Bernard Sanders Plays Socialist-Capitalist Matchmaker

Bernard (J-Vermont):

While psychologists tell us that ages 0-4 are the most important years of human development, we have a dysfunctional childcare system which underpays staff and is too costly for working families. We need universal, publicly funded childcare.

Second City Bureaucrat:

Bernard agrees we need to keep the parents working constantly as wage slaves. We don’t want one of them dedicating their time to childcare and the home. God forbid American families have any independence. How will we control their behavior?


Narrator: Socialism and capitalism, how will they ever get along?

One Woke DemSoc: Well, how about we socialize childrearing so mothers can enter the labor pool and decrease wages.

Capitalists: You got yourself a deal……..friend.


PS This is a decent report card on Trump, due for an update after today.

PPS More funny stuff from one of the best Twatter accounts currently allowed to exist by the patel mafia:


  1. J-Vermont

    That is hilarious, hat tip

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  2. average muslims want to kill you.
    progressive muslims want average muslims to kill you


  3. Can’t have women staying home and raising their child. That oppresive and basically slavery to women. Why do you hate them so much?!?! Rabble rabble rabble.

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  4. on February 14, 2019 at 4:26 pm | Reply Sorcerygod at

    Took a look at the credit report (aka the report card). If Trump were a consumer shopping for credit, based on his credit he’d have some trouble getting a card, but in the end would — nip-and-tuck — sail through.


  5. Capitalists: You got yourself a deal……..friend.

    There is a reason why Mordechai/Marx’s primary text is titled Capital, not Commune.


  6. on February 14, 2019 at 5:17 pm | Reply Libertarian_Pill

    I think you have the wrong idea about capitalism. In its essence, it means just leaving people to do their thing freely, without any social engineering.

    If we just left people alone, I bet in the US they would be much more traditional and sane than what they are today, after generations of social engineering done by the anti capitalists in power.

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    • “I think you have the wrong idea about capitalism. In its essence, it means just leaving people to do their thing freely, without any social engineering.”

      I was you 15 years ago… all I can say is that there’s a red pill the size of Texas out there somewhere just waiting for you to swallow it. Capitalism is state-sponsored usury. You have to free yourself from the trap that free economic exchanges and capitalism are synonyms, and that if there’s no capitalism the only other choice is socialism/communism. They are opposite sides of the same shekel. It’s like thinking liberal / conservative is a real thing.

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  7. Women want to be fucked hard, beaten, raise the children and then get dumped for younger p00say. Its their deepest desire.

    Anyone that says otherwise is a bull prepping j00


  8. Like anyone gives a flying fuck about ‘Progressive Christ-killers’ or ‘Progressive towel-heads’. Next story.


  9. on February 14, 2019 at 10:19 pm | Reply Gunslingergregi

    Yea babymaker wont work on 0 to 4 range unless business in home


  10. In any compromise with evil, evil wins.

    –A hundred and twenty years worth of compromise is how we have arrived at today, when an overbearing state-socialist system is described as “Capitalist” by lying Marxist-Leninists who hope to seize control of it.


  11. it’s a glorious time, we get to face down the evils of tyrants like oche-cuntez, just like the founding fathers. sign me up for the re-revolutionary militia, re-conquistador battalion.


  12. on February 15, 2019 at 10:00 am | Reply Diversity Heretic

    France now mandates school attendance at the age of 3. I’m reminded of the line from Evita: “Get them while they’re young, Evita, get them while they’re young.


  13. Fuck your “report cards” faux righters…

    Did Washington have a ducking squad of second guessing pussies scoring his every move?

    MAGA bitches. Now it’s on.

    [CH: i’m all for this, it’s the move I’ve been telling trump to do since christmas. my issue is that the pork bill he just signed includes amnesty provisions, as if he didn’t read it and had no aides to tell him what was in it.]


    • It’s an irrelevant point because if he didn’t sign it they would pass it anyway with 60+ votes. Don’t doubt that was communicated.

      [CH: they’re gonna kill trump with amnesty. he should have made that clear to the public. “hey the uniparty put amnesty in this bill, i can’t sign it” and force those motherfuckers to pass it with 60 votes. get them on record supporting amnesty.]


      • They showed their colors with their Bill as it is.

        Now watch them pass resolutions or worse condemning executive actions.

        The traitors are known.


    • The Dems (and just about everyone else this morning) are shouting from the rooftops how this emergency “violates muh Constitution” and headlines blaring “magnet for court challenges”.

      And of course there’s that nagging issue of tens of millions already here, with no plan in sight to expel them or their dreamer citizen offspring, so there’s that.

      So, before we dance in the streets and neener-neener “faux righters”, let’s see how this emergency actually pans out.

      That said, it’s about time SOME stronger measure was taken.


    • “This coup is continuing, is the point — and the coup, I think, continues in this budget deal. So just hang on here as I draw the lines and connect these things. It’s a multifaceted coup that is occurring. And, again, it hasn’t changed. Even though the news has been hitting the past couple of days that the Mueller report’s got blah in it (and that there might not even be a report, all this), that doesn’t change the objective.

      The objective is still to drive President Trump’s approval numbers as low as they can. That remains their objective, and they’re panicking when they see him at 52% at Rasmussen, 45% at CNN. They are panicking. It’s the exact opposite of what they want to happen. When they come up with a piece of legislation — both parties — like this budget deal that they wanted him to sign, this is part of a coup. This is part of the ongoing effort to get rid of him. I’ll explain this in just a second.”


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  15. Bit of a sob story, One of my earliest memories is my mother dropping me off at daycare. I was younger than they used to allow in those days but they put me in there. I remember when she came and picked me up that the world did not seem as warm as it did when she dropped me off.