One of the most important (and under-appreciated) social science studies to have been linked at the Chateau had to do with the escape velocity of revolutionary political movements. Unfortunately, I gave up trying to find the relevant post in the archives after fifteen minutes spent trawling for it, but I recall the gist of the study’s conclusion.

A game-theoretical mathematical algorithm was applied to large scale movements of a social and political nature, to determine the number of people required for a movement to take off and snowball into a revolutionary fire that sweeps away the megaliths of the old order. (The algorithm is similar to the one used to discover that ethnocentric societies win out over other types of societies (e.g., humanitarianism) when they directly compete.)

What the study found was that a successful revolution only needed to start with 10% of the total population as active and passionate advocates of the cause. That’s a surprisingly low number at first glance, but it meshes with the historical record of past social movements. For instance, not many people know that a large majority of Americans in 1970 supported the Vietnam War, even though this was during the height of the flower power anti-war movement that would eventually succeed in ending the war and abolishing conscription — and fifty years later making the girls’ bathroom safe for men wearing dresses.

I was reminded of this study when I saw the video of cuckryan getting booed off the stage at a Wisconsin event.

Cuckryan, loathsome creature he is, won his August primary by a comfortable margin (although Paul Nehlen made deeper inroads than previous challengers had done against cuckryan). How could that be, I asked myself, when he seems to be despised by his constituents? And what does this say about an anti-globalist revolution?

The answer lies hidden in that gem of a study I mention above. Far from a majority of Wisconsinites are shouting SHAME ON YOU at cuckryan, but that vocal minority who do — that glorious 10% bringing all the heart and the balls to the populist nationalism rebellion — are influencing future events in ways that their small numbers prevent them from fully comprehending.


That’s it.

You get a dedicated 10% to stand athwart the globalism whore machine, yelling FUCK YOU TO HELL, and you can move mountains….and cucks from their corner stools.

So the next time you’re feeling despondent in your shiv-right isolation and surrounded on all sides by despicable cucks and john leibowitzian shitlibs, be invigorated in the knowledge that your tattered and dispersed regiment of realtalkers, fueled on nothing but white hot rage and righteousness, is striking a mighty blow straight at the heart of the corrupt and degenerate ruling class and the wicked Clinton witch.

Why do you think the elite are pulling out all the stops to kill this numerically insignificant alt-right rebellion? Because they know its potential power, and they are afraid.


PS This is the study I was looking for.


  1. Will this election be the tipping point, where it crystallizes to take us where we need to be?

    It’s never easy being an early adopter, going against the grain, when the stakes are oh so high, but damn if it doesn’t feel great.

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    • 40% of Americans expect vote fraud, or at least suspect it might happen.

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      • Fraud? Probably so, since that’s always been done. This election is a little bloodier than usual, because a Trump assassination would make him a martyr and that would be the needle that breaks the camel’s back.

        Instead just Killery as many others as it takes.

        There will be no revolution. Americans will sit idly by, and do nothing about it.

        Don’t worry, the red pill was coopted by the left a long time ago using the Druid’s magic wand.

        The Illumined have decided all of your fates years ago.


      • Well, hell, man… at least join us for our last stand, then.

        And Jehovah has a surprise for the multitude who will surround the camp of the saints. 😉


      • @bookooball

        Oh, look. One of the devil’s useful idiots.

        Get lost, dweeb. Men are talking here.


    • Linked Your WEBSITE. We Are The 10. – AUARIA


    • Said it before and I’ll say it again. Americans will revolt only when they can no longer afford cable.


  2. Hey CH, a bit off topic but………..Do you believe in God? What is your position on the big question?

    [CH: i’m agnostic. the existence of god is unknowable (given current technology).]


    • If i may be so bold…

      Longtime readers know CH is agnostic, but favors the odds of deity versus absence of.


    • Fuck atheists. To a one. I have not believed in God in 20 years but I refuse to call myself one of those pigs.

      I see the greatness of what Christianity made. I wont even call myself an agnostic. I tell everyone I am a non-believer for the very reasons you cite CH.

      Just as many religious fanatics in science as there are in religion.

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      • “Just as many fanatics in science as there are in religion.”

        Science is just a method. I’m with you: There are people who worship one thing in place of another, usually without understanding either.

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      • “There are people who worship one thing in place of another”

        To me it is worse from scientists.

        They tell they they have proof but; you have to just believe that I do.

        Where as in religion they just tell you to believe.

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      • I’m with you there, I accept the Big Bang Theory, and Evolution, but I still have no respect for Athiests who mock Diests for believing that the universe was created by a Magical Old Man With A Beard when they, of course, know that the universe was really created by a Magical Explosion.

        [CH: most avowed atheists are socially awkward unkempt nerds who couldn’t get laid in a brothel with a fistful of hundreds. 100% truefact.]

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      • Plus, I have no respect for all of this quantum nonsense.

        Every single damn time they try and prove out a theory in the real world they fail and then back to the drawing boards and then come up with even more ridiculous shit we are just supposed to believe.

        Look at that coonspaceman Neal DeGrasse Tyson. All he does is recycle talking points that get more fantastic every year with no proof but coonspaceman can’t be rebuffed.

        Tesla was closer to the truth of all things.


        It is not about quantum mis-understanding. It is about plasma theory. Occam’s Razor. Those plasma guys get buried because it makes (((scientists))) look bad. The goy can’t be right.

        Modern science is like modern art. It is all garbage disguised to sound smart and only fools those in society that think they know anything. Like those idiots staring at a Pollack painting and saying “wow, so deep, he really captures the essence of being”. Fools like that look at a urinal in a Modern Art Museum and ponder how degenerate/dark/awesome society is.

        They then look at an old church carved out of stone and pass by it like it is below them. That church is a devotion to the greatness of man and the masculine and art and power. They are afraid of greatness so they belittle it. They are afraid of what the old masters did because it was all men/masculine powers that did those things. So to them the old masters are to be reviled.

        The fyminine modern art these days is Yoko Ono screaming in to a microphone. Or operas dedicated to menstruation that are all about screeching and victimizing themselves. Music now is depraved. Rap, Hip Hop and pop. All niggerized low intelligence no talent garbage. Why, because the true masters were Men. White Men. Asian Men. Not so much from the dark incontinent.

        For me,I have the awe. I have a belief that there is more to the universe than what science says or claims to say.

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      • Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.



      • I’ve been an atheist since I was old enough to understand what one was, but I happily consider myself a cultural Christian and participate in their rituals. Atheism is simply the absence of belief (literally a = without, theism = belief in deities). A “non-believer,” if you will. Hate to break it to you, but you’re an atheist, my friend.


      • I highly recommend the film Tree of Life to anyone who hasn’t seen it. There are several important themes in the film, but one of them deals with the existence of God and our place in the universe.

        It’s an artsy film, so some people don’t like it, but I think it’s one of the greatest movies ever made.

        This scene depicts the scientific theory of Creation, from a spiritual view; the character seen briefly in the beginning of the scene is questioning the existence and justice of God after the death of her son.


    • You can’t observe the intricate biological detail of the eye or heart muscle, for example, and conclude there’s no God, or the possibility of One, unless you’re in denial.

      Just think about the expanse of outer space, with the trillions upon trillions of stars that constitute innumerable galaxies of every shape, size, and hue, populated by planets large and small and all the other strange phenomena and objects and celestial events strewn across this cosmic plane we can’t even begin to properly imagine. It’s a vastness so vast there is no abstraction that’d allow us to fully understand let alone appreciate its magnificent enormity, and this is only the visible universe. What’s on the other side? And I’m supposed to believe some dickhead on earth howling into this great abyss there is no God?

      Fuuuuuuck you.

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      • on October 17, 2016 at 8:43 pm thinkingsasbout it

        The important question isn’t whether there is a God, it’s whether any particular belief system is the true path to that God.

        Most rational people, starting without prior conditioning, would see no reason to privilege Christianity, or any other system based on revelation, as being privy to special knowledge about God’s will. Like, the Church just rolls in one day and tells me some weird things happened 2000 years ago, and I’m supposed to believe they now have the ability to communicate with the Supreme Being?

        If you don’t think any particular belief system indicates the true way to God, then who the heck cares if there’s a God or not? It shouldn’t make any difference.


      • on October 17, 2016 at 8:55 pm Captain Obvious

        PhiloM, the new thinking is that there might not be just trillions of stars but in fact trillions of GALAXIES!!! http://gizmodo.com/we-were-very-wrong-about-the-number-of-galaxies-in-the-1787750693


      • This thread should be interesting now. To the red pilled agnostics & others that put a premium on ZFG attitude, action, etc, I find their rejection of Christianity strange. God has the ultimate, for lack of a less vulgar term, ZFG attitude, and it was clearly manifested in His son Christ while here with us. Now I know modern Churchianity is ripe for mocking and scorn, and it is richly deserved for the cartoon projection they’ve made of what Christian faith should be defined as, and the purpose of Jesus’s ministry. It was never about the feelz , equality, diversity, & niceness they’ve packaged it up as. But even a cursory reading of the actual Scriptures, OT & NT quickly dispel that nonsense. However, it is the Holy Spirit that opens a man’s heart to Christ and is essential for belief/faith. This remains a mystery as to why some will accept the Gospel truth and others reject, and/or are apathetic to its calling.

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      • This remains a mystery as to why some will accept the Gospel truth and others reject, and/or are apathetic to its calling.

        Parable of the Sower.

        The Gospel lands on fertile soil, those willing to take it to heart and it takes root. Gospel lands on hard soil and it never takes. And in between, you have the Gospel that takes root, but has to deal with weeds and shrubs wanting to kill it.

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      • Like

      • “If you don’t think any particular belief system indicates the true way to God, then who the heck cares if there’s a God or not? It shouldn’t make any difference.”

        It makes a BIG difference! Religions have been the primary carriers of culture. It’s pretty obvious that societies that are Christian (particularly the Protestant version) or Confucian are more successful than Muslim or animist societies. It’s not about God as much as what your values and belief systems are.


    • Pantheism. The only choice for based, aware, intelligent people:

      The universe itself is God. Existence itself is god. You are God. The laptop I type this into is God. Air is God. An apple, a roach, a banana, a rock… We’re all in the same ball of goo. Everything is everything… God. Existence. Everything is God.

      We humans are a rare example of conscious life in this universe. There’s no magic man in the sky, agnostics be damned. There is no creator. There is only existence.

      Globalism will destroy Earth. Allowing less evolved humans to mix with more evolved humans sets us back. Equality and multiculturalism will only cause war.

      Borders, protecting the more gifted humans, it might allow us to become interstellar.

      Open borders puts us back hundreds of years.

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    • At the risk of sounding overly “Thomistic” (or Aristotelian), in order for anything to exist in time, something must exist outside of time- An Uncaused Cause. That is as good a definition of God as any. Beyond that, everything else is up for debate.


    • Those who don’t believe in anything, you will fall for anything.


    • God is the ultimate shitlord.


  3. It was 3-4% of the population that made America great to begin with back in 1775.

    The beauty of what is happening now is there is easily 10-15% of all demographics doing the right thing.

    Arabs (my peeps)
    Bernie supporters
    even Eskimo…

    Right now it is all hush talk for a lot of minorities because they will get killt in dey hoods if they go against hood logic.

    Hell, I was talking to a guy from India last night who has been in the states for 16 years… If Trump is not elected he may just go back to India. He sees the blood stained scratches on the wall of western decline. In 10 years he said it has really accelerated.

    Pretty soon all we will have are the recalcitrant progressives and good old boys with guns on a hunt. Call me a Red LALALALALA Neck.

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    • “If Trump is not elected he may just go back to India.”

      I may rethink my vote…

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      • He left to get away from the muzzies over there. Like my parents. My family came here to be Americans. Not Arab American. Not Arab. Simply American. Just like him and his family.

        He is by no means cheap labor. His English skills are better than most people here.

        He is a contractor. Carries has a gun. Eats beef. Pays his way.

        He is way better than 50% of the slugs we have here. Plus, he is a Trump voter.

        Trust me. Solid dude.

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  4. I tip my hat to Paul Nehlen. It took balls for this nobody to challenge Ryan when Ryan was still the darling of the GOP. I hope Trump gives Nehlen some kind of leadership position.

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  5. on October 17, 2016 at 8:05 pm Russell Ashbaugh @MuskieRA

    I knew I had seen this before also. Try this http://news.rpi.edu/luwakkey/2902

    [CH: thanks!]

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  6. on October 17, 2016 at 8:06 pm Taleb's Shadow


    The term you are looking for is “intransigent minority” — see Taleb’s writing on this here:


  7. I’m proud to be part of the “deplorable” and ” irredemable” 10%!

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    • check your math, it was 50% of trump supporters, which in the worst case is 20% of the population….which is way more than the tipping point.


  8. Why do you think the elite are pulling out all the stops to kill this numerically insignificant alt-right rebellion? Because they know its potential power, and they are afraid…….

    Of course they know its power. For years normal Americans have been scratching their heads wondering how the Hell we’ve gotten to the point of;

    sex education for kindergarteners
    Heather Has Two Mommies
    abortion on demand
    partial birth abortion ( a truly macabre procedure)
    condoms on the White House Christmas tree
    NEA grants for Mapplethorpe
    Piss Christ

    Those degeneracies came in the early 90’s or sooner, the last decade has seen an enormous explosion of vile left wing crap that we’ve all been forced to deal with.

    Yet none of those things ever had more than 10% support of populace behind them. The Left knows it doesn’t take much to sway the complacent masses.

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  9. I think one of the flaws within the alt right is the strategic pursuit to win over the hearts and minds of normies. It makes sense on the surface, but looking a little deeper it appears flawed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no revolution has ever had majority support. Revolutions are led and fought by a highly active minority, usually topping out at around 33% of the total population. Furthermore, the best case scenario is a normie majority that passively supports the revolution, but that won’t help you when you’re surrounded by a mob of googles who’ve been organized and riled up by skypes. Normies should be regarded as women. Don’t try to win them over, just be a ZFG Trumpian who annihilates the shitlibs and globalists. Once you’ve accomplished this, the normies will tell you how they believed in you all along and then go back to watching sportsball…

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    • on October 18, 2016 at 6:40 am average chump

      Essentially, just as Donald’s message is that we need to focus on Americans before foreigners, the Alt-right needs to focus on those who’ve already been “red-pilled” on the subject, in order to make them more active and passionate, rather than on those who could care less about anything other than a good job and football.

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    • Said it before and I’ll say it again. Americans will revolt only when they can no longer afford cable.


  10. He left to get away from the muzzies over there. Like my parents. My family came here to be Americans. Not Arab American. Not Arab. Simply American. Just like him and his family.

    He is by no means cheap labor. His English skills are better than most people here.

    He is a contractor. Carries has a gun. Eats beef. Pays his way.

    He is way better than 50% of the slugs we have here. Plus, he is a Trump voter.

    Trust me. Solid dude.


    One in a million…


    • This is why we lose and they win, leastwise in the psyops phase of cultural warfare…

      There’s always a “solid dude” to be found amongst The Other…

      … and then one or two more…

      … and so we “accept them”… along with their kith and kin…

      Until the group now reverts to the mean, and we find out most of ’em ain’t “solid dudes”…

      … but of course, by then it’s too late.

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      • Not forgetting that, in the end, blood will out… and yesterday’s “solid dude” is suddenly saying “whaddya mean ‘we’, paleface?”

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  11. It’s funny because it’$ True…


    Stay in the present.

    Physical, emotional and mental… range, ability, stability and agility..




  12. When routine bites hard
    And ambitions are low
    And resentment rides high
    But emotions won’t grow
    And we’re changing our ways, taking different roads

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Goy Division

    When routine bites hard
    And ambitions are low
    And resentment rides high
    But emotions won’t grow
    And we’re changing our ways, taking different roads


  13. Two examples of small groups that got – not a revolution started – but got what they wanted.

    The gays are 3 to 5 % of the population yet they got almost all they wanted from us.

    The Jews are less 3 % of the population in North America, yet food companies have to pay Jews for them to approve that our food is Kosher. In the end all of us pay more for our food because the manufacturer has to pay this Kosher thing.

    The 97 % of us let the 3 % of them tell us how things are going to be.

    Crazy how small groups can have a lot of influence and power.

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    • This.


    • Only because the elites took the gays and Jews and their causes under their wings, because they saw both groups as useful tools to destroy Western civilization.

      Most small groups have no such luxury.


    • The gays as such did not win the battle. Indulging, indeed promoting their ‘rights’ was another weapon for the Cultural Marxists to undermine Christianity. Just like with blacks the CMs don’t give a damn about gay rights beyond how they can be used to undermine White/Christian countries.


  14. Buffalo Bills fans had a ‘tackle the muslim’ mannequin of Kaepernick at Sundays game where fans would knock him over.

    I think i’m going to move up there. Trump got 70% of the vote up there. The suburbs around the Bills stadium is 99% white with lots of young mothers with 3 or 4 kids. Probably one of the last areas to go pozzed. Some polish American hotties up there and friendly.

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    • Not too long ago I was thinking the same thing. Buffalo seems like a good spot to call home.

      Didn’t know Trump got that high of a percentage. Gonna have to take another look at Buffalo

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    • Awesome.


    • The nonpozzed America will begin in the Northeast. It won’t be called ‘America’. We will need a new name. Whitetopia? Albion? Breton? Savoy?Dauphiné?

      I prefer using the name Nova Scotia for the whole new nation-state (sorry Canada). I am certain that we will see a race war within my lifetime. The blacks will get half of Florida at best. We will get everything else from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific Northwest.

      Trump’s face on the currency. Lol.


  15. I recall reading this right here right as I was making full conversion from prog to eye wide open http://phys.org/news/2011-07-minority-scientists-ideas.html


  16. I think the number is lower than 10 percent. There is a reason the 3% patriot movement chose that number to rally around – only 3 percent of the American population fought the British in the American Revolution.


  17. Don’t know if people here are following t here https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/ but it is definitely full of red pillers and was the only place last night following the Assange ordeal.


  18. Don’t forget this simple example.

    Be the Leader. Be easy to Follow.
    Be the First Follower.
    Be the Second Follower.

    Be the role you fall easily into. Don’t be the Alpha if you aren’t. Betas and Deltas live good lives as well in sane societies. Don’t be a Gamma or an Omega.

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    • on October 17, 2016 at 10:39 pm Vagina dominator


      + 1,000,000

      Every anthropology, sociology and psychology department on every campus in the world can now be closed down. This video can just be shown in their place.

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  19. The problem is that the 10% move the mountain but the vacuum is taken up by more of the same in different clothing.


  20. I’ve heard this argument before, but it doesn’t pass my simple ‘what if’ test.
    What if there are two movements that both have 10%? Or 3 of them? Who wins?

    For example: what if there is one movement, let’s call it ‘Alt-Right, that represents 10% of the population, and a second movement, let’s call it ‘progressive,’ that also represents 10% of the population. How does the theory predict which movement will win?

    The theory seems to depend on the concept that 10% of a population are passionate, and the other 90% are indifferent, waiting to be told what to do. But this fundamental assumption just doesn’t seem to reflect reality.



    • re: which 10% prevails…

      The key is Intolerance. For us, that means absolute intolerance of Establishment candidates.

      “The minority rule [shows] us how it all it takes is a small number of intolerant virtuous people with skin in the game, in the form of courage, for society to function properly…

      “…you think that because some extreme right or left wing party has, say, the support of ten percent of the population that their candidate would get ten percent of the votes. No: these baseline voters should be classified as “inflexible” and will always vote for their faction. But some of the flexible voters can also vote for that extreme faction…and these people are the ones to watch out for as they may swell the numbers of votes for the extreme party…”


    • Look to the Weimar Republic…

      Various political factions, each with probably no more than 5% to 10%, had literal machine gun battles in the streets… and each had their own cadre of headbreakers, who seldom saw a moment of repose.

      This is why the side identified with Law & Order usually comes out on top when it comes around to the sheeple voting.


  21. Leonidas needed 300 men. 10%…will do.


  22. Put the onus back on the progressives. Before you state any position, demand they state their position on, for example, Rotherham, Clinton’s rape history etc.
    Ask them if they’ve read “Animal Farm” or “1984” and, if not, discussion over.

    It’s not your duty to educate these morons.


  23. In a similar vein, I think it was the inimitable Mark Steyn who pointed out that once the Muslim population in a city or country reaches 10% they start exerting their power and demanding that the natives start adapting to their culture rather than the other way around.


  24. Good news. We have more than 10%. Our side is solid because it is true. Fundamentally true. True down to the genetic and thermodynamic level.

    They HAVE had bean peplz, goog’s, nufagz, actual faggz, tranzfagz, fembots, ne’er do wells and skypz. Depressing that such a rag tag group could grab the megaphone and hold it for so long. Thanks skypz. Thanks traitors.

    Good news again. Nature always wins. Most of the people in the rag tag group don’t like each other or themselves and all the premises are lies. Lies are expensive. Nature hates expensive things unless they build future value. The amount of cash, tape and Rube Goldberg (oh dear !) truss work it took to hold it all together must have bean something. All this effort spent on the natural equivalent of dollar store party supplies.

    4th quadrant risk play always ends badly.


    • COTW


    • Most of the people in the rag tag group don’t like each other or themselves

      This line got me thinking, along with the megaphone, about how such a group could come last since they’re each trying to out “victimize” the other. They’re each trying to grab the power from one another, while at the same time, being the victim in order to obtain power. (Damn, I just went cross-eyed.)

      And tangentially–I was at the supermarket yesterday after work and for some reason it as busy, not sure why at that hour, but everyone was some ethnic transplant or ghetto looking fool, I felt more alienated than at any other point since shopping there. It’s not an upscale supermarket, but more of the tweener types, where it’s not totally ghetto, but not on the Whole Foods scale.


    • truth is beauty. beauty is truth.

      that’s why hillary looks the way she does.


    • Agreed. The left is held together with duct tape and paper mache. Push on it with any force and it will collapse. These people have had it easy because they are so rarely challenged. But that’s changing. Real push-back is making them even more insane than usual because they don’t have anything new in their playbook. They are used to cucks using Marquess of Queensberry rules and not red pill guerrilla warfare.


  25. on October 18, 2016 at 8:59 am Divine Son of Kek

    They either fear the AR and want it crushed, or seek to turn it into controlled opposition. The Nationalist vs. Internationalist battle was inevitable.


    • on October 18, 2016 at 9:07 am Divine Son of Kek

      I believe naming the AR in a speech had the dual purpose of tarring Donald and giving the movement the ultimate publicity. Dilute and weaken.


    • on October 18, 2016 at 9:09 am Divine Son of Kek

      The soft nationalism of the Alt Lite is what they want.


  26. “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”
    – Samuel Adams