A Tale Of Two Nationalisms


  1. You do not have enough ammo for what is coming.

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  2. on February 14, 2019 at 2:16 pm | Reply zeta male pondscum

    if globalism is the universal philosophy than hypocrisy is the universal language

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  3. When?


  4. **furious noticing intensifies**

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  5. We are all just coolies labouring for the jewish Raj, kept in line by black and brown sepoys.


  6. Trump is a worthless, fat buffoon beholden to Jewish interests!

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    • on February 14, 2019 at 3:09 pm | Reply Pretty Boy Looch

      What the fuck do you really expect him to do?

      You have no idea how deep the rot goes.

      Spare yourself the inevitable disappointment and don’t make superheroes out of men in the first place.

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  7. on February 14, 2019 at 2:31 pm | Reply William of Orange County

    “Yes yes but you must understand…Israel is a small country with a fragile economy and culture. We couldn’t possibly think of exposing our Jewish heritage to the rest of the world. Also, our diaspora should live wherever we want, we need aid, and politely ask you to open your borders for both.”

    – Average Schlomo Goldenstein


  8. 424-1: Wait, there was one?!?


  9. White Nationalism for me, but not for thee.

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  10. Boys. He’s declaring state of emergency.


    I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had more time to review the actual bill (aka- watch a video of someone else summarizing.)

    Glad you’re all my bros.


    • The word thus far is that he WILL declare a state of emergency… it hasn’t happened yet, and there’s already a babbling from everybody and their brother about how the courts will challenge it.


      • All true. I’ve stopped looking at short-term political effect (Trumpenfuhrer is hopelessly outgunned on both sides- assuming he was ever on our side in the first place.) I’m looking at the socio-political outrage from the libtards. I think an EO on this issue could create 10x the division of the “muslim ban.”

        And the more we deepen those divisions, the more allies will come out of the woodwork. It also exposes enemies and their tactics. We could get our first glimpse of the deep state in broad daylight.

        If they plan to subdue us, they have to show us their weapons. This might be the issue that does it.


      • Some say he has spent two years trying to work within the system because that is step one and had to be done to show that “the system” (such as the (((courts)))) cannot be used to do what is needed. Then comes step 2.


      • I’m still skeptical that two years had to be wasted showing all and sundry what we already knew all-too-well…

        … and thus far, there’s no hint that the time has come when muh patriots or Trump is ready to say “Okay, we tried playing nice… now the gloves are off.”


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    • Pandora’s Box. Pelosi has already ominously warned of future ‘national emergencies’ once Dems seize power for the 100 year reich in 2020.

      A sample:

      “Immediate cessation of all gun sales in the US to combat the national firearm violence epidemic” Boom 2A just erased for any new guns you’d like to attempt to sell.

      “Climate Change Emergency”- To combat climate change all republicans and white males will be denied access to fossil fuels. They will have to ride bikes or use electric cars only. For the Children!”

      “Wealth Redistribution”- All rich people and white people will have to tithe 50% of their earnings for the Gibsmedat Foundation to fund shiftless layabouts who want to watch afroball all day and re-up dey 40s when they run dry.

      Get the idea? This sword cuts both ways and very deeply. You think anyone would protest the first one especially? Riots in the streets? Muh patriots? Doubtful. It ain’t happened yet and it should have long long ago.

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      • ““Immediate cessation of all gun sales in the US to combat the national firearm violence epidemic” Boom 2A just erased for any new guns you’d like to attempt to sell.”

        Is she trying to Start Civil War 2.

        [CH: pelosi is an idiot. 2A is enshrined law. gun confiscation would break that law. Border control is an enshrined duty of the state, and declaring a national emergency to protect the border would uphold that duty. but ofc the pelosi cunt can order gun confiscation and see how fast it takes for civil war 2 to conflagrate (approx one day). ps she may instead try declaring a national n1gger emergency if she really cares about gun violence.]


      • Poly-eight-y


      • You can do it, no problem


      • “pelosi is an idiot. 2A is enshrined law. gun confiscation would break that law”

        REALLY, CH? You haven’t tried to buy a gun New York, California, Washington, New Jersey or Massachusetts lately… have you?

        These fuckers laugh at the 2A. They DGAF about the Constitution — unless they can use the 25th Amendment or the Emoluments Clause to impeach Trump…

        [CH: if these confiscatory state laws were challenged in SCOTUS, they would go down. if not, then america is already finished and we just don’t know it yet.]


      • “Antisemitism is a National Emergency”

        (The next step after “antisemitism is a threat to national security”…)

        Pandora’s Box.


        I remember when the idea of forthcoming rule by executive emergency power was a “right-wing extremist conspiracy theory”. Can’t happen here. Only militia lunatics have such worries. Tinfoil hat, black helicopter stuff.

        I have not much followed recent tightening of the Federal noose; but I know that as of 30 years ago, there were already mechanisms on the books for the magic word “emergency” to enable the president to seize all means of communications (goodbye, CH), seize and allocate all supplies of food, seize all of your property, move you out of your home to wherever he wants you, and put you to work doing whatever labor he wants you to do.

        “Emergency” is the magic word for instant, unlimited tyranny. Without exaggeration, it enables the president to peremptorily move you to a work-to-death gulag a thousand miles away, and give your house to niggers.

        Now, “antisemitism” is already a “national security” problem. What happens after the next “scr3wing of 0ptics”, whether real or staged? Or in any other scenario wherein Schlomo sees fit to Shut It Down?

        I can’t believe that people on the right are supporting the idea of a presidential declaration of national emergency. Pandora’s Box, indeed. Important as it is to seal the border against intrusion, it is a bad deal to get a border wall by accepting an open door to Stalin-style rule. As recently discussed in another thread, the “Iron Curtain” used border walls to keep people in.


      • CH: pelosi is an idiot. 2A is enshrined law. gun confiscation would break that law.

        The Constitution was a dead letter by not later than 1965. Some might say, the 1930s (after Rosenfeld’s court-packing threat intimidated SCOTUS into rubber-stamping Communism Lite, also known as the “New Deal”). Well, the last serious Conservative efforts to restore the Constitution were untenable by the mid-60s (thanks to the Warren Gang).

        Specifically to 2A, that particularly inconvenient amendment is only respected as far as is politically convenient at any particular moment. If you don’t believe me, try buying an unlicensed full-auto rifle. 2A says you have a right to that. If the political winds shift tomorrow, it will be likewise “illegal” to buy a water pistol.

        CH: if these confiscatory state laws were challenged in SCOTUS, they would go down. if not, then america is already finished and we [meaning, I] just don’t know it yet.

        So, you allow for the possibility that I have rendered in boldface. Bracketed material supplied.

        Underestimating the challenge one faces is a a means of giving up, while pretending not to. I do not believe in giving up.


      • 2A is enshrined law. –CH

        SInce when does that matter one bit?

        Occasional commenter here. Not trying to be snarky. Just saw a friend get destroyed in a (anti-) family court. His Right to Property did not count for anything in there. His property magically became HER property. Kids too. Fuck this gay world.

        Rights mean nothing … except what judges say they mean.
        Stopped believing in Rights after seeing what happened to my friend.

        I do hope CH addresses this issue (Rights mean nothing … except what judges say they mean) someday.


    • Not so fast, I dont trust this at all. It could be a ploy to cover Trump’s surrender to Pelosi( and gang ) on the spending bill . Even turkey neck McConnell supports the ” emergency declaration ” that to me is a dead giveaway that this might be a ploy to salvage the surrender. Basically:

      Trump declares an emergency, the courts block it and his power to spend any money till the case is ((( resolved ))). The cases drags on till the next presidential elections. At that point Democrats declare victory, while Trump blames them for his inability to ” make things happen”. Trump also uses the opportunity to ask for another term so he can ” complete the job “, hoping his base blames the Democrats for the failures. Meanwhile, the ((( swamp ))) wins again.

      As a side note, has anybody else started to notice a shift in the narrative ? I’m hearing more and more mentions of ” border barriers ” even on the Republican side. I think the ” bait and switch” is about to be launched.

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      • I believe that you can buy shotguns and rifles in NY (not NYC) and that registration is just showing some ID when you buy it.A lot of NY is still country.
        Pistols require a permit and you apply at the local copshop. A permit for target shooting or a gun you keep at home is easier to get. Carry permits I think require you to show some need eg you carry a lot of cash or valuables.Like one of those (((diamond dealers))) etc


      • Ummm… it’s hardly that easy to buy a gun in Jew York. ALL private transfers are illegal. ALL magazines over 10 rounds are illegal (you can get SEVEN YEARS for a magazine alone) — and the state will charge you if they catch you having more than 7 rounds in it. ALL ARs, AKs, etc. have been totally banned. The law requires State Police permission to buy ammo, but they haven’t figured out a way to enforce that — yet. They just passed an “extreme risk” confiscation law which allows anyone to make a secret accusation against you for immediate confiscation.

        As far as handguns are concerned, a permit to own one — (on your own private property, not necessarily to carry in public for self-defense) — costs hundreds of dollars and a year or more to get, requires subjective references, a police investigation, submission of fingerprints to the FBI, release of all medical records, registration of all guns with the state and — it expires every five years. All of this is statewide. NYC is actually worse.

        None of this has been struck down by any court. If it ever goes to SCOTUS, remember that (((Ginsburg))), (((Kagan))), (((Breyer))) and the “Wise Latina” will be four guaranteed votes to uphold all of it.


    • pelosi’s “this sets a bad precedent” narrative stinks of desperation. you’d have to be stupid to believe the dems would need some kind of precedent to do what they want. whether or not trump declares this emergency has no fucking bearing on what they’d do. it’s a hollow, empty threat aimed at caved in head retards, which is 99.9% of the entire country.

      I don’t know if it’s in his power, but every judge who overturns this, trump should go at (((him))) hardcore. in an ideal world the military would turn up at the judge’s house in the early morning and that’s the last anyone would ever hear of it.

      we need to bring back public hangings. I’m so sick of this shit.


      • @X
        Yes the carry pistol requirement part is probably correct but hundreds of dollars is nothing to people who want to carry pistols.
        The Supreme Court though ruled that the gun laws of NYC and DC are unconstitutional. This does not mean that municipalities can’t make requirement but that they can’t be so strict or expensive that no one can get a pistol which I guess is a slight improvement.
        In the city though due to the demographics I don’t think I’d want people to have easy access to guns where a nogger can just get one at some gunshop.
        There’s not much chance of a White person being shot by another White and as long as they stay out of certain places by a nogger either.But with easy access you may have to worry more about the coloureds.Most don’t have guns or can afford black market prices and even gangs only have a gun or two that they all use. And the cops seem to be pretty trigger happy with nogs who even appear to have a gun :o)
        You could always keep a sawed off shotgun at home and I’m pretty sure you don’t need cop permission to buy shells or rifle bullets in NY. Too many people hunt in NY and Penn.both having the highest # of deer in the US.


      • Dr.Benway:

        In the city though due to the demographics I don’t think I’d want people to have easy access to guns where a nogger can just get one at some gunshop.

        Well, see, that’s why racial inequality must be explicitly enshrined in law. Chief Justice Taney was a wise man. None of the Constitution (including 2A) is workable in practice if niggers can be “citizens” with “rights”. From the moment that you accept racial equality as a principle, you need to put that scrap of old paper in the shredder, and reduce everybody to a state of equal slavery.

        Why, it’s almost as if somebody planned it that way…

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      • Did I mention I liked the cut of this Aristarchus’s jib?

        Some TRULY quality posts… and it’s about time the chateau got some new blood of that stripe.


      • The Supreme Court though ruled that the gun laws of NYC and DC are unconstitutional.

        Is this true?

        This does not mean that municipalities can’t make requirement but that they can’t be so strict or expensive that no one can get a pistol which I guess is a slight improvement.

        A state or pissant municipality can’t make any requirements that violate or countermand federal law, last I checked.

        Doesn’t mean they won’t try to do it… and of course, the effort and money it takes to defend your rights, up to the Supreme Court if necessary, is prohibitive for most citizens, so there’s that.


      • Aristarchus is great. I hope we hear a lot more from him.

        [CH: a matt king sock? (i’m too lazy to cross check ips)]


      • Aristarchus nails it.

        Scalia snuck this in, in Heller. pretending to not like it, he pointed out that originally, of course, gun laws were discriminatory, for obvious reasons. White men have a duty to carry a gun but apes have not right to do so.

        I explained this to an inferior lawyer in real life who was handling a gun rights case (representing a nigger) in my state, and he hated me for it — and he eventually lost the case.

        Not that I would have won under the correct interpretation of law.

        Aristarchus nails it.

        The original constitution did not let women vote and correctly recognized that apes can’t be citizens, for obvious reasons.

        The reason we have to worry about school shootings and being armed in general and letting the 2nd amendment be truly respected in general is that everything else has been wrong since 1954 — letting blacks run free with all of the gibs and none of the duties of citizenship.

        See Avatar, the movie.

        We need a white homogeneous country.


      • tdlr: Aristarchus absolutely nailed THE problem. With EVERYTHING.


      • @CH, IP checks won’t be useful. The IP you see from me will change quite frequently. It is the only way to have free speech, without free speech costing dearly. It has cost me before—dearly. But no, I’m not a sock. I have never posted on CH before.

        @All, I’ll chalk up the praise here to my furiously noticing with a touch of eloquence. The racial equality lie is the one of the most fantastic impostures in the whole scam-ridden history of mankind. In a world where everybody grows up to being forced to recite that 2 + 2 = 5, and you know that 2 + 2 = 4, it hits hard when somebody points out that this is why bridges are collapsing: Engineers must build on the premise that 2 + 2 = 4. Societies and legal systems must also be built on the recognition of basic facts that were obvious to everybody for thousands of years.

        Chief Justice Roger B. Taney does not get the credit he deserves—at least, not yet. Someday, Taney’s much-reviled opinion that denied niggers the rights of citizenship in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) will be hailed by historians[1] as a courageous attempt to save a Constitutional Republic that was built by White men, for White men, on principles that could only work in practice when the rights of citizenship are not extended to include creatures so genetically different in character that their citizenship would foreseeably dilute, distort, and ultimately destroy the Republic.

        The Founders knew this, too. Even Jefferson, who had an insanely altruistic desire to free the niggers, frankly acknowledged that “the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.” All you should need to know about the government you now live under: That critical clause was omitted from the blatantly out-of-context quote carved into the Jefferson Memorial, which was constructed under the (((Roosevelt))) administration in 1939.

        The Republic that Taney tried to save is long dead. It was mostly destroyed by Lincoln; and its last vestiges were discarded by Roosevelt. But if you insist on not only noticing basic facts, but also applying them in practice, then perhaps you can build something better in its place.

        [1. If, that is, there are to be any historians, which presupposes the survival of White men.]

        [CH: multiple proxies. smart. i do the same.]


  11. on February 14, 2019 at 2:45 pm | Reply Captain John Charity Spring MA

    No one gets out of here alive.

    If ever there was a reason for a Holocaust this was THE justification.

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  13. King’s comments were taken entirely out of context and words put in his mouth


    • ??? CH have you been hacked? blog is weird now


    • Well THAT never stopped a good apparatchik from working a fake news agitprop gambit, has it?

      The Senate already proved they were dumbass stooges by giving ANY credence, time, and energy to the Kavanaugh circus.


  14. Here is the depressing thing: as things stand, the Congress is not wrong. The United States *is* a Jewish country. They are us. They get to keep 90% of the wealth while the goyim do 90% of the real work, but even our 10% puts food on the table and a roof over our heads.

    Unfortunately “our” interests are aligned on a worldwide scale, despite them ruining our women, (((hollywood))) etc. The own “us” but “us” still gets to live, for now.

    In other words, as Ford said way back in 1913 or so, when the world sees an “American”, they see a jew. They “are” our country and we need our country to not be total chaos.

    In other words, the owners of our “team” ARE jews and the bad guys won world war II. Unfortunately, however, that is us. It’s the same reason we can buy gas for $1.95 a gallon and anyone in any American city can go 2 miles to a grocery store and buy as many nice steaks as he wants for $18 and as much milk as he can drink.

    While it’s frustrating that (((they))) get 90% of the wealth, the “system” still gives us a better life than most of the planet.

    Or did I just make the argument for the (((bank bailout))) or bailout of (((they system))).

    Our frustration comes with knowing and seeing how they lie and hate us.

    I’m not articulating well.

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    • Think of a vulnerable kidnapping victim.

      “It is in the personal security interest of the helpless kidnap victim to continue to kiss the ass of the kidnapper.”

      (((They))) have all the power and that’s why all the gloating.

      As I have said, I know many Jews, including many Israelis, and they do not seem worried, at all. They are supremely confident that they have so much wealth (power) now, they will win.

      Many of them think I am their friend and I have not heard one tiny bit of kvetching about “anti-semitism” or fear of any coming Hitler 2.0.

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      • on February 14, 2019 at 3:36 pm Gunslingergregi

        But yea on ways easy to get rich in America like u say
        All the milk u can drink
        All you Van eat golden Citraland for 8.23 lunch


      • on February 14, 2019 at 4:23 pm r1verboatgambler

        We should be playing (((them))) at their own game.

        1. Exploit the divisions between liberal American Jews and Israelis. “Muh Palestinians” and Obama’s Iran cuckout are good sources of kvetching
        2. Campaign against kosher slaughter because of “animal rights”. You can even do it under the radar by dissing halal. All the same desert tribe BS to us.
        3. Male genital mutilation aka circumcision – throw some light on what those rabbis do to little boys. Bundle it in with FGM practiced by your neighborhood Somalians.

        Revel in the scenes of how uncomfortable all makes ” non practising”, atheist, shitlib members of the tribe.

        With the (((narrative))) being what it is, the best way to punch them is from the far, far left. It’s almost a free hit at this stage.


      • Think of a vulnerable kidnapping victim.

        As with the Ritual of Circumcision. Taking the baby away from its mother, and father, and strapping it into the circumrestraint.

        To “turn” its victim, into a member of the cult.

        As a point of practical politics, this issue can be used to our advantage to get free and clear of the yenahus.

        We don’t want our babies turned into second rate you-know-who’s. It was never part of our tradition. It’s not who we are.

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      • any post with less than 350 comments nowadays means wordpress was fucking shit up


      • Stated another way, Congress, as a whole, is no different than a person (such as Trump or myself) who are forced to work with and through jews TO EARN A LIVING/STAY ALIVE/FEED AND HOUSE OUR FAMILIES.

        The jews control everything.

        I have to kiss my jew boss’s ass. Trump: same. Congress: same.

        Confiscation of PROPERTY is needed. That means the US Constitution didn’t work in its intended goal to protect private property FOR WHITE DESCENDANTS OF THE FOUNDERS.

        A new constitution or enforcement of “for ourselves and or posterity” is needed.


    • on February 14, 2019 at 3:35 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

      I keep heading jews lie but on reality
      They say what they gonna do and do it
      Like destroy America
      Doing it


    • Publius. As prospective president —

      Will infant baby boy Americans, particularly White ones, be protected from genital diminishment aka disfigurement aka circumcision?

      Or will it be allowed, in your capacity as president?


      • no (((circumcision))) just as my son is not circumcised, unlike me, the son of a boomer. I had to fight with the (((doctors))) to protect my son. I gave him the gift of a white in tact member and I will give him many more gifts, such as knowing the truth.


      • by the way, CH, some weird bug with the blog yesterday blocked a lot of comments that I bet you did not even get the chance to unlock

        this should have been a huge thread. note small # of comments on this post

        WP itself was fucking up comments bigtime yesterday when this post came out


  15. on February 14, 2019 at 2:57 pm | Reply Pretty Boy Looch

    Believing that the system can still be fixed at this point is foolish.

    There is no peaceful way out of this.


  16. on February 14, 2019 at 3:29 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Again though shit
    Jews are gangster as fuck
    They straight up
    Yea we run this bitch


  17. this is a fucking black pill right there


  18. All of Congress condemning speech. Excellent. Hang them all for treason.


  19. I hate this time period. The Jewish people are in that Jeremiahan period where they flagrantly mock God only the Old Covenant has been surpassed by the New installed by Christ, whom they flatly rejected for two thousand years. Inventing their own unholy sacraments (abortion, transgenderism, same sex “marriage) and beatitudes according to Karl Marx. “We can do it on our own! Spare us your poor carpenter as a messiah, we’ll have heaven on earth through adulterating the languages and cultures!”. Meanwhile they loose hell upon us all with their prideful schemes. May the eagles of the air be dispatched upon them.

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  20. The Christ-killers own us and our pols lock, stock, and barrel. No surprises here.

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  21. on February 14, 2019 at 10:59 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Im just gonna say it love the jews
    the sheer fucking manliness
    They fucking own
    They fucking doing it


  22. On the contrary. Israeli nationalism is widely criticized. You all know that.
    OTOH, Louis Farrakhan (sp?) can preach what amounts to black nationalism, with very little criticism.


  23. Now watch how the vote goes against the declaration. Fucks.