Dick Farm

The next time you hear a guy talk about the favorable female to male ratio in DC, show them this:

wingmans anonymous meeting

From a quick head count it looks like the men outnumber the women 3 to 1 in this picture.  I’d say this scene is representative of the majority of DC singles bars on any given weekend night.  Even if it’s technically true that there are more fertile-age women than men in DC it’s clear from the facts on the ground that these surplus women are all staying home crocheting sweaters for their cats or playing jenga.

There is no external factor that will impact a man’s success with women more than the sex ratio of the venue he attends.  No fancy analysis is needed to confirm this observation — it’s simple supply and demand market functions working on human psychology.  If there is one girl and ten guys vying for her attention she will get an inflated sense of her mating worth and it will show in her attitude.  The 6 will have the bitch shield of a 10 when there are enough guys giving her the time of day.  The trick is to meet women where their sexual market value is most accurately self-assessed.  That brazen 6 will be very accommodating when there are 8s and 9s all around her hogging the limelight.

An artificially boosted self-esteem means she is likely to test the waters and push for the best deal she can get by rejecting many early advances for the possibility of a better prospect opening her later in the night.  Your time and energy investment carries a much higher risk premium under these circumstances.

I am still surprised just how drastically a girl’s personality will shift when more guys flood her field of view.  It’s as if the hordes of swinging dicks release a pent-up princess.  She’ll start passively engaging the flirtations of every man hoping to absorb as much male attention as humanly possible to fuel a seizure of salf-satisfied preening.  For many women, receiving a sustained burst of positive feedback on their attractiveness to men can often be better than sex itself. 

With the deck stacked like this, certain game strategies are rendered inoperable.  Tactics like jealousy plotlines (making your target jealous by walking away from her to talk to another girl), pawning (using another girl that you have befriended to open your target easier), and calculated indifference (won’t work when ten other guys are hovering to jump in at any opportunity) need a somewhat balanced ratio to utilize effectively.

If you have the tightest of game, and believe personal growth can only come through putting your skills to the test, then knock yourself out at the dick farms.  You can demonstrate your prowess in comparison to the weak competition.

For those who prefer the path of least resistance, here are my suggestions for avoiding the sausage:

Stay away from places with egregious specials on cheap beer.  If it has $2 Miller Lites all night it’s a good bet the bar will smell like Axe.

Go out on weeknights instead of weekends.  The kinds of girls out on a weeknight are more motivated to meet someone.  There are fewer of them, but they’re easier to game.

Skip places that advertise through major promoters.  An Absolute Addiction promotion will summon the armies of douche darkness.

You can help.  If you want to improve the scenery and psychological profile of this ego-besotted city, as well as build the character of the women, try not to contribute to the visual pollution by rolling into venues with a cock posse twelve strong.  There are a few places in DC that have manageable ratios.  Chi Cha and Cafe Citron come to mind.  If you’re secure in your masculinity, you can also take my advice and hit up the gay bars.


  1. Part of the problem is rampant de facto polygamy and serial monogamy, as I explained a year ago.


  2. Part of the problem is that most bars -are- like this so we stay out of them. We’d rather hang out at a friend’s house or whatever than go to sausage fests full of drunk frat guys.

    And while I understand that women complain about no men in the city, it’s not exactly fun to weed out the good guys from the drunk assholes at bars. Hence why the bar scene sucks.


  3. Yo son, I actually know the guys behind Absolute Addiction and their pretty cool. I do agree about the Douches coming out but then when you roll with these guys it’s like being king of the douches…. Wait what.

    I’m just saying if you see me in an Absolute Addiction pic, you better believe I’m with a hot little mommy and I’m drinking for free. duh


  4. JO,

    Now , now girl lets keep it real. You’ve been in a relationship for like five years. You’d stay out of most bars like that because you have a man at home who gives you all the attention you need. Most single girls aren’t like that so they do go to bars like this. It’s not fun for girls to weed out but it’s one of those things that must be done, like shaving her bush.

    You giving advice about hanging out at single bars is like Stevie Wonder telling me how beautiful the Sistine Chapel looks. But you know I got nothing but love for you


  5. “For many women, receiving a sustained burst of positive feedback on their attractiveness to men can often be better than sex itself.”

    The problem is that such feedback is an addictive drug, which sucks for women who aren’t getting it on a regular basis. The 6 who acts like a 9 in the middle of a swinging dick-fest will never think that the ratio of girls to guys was the real reason she could act like that.

    As for it not being fun for women to weed out the good guys from the drunk assholes, men only wish they had that problem. It’s like a rich guy complaining that there’s nothing worthwhile for him to buy. Don’t fool yourself — ASS is currency, and may be more valuable than money.


  6. Hey VK — isn’t that you in the middle of the pic?


  7. vk – AA is powerful. can you tell those guys to promote a fake event in siberia so all the dudes go there? and have the real event within walking distance of my place.

    my goal in life is a 100 to 1 F:M ratio where i can finally be the attention whore i’ve dreamed about.


  8. VK, I completely understand your point so no offense taken and Roissy was absolutely right in his advice to go on weekdays avoid bars such as McFaddens. But I -have- been the single girl in bars such as these and that’s exactly what it’s like, and it does suck. I’m sure guys have to weed out the bad ones too, but it doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it!


  9. Lol @ Gatsby’s comment #2

    Roissy, stop telling straight guys to go to gay bars. Now where are all the women supposed to hide out? They go there because they know its safe.


  10. Most important rule for guys is to go out early. If you are getting in line at midnight, you already missed the boat.


  11. on July 13, 2007 at 8:08 pm Jimi Hendrix

    But what if a 6 turned out to be 9?


  12. Most important rule for guys is to go out early. If you are getting in line at midnight, you already missed the boat.

    What about the strategy of hitting a bar or nightclub shortly before closing time, when the remaining girls are likely to be getting desparate?


  13. “What about the strategy of hitting a bar or nightclub shortly before closing time, when the remaining girls are likely to be getting desperate?” — Peter

    If you have any standards at all, you don’t want the desperate girls that are available at closing time. The quality girls left the bar before midnight. Roosh is absolutely right on this one. Get there EARLY (10:30-11:00 p.m. is about right). You’ll have about an hour (possibly less) to “work” before hoards of guys swarm the bar and drive the quality girls out the door. The quality women who are left in the bar after that time are, for the most part: (a) just looking for attention, but will never hook up with you (they have boyfriends or husbands at home); or (b) already talking to/flirting with at least a couple of guys (who are probably buying them drinks).


  14. When I used to live in DC, the female/male ratio was fantastic — but the trick was to pick people up through work, mutual friends, small parties, or even personals. The bar scene was just always tough. It definitely will train you to deal confidently with rejection, tough openings, etc. I was never very good at bars, but always had a GF.

    Of course, the problem with DC women is the same as the general problem in DC, quality. Too many dowdy student government types.


  15. A suggestion for excellent young-female to male ratio is a graduate course in humanities. Something expensive and fru-fry, like English. I once took a seminar with — no kidding — about 17 women, most young and pretty, many single, no boyfriend. So much restless estrogen in the room that even the female professor was flirting with me.


  16. PA: Not such a good idea. Those types of classes are just filled with radical feminism not checked at the door, and you probably won’t get anything less than hostility by being there.

    It’s sort of a self-selection process–the more women the more belligerent the attitude. After all, they’d rather be with each other than with you!

    Best place to look is a church or synagogue group, or through friends. Work is OK if you are in a large enough organization in which the object of your affection is significantly distant enough from you in the reporting scheme and she’s not competing with you for power.

    If you’re in a smaller organizaton with a lot of turnover (as with the Beltway Bandit firms I worked for in th 80’s), it might not be long before either you or she moves on, and then it’s fair game.


  17. Sestamibi: While a church or synagogue group is a fine suggestion, a liberal arts graduate seminar is not as bad as you’d think. In my experience, at a second-tier school in Boston, I met very few radical lefties. The two or three I knew were either young men with law school ambitions (all married, so no competition from them), or women over 40. The younger grad student girls were overwhelmingly normal, non-ideological, and very pleasant.


  18. PA: Perhaps I shouldn’t make a blanket condemnation, but one has to make decisions about what to do with one’s limited time, and my recommendation is based on that observation.

    Also good place to look is in political campaigns. This way you are working by definition with others who presumably share your preferences. Many romances have flourished in such environments.


  19. “Also good place to look is in political campaigns.”

    Now that would be an interesting blog post:

    Getting Laid on the Campaign Trail

    With the presidential campaigns in full swing, I’m quite sure there is plenty of that going on among campaign staffers and interns.


  20. […] Laura wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI’d say this scene is representative of the majority of DC singles bars on any given weekend night. Even if it’s technically true that there are more fertile-age women than men in DC it’s clear from the facts on the ground that these … […]


  21. on December 1, 2007 at 7:03 am Mr. Ass Clown

    Those Absolute Addiction guys are big time dorks. Ask yourself the question, of all the nightspots in DC, why would anyone want to go hang out at one of their sausage fest with un-cool guys like that. Hide your bung or maybe dont hide your bung if your into that sort of thing. Their parties are strictly for club armatures and douche bags.


  22. This is called “Winning Time”, coined by The One.

    Winning Time is the time at the bar from when the crowd first develops, until there are more men than ladies. This is a common occurrence in Vancouver. From about 8PM til 11PM there are more girls in a club than guys, and this is your time to shine. Once the other men have caught on, well, Winning Time is over.

    The One has two other principles (unrelated, but useful):

    – “Plan B”. Always have a Plan B girl at the bar. Go Mystery and start talking to some hot bitch that you see early on. But have that just-below-out-of-your-league girl to talk to after you strike out.

    – “Go ugly early”. This is a good strategy for rebuilding your self-esteem after a breakup, or if you’re ugly. People go pretty early, then go ugly late, ie hit on the 9s at 10PM and hit on the 5s at 2am. But if you just want some vagina, hit on the 6s at 9PM and call er a night.


  23. […] and his odds with women. I’ve noted that on a microcosmic scale a very bad sex ratio can mean a shitty night at the bar fending off armies of Bob Evans, and perhaps on a macro scale a skewed sex ratio will affect a host […]


  24. Roosh hit the nail on the head. Every venue and city has a sweet spot, or magic time frame. On average it’s between 11 and midnight. Go to a club when it opens a couple of times and pay special attention to the ratios and when all the women seem to leave and all that’s left is an abundance of guys and a few straggler notties or hotties with their bf’s.

    Mark my words, usually that occurs shortly after midnight. You know why? All the women looking to get laid that night already found their cock for the evening. Unlike men women don’t have to wait around for hours and hours trying to find someone to hook up with any given evening. They go, they have a few drinks, they dance a while, and then they leave with the alpha of the day. Sure they might entertain a few betas here or there for free drinks, or they mistook them for being higher up the pecking order than the guys really were, but by midnight or so the hottest down to fuck women are already being shuffled off to get their brains fucked out. By 1am if you’re not getting your dick wet you done fucked up son.


  25. […] over sex ratio in something we have all experienced in real life. I have been in bars where there were way more men than women. There’s nothing more dispiriting to the inveterate player than walking into a roomful of Bob […]


  26. […] for Springfield, MA (5 extra women per 1,000 people) has a surplus of men. No wonder most bars look like this. However, in DC’s defense, its male surplus isn’t as bad as most big […]


  27. Bahaha, that’s me in the front in the gray shirt, with my back to the camera!! OMG I did such a double take when I saw that!


  28. That is a picture of a post office: nothing but male and packages.


  29. hahah if you look at the three guys staring back at the camera they’re the focal proof of how beta that scene really is