Female Social Rank Is Irrelevant To Male Mate Choice

In my view, an unresolved mystery of human evolution is why women would bother engaging in status jockeying competition with other women when men choose mates primarily based on physical attractiveness and youth (but I repeat myself), traits which women have little control over and which are hardly altered by direct competition with other women. It’s obvious why men compete with other men….women are attracted to high status men who can provide resources and social connections for them and their children. It’s not so obvious why women compete with other women given that no man who wasn’t a scheming gigolo marrying an older rich widow to finance his gay twink lifestyle ever gave a rat’s ass about a woman’s social station.

And swaggering in to add the weight of natural world evidence to the evolutionary mystery of intra-female status wars, is our old friend ¡SCIENCE!: (via rman2017)

CH, here is a documentary about wolves.

I’ve forwarded to the part on topic. The females go into heat and the alpha has to choose which one he will mate with. He has 2 choices, who happen to be sisters. The assertive, aggressive Grey Female Alpha (GFA). Or the shy, submissive Black Female Omega (BFO). A few interesting bits:

1. The beta is disciplining the females, and being especially aggressive towards GFA. The Beta acts like the court eunuch keeping the harem in line.

Lupus orbiters.

2. The Alpha DGAF. He’s playing in the snow. (If you watch the full documentary you will see at the beginning that he establishes himself as alpha not because of his size or age, but because his attitude.)

no matter what happens, his claws are a-tapping’.

3. The Alpha makes his choice. It’s the BFO. Social rank within the female group has no bearing on the Alpha, as he completely disregards their status. He goes for shy and submissive. He knows that the mate he chooses will automatically become the Alpha Female in the pack by association, not the petty games the females play between them.

Among wolves, female social rank is irrelevant to alpha male mate choice.

Among humans, same. If you’re a hot babe, you’ll attract the attention of alpha males, no matter your social or occupational status. But human society is a bit more complex, so there must be a reason intra-female competition evolved.

One theory: women compete to demoralize SMV-comparable competition into ceding the playing field. Men won’t date women they don’t ever see or meet.

Another theory: A woman’s male partner isn’t the only provider of resources for her and her children by him. Other women can act as proxy providers by cajoling or otherwise influencing their own male partners to redistribute their resources to the highest status woman in the tribe/suburban neighborhood. Under this hypothesis, women compete to earn the favor of not just men, but of everyone so that they are looked favorably upon when times are tough and favors are needed.

Consolation prize theory: women compete intrasexually to scratch their itch for drama that they aren’t scratching with all the boring beta males sniveling around them for a piece of pity pussy.

Bottom line: there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the nature of the psychosexual differences between the sexes that needs clarifying before we #MeToo ourselves into Darwinian oblivion. One major source of misunderstanding is the mass psychological projection that men and women, but particularly women, engage in when they delude themselves into believing what attracts them to the opposite sex is also what attracts the opposite sex to them.

Koanic gave one sterling example of female projection feeding into false female beliefs of a societal double standard holding The Woman down:

If women can indiscriminately hit on all men by dressing like whores, then men can indiscriminately hit on all women by propositioning them like whores.

This gets at the heart of moderin confusion: sex denialism obfuscates differences between men and women, notably ignoring the fact that men are visually aroused and women holistically aroused. So in effect women dressing like whores IS hitting on men.

A lot of man-hating cruelty and female unhappiness could be avoided if we all accepted the biological truth that male desire is focused through the eyes while female desire is focused through the ego.

Similarly, the false consciousness that female social rank matters a whit to male arousal thwarts the budding of a lot of potential romances, while wasting in the rogering trenches the prime birthing years of women afflicted with the delusion of male desire for empowered careerist tankgrrl shrikes.


  1. I came for the pussy but stayed for the bros. Chateau Heartist: A Love Story.

    I think the moral here is women seek to control the social environment and men seek to control the resources. Both being a maximal source of power for them. Resources for men these days include the ability to provide thrills.

    I have noticed time and time again that my wife will always reflect younger, hotter girls for any reason. Not even once did she like one. But the Jedi don’t fall for these mind tricks. This is how femanism was born, literally. Two screaming, violent lesbians wanting The vote for themselves but not conscription.

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 3:26 am rationalisationhamster

      Partners and wives can be quite a bore. “Jamming” or “pussy blocking” even non sexual conversations that may have great value.


      • on December 29, 2017 at 10:40 am Captain Obvious

        There’s only one thing you can get out of a w0man to relieve the soul-destroying feat of dragging her [kicking & screaming] through the entirety of the misery of your life with her – only one thing which will put the Boredom in the rear view mirror.

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  2. CH, aren’t women trying to gain access to the social circles of alpha males who may only occassionally be found in low class establishments typically frequented by these women.

    Similarly, familiarity with women via social circle may increase the likelihood of successful LTRs.


    • on December 29, 2017 at 3:47 am rationalisationhamster

      Women hate traditional men’s clubs but have no problem promoting women only spaces. Quite a hypocrisy.

      By men’s club I mean proper social clubs not strip joints. That is places men could meet without the disruption of females bring in the form of sexual signaling or intellectually restrictive speech rules and learn to be friends and care for each other as well as hatch schemes in business adventure or sport.
      They also were places a man could go and not feel he might make his wife insecure because women were not allowed except as invited speakers (if they were an expert in some area) or work in back areas such as administration or kitchen.

      I think the frustration for them is that they can’t get to the alphas. These places also had men functioning socially without women.

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      • Damn mod!


      • Precisely what happened to Boy Scouts. Mind you, they have seemed to have gone to have been on a steep decline since they let gays in, but now that they let that one girl in, they’ve gone faceplant. I suspect that’s partly because girls are horny and want to be around boys. Seriously, that girl has that telltale thousand cock stare. Of course after getting it on with the boys, she can always claim she got raped.

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      • My father’s generation had male only spaces..the pub, the soccer game..the betting shop..the army.
        The woman was at home with the children. Only occasionally would husband & wife ever go out.
        Women would occasionally socialize with other women thru church or bridge.
        Any woman who went to a pub was looked down upon by both men and women as being ‘loose’.
        The men worked hard and provided for their families.

        99% of soccer crowds in Europe were all male up until the late 1980s. Men of certain affluence and age sat in the stadiums. The younger bucks stood behind the goals and were in wolf packs. These wolf packs would fight other wolf packs of other teams from other cities.
        Liverpool fans would travel Europe and would loot. The anonymity of a soccer game would see such loot being sold or distributed at the stadium.
        Men spent most of their time with other men – doing male things. Ironically you were considered a questionable hom if you liked the company of women.

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    • Not really- if it were only that, it would be manageable.

      Womynz are confused- feminism told them the way to be good in life was to copy what men do to be good. Every other womyn is bragging about her degrees or the job she has. Womyn have no clue whatsoever about the nature of men or what we want out of them and when you try to tell one the truth they reject it utterly.

      Degrees don’t get you an alpha male; in fact, they tend to drive them away. No man of any kind wants a womyn around who tells him what direction up is all the time out of cocky self-assuredness that is a total illusion. Womyn compete with one another because they’re womyn.

      Beauty gets you access to alphas. When I was on a date last night with some 30 something russian blonde, I listened to her tell me about what she wanted from a man and all of this and I asked her, “can you cook?” Of course the answer is no, but she said she could learn and so therefore it’s just the same. I said, no, you actually cannot cook, can you? So learn to like cats. Had some other chick tell me she doesn’t trust people who don’t love dogs. I responded that people who love dogs usually suffer from pathologies. Her reply was very telling- that dogs love you unconditionally, therefore they are awesome. And that’s exactly it, the pathology. Modern western womyn cannot deal with anything that doesn’t press LIKE! on everything they do. Thus fakebook and intentional bias confirmation behavior and the modern obsession womyn have with pets that in history they did not AT ALL like. No womyn from my era loved dogs- dogs are MAN’s best friend. But womyn figured out the dog would love them no matter wtf fat PoS they were or how pathological they behave, so now they’ve keyed in. Men use dogs as tools. Womyn and metros keep large ones in tiny city apartments which is tantamount to animal abuse. They do not care if the DOG is happy, no- it’s always about them and being loved and adored no matter what with absolutely no work or investment.

      Prince charming is a fantasy plot device that womyn think is real.

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      • Modern western womyn cannot deal with anything that doesn’t press LIKE! on everything they do.


        But the more tragic story in the ever-growing tome, This Is Why We Lose, is because most men these days are the same way.

        Hell, we even see glimpses of it ’round chere, among the reddest of the red-pilled, more’s the pity.

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      • used to post on ZH and people would get apoplectic over someone downvoting their comments.

        You know that I not once EVER even noticed how many up or down votes any comment of mine has gotten? LOL, the notion that I should even care is totally alien.

        WRT women tho-

        Dogs are the new Prince Charming.


      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:12 am Captain Obvious

        Mildly Off-Topic, but a yyyuge new study indicates that canines had to develop vastly larger brains than felines in order to MANIPULATE human emotions. https://www.sciencealert.com/dogs-high-neuron-density-among-carnivores


      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:13 am Captain Obvious

        Cats [small brains] are Spergs; Dawgs [large brains] are Empaths.

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      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:14 am Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == Y’all spergs ignore folks’ emotions at your own peril.

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      • great comment trav

        especially regarding girls and dogs. i’d include feminine men in that too. a lot of them around nowadays.

        always knew something was wrong with people who treat their animals like people but couldn’t pinpoint the cause of what i was seeing.

        the unconditional love and attention thing sounds dead on to me. modern girls expect to be able to do anything and still get rewarded with the attention and love of men and they expect to never be judged or suffer consequences for anything they do.

        pets give them what any reasonable man won’t. love and attention even if they are shitty failures as women.

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      • I took my Russian girl to the Nutcracker..the Moscow Ballet no less.
        Walking in they had a sign on the elevator that said ‘4th floor : theater entrance’
        A HB 7.5 asked me in the elevator ‘ I don’t know where I am going…which floor in the theater?’
        In a condescending tone I told her which floor but also told her it was in big letters on a sign outside. You stupid idiot.
        Her eyes lit up and were transfixed on me.

        Verbally slap a girl down – it does wonders to them!

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      • on December 29, 2017 at 12:28 pm alex sosa (p4pg)

        >”Cats [small brains] are Spergs”


        dear lord

        maybe with a larger brain i’d be able to figure out why people celebrate this idiot.


      • “Had some other chick tell me she doesn’t trust people who don’t love dogs. I responded that people who love dogs usually suffer from pathologies.”

        Pro comment. ‘Dog people’ are usually lousy at human relationships because people need more than a bowl of food and a belly rub. It’s common that dog lovers in fact hate people. I don’t trust people who lurv dogs — most of them are head cases.

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      • ‘Dog people’ are usually lousy at human relationships because people need more than a bowl of food and a belly rub.

        Drolly noted, but let’s leave Fido out of it… MOST people these days are lousy at human relationships… and people who DON’T like dogs are often worse, because they can’t even be bothered to provide a bowl of food and a belly rub.


      • On point Trav……fighting biology leaves a mark, but most of society isn’t self-aware enough to understand the impact that their counter-biological actions are having.

        To wit…..the behaviour of the career-focused +30 year old woman. Of the online dating interactions I have with this crowd, probably less than 5% go anywhere because of their shallow, entitled behaviour. And I am a high value male. They literally scuttle any chance they have of obtaining something good for themselves.

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      • “They literally scuttle any chance they have of obtaining something good for themselves.”

        I’ve observed this exact behavior ad nauseum, and wondered about it’s source.

        female sexual liberation =>
        loss of peak smv/disillusionment of male mate expectations =>
        mutual enmity between men and women =>
        permanent self-hatred/self-destructive behavior by women towards themselves and towards everything and everyone else around them

        I couldn’t count the number of sloots I thought had “mate potential” who subsequently ruined their chances by simply opening their mouths and spewing the most vile sewage about all their a-m-a-z-i-n-g sexual encounters. they just couldn’t help themselves and thought it best to spill out but the worst of themselves right up front.

        or, they ‘next’ you at the first sign that you might see through the makeup hoax and the crazy eyebrows to the hollowed-out, worm-eaten soul underneath.

        one-eyed worms…they do a job on a girl.


      • Re; Dogs. I’d take my two (guard) dogs over a billion non-white humanoids any day. At least my dogs are useful and contribute.

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      • case-in-point on dogs

        MEN can have healthy relationships with dogs. Women did not like dogs at all historically; they tolerated them because of men. Dogs in the past were kept outside, they were big, smelly, slobbering balls of activity that had a purpose. Herding sheep, hunting rats, attacking niggers, whatever.

        Men like dogs with a purpose. Men do not keep toy dogs to cart around.

        But women now have turned large canines into toy dogs. People keep these poor things in small apartments. The dogs are being abused for their unconditional loyalty which was valuable on a hunt. Another perversion of what men invented for a PURPOSE.

        I’ve heard numerous people in the city say they want a husky- get that. A dog bred for subzero temperatures. You post a pic (someone did once) on FB showing this dog outdoors in its NATURAL, BRED FOR habitat and you will get *death threats* from dog-“lovers” insisting that dogs should be indoors! It’s all a pathological anthropomorphization of a gd pet. I see “dog mom” all the time on Tinder. Oh yeah, did you give birth to that? You’re a dog OWNER, not a dog mom.

        These are the women I avoid…I do not trust a woman who loves dogs like this. It’s ALWAYS a sign of a pathology. A man who likes dogs? No problem. It’s like how you don’t trust a dude who likes cats, right? Women like cats. A woman liking dogs is trying to be a man with no clue how to have a reciprocally loving relationship with Fido. The dog is their Prince Charming…a nonstop Like! button.

        A man gets rid of a useless dog. A man takes the dog out back (a well adjusted man of bygone times) and shoots the fuckin poor thing when it’s sick. It goes for the Ole Yeller walk. But now, wtf do we see, fkin ppl getting MRIs and spending thousands of dollars on a freaking pet. It’s unreal. Peter Pan syndrome everywhere and women are the worst offenders.

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      • on December 29, 2017 at 10:52 pm Captain Obvious

        female sexual liberation =>
        loss of peak smv/disillusionment of male mate expectations =>
        mutual enmity between men and women =>
        permanent self-hatred/self-destructive behavior by women towards themselves and towards everything and everyone else around them

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      • on December 30, 2017 at 1:41 am rationalisationhamster

        Dogs and to lessor extent cats are ways of opening conversations for women. If you’re a man walking a dog you may have a conversation opener.
        Of course they should be talking about their children and pets fill the void of absent children. Have an honest conversation with a woman and they’ll admit it. They know, but prefer to evade that feeling.

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  3. What does she look like naked.? It should be a crime to ask any other questions.


  4. […] Female Social Rank Is Irrelevant To Male Mate Choice […]

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  5. on December 28, 2017 at 9:55 pm Wilbur Hassenfus

    In the environment of evolutionary adaptation, women gathered and men hunted. Men weren’t their only source of resources. Status among the hens mattered.

    Did it matter enough to affect fitness? I don’t know, but when times got tough I bet you didn’t want to be the girl all the other girls hated.

    Another theory anyhow.

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    • Good point. In reality, I doubt other women want a fat hen around them. She wouldn’t be able to pull her weight, so to speak, when it comes to gathering. Of course, thanks to PC culture, that’s not apparent on the surface.


    • When the crash comes, and it will, these fat fucks of both genders and all races will be the first to go. And it will be glorious.

      Btw by first I mean due to natural pressures. Traitors and schlomo will be the first, of course.


  6. Ah, but of course:

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    • on December 28, 2017 at 11:29 pm gunslingergregi

      rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl


    • Jesus Christ himself couldn’t have come up with a better parable.


      • He’d have struggled mightily, this is for sure.

        But it’s so true. In one little joke, it tells womyn the absolute truth about what men want out of them. I haven’t given a crap about a womyn’s degrees or where she was in middle management. In fact, the more career oriented she is the worse a mom and a wife she would tend to make.

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    • An oldie but an evergreen… tell it at each and every opportunity, even in mixed company… especially amusing is the way women keenly pay attention to see which one is going to be what a man is looking for… and then the duckfaces and grimaces when they hear the punchline..

      Never gets old. kekekekekek

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:21 am Chocolate Cakery

      Which to choose, which to choose…: large mammaries or money sense?

      I guess which one you will choose probably depends on whether your mother had large mammaries or money sense.


    • One of them should have spent the $5k on breast enlargement surgery…

      I honestly do not think men are as materialistic as women. Real alphas I know enjoy hunting in rag clothing and camping out in log cabins with no bathrooms. Masculine men enjoy living in some mess – clothes lying around, dust etc.

      Women and feminine men pay more attention to cleanliness, tidiness and interior design. Feminine shitlib men are the ones who brag about their condo and new kitchen floor in their urban safe space.
      I hate women who are not tidy. That’s a masculine feature in my book.

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      • Interesting thought. Likely goes hand in hand with the lack of culinary skills in most women. And a distorted tendency to over-nurture children and pets.

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  7. Did you see that story ‘ bout Sheila Jackson-Lee? My Lord,that is one ugly bitch!!


  8. Female unhappiness (feminism) is largely due to this biological fact. Roughly beginning at 17, you have 10 years to utilise really the only commodity you have versus your remaining years on provided you just die of old age. Modern feminmsn is a hateful movement but given this blog plus others, that hate is arguably justified. Of course not every man is what feminism accuses him of. But without these social guidelines, rules, morals, etc would it still be an incorrect assessment?

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 12:33 am Captain Obvious

      “would IT still be an incorrect assessment?”

      What is “it”?


    • on December 29, 2017 at 10:31 am Captain Obvious

      And what is that critique?


      • “And what is that critique?”

        Women are super mean because men are awful.


      • Wait wait, how about this one:

        Women are awful because the Men’s Rights movement is trying to enslave them.


      • No, that’s no good. How about

        Women would be perfect if men would only just stop oppressing them


      • Not concise, amirite? Let me try again.

        Women are unhappy because men are only attracted to those dumb girls, which isn’t fair


      • Too wordy. Next.

        Boys are dumb. Why can’t they just admit I’m smarter than them?


      • (Stay on target now). Dang, summarize anti-anti-feminism in a single line. No, I got this.

        Not all men are evil, but without feminism we’d all be slaves to white male oppression!


      • I like that last one; it makes no sense, which is itself a perfect summary. Imma tryagain

        If you don’t hate men now, wait 10 years. You’ll understand.


      • No, that’s no good. YOLO and WAIT are mutually incompatible.

        Here’s why you should hate all men now.


      • My bicycle needs fixed… where have all the good fish gone?

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      • Heh. Maybe aiming away from concission will be fun. Let’s see…

        I hate the stupid jerk because he dumped me and he’s going to dump you too because even though you’re way prettier than I am right now you won’t be for long and then he’ll dump you and we’ll bond as sisters over how much we hate him and his new girlfriend who’s too pretty for him why can’t he just be with the right woman who’s me we could have had beautiful children I totally would have gotten pregnant for him now that guy at the office is talking to me gross if he’d gotten me pregnant I wouldn’t have to talk to these losers but I’m so horny maybe I’ll go out with him once anyway what a jerk this is all his fault I hate him


      • YES! Only a Man’s mind looks for concise thoughts. Rambling incoherent nonsense? That’s they way to understand a woman.

        So there’s the critique. If the Alphas would just knock up the women, women wouldn’t have to be mean to the betas to keep them away.

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      • Despite the below comments, it has nothing to do with dating, at least not to me. Sure it’s what feminism talks about but I’m referring to the unreliability of men. Not because they mean to be (although many of them do) but satisfaction isn’t in male nature. And women are abiding by so many rules (or used to) just to get what looks like reliability. That’s why there’s divorce laws, sexual harassment rules, etc


      • Despite the below comments, it has nothing to do with dating, at least not to me.

        A woman’s only truth and reality is what’s true and real to her.

        You gals just can’t help but tell on yourselves. 😉

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      • but satisfaction isn’t in male nature.

        Who boy, we can hold a primer on this broad’s posts alone, amirite?

        All I can think of is two jests, in which truth is often said:

        a) Arab proverb: What do women want? Fried ice.

        b) A man only needs four things: shelter, food, clothes and sex… and none of ’em have to be all THAT good.

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    • Beauty is not their only commodity. Being mothers and grand mothers are others.
      16-25…beauty to attract the alpha/have children
      16-45..nurturing the children to maturity
      45-..helping the children with the grandchildren

      Total enjoyment and contentment in this…not in watching netflix or working in a cube

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    • on December 30, 2017 at 1:49 am rationalisationhamster

      (((Feminism’s))) critique of White males is a subversion of the White race. That’s all it ever was.. Whatever genuine social issues feminism addressed such as domestic violence they were only grievances to direct loxist hatred against the Goyim rather than attempts at a solution.

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    • That’s why there’s divorce laws — Anonymous

      Can you be a lot more clear about WHY (according to YOU, of course) divorce laws exist?


  9. Let me clue you boys in. Men have Alphas leading packs and women have Queen Bees leading a hive. Women do everything by COMMITTEE. Your girl can get OUTVOTED unless she’s the Queen. The Queen can make decisions all by herself and no amount of votes can outweigh hers. That’s why you have to see her circle of friends. If she’s the Queen, you might be in trouble. This is the BITCH. If she’s just one of the many, you might have it made in the shade. Get enough of her friends on your side, and YOU’RE GOLDEN. She will be OUTVOTED every time.


    • on December 29, 2017 at 12:57 am Captain Obvious

      I’m aware of a situation in a local junior high school where there’s a vicious little Cluster-B/Non-Specified Narcissist/Psychopath girl who is going all Bloody Mary on the females of the sixth grade class [the school has 6th, 7th, and 8th grades].


    • I have a gf who bitches about this other girl who ignores her and buts into her convos with other girls in the group, who negs her (ridiculously lol) and these other things.

      Is it because this type of commentary isn’t nice or pleasant? Nahhhh, it’s because the gf is a bit of a bitch but in this group she isn’t the alpha bitch. lol. So the gf got a big set of implants now and I told her if you wanna nip that shit in the bud, show up with those Ds in full view and just point and tell this other girl to talk to the tits. Lol teaching girls to game other girls.


  10. I remember reading one female commenter in the CH archives..the early years (when women would find this site, be somewhat perplexed, but nevertheless offer up their great wisdom like, “Ahh how amusing LMAO at you boys…here let me tell you how it is..bla, bla, bla”) that was sure being a careerist was more attractive.

    She proposed: “What if you have 2 women who are exactly the same in looks. But one is a well educated female exec. and the other is just a waitress. If you had to choose between the 2, you would choose the well paid exec.”

    I was almost beta enough to fail for the bait back then, but now it’s clear to me that the waitress would almost always be the better choice for reasons such as:
    Personality and femininity. And regarding compatibility, I dont want to talk shop with her. I have male friends for that. Compatibility is her knowing how to cook and be a kind loving woman.


    • I’d go for the waitress like a shot. The exec has made a lifestyle out of penis envy and is always going to be wavering back and forth between wanting to be treated like a woman and trying to assert dominance to prove that she “has what it takes even though she’s a woman.”

      The waitress probably actually just enjoys life a bit at times and doesn’t have that constant inner struggle between “I need a man” and “I am woman, hear me roar.”

      Bottom line: the exec is going to be a royal pain in the ass and require exhausting constant gaming to curb her obnoxiousness, and even that may not be enough. The waitress won’t be a full-time job to manage and may actually be pleasant to be around some of the time.

      Pleasant, obliging female personality far outdoes a pile of money and endless bitchy trouble therewith.

      (Side note: a man gains no status from associating with a “high-power” woman. If he earns less/has a less “glamorous” career, it reduces his status being with her, tainting him with the whiff of “under-achiever” or “loser.” If he earns more, then he has his status with or without her.)

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      • Excellent side note.


      • concur, excellent.

        Your bitch makes more, 2 things are gonna happen- one, she is gonna leave you. Two, you’re the bitch.

        Her friends, family, EVERYONE is gonna be all feminist/equality/anti-toxic-masculinity and CONSTANTLY shit all over you.

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      • If a woman is making money… and it doesn’t even have to be good money… she is nonetheless “out there” in the public, where there will always be men that tempt her.

        And rare is the woman that doesn’t not succumb, eventually… because even if she truly does have “something better” at home, the hamster of her imagination nevertheless has an insatiable appetite.


      • Ah hell, “DOES not succumb”… ignore the double negative, ah been talkin’ down too long so’s no yegg gits left behind. 😉


      • on December 29, 2017 at 10:54 am Captain Obvious

        GE, I make so many typos now that I’ve become ZFG on them.

        Which is a singular accomplishment pour moi.


    • Exactly. A waitress has to have a nice personality, mostly because not only she won’t get a tip if she’s bitchy, but because she’s going to be literally the face if her restaurant, she might cost her bosses money. And that’s even more true nowadays, what with Yelp and other social media floating around.

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    • I’ve had this conversation before and I said waitress without hesitation.

      why? Because she will let you be IN CHARGE as you belong. The careerist shrike is an exec? Lol, so she spends all day around suckups trying to get a promotion and she herself is a suckup to have gotten her promotion. And she’s the boss.

      A girl can have a paycheck and all that, woo hoo, but it’s a massive problem when it comes to decision time. She expects you to sanction her idiotic “logic” that she deserves a BMW with gold trim or something.

      Exec chicks are only good so long as you maintain frame and abuse them in bed. You slip an inch and well, the thrill is gone.

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    • Perhaps the most valuable thing any women reading this site can learn (certainly the most valuable one I’ve learned so far) is that women tend to project what they want onto the opposite sex.

      Obviously, from that female commenter’s example, she would choose the exec if the sexes were flipped. She fails to understand that boobs and a sweet smile will *always* trump a slew of accolades, awards, and degrees. Always.

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    • Not only that, but the women with the lowest birth rate are those with the highest earnings. Thus the seemingly successful woman is actually the most unsuccessful one. And men will could sniff out that. Your genes will be more successful with a stay at home mom with 4 kids than with a career woman with one.

      Men feel dislike at career busy women the same way women feel dislike for men who don’t have a job. Its your genes making you dislike that person, because that person will bring you poor genetic success. In both cases, it means an evolutionary unsuccessful woman or a man. But what makes a woman evolutionary unsuccessful is not makes a man evolutionary unsuccessful.

      The career woman will focus on career therefore ensuring low birth rate. Because the more a woman works, the lower the birth rate. The man without a job will provide low resources and poor genes, therefore contributing to low birth rate or low quality offspring.

      Feminine women are liked by men. Why? Because it means that the woman has qualities necessary for a relatively large number of quality offspring. Caring, warm, non-aggressive, not career oriented, family oriented, home oriented, humble – a good family partner and a mother.

      In the same way, women like successful, ambitious and physically taller/stronger men. Why? Because they could provide resources, protection, status for the children, and good genes. Since men, unlike women, exist in hierarchy (because not all men could have children), women use the male hierarchy to pick up men with quality genes. This usually means a man with status in society, and various qualities that make him stand out.

      So now you know why rich career women have the lowest birth rate, while wealthy men have the highest number of children. And why men dislike ambitious or busy career women, while women dislike lazy or unsuccessful men.

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 6:17 pm safespaceplaypen

      “exactly the same in looks”

      it never works out that way in the first place. One is virtually always hotter than the other. It’s the one your dick gravitates to the most.


  11. on December 28, 2017 at 11:31 pm gunslingergregi

    I would obviously fuck both sisters its a strawman question he he he


    • Haha treat one like your job and one like your woman then one like your woman and one like your job.
      Btw GSG you never linked to my comment so now this will be lost and heaven forbid people will not understand you


    • on December 28, 2017 at 11:52 pm gunslingergregi

      yea if ya fuck em for 8 hours a day they would be in eternal bliss


  12. hehe a credentialist cunt jeez that is the most vapid creature that ever existed
    One day I was sitting in a bar sedating myself with a few drinks when 2 cunts entered and stand not far away form me
    Both loud, both obnoxious talking about some projects deadlines so anybody could hear them
    One of them began the sentence at least three time in less than 10 minutes
    “As an executive……..”
    So I have decided to leave but while I was finishing my drink the one of them (executive) addressed me (the other one went to bathroom)
    You seem very focused she said
    focused what does that mean,I said
    that means that you do not notice people around you she said with a flirting smile as artificial as the flowers at the other side of the table
    so what you were thinking about she asked
    About Maistre’s famous essay on executives I said
    Really she said you know I am an executive what does that mes…tar says about executives
    Oh I said he thinks that their role is absolutely indispensable to a society
    he also thinks that that they are not awarded properly for the service they give to that society
    I can see that she said
    I paused for a few seconds
    Most importantly I said he feels a deep sympathy for them having to kill in the name of the state and for common good
    Jeez you should see her face at that moment, she has already realized that I am making fun of her but could not reconcile herself with the idea
    that I show zero respect for her executive power
    Oh I am sorry I said, did I say say executives? I meant executioners Maistre’s famous essay on executioners
    I was just so focused
    You are weird she said turning her back in an executive fashion and joining her friend
    Soon I left and while i was walking I was thinking about that executive creature she was around 35+ HB6 she has known better days I am sure no buns in the oven but what struck me the most was her obvious persuasion that neither the age nor her decaying physics count when illuminated with an executive aura
    She knew very little about men

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 12:46 am Captain Obvious

      Cortesar, I used to value IQ above all else in a potential Oven.

      But within the last few years, as I have watched iPhag Addiction + Scr0tial Media + Frankfurt School Poisoning lay waste to legions upon legions of at-risk White Chicks, I’ve come to value Common Sense and a strong inner Moral Compass even more than IQ.

      And never kid yourself: The intellect of any ch!ldren by an HB9 with an IQ of 105 won’t hold a candle to the intellect of any ch!ldren by an HB6 with an IQ of 135.

      The perfect Oven would have everything – Common Sense, Moral Compass, High IQ, Femininity, Powerful Nurturing Instinct, etc etc etc.

      But as we all know, the perfect Oven simply doesn’t exist.

      PRO-TIP: When you cross paths with true Natural Chemistry, then move quickly to seal the deal.

      If you’re lucky, you’ll experience true Natural Chemistry with a potential Oven maybe once per decade.

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      • I think it’s possible to have “chemistry” with lots of girls. the question, then, is what do you choose? someone who is more of a helper (submissive) or someone who’s more of a challenge, who maybe inspires you to strive harder?

        I’ve struggled with this. obviously I feel more comfortable with a submissive/helper-type girl. but the problem is I get bored and eventually arrange the relationship so I’m not lifting a finger for anything unless it’s what me-myself-and-i want to do. yawn…

        I’ve felt more inspired by powerful women who want more of a say in the direction of the relationship. they make me want to work harder…to a point. but it’s impossible for me to let down with them, especially in our current political environment. I feel like if I let my guard down for just one second they’re going to shank me (a problem I don’t have with bottom bitches).

        so what gives? can a man choose a woman independent of the cultural climate? or are his mate choices dictated by the bigger smv picture?

        and…does the gynarcho-tarian regime force guys to sacrifice a few HB points in order to find a safer investment?

        IOW, when society leans right, and sloots are kept on shorter leashes, can guys favor investing more in HB points over submissiveness?

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      • Having a wife with a similar IQ is nice. You can enjoy more of the same things and carry on conversations comfortably, etc. The problem is an attractive girl with a high IQ is going to face enormous social pressure to obtain many years of schooling and have a career. Nobody, save a few fundamentalist religious types, encourages attractive 18 y/o straight-A female students to think about motherhood and homemaking.

        A man can overcome it, but your Game must be very tight.

        In fact I think that is the ultimate Game challenge: to convince an attractive 22 year old with an IQ of 115+ to abandon her career or education and submit to you as a wife and be a stay-at-home mom.

        That would be more impressive to me than a thousand same-night lays.

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      • “In fact I think that is the ultimate Game challenge: to convince an attractive 22 year old with an IQ of 115+ to abandon her career or education and submit to you as a wife and be a stay-at-home mom.”

        whew. that right there.

        an apparently taboo subject among the “game is the duct tape of civilization” set: women, particularly ARYAN women, lurrrvvv theyselves some power. and good luck talking them out of it.

        it may be a false sense of power, only enabled by birth control and on-demand fetus culling, but it’s real as far as they’re concerned. and face it, being legally able to kill the special men in her life’s children and grandchildren raises her marital negotiating leverage into the ludicrous range.

        “A man can overcome it, but your Game must be very tight.”

        the shackles must be very tight, also.


      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:22 am Captain Obvious

        “being legally able to kill the special men in her life’s children”

        PJ, that’s why you’re on the prowl for the strong inner Moral Compass.

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      • CO I can ensure you that that “executive” had IQ nowhere near 135
        From what I gathered from the conversation she was an executive of PR agency or some similar BS

        As for intelligent women let me paraphrase above mentioned count Maistre

        “In the course of my life, I have seen Frenchmen, Italians, Russians, etc.; I am even aware, thanks to Montesquieu, that one can be a Persian. But, as for intelligent woman, I declare that I have never met her in my life. If she exists, I certainly have no knowledge of her.”

        As for “intelligent” women in my experience
        1- They are rare
        2- Most of them are yentas
        3- Their HB scale is 1-6
        4- Most importantly there is a heavy baggage coming with that “intelligence”
        Without going any further into the elaboration I will say that it seems that the rational and intelligent part of them constantly fight the other side of them, the emotional sexually driven hamster
        Their intelligence is still limited and completely unable to grasp the big picture (unlike the truly intelligent men)


      • CO my other comment to you got lost, so need to watch what I say but can you explain a little the battle between wanting a hotter girl vs a ‘better’ oven? I got a great oven but having ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.


      • CO is correct about finding one with a good moral compass. this is crucial if you want an LTR that can go the distance.

        a lot of red pill theory puts all the onus on men and makes it sound as though we can’t expect women to hold any responsibility for anything bad that they do. everything is the man’s fault. if he had better game, managed her better, if he was a better man, etc she wouldn’t be such a shitty woman. great way to look at things so you feel like you have some control. that helps you better yourself.

        but that’s not the whole story. some women are broken, flawed, without a functioning moral compass, and they are solely responsible for making your life miserable. no matter how good your game is, nothing you do is going to change that.

        you can have the same man behaving the same way with two different women and you’ll get different results.

        a wise man knows that part of game and being successful with women is about discernment and choosing a partner well.

        it is more rare than it used to be but there are still women who have an inner morality and conscience. hypergamy, feminist propaganda, or not, they stay loyal and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. they take responsibility for their mistakes instead of blaming others for them.

        used to have more of them because of religious values and that has dropped a lot in recent years. but you can still find them if you’re actively looking and not wasting your time on who are the opposite of that

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      • on December 29, 2017 at 12:50 pm alex sosa (p4pg)

        make a move already, nobunz.


      • “Natural Chemistry”

        That’s a good shorthand for the sexes’ views of mating.

        When men hear the terms they think of the perfect oven that Captain O discussed above: beauty, femininity, chastity, common sense, etc.

        Women however hear alpha behaviors with beta resources and a willingness to risk himself for marital bliss.

        If you’re a man and happen to find natural chemistry with a woman you’ll find yourself acting alpha unconsciously: push-pull, kino, etc etc. It’s effortless.

        If you’re a young woman who finds natural chemistry with a man, you’ll discover that you are behaving more submissively towards him than you consciously desire to do so, given the current age of discontent. You want to please him in all ways. This is what feminism seeks to destroy: the submission of a woman to her alpha.

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      • good summary Hawk

        with a girl who is naturally feminine, sweet, etc. i automatically feel more manly and behave in a more masculine way. don’t even have to work at maintaining frame and upping my game to get the upper hand, dominate, etc like with more masculine women.

        it’s easier, more relaxed, more fun and feel more like my true self.that’s how nature intended it

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    • Each man has to answer for himself on the submissive/assertive female question…

      … but I think we can all agree that cortesar’s anecdote was most droll. 😉


  13. When there are no rules women take charge.


    • on December 29, 2017 at 1:07 am Captain Obvious


      It takes a second to get the joke, but then once you understand the joke, you immediately start wondering, “That has to be a Photoshop, right?”


      • on December 29, 2017 at 12:39 pm alex sosa (p4pg)

        >”It takes a second to get the joke”

        it doesn’t.

        your equipment is faulty.


      • For those of us to whom not everything with a hole is, ipso facto, for muh-dik docking, it does indeed take a moment to determine if those pastries signify “nothings”, yapping maws, or “down there”.



      • true that the nature of the orifice may be misleading but in this particular case
        I’d say the joke applies to every one of them


      • Heh, heh… I forgot the “All Of The Above” choice.


    • I don’t know who the girl on the right is, but I bet her donut hole has been glazed through and through. Do not want.


      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:25 am LG Cleric of Trump

        Chloë Grace Moretz
        Given the proclivities of Hollywood, she’s probably been getting glazed since around 10 years old or so.


      • on December 29, 2017 at 12:32 pm Captain Obvious

        I think she’s one of those celubtard twins – I have the vaguest recollection that they got mixed up in heroin chic & maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman?


      • You know, I’m.actually surprised this one hasn’t gone down the #metoo route.


    • If the implied joke is vaginal, the donuts should probably be reversed.


      • why they should be reversed?
        you know that story about younger, tighter as opposed to a loose vagene
        are you implying that the cunt’ vagene have seen less of traffic
        what about of hard objects not necessarily human in nature


      • I may have, in my naivete’ and inherently saint-like thought process, forgotten about other “hard objects”.

        But I still say the gal on the right has seen greater-than-or-equal traffic. 😉


      • I have heard the other day that some hard evidence has surfaced in Huma Abedin’s case

        [CH: yup. classified emails on huma’s laptop, which comey covered up. treason trials are coming.]


      • I have heard that recently some hard evidence has surfaced in Huma Abedin’s case


      • No doubt some loose lips were involved.


  14. on December 29, 2017 at 12:58 am Obstinatus Ludificator

    One day, I gonna fuzz this comment section and make the definitive list of words that trip the mod mine.


    • I’ll help out with

      a) anything that has to do with m-a-r-r-i-a-g-e

      b) a-u-t-h-o-r-i-t-y within a paragraph

      c) some personal names


      • on December 29, 2017 at 11:23 am Captain Obvious

        URLs which link back to W0rdpress, and especially URLs which link back to CH itself.


      • Also the words “the,” “yes,” “no,” and anything else contained between the covers of an English dictionary, from what I’ve seen.

        I’ve had posts that say nothing except “You’re correct” trigger mod that locks me out of posting for hours, and others filled with “verboten” words glide through in swan-like serenity.

        It seems to be total chaos.

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  15. listening to Summer Overnighter on http://www.radiolive.co.nz/home.html

    according to the “host”, the very first priority for new zealand is to address the shortage of people to work at the local industries. he doesn’t even bother to leave the underlying message tacitly implied, he outright stated that getting more immigrants is “good for the economy” while at the same time the government should do its bit to mitigate the integration problem. somehow, i wasn’t used to this level of shitlibbery before, i wonder how unwoke people deal with so much contradicting information all at once: “good with problems”


  16. I was once talking with a fat young woman who spoke of a friend of hers who was an Air Force fighter pilot, saying “Is that sexy or what?”

    I said to myself, “Absolutely clueless”. She and her friend can live together with their cats.


  17. The way I personally prefer women boils down to three simple rules:
    1. Be pretty
    2. Be pleasant
    3. Don’t be a bitch
    No need to overcomplicate it.

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    • Or, don’t be like the woman in the article below. Go ahead, read it, lol a little, then absorb its deeper message.



      • on December 29, 2017 at 5:50 am Wilbur Hassenfus

        “two Andy Warhol paintings”

        Idiot wastes $300k on shitty fake art, invites drunk skank with meth sores into his home. At least she improved his art collection.

        Nobody gets a choice whether to be like her. If you’re that fucked up, there you are. We can all learn from his mistakes though.

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      • Totally agree with Hassenfus. “Two Harhol paintings worth $500,000”. LOL. That’s the “value” the (((art market racketeers))) place on the “art”. Thank you, O Divine Meth Skank, for being the Hammer of Thor in smashing false (((culture))).

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      • Maybe I’m “ignorant” but who buys Warhol paintings, especially if they’re just consist of Campbell cans? Pretentious hipsters, that’s who. I’ll agree with you two. She’s still a skank, but at least she put him in his place.

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      • I’ve seen actual talented artists who could produce works of real beauty unable to get more than a couple hundred bucks for them at best. Sometimes a lot less.

        At the same time, Jackson Pollack’s filthy dropcloth “art” sells for fantastic sums thanks to the (((art world))).

        Conclusion: Burn, Warhol! Burn!

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      • Ironsides… a little art world history.

        It was the CIA — yes — the Langley crowd — that bid up Pollock’s work.

        His stuff is STILL to be found all over Langley offices.

        Entire video-histories have been made of this bizarre gambit… which largely consisted of throwing CIA monies down a rat hole to convince the art world that new-era American artists were as awesome as anything that Moscow was sponsoring.

        One clowny painting depicted Rommel’s Africa staff — with everyone but Rommel being a notable living European artist. Thusly, they were smeared as collaborators.

        Again, so-called ‘fine art’ as propaganda.


  18. Irrelevant? Secondary. Given a pretty princess and a equally pretty farming girl, men go for the princess. For women, being handsome is secondary, NOT irrelevant. The men in romance novels are ALWAYS impossibly handsome.


    • on December 29, 2017 at 5:12 am alex sosa (p4pg)

      >”Given a pretty princess and a equally pretty farming girl, men go for the princess.”

      she got ass?


    • Girls + junior high mentality and inability to discern real men gatekeeper signals. The junior high girls the clueless junior high boys pine for are high social status girls. They are not always the prettiest, are rarely the sweetest or smartest, but have a certain type of extroverted confidence (that later in life turns into entitled bitchiness and early onset of hit-the-wall, but you don’t think that far ahead as a 13 year old male). These girls highly correlate with your queen bees or other high social status girls at that age, and hence a vast number of girls (wrongly) perceive that getting boyfriend = have social status among girls.


    • I’d take the farm girl hands down. She probably knows how to cook, clean, and take care of babies, and would happily give you a BJ in a beat up old truck. A princess would know how to curtsy and ballroom dance and have really expensive tastes but probably never suck a dick. Totally worthless.

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      • same here. i don’t know a single man who would choose a princess over a farm girl.

        not only would the farm girl be a superior choice for the reasons you mention and more, the princess would be a pain in the ass.

        she’d no doubt want constant validation to maintain her already inflated ego, name brand everything, tons of money spent on her, etc.

        no thanks

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  19. on December 29, 2017 at 5:54 am alex sosa (p4pg)

    it could just be a spillover of the female need for constant external validation. [email protected] are, at root, [email protected] head cases who’s entire sense of self-worth is at the mercy of their environment.

    their validation-seeking can take on any number of forms.

    they will plunge themselves into debt, waste their f3rtile years breaking the glass ceiling, or spin their wheels with emotionally unavailable jerkboys just to get that validation.


  20. Its a Desertion Prevention Mechanism.

    Females are consensus creatures. Evo-biologically speaking, this is probably due to some sort of communistic social sharing need as a necessary hedge against starvation that comes with being deserted by the tribe when you are weak.

    When you are a top female with influence, you protect against being outcast but also have the power to outcast others, thus increasing your power to receive better rationing when SHTF.

    Very beautiful girls obviously transcend this dynamic but the margins are where it counts. A man will throw all caution to the wind for five minutes with an 8 or 9, but Is it worth it to go against the entire tribe to go after a 5, when you can easily have a tribe-approved 5?

    Have you ever been nicer to a girl than you otherwise would have been just because you are into her hotter friend? Of course.

    This dynamic is fairly intuitive and not that odd. Its just that the things girls choose to compete on is often weird in the modern world, because smart people have caught on to the dynamic and are manipulating what women compete on. **You can get a female to believe or do anything if they think they will be deserted otherwise.** Ever wonder why the media and Hollywood runs entirely on consensus and nobody who bucks liberal trends can have a voice? This is because when you have *perceived* wall to wall consensus you can manipulate a large amount of female behavior.

    Social movements should be aware that men’s ingroup dynamic is mostly based on shared property defense while the females ingroup dynamic is mostly based on fear of desertion. Influence accordingly.


    • on December 29, 2017 at 8:59 am gunslingergregi

      i’m noticing the more ya know the worse it is but I mean ya can keep from hitting snags
      just can’t be here
      but hey is what it is right


    • Yes – what you say rings true. But I see another pervasive theme slowly unfolding across the western lands (and by western proxies, also in other lands, across the entire world). That is the theme of the ascendancy of the individual. The individual as primarily defined as the progenitor of self-agency, thus implying personal responsibility for said agency.

      This western concept is fucking with everybody’s worldview. Mostly it is not well understood, though is being adopted nevertheless, but by those of both the left-leaning and right-leaning persuasions, in ham-handed fashion, mostly. We are in early innings in this regards.

      As such masculine in-group dynamic colored by shared property defense therefore becomes ….. masculine in-group dynamic colored by shared responsibility for defense of individual property rights, which in the current world becomes less and less about material property and more and more about cognitive property aka as individual rights that preserve rational self-agency.

      As well, feminine in-group dynamic colored by shared psychological (anti-outcast) defense therefore becomes …… feminine in-group dynamic colored by shared responsibility for defense of individual rights, which in the current world becomes less and less about fears of desertion, and more and more about individual emotional rights, aka as individual rights that preserve intuitive self-agency.

      Look – to my way of thinking this all is a western invention (see Enlightenment philosophers). But what we got going on right now to a large degree, is that this general theme IS being promoted, but largely driven by the pervasive jewish cultural overlay, (I will give them that), but in a ham-handed way (I suspect because of jewry’s own in-group peculiarities), and the west needs to move beyond that now, firstly be checking this outsized jewish mindset influence, so as to start to promote this truly western theme in a more nuanced way now.

      What is highly confusing about all this is that western men and western women are coming at this central western issue of the ascendancy of the individual (as defined above), from two completely different directions (as would be expected in any event).

      It’s hard to see how this may all play out, but …… I would bet that a deeper meeting of the intuitive mode and the rational mode, ….. bodes well. Look – there indeed IS a convergence of aspects occurring now, in the west, that is true, but it is the quality of that convergence that seems to elude most people. The masculine/feminine polarity is indestructible – we need not worry too much about that – and so ….. more nuanced levels of appreciation of this polarity are indeed within grasp. The west is fucking amazing. And alot of the ladies do fail to see that, surprisingly. That’s precisely where we are currently – the western women need to be shown just how amazing it is that we have reached this juncture …… by way of the ongoing western perspective. Western women need to understand this now, much more deeply than the current level of appreciation western women commonly hold in this regards.

      My long-term prediction is that the west will prevail, (and that it currently is in the process of prevailing – just hard to see right now). It will prevail because it is amazing.


      • I like your line of thinking. However, in my opinion much of the modern mess is due more to technology than Western ideology or philosophy.

        We are creatures honed by natural selection for small societies with limited tech and little medicine. Within a handful of generations, we’ve become massively technologically advanced and haven’t adapted for it.

        Much of the ideologies people create are rationalizations to ease the cognitive dissonance that comes from being a simple creatures thrust into a world chock full of tech and SCALE.


      • williamk – I agree that in part – “Much of the ideologies people create are rationalizations to ease the cognitive dissonance that comes from being a simple creatures thrust into a world chock full of tech and SCALE” – but I don’t think that tells the whole story about what humanity is, and what the potential is ……. ipso facto …. the amazing west.

        The western theme of the ascendancy of the individual goes hand in hand with the rise of technology, and both western themes temper each other.

        Western ideas predating the Enlightenment were about promotion of rationality (the Renaissance), which was only possible by way of the western ideas around the promotion of Merit that predated that. Merit is promoted by way of protection of individual property rights. Thus the incentive towards merit. Thus the rise of rationality. Thus the rise of technology. But as well, said promotion of merit begetting rationality in turn begets the western concept of the ascendancy of the moral individual (self-agency with attending personal responsibility). So the west has spawned two corresponding interlocking threads – technology borne of rationality and the ascendancy of the individual borne of rationality.

        And now, the evidence for the limits of rational pursuits as traditionally practiced are showing up in pretty much every rational endeavor, from cosmology to quanta science to philosophy to mathematics of the infinite. But has the amazing west truly reached real limits? No one knows the answer, but the western juggernaut, amazing as it is, reaches for that answer by way of a study of the interface of the rational mode with the intuitive mode, by way of a re-ordering of cultural priorities, that just seems to emerge, amazingly. That is what is occurring right now, but most seem not to grasp this …… but I for one wouldn’t bet against the amazing west.

        The jewish cultural overlay is a major concern, and must be dealt with, – this is a high priority contingency at this point. But who knows, perhaps the jewish issue will just sort itself out. There is all kinds of evidence that this sorting out is finally now starting to take place (this blogspot being one such piece of evidence).


      • It seems to be a jewish civil war going on.
        On one side is the shitlibs …on the other it’s conservative Jews on the Trump Train (Levin, Breitbart, Kushner, Adelson, Cohen, Netanyahu etc).
        Like the goyim the kikes know that liberalism will finish them.


    • Good post, poster.


  21. Average looking Bruno Mars has enough groupies to fill a city. Guys attending a Pink concert prefer the hot security guard.


  22. There is a chance they are just taking preemptive revenge on their more attractive cohorts. Humans do things like that.


  23. What about simple projection? It’s been discussed here that both genders project their own desires onto their opposites ( go grrl careerism and nice guy syndrome) so it would make sense that women are projecting their desire for status onto men and jockey for social rank

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  24. Maybe it’s also a bit of psychological projection when women get tattoos. They are attracted to ritual scarring in men, making them think of battle-hardened warriors, so they think the same will be true for them. (Or it’s simply that the media push so hard to make it popular, so that women will become more like men.)

    From @tinderfessions. wd u bang?

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 8:51 am alex sosa (p4pg)


      them big ass milky titties

      something sexy about the preg stomach on an otherwise thin frame.

      to answer the question – yes. i’d slide up in that dumb slut


      • Are you a member of the Negro faith?


      • on December 29, 2017 at 9:53 am alex sosa (p4pg)


        I do have some deal breakers


      • Are you a member of the Negro faith?

        Heh, heh… one might better say “negro persuasion”, but that would take a lot of persuading, amirite? 😉


      • on December 29, 2017 at 10:45 am alex sosa (p4pg)

        i’m just primal unfiltered zfg

        and zfg doesn’t care about scoring tradcon points


      • I don’t even think I could fuck a pregnant woman under any circumstances. Even if it was my kid. Period sex, @[email protected], pregnancy, bleh it’s all gross to me


      • For some reason known only to the gods of the copybook headings, 2nd trimester is the horniest time of a woman’s life.

        And when it’s one’s own woman carrying one’s own child, well…

        … I cannot deny! 😉

        P.S. don’t worry about damaging the kid.

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      • It’s not about hurting the kid, it’s just gross to me as an instinct.


      • Understandable… but one never knows how one’s instincts will manifest themselves during the bunz->oven gambit. 😉


      • i’d guess that the second trimester horniness exists to ensure the couple stays bonded and connected and dad is more likely to stick around to raise the kid. sex life goes through some heavy duty dry spells during the pregnancy and after baby is born so that’s got to help keep things running more smoothly than if it didn’t occur

        sex isn’t only for procreation. it also keeps the couple sufficiently healthy and connected so the future of the offspring is stable. people often discount how important sex is for the health of a relationship whether or not more kids are the goal


      • Charlotte Haze: “When a marriage is on the rocks, here is where you’ll find the rocks.”

        (points to the bed)

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    • I keep thinking profiles like this are fake, but then I remember we live in Clown World. So you never know.


    • It is telling how a woman perceives sex when she uses the word “nut” as a verb in reference to ejaculation.

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    • Cracker is absolutely correct about the second trimester.

      When your wife (ancient term for LTR for the newbies) blows up due to the sh1tlord you planted in her, your primal reptilian brain goes: “WTF am I supposed to do with THAT?”

      That’s when you automatically start noticing the non-pregnant women in your work/social milieu and errant thoughts come to mind. And THAT’S when your wife suddenly wants you like when you first became a couple but with rabies.

      Wanted to try something a bit more raunchy in the past and she’d said no? Now she’s like: I want to try that…now!

      Pro tip: hydrate.

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    • on December 29, 2017 at 7:54 pm Mean Mr. Mustard

      It’s a trap … a Thirst Trap.


    • Fucking disgusting.

      And that degenerates vote is worth exactly the same as yours, gentlemen.

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      • yeah, and if she keeps the kid, she’ll be the one raising it.

        probably with assistance from our tax dollars too. welfare, subsidized housing, single mom scholarships for school, free daycare, the works

        poor kid will spend all day in daycare then go home to a mom like that and god knows what losers she’ll have around. makes me sick.


  25. yet another theory:
    in olden times of harems, the female with the highest status
    – had her children succeed in the line for the throne
    – had the ear of the sultan in state affairs
    it’s not just breeding, it’s ensuring the welfare of the offspring

    and these days, it’s also to get the male to consent to her becoming half a man by going out into the workforce, with his huevos in her purse at all times

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    • But isn’t that status conferred by the man instead of intraharem squabbles? I only recall instances of “the sultans favorite slave” or ” the first wife” rather than “the cattiest concubine”


      • from what I know, there was lots of palace intrigue, but I’m no historian. I also read that the topdog (topbitch is the correct terminology in this case) chose which one of the other .. dogs .. would get to bed the sultan, etc.


  26. on December 29, 2017 at 9:02 am gunslingergregi

    need more along the lines of can’t be in us cause its dumb to do so
    or is everywhere just as fucked up eventually but maybe not knowing how fucked up is bliss


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:05 am gunslingergregi

      my friend paid 550 dollars cause her dog got picked up and brought back
      plus 30 hours community service rofl
      I had a warrant issued for not appearing in court because of my shit but I was in hospital at time so no biggie
      but yea I am wondering was the dogcatcher out with a fucking whistle or what for 550 a pop shit man be worth it
      yea I had kids in house yea they ain’t good apparently at not letting dogs out
      whats it gonna be 1050 for two dogs out when I go court plus lawyer want 250
      if that is white people yea the smart people on target to make them go away


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:06 am gunslingergregi

      ill do my part and have no white kids


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:14 am gunslingergregi

      dam now that is blackpill shit man
      and I went to die for this country after their dumbass laws made me not give a fuck about dieing at 18
      so yea wtf white people really too smart for own good
      I loved life till I became an adult in America and realized how shitty the rules are


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:18 am gunslingergregi

      its like ya roll along here and shitty thing after shitty institution is there on a constant fucking basis to make things shittier
      and all these things ya learn don’t make it great it makes it shittier than the last shitty thing you learned
      and your like could it be dumber and then yea it actually gets fucking dumber
      and more fucked up
      than the last point you were at here in America and you just like wtf man how many more fucking dumb unnecessary things am I gonna see in this asbestos covered shithole


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:20 am gunslingergregi

      and all this shit covered crap just to live in a fucking box and pay a bunch of money just to be alive and scrounging around getting shit snowballs hitting you
      the fuck


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:21 am gunslingergregi

      being rich don’t even help look at jim carry his bitch od on drugs to
      but he had to have a drug addict for a bitch for fucks sake wtf man


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:22 am gunslingergregi

      shit got to be some kind of fucking joke and someone bout to pop out with a camera cause if this is real in this country why the fuck is it still here


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:33 am gunslingergregi

      This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you
      dam I need to get fucking home


    • on December 29, 2017 at 9:35 am gunslingergregi

      there is nothing to find here no revelation no dream only death and hell on earth
      in this shitty fucking part of the world


    • on December 29, 2017 at 10:20 am alex sosa (p4pg)

      hold ya head up, gregi

      life’s been hitting me hard this year. all I know how to do is smile and taunt back. shit won’t break me.

      happy new years bro


    • on December 29, 2017 at 12:24 pm Captain Obvious

      Gunslinger, the modern world wasn’t designed for Spiritual Men & Free-Thinkers. It was designed for interchangeable-widget cubicle-monkey wage-slaves.

      Hang your shingle as a “Psychotherapeutic Consultant” or some similar horsesh!t [which doesn’t require an MD or a PhD] and you’ll have the cubicle-monkeys & their masters eating out of the palm of your hand.


  27. on December 29, 2017 at 9:31 am DeplorableNationalConservative

    The wolves licking the female researcher – display of affection, or are they checking to see if humans are tasty food?


  28. Salesmanship saved my ass in getting my new gig. As I described in somewhat tedious field reports I pivoted from trying to get work in the defense sector to the industrial machinery industry where I had worked decades ago. I am going to streamline those essays for a more “Hero With a Thousand Faces” narrative and pitch it to Hollywood, in particular Nicholas Cage who could perfectly portray an aging Elmer enduring rejection before making the big score. Now that I have secured a contract realize one important feature is that my new job environment is nearly 100% male because women don’t like heavy industry. All that angst I got from working around female Encorpera colleagues will be mercifully absent though I know from experience that many of the men are complete bastards. It’s gonna be great.

    Elmer’s Happy Ending

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  29. Sorry if this is a double post. I tried once and it didn’t go through.

    Female status competitiveness could be a vestige of arranged [email protected] When parents (especially mothers) chose daughters for their sons a potential bride’s relative status or accomplishment probably factored in.


  30. “In my view, an unresolved mystery of human evolution is why women would bother engaging in status jockeying competition with other women”

    Childcare. Something that men have no direct say in. “It takes a village” of women to care for an infant. The children of the high-status woman are made accommodation for more so than other children.


    • This times ten thousand.

      Raising children is where are otherwise impressive host has a blind spot.

      Alpha women get huge amounts of resources out of their Dunbar-sized group of friends and relations.

      Beta and Gamma women do not.

      Gamma women get absolutely screwed.

      I’ve seen all this first hand, having > 2 kids.

      TBH while my wife is a 6+ when I married her (and keeping in damned fine shape in her late 40s) is Beta borderline Gamma when it comes to other women, and my kids have suffered in terms of friendships, schools, free babysitting, and the like.

      Women can be absolutely vicious with each other, over things that to us guys seem like silly trivialities. Their relative status to each other decides who gets the short end of that vicious stick they wield. (it’s one of the reasons women shouldn’t be in charge of large organizations, BTW. No historical record or culture of mitigating these instincts when rising above the Dunbar number)

      I wish I’d known that it mattered when I made the decision. Then again, having a compliant wife who does a reasonably good job at other things, keeps me faithful, and is in turn is faithful and obedient, is worth a hell of a lot these days.

      Women’s social hierarchy with other matters a lot for child rearing.


  31. on December 29, 2017 at 1:24 pm alex sosa (p4pg)

    part of the problem with evo psych is that it makes you look for an adaptive function to behavior where none actually exists.

    women status jockey because status jockeying has had no real impact, positive or negative, on their reproductive success until now.

    I think ya’ll think too much.


    • If somebody wants to hear crap about Multiple Personalty Disorder or faggotry, you are the go -to whigger. Women, forget it Sambo.. The closest you ever got to pussy is when you got pushed out of one,


  32. Not entirely true, the higher up on the socioeconomic scale you go, men usually choose women of their same ‘rank’. This is particularly true for very upper class men who are wary of gold diggers and for whom approval from their families (on whom their inherited/shared wealth depends) is important. But what place that woman has within her own class is irrelevant to the man. As long as she’s from a good upper class family, it doesn’t matter if she’s the queen bee or a wallflower.


  33. do muslim, hindu, african and latino women rationalise their lower stance in the smv by virtue of a white privilege-based system?


  34. OT: a chick writes about everything CH does without realizing it:


    It sounds virtually plagiarized: “The world is full of assholes and creeps, and from the perspective of nice guys, too many hot and interesting women gravitate toward them.” Even when she’s saying something contrary to the red pill, the WAY she says it confirms the red pill. Still not tired of winning!

    If you click the link, brace yourself for tons of cringe-ey female “I write journal entries so I must be a journalist” writing, but enjoy the confirmation of the 16 Commandments as told from the Poon side.


  35. Does not the fairy story Cinderella make exactly the same point?

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  36. High status women?

    Wot, like Housewives of Beverly Hills?

    The highest status women I ever knew was my Mother.


  37. “One major source of misunderstanding is the mass psychological projection that men and women, but particularly women, engage in when they delude themselves into believing what attracts them to the opposite sex is also what attracts the opposite sex to them.”

    Yes CH, one major case of that is earnings. The richer the woman, the lower the birth rate. The richer the man, the higher the birth rate. In other words, what works for women is not what works for men, and vice versa.

    For an ambitious career woman it will be quite shocking thing to learn that most men will dislike her. Thats because female succes is not the same as male success. Copying men does not make women evolutionary successful and copying women does not make men evolutionary successful (which is getting your genes into the gene pool).

    Humans are a sexual dimorphic specie which means that what works for women is not what works for men.

    Check out 2D:4D digit ratios sexual dimorphism which shows how more assertive, ambitious and aggresive males are more repruductively successful, while less assertive, ambitious and aggresive females are more repruductively successful.


    Why is that? A more ambitious and successful man will provide more resources, protection, and better genes, while a more feminine woman will provide a better mother, who takes less risks with herself and her children, and wants to spend more time at home in order to have a good number of well raised kids.


  38. Also: these chicks have some good genes. Is any redeemable? What would it take?


    • The one in glasses used to not wear glasses, but she’s had a lot of concussions. She was/is adorable and even seemingly feminine, but wow she seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Here she is a few years earlier:


    • Let’s see…..

      Body graffiti – check
      Nigger music – check
      Trying to act like men – check

      In other words, what passes for “normal” College girls these days. Pass, way better ones are out there if you’re patient and actually look.

      As to falling in with the wrong crowd, that’s a parenting fail. She should have been educated on what to avoid and how to behave, and more importantly, should have respected her parents enough to listen to their experience, even if she didn’t know why they were right.

      I know, hard to do, but parentlng done properly IS hard. My daughter is a College girl about the same age, acts nothing like the typical College girl, but she’s red pilled as they come. Now. Wasn’t always that way, but got her straightened out early and at the first signs of heading to the dark side. None of this “it’s a phase just let her grow out of it” BS. I’d rather fail for actually trying and failing rather than failing by default because it was “easier”.

      Parents who take the easy way out aren’t doing their kids any favors. And again I know, everyone is different, but I thank the Lord she turned out well.


      • Excellent take, skorzecin. In another video, you see the mother of the cutie whimpering in concern but never indicating any sign of laying down the law. I don’t know where Dad is.

        I see punks like Anglin saying that women need to be locked up in cages and I roll my eyes … but then I see that it really would be for their own good….


  39. They compete amongst themselves because they need to believe that their status actually does matter. A classic “pretty lie”. Otherwise, this entire charade of civilization, of polite society and the social order is just a giant soft facade… and it’s the wolves, with the sharpest teeth coming for all of them. Nothing is more frightening.


  40. Youngsters naturally go for the obvious: physical signs of compliant fertility. Anyone with any mileage on them has to face facts. Taking on a partner is a financial arrangement. A partner with assets will HELP your partnership. A partner without assets will DRAIN your partnership. Do the math, kids.


  41. […] Chateau Heartiste Female Social Rank Is Irrelevant To Male Mate Choice […]


  42. […] was reminded of this particular office dynamic a couple days ago when reading a Heartiste piece pondering the utility of status jockeying among women. Since, as Heartiste, the study he cites, and […]


  43. on December 31, 2017 at 12:08 am Sake From Fate Jarm

    women are kinda dumb when it comes to what actually represents their social, sexual value. So, yeah, like in a previous thread, girls will get tats because if they like guys with tats then sure a guy will like a girl with tats. This is also the same logic that gives them duck lip fat injections or other instagram idiocy.

    So yeah, a girl likes men with power so why not get power, eh?

    But, it’s the guy who chooses.


  44. on January 3, 2018 at 10:35 pm zeta male pondscum

    this seems like an over thought one. girls status jockey and fight because they have no evolutionary incentive to cooperate. simple as that. two women living together…. nuff said.