When A Past Lover Finds You Again

If you’ve left a trail of tearful lovers in your woke wake, you’ll likely get a surprise reconnect from at least one of them weeks, months, or even years later. The odds of this happening go up with the number of past lovers, of course, as well as the permanency of your contact information. Depending on your goals, there’s a personally advantageous way to handle the long-lost lover shout-out that smooths a straight road to a bedroom reprisal, (should she have maintained her girlish figure).

In most cases, the past*, former**, or (less commonly) the ex-girlfriend*** will reintroduce herself with a sweetly inquisitive “Do you remember me?”. (The bitchier women will start off saying “Hey, it’s Jemima…wat up!”)

I have discovered through extensive in-field research that the best reply is the coy reply. The goal when dealing with the reentry of old lovers is to straddle the line between Distantly Aloof and Creepy Photographic Memory. You don’t want to sound like you’ve totally obliterated her from your memory, nor do you want to come across as a man who longingly relives his time with her in between crybaby sessions.

So, my line:

“I remember all my lovers.”

A juicy bit of pith that subliminally communicates two desirable, if superficially contradictory, man-shaped traits: passion, and romantic options.

Where you go from there is wide open. You could tease her and deliberately call her by another girl’s name. You could segue anhedonically to an arid topic of your choice, defying her immediate expectations of YUGE SWOONAGE. Or you could politely ask why she ever thought you would not remember her, if her kitty is already halfway to your latching post.

If your ex is a not particularly nice person, you even have a plausible face-save follow-up line: “I didn’t say fondly remember.”

Good luck out there! MAGA! (make american girls archtheirbacks)

*past = she left because of uncontrollable circumstances
**former = she left on good terms
***ex = she left on bad terms


  1. MAGA! For the win…

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  2. OMFG get a load of this white knight nightmare



    • Funny that their slogan is “Live you life BOLDLY”


    • why is this article so spergy with overthinking? She hit you up for a reason. There’s no need to play games with an ex that strikes u up after a long absence. Turn the game off ffs. She’s not interested in hearing a clever story or being seduced; she wants laid by you. No more and no less.

      You simply invite them over. get her in, get her out.


  3. […] When A Past Lover Finds You Again […]


  4. “woke wake”?

    Didn’t get the memo….


  5. I admit, I’m a loser as all my exgf have never contacted me and either display ignorance or cold shoulder if I try to reconnect. More the reason to keep moving forward I reckon.


    • personal favorite: “what do you want?”

      “hi! remember me?”
      “what do you want?”

      “hi. can we please talk?”
      “what do you want?”

      “hi. do you still live at xxxx? can I stop by?”
      “what do you want?”

      never fails.


      • was meant as a general comment.

        Dude: “all my exgf have never contacted me”

        you don’t know that yet. it takes awhile. 6mos, 2 years. your silence is what makes them think they’re missing out. it’s the darnedest thing.


      • on September 30, 2016 at 6:18 pm Captain Obvious

        > “what do you want?” ——— VARIATION: “How much money do you need this time?”

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      • One of my sons favorite lines.


      • “Hi remember me?”
        Trav: “yeah, what time u wanna come over?”

        Leave it at THAT. If you don’t wanna bang them, then simply don’t respond. Just cut to the gd chase.

        I had this one young chick who was lookin for a SD and she hits me up and is like she’s late on her period and i have to get her an EPT and all this crap. I blew her off and swore at her for like a week before I was like jfc O K…she came over I got the gd test at Giant and of course she pissed negative.

        So then I grabbed her and banged her. Why overthink things?


      • on October 3, 2016 at 9:45 pm streetsweeper

        “Why overthink things?”


    • Dude, that doesn’t make you a loser. Not at all. Your exes could be just shy, cautious about re-igniting something that didn’t work out the first time, or afraid of getting the cold shoulder themselves. It doesn’t mean they don’t have warm memories of their time with you.


    • YOU try to reconnect?

      There’s the problem right there.

      “Once we have loved someone we’ll do anything for them except love them again.” – Oscar Wilde


      • I disagree. I hit up exes I feel like banging all the time. The success rate is variable. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t. These weren’t real GFs, just FWBs and such.

        Lemme ask you this- exactly what does a fking txt cost you?


      • The man was talking about ex-girlfriends… not slut-buddies.

        Who gives a rat’s ass about a former convenience cooze, hit or miss?


      • so you read his mind huh?

        I categorize maybe 3-5 women out of more than 100 into “gf” category. I’m not gonna assume he meant what I mean by it. I’ve kept a couple dozen around for a period of time, many thought they were my gf.

        Either way, hit them up, how the fk much does a txt cost you? If they respond or not, IDGAF


      • When a guy says “none of my exgf”, I take him at his word that he means girlfriends… not mere fuck-buddies.

        Where the fuck do you get off trying to rationalize it as “read his mind”?

        Don’t start no shit, Lochivar of the Boudoir, and there won’t be no shit.

        Besides, he’s feeling down because none of ’em ever initiate contact, and when he makes contact, he gets the brush.

        Better to save a bit of dignity and just keep plowing new fields, says I.

        That’s TRUE dgaf attitude, if this is the gold standard. Better to get shot down by some new attempt rather than give the old cooze the satisfaction.


  6. My brother had the bitch he lost his virginity to email with “I don’t know if you remember me…”

    She was awfully cute and hot in the day though. Total bitch and headcase, though.


    • Mentality instability and good looks so often go together in chicks. The more the world indulges you, the more you can . . . indulge yourself.


      • Fantasyretard, why are you still here?


      • not always.

        some of the hottest girls i’ve known have also been the sweetest.

        the key is having families who are protective of them or locking them down early.

        the ones i’ve known who had good personalities to match their looks all had strong families (good father figures, brothers, etc.) who protected/guided them well when they were young.

        and/or they settled down with a strong man early and didn’t get wrapped up in college sororities, feminism, and partying.


      • adding to that…

        the worst personality wise are the ones who grew up only with other females. girls growing up without a dad or brothers don’t know how to have healthy relationships with men.

        if they do manage to trick a man into knocking them up or attempting a relationship with them, they end up screwing up any sons and daughters they might have too.


      • on October 1, 2016 at 7:43 am Captain Obvious

        > “Mentality instability and good looks so often go together in chicks.” ——— Yeah, because hideously ugly Yentas are so dadgum mentally stable.


  7. I tried posting something three times, to no avail. If it shows up thrice, forgive me ; I won’t repeat my mistake. Smartphone technology and I mix poorly, but eventually.


  8. Ya I remember you.

    Bring the movies.

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  9. Any high school reunion stories?


    • on September 30, 2016 at 6:21 pm Captain Obvious

      After about the 10th HS reunion, the bishes gonna hit the wall HARD. Even at just the 5th HS reunion, they’re already looking like MILFs [rather than innocent waif little party girls].


  10. on September 30, 2016 at 6:11 pm Wrong Side of History

    An ex messaged me out of the blue on FB not too long ago. She gave me her new cell # and said she just wanted to say hi and keep in touch.

    I never responded. I didn’t know what to say, honestly. Part of me was delighted – the rest wanted nothing to do with this woman ever again.


  11. Does anyone else here feel like total shit when you leave a woman, and she cries and weeps no matter what you say, but it just has to be done? You’ve gotta terminate it immediately and move on. Full stop. But she cries and sends text messages, apologies and even sometimes gifts, “I’m sorry!! I’m so sorry!!!!”

    It is almost always like this for me. And it bums me out every time.


    • No.


    • Oh, yes, the Free Bluff and Callback™ technique. The correct countermove is the Cut and Run™. Note the hurtful cost bias. The Cut and Run™ has the cost of being logistically and emotionally real. They know that reality. The Bluff and Callback™ is virtually Free to implement. Cut your losses immediately. Dem beetchez cycle back and reset to bluff challenge your control and injure your welfare over and over. Once you see the cold instinctive logic under they hood, you will properly DGAF, the only cure for GAS. If she really cared, she would have provided net value already rather than say she will be this or that, or wanted only blah, blah. You don’t have to ask a properly motivated women to make herself useful. She knows you have a penis and feelings.

      I hope I am not responding to troll bait for sympathy for the mentally fugly sex. I suppose either way this might help someone.

      P.S. You guys who comment on your comments a tiny fukin correction that usually is easy to guy, seriously? So not alpha, so not ZFG, etc. Take your time, review, let go, be happy. Save me the tedium, plz.

      OMG, I meant please not plz. Wheee-oou, that was clos.


    • AC, I feel that way ONLY for ex-gfs, not women that I only went out with a few time. I think it is natural for a man, with a natural desire to protect women and a weakness when you see on crying (even women of other races), to want to make them feel better. Women KNOW this though, and so one has to realize that they will use that (unfairly) to their advantage to make you try to get back with them. That is when we need to use logic to defeat that primitive instinct locked into our genetic code.


    • on September 30, 2016 at 9:04 pm Captain Obvious

      > “Does anyone else here feel like total shit when you leave a woman, and she cries and weeps no matter what you say” ——— EVERY. [email protected] TIME. Women crying – it’s the bane of my friggin existence.


      • on September 30, 2016 at 9:05 pm Captain Obvious

        It’s the primary reason I so rarely [if ever] dipped it in nice girls. It’s bad enough to break a b!tch, but the thought of breaking a nice girl is more than my conscience can stomach.

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    • Being stern feels odd at first but if its the right decision dont look back.


    • on October 1, 2016 at 1:29 am Vagina dominator

      One woman I broke up with sent a text about a week later. Out of the blue I got the message, something like,

      “I loved you and you broke my heart. I would have done anything for you.”

      After an hour or so I I replied with “Who is this?”

      She immediately replied, “ha ha ha!”

      Women love an arrogant man.


      • Got a text yesterday from a woman I broke it off with a week ago telling me she never suspected I had such a “monstrous heart”. Haha.

        When you elicit hyperbole, you’ve made an impression.


      • my ex wife came back for my eldest’s graduation and couldn’t resist filing an EPO claiming I was starving the other son.

        During the hearing, she claimed she and them were still living under my “reign of terror.” I quote…yeah she said those exact words. We been divorced for 13, she dipped on the kids n isht like 9 ago. She’s 1000 miles away under my reign of terror. lol

        The judge looked at her like “dafuq?”


    • on October 1, 2016 at 10:52 am Wrong Side of History

      Every woman has promised to treat me like the king I am after I’ve initiated a break up.

      Too late, ho.


  12. Ah, it’s game posts like these where GBFM would reply with his signature style, earning a hearty laugh from all of us.

    God bless that man, wherever he may be!


  13. on September 30, 2016 at 7:09 pm Laguna Beach Fogey

    This happens a lot in public and on social media.

    Oh well.

    Spread the word, ladies.


    • You know, I was pondering society and women at the gym (a great place to watch women really do some weird behaviors). The thought hit me, in regards to mudsharking, that White WOMEN should be the ones shaming those mudsharking women, because they bring down the value of ALL their stock by giving the impression that White girls are cheap and worthless, so that even a negro can date one (in the same way that intelligent, moral, strong White men are embarrassed by, and do not hang around, ignorant, uneducated, amoral White men – they make us look bad and feed the liberal anti-White stereotype). But instead, many seem to be “You go grrrl!” about it all, or whatever other degraded adventure other White women try out (tattoos, drunken behavior, whoring around, cheating, etc.). I really do not believe they (or many, at least) fully comprehend the harm to their ‘brand’ that they cause by not punishing women who act out in such ways.

      This ties into an earlier comment I made a few months ago, when I first found this site: That women, and it seems White women in particular, will gladly throw other women under the bus, or lead (and then leave) them in harm’s way, without much concern or feelings of guilt (e.g., women getting molested and raped by the rapefugees in Europe, who were eagerly allowed in by women who, of course, all believe their hands are clean in those crimes; or White women supporting BLM, and totally separated from reality when confronted with stories of the heinous black-on White rape epidemic).


      • The way women act in such regards…isn’t that a textbook description of sociopathic behavior?

        “A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one’s goals.” Sounds like 75% of the women I have met.


      • I give you, Exhibit A:

        Queen Sociopath


      • on October 1, 2016 at 1:35 am Vagina dominator

        Of course, you know it’s not about logic or reason. It’s about being fashionably powerful and transgressive by being self-harming, passive aggressive, fearful, and having a short-term crabs in a bucket mentality. .

        If women were men, they’d mostly be gammas.

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      • With the behaviour you described, I don’t think it’s sociopathy in most cases, it’s that women have a very poor grasp of consequences and cause/effect like children. If the consequence is obvious and immediate, e.g. you stick your finger in a fire and now it hurts, they get it.

        But they are so predisposed to avoiding taking personal responsibility that they do not recognise consequences that occur over the medium to long term. This is why girls who whore around or cheat on boyfriends are shocked when they pay the price for their shitty reputation later in life.


      • Transferred guilt complexes and 50-70-100 years (take your pick) of brain poisoning are your answers.
        In the US, there’s slavery guilt (plus massive propaganda, starting in the 60’s, kicking into high gear in the 90’s), in Europe, there’s Nazi- or colonial guilt, and they now also have a pretty extensive propaganda machine, as well as actual governments pushing the Morgenthau plan, not just for Germany, but for all of western and northern Europe.


      • They are letting competition take themselves out of the game. Most “kindness” of women is disguised cruelty.


      • @Johnny Redux

        “But instead, many seem to be “You go grrrl!” about it all, or whatever other degraded adventure other White women try out”

        I noticed what women often support what other women do, no matter what it is.

        The logic behind this is “there is no right or wrong”, what is good is what i want, and what is bad is what i do not want. With this type of thinking, you can do no wrong, and everything you do is right, no matter what it is, even if it is the polar opposite to what you did yesterday.

        The thinking is this:
        “she killed him, but thats because she had a good reason for this”
        “she cheated, but thats because she had a good reason for it”
        “she divorced, but she had a good reason for it”
        “she lied, but she had a good reason for it”
        “she slept with a black, but its her right to do whatever she wants”
        “She is childless, but who are you to judge? Thats up to her to decide, there is nothing wrong with that, its her choice”

        In other words, a woman never does a bad or wrong thing, no matter if it is a crime, or if she lies, or if she cheates, She could do whatever she wants, regardless of the consequences. And who are you to judge? She should do what she thinks is right for her, no matter what it is.

        This reveals major abnormality in female thinking, simply because such thinking is objectively false. Because women are no angels, gods or perfect beings, but simply humans, with all of the human flaws. There is no such human that always does the right thing, or always does good things, etc.

        Something is really wrong with you if you think that right and wrong do not exist independently of you, that you should follow no standarts of behavior, and that whats good is what you want, and whats bad is what you do not want. Not to mention that it is illogical, for example whats “right” today might become whats “wrong” tomorrow, and right and wrong basically change like the weather – according to the situation.

        I think that this is connected with female solipsism and the female inability of understanding the world that is not directly connected to them, or is not directly affecting them. In other words, females appear to be unable to understand universal values because those valus are outside of them, and for solipsistic people the world outside of them does not really exist, what exists is what *they* feel or what *they* want, but not the things beyong that.

        In other words, for a woman, universal values does not really exist, because those values are outside of her, she did not craft those values, therefore she is not concerned with them. She is only concerned about what *she* wants, and nothing outside of that. This is the behavior of self-obsessed, narcissistic people. This also appears to be very close to the behavior of animals and small children.


      • Passer By, I’ve discussed that with a GF.

        I say, you vilify men who cheat. But if a woman cheats, you say she had a good reason — so it’s okay. I laugh and call her a sexist.

        She doesn’t even see the hypocrisy in this.


      • At the base of this is the female desire for safety. What appears safest? Being part of the herd. What part of the herd? The center. The herd mentality at base aims for having the largest number possible, so there are more targets for danger at the edge. How do you keep away from the edge? By being in agreement as much as possible with the majority. They will be inclusive of aberrant behavior in order to increase the size of the herd and add to the weaker fringe members (who become the weakest and easiest targets for attack instead of them). They have to repeat the mantra that everything a woman may want is good to keep the fringe a part of the herd. Without the input of the patriarchy to balance this, the inclusiveness becomes a cancer (see SJWs, feminism). That is why men who go against the grain of society are craved so much by them. They have been pulled so off-balance by the general culture that they sub-consciously know they tilted to far and look for a counter balance, clutching at anything that seems redress the imbalance. Being so steeped in current society, they misinterpret thugs as being a counter instead of an anchor that will drag them further off balance, past the point of recovery.


  14. Foge:

    I recently moved from NB to out of state (happily so). Wish we’d met while I was there.

    Thanks for all the lulz.


  15. Also: it would amuse me to incomprehensible heights, were I to learn that you are the man who wrote for a local publication comparing LB to Lesotho. I realize that if you are, you daren’t admit it. High five regardless, you BAMF.


  16. When past lovers find me again….

    It’s usually through some one-way glass where an officer asks me to turn to the right.

    Classic whorefinder rape!


  17. If a female remembers a man, it usually because he treated her right and there was an emotional attachment. They can always find another cock to ride, even the 5s and 6s among them. So, it is usually more than sex for them (don’t fill your ego too much otherwise with muh dik illusions).

    Generally, when a man remembers a woman, it was because he enjoyed having sex with her. If a man develops a strong emotional attachment to a woman, then he will not break up with her easily. She may even turn into wifey material. When the sex is bad, and there is no emotional connection, a man quickly breaks up with a woman and hopes to never hear from or see her again.

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  18. Happened to me a while back. The initiating text was “You seein’ anyone?”


  19. Once you get your game dialed in… getting them naked and eager is not the hard part.
    The hard part is getting away alive afterwards.
    See, true alpha is the thing that is most rare… – the thing that gets fought over more than anything else.

    My advice is to find a way to get used to the darkness.


    • You merely embraced the darkness. I was born in it, moulded by it.

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    • on October 1, 2016 at 8:43 am Captain Obvious

      > “My advice is to find a way to get used to the darkness.” ——— 20 or 30 years from now, what will the Total Fertility Rate of your collective Alpha Widows prove to have been? How many beautiful huWhyte babies will never be born because you couldn’t be bothered to pull yourself up out of The Darkness?


      • on October 1, 2016 at 10:29 am Captain Obvious

        Or maybe “The Darkness” in question is simply the color of Squid Ink?

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      • Great movie.


      • Captain
        My insanely beautiful, legitimate, offspring are well launched into life. But nevermind that.
        What is the opposite of what you call “squid ink?” See, meaningful ideas always exist in relation to other ideas that are their opposites and that contribute to their definition.
        Light/dark, big/small, smart/dumb…
        Squid ink/ … what? Agreeing with you? Staying with a stupid narrative?


  20. We have categories for women who have done the act of leaving you: “she left…”

    We need categories for men who do the leaving:

    past = I left because of uncontrollable circumstances (younger / hotter / tighter found its way into my bed, I could not control myself, I swear)

    former = I left on good terms (good terms for me, it’s hardly a case of good terms for her to have an alluring ZFG jerk walk away)

    ex = I left on bad terms (…?…Try saying that phrase to yourself. It’s immediately evident that it is not alpha for you to leave on ‘bad terms’, or to have ‘hard feelings’; axiomatically, alpha is never more involved than ZFG; at best, to leave her on bad terms would be butt hurt, and for you to go back to her would be surrender; if you act that way, and she approaches you afterwards, it’s an implied lack of respect, she’s probably looking for BetaBux; reclaim your balls and treat her like dirt)


  21. on October 1, 2016 at 7:57 am Wrong Side of History


  22. on October 1, 2016 at 10:29 am Wrong Side of History


    Anybody lift full body 3x a week?

    I’m thinking of doing all my big lifts Mon-Wed-Fri. 2 working sets each.


  23. on October 1, 2016 at 12:06 pm Days of Broken Arrows

    Someone should blog about this or at least Tweet it. A guy at Columbia joked about how he was handsome in class, got reported, and fell into the “gender misconduct” rabbit hole:


    • “The University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Office”

      Only at the frankfurt skool.

      It’s funny to see a leftist chump getting eaten by his own ideology.


  24. I’ve been lurking for a long time, finally decided to post. Why are only my short responses appearing? Must I build up the provilege to add more than one paragraph at a time?


  25. NSA mod sucks.

    Validated again. Clinton’s redirection is CIA grade. People are now worried about Trumps legal tax issue because he defended it so hard instead of talking about Clinton’s email debauchery.



  26. Man don’t fall into this trap. If you cut her loose it was for a reason, even if you cannot remember it. If she left you, it was because she saw better options and if she’s coming back, they cut her loose with tons of emotional baggage to weigh her and you down. She’s older, not wiser. Women never blame themselves, which means she hasn’t learnt shit from any of the mistakes she’s made since you last saw her. The older she is, the more desperate. When they approach the wall and get down to their last dozen eggs, all they want is a pulse with sperm ducts. If you get involved, expect it to be a quagmire like The Nam. Like The Nam, you need a coherent exit strategy. Before bedding down, make sure to ask about her bad relationships. Women love to talk about themselves. Those bad relationship tales have a dust-off in them. She’ll tell you all her deal-breakers that got those guys off her target board. Make a list of them. They’ll get you out of Nam.


    • on October 1, 2016 at 4:32 pm Wrong Side of History

      “If she left you, it was because she saw better options and if she’s coming back, they cut her loose with tons of emotional baggage to weigh her and you down. She’s older, not wiser. Women never blame themselves, which means she hasn’t learnt shit from any of the mistakes she’s made since you last saw her.”

      Real talk.

      She’s not returning because she’s seen the errors of her ways and realizes what a prize you are.

      She’s assumed the role of chasee – demonstrate your higher value by telling her to jog on.


  27. Twitter is for twats. Y’all need to get on Gab.


  28. There are a lot of Parrots in my neighborhood. They are hard to notice because they are such brilliantly athletically flyers. You normally get to see of them no more than a technicolor blur as they zip by.. at 60mph. Forget the “polly wants a cracker” nonsense. The Parrots in my neighborhood are real animals thriving in real nature.
    They raise their babies in the top parts of tall trees. The local black birds and grackles are terrified of these Parrots.
    These Parrots BELONG here.


  29. http://evp.sagepub.com/content/14/3/1474704916657833.abstract

    Perception of Gay Men as Defectors and Commitment to Group Defense Predict Aggressive Homophobia


    Homophobia encompasses a variety of attitudes and behaviors with distinct causal paths. We focus on aggressive homophobia, a propensity to feel anger and express aggression toward gay men. We investigated the conjecture that homosexual males might be seen, in recent Western cultures, as defectors from collective group defense. We predicted that consistent with a functional motive to punish and deter free riding, the perception of gay men as defectors would motivate aggression toward gay men. We also predicted that individuals with greater commitment to group defense might show more aggressive homophobia (as these individuals have more to lose from the defection than individuals who are not committed to group defense). Study 1 showed that aggressive homophobia correlated positively with the tendency to implicitly associate gay men with defection from group defense. Study 2 showed that a tendency to punish homosexual males for a theft correlated positively with commitment to group defense. The findings suggest that coalitional psychology might contribute to explaining the existence and quality of certain kinds of social stigma.


  30. OT. A couple of tinder convos.


    Me: mmmmm
    Her: is that your version of hello?
    Me: yep
    Her: is that all you’ve got?
    Me: yeah, i’m unsure about you
    Her: fair enough!
    Her: what makes you unsure
    Me: sunglasses
    Her: I have two pics without them!
    Me: true
    Her: Where do you live? What do you do for work? Who are you?
    Her: You’re quite handsome.


    Me: mmmmm
    Her: mmmmm
    Me: original
    Her: haha ouch.
    Her: a little sarcastic are we?
    Me: is that a problem?
    Her: Do you want to make it a problem?
    Me: YES
    Her: so we’re fighting
    Me: drama queen
    Her: no drama
    Me: are you looking for a boyfriend?
    Her: you want to date me don’t you!
    Me; no thanks
    Her: haha
    Her: my feelings! my poor heart
    Her: tell me about yourself


    Me: mmmmm
    Her: (stupid emoji)
    Me: how normal are you?
    Her: very!
    Me: give me an example
    Her: I drive a BMW!
    Me: what else
    Her: I own a house. I have my own business. I love a good pizza
    Me: are you looking for a boyfriend on here
    Her: no. just fun. you?

    What’s the CH maxim? Something about the less you approve of women, the more they approve of you.Never more evident than on Tinder.

    Tinder is all about aloof asshole game but you have to be short and sweet, like you’re time poor. You can’t overcook it.


    • #3 was all career go-grrrl qualifying, listing all the material shit. Funny how she considers all that crap as making her normal.


  31. on October 2, 2016 at 4:47 am Captain Obvious

    Barbara Pierce Bush poses for “We’re with her” photo opposite Huma Abedin – in Paris, France?!?


    • on October 2, 2016 at 4:47 am Captain Obvious


      • on October 2, 2016 at 4:52 am Captain Obvious


      • on October 2, 2016 at 5:03 am Captain Obvious

        Four weeks before the er3ction – why in the name of G0d Almighty is Barbara Pierce Bush off in Paris, France, partying with Huma Abedin? Both Politico & The Hill are carrying this story – if it’s real, then I have to make a formal public apology to every single Conspiracy Theorist I ever doubted: Y’all were right. About everything. All of it. We were wrong. Completely wrong. We should have listened to you.

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      • on October 2, 2016 at 8:22 am Captain Obvious

        “Huma, along with Black Eyed Peas singer and producer Will.i.am and actress Fanning, spent Saturday afternoon at the Sonia Rykiel Paris store mobilize the expat vote with just five weeks to go…” http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3475831/posts


      • … store mobilize the expat vote…

        WTF? If anyone should know, firsthand, the dangers of muslim immigration, it should be those living in France.

        This is one topsy-turvydom of a kingdom, the world these shitlibs live in, I’m tellin’ ya.


      • I don’t think I’ve seen so many thousand(s)-cock-stares in one picture.

        And look at the deadness in all those eyes… except, of course, for the (what looks to be a) faggot… he’s the only one with a modicum of light in his eyes, go figger. lzozlozl


      • Yes I was struck with the eyes when I saw this earlier today… cray cray…


  32. My analysis used to be that the Establishment wing of the Republican Party expected DJT to lose so badly that it felt like a smart move to withold public support. They were aiming for a “I told you so” moment of validation afterwards. Then Trump began to make the race into something close, without their assistance. At this point the Establishment realized the danger of trying to stay above it all. If DJT lost by a narrow margin, the rank and file Republicans and/or DJT supporters would rightfully hate them forever. This dynamic explained, in my mind, why Cruz made his statement and the establishment seemed to stop being neutral. The behavior of the Bush family has contradicted those assumptions.
    However, the Bush family might be a special outlier because, realistically, their moment of power has passed. No Bush is likely to ever be a contender for the foreseeable future. By dropping their masks and admitting to being among the ultimate insiders, they risk nothing at this point. They just do not care what the rank and file think of them now that they are not running for office.

    Liked by 1 person

    • During the primaries, Trump made a special effort to go after Jeb! and by extension, the entire Bush family and the Bush brand in the Republican Party. He humiliated Jeb! but more importantly, he humiliated the entire catechism of the Bush foreign policy, with it’s crowning achievement of the Iraq War. The Republican establishment and the Bush family would have had the GOP making excuses for Iraq forever, while Trump took a hot blade and lopped it off. So there is no way they can ever forgive him for actually giving the GOP a fighting chance in this election, when they wanted an entire party to back them up for that Iraq War decision. Now it’s Bush and the neocons separated from the Republican Party.

      Is it any wonder they despise him?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Please clap.


      • on October 2, 2016 at 11:16 am Carlos Danger

        Excellent comment.


      • I do not doubt that the Bushs hate DJT about as strongly as hate can exist. But, in big time politics, that is often not the most important factor. No one doubts that Obama hates the Clintons and vice versa. Maybe all big time politicians hate each other because they all have a professional understanding of their mutual scum-baggedness. But they still routinely keep it hidden.
        Nonetheless, the pursuit of power is normally more important to such people than enduring the stress of pretending, in public, to get along with someone you actually despise.
        My point is that the Bushs have given up on having power, at least for a generation. Therefore, they can afford a little honesty.


      • “My point is that the Bushs have given up on having power, at least for a generation. Therefore, they can afford a little honesty.

        Yes, but the Bushes have given up on power because Trump has made it impossible for a Bush to get any of significance; at least for a generation. Obama/Clinton can work together because they are working towards the same general goals. Trump/Bush are going in opposite directions.


      • Little known fact: The Clintons are members of the larger Bush Crime Syndicate.


    • Bush familia has reached the Teddy Kennedy level – without the charisma. Don’t expect any JohnJohns to popup and grab limelight through connections and charisma (second’s appearance propped up by the first) for at least another generation. Jeb is that bad.


  33. on October 2, 2016 at 9:25 am wallacethewalrus

    I’m thinking about starting a GoFundMe page for Tristan Rettke’s (the gorilla mask guy) legal defense. Any suggestions or pros and cons?


  34. on October 2, 2016 at 10:17 am wallacethewalrus

    Does anybody want to start a legal defense fund for Tristan Rettke?


  35. on October 2, 2016 at 11:36 am Carlos Danger


  36. State control isn’t just for better game, your health depends on it, because !Science!



  37. What Trump should say re taxes:

    I have always paid in taxes the full amount required by law. The federal government has all of my tax information and, after several audits, has always affirmed that I have paid the full amount required by law. The Obama Administration’s IRS, which was proven to be using selective tax audits as a political weapon against conservative groups, has once again audited me as a political attack. I’m not playing their game.

    Hillary Clinton wants to make phony, unfounded allegations about my taxes because she doesn’t want to talk about the real issues: her support for terrible trade deals, he plan to bring hundreds of thousands of Muslims into this country, her failed policies that created and effectively supported ISIS, her war-mongering against Russia (a major nuclear power), her corrupt Clinton foundation, her gross negligence with confidential national security information on her personal email server, and the thousands of missing email records that her and her staff deleted instead of turning over to the FBI.


    • the email thing wasn’t about classified info.

      It was about her selling the SecState position while she was there. She was conducting illegal business and could not do so from a gov server as those were Federal records that would have had to have been preserved.

      She was nonstop selling diplomacy through the Clinton foundation. That’s what these people do.


  38. mod fucking sucks CH


  39. It’s official. (((They)))’re running with the spic whore criminal just like KHAAAN. Trump has a “death wish” because he gets up early to fight her bullshit, and he takes advantage of tax loopholes placed by government bureaucrats.


    Whole lotta fake polls and Tokyo Rose heckling incoming. For those of us who didn’t live under the jewish Soviet Union, now we know what it was like. Up is down, nigs dindu nuffin, truth is Pravda.


    • — For those of us who didn’t live under the jewish Soviet Union, now we know what it was like.

      And those of us who did are re-living it, along with the giddy joy at seeing it rushing headlong toward its collapse.


    • WTF is this “reeling”? On tax returns from 21 years ago? Pffft.

      They made the tax laws and then try to neener-neener the people using them?

      Let’s get a look at Soros’ or Adelsohn’s or Jobs’ or (((whoever’s))) tax returns, if this is such a “reeling” blow.

      (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • “What we’re seeing is somebody who’s blowing himself apart in real time,” said Peter Wehner, a strategist and scholar who served in the administrations of the last three Republican presidents. “It’s a pretty extraordinary thing to see. It’s a political death wish, as if at some deep level he doesn’t want to be president.”

      Wehner added, “It’s gnawing on him that he could become what he has contempt for, and that is a loser.”

      Expect this quote reworded by Strapunzel in 3… 2… 1…

      (((Wehner))), replete with the usual suspect outhouse psychoanalysis, sez it, so it must be true. :duckface


      • Yes, I would have expected her to chime in and quote all her (((friends))) regarding the matter. (((Wehner))) sounds more like he’s projecting himself, rather than discussing Trump, but I repeat myself.

        Walked into work and the TV was on CNN in the lobby, with the lower third saying Trump didn’t pay contractors.

        A few years ago I might have taken the bait, but now I can see the string clearly and who’s holding it to know better.


      • on October 3, 2016 at 1:39 pm The Spirit Within

        Nah, Wehner said it best. You turkeys are the only ones who deny, deny, deny the obvious — the guy is a shitty human being who’s sabotaging his own campaign.

        See H spin the truth! Spin, H, spin!


      • Strapon, youre highly educated.

        You should be able to figure out the relentless misdirection attacks by the (((media))).

        Telling that since you claim you’re not an HRC supporter, and claim you know politics, but can’t acknowledge the onslaught of media spin and collusion of attacks against trip to derail his support.

        Your gay ex lovers dont text you.


      • on October 3, 2016 at 3:35 pm The Spirit Within

        Ripp, I hate to pop the bubble of delusion currently floating around your tiny thick skull–

        –but politics has always been about attacks on opposing candidates. And media spin. Read about the election of 1828 between Jackson and Quincy Adams.

        No different today. The only real difference is that ya boy has been stupid enough to give the media the rope that they’re currently hanging him with. And more rope. And more rope.

        All’s fair in love and war … and politics. Get used to it. Sociopathic Cheeto is going to lose because he’s a shady businessman, he didn’t prepare adequately, he’s pissing off women, and he can’t stay on message.


      • on October 3, 2016 at 4:21 pm Captain Obvious


      • The only real difference is that ya boy has been stupid enough to give the media the rope that they’re currently hanging him with. And more rope. And more rope.

        Strapon, you dumb twat… you’ve been crowing about his self-destruction for, what, about 5 months now?

        All of these phony tempests in a teapot don’t amount to a hill o’ beans… you and your ilk are the only ones acting disingenuously shocked.

        And you STILL don’t admit to any of Hillary’s even more heinous temper tantrums, misogyny, corrupt taking of money from both pay-for-play minions AND Arabs who treat her beloved women and children like chattel.

        I mean, how stupid do you have to be, to think that

        a) you can keep neener-neenering the splinter in Trump’s eye and ignoring the fencepost in Hillary’s…


        b) you can keep predicting Trump’s self-destruction that never quite happens, like the proverbial insane ass who keeps doing the same thing and expects different outcomes?

        (((shakin’ mah haid)))


    • “takes advantage of tax loopholes placed by government bureaucrats”

      they’re not even loopholes. it’s just the tax code and it’s open to everyone, and it’s one of the few things our govt has gotten consistently right in spite of killing the goose that lays the golden egg in so many thousands of other regards. every entrepreneur on the planet wants to come here because the federal govt subsidizes risk and investment. spend money to create growth/jobs and you get to deduct it. it’s a GOOD thing, and it’s the opposite of gibs, which subsidizes people NOT to take risks or invest.

      that the media has even a moonshot at spinning this in a negative way tells you that the power-bottom public is sadly uninformed of the most basic disadvantages of being a wage slave vs the advantages of working for yourself.


    • And it turns out Hillary, as well as the toilet paper of record Jew York Times, have used the same supposedly dirty trickeration they’re lamely trying to torpedo GL over.




      • Trump’s use of loopholes are shouted from the NYT rooftop…

        … Hillary’s on Zerohedge?

        Fuck this ghey planet.


    • Shitlibs of course love few things better than other people paying taxes. I doubt even they enjoy it themselves, any more than they enjoy, say, diversity.

      Of course people get pissed when they perceive (rightly or wrongly) that someone else isn’t paying his taxes, but that’s missing the point. The point is, why do we have all these taxes at all? Has your average white beta male wage donkey ever thought about whom and what he’s being forced to support with these taxes? I bet at some point he has.

      The NYBT wants us to be outraged but I suspect, deep down, most people are thinking “more power to him – maybe he’ll do the same for us.”


      • So let me get this straight – TRUMP – may, and the stress is on may, have for some unknown period of time not paid federal income tax due to a loss carry forward, means that he was part of the 47% of non tax payers that were so praised to high heaven by the dems after Romney’s 47% comments last go round? That right?



      • You gotta look out for numbah one!


      • If Trump didn’t pay taxes for a number of years, all the more reason his street cred is solid…

        … he didn’t pay the gummint to fuck the rest of us Whytes over… God bless him. 😉


  40. on October 2, 2016 at 2:55 pm Wrong Side of History

    Another twatter account shut down.



  41. wut?!?
    google in gorilla suit wearing “all lives matter” t-shirt interrupts NFL game! wtf is going on here?!?



  42. on October 3, 2016 at 5:21 am Wrong Side of History

    @Lucius Somesuch

    I thought you would find this interesting


    “Do children with Tourette syndrome have an advantage at language?”


  43. Chateau, thought you would like this – sociology professor publishes a paper that proves most sociology professors ignore data proving differences between the sexes!


  44. your use of language that objectifies or degrades women and gender diverse people reinforces the rape culture prevalent in the west. that’s one reason among many that we shouldn’t be voting for trump for president


  45. “Hi”
    “Who is this?”
    “Which Jennifer?”
    [hamsterlation ensues…]


  46. Nobody who brightly says “Hi!” to you in a girlish squeal REALLY wants to leave your life.

    If you were any good to begin with, she’ll harbor a warm, sheltered harbor in her turbulent gray heart for your golden self. Just in case the current beau doesn’t work out.


  47. When the son of a past lover finds you again… LOL


  48. “…Trump’s fabled 4D Chess has nothing on the Queen sacrifice the (((MSM))) is making with little hope of a worthwhile payoff, and we’d be wise to let them take their hand off the piece.

    “Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte”



  49. Slightly offtopic but Scott Adams just publicly identified his GF and she is a hard 9.5 (don’t give out 10s because it’s too subjective). Google Kristina Basham, she’s all over social media but her best pics are on her website http://www.kristinabasham.com/

    Scott bears a striking physical resemblance to a relative of mine who also has a very hot GF less than half his age. It doesn’t matter how much of a skinny blond myopic nerd you are if you know that it doesn’t matter.


    • If I was being a spergy phaggot I’d say a hard 9.5 would have a nicer face but those bikini pics were tasty.


    • on October 3, 2016 at 4:16 pm Captain Obvious

      I told you those two had chemistry. Oh ye of little faith.


    • Yeah, I love the way he just wrote that in his latest blog post

      And, how he keeps referring to her as his neighbor, which might be true and probably still is, but just adds the right touch of giggity.

      Her lips are perfect.


    • on October 3, 2016 at 4:38 pm Wrong Side of History

      Nice tits. Killer body.

      Good job, Scott.


    • Watched him making the moves on her during the Donald-Hellary debate. Basham didn’t appear to be reciprocating.


      • Ms. Toker
        You are not going to find the good feels you want in this corner of the interwebs.


      • WTF?

        why would Scott post that video? it makes him look really bad. she looks like she’s totally pissed and unhappy for being there and keeps positioning her body away from him. at the end she even puts her knees up so he can’t pull her in towards him again.

        did he pay her to do this as a publicity stunt for him and she’s just a really bad actress or what?


      • on October 3, 2016 at 9:40 pm midnight toker

        it’s painful to watch. the only time she looks halfway happy is when she’s looking at someone else outside the camera’s view. she even looks like she’s about to cry in some parts.

        a girl in love doesn’t behave like that. especially in a new relationship.

        i should know. my girl and i aren’t even a new couple. we’ve been together for years. we were still snuggled up and enjoying ourselves when we watched it.

        i really feel for the guy. he’s probably now regretting putting that out there for everyone to see. makes him look pathetic.


    • on October 3, 2016 at 7:38 pm Wrong Side of History


    • They are going after him…

      P.S. The one and only speaking gig I had on my calendar for the coming year cancelled yesterday because they decided to “go in a different direction.” I estimate my opportunity cost from speaking events alone to be around $1 million. That’s based on how the rate of offers went from several per month (for decades) to zero this year. Blogging about Trump is expensive.


  50. Validated Again!

    Nigel Farage’s Advice To Trump For Debate #2

    “Whatever abuse she throws at you, ignore her. Don’t defend yourself. There’s no point. There isn’t time… talk to people sitting at home in their living rooms.. people want change.”



  51. Old Alpha

    Met an old Alpha at my HP. Had some pretty damn good stories. At his height he said that he was dating half the western world.

    Some bullet points regarding his game.

    1. Babe Ruth. Lots and lots of strike outs with many home-runs.
    2. Never got a gals number. Would always give a gal his number and create an adventure for her if she was lucky enough to call. He had numerous hot women call him to join in a trip, etc..
    3. Just didn’t give a shit. Just didn’t care. Rejections did not even phase him.
    4. Used tremendous psychological lines. Example- told a woman that he could see her and him in the front of a big Suburban with a whole bunch of kids in the back. I used this line one time and the next time I saw the woman she was mesmerized from just thinking about that picture.
    5. Every single relationship, bar none, cost him either pain or money.
    6. The things women would do even shocked him sometimes. The sex was abundant.

    [CH: older alphas have told me the same things.]


    • “3. Just didn’t give a shit. Just didn’t care. Rejections did not even phase him.”

      “5. Every single relationship, bar none, cost him either pain or money.”

      OK with the $, but what pain are you talking about?


    • faze


  52. on October 3, 2016 at 7:55 pm Wrong Side of History


    The nose knows


  53. Just trawling through my old emails and I found this, which having read here for some time, makes sense, now.

    Extract of email from her:

    “Well Ha Fucking Ha!

    Mike posts my favourite song because he knows I like it and you post that. So
    funny……………….wait a sec, trying to gather a sense of

    Closed. Is there an emoticon for a satisfied smile of recolection?