxiety. The rose is still fertile, but a petal or two has fluttered to the ground, and the chyron song of botox calls to them at this early age. It is at this age we see “Other Appointments” at its highest rate, which likely includes such noteworthy SMV boosters as nose jobs, tit jobs, and acne peels — the cosmetic procedures of ugliness-concealment rather than age-defiance.


Nicole Kidman has had a lot of work done. (h/t Corinth Arkadin)

Does this look like Nicole Kidman, or like the sexbot version of Nicole Kidman?

Humanity Status: Imperceptible
Lady Status: Desperate leg-spreading aging ho
SMV Status: Altered and airbrushed


  1. I heard a lady complaining about the headaches Botox gave her. She looked ridiculous, with her wrinkle-free forehead juxtaposed against her obviously old other features. What a waste of time and money.

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    • Ironically, I was told botox was originally used to treat migraine headaches, however it was supposed to do this I don’t know, but when they tried it the result of eliminating wrinkles was seen as more lucrative.

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  2. New boss gal just turned 30 earlier in the year and was embarrassed when someone commented that she would be turning 30 this year.

    I have no doubts that she’s not slept her way to the top but also has been accustomed to the men she used to working with fawning over her mild good looks. She’s a soft 6, made all the worse with the tats she’s got.

    I can see her making those botox appointments fairly soon. She works with a more female dominated place now and many are older than her so everyday she sees a visual of what awaits.

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    • “made all the worse with the tats she’s got”.
      Bingo, I try to overlook things over which people have no control
      (including men). Anything from normal variation (such as skin color) to what at least borders on disability. The things you are handed, and over which you have no control.

      But I choke with repulsion at things that ARE under control,
      among which massive tats. You are not born with this.
      Nor are you born fat, for example. Nor anorexically skinny.

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  3. You sound like an incel.

    [CH: Indubitably Celebrated]

    Why do you hate women so much?

    [truth is hate to those with fragile egos]

    Just because one will not pay attention to you does NOT give you the right to hate them.

    [i offer wisdom and advice. the world chooses to heed or ignore]

    You NEED to read Rachel Held Evans.

    [is she related to leonard pitts?]

    You will find that western paternalistic culture puts too much emphasis on female superficial sexual appearance.

    [culture doesn’t do that. our genetic inheritance does that.]

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    • John? More like Janice, amirite!?

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    • I, for one, retain the right to hate them no matter what they do or don’t do. I am a free human being.


      • Note the ad hominem femspeak dialect of Alinsky shaming:

        “Just because one will not pay attention to you does NOT give you the right to hate them.”

        As if the truths of the chateau arise due to being scorned by some precious snowflake.

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))

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    • You will find that western paternalistic culture puts too much emphasis on female superficial sexual appearance.

      So don’t play the game and stay away from the plastic surgeon, toots.

      We won’t even talk about hair dye and make-up, okay?

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    • “Just because one will not pay attention to you does NOT give you the right to hate them.”

      Why do you hate humanity so much and put YOUR frustrations and focus them to 1 person? If you was really believing what you said you would not throw your acusations to only 1 person.


    • You mean THIS Rachel Held Evans?

      “Evans is an Episcopalian and attends St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Cleveland, Tennessee. She no longer considers herself to be an evangelical due to its close association with the Christian right in the United States. In early August 2016, Evans published an editorial for Vox defending her “pro-life Christian” position and support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

      From what else I saw, she’s a career shrew alleged Christian, who has written for the (((MSM))) usual outlets like WaPo… aka “allowed opposition”… who has one child, born when she was 34.

      The Devil rubs his hands like a happy merchant at this sort of Christian.

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      • Yep, Rachel Held Evans is the worst. She mocks the Bible while pretending to be a Christian. She accused pro-lifers of being racists because she thought they didn’t know that abortion has a wildly disproportionate impact on minorities, but didn’t realize that her lamentations were what was truly racist: She wants abortion to continue and even increase with tax funding so MORE minorities can be killed. Yet she calls herself pro-life.

        She did have a 2nd kid, btw. But she is all anti-“patriarchy,” all the time. Her beta husband is getting what he deserves. She is the jealous type of feminist, because she is overweight and unattractive.

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    • “You NEED to read Rachel Held Evans.”

      Uh, this is a parody account, right? The only reason to read her is so you can do the opposite.

      She is the most vile “Christian” Leftist going. She mocks the word of God at every turn yet claims to be a Christian, and the pro-abort/pro-pervert/anti-Bible “Christians” lap it up. Anyone who follows her is getting what he deserves: a (fat, ugly) wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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    • Nothing more pathetic than a man spouting off that bullshit about how women are forced to be pretty by those evil white cishet men.

      From what I’ve seen, men only really care about a woman’s natural physique; ie, what she looks like without makeup or clothing.

      Women are the ones who hate being judged on this criteria, because we have no control over it. We’re the ones who agonize about fashion, makeup, hair styles, and so on. We’re the ones who bully each other over it and demand conformity. We’re the ones who force ourselves to wear four inch stiletto heels or get boob jobs in the name of appearing more attractive than we actual are. It’s all our own desperate attempt to change ourselves into something other than what we are.

      Besides, almost all male fashion designers are gay.


    • on November 19, 2018 at 10:51 pm dialecticrecyard

      “truth is hate to those with fragile egos”



  4. 2002 & 2003, I was onsite at the maker of botox. My office was in the same bldg. as their labs. I’ve seen, through glass windows of course, scientist working to make botox. Botulism is so toxic they work with it through thick rubber gloves attached to a glass case, botulism is never allowed to get exposed in the air or otherwise. I was told if it did, immediate evacuation and subsequent decontamination procedures were mandatory.

    And women inject this poison’s derivative into their faces…

    When vanity is all you have, you don’t have much…

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  5. Goolag “Botox before and after” for your afternoon rabbit hole.

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  6. Οοουυυ, Ι like this post. It is a giant coincidence because last night I had a very bad dream about this topic.

    Here it was my dream,, I was in the supermarket and next of the supermarket was a salon doing botox. I decide to go inside and do botox. When the person is ready to do it, I get chicken and say to test it in my arm because I am frightened of the pain. They put it in my arm and I can not move, I am frightened and I say to call my husband. They take me out on a wheel thing (standing up because I can not move anything or bend Lol) my husband is angry and I tell him we have to pay the salon. He says no chance. And he takes me in the car but he will not let me go in front,, he puts me on the bed of the truck and drives in the high way fast, and I am frightened for my life. It was a very bad dream. But what a big coincidence that today here there is a post about botox.


    • That was real, darling… I hope you learned your lesson.

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    • If you literally had a dream, remember this.: When you dream, a master switch somewhere in the neck, where the spine reaches the brain, switches OFF motor nerves when you dream. The only parts you CAN move are facial muscles, including eyeballs. This is for your own protection – starting to run around in your sleep just because you dream about running around would be very dangerous.
      But now and then, the dreaming person feels paralyzed. Very common. Reason is, the person IS paralyzed.

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  7. half the women who get botox wouldn’t need it if they weren’t such bitter bishes who scowl and frown all the damn time

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  8. “But the very act of making the botox appointment is, on the deepest level where even the hamster dare not spin, awareness by an aging late 20-something beauty that her salad tossing years were in the neighborhood of 15-22, regardless of statutory laws implying the contrary.”

    I could see my beauty in decline at age 24. It was the first time I really see my face did not look so bright in the morning. Now I am 27 and I can say for sure I am not close to the beauty I had at 21. I think so I had it good because I was a late bloomer,, but I give birth, I passed stress, breastfeed 2 years. The wall is for sure very close. This is life. I would lie to say I have not considered Botox but my husband said nooooooo way.


    • the most beautiful models in the world think they are ugly and must be complimented every 10 minutes to reassure themselves. every beauty I was ever with acted the same. how can your beauty be in decline since 24? come on. I have seen trainloads of women 30- 48 that are exquisitely gorgeous most better then a 23 year old

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      • She’s not going to fuck you

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      • BOOM… roasted.

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      • You can not understand how women study themselfs in the mirror. We know how our face is changing even very minute way. Probably the first sign is the skin does not look so “bright” with out make up. Then under the eyes look more dark,, then loseing some fat from the lower part of the face. With make up this is things that can be concealed for couple years. But when you pass 30 make up can not conceal it.

        I know cosmetics very much (when I was working I was beautician) and I know woman’s skin type and what make up I will néed to use based in the age, skin condition etc. It is very much more dificult to make up a mid to late 20s woman than is for a 20 year old.


      • ??? what does that mean?


      • Μρ.meener. Maybe you met very luckily good looking women. ☺


      • Some women age with grace. (The same is true of men, but neither men nor women care that much about men’s looks) My favorite example is Magdalena (“Maggie”) Smith, head of Gryffindor in the Potter story. There is something regal about her. I believe this is at least partially something you can control. (À propos regal, old Lizzie looks pretty good for her age, and she is about 90)

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      • eofa what I am trying to point out is that women are insane and see things about their beauty that does not exist. I hung out in nite clubs with models from Paris NY all over. they were all the same. a nice looking woman would walk by and they got all hussy and I would say you look better then her after you cleaned a toilet. I have seen women in their 50’s on Madison Ave in the summer with tite short black skirts and their bare legs were like a teenager. faces look 38 or so. in NYC chinks are all over and again in the summer saw tons of gook girls dressed all in black mini skirts no stocking bare legs hot as a college girl most between 40-55 jet black hair

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    • We still luv ya, boopsie… don’t go changin’.

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    • My advice to young women: Get married, even to a man clearly older than you. Be nice. Grow old together.

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  9. Yes Mildred, they really do want all of us dead.

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    • this guy Watson is a POS fake slack jawed limp wristed idiot who will NEVER connect the jews to the destruction of the west. just like his boss alex jones

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      • The fact that he doesn’t pander to The Narrative at all (from what I can tell) and really gives it, good and hard, to his targets… well… I’ll give him a pass for now about not getting around to the cause, since he treats the symptoms so appropriately.

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      • Weener, not every site can be /pol/ or daily stormer incarnate. Not every independent news site has to be “exteme”. let infowars be the “soft entry” into this type of information. That’s what it has always been, which is why the very special people banned it from all social media platforms. Enough with attacking anyone who doesn’t fucking repeat The Culture of Critique in verbatim.

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      • mr incorrecto …so alex jones got banned by the tribe for NOT naming jews? Ok I got it now


      • He’s not wrong about everything. HIs post about modern art and modern pop music were quite accurate and entertaining.

        First we deal with the Persians, then we deal with the Athenians.

        Know what I’m sayin?


      • Roy what I am saying is this… how can you point out the evils of faggot marriage abortion family breakdown nigger and spic invasion muslims without tying it ALL to the jews who invented financed and implemented EVERYTHING I listed. the jew run ACLU just today struck down Trump saying none of the caravan can be denied asylum. this shit has happened a billion times in the last 50 years.

        so when I see these fakes like Twatson Limbaugh Hannity etc NOT naming the jews I say they are in on it being they are making tons of money and if they name the jew they are out. it would be like going to the doctor with a broken leg and being treated for asthma


    • on November 21, 2018 at 8:25 am vinson parkhill

      I miss napalm.


  10. I could never get botox, it looks awful to have a frozen face and such a waste of money too.

    For me, I will age gracefully while looking the best I can. There’s only one man I have to stay attractive for and he’s happy. The wall only really matters if you have not yet married and had a family but are looking to do so.

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    • Botox is not so expensive. Here is 180 euros and it lasts I think so about 6 months? I would consider doing it,, but I said in other comment my husband would never let me to do it. I think probably from Christian perspective it is a sin and vain. But I also felt when I finish having babys and breast feeding I would love to make surgery to make them high up again. (My husband said no chance to that also). And to be realistic, by the time I finish to birth children and nurse them maybe I will not care so much and just hope so my husband still likes my body.

      For the more part I think wanting this things is normal because it is little bit shock to see your body decline,, and is normal to still want to feel like your body is beautiful for your husband. For that it is good when men ground us about this things and say to not do it. It is better to have boobys not so high up but they have fed babys, and better to have a little dark under your eyes from sleepless nights awake with the babys,, than be perfect and with out love to show for it. 😊


      • It accumulates though. Spend that 180 every few months and it will add up enormously.

        I understand your anxiety, we all feel it to one degree or another, but for your own happiness you should try to overcome it. It’s easy to let your insecurities get out of control, especially when you’re exposed to men’s strong opinions on sites such as these, but aging happens us all and pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding wreaks havoc on all women’s bodies. You will have a high value to your husband by being a good wife and the mother of his children, so as long as you stay in shape and look after yourself as much as possible I’m sure he will stay attracted to you.

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      • You are correct Lisa,, it adds up very much.

        If I could justifey botox from ethical perspective and my husband permited it,, part of me thinks so maybe it could save money becayse would need to spend less on cosmetics?? Or maybe I am wrong,, I do not know.

        I spend about 30 euros for make up in 2 months. For my hair maybe 300 in the year. Nails a very low amount because I still do a couple customers and buy whole sale. For sure the more big expense is hair (mostley conditioners and treatments because I do my own color) one of the most bad cost decisions I made was to start to bleach my hair, before I could use more cheap conditioner now with how the bleach makes dry the hairs I can only use pureology. In the big scale,, I know I am saving money becayse I am not throwing 200 euros every month to the salon. So in the total,, about 600 euros every year for hair, nails, cosmetic up keep. It is not so bad. Maybe that is why I do not consider 180 so much if it would mean to spend less on cosmetics…… But for sure I am not doing the botox (plus I heard it is painfull!!) From curiosity, What kind of figure does it cost your cosmetic up keep? Sometimes 600 in the year seems exessive to me,, But in the same time it is nice to have woman things like that and feel pretty and groomed.


      • “especially when you’re exposed to men’s strong opinions on sites such as these”

        I would argue that these same opinions probably make you the most well adjusted and most desirable women you know within your own circle.

        Have you ever noticed how TOTALLY fucking neurotic your average Western woman is? The truth can cause discomfort but in the long run, it is always a winning strategy to embrace it. Hence, the growing old gracefully idea.

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      • I’ve been maarried to the same women for 20 years here. When we married I was 31 and she 26.

        Like you she’s a late bloomer. She birthed and nursed two kids who are not teenagers.

        Gravity and nature take their toll but here;s the one thing:

        DON”T GET FAT.

        Eat low carb, lift weights, and stay fit. Avoid too much alcohol, tobacco, and sugary foods (all aging accelerants).

        My daughters’ friends think both me and my wife are 10 years younger than our actual age. Compared to those other parents we look good.

        Eat right, work out, and keep your ‘golden ratio’ and you’ll always be sexy to your husband. Because he remembers what you looked and felt like at 24 and he will always look at you through ‘wife goggles’. Because you bore his children and because of your devotion to and love for him. Funny how men love that way.

        Get fat though, and all bets are off.

        As is often said here, the boner doesn’t lie. My wife isn’t has attractive as her 25 year old self but she is remarkably well preserved and still attractive. At 24 she was a hard 8. Let;s say she’s a 6 now. But compared to other women her age she’s at least a hard 8.

        When we’re around our peer group, I am grateful that my wife respects me and herself enough to take care of herself. And she says the same about me. At 51 lifting and having a sub-25 BMI makes me stand out among my peers like a sore thumb.

        You can’t stop aging but you damn sure can make choices that will put off the worst and allow you to age gracefully.

        It feels good when a younger person guesses your age at least 10 years younger than you are.

        You sound like a smart and good woman. Best of luck to you.

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  11. Happy mothers with loving husbands and beautiful children don’t Botox.

    Tell that to a THOT with an impending Wall crash and watch the fireworks.

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  12. on November 19, 2018 at 1:59 pm gunslingergregi

    ex hit the wall at like 16 comes early round chere

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 2:15 pm gunslingergregi

      she doing her I haven’t slept in three days I am ready to commit suicide naked rain dance
      pounding her chest upside down splits
      throwing herself around
      she is a fucking character original bitch
      starting to hit the real wall at 26

      she is entertaining


    • You are very funny. I just was laughing out loud 😃


      • on November 19, 2018 at 2:47 pm gunslingergregi

        its not that funny endless view of putty at all angles and she don’t want to smexytime
        feels like a strip club but i’m not paying he he he
        and she keeps going and going and going


      • on November 19, 2018 at 3:00 pm gunslingergregi

        lol ok now its funny cause she tuckered out laying on floor with legs wide open wanting to be raped the one thing I can’t do
        she told my counselor I could rape her
        like she expects me too
        we are such fucking worlds apart
        i’m used to being able to just have sex with woman im with lol


      • on November 19, 2018 at 3:02 pm gunslingergregi

        she wakes up says you were gonna just let me lay on floor


  13. I know of a bitch who started botox in her late 20’s. She’s now 31 and her face looks frozen… to top it off, she inserted lip fillers and now she looks like every other 30 something instagram thot looking like a frozen duck. Pretty sad that these women don’t understand how obvious botox injections are, just how obvious fake tits are. They suddenly lose the ability to smile, and their attitudes change for the worse.

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  14. I dislike the idea. I dislike it even more when used by relatively young women, <50 or even <40.
    By paralyzing facial muscles, the face becomes a stone face.
    The worst example in public view i Mrs. Stoneface, i.e. the Hairy one (ok, Nancy Pelosi, last name means "hairy" in Italian).

    Her face looks like a mask, downright spooky.

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  15. on November 19, 2018 at 2:29 pm gunslingergregi

    sis in manhatten seems to think the botox working for the old jewish ladies there to stay looking young

    and take care of their dogs and such


  16. on November 19, 2018 at 2:45 pm Corinth Arkadin

    The cover of some mag (Marie Claire) has Nicole Kidman on it this month.

    First thing that struck me is that she doesn’t even look like herself. No one vestige of the face she had is there. Boxtox and Plastic surgery. It’s like a friggin’ Mission Impossible mask:

    Respond with your thoughts.

    Second aspect is that she is sitting with her legs wide open like (well, she IS one) a hoebag. That’s not how a lady sits, crackshower. Her husband is a big fag, letting her do that.

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  17. Nicole Kidman fair dinkum got famous by riding on the coat tails of a man , Tom Cruise
    She’s not even that attractive


    • Name one actress that didn’t get famous riding SOMETHING on a man.

      But to be fair, she does have a bit of star quality about her… gettin’ in the door is one thing… stayin’ in the room is another.

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      • on November 19, 2018 at 6:14 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Considering how you ride on the coattails of Cruise.

        The man has some integrity, though. He is the fastest draw of Hollow-wood, and does train with firearms.

        He’s still a fag.


    • The funny thing is that allegedly, Nicole Kidman has Morris Syndrome, meaning that she was born XY, but dont have functional androgen receptors. That’s why she (he?) adopted 2 kids with Tom Cruise and used a surrogate mother for another child. So yes Tom Cruise is gay. It will also be interesting to see how Nicole Kidman will react when she hits the wall.


  18. That’s what being used by Keith Urban does to you.


  19. on November 19, 2018 at 3:59 pm Hitler is our pal

    At first I thought that was Melissa Gilbert. Chicks are so blinded by their vanity that they can’t see things like botox just do more harm than good in the long run. Sittin like Al Bundy. Very unfeminine. Women in dresses sitting with their legs crossed is sexy. The way she’s sitting is just gross.

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 6:38 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Yes, Brother.

      Groce. FIFY


    • Unbalanced obsessions, not seeing the forest for the trees.

      One way God humbles us all is when we become obsessed or too focused on some aspect our lives, pridefully thinking we’re mastering or perfecting something, or “we’ve got it”, and then waking to realize we missed the most vital and essential lessons, we had not even learned and mastered the basics. This, after 20, 30 or more years of trying hard at soemthing. This realization sends many into great bouts of ego-pain, anger, vexation, doubling-down, or depression. Rarely does it inspire Humility and a turning towards the Triune God.

      These women, spending their whole lives trying hard to perfect their physical beauty, vainglorious and prideful, worldy ends, have not even learned the most beautiful and attractive aspect of any girl or woman at any age: femininity. They have so utterly failed to nurture and protect their femininity, in their hearts as well as their bodies. After all these years in these beauty-obssessed industries, they shamefully don’t even know the essence of female beauty, or even how to create it, maintain it, and let it be.

      Ladies, just keep your hair long, eat sensibly and stay active, get sunlight, and you’ll be as attractive as you can be, as God wants you to be. You will certainly be more attractive and pleasing to men than these botoxed, short-haired, androgynous try-hards like Nicole Kidman.

      Fuck this gay world.

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  20. That’s a very bad picture of her. Whenever I think about Nicole Kidman I usually think of her circa 1995 in Batman Forever.

    As far as the wall for women goes, I saw a Tinder experiment were a picture of a 50 something year old woman was used and she still got matches from much younger men.

    And this wasn’t a 50 something year old that could pass for a 30 something… this was a 50 going on 65 looking woman.

    Could it be that female SMV has been inflated because of the current state of affairs?

    On the other hand, a single 50 year old woman will likely want a long term relationship. And the type of man she would want….say a man between 40 and 55 who’s tall, top tier in looks for that age group, wealthy, owns a couple luxury cars and a boat, has a body that rivals many 20-30 year old men…..that type of man will be going for women much younger than 50 something. The only way he’ll be with a same aged woman is if they were together since they both were young.

    I knew of a man who at the time was about 70 and his wife died. She was 3 years younger than him so they were around the same age. He remarried to a woman in her 40s, but she was 25 years younger than he was. Even at 70, men still prefer younger women.


  21. What really burns my ass like a 3′ flame is that all these women with the Botox…. WHY NOT HIT THE FUCKING GYM?
    Oh no. Can’t have that. I’m no spring chicken. I can handle an older face. But the body can make up for that. But nope. That would require actual exertion. And most women it seems are in some contest to burn as little calories as possible. So yeah they get the botox then go waddling around in flip flops and sweat pants.


  22. That doesn’t look like Kidman at all.

    I’ve considered Botox as a migraine treatment. My migraines are debilitating, I have auras and partial paralysis of my neck and shoulders when I’m deep in the throes, but I’m not certain I want to risk it.

    The injections would go into the base of my skull and over the upper left quadrant of my scalp, so no forehead wrinkle relief here.


  23. Ease up lads. At her age you sometimes have to sit like that for hours.
    Although why she thinks being photographed actually on the commode is in any way helpful simply defeats me.

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  24. Yeah…it looks like the sexbot version of Nicole hilarious..complete with the uncanny valley look. Are these female writers/publishers subconsciously projecting their own replacement fears?

    O/t here is a meme i made..kind of proud of it..dont mean to be too pesimistic:


  25. From Eyes wide shot to Legs wide spread that is often the story when it comes to womynz
    When young and desirable they do not see those around, when beauty and youth gone they spread legs
    Few want to examine the ruins that age leaves behind


  26. Looks like a cartoonized photo of somebody


  27. When a woman us over 50, the father of her children still finds her beautiful.


  28. The biggest thing about photos on the internet or in media: Never, ever believe them.

    Photoshop has gotten to the point of magic. Unless you see it in real life with your own two eyes, always keep that in the back of your mind.

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    • on November 19, 2018 at 7:08 pm gunslingergregi

      yea what like ten years ago in Indonesia for like passport photo they changed color of my shirt and background and gave me a shave in couple minutes was pretty impressive

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    • Far later in life than I would have liked, I finally understood this at the end of college, after yet another wasted hour sifting thru a Maxim and wondering “where the f%#! do you find girls that look like this?!” Then it dawned on me: you don’t. Even those girls don’t look like that in real life.

      Shortly therafter I remeber seeing some Hollyskank on a cover, and taking a closer look, and her pearly white skin was… as clear and almost as white as the white background, the very paper it was printed on.

      Women’s magazines are fake news.

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  29. John D. MacDonald had some good paragraphs on an aging woman’s war against the Wall in _The Last One Left_:

    “_[She] was one of the great broads, years past the peak of it, but hanging in there so well, you had to marvel at what it had to be costing her in time and effort to keep the illusion of youth. Not only the masks and packs, and the oils and skin foods and lotions and the careful measuring of sun to keep that flawless brown gold of the expensive tennis-club tan, but on top of that, the daily measurements of every dimension to the quarter part of an inch, followed by exercises that would exhaust a stevedore. Then, once you had the pretty machine all assembled, you had to imitate the unconscious tricks of youth, no matter how tired the flesh. You had to walk pert, more trimly and quickly, smile saucy, exaggerate all expressions and all gestures, move the head quickly, and run the voice up and down as many notes of the scale as you could handle._

    _But, baby, the years are written on the backs of your hands, in bulged veins and thickened knucklebones, and written in the horizontal lines across your throat and in the little striated patterns on the slightly puffed flesh under the eyes._”


  30. Kidman looks like a Jennifer Aniston sex doll. That picture needs a huge penis photo shopped between its legs, as she probably had a strap-a-dick-to-me because you know Keith Urban takes it in the booty. That fem-boy is a mega-cuck.


  31. I live in one of the botox capitals of the USA. It’s appalling. A handful of times I’ve driven past a pedestrian, walking the same direction I’m driving, who from behind has a build approximating that of a teenage girl. Yet my glance in the sideview mirror revealed a face reminiscent of the Crypt Keeper’s. It’s a shock against my understanding of nature.

    The Wall is meant to be a course correction, not the end of the road. Until the last half-century or so, it meant a woman could cease from having to strive to be hot, but could realize it’s time to divert her attention to helping her sons find good wives, helping her daughters attract good husbands, and living vicariously through their successes.

    Today, mothers compete with their daughters for male attention.

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    • How many times do you see the 40 something mom with a better figure than her teenaged or 20 something daughter? Fairly common around here.

      That’s a real tragedy man.

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      • In the truly rich zip codes not so much, actually, but in the middle class suburbs, all the time. It’s like the rich understand how important it is to maintain high status in society, whereas the middle class bases its hopes and dreams on whatever TV “programming” tells them is attractive.


      • Yes. Once you get into the upper half of the middle class, teenage girls start looking pretty. Too many in the lower middle class take on a lumpy shape, if not exactly fat.


  32. on November 19, 2018 at 8:29 pm WolframCochrane

    Botox inhibits the recipient’s ability to interpret emotions in others:

    However, there’s a less known side effect of Botox. We showed Botox users the same set of photos. Their facial muscles showed less mirroring on our electromyogram. No surprise there — their muscles have been purposely weakened. The surprise was something else, originally reported in 2011 by the psychologists David Neal and Tanya Chartrand. Similar to their original experiment, I asked participants from both groups (Botox and non-Botox) to look at expressive faces and to choose which of four words best described the emotion shown.

    On average, those with Botox were worse at identifying the emotions in the pictures correctly. Why? One hypothesis suggests that the lack of feedback from their facial muscles impaired their ability to read other people. We all know that the less mobile faces of Botox users can make it hard to tell what they’re feeling. The surprise is that those same frozen muscles can make it hard for them to read others.


    • that is fascinating.

      you should try comparing Botox recipients’ ability to interpret emotions with that of people in various stages of vision loss.

      you should also look at Botox recipients who are also going blind. a double blind study, if you will.


    • Botox injection, for those reasons alone, is medical malpractice. Case closed.

      First thing we do, is kill all the doctors.


  33. Interesting thing about Botox is that because it inhibits the ability to express emotions through the facial musculature, it conversely inhibits the botoxee from deciphering emotion:

    “A modern study by David T. Neal, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, and Tanya L. Chartrand, professor of marketing and psychology at Duke University, tested the abilities of Botoxed women to decipher emotions. When confronted with a set of photographs of human eyes, women with Botox were significantly less able to match the eyes to the appropriate human emotions than plain old wrinkled adults.”

    In short: the soul (psyche) and the body are inexorably linked. Affect one, and the other is affected too. Sadly, this is something modernists refuse to accept, and in so doing, they have unleashed holy hell on the world.

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  34. Hey come on Heartiste, she’s one of (((us))) Ozzies /sarcasm


  35. Fertility clinics under fire?

    1. No kids during peak fertility.
    2. Declining beauty as wall approaches, necessitating Botox and plastic surgery.
    3. Late realization of opportunities lost.
    4. Visit to evil fertility clinic.
    5. (Maybe) one child – prone to autism or genetic issues due to age of mom, SSRI use and/or Botox use.

    You go girl!! Where to go exactly?


  36. I never liked Nicole Kidman, never thought she was that hot, never understood why so many were going gaga for her.

    then I saw her in the movie ” Portrait of a lady” where you can see her without make up, and she is a 6 at best.

    Before you throw insults at me or call me gay go watch Portrait of a lady

    You will understand

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  37. I’ve been wondering how many of Heather Locklear’s psychological problems are Wall related. Seems she’s in trouble again.

    Heather Locklear, 57, was living a ‘low key’ life for one month before she became ‘unstable’ again as she ‘suffers from a lot of issues’ say friends