This video is the most effective bit of pro-White European COPROP I’ve seen to date. You don’t even see the colonizing hordes in the video…you don’t have to, because you know that’s the dark shadow that lurks in the background…and this artistic choice gives the video greater power. The evil is all around us, choking us like dirty air, driving us from our homes.

Unfortunately, I can’t hot link the video to WordPress, because Twatter has likely shadowbanned the account which pinned it. Catch it now before it too, like all the Great and Beautiful Truths, is stamped out by our perfidious overlords.

Here’s a link to the video on PewTube.



  1. Powerful. I wonder if it will appear in some form in any upcoming US elections.

    I can only hope.




  3. 4 post from CH in one day? What did we humble citizens of the chateau do to deserve this bounty?

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  4. The part at the end, where the girl is catatonic due to, well… you know… really hit hard.

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  5. It’s not like the Mud World isn’t announcing their intent:


    • WTF are you allowed to threaten cops like that in USA? I mean at the one our leech class prefers, “Behead all those who insult islam”, is sufficiently woolly to give plenty of weaselling and cop-out room, legally. That one’s a bit .. specific.


  6. i wonder if women would be more responsive if u depicted the brown hordes as shiftless omegas rather than excessively violent and rapey


  7. I have not watched the video yet, but yesterday I read that in France they have just realized (*)that within 4-5 years there will be more Black births than White births

    anyone not calling this a genocide is either too stupid to understand or evil enough that they get pleasure from watching the white race die.

    (*) in France it is illegal to do a census per race, it is ” racist’, but when they were doing a study on Sickle cell – which affects mostly people of African descent – they had to look at race and that is when the forbidden truth jumped at them.

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    • Any white person who has children and isn’t horrified by this is not worth a squirt of piss.

      This kalergi plan is a crime against humanity. Euro leaders implementing it deserve to face nuremberg-style trials.

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  8. I ran the video down. Here is the link:


  9. The front lines. Germans and Czechs, ‘Hand in hand for our land’.

    Austria is doing something about the Mud Flood. The backlash is in progress in Germany.

    Well, well (((bloomberg. com))):

    “…congratulations poured in from European nationalists including France’s Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, while the World Jewish Congress expressed concern…

    “Ronald Lauder, who heads the World Jewish Congress, said the Freedom Party is “full of xenophobes and racists.”

    [CH: “full of xenophobes and racists”… this is the only rhetorical gambit jews have left. our jews used to be so much more verbally adept than this. how far the chosen have fallen!]

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  10. The girl evokes Anne Frank, especially at the end.

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  11. It’s a repackaged and relogoed spot from “Save the Children” from a few years back. It’s not a cri-de-couer to stop immigrations. It’s a rip.

    [CH: it’s a good rip then.]

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    • In that case, the rip is one hell of a reframe

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    • Agreed – this excellent footage from an SJW commercial spot has been powerfully repurposed.

      The original spot reminds me of a PSA years ago that showed little white suburban kids at a soccer game – suddenly one of them steps on a land mine and it explodes, voiceover at the end says “if land mines were a problem in the developed world, people would blah blah blah” or some similar shit.

      Some tool posted it on a forum at the time and said “Now that you’ve seen this, what are you going to do about land mines?” The very first comment was priceless: “Try not to step on any.”


  12. So you can embed it nicely. Just not with the Guardian logo. Punk.


  13. the judeo Kalergi Plan.


  14. Here’s a back up link:


  15. It’s on Jewtube. Probably not for long so copy it and put it up.


  16. Genteel-hommes

    Madame L’Autre-Chienne
    Trusts that you are fully enjoying the fruits of progress brought on by the “of libertefraterniteegalite OU LA MORT”

    Remember, Massa Mosby regrets nothing. Nothing.


  17. on October 16, 2017 at 8:06 pm The commenter who never gets past mod

    I came across an odd film the other day, not sure if it’s just a short, or a short for a longer film. 2011, the nordic woman is sunbathing on the beach, and the film opens by focusing directly on her crotch. Then there is commotion, she gets up and just walks along while other nude, white sunbathers run to the water’s edge to help washed up Africans. She just walks along, looking, until she encounters some mandingo figure who stares at her in lust. We cut to her dissatisfied in some northern European city, stood up by her date perhaps, and the mandingo figure sees her. He follows her all over the city (we’d call it stalking if he were white), and eventually forces an encounter in a hotel lobby. Next thing you know they’re banging away in a hotel window. The final scenes in the short (not sure if it’s the whole film) are her asleep in bed with her husband, and in walks the naked black invader who sees himself in her bed instead of her husband.

    The movie is titled exactly that, The Invader. I guess what struck me is how bluntly it told the story of the invasion, and of her role in it, and how the white man is completely absent from the story.


  18. on October 16, 2017 at 8:44 pm Gunslingergregi

    Lol that’s how it is now


  19. Yes, Europe needs to stop Arab and African immigration.

    What are Americans to do about the 42 million ball and chain Africans who get to call themselves citizens?


  20. Publius, how do you stop it when so many younger men of fighting age now are left-wing androgynous phags who don’t question anything, and their women want to secretly spread their legs for foreigners, and our overlords have decided that this is what we’re doing whether you like it or not?


    • on October 17, 2017 at 4:07 am Vagina dominator

      Don’t worry too much. It is a simple matter of physics. Those who cannot feed themselves will die.

      I fully expect that the *only* serious preppers in the United States are either civilian Whites or those parts of the government assigned to prepare for Continuity of Government (COG).

      Of course, part of the orders of COG/FEMA may be to arm and feed anti-white groups but I can’t see that working for long. They will rape, loot, fight among themselves, then die off. The whites they wish to predate will be too spread out around the country and life back in Mexico with relatives who are on the land will be more comfortable.

      So that flushing sound will be mass ex-migration back to where they know people who can grow food and have access to a well.

      There will be a period of shooting and mayhem but the uniforms will never be able to impose martial law in the US.

      Blacks will squat on their haunches not far from the burnt out bodega and die, mumbling feverishly through thick, cracked lips, “EBT. Gibsmedat…damn cracker.”


      • Neville Shute I presume?


      • on October 17, 2017 at 6:47 pm Vagina dominator

        @ carlos danger

        If that was a reply to my comment, yes, it is indeed a piece of fiction. But the underlying assumptions of (low cost energy) resource scarcity and debt overhang are unassailable.

        The United States, and many other places in the world, are staring down the barrel of a stupendous die-off.

        There is not going to be any kind of solar-panels-and-windmills, battery-stored-power future, despite the Feds providing us with that wonderful Elon Musk billions-in-yearl-losses theater telling us otherwise.

        For those interested, the best discussion of the reality of the global energy predicament is provided at ourfiniteworldDOTcom.

        Only those who understand the information at that site – some of it is a little counterintuitive – can also fully understand what is happening in the West today.

        We are out of cheap energy but are nonetheless trying to continue to live high on the credit card, like someone who has had his income cut in half but refuses to economize.

        In fact, it has got to the point that everyone now believes in the fantasy of endless credit-based magic-money prosperity (for some) and it is that belief in and dependence on “free” money has produced the insanties we are seeing all around us.

        It won’t go on much longer because physics is in charge, not commies, and when it stops, the EBT stops, the pensions stop, the money becomes worthless and then? And then?

        Neville Shute would be nice compared to what will happen.


    • most young men won’t fight for a country that they don’t feel belongs to them

      most young men won’t fight for women that they have no legal ownership over

      most young men have been reduced to competing for status in faggoty loserish but acceptable ways (activism, vidya, etc)

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  21. I especially like the hospital flashes at the end, followed by the obvious “just got raped by a mud” face. It’s a great video… it’s horrid, I hate that this kind of violence porn is necessary, but maybe this kind of COPROP is the only thing that will wake up the “good” whites?

    Moar! We need more implied daughter rapes for the truth to spread! Editors and videographers mount up!

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  22. The reality is, young people are totally brainwashed by schools and universities into accepting that this is the way forward, with all the safeguards in place to single out dissenters. Married men with kids, who should be more concerned,,aren’t even up to speed with what’s happening and seem to not even notice it, including all the anti-white stuff on TV because they are just bogged down with a load of problems. A friend who is getting divorced, never really noticed the hero of the last Star Wars film FFS (we only watched it because we grew up with it in the 80s). White people usually deal with the problem by bettering themselves and taking white-flight, whilst the invaders sh!t up our cities.

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    • this is very true

      that’s why i get so frustrated with people who insist on ignoring politics and what’s happening in the world. things are crumbling around us and they turn the other way and ignore it.

      everyone should be concerned and educating themselves. even the women should be. they are supposed to the caretakers of the children, the future for god’s sake.

      but most of them don’t care one wit. they care only about remodeling the kitchen or what new bag or ugly athleticware outfit they can buy next.


  23. on October 17, 2017 at 4:17 am Gunslingergregi

    I commented on big group of firefighters in Cali resting was like woman need to woman up and go feed those dudes onsite they all white dudes where is el chapo or Clinton or ms13 where are the blacks? Where are the Puerto ricans the Mexicans the gang members the liberals that office drones the pay gap people the priests the ministers the homeless the lesbians the fags. The trans the anyone other than prob straight whiteem?? Amyome can explain why there shouldn’t be a pay gap between white men and everyone else?

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    straight from the heart of Wall Street. Obama was peak negro indeed.

    [CH: wow! this is heartening. (not the firing, the realtalk deluge)]

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    • If Obama was peak negro, why are guys like him still getting fired for speaking these inconvenient truths.

      We still gots a looooong way to do.


      • well, no one puts Massa’s favourite pets in a corner. not as long as Massa’s Massa. which is why all has to start with Massa, (only THEN the JQ and the obama’s sons can even hope to be addressed). however Massa rather this whole thing goes down in flame before giving up power

        (how many Lutheran POTUS/SC justices in US of Purridania’s history?
        what happened to the great Lutheran Empire? other Lutheran kingdoms faring any better? All cohencedences, 4 shizzle. Der Alte Fritz with the blame :duckface: )

        you keep getting distracted by ((frontrunner)) shenanigans, but that’s ((their)) remunerated job. we’re not even formulating the Massa Question, how we gonna solve it? even the current perestroika is spearheaded by Presbyterian Blueblood

        and yes, Massa Mosby regrets nothing


    • Hilarious how they always ignore what he actually said and dismiss it out of hand as “racist”, therefore it needn’t even be discussed. I at least expected the newsjew to add a few sentences attempting to explain why what he said was incorrect.


  25. Very powerful video, but I must say I don’t think things will get this bad. I firmly believe something will be done before white children have to scurry through war zones for their lives.


  26. It is just common sense to close borders and preserve race. Every other ethnicity does it but white countries because the Media LIES.

    Cucks too scared to be called racist , so they will let 3rd world scumbag rape everything and burn the country down like they did to Detroit in 5 years


  27. Europe must spill a tidal-wave of black, brown, and jew/muslim blood to cleanse itself and send them screaming back to their own lands.


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