Calling The Bluff Of Fake, Phony, Fraudulent Virtue Signaling White Shitlibs

From commenter L, a perfect set-up and demolishment of a gaggle of virtue clucking swpl shitlibs:

My favorite thing to do is to out-radical the lefties in my 98% White lefty neighborhood. At a dinner party a while back and this one lefty is spouting pro-illegal immigration nonsense. Rather than argue with him, I proposed to the whole group that I wanted to start taking contributions to open a non-profit that would go around buying good homes to use for multiple illegal immigrant families at once.

Me: “Think of all the families we could ‘save’…”

You could feel the love in the room building.

And then I dropped the bomb: “You know, there’s a house for sale right down the street that we could buy if we could just pull together $20k. I’d totally be willing to trade in one of my Benzes to help…”

The group, “Which house do you mean?”

Me: “You know the one right next to . . .(lefty loudmouth)…it’s perfect for this…”

The feeling of horror from every single sound being sucked out of the room was palatable. I never surrendered the frame, but every single person in the room realized that I had just nuked their bullshit from orbit. All without saying one contrary word.

My wife LOVED IT.

Congratulations, L, you have earned the Chateau Shiv of the Week (some say to be so recognized is akin to knighthood).

Yes, those White shitlibs are all about Love Wins and Open Borders….as long as the tokens of their empty virtue are resettled into neighborhoods where only Trump-supporting Whites live. Once their emotionally adopted pets get a leetle too physically close, the virtue mewling spigot shuts right off!

PS Your wife loved it because, like all women, she is aroused by a man demonstrating social dominance. All women adore a de facto fascist; all women loathe a weak man.


Comment from Theodora,

The irony is that while many shitlibs are hypocrites when it comes to #refugeeswelcome in their homes and neighborhoods, a lot of Christians of evangelical and Catholic persuasion are true believers ready to relocate Somalis and Guatemalans in their own families, streets and cities. Oftentimes the cuckservatives are more dangerous than the shitlibs, because the latter are virtue-signaling attention-whores while the former are self-sacrificial masochistic fanatical lemmings. Hypocrysy versus stupidity.

Agreed. In the way you’ve explained, the sincere christcucks are bigger threats to America than the phony white libs. Maybe because they are stupider than the SWPL libs? Stupid people tend to take their own gaseous rhetoric seriously.

FYI I have a post in the queue about refugee resettlement NGOs (aka fonts of genocidal evil). While HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] is in the news now thanks to Bowers, Jews are not the only subversive group active in the demographic displacement business. Many Catholic and Evangelicuck charities are happily relocating Somalis into your backyard.


  1. […] Calling The Bluff Of Fake, Phony, Fraudulent Virtue Signaling White Shitlibs […]


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:28 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “In the way you’ve explained, the sincere christcucks are bigger threats to America than the phony white libs.”

      Yesterday night [Halloween], just as the sun was setting, and it was getting dark, we drove around our local Hippy/Hipster/Artsy-Craftsy/Bernie-Bro end of town, where all the grad students & fellows & untenured professors live, and I am happy to report that there were White Momz & White Dads & White Chillunzzzezes EVERYWHERE.

      If Millennial White Sh!tlibs can make that many White chillunzzzezz, then maybe not all hope is lost.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:30 am Captain Obvious

        Still hoping & praying for that upcumming 30-year bump in White b!rths: 1960, 1990, 2020 baby!!!

        After last night, I feel like we’ve been moving into it.


      • My favorite is like “hey you guys have all these bedrooms…a nanny suite…why not take a few of these refugees into your house?”


  2. This. 6 million times this.


  3. I’ve been tempted to do something similar at work.

    Many people live far away, well, for LA that is, and they neighborhoods they live at are predominately white, despite most of the folk here are not (even our resident joo that once told us an anecdote that she’s white)

    What I want to do is tell them I’m working with local blah-blah-blah to get section 8 housing in those areas they live at.

    If the opportunity arises, I’ll have to pull the trigger.

    Many dumb pricks here are of the NIMBY (not in my backyard) variety, meaning they’ll wax poetic on all the virtue signaling but once it’s in their purview, all betos are off.


  4. Holy shit, any of those crowdfunding sites still around that wouldn’t shutter this?


  5. The irony is that while many shitlibs are hypocrites when it comes to #refugeeswelcome in their homes and neighborhoods, a lot of Christians of evangelical and Catholic persuasion are true believers ready to relocate Somalis and Guatemalans in their own families, streets and cities. Oftentimes the cuckservatives are more dangerous than the shitlibs, because the latter are virtue-signaling attention-whores while the former are self-sacrificial masochistic fanatical lemmings. Hypocrysy versus stupidity.

    [CH: agreed. in the way you’ve explained, the sincere christcucks are bigger threats to america than the phony white libs.]

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  6. on November 1, 2018 at 10:10 am jhmartinez1987

    I was talking to a woman about the ‘Take Back The Night’ march. Did something similar. She was complaining that 3000 ‘people’ posted on Facebook that they were going to attend, but only 300 did.
    I suggested those 300 throw in 25 each a month, and they could open a space downtown where these ‘people’ could gather and show each other support. Did not go over well.
    The idea of paying for themselves is so alien, that something as simple as pledging their tip money or a couple hours of OT a month toward THEIR OWN CAUSE, was asking too much. I got a wonderful womansplanation of how they had already suffered, and didn’t deserve to pay more. Amazing. Self-awareness is at an all time low.


    • Take Back The Self-Awareness


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:23 am Corinth Arkadin

      LOL “Take Back The Night”

      I always laugh in people’s face at this. I say, “…You can’t take back something you never had.”

      The Night is the milieu of vampires, Lycanthropes, and other evils that, even if they don’t exist, they were invented to keep women safe behind barred doors. If women went out in it, it was their own dammed fault if you got raped, killed and dismembered.

      Just like chicks saying “c*unt” or “bitch”. You never owned those words and no, you can’t use them. They were invented and are used by men to refer to you, to reduce you to the one part that matters.

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      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:39 am Captain Obvious

        Back in the day, at the College of New Jersey, when the Wh!te [largely j00ess] coeds marched down the street, with their candles lit, chanting, “Take Back the Night!”, the boys in the eating clubs would shout back:



      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:42 am Captain Obvious

        And then they’d throw cans of Michelob at them.


      • And then they’d throw cans of Michelob at them.

        “Hey Malkovich!”


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:26 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      I don’t k ow about you but you could make flyers asking suburban people to “give up their spare rooms and vacant unsold houses to Honduran migrants, just to spite Trump.”

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      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:32 am Corinth Arkadin

        John, that’s dammed good thinkin’.

        This Agree-and-Amplify plan should be implemented IMMEDIATELY.

        Printed on sheets posted at Panera, Starbucks, etc. The flyers should have little section with phone # at the bottom that can be easily torn off, with a mailbox set up at the number furnished.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:43 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

        It is easy enough to do.

        “Got a Spare Room? Host an Innocent Honduran Refugee in one of your Bed Rooms. If you can’t spare room in your house, contact us about vacant houses on your street we can place needy teen Honduran refugees, just to spite Trump.

        Contact Refugees for USA


      • Come on then John and Corinth. Don’t expect others to do the legwork. Start printing the posters out


      • on November 2, 2018 at 10:20 am Corinth Arkadin

        You can join us too, Red. We’re Equal Opportunity Offenders. What’s your e-mail?


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:30 am jhmartinez1987

      This is going to be my response to everything from now on. Just explain how the people marching could fix their own issues. Lay responsibility and a solution at their feet, and watch them squirm.


  7. on November 1, 2018 at 10:16 am Corinth Arkadin


    That was a indeed a mighty shiv forged in the fires of Mount Doom.


  8. on November 1, 2018 at 10:24 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Most importantly talk about the immigration Landwurm all opportunities.

    Offer your neighbors the vision of
    Brown rapists living next door.

    Imagine, Fred and Barb, I’m converting my house into a refugee center for teenage and twentysomething male Hondurans. We are moving to Antigua this year while we give our home over to Jan and Pedro.”


  9. Great comment! This actually happened on the Chicago North Shore, the wealthiest place in the midwest, under Carter when some local officials wanted to change the zoning laws to allow group homes and halfway houses. That would have demolished property values, of course, and the liberals quickly got rid of those officials.


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:27 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Print up flyers demanding cosy suburbanites give up spare rooms and vacant homes to innocent Honduran refugees.


  10. This is Agree and Amplify. I do it all the time to gain back control of a situation.

    [CH: i can’t believe i, of all people!, forgot to draw the apt comparison to agree&amplify]

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    • on November 1, 2018 at 11:01 am Elmer T. Jones

      Speaking of agree and amplify, was thinking how Trump might handle the Ben & Jerry’s crisis :

      Reporter asks Trump about Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream Pecan Resist.

      Trump says “I’ve met Ben and Jerry, great people! They have created a lot of jobs in Vermont.”

      Aide hands him a pint of Pecan Resist. Trump “Pecans and chocolate, great combination. Not what I would have called it though…”

      He scoops out s spoonful and tries it “That’s good, I like it!”

      Starts taking other questions while enjoying a few more mouthfuls. Hands it back to aide “Get some more of that” while cracking some immigration one-liners.


  11. This is a really important tool IMHO. The entire point of virtue signaling is to feel righteous from a VERY safe distance. You need to bring the ‘problems’ up close & personal like.

    Some other offers that are easier and less complicated then buying and renovating your own Section 8 housing project. 🙂

    1) Volunteer to drive everyone at the SWPL Shitlib Dinner Party to a soup kitchen that predominantly serves illegals or PoC. Watch their faces and hearts drop simultaneously.

    2) Tell them you know of a family of squatemalans who due to Trump’s awful policies are literally starving. Take up an old timey collection right at the table asking for CASH to help them out. Rob them niggas right on the spot!

    3) Mentoring! You know of a group who hosts at risk illegal families and the ones with “problem” little beaners that are drawn to MS-13 and gang life. They are looking for SWPL mentors to teach them how to become spineless NPCs / soyboys. So if you are an accoutant, IT geek, marketing cunt, etc. Take your awesome skill set and help a little beaner personally!

    The mere mention of having to rub shoulders with the dirt, danger, and unpredictability of the brown detritus will have them pissing down their leg. I use to encounter this SO much in my 20s when the libtards were still somewhat nascent. I was out on the mean streets and in the DC area prisons and I’d come back to these people pontificating about the plight of the poor DC negroes. Now its beaners but it’s the same old faggots who are safely away from all of it with the loudest mouths. Bring the problem as CLOSE to them as possible.

    This is a genius strategy like NPCs and should be deployed and weaponized. Make these people feel guilt and shame for not being pious and zealous enough. Your money, your time, your personal space, your safety. THESE are what we require to wash away Original Sin of Whiteness. Get crackin’ cracka!

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    • The last sentence in #2 made me lol


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:37 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

      Careful not to defraud anyone of money.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 10:41 am Corinth Arkadin

        John, I sincerely doubt any cash will be collected at that juncture. There will be deferment and protests of “I only carry plastic” and other outs that will be brought to bear.

        Virtue Signaling, meet Agree-and-Amplify 2.0


      • I thought all Woke entrepreneurs carried a credit-card reader (Mac/Android-compatible natch) at all times? Stick that little bastard under their snooty schnozzes, and just smell the Fear.


      • on November 1, 2018 at 4:18 pm gunslingergregi

        Tam the Bam
        I thought all Woke entrepreneurs carried a credit-card reader (Mac/Android-compatible natch) at all times? Stick that little bastard under their snooty schnozzes, and just smell the Fear.”””””’

        that is ownage
        credit card readers people using now attach to phone and are smaller than quarter


    • on November 1, 2018 at 10:39 am Corinth Arkadin

      Jay, I likes the way you think but I loves me yore verbiage.

      Mye Nigga.


    • Too much wasted time, messing with communists. Forget that.

      Find a wife, make babies, spend time with wife and babies every minute you can.


    • Ask for volunteers to bus shitskins into their children’s schools and daycares so they came get a better life.

      Mention you have been helping a nice Honduran boy who spent his youth as part of a sex trafficking gang but has really reformed and you want to him introduce him to their daughter so she can help him fit in socially and learn American customs.


    • so how do we stop the cuckstains who ACTUALLY DO GO TO HAITI??


  12. There is nothing remotely Christian about the cucks. Leftist cultists infected the Church and have twisted Scripture for their own ends.

    They often quote to me the parable of the good Samaritan to which I reply: you mean the story about the guy who found someone in need and then proceeded to set up the needy with medicine and a place to stay in that needy person’s own country? Don’t remember the Samaritan bringing the needy over into Samaritia or whatever it was called.

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    • Tale it one step further and say we should follow the words of Jesus and fund a housing for the needy in *insert shitskin country* just like in the parable of the good samaritan…and then ask for funding


    • You cannot twist “resist not evil” any way other than the way it is.

      There’s a whole host of that shit. In context, the Samaritan parable means exactly what the cucks say it means.

      It means help your enemies. Not from a distance. Up close and personal. Love them. If they rob you, give them more.


  13. I want “de facto fascist” on my gravestone.

    [CH: lol it would make a pretty cool name for a pro-trump anti-pantifa protest group. jes give me credit, you thievin bastahds!]


  14. Inspired by my real life heroes Trav and Jay, I’ve gone full Genghis Khan

    Firstly wtf are we even talking to shitlibs especially about politick?

    I’ve no evidence so you just gonna have to believe me but I told a shitlib I went black face last night and she nearly jumped into my lap
    Fuck these cunts – they dont even believe in their bullshit shitlib religion

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  15. There are other problems within the Christian community that need to be fixed, which will in turn weed out the “christcucks”. First off, we follow boomer style models of church which follows the boomer style corporation – grow it big and only let the credentialed, college educated into its upper echelons. This model brings in all sorts of people into our churches, not necessarily even Christians and very few men. We emphasize the “inviting-in” instead of “sending out” which makes our churches insular. This results in Christians become reactive to culture instead of drivers. Sadly, the cosmopolitan churches get the most attention, which tend to also cuck the most. Hopefully, once the boomer model dies out, a return to a focus on the local community, and an emphasis on Gods ways instead of how to save the world from itself, we will see some positive changes.


    • Well said, the Boomer WillowCreek & Saddleback clones have been most successful in promoting Biblical illiteracy.


  16. Hehe. Yes, NIMBY is alive and well. (Massively including but not limited to shitlibs:)
    I live in Nevada and I am fine with a nuclear final repository in Yucca Mountain. Why not?

    The lead story also highlights that the liberal élite DOES like walls.
    Mainly, around their gated communities.
    And they DO like guns. In the form of armed security guards.

    And yes, virtue signalling is rampant. I asked my (only) liberal friend
    why so many lefties like immigration. Especially Moslem immigration,
    considering the Moslem view of women. Her answer was a perfect
    description, without the actual term, of virtue signalling.


  17. George Lucas may be a retard scumbag shitting all over my childhood, but Google Skywalker ranch to see what he did to his pissy nappa valley, inevitably shitlib neighbors. Its so Goddamn cool that its worth sitting through the darth maul movie just knowing he jammed it in and broke it off in those turds.


    • Aww man. He just scared his neighbors, turns out. He never built the projects he threatened to. Turns out I’m full of shit.

      Fuck you George.


    • on November 2, 2018 at 10:24 am Corinth Arkadin

      Either way, it served two functions:

      1) Proved that Lucas was an insincere SJW pussy. Wouldn’t go the distance. (Nice stamina, George! No wonder whyte women aren’t interested)

      2) Proved that his Marin County neighbors, who are probably shitlibs to a man, that they are insincere SJW pussies.


  18. on November 1, 2018 at 12:33 pm clarence boddiker

    Good Schools is the goodwhite signal of racism.


  19. Both shitlibs and cuckservatives express the pathological fanaticism of anti-racism to a self-annihilating end. For the cuckservative, “love thy neighbor as thyself” is built upon the illusion that thy greatest enemy is without. If, otoh, cuckservatives recognized thy greatest enemy as thyself, the various interpretations of Scripture pertaining to the treatment of the “enemy” would yield a very different result. Shitlibs, in this scenario, are cuck imitators without real conviction. Ergo, shitlibs are more true to self-annihilation (such that enemies and neighbors is just rhetorical front) whereas cucks are following a corrupted narrative.


  20. lzozlzlzozll Trump takes questions after caravan speech:

    shitlib journalist: Will you consider actually firing on these people?

    Trump: I don’t know, I hope not, but it’s the military. But I will tell you that if any of them throw rocks, we will consider that a firearm. And they hurt the Mexican military very badly.

    zzolzlzl swear to God he just said that


    A&A indeed. I have such a chubby right now……


  22. Yes agree and amplify. Especially if some of your friends are rich.
    When somebody talks about “unfair” “insurance” policies that extra-charge for pre-existing conditions, age etc., suggest they set up an insurance company of their own, with low premium, accepting all ages, accept pre-existing conditions etc. Now, the catch here is that government medical insurance is not really insurance, it is mostly welfare.

    Oh, another thing. Most Christians profess “charity”. Seriously. But it is not charity for A to rob B at gunpoint to support C. Charity has to be voluntary. Feel free to donate. Not a joke. Lots of people actually do.


  23. Christ-cucks are a mixed bag

    They have babies, marry young, vote Trump, and usually like guns

    I remember going to a dance event at Mormon church, and they INSISTED that only men and women dance

    But they truly believe that converting some rapefugee to a Christian betters the world

    Look at latin America, all Christian but the most violent places on Earth