Your Daily Game: Provoking Tingleface, And The Killshit Test

Today’s Game tip comes courtesy of reader SiluetteSign. In my educated opinion, it has potential.

What does a girl’s face look like when she is soaking wet with Gina tingles?

Here is a quick way to find out how.

First try and irritate the girl. Ways of eliciting shit tests have been discussed extensively in the betasphere so I won’t discuss them here. Of course when she is irritated she will hopefully shout at you or raise her tone of voice. At which point in the ultimate state of ZFG zen you look her and calmly assert yourself : “don’t shout at me”. Then you can give her a towel to dry herself.

That’s the face of Gina tingles. She doesn’t even have to shout at you. You can just make her think she did. Use with caution.

Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in girls shit testing men on their appearance. It used to be girls preferred shit tests that targeted an insolent beta male’s social status, his sexual desperation, or the way he carries himself. (For example: “Are you always such a dork?”, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!”, etc)

But something changed in the ginegeist; now girls are going for the attempted killshot shit test by insulting a man’s appearance or looks. I think this has to do with the masculinization of American women (feminine women abjure crass insults) as well as a general tenor of rancor and bitterness between the sexes that has developed as a by-product of trending anti-socialization.

That is, men and women are spending too much time away from each other with their romance substitutes (porn, vidja, social media, cats, yoga, purple saguaros), and not enough time flirting and understanding what makes each sex tick. PoundMeToo is only exacerbating the division.

This retreat from the flirting field and ignorance of the opposite sex’s specific desires and needs has led to a pandemic of battlecunts psychologically projecting onto men the pain the women would feel from suffering an insult to their looks. Women now believe, mistakenly, that men are as shattered by a slur against their appearance as women would be, so women have adopted the looks-based shit test as their go-to ice breaker-slash-alpha male filter.

It’s not a flattering look on women.

Furthermore, the killshot shit test (or killshit test) is what one would predict to increase in frequency of use among women living in an alpha male dead zone. Where women are surrounded by supplicating soyboys (soyplicants), women are more resentful, and therefore less interested in cultivating the finer courtship tactics of the demure lady.

These women just want to see beta blood flow.

This is why SiluetteSign’s shit test buster has so much potential, especially when used against girls who go straight for the looks insult with the purpose of instantly causing the man to slink away tail between legs or to lash out impotently.

“Don’t shout at me” deftly defuses a killshot shit test. One, it doesn’t bother addressing the substance of the girl’s slanderous attack. It’s as if her insult didn’t register with you, and all you took away from it is that she was screeching like a banshee.

Two, it takes what could be a devastating disqualification and flips the shit, so that she now has to defend herself from a less coarse yet more deeply cutting insult which implies she is unfeminine and low class. You know which kind of women shout a lot? Yeah, your garden variety SWPL chick does not want to be associated with that crowd.

The worst response a man could do would be to defend himself against the insult to his appearance. You will never logically arouse a woman, and that goes double for entreaties which attempt to sell your looks to her.

I’ll tell you a related convo I had recently with a girl:

BATTLECUNT: “That [X] makes you look [bad thing] and [badder thing].”

SLAYER OF BATTLECUNTS: “Oh wow, [bad thing] AND [badder thing]? Flattery will get you everywhere. But next time say it, don’t spray it.”

Own the girl’s insult, turn the tables on the girl, redirect the convo to your liking.

These are the fundamental rules for courtship in 21st Century Post-America.


  1. on December 17, 2018 at 10:55 am Oswald Spengler

    “Shut up and get me a beer, you silly bitch.”

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    • Better yet!

      “I understand society is harsh. I’m so glad your surgery from manhood worked out so well!” Can add a “Bye.” at the end if you can sell it.


  2. Not bad, not bad. I like it. A girl got cunty at my approach this weekend and I hit her with “here’s some gum” and made a face like her breath smelled like ass. Similar concept, and it made her friend laugh.

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  3. The effectiveness of these replies to feminine attempts at repartee rely upon a quirk of female psychology often overlooked: women intuitively believe that words spoken reflect reality. That’s the foundation of script flipping: by speaking the frame you want, you weave reality for the woman who hears you. Align that frame to her instinct, and you’re golden.

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  4. I think “don’t shout at me” has too much built-in defensiveness. Furthermoar, it’s phrased as a negative i.e. telling her what NOT to do.

    “Calm down” might be an alternative as it still serves to diffuse her shit test as meaningless dross, but has more pith and positive alpha command.

    Open to suggestions.


    • Agreed.

      “You’re shouting” is shorter and less defensive sounding.

      You: “You’re shouting”

      Her: “No I’m not”

      You: “and a liar too. Is there anything good about you?”

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      • on December 17, 2018 at 12:29 pm Captain Obvious

        >>>>> You: “You’re shouting”

        >>>>> Her: “No I’m not”

        Again, you’re describing NORMAL chicks in 2018.

        True Battle Cunts won’t ever pause long enough for you to blurt out “You’re shouting”.

        They’re just gonna keep talking/shouting right over you, until the police arrive.

        [Honestly, it’s pretty scary that so many guys think that NORMAL behavior is actual Battle Cunt behavior. The Frankfurt School has simply gutted our women’s psyches.]


      • “Shout louder, maybe he’s on a trip or relieving himself”


    • doesn’t really matter what you say. your being calm and not reacting says everything that needs to be said. not being able to hook you is the real test here.

      ttclod nails it above: you set the frame about what’s important and what’s not. ie, you shape her reality based on what you choose to respond to, and how.

      instead of saying ANYTHING about her reaction you can just move right into something more positive. kiss her. grab her hand and say “come on. let’s go have some fun”, etc. that takes the frame where YOU want it, assuming you eventually want to be close to her. like, smashing-her-cervix close.


      when things are happening in real time you don’t have time to think about what to say. a crib sheet of all right things to say at the right times is useless. but you DO have time to know that you should always be leading. that’s all you have to remember: be calm, masculine, and stay ahead of her. very simple.

      except when she’s clearly feeling imbalanced or stressed, tired, cranky etc. in those times it’s fine to let her THINK she’s leading. you let her choose the restaurant, the activity, etc. but you do so knowing that it’s a way of letting her ground herself. neither of you would want that unnatural state of things continue indefinitely. leading also means knowing when to stop throttling her.

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      • doesn’t really matter what you say. your being calm and not reacting says everything that needs to be said. not being able to hook you is the real test here.

        God damnit, this^^^^

        No, I’m not implying you can just stand there like a gargoyle and expect everything to go well, but it goes back to one of CH’s tenets: Don’t get defensive/emotional. She wants to put you in a cage and make you sing, but you’re a free bird that can’t be controlled.

        The emotional plane is where women excel. Is why they shit test. “Can I get under his skin and f*ck with his emotions?” It’s the only avenue of control they have over you (they can’t physically overpower you), and they exercise it well.

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      • Her: “blah blah blah shitty shitty shit test”

        Ronnie Van Zant’s Younger Dumber Brother: “if I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me?”

        Her: “huh?”

        RVZsYDB: “for I must be travelling on now, cause there’s too many places I’ve got see”

        Her: “wtf r u talking abt?”

        RVZsYDB: “but if I stayed here with you girl, things just couldn’t be the same.”

        Her: *speechless*

        RVZsYDB: “cause I’m as free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot CHAYEEANGE…WHOOooOOooOOooOO”

        Skynyrd game


      • on December 17, 2018 at 7:07 pm Macro Investor

        Pumpjack nails it — doesn’t matter what you say AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN ZFG. You can just shrug your shoulders like you don’t give a shit what she said.

        But you can’t just stand there frozen. It comes off as afraid.


    • on December 17, 2018 at 12:07 pm Captain Obvious

      M0d is locking me out today, but y’all aren’t describing True Batt1e C*nts.

      In 2018, you’re describing NORMAL behavior in ch!cks.

      It’s abundantly obvious to me that none of you have stepped foot on a college campus in 10 or 15 years.


      • also obvious that few are regularly getting up close and personal with a woman’s cervix.

        if they were they would be WAY more focused on using their dominance to actually GET there, instead of sperging out on the play-by-play nuances of ephemeral, preliminary word play.


  5. I got into it on two different occasions with a girl I was seeing when all the Kavennaugh confirmation stuff was going on. To the point where she raised her voice and started getting antagonistic. I let her rant for a minute or two. Then I just stood there and looked at her. No reaction. No emotion on my face. Just stared at her for a good ten seconds. Then I very calmly said “Is that all? We all calmed down now? We good?”
    Both times I pulled that on her, she looked embarrassed and replied with a very meek “Yes. I’m sorry. I got out of control for a minute there.”
    And then everything was good. Afterwards, she even sent me a text telling me that she loved talking politics with me, and then apologized again for getting so heated.

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    • “Afterwards, she even sent me a text telling me that she loved talking politics with me, and then apologized again for getting so heated.”

      Women want to be seen and heard and appreciated, but hate to win an argument.


  6. A very uncouth but funny buddy of mine was at a strip club that he regularly attended because he was dating one who worked there at the time. A mutual friend of ours was there when a stripper bitch who just started at said club got real mouthy and started talking sh!t about buddy number one’s physical appearance. Well buddy numerous uno stared at her for a few seconds, told told her calmly to “open your mouth again” and after she complied (probably to excoriate him again), he promptly hocked a huge mucousy/chewing tobacco loogie into her gaping mouth with extreme prejudice (and accuracy). Buddy number two confirmed it and apparently the stripper ran away crying and never said a word to my friend again.


  7. Once a girl displays a battlecunt attitude, I lose interest.

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  8. on December 17, 2018 at 11:47 am mudsharks are the greatest losers

    shut up bitch and make me a sandwich

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  9. on December 17, 2018 at 12:01 pm Captain Obvious

    I hate to be teh Black Piller on this thread, but y’all aren’t describing Battle Cunts.

    Y’all are describing NORMAL behavior of chicks in 2018.

    Obviously none of you have stepped foot on a college campus in the last 10 or 15 years.

    The True Battle Cunt is [what once would have been] an escapee from an asylum for the criminally insane.

    I can’t imagine any verbal repartee working on them – within a millisecond of you displaying the facial physiognomy of a Non-Believer, they will switch into Frankfurt-School Hunter-K!ller Droid mode, and just start talking/shouting right over you.

    Physical sh!znat would work – throwing them to the ground and choke-phucking them half to death, right then and there, in public, for all to see – although they tend to wear them tight-fitting jeans or dress slacks or military-grade yoga pants, which are he11 to get off of their hips [even if they were fully compliant & trying to help you]. And of course when you go the choke-phucking-half-to-death-in-public route, there’s the whole problem with the Beta Pedestalizing Industrial Complex [police, DA, judge, jury, correctional orificers] just waiting to throw you in prison for a quarter century.

    PRO-TIP #1: During the daytime, you will NEVER see a True Battle Cunt in a dress with cotton/silk underwear beneath it which would allow you easy access to the cl!t.

    PRO-TIP #2: At night, NEVER trust a True Battle Cunt after she’s been drinking. B!tch will get up the next moarning and swallow a Plan B and snuff your li’l chillunzzzezzezes right out of the Tree of Life.

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    • “During the daytime, you will NEVER see a True Battle Cunt in a dress with cotton/silk underwear beneath it which would allow you easy access to the cl!t.”

      Maybe I’m just old, but is there any other kind of material for, ahem, ladies underpants, other than cotton or silk? Polyester, sure, but that’s a silk substitute.

      The only other material I can think of is wool, and that doesn’t seem right. Rubber? Vinyl? Naugahyde?


    • Talking politics with women you’re not fucking is a waste of your time. Once she’s your bitch she’ll believe what you’re saying anyway.


  10. You remind me of your mum..

    .. too much or not enough?
    For me not enough, but I like being alone.


  11. OT: CH and friends, am I the only one who’s noticed an uptick in girls using “incel” and “virgin” these days ever since alt-right has gained traction. The real uppity hos’ will use it at any point you disagree with them.


    • How can a girl call you an incel if you’re already fucking her? If you’re not fucking her, there’s your problem.


  12. A favorite of mine to whip out is “I gotta maintain my girlish figure”.

    Follow up with a pat on the stomach and you’re gold


  13. Been watching a bunch of these Uber videos lately. Interesting to note that a lot of the drivers are whyte dudes..a change from the streetsheeter taxis as the norm, so these women are getting some retaliation for their bad behaviour. That is one of the problems, first started with the airline industry?, where the louder you complain the more apologies and perks you will be compensated with. You can see that more now with alot of women consumers..entitled, no class, no respect. Here is a typical one…this dude is more*tlord in the making..treats them as one should (like he is gonna care about being fired from a crappy taxi driver job too) :


  14. I usually just roll my eyes and shrug my shoulders. Why should we give a shit about their opinion to begin with? If a girl is being hostile she’s already ruled herself out. Later bitch.

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    • on December 17, 2018 at 2:42 pm Captain Obvious

      You haven’t crossed paths with one of these w!tches in a professional capacity.

      You have to get around [or through] them to get anything accomplished.


      • Oh I have. None of them have power over my position. Currently as long as I perform well at my job I’m safe. Currently.


      • You people care too much about office politics. The reality is that if you make your employer money, it won’t matter what some frumpy fattie says. My yearly reviews are a mixed bag of glowing reviews from clients, vendors and some coworkers and a bunch of negative reviews implying I’m arrogant, aloof, I don’t have an adequate attitude and shit like that from the frumpy fatties.

        And I just tell my manager that I’ll listen to her about my attitude when the negative feedback will be specific to do something about it since I can’t guess what bothers people nor do I see a reason for changing my behavior over unjustified feelings. The cost for this is not being nominated for the firm’s rewarding programs by my manager but I couldn’t care the less.

        Heck, even if they fire me, I have an open position at their competition. Lol

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      • Pretty much this. As long as your manager isn’t one of these cunts and you do you job well most cases you’ll be ok.

        In my experience they’re actually more receptive when they know you’re not a punching bag for them. They call you something like “asshole,” who cares? Call them sweetheart and carry on.

        Ignore them and take care of your own shit.


  15. Gold. More articles on 21st century game!


  16. on December 18, 2018 at 12:12 am Gunslingergregi

    They always stop yelling when you are bleeding after they cut you with butcher knife and their motherly instincs come out just make sure they aint cutting your jugular i guess
    Bleeding game? Rofl


  17. on December 18, 2018 at 12:58 am Reinald Vallejo

    I bone em but I stilll hate em. What am I doing wrong? Nothing? Didn’t think so. American women are TRASH.


  18. on December 18, 2018 at 2:44 am Gunslingergregi

    Aww cute posts bout wife Going mod
    I guess allwaye run out of money with chicken u think u doing good with see how they react


    • on December 18, 2018 at 2:46 am Gunslingergregi

      I guess ex even Drew line at me eating chicken putty for loot when i was broke lol


    • on December 18, 2018 at 2:52 am Gunslingergregi

      Wife kissing my Belly talking bout not Going on trip tomorrow with everyone else cause don’t want money to be all gone
      If cigs were what they used to be would be ok
      They 26 dollar carton though and i smoke like chimeny lol


  19. Who doesn’t want the beta blood flow though? Lol. Or at the very least the loss of voting rights for them. Lesser men should have no say in where their betters point guns.


  20. on December 18, 2018 at 5:42 am CulturalResilience from Mobile

    Wouldn’t it all be so much simpler if the tingle was made obvious by a loud splash.


  21. BATTLECUNT: “That [X] makes you look [bad thing] and [badder thing].”

    SLAYER OF BATTLECUNTS: “I can live with that. Can you live with being a ditch for cum?”


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