Prelude To Civil War 2

Reader Monday Blue sends along this graphic which is the best indicator yet that America is on a course toward Civil War 2.

The source is from this September 20, 2018 Economist article. M Blue adds,

I’m old enough to vaguely remember 1980… remember Reagan back then thought he was fighting commies… holy shit look how far Left the mainstream Left has gone… the modern Left would be unrecognizable radicals to an average Jimmy Carter Democrat

From 1980 to 2018, the bulk of liberals have moved much farther to the Left, while the bulk of conservatives have only slightly moved rightward (and bunched up more in the middle, suggesting a bunker mentality in the face of an aggressive left-wing that is becoming more intolerant of opposing views).

The time lapse graphic is starker:

Eyeballing these graphs, the distance between the ideological centers of Democrats and Republicans roughly doubled from 1980 to 2018.

Or, our American fellow-feeling roughly halved in that time.

Bad omen.

There was never nonpartisanship or bipartisanship in America during the past 38 years, but the partisan split has gotten wider and deeper, and mostly as a result of the Shitlib Left lurching evermore leftward.

Shitlib America is racing away from Shitlord America.

Shitlord America is solidifying its defiance of Shitlib America.

The battlefront has been clarified.

What’s interesting is that as the Left Wing has become more comfortable as the Far Left Wing, there’s concomitantly been a flattening in the ideological distribution of Democrat candidates in the House primary elections. I suspect this reflects two social phenomena: Dem candidates trailing the leftward lurch of their constituencies, and older White male Dems resisting the far-left POC ascendancy of the Dem Party.

Soon, very soon, there will be No Dem Party for White Men.


Audacious has the tragic, totally preventable numbers behind the Great White Demographic Replacement.

As it turns out, thirteen states have fewer white people living in them today than they did in 1970. We’re not talking in terms of population percentages here–every state except for the Imperial Capital has seen a decline in its white population share over the last half century–we’re talking in terms of absolute numbers of white people.

Another way of putting this is that 100% of the population growth over the last fifty years in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Michigan, Rhode Island, Iowa, Maryland, and West Virginia has come from non-whites. From 1970 to 2018, California lost 427,000 whites while adding an utterly transformative 20,250,000 non-whites.

The remaining Mexifornia Whites are largely the most cucked of race-cucked Whites, as AE surmises. CA Whites who did not suffer gladly the blowback of Diversitopia skedaddled to other states, leaving behind a rump of libwhites ensconced in their coastal enclaves from where they could painlessly virtue signal while avoiding neighborhoods and schools rapidly filling with the extended families of their peasant serf labor.

I think there’s a second explanation for the inability or unwillingness of CA Whites to adopt a racial consciousness against a dire threat from foreign invasion: Stockholm Syndrome. Lib Whites in comfy, economically gated communities along a coastline that boasts an ideal climate for human habitation don’t want to give up their little elysiums, nor do they want to go the way of White South African farmers who are currently having their lands stolen from them to appease the bantu masses. In a political and cultural sense, CA Whites are kidnapped by a growing and impoverished horde just outside their security checkpoints. These Whites don’t want to anger their captors and risk overthrow, so they pay the Danegeld — in psychological terms, they develop an alliance with their captors — in the hopes of winning their captors’ favor and mercy should the shit really hit the fan.

Until that shit hits the fan, CA libWhites will appease their nonWhite replacements and join them in denouncing and demonizing Whites who retain a racial survival instinct. This would explain why lib Whites have such intense hatred for sane Whites: the latter with their straight talk and refusal to supplicate to the invaders are making life very difficult for the former, who are put into a position, by dint of sharing a racial resemblance with BadWhites, of having to grovel before nonWhites and vociferously insist on the sincerity of their anti-White bona fides.


  1. Nothing rings truer. I watched my cousin, a ‘gurl next door type’ go from down to earth happy go lucky to side of her head shaved, pansexual, hair dyed black depressed h0man being.

    She’ll wonder why no alpha will marry her in her current state. Despising soyboys. Yet VS and dye versuhtee she preaches, orangeman bad.

    I had a sad. I have a 4 week old daughter and I’m scared shitless of her turning out that way. I hope by the time she grows up we’ll have turned the tide a bit. Otherwise I’ll need to brush up on my negs in an attempt to dissuade her from bringing nogs around.

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    • Second the homeschooling suggestion.

      Of course, I kind of doubt that the USA as we currently know it will exist when she’s getting to that age — but still.

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    • Agreed on home school. Also get rid of broadcast and most cable TV.
      Give her a dumbphone, no downloads etc. Or no phone.
      Buy several DVD-players, buy DVD-movies, very selectively, or buy PPV movies over cable or network.

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    • You have to be an active part of your daughters life. Teach and guide her, show her the mistakes of others and if she respects you, she will listen to you.

      Tolerate no disrespect from your wife either.

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      • Wife already agreed it’s a mess out there. Her family is maga and her dad won’t have any nonsense in his house. We’re at odds on the homeschooling cuse wife says it will be hard for our daughter to fit in socially when she doesn’t go to school with the rest of the neighborhood. Being in Strong Island I’m worried if there even is a conservative based homeschooler out there…the pozis strong.


    • You can start by teaching her about her ‘fertility window’ and her ‘SMV window’, in addition to the concept of low N being valuable for women. She’ll instinctively know that low ‘n’ men have low value but the kikes try to tell her that high N women also have value. You have to push back on that.

      I also told my daughters, who love baby animals, that having your own baby is 6 million (i kid) times better than any animal. Nothing feels better. Nothing.

      I’ve two daughters and the redpilling worked well on the younger and is slowly seeping into the consciousness of the super lib older sister, who is gradually rejecting the poz.

      Younger sis wants a family and said straight up to the grand parents and other would-be feminists that she thinks having a career would make her a worse mother. The looks on the feminist faces when she said that and the feeling of pride I felt can not be put into words.

      Both girls are highly intelligent and have scored very well on college exams.

      Be a man, speak the truth to your daughter and always point out biologican realities that conflict with the feminist (((truth))) with which American females are bombarded from the time they’re old enough to speak.

      Push back! It works.

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    • Lol. Negging a 4 week old.

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    • on January 2, 2019 at 7:05 pm anamericanhomestead

      If you want to save your kids…homeschool and home college. Get out of the cities.


    • Would any Alpha bother with her before her transformation?


  2. but unz says everything is perfectly fine in commofornoia lolz
    these mestizos who do not commit crimes (according to unz) will be the driving force behind commies as acasio-cortes who are coming for their gibs, and more gibs … and more gibs
    for the first in its history commies will become a political force in us, propelled and supported by the turd world trash who will gradually through the power of numbers enslave white americans taking form them government jobs, universities quotas and the finally the total power
    hopefully there will be a ni66erbal game somewhere playing to help cucks fill the time between 2 shifts
    they will remain in words of dumbya true murricans, idiots who pride themselves in not taking vacation in last 10 years

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    • yes.

      the political spectrum in latin america is the “right wing” who are typically just left of Bernie Sanders, versus outright communists.

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  3. The article being referenced literally says the opposite. The article is entitled: “Far-left candidates did poorly in the Democratic primaries”.

    Here is the author’s interpretation of the graph:

    “To the naked eye, months of left-wing victories in primary elections have placed the Democratic Party on a new path towards democratic socialism. This is misleading. The lesson of this year’s primaries is that Democratic voters are pragmatists who pick the candidate most likely to win, rather than the one who seems the most likely heir to Karl Marx.”

    “A statistical analysis of Mr Bonica’s ideological scores reveals that the leftward drift of the Democratic Party has not resulted in primary voters placing much weight on left-wing ideology. Voters were more inclined to reward women, incumbents and candidates who seemed a good fit for their districts.”

    Isn’t realtalk supposed to be the point?

    [CH: the article’s lede and conclusions are belied by its own data, but this is the Economist we’re talking about, so you shouldn’t be surprised.]


    • ” Voters were more inclined to reward women, incumbents and candidates who seemed a good fit for their districts.”

      There you have it: Identity trumps all else.

      to a low IQ voter, if the candidate looks like them that’s all that matters. They don’t even understand policy, much less care about things like deficit spending.

      Blacks display this behavior in the most textbook manner, with aztecs just behind them in low IQ and tribal behaviors.

      They all have to go back IMO. Voluntarily or by any means necessary.

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      • bingo.


        how everyone votes.


        the shift left is a result of demographics. the brown people are HIGHLY susceptible to marxist/leninist ideologies

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      • Well I dunno. I the recent elections the Repubs put out a few ‘respectable’ blacks (cleaned up, in suits and ties etc.) yet the blacks voted for the White or Hispanic Dem candidate.


      • They all have to go back IMO.

        “Back” is optional.  “Gone” is mandatory.  If they can’t afford to go anywhere or they can’t find anywhere that will accept them and the burden of dealing with them falls on us, much cheaper and FINAL options are going to be preferred.

        Remember, not even Mexico wants the indios it’s been pushing off to El Norte for the Yanqui to take care of; they prefer them gone instead of causing trouble at home.  Maybe we could land some in the Yucatan using amphibious assault ships, but that’s not a solution that scales to 60 million or more.  The Rwanda and Cambodia models do.

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      • Head ’em up and move ’em out


      • Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
        though they’re disapproving,
        Keep them noggers rollin’, Rawhide!
        Don’t try to understand them,
        Just rope and throw and brand ’em,
        Soon we’ll be living high and wide!


  4. Have grown up and watched it all, from the thick of it(S.D.).


  5. on December 30, 2018 at 11:05 pm herschel rosenbergblatt

    white pill: flatter Dem distribution illustrates the breakup of the coalition of the freaks. Extreme left dems’ distance to moderate dems about the same as distance between blue-red centroids. In the blue corner, shit’s about to get bimodal.

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    • on December 31, 2018 at 11:51 am Captain Obvious

      A clever Heritage-Amerikkkan Sun-Tzu-ist would maximize that opportunity…

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    • There is a strategy of taking one for the team. This means presenting a position at least as extreme as you actually are, preferably more extreme.

      This creates space for others to take less extreme but still out-of-the-current-mainstream positions, Hey, they are not nearly as badass as that wacko dude (you).
      But expect a lot of flak.


      • on December 31, 2018 at 2:11 pm Captain Obvious

        The Frankfurt School is constantly encouraging Libertardians to run for orifice in order to siphon off just enough votes in the general election so that the GOP candidate can’t win.

        Similarly, the Frankfurt School will run a Green candidate in the DEM primaries in order to siphon off votes from a strong upstart so that the incumbent DEM won’t be in any trouble.

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      • CH and others have thoroughly convinced me that the BEST thing for this country is a massive run of socialist candidates in 2020.

        The libertardian movement has hurt the Right in many races and, moreso, it has definitely picked off a solid 5% to 10% of our ranks who got sucked into the Leftist wing of that movement. Basically your Bernie Bros. As there was no Bernie in 2020, and therefore no Democrat who cheated him to abandon out of spite, the Democrats picked up that voting block and I can tell you that a lot of the vote surplus they got (that wasn’t fraud) were Republicans about 8 years ago.

        I love Ron Paul but there was a very defined Ron Paul —> Bernie —-> Anyone But Trump pipeline over the last several elections.

        About the only mitigation of this would be for real live socialists to build a viable third party or faction of the Democrats to pull that group back out of play, effectively.

        Socialists will never gain any considerable political clout in the USA, I’m not worried about that.

        The problem is globalists posing as “reasonable” Democrats

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  6. Smart Whites Stick Together

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  7. I’m old enough to remember when Democrats were the party of the Working Man, the party of unions and protectionism.

    Now Democrats are the party of the coastal elite wealthy, coloreds, gays and foreigners. They are openly declaring they will not nominate a White man ever again.

    I told an incorrigible cuck that American politics are rapidly Balkanizing along racial lines, and that Dems would never again nominate a White Man for Prez. He scoffed from his “Hispanics are natural conservatives” fantasy world. Well, it’s happening.

    I say, good for identity politics. We need to encourage it, not discourage it. Whites must be unified for the tide to turn, and encouraging rabid anti-White platforms reveals the enemy and hastens the day.

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    • “Hispanics are natural conservatives”
      Well, sortof. They are Catholics (whereas the invaders in Europe are mostly Muslim, which is MUCH worse, although they also are “conservatives” in their own nasty way).
      But when it comes to grabbing other people’s money, Hispanics have no shame.

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      • on December 31, 2018 at 1:42 am Darth Caucasious

        “But when it comes to grabbing other people’s money, Hispanics have no shame.”

        Whole history of Latin America right there. Women + Precious metals = theft by Hispanics. Count on it.

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      • on December 31, 2018 at 2:35 pm Corinth Arkadin

        And in Mexico, they’ll kil ya, tie a string around your neck, bury you in the backyard, and in nine months they pull on the string to get some bones for a necklace.

        Yes. They actually do this.

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      • Okay….major meme alert that has to stop.

        Hispanics ARE NOT CATHOLIC.

        Full stop.

        In every major northeast formerly catholic irish/italian cities that are now turning into little Tijuana’s, the Catholic churches are empty and closing. Irish priests give mass with their voices echoing through empty cathedrals to the ears of a handful of white people and mostly southeast Asians.

        Religion in Latin America is a weird mix of their Aztec paganism/death cult stuff and catholic heritage that is NOT CATHOLIC. All of those mestizo criminals who pray to Saint Whoeverthefuckius do not attend mass and are not Christians in any sense of the word.

        There are precious few Mexican catholic priests or masses given in Spanish. Nothing about their morality reflects any kind of religious influence (well…..other than the death cult Aztec demonism).

        I mean maybe you can point to the massive birthrates and lack of the abortion obsession that blacks have but I think that’s more about the welfare and the fact that their more close-knit culture creates that networks of multi-generational single unemployed moms who can share the load of raising the herd of overweight tax rebates.

        Catholicism is not much older than the United States in most of Latin/South America and the old savage paganism is alive and well in their culture and morality. They seem to have mostly just adopted the more superstitious aspects such as the iconic cartel hitman driving around with rosary beads hanging from the rear view mirror as a good luck charm.

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      • Not Catholic. Muerte is not a canonized saint. Maybe Catholic at one point in the past, maybe their white elite is still Catholic, the Mexican everyman’s religion has degenerated back into paganism.


    • Trying to talk to most boomers about identity politics and how Americas demographics will impact their descendants is like telling a 5 year old that Santa isn’t real.

      Even ‘conservative’ boomers cannot let go of their civnat ideas. Or the idea that statins are good, keto is bad, and grains are healthy.

      I’ve officially given up trying to talk to any of them about anything that matters.

      It all goes back to that old saw from Upton Sinclair:

      “It is hard for a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it”.

      In the boomer case, change ‘salary’ for ‘welfare benefits’.

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      • Statins are bad. If you eat healthy you’ll never need them. Keto is also bad. You can lower your body fat percentage by going keto but you will get atherosclerosis, heart disease, and cancer. You will know something is wrong when you get erectile dysfunction. Your dick is a canary in the coal mine of your circulatory system.

        Grains are good. Today I’m having oatmeal with blueberries and bananas for breakfast. Bean and barley soup and whole wheat bread for lunch. Rice and lentils for dinner. Fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks. This is healthy. I am fit and strong.

        Don’t eat meat unless you are starving and there is no other choice. Don’t eat processed foods. Don’t eat oil.

        If you read the ingredients on something it should have 1 ingredient. Or if it has other ingredients they should be something simple like water and salt.

        I’m not a boomer. But I have seen enough of them get sucked into the healthcare pharmaceutical industrial complex to recognize what’s going on. They eat shit.

        Keto is eating exclusively shit. That is not the answer.


      • I am 62 years old and I have instinctively understood and supported White identity politics since I was a child, and I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone (of any generation) can’t comprehend this simple, easy-to-understand and obvious Law of Nature.


      • Trying to talk to most boomers about identity politics and how Americas demographics will impact their descendants is like telling a 5 year old that Santa isn’t real.

        Got news for ya… it’s been that way ever since boomers were young people… from George Lincoln Rockwell, David Duke, William Pierce, etc., etc., etc., to those of us at ground-level, all the warnings went unheeded among friends, family, and otherwise kindred spirits. Been there, done that, got a few t-shirts and nuthin’ else.

        But you know what? Trying to talk to today’s youth and young adults is even more of a frustrating fool’s errand for the most part, even with the unmistakable signs of decline over the past 30 years.

        In short, it’s ain’t “muh boomers”… every mistake my generation made, every warning we ignored, every opportunity for geopolitical correction we missed, continued to be made and missed for the past 40 years, at an even grander scale, with few signs of relenting.

        A correction is coming, one way or another, and it WON’T be because White folks suddenly started waking up… it will be because ALL generations will suddenly not have their next meal within arm’s reach of the TV or iPhone.

        Enjoy the new year, and try to get off the White/Boomer privilege kike agitprop bandwagon.

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      • “…when his salary depends on his not understanding it”
        Bingo. I once talked to a – nominally conservative – acquaintance, and try to explain libertarianism (small l). His reactions: “That would not work, I would be out of a job”.


      • Greg Eliot,
        I think the boomer generation in the US was/is unique, not in how they ignored warning signs (you’re right my generation has much more drastic warnings they ignore) but in the consequences of their collective actions. America as a White homeland was lost under their watch. Successive generations can and should be sore about that.

        It also doesn’t really make it any better that the mistakes the boomer generation made were compounded by their continued refusal to acknowledge them. It isn’t really fair to try to pin the last 30-40 years of decline on 30-40 year olds.

        There were heroes in that generation (like Jared Taylor) and before them as you mention but I think it is healthy for white advocates, young and old, to regard the baby boomer generation as a whole with contempt.

        Nothing personal.


      • America as a White homeland was lost under their watch.

        Well, as others have mentioned, one could point back to the Wilson era, the Civil War, and even not be too wrong to say that, by not banning slavery immediately, the Founding Fathers doomed this nation from its inception.

        By the time the baby boomers came along, a solid mid-generation between muh Greatest and boomers arose, comprised of said Greatest’s kids, who were the first unattended latch key generation of Wild Ones, and who comprised the core army of later Beat and Turn On/Drop Out gurus. And the sexual revolution inception COULD be laid at the doorstep of guys like Hefner, no boomer he.

        Maybe we all should just agree that the seeds of the West’s decline were planted over the course of several earlier generations, and as the invariably wise (but for an occasional hiccup) PA once put it, White society was able to self-correct for its extremes of thought and personality… up until that time when an (((inimical force))) gained untoward control of important aspects of culture, education, and political influence.

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  8. Arghhh. Stockholm syndrome. I never thought about that, thanks for illuminating me in my darkness – not a sarcasm.

    As to South Africa, the land grab is assumed to be to “reclaim” land that belonged to the Bantus to begin with, and which was somehow “stolen”.

    This is fake history. When the Europeans settled SA, there were no Bantus there, only “San”, etc. various hunters and gatherers. These were present in very modest numbers, as hunting and gathering cannot support large numbers of people. The now dominant Bantus could not live there – they were agricultural but knew how to grow only tropical crops, which cannot generally grow well in SA.

    Then came the Europeans with wheat, rye and other crops suitable for a temperate climate.

    Once they got started farming, they hired Bantus to do a lot of the manual labor (we are going back to about the 1600s here, no machinery, but some horses).

    This was apparently a good deal for the Bantus, even at the time, or they would not have kept coming. At least a better deal than they had where they came from.

    This fuse took a LONG term to burn, but now there the Euros are,
    screwed. Or dead.

    Lesson learned, easier with machinery as an alternative:
    Do NOT use lots of cheap labor, they will eventually turn on you.
    This does not require racial differences, but it becomes a lot easier
    to turn on you if there are racial markers.

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    • not entirely correct.

      the bantus came there en masse during the zulu wars as a result of THEIR OWN *actual* invasion of the area known as SA.

      the ACTUAL invaders of South Africa are the bantus. In the process of invading from Central/West Africa, this bantu tribe actually literally annihilated every other tribe and ethnicity in their path.

      The *first* encounter with “blacks” as South Africans would know them was during the BoerTrek, when they ran into the Xhosa tribe FLEEING the zulus, who had invaded their territory. Shortly after, the BoerTrekkers encountered the Zulu and the rest is, well, war.

      What most people do not know is that RSA had a persistent illegal immigration problem all throughout apartheid. Yes, blacks FLED nigeria and elsewhere, the larger congo region, to come to RSA to live under apartheid, because it offered a better QoL than black rule (it still does; all QoL metrics for blacks have fallen since apartheid ended)

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      • Yes, people vote with their feet. In extremis, it would be possible to argue that American blacks should consider themselves extremely lucky, at least compared to their brethren in Africa.

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    • ask Gen Lee how cheap labor worked out for him and the south


      • on December 31, 2018 at 5:03 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        Ask Haiti, or Jamaica, hell, the entire Caribbean.


      • the Caribbean….

        What an amazing place that could have been today……gorgeous islands with enormous oil and gas wealth offshore. All ni66ers. All shitholes.

        Will be forever.


  9. Yeah, there’s a lot of Stockholm syndrome suffering white lefties in the nice areas of ca hoping to be spared el dia de la pinata blanca (mexican dotr), but there are some wisened whites along the ever-receding frontiers of gentrification. There’s a reason American History X was set in SoCal, and why many of the post-Charlottesville witch-hunt targets were guys who flew out from ca. I mostly grew up in a Baltimore suburb that most of my friends’ parents or grandparents moved to after white flighting from the city because of n fatigue. You’d think it would be decent recruiting grounds for young Derrick Vineyard types but I was not aware of any such local groups. Most people were pretty pc. There definitely wasn’t the level of profile and organization of the ca groups. So credit where it’s due, there. It sucks the heritage Californians are having this done to them.


  10. on December 31, 2018 at 1:21 am Pathfinderlight

    Given my contacts with leftists, very few of them actually see how much harm they do to others by the policies they push. Outside of the actual communist agitators, leftists don’t see the war coming, and more shockingly, would prefer a war to murder conservatives over settling disputes by compromise. This sort of attitude virtually guarantees a war will happen and soon.

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    • on December 31, 2018 at 2:08 am Darth Caucasious

      I think some do know how much harm they do to others by their policies, want war, and want more power than their gilded platitudes belie.

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    • Pathfinderlight, I agree, most of them are useful idiots that don’t even realize their dogma is accelerating the timeline to the coming conflict. They also think their sugar daddy gov’t is going to protect them, and they don’t realize that when things go live, plenty of police and military are going to be on our side.


      • “plenty of police and military are going to be on our side.”

        No they won’t, just look at the Venezuelan police! Or how about the cops in Charlottesville spitting all over their heritage to protect Antifa? As long as there is beer in the fridge and a football game to watch, they will gladly serve.


    • This is my experience with liberals as well. Especially amongst female liberals and the Boomers, there is an inability to see what they’re doing. I used to think it was intentional, that they deliberately do not want to see it and actively choose to ignore the information, but now I’m leaning towards there being something wrong with their minds. I think a lot of them really are just that stupid. It’s really frustrating.


  11. And for those who think we are not being islamized

    I learned about this one at Irishsavant’s blog ( even wikipedia does not deny the freakin insane numbers )

    in England the town of Savile is now less than 4% white British and 96 % immigrants almost all of them muslims

    now it is Savile, tomorrow it will be 10 or 50 other towns

    and then this will happen everywhere; Canada, France, Germany, the USA…

    this is an invasion

    and invasions are acts of wars

    either we lay down and let them step all over us or we fight this

    voting and even protesting will not be enough

    something will have to get done to stop this race replacement of the white, this invasion of western civilisation

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    • Is it time for a Holy Crusade in Bongland yet? If not, why not?


    • fight?

      that’s not a christian thing to do

      you’re commanded to not resist evil and you must turn the other cheek.

      our churches tell us to welcome them.

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      • on December 31, 2018 at 11:59 am Captain Obvious

        DOTR -> Chr!stcucks


      • on December 31, 2018 at 2:41 pm Corinth Arkadin

        I tell people I’m a Christian, but also I’m a vengeful motherphucker in the same breath.

        They are shocked, then I say “But that’s why there’s forgiveness, right?”


      • on January 1, 2019 at 2:26 am Tatless & Beardless

        which in turn makes the ladies go cold and dry where the sun doesn’t shine. Not very good either when it comes to preserving the longevity of ch1stianity either.


    • Also Canadian here.

      Maybe head to Bramladesh, NE Calgary, Surrey, Coal Harbour (NS). It’s already happening here.


    • the british white males would rather go to a soccer game get drunk and beat on the other teams fans instead of beating on muslims. we are the same here

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    • Savile Town is a manky little satellite village of Dewsbury, on the Rotherham side of the river. Less than a mile across each way. It’s tiny. You can see it from the M1, just rows of what used to be council semis and row houses for millworkers.
      No mills, no jobs, byebye whitey.
      Load of shitty 100 y.o. gerrybuilt terraces now empty, could barely give them away.
      But if you have no intention of working ever, and have a vast family/clan of dependents, it’s perfect. Welcome to Blighty, here’s your free house and lifetime welfare. Sky’s the limit, fill yer boots, guys. You can even buy it freehold for a few quid.


    • You’re right, and the really frustrating part is the Muslims outright tell you they are on conquest but the leftards don’t believe them


  12. The Stockholm Syndrome explanation is brilliant. It’s like goodwhites are trying desperately to entice birds into their garden, and badwhites keep firing shots in the air.


  13. That stat about California 470k—> 20 million is fucking staggering. I can’t believe no one else has commented on that.

    That is literal terraforming turning it wholly into something else. Even though Cali is massive 20 million is a mind blowing number. That is the entire population of Belgium and the Netherlands combined just as an example.

    I’ve often heard the Mexifornia slur / meme but even I don’t think I grasped the severity of it. Reconquista is nearly complete from the sounds of it. All hail Atztlan!

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    • I have lived through it. and yes, the transformation in my lifetime here is nothing short of mind blowing. the white demographic has been gutted. the middle class had been gutted. to see a white family in one of the two major metropolises here is like seeing a unicorn or an angel.

      and still, the whites sleep. “Trump is a bad terrible man.” “racism is bad.” “need more inclusion.” “did you watch Stephen Colbert last night?? OMG, so funny!” “have you tried that Pinot? it goes great with the locally sourced heirloom mixed green salad!”

      tick tock….

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      • on December 31, 2018 at 2:43 pm Corinth Arkadin


        Yeah, it’s been sourced from some Salvadorian seeding his Romaine window box with diaper shit.


    • I had the same reaction to that astonishing statistic, so much so that I am going to carve out some time to try and confirm it. I’ve lived in CA for more than 10 years now and can vouch for the state’s continued lurch to the left and implementation of batsh*t crazy policies such as the sanctuary city laws. The sheriff’s reaction during the press conference on the captured illegal cop killer was righteous and correct, but local MSM completely ignored it. Sacramento and the ‘coastal elites’ seem oblivious to the impact of their insane leftist policies. I’ve thought for awhile now it’s time to exit this state back to normal, red state America and will work to implement this in 2019. If I can confirm the statistic above I’ll post back.


    • “That stat about California 470k—> 20 million is fucking staggering.”

      I remember being a kid from the mid-west in the 80s and still thinking that California was a golden promised land. It still was to some extent.

      If you can look at what has happened to that state over the past 50 years and consider it in any way “progress”, then you are evil. There is no hope for you as a human being. I don’t give a shit how crazy and reactionary that makes me sound to the NPR fruitcups, it’s just the plain truth.

      The playbook that worked in California is the same one they’re using for Iowa and Michigan and Colorado, and …. EVERY PLACE where white culture remains.

      The time for caring what they call you is over. We don’t have that luxury anymore. The time to fight or die is here now.

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      • Those clowns will tell you its paradise with a straight face


      • “The playbook that worked in California is the same one they’re using for Iowa and Michigan and Colorado, and …. EVERY PLACE where white culture remains.”

        yes. it is the playbook for everywhere.

        and it’s not just against whites. we just happen to be first on the list, the first and strongest bulwark against globo-miserable-ism.

        globo-miserable-ism has its own built-in self destruct mechanism, though: it can only continue as long as the sleep-inducing prosperity continues. once there’s general misery again it will cease to be a thing. like GE says above, hunger pangs are Adderall of the masses.


      • I lived in Monterey, CA (at the Presidio) for almost a year in 1981/82, and I remember it as a beautiful Golden Land. Those are some nostalgic memories. I wonder what it’s like in that area nowadays?


      • on January 1, 2019 at 3:05 am Carlos Danger

        globo-miserable-ism has its own built-in self destruct mechanism, though: it can only continue as long as the sleep-inducing prosperity continues. once there’s general misery again it will cease to be a thing. like GE says above, hunger pangs are Adderall of the masses.

        Misery is the goal. They want to reduce our pay and capacity to demand more money altogether. The plan is to reduce the US to a third world country run by a tin pot dictator. Having different ethnic groups perpetually squabbling over ever smaller spoils if the ideal way to get there. Our future is Venezuela unless we reverse this trend. They want civil war. It hastens their goals. That is why ethnically incompatible groups have been introduced here in the first place.


    • It’s also roughly LA, NYC, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco and Miami combined.


    • The irony of the Reconquista is that if they succeed, they fail. Or, more precisely, a few leaders will prosper, the population as a whole will become poorer. As noted somewhere above in this comment line, South African blacks became poorer when they got political power. This generalizes.

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  14. I’m wondering about those years when the republicans/conservatives started developing two peaks, like a two-hump camel. What’s that about? Was it a libertarian vs. trad split? I notice that the first two-hump era was just as the Soviet Union fell, and the second was just before and after 2000. Were Repubs/cons splitting over what to do with the military and/or foreign alliances/entanglements? Peace dividend?

    Very interesting….

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    • I can definitely say the 2000’s split was over 9/11 and the Republican’s assumption of the mantle of “Supreme 1984 Implementors”.

      That was when a ton of my friends broke for Libertarianism and I thought they were all unpatriotic nutso’s because they weren’t gung-ho “Bombs over Baghdad” fanatics.

      I was a fucking idiot. They were all right. Fuck George W. Bush and the coffin he slept in in college.

      Still, I have to recognize that I got played because the 9/11 era preyed on true conservative’s value system and the general ignorance about what was really going on. There was virtually no one “woke”.

      Sadly I think that first hump of libertarians who freaked out over the Patriot Act (and should have) were more motivated by the same rebellious streak that got the hippies and not Constitutionalism. Virtually to a man they are all far left wing Anarcho-Marxists now….some of who would absolutely embrace the Surveillance State being used to round up the bourgeoisie.

      In short much of that second hump is now on the blue side.


  15. 1940s -1980s Southern California: probably the best place on Earth to live for a white person.

    2010s – future Southern California: A white person might actually be better off in the homelands of the bean invaders.

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  16. Ideology, schmology… the graph is easily explained by “less White” and “more White”.

    And as the years progress, so does the rising tide of colour.


  17. CA Whites who did not suffer gladly the blowback of Diversitopia skedaddled to other states,

    As a person who lives in a state adjoining Commiefornia, I can say that many, and perhaps the majority, of the Commiefornian expats here are just as cucked as the average Commiefornian back home. They’re here for the lower cost of living, plain and simple, and absolutely despise everything else about this state–especially its permissive gun laws. They want to turn this state into a mini-Commiefornia complete with gun confiscation and divershitty so that they can feel at home again in their little garbage dump.

    Death to all Commiefornians, even the ones who call themselves conservative. (Even the “conservative” ones are helping to drive the cost of decent housing up into the stratosphere, rendering local people homeless or slum-bound.)

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    • FS gets it. There needs to be a Hotel California law which requires them to stay if they have lived there more than five years. I tell that to them to their faces. Most Commiefornians cant imagine why someone would not look up to them for being cool. Burn down that entire Boomer fantasy wet dream.

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      • on December 31, 2018 at 12:08 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> “Burn down that entire Boomer fantasy wet dream.”



      • “There needs to be a Hotel California law which requires them to stay if they have lived there more than five years.”

        So I shouldn’t be allowed to escape this hell?

        You are an idiot.


    • It’s mostly urban liberals leaving California for other states. They can’t afford the city any more so they move to surrounding states. Obviously, they never stop to think that maybe their politics is the reason California is becoming unlivable. These people are too emotionally attached and mentally invested in progressive values to have an epiphany moment. The idea of being wrong or mislead is too much for them to bear. Better to just pick up and leave and act like everything is OK. Virtue signalling has its costs. They then continue on with the liberal progressive values only now deciding to ruin a new state (Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Texas).

      I think you’d be surprised how red the red parts of California really are.

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      • I’m curious – which parts of CA are “red” (not “red” as in commie, but “red” as in MAGA)? I’m guessing up north by Oregon (but away from the coast) and up in the Sierras.


      • I’m curious – which parts of CA are “red” (not “red” as in commie, but “red” as in MAGA)?

        Inland Empire for sure. Temecula actually recently made the list of most conservative cities in America. It may still be on there.

        Going by land area, Commiefornia is actually overwhelmingly red. But in our post-Reynolds world, that has no bearing on the political character of a state.

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      • Post eaten by mod. Let’s try this again, without links.

        Actually, I think spoke too soon. Just looked it up, and many of the usually red areas in Commiefornia actually went light blue in 2016 presidential election, probably because Trump was the G.O.P. nominee. Congressional map shows much more red, though, well over half the state.


      • look at molly Tibbets mother and father. two white hating communists from cali. the father wrote a piece in iowa paper against racism and not to hate illegals. then his rotten slut wife ADOPTS A MESSICAN KID whose mother was friends with her daughters killer. this is beyond belief

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      • I did a Bing search on Temecula. One of the top hits was some mojado on probation who molested a child. Looking at wikipedia, I see Temecula’s 2010 census is %57 white. it’s also in Riverside County, and Riverside a bankrupt colony of Mexico. I see Temecula is also “affluent”, according to wikipedia.

        Sounds like a nice target, er, I mean, place to move away from.


      • The down to earth/laid-back surfer types – genuine cali natives that descended from miners and cowboys – were priced out of the cities by those urban liberals only a few decades ago.

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      • on January 1, 2019 at 8:18 am Alex the Goon

        Just looked it up, and many of the usually red areas in Commiefornia actually went light blue in 2016 presidential election, probably because Trump was the G.O.P. nominee.
        Then they were never Red to begin with. Not even light blue, but lavender.


  18. Make the Golden State Golden Again.


  19. You still have un-cucked readers in SoCal, CH! Sleeper cells waiting for the next Bear Flag revolt.

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    • on December 31, 2018 at 12:09 pm Captain Obvious

      WHERE’S MENDO?!?!?!?!?!?


    • You are going to have to get serious about removing beaners and the rest of the poz.  BAMN and no holds barred.  Your best avenues are probably through various parts of the welfare system.  If you’re smart, you’ll figure it out.


  20. The Dems haven’t gone left in every sense. They’re more beholden to capitalists like George Soros than ever. The old left in 1980 still had some residual loyalty to white working people.


    • I have written about this before. There is a coterie of very rich people, à la Soros and some tech billionaires, who have come to the insight that more money is almost meaningless – 1 billion, 10 billion, makes not much difference to your lifestyle. What might be fun is POWER, political power. So they go shopping for politicians. Not primarily by conventional bribes, but by running the coterie. This is a Billionaire BilliClub run by and for Billionaires, and they use their monetary Billiclubs to BilliClub the population. They recently elected a Dem governor in Nevada, a state that is now going to the dogs.
      миллиардеры всех стран, соединяйтесь!

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    • on January 1, 2019 at 2:55 am Carlos Danger

      The very very rich are seeking to destroy the middle class and return us to a two class system. The Democrats are the means to making this happen.


  21. I’d say there’s close to a perfect co-relation between the Dems’ leftward migration and their growing enrichment by non-Whites.


  22. Lift weights. Seriously, if you haven’t started, start. If you haven’t gotten serious about it, get serious. Otherwise there will soon be a time that you will wish you had.


  23. Getting interesting.


  24. […] Chateau proves mathematically that the left really is getting […]


  25. Buy ammo… better to have and not need than the other way around.


  26. on January 3, 2019 at 10:37 am YourAverageJoe

    Extremism in pursuit of Liberty is no vice.
    -Barry Goldwater


  27. on January 5, 2019 at 10:36 am thesegregationofdialogue

    National consciousness is far more important than racial consciousness. Shared values trump phenotype.
    there are plenty of non-white conservatives, some of whom are very outspoken and influential

    [CH: culture is downstream from race. shared values coincidentally align with shared genotypes (and phenotypes). there are vanishingly few nonwhite “conservatives” in the truest sense of the word.]