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The shitlibs who will chastise you for using a tranny’s birth sex name are the same shitlibs who snap at you for calling their cat by the wrong sex.

As if the average person should ignore the obvious difference between human males and females but should readily see the difference between male and female cats.

Shitlibs: Insane about human sexuality AND cat sexes.


  1. Occurred to me lately the difference between progressive facts and guardian facts.

    Liberal/progressive facts: If enough of us feel a certain way, it’s a fact.

    Conservative/guardian facts: It’s a fact if you can walk it outside and hold it under sunlight, regardless how it makes you feel.

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    • There is another way of looking at it. Many liberals, to varying degrees, claim that facts are social constructs.
      The reality is that it varies. If enough of a ship’s hull is torn up, the
      ship WILL SINK, even if everybody on board agree agrees it will not. This is a factual situation.

      OTOH, the pieces of paper with green (or whatever, depending on country) ink on them are valuable. BUT, this is a social truth. If everybody believed that they are worthless, they would be worthless.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 2:44 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Liberal/progressive facts: If enough of us feel a certain way, it’s a fact.”

        Lash is beginning to understand.

        The Frankfurt School always attacks PSYCHOLOGICAL WEAKNESSES – the aspects of your personality which tend to emanate from your Insula.

        Whereas the Amygdala – which tends to produce your Intuition and Common Sense – has proved almost utterly impermeable to Frankfurt School poisoning.

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    • There is an old quote by John Lennon that is popular with hippie types:

      This is, of course, utterly ridiculous nonsense. It is also the fundamental basis, and the starting point for all libtarded thought.

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    • These are all brilliant.

      Thor- Excellent two examples. And our money value system is based on belief. Indeed, that may be why so many other countries (all other countries?) base their monetary value on ours.

      Captain O- I’m learning 🙂

      Annon- Honestly, I was not aware of that John Lennon quote until you just pointed it out to me. Well! Explains so much, eh?

      As a fellow commenter notes, I’m glad you’re all my bros.

      Happy New Year.


  2. this is one of the iconic images of this lunatic age
    captures the essence of the vulgar stupidity that the providence condemned us to live (and share the space) with

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      • These are the dumbest parents I’ve ever seen! Do they not realise that these depraved individuals are grooming their child. When I see things like this I think, ‘what would Putin do?’ It’s really not a question, because in all likelyhood they’d be dead.

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      • FUCK! I can’t watch more than 30 seconds without my blood boiling. The comment below is right, it’s grooming plain and simple. Why the fuck can’t people recognize this?

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      • If I was older, the anger that fucking filth just induced in me would have given me a stroke.

        God,, I pray that the Day of the Right Wing *Ahem* Squad comes in my lifetime.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 6:20 pm Libertarian_Pill

        Is it real? It looks like an Onion parody or something along those lines. Please tell me that’s not real.


      • on December 30, 2018 at 8:13 pm Publius X Maul 2019

        Hell indeed.

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    • If I were that guy, that women would leave there with Dixie jammed in her butt-hole.

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    • One thing that always struck me about this iconic photo. Look at the SIZE of the hands on that little chick. Fucking man hands! It says a lot about her aggression levels. That chubby kid is a pretty big boy from the looks of him. Her hands are nearly the same size as his. You can bet your ass she has a prominent clit-dick in her knickers to match. T levels are through the roof.

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    • Hate slickens the love tunnel.

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    • Women are programmed to test us. As Anglin says, they need to be beaten, raped, and locked in cages. We can’t only because ZOG white knights with guns will lock us in cages for it.

      The second ZOG falls that cunt’s fingers will be broken and she will be on her fucking knees begging for her womb to become shitlord property.

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    • why didn’t he knock her out?

      no woman would have done shit like this 50 years ago

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      • how many years he would have gotten for that
        he did enough by standing there alone while millions of southern men were watching ni66erball
        you of course would do that except for a minor inconvenience: you were not there were lunatics were destroying your history

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      • simple assault, not that many…a girl in his face with her fingers in the south, probably community service

        besides, who gives a shit? i mean wtf, jail is that scary, OMG he got put in jail bc he did something that needed to be done?

        this is all we ever hear holy fuck you will go to jail. niggers live half their lives there. how many years did spics get to ethnically cleanse nogs from long beach and central LA?

        if you fear the consequences of fighting you will not fight and THIS IS WHY our women despise us. white men are fucking chickenshits


      • I hear ya and agree.

        But when nogs go to jail, to them that’s the equivalent of one of us getting locked up with people from a CH comment thread.

        Would it be too much to ask for race-segregated prisons, maybe like Shawshank Redemption except without the three queens and Morgan Freeman? Months with nogs in their world sounds like hell.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 8:33 pm Publius X Maul 2019

        PA nails the reason white men must fear prison.

        Total BS to have to be locked up with subhuman apes.

        That’s why one can’t even commit tax fraud.

        Any crime and a white father’s life is over.

        An African never had a human life to begin with. That’s why it matters less to them.

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      • And what would he accomplish by getting ass-raped by niggers for several years, trav-o, m’man?

        There’s the difference between accepting damage to oneself as part of achieving a goal, and getting stomped on to achieve absolutely nothing except to get stomped on. This is the latter situation, full stop, as far as I can see.

        So he punches this dumb anonymous brainwashed useless cunt. What would this accomplish besides his ruin? It won’t change a damn thing about our culture, and it won’t even change her.

        A couple of threads back there were some comments about not offing yourself uselessly. This would be pretty close to the same thing, though not as permanently.


      • the prisoner’s dilemma

        look if you do nothing, the outcome is the same

        the outcome if we do nothing is CERTAIN.

        you will not be ass raped by fucking niggers if you go to jail; they DO segregate jails precisely because they do not want lawsuits from assraping. When i was locked up the niggers were quite nice to me, perhaps I’m just more likeable than you sods.

        if it’s a matter of too many niggers in there then more white men need to commit crimes so we have numbers on the inside.

        You guys are always at the ready for a reason we should do nothing…you’re not ready or willing to die for the cause, stfu and get stomped on by people who are. Continue to EARN the disrespect of your own women.

        Your life is over anyway. Start acting like you get that.

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      • In that case, why aren’t YOU out there punching random obnoxious cunts in the face on film?

        Not inciting, just wondering how within your frame you justify the fact that YOU are clearly not acting like your life is already over, damn the consequences. Or do you prefer to egg on others to useless acts of violence while you sit safe and immune, fucking niggers and spending taxpayer money at expensive restaurants?


    • This was also on video. The bitch had an SJW coterie but they stood back a bit. A cop stood right by them, clearly sympathetic to the young Reb. The bitch appeared aware of the fact that any contact on her part with the young man, any spitting, etc, would mean her immediate arrest.

      Reb had some kind of a permit to stand vigil there and when time was up, the cop escorted him to his car to ensure that his detractors dont get any funny ideas. Young Reb had a real rifle on him, which the cop had no problem with him handling when he was getting into the car.

      After the video went viral, young Reb was expelled from his “Christian” college in Florida for no reason.

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      • oh wow…the system did him the favor of letting him suffer abuse just not too much abuse

        the system was built so white men would no longer have to do hard shit like beat nogs on the fucking head for being nogs.

        that system got taken over by democracy and is now repurposed AGAINST US. and yet the overarching concern of EVERY SINGLE EFFING WHITE MAN i come into contact with ZOMG they are going to “ruin my life” or “send me to jail.” Bitch they aim to do that anyway no matter how much you appease them. Your life is being ruined in front of your eyes as we speak.

        if you will not fight, DO NOT EVER expect ANY respect from a bitch. That saxon hate white man in the starbucks thing is case in point- wow, saxons are HATING. and nobody gives a fuck because mr. saxon won’t do a gd thing to actualize his hate. a nignog is coming over that counter if you get in his face.

        his SELF-respect is worth more to him than conforming, getting arrested, jail time, or his fucking paycheck. White men used to be like this plus be able to invent transistors.

        instead we’ve stooped to OH LOOK the OTHER PEOPLE are the REAL haters! NO FUCKING SHIT THEY ARE, they ADMIT they hate you. Do you think they fucking care if you call them a hater?

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      • I’m going to follow up this post of my own because this is important, and it sums up why I pretty much DESPISE this “game” crap.

        Game is there so you can get laid WITHOUT having the balls and courage to actually fight. Consequently, it’s an opiate and it’s counterproductive. This blog is great but NO MORE advice for white men on how to score women WITHOUT earning them. Df good is your game if you run your stacks and your IOIs and your Kinos and some nigger just walks up to you and TAKES your fucking woman? This is what is happening at a societal level. Violence trumps game.

        The poon commandment #1 should be learn to fight and be ready to do so.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 8:17 pm Publius X Maul 2019

        Gents, in 2019 we bring ass kicking to the next level.

        We will be perfect in everything we do.


      • i fear that the girl’s youthful expression of hate may eventually lead to her execution some decades later


  3. “Did you just assume your own cat’s gender?”

    It’s a great for about a minute of pure cognitive dissonance and sputtering.

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    • I just assumed it was neutered, as all cats should be.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 1:19 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I love dogs, but male cats have my respect.

        I had a big-ass Maine Coon (25 lbs) that was ruff and tough and didn’t take no shi!t off any dog. Got him off the street.

        Also the orange Tom in my neighborhood was a real survivor. Ripped ears, missing eye, no voice, aged approx. 23 years even after he got impaled on something (bite?) with a sucking chest wound. This d00d was tough…and had a harem to boot.

        Eventually got done in by a car driven by a ‘groid. He dragged himself a good 50 feet to die in his favorite place.

        Much respect.

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      • The pervading wisdom of those in the know is that street coons and sand googles are likely to be wantonly cruel to domesticated animals and livestock. But the reality is that helpless critters have been always been subject to unwarranted cruelty in homogeneous occidental nations, particularly at the hands of boys going through puberty.


      • Also the orange Tom in my neighborhood was a real survivor

        Hm… I wonder if there is something about those orange cats that makes them sturdier?

        My college friends and I had an orange cat that we got as a kitten. Even then we’d all make fun of how large he was compared to the other kittens, calling him a momma’s boy ha.

        Of course he grew up to be huge, and was always out fighting barn cats and who knows what else. Like you were saying… he’d always come back with cuts on his eyes and ears… one night he came in limping and blood was just shooting out of his front left leg with each heart beat. We wrapped it up and he was good to go in a few days.

        I’ve never respected any cat like I did that one… and he was one of those “cat dogs” that would come up and lick your face and always come running when you called his name… have never seen another cat like him.

        Here I go putting the pussy on a pedestal again… CH taught me better.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 3:54 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Boys going through puberty were taught by their fathers in a nuclear, homogeneous, Heritage American family NOT to be wantonly cruel.
        Instead they were taught to box, play sports, and hunt game to channel these hormones towards a productive end.

        Dogs and cats are meant to help Man in his work and leisure pursuits.

        All the mud peoples take their impotent rage out on domestic cats and dogs because they are physically weaker than them, have no impulse control, and are stupid to boot.

        Which is why mud people seek to displace whitey. When they outnumber whitey, they will act in the same way they do towards animals.

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      • I find more inspiration for noble and courageous living in the males of the animal kingdom than I do in the females of humankind.

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      • Boys going through puberty were taught by their fathers…NOT to be wantonly cruel.
        That gets ironed out in early childhood, after a couple spankings. The “white boys do it too” trope is fakenews shitthatneverhappened, except for the Jeffrey Dahmer types who are beyond repair.

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  4. Unbearable Whiteness of Being

    Milan KKKundera

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    • God, I hope that’s true.


    • No one willing to take one for the team, by wearing blackface? Sad.

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    • One wonders, one wonders… if (((they))) keep linking everything that’s self-evidently good with racism, will the mass of captive White minds snap like a school of fish *toward* or *away from* embracing racism?

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    • Sounds like this might be the tip of the spear we need to help wake white women up to the fact that, no, they don’t give a sh!t about you either, and in fact, hate you just as much… often times simply because white women are prettier lol

      And canceling because there were “too many” whites? What did skin color have to do with it, I thought this was about equality for women hahah, the hypocrisy.


    • Intersections with lots of collisions lately. Black women shutting a Women’s March down for being too White in a town of 1.1% Black population, presumably, .55% female. Women of color, 60 years later, understanding now that White feminists were just keeping them down on the plantation. They want their share, heh..


      • and if you’re expecting leadership from your white women on how awful this is and to change it, then…you’re a woman yourself.

        white women are empowered by weak men and given the proverbial keys to the destruction machine. and holy shit who could’ve seen this coming that they would wreck everything?

        white women will take this insult from the .55% and they will APPEASE IT, CAPITULATE, and give them WHATEVER THEY WANT, bc they are fucking WOMEN and that’s what women do.

        white women need strong white men, not wordsmithy betas

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  5. on December 30, 2018 at 1:11 pm Corinth Arkadin

    Insane is right. Here we have another classic example of trying to change norms.

    Dogs were always assumed to be male through language, though bitches (heh) exist.
    Cats were always assumed to be female in the language (she), though Toms exist.

    It’s interesting. Sexual dimorphism is YUGE in cats in both the wild and domestic varieties. The male cat is markedly bigger, stronger, and more dominant than the female.

    In fact, a cat kock is the most enviable in the animal world (next to a raccoon, which has a literal BONE for a dick) because it has little barbs to keep it in place, while she struggles, and also to rip up the insides of the vagina to ensure that his spawdo implants.

    The reason for this is a biological offset to the fact that female cats have super-fecundity, meaning she can turn out one litter with a mixture of several different sires.

    So the TL;DR version: it’s apropos. Female cats are hoebags BY NATURE. They caterwaul loudly for the kock, but when it is delivered all up in their guts they struggle against it.
    Also why Toms don’t stick around–they’re hardwired not to care for other sire’s kittens, which is a given.

    In the wild, male big cats actually KILL the prides of Beta males.

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    • “Dogs were always assumed to be male through language, though bitches (heh) exist.
      Cats were always assumed to be female in the language (she), though Toms exist.”

      Interesting. In French, the normal generic word for cat is “le chat”, but you can specifically mark that it is a female by switching to “la chatte”.
      Similar for dogs, “le chien”, “la chienne”

      German goes the other way with cats, normally genderless “die Katze” but a specifically male cat can be “der Kater”. Not sure about (Hund) but a specically male dog can be called “der Rûde”.

      But no, the gender of a cat is NOT obvious unless you have a good
      vantage point – from the rear and the tail up. And size is not much of a clue
      unless you are familiar with the particular breed, as breeds vary in size.

      Male dogs are easier, but you need a good side view (or, if not fixed,
      a rear view might do, subject to the tail not being in the way).

      When I went to school – a long time ago, the number of genders allowed suddenly doubled.

      From one to two.


    • Behaviour of domesticated cuts is actually very similar to women’s
      A cat will just walked away to the next house after years spent with previous owner if gibs are more on the other side
      a typical hypergamous trait while a dog will sometimes walk thousands of miles to get back to his owner
      if you learn how to manipulate a cat you are a step closer to successfully manipulate a woman

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  6. Here is one for F-Street Trav. He and I are on the same page re: the poison that is most (not all) modern X-Tianity. The various churches are so shot through w/ poz they serve no function except as indoctrination centers like academia. They are the mop up squad for (((those))) who missed grabbing the religious and conservative. Now they don’t miss anyone!

    Sorry to all you Christ Lovers but your religion has been entirely co-opted and is a shadow of its Crusading / Inquisiting former self. Therefore, it is in fact, a death cult now. Trav is ‘not even wrong’ though I don’t agree with his style at all. But there is no question the churches need a -radical- shift back to antiquity. They bring nothing of value today and are a net negative.


    • The operative question is this: is there a one true God who is an eternal, omniscient and omnipotent intelligence, as revealed by Christianity, to whom every human being who had ever lived is accountable after his death?

      If the answer to that question is Yes, then you judge a church the same way you’d judge a physics professor, whose personal corruption has no bearing on the fact that gravity exists.

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      • is there a one true God who is an eternal, omniscient and omnipotent intelligence, as revealed by Christianity, to whom every human being who had ever lived is accountable after his death?

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?”

        The answer to your question would be “no.”

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      • hehhe bible thumpers will soon come with scriptures
        when they do compare the clarity of the greek reason to the vague “mystical” ambivalence of the middle east


      • Is He able, but not willing?
        Life here is a test for us, not for God. He created us, and gave us the skills to build gallows and rope. Whose fault is it, then, if we allow Evil to flourish? And we are allowing it, every one of us.

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      • Life here is a test for us

        A test, eh? But God is omniscient, right? Why does he need to “test” anything? He already knows what the outcome will be.

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      • Whose fault is it, then, if we allow Evil to flourish?

        Ultimately, it’s your omnipotent God’s fault, because nothing, including evil, can exist without his permission.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 3:41 pm Corinth Arkadin

        You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test. -Deuteronomy 6:16

        And Jesus answered and said to him, “It is said, ‘YOU SHALL NOT PUT THE LORD YOUR GOD TO THE TEST.'” -Luke 4:12

        So there it is, if you’re a Christian from any time.

        But if you do not acknowledge Christ as the Lord, it’s your free will to do so, and you’re on your own.

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      • You shall not put the Lord, your God, to the test.

        Why not? Is he afraid he’ll flunk?

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      • I have serious deja-vu about this thread / topic for some reason. But having a very peculiar insight into this that few people in this world have I would simply say this.

        Is it possible to be omnipotent but for reasons far beyond human comprehension, decide you don’t WANT to know every pre-determined outcome. You then introduce variables, perhaps for your own amusement, perhaps for some unknowable reason. You are all powerful, so you wall off yourself easily from knowing these outcomes until they happen.

        The circle of Epicurus logic puzzle is now squared nicely when you consider this.

        Secondly, imagine you wish to disperse your consciousness across billions and trillions of individual beings while also retaining it. Omnipotent, you can do this at will and effortlessly. Your reasons are your own, these beings needn’t be in the know as they are just a small fraction of ‘You’.

        Every living cell in your body, and there are trillions (consider that number more cells in your body than all the galaxies in the universe, this is likely by Design).

        These cells are both ‘You’ and not you, simultaneously if you take my meaning. Individually they perish and die but ‘You’ do not because you are continuously generating new ones. You care for them because without them you cease to exist, but you have no relationship with the trillion parts of ‘You’ other than the symbiosis of mutual need.

        Now take that meta I just painted and move it into infinity and you may JUST start to grasp what I’m speaking about. The curtain was peeled back for me, very briefly, like some others after a medical emergency that included lack of vital functions. My experience was brief but this scenario I just painted is somewhat what I could intuit about the fundamental nature of reality.

        That to me, has MUCH more mileage than something written in a book 2000 years ago that was largely stolen from other earlier people’s books anyways.

        Sorry for the essay, but this is a topic of great interest to me after my little ‘trip’ and return.

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      • on December 30, 2018 at 3:59 pm Corinth Arkadin


        Because He is the Lord, if you’re a Christian. I don’t put my own father to the test out of respect, either.

        But if you’re no Christian, you’re under no compulsion to believe. I go against the grain with other Christians because I don’t spread the Good News and I don’t proselytize and other people’s souls are theirs to care for, not me.

        Free Will.

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      • Is it possible to be omnipotent but for reasons far beyond human comprehension, decide you don’t WANT to know every pre-determined outcome. You then introduce variables, perhaps for your own amusement, perhaps for some unknowable reason. You are all powerful, so you wall off yourself easily from knowing these outcomes until they happen.

        The circle of Epicurus logic puzzle is now squared nicely when you consider this.

        No, because it is Christian dogma not just that (((יהוה))) is omnipotent but also that he is omniscient.


      • the corruption of a physics professor…how about if he tells you F=2MA?


      • Biblically speaking, we are all here and subject to the ravages of evil because we CHOSE to be. The parable of Adam and Eve explains how we chose to leave God’s perfect paradise (free from the ravages of evil) and wanted to have the chance to rule our own world. Well, here we are. What you guys are complaining about is akin to rebelling against your dad, running away, and then whining because he isn’t there to save you from every horror out on the street, even while he was begging you not to leave home and said you’re welcome back anytime, if you accept his (His) authority.

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      • Nice summation/speculation, Jay. Reminds me of Scott Adams’ “God’s Debris”.


      • “Nice summation/speculation, Jay. Reminds me of Scott Adams’ “God’s Debris”.”

        I actually picked this up off the basis of this comment. I have a new found respect for Scott Adams, quite a mind bender this little quick read is so far. I had no idea he did this metaphysical / philosophical stuff too.


      • God’s omniscience and Man’s free will are not mutually exclusive. Imagine that you have run a simulation or the universe. You have all the results. The simulated had free will.


    • They are all poisoned except Holy Orthodoxy.

      Coincidence? No, because Orthodoxy is Christianity. There is only one form, one Christianity, as it has been for 2000 years: Orthodoxy.


    • Went to National Cathedral a few years ago…dyke bishop or whatever she was gave the same sermon.

      This is protestantism. On the other side you have Pope Fagius the nigger foot kisser and his merry band of “take all migrants” bishops in various diocese. The Cuckstain church has nobody willing to die for it, so it will die.

      Simple evolution. It offers no moral authority anymore


    • mod ate my reply

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  7. That tranny stuff confuses me. Chicks with dicks, addadictome, cutadickfromme, xe/xir/xi/xer, etc– takes too much effort. Just smoke them when you see them.

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  8. An explanation for the double standards of the faggot et. al, shitlib is that they are singularly focused on GOALS, the primary one being the acquisition of power, no matter what the cost. In 2018, it’s “da ebil white mahan” and all of his “white rues and sheeit” that stand in the way. The ends justify the means, a la Alinksy.

    It’s all emotion applied on a case by case basis. Therefore, it is very common for them to come up with an explanation for their opinion which would also seem to logically apply to a different but analogous situation. But since such consistency would undermine their argument, they are then forced to go through intellectual contortions to explain why the two situations are, in fact, completely unlike one another.

    Shitfaggot leftards arrive at the conclusion that makes them feel good and morally superior, and then try to manufacture an intellectual explanation for it afterward…which is why their rationalizations sound so fucking stupid. Because they ARE fucking stupid.


    • “Shitfaggot leftards arrive at the conclusion that makes them feel good and morally superior, and then try to manufacture an intellectual explanation for it afterward…”
      Sadly, this is more a rule than an exception, and applies very broadly, not just shitfaggots, unless you build it into the definition of “shitfaggot”.

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    • Goddamn if that doesn’t square it up perfectly. The bruthas and sand people and way deep southerners (as in south of Texas) are simply looking to squeeze out what they can and get one over on us as much as possible. There’s no reason to like them, but who can blame them? If the cops were as lenient towards me beating the piss outta someone as they are with illegals smashing their uninsured 98 explorer into my truck and walking away Scot free, I can tell you now I’d have already taken advantage of it twice by lunch.

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    • on December 30, 2018 at 6:03 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “Shitfaggot leftards arrive at the conclusion that makes them feel good and morally superior, and then try to manufacture an intellectual explanation for it afterward…which is why their rationalizations sound so fucking stupid. Because they ARE fucking stupid.”

      I’d phrase it just a little differently – the Frankfurt School first sniffs out the particular psychological weakness in the [Insula-dominant] goyische target at hand, and then crafts a narratival pseudo-deductivistic canonical liturgy [within the fake religion of Political Correctness] for the goyische target to recite so that the Frankfurt School can seize control of the experiencing of the Feels-Good [and then wield the Feels-Good experiences to the Frankfurt School’s strategic advantage].

      The trick for the Frankfurt School is in making certain that the narratival pseudo-deductivistic canonical liturgy isn’t so gratingly absurd that it accidently activate’s the goyim’s Amygdala [which might very well snap the goyim right out of the spell].

      That’s what happened to (((Ron Unz))) the other day – he was on a role with his goyische pets when talking about his tribe’s iron grip on Harvard admissions, but then he made the tactical blunder of turning up the heat on the frog just a little too quickly with all of his whining in favor of Unlimited Brown Immigration Forever.


      • on December 30, 2018 at 6:05 pm Captain Obvious

        Although, over time, the malleable & dutifully-compliant Insula-dominant goyim can get to be so good at reciting these liturgies that they can then start improvising on the fly and creating facsimilies of the liturgies as needed [when e.g. crossing paths with Amygdala-dominant deplorables].


      • on December 30, 2018 at 8:01 pm Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == I guess you could conclude that the Frankfurt School [in K-12 & Undergrad & Grad Schul] inculcates a sort of fake Logic in the Insulae of their goyische pets which the pets can then lean on [emotionally] in order to rationalize their way through all of this nonsense.

        Just so long as that Amygdala doesn’t awaken from its slumber.

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      • I think you nailed it right there.


  9. “Sadly, this is more a rule than an exception, and applies very broadly, not just shitfaggots,”

    100% correct. It does apply broadly.

    Shitfaggots, and leftists in general, just excel at it, which is not to disparage (heh) others who might do so as well.


  10. Approximately 10 years ago I was working with a person who you would nowadays call a shitlib. She was also very much into dogs.

    I had a reputation of being a shitlib, which I never denied, because it was convenient, based on the things I had done in my youth.

    After she made a tirade how sexes are socially constructed, I asked her whether she thinks there are behavioral differences between different species of dogs. After she agreed, it was as if a lightbulb had been lightened. She respected me even more than before.


    • Hnff? There is only one species of dogs. There are of course different breeds, but they are AFAIK all interfertile, and thus do not, by definition, qualify as different species.


      • You are right. I meant breed. English is not my mother tongue. In my mother tongue (Finnish) there is only one word for breed (used for dogs) and race.


  11. After almost a year we have a new #1 on our “Fellow White People Top 50”


  12. Gender is not about sexuality.




  14. on December 30, 2018 at 7:12 pm Darth Caucasious

    Is it just me, or are b!tches seething over the good waves of truth and beauty emanating from citadels of the manosphere such as this one?

    Just check out the scathing, passive-aggressive vitriol. Methinks we’re hurling towards peak b!tchiness, and once peak b!tchiness is unleashed into factious diversity…

    I also like how white Feminists are getting shamed more and more.

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    • on December 30, 2018 at 7:16 pm Darth Caucasious


    • don’t you just love the entitlement women display?

      never tell them they must return a text ever nor give you an explanation for ghosting mid conversation, you fucking MAN CREEP STALKER

      you gd well better give them exactly what they want and tell them they’re BEAUTIFUL you fucking misogynist bastard


      • on December 31, 2018 at 1:34 am Darth Caucasious

        Finding the Chateau has added a lot of clarity to my game. It gave me the confidence to trust my own perceptions and intuitions regarding women by confirming their verity. One of the most important things it clarified was the opportunistic, and at times sadistic, nature of women despite all protestations otherwise from the culture at large.

        Before I found this and similar blogs, there was a point during my divorce when I realized for the first time that my ex wife was intentionally being cruel to me. It took me time to wrap my head around and, eventually, come to terms with the necessity of returning fire and eviscerating her ego. She called me months afterwards, crying and blathering on about why I did or didn’t do this or that. I had forced myself to move on and was already screwing some hair stylist and told my ex she screwed up, bye. It was killing me inside, though.

        By the time I found this outpost, I already understood it to be a refined knowledge of societally obfuscated truths about the sexes. And that, fellow ladies of the church potluck, is my testamonial.

        I’ll be honest. I have put up with the behaviors you listed above since the point in my life I described, but mainly when I was trying to keep a particular type of woman for a particular taste I have that might be in limited supply where I’ve lived. (You and I might have similar tastes for the r selected. When society poisons personalities, supernormal stimuli
        t&a is the way to go, I say.)

        Otherwise… unless she demonstrated selflessness at some point or her cunt dispenses money, I’ve learned that there are always other women in the world and there are always other women willing to knock her down to size through me, if I have to do that.

        I’ve also learned stoic patience and dispassion. It comes in handy for watching a woman’s power plays fall flat, short of an MK-Ultra intervention… and we might be getting to that point in this country…

        Glad we’re all gigolos. 👩‍👩‍👦


  15. There’s something that’s been puzzling me. I’ve noticed there’s a considerable number of girls, both in my history and on Instagram, who aged physically super fast between 18 and 22 and I’m referring to super pretty girls who are just 7s now. Are occasional fake tans horrendous for your skin that they have more wrinkles than I do with quite a degenerate background in my early 30s?

    And what motivates these girls to do stupid shit like cut their hair and then not grow it back? I imagine you’d realize it’s not as good looking. Lol, my questions arise from meeting this girl I fucked in 2015 when she was 19 and a solid 9 now and her looks back then are among the best I had(really cute look with no makeup, long blonde hair, no body fat in the wrong places, surprising hips for such a skinny bitch, 34C really nice boobs).

    It felt like humanity was robbed of a gorgeous girl and was given an above average one in return when I met her and she had a few really fine wrinkles, she gained like 4-6lbs(which does make her hips look even better, but that combination of super flat abs yet with wide hips and legs that are neither scrawny nor fat nor muscular…) and has shorter hair. I don’t get the wrinkles at all because she doesn’t smoke, do drugs and fucked only two guys since and I couldn’t just slap her and ask her what the fuck she’s been doing to herself.

    Should I tell her to replace whatever she’s doing now with tons of moisturizer for the good of humanity or just screw her(if the damage is even reversible) I can’t possibly imagine telling it to her in an emotionally impactful enough way for her to change without being an ass to the point she won’t want to see me again though I’m open to ideas insofar as I don’t have to make her break up with the chode she’s with and train her to take care of herself.


    • You had your chance already. Instead of leading her, you fucked her and used her like a tampon, she now feels like somewthing ugly and of low value, w no inherent dignity, and so she is merely outwardly expressing this brokenness and cognitive dissonance and fractured, wounded payche she feels inside.

      You are not blame for all this, it is the state of fallen man. But, you had your chance to lead her in the opposite direction. You only worsened her predicament.

      Stay away from her. You did her no good in the first place.

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      • Lol yes, it’s not the fault of the two idiots she’s been fucking for all this time. I’m responsible for all the life choices every single girl I fucked made since the time I’ve been inside them the first time. You’re supercharging the white knighting captain save a ho mentality.


      • Read, idiot.

        I said you are NOT enitrely responsible for her issues.


      • Save a ho? I am telling you to stay away from the ho ypu helpes create.

        You are the one ideating about “saving” her by giving her life advice.

        Who is trying to save the ho? You. Idiot.


      • White knighting? Ha.

        If mentioning the simple fact that multiple sex parnters damages women is “white knighting,” then CH has been white knighting for years.

        Then your mother is a hamster.


      • Pwn he’s not picking on you

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    • I mean, why stop at the foot when you can move all the way up to the pussy


    • Check the archives, Shlomo.


    • One common factor aging skin is …drumroll… sunlight. This does terrible damage. Of course, it hits white people harder. Oh, there are differences even between people of Northern European ancestry. Some of us tan (in the sense of turning brown etc) pretty quickly, which reduces further damage. Others tan hardly at all. I tan, my wife (since deceased for other reasons) tanned hardly at all.


  16. Since the merest child, or even a dog, can see the true sex of pretty much every tranny (no matter how wealthy) at a glance, that proves that sex is immutable and trannies are crazy. If sex change were possible then each tranny would appear to be the sex he or she claims to be. Trannies and their enablers go batshit when people use accurate words to speak of or to trannies precisely because every time they do that it reiterates and proves that trannies are crazy phonies. The only way to suppress a truth that simple and obvious is by severely punishing anyone who speaks it.

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  17. on December 30, 2018 at 10:07 pm Captain Obvious

    Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal: President Donald Trump immoral, doesn’t tell the truth.


  18. H/T Nicholas Styx: