Comment Of The Week: Chateau Heartiste Was The Trumpening Before There Was Trump

VIP Chateau guest Matt King takes a moment from his appointed role as the Court Contrarian to deliver a sincere compliment to yours truly, the Sultan of Shiv, (and to make an insightful point in the meantime). I would be honored if he places his COTW trophy next to his replica Pietá.

Let’s take a second here during a game post to congratulate CH for the victory in the general culture we are all now experiencing. The election (win or lose) is a symptom of that victory, not its cause. The essential triumph has already begun, and there is no possible way to snuff it out now.

The reason CH uses a pen name is testimony to the unexpectedness of the victory. I have been generally optimistic that the culture would have to gradually turn back to men if it were to survive, but we all must admit to being astonished at the rapidity with which the entire milieu has changed.

Trump’s candid discussion with Billy Bush about women’s behavior around alpha males is the equivalent of a 2006 CH blog post. But instead of being distributed by a pseudonymous author like samizdat from a secret chateau, it was said by the next president of the United States — who will be the next president in very large part because he applied that “crimson” knowledge to politics.

Politics is downstream from culture, and we collectively anticipated the revolution down here in the online ghetto, we applied it to our lives, and now it is operable in the culture. Many understood the essential insight — that boys will always be boys, even if they are made illegal, and women will illegally love them for it — but CH gets credit for understanding its connection to power in general. Hence, his gradual transformation away from pick-up basics, which can be summarized and transmitted quickly, to the arena of power, which has an unlimited number of applications.

It may be time to drop the anonymity. Not all at once in a useless, grandiose, and still suicidal gesture. But with this culture shift, one may want to slowly begin knitting back together one’s split identities and become less shy about possible exposure (cf. Mike Cernovich, formerly “Danger&Play”; cf. the resurrection of Ricky Vaughn). They can’t snuff us out without a trace now that Trump has “taken the slings and arrows” on our behalf. (See his pivotal speech today in Florida, it belongs in the history books.) The paper tiger of the left has been exposed. They cannot intimidate or credibly threaten us anymore.

Each man’s mileage may vary, depending on what “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” are individually at stake. But Trump had more to lose than perhaps any of us, and he pushed it all to the center of the table, showing us the way it will be done in the second revolutionary era.

We return to and participate in this site — despite the almost insufferable technical difficulties — because here and only here was the essential insight developed and maintained and ultimately applied to the world beyond the author’s original mandate, many years before the greater culture caught on. Now the rest of the West is beginning to thrill to the dark wisdom, and now is our moment.


If anyone can appreciate some florid prose, it’s I. So here I go…….. *PREEN*

Ironically, it’s the dark wisdom that will bring light back to the West. Now I don’t want to say I knew it all along….but I knew it all along.


COTW second prize (a set of steak knives) goes to hard9bf for providing a moment of sardonic clarity.

Women never lie about rape or sexual assault. NEVER. And even if they do lie and even if the gaystream media report the lies as truth, that’s okay because it points to a deeper truth that men, particularly White men, need to worship and prostrate themselves before womyn at every turn and ask permission before kissing them, touching them, or even looking at them.

What we are witnessing unfold in real time in the West, and especially in America, is the efflorescence of the Feminist Dystopia, wherein enfeebled effete males jockey for power in the way that women gossip for social status, where disloyalty and backstabbing are rites of passage and courage and honor are ridiculed as the false virtues of the benighted classes.

The Feminist Dystopia is, in the long run, incompatible with civilization, because the lifeblood of civilization is masculinity, and all the manly virtues that entails. An emasculated civilization is not long for this world, as it will fall quickly to any invasive force not yet evolved to appreciate the subtle empowerment that comes from putting one’s balls on the chopping block. “Please chop.”

Before masculinity returns with a vengeance, there will be a nadir of societal effluvium the feminized nation must crawl on its belly through to reach the open air; it will be a clown world time when only weak men, employing the rhetorical weapons favored by traitors, cucks, cat ladies and subversives, spitefully cling to power. But the Relinquishment is coming.


Hitfan gets a COTW honorable mention for bringing Le Chateau back to where it all started.

Speaking of negs.

I once unwittingly negged an HB9 after having fornicated with her. She was quite versatile in the manner of all sorts of sexual positions and the like, trying hard to impress.

After our session I said rather flippantly “You’re quite the sexual athlete, aren’t you?” and she seemed rather hurt by what I said. And to clarify, I didn’t really intend it to be as a neg (I guess she took it as one) but my subconscious must have conjured up the heartbreaking shiv. She was basically a party girl coming off the carousel looking to settle down (I looked like a good bet), so my words cut quite deeply.

She was quite cold though and you needed the heart of a true sociopath to get her to feign any long term interest in you. Was tired of playing the game, started acting my regular self and soft nexted her for a nicer girl.

You may tire of the Game, but the Game will never tire of you. Thecunt will soon learn that lesson because her foe understands it all too well.

PS That neg is pretty good. Slut insinuation is MASS WEIGHT GAINER rationalization hamster feed to women, (like loser insinuation is to men), so it’s only effective if the insinuation is as sly and plausibly unintentional as possible.

CH Maxim #48: The best negs are both plausibly deniable and strike at the chewy moist center of a woman’s self-conception.


Missed one superb comment by Truth-hammer, which I’ll grandfather in as a COTW future winner.

As a lowly no-wealth, no name nobody in fly-over country, but a nobody who took the red-pill and has become a keen observer, I would put forth that Donald Trump has become the Pale Rider. The skypes believed that they finally had a lock on history. They thought that they had achieved their goal. Like Simon Bar Sinister they would rule the world. They had control over the entire Narrative (Hollywood, television, radio, newsprint, publishing, advertising, pop culture) and all of the institutions (banking, finance, gov’t, politics etc…) They had a presidential candidate who would be their “drawer of water and hewer of wood” and who would cater to their every whim. But then along came a big, brash, arrogant goy. One who made his bones in skype central (Manhattan) but who did so in a big, loud, brash, unapologetic manner unlike the skypes’ shadowy and under-handed manner. He made it his way. The skypes never accepted Donald Trump and probably never thought that this buffoonish reality TV star would throw his hat into the ring and dash all of their dastardly plans. It is funny how he made the skypes hundreds of millions of dollars when he had his show and now they are trying to destroy him. We now have a presidential candidate who is unashamedly American. He has shown up our half-google President Obtusema as the epitome of Affirmative Action and our supposedly watch-dog media as dog food. There is one thing the skypes got right. Donald Trump’s presidential run has been the best reality show evah. All Hail the God Emperor Trumpus Maximus! Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

This was poetry. (i swear that’s not a tear, it’s a bead of eye sweat!) The Trumpening is summoning passion and art from his flock.


  1. It’s been said before, but we need more visits from Matt. The King’s comments are always a treat to read.


  2. I am not sure victory is assured as king says. With ICANN potentially shutting down internet in dec, and some mass blackouts on alt right sites I think it’s game on the alt right. ‘Racists finally shut down online’ right after lastest trump sex assault on the news.

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    • Take heart. We are organized around a highly visible leader who will draw the heat to himself, presidency or no. Even if they steal the election, a full third of the country will consider the regime illegitimate, and Trump’s government-in-exile will be going nowhere. For a taste of this possible future, imagine what you will be feeling and thinking and plotting on election night when they start using the term “President-Elect Rodham-Clinton,” knowing there are tens of millions just like you calmly awaiting a signal from our side, now uncucked and with leadership in place.

      Like the very men who conjured this nation into existence almost ex nihilo, we owe nothing to an illegitimate regime who precludes us of a political voice. There is no republican tradition to respect at that point, for it will have been ipso-facto destroyed.

      One reason to advocate a prudent and gradual lifting of anonymity is to wean ourselves off of our one-medium dependency. We have to dig ourselves in a little deeper so that they can’t disappear us as easily as they erased Ricky Vaughn — especially because of the ICANN threat as you say. Do not be surprised on the day you visit this web address and CH is no longer here. Have a plan.

      The nail that sticks out is hammered down. If many rise at once (“I am Spartacus”) and refuse the left’s predictable, halfhearted, and frankly faggy attempts at intimidation, we overwhelm their capacity for silencing righteous dissent.

      Most of all, don’t back away from the confrontation without making them show their force. Be on permanent bluff call. For example, maybe ICANN will shut down the web. But we shouldn’t absent ourselves from a stand-up fight on the rumors of what they might do. “Come and claim them.”


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      • Great response. I think we are going to see what the left is capable of real fast here. Most part their ‘troops’ are pathetic, but the cuck-republicans are just as faggy


  3. The most impressive lesson to draw from the 2016 election, for me, is how genuine authenticity (in the form of Trump) can withstand a whole barrage of bullshit and petty snarking and sniping (the Mainstream Media), and draw to a conclusion a genuine changing of the guard.

    We’ll see what Trump does once he gets in.


  4. Trump: he may not be the president you want, but he’s the president you need.

    Open up lefties and take your medicine rape!


  5. It would be interesting to see if a political figure could combine the full-on megawatt brilliance of Trump’s authenticity with a little good ol’ fashioned MACHIAVELLIAN DEVIOUSNESS.

    Say someone who could charm the pants off women without giving the media an excuse to call Him a beast and an orgre.

    Say someone who could sing, talk like a radio DJ, was entertaining like a French philosophe in the salons, who was sexy who . . .

    Ah. But such a being doesn’t exist. Sadly.


    • Foreigner, do you even think before you cobble phrases together?

      Foreign troll rape!


      • He’s probably having google translate do all the heavy lifting and then raping a thesaurus to come across as intelligent.

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      • That’s actually probably true for most . Then he copy and pastes bits of alt-righters’ sentences here and there in an attempt to appear more authentic/”inside baseball,” if you will.

        We’ve figured his writing out rape!


  6. Matt’s pearls are worth putting up with the squeals of the antiChristian swine.

    Keep on a-castin’, you magnificent bastid. lzozlzozlozlozlozlozlozlo

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  7. By the way, Heartiste, you’ve been positively SIZZLING like a well-well-super-well-done steak on the BBQ over the past two weeks. Your articles have been fiery, lucid, commandingly scintillating. The prospect of victory energizes your mental “gonads” like nothing else.

    It amuses me to think what you’re like before hopping in bed with one of your lady conquests.

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  8. I don’t know about unmasking yourself, CH. But if you do, I hope that Trump appoints you press secretary.


    • All these n00bs have no idea. Lol.


    • Ehhhh…..I know this topic is verboten, but f.y.i. CH was exposed years ago by (((SJW’s))) and it caused him much trouble.


      • That was nearly a decade ago, back before several shifts of the Overton Window. We may as well say we traversed the true millennial rubicon since.

        Hell, even September — before Wikileaks’ unmasking of the beast and final confirmation of our government’s hateful mendacity against its own sovereign citizens — can be considered a different era.

        The Indian disguises of Boston Harbor in 1773 were discarded by 1775.

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  9. […] Comment Of The Week: Chateau Heartiste Was The Trumpening Before There Was Trump […]


  10. An insider elite like Trump siding with the people? I can’t remember this happening ever anywhere.


    • You speak as though going back “inside” were an option for Trump. They have always rejected him in the globalist echelon (if only for aesthetic reasons), and now they have declared total war. He is an “existential threat” to them, as the genius attested in Florida yesterday.

      You also speak as though the people, who must continually confer legitimacy to his political ascendancy, would allow even the slightest heel turn. We have been stirred up out of all control, like a nuclear chain reaction, and cannot be recalled with a magical word contrary to the purpose of our creation.

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  11. on October 14, 2016 at 12:16 pm WereallPalestinians now

    If Truth Hammer was on Twatter, I would join just to follow him. Loved it all!


  12. If Queen Matt is giving praise to CH, indeed its a revolution.


    • In case you’re wondering, your butthurt will never go completely away. Reconcile yourself to a life of Preparation H.


      • Realtalk such as this is what every 18-20-y.o. Citizen needs to hear during his and her mandatory military service period. Which we would institute if we truly desired to save this ‘cuntry’ .


  13. Florid prose, indeed! Where is this man’s RSS feed?

    Speaking of prose, it’s “I”, not “me”. We all do it, tho….

    [CH: me has been grammar nazi shamed.]

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  14. Ha! I got acknowledged by the great CH. I came across this site two and half years ago to get some game advice during a tumultuous time of my life which I could write a book about–if I divulged the details here, they would be too strange for fiction. Basically, I had a series of extremely stressful and tragic events all occur in the manner of weeks within each other and I decided to meet women after being out of the dating market for 15 years (I was suddenly widowed).

    After finding out that women in their 20s and even closer to my age to be just as flaky and cold as I remembered them in high school and college I decided that rather than being an AFC all over again, I researched the internet, found CH’s 16 Commandments of Poon and soft-nexted my way into a glorious 4 month long sarging binge until I found the woman of my dreams.

    Maybe I should divulge some of the emails and texts I received from various women during this period. Some of them are quite hilarious.


    • I’d read ’em!

      Sorry to hear about your loss. Glad you swiftly rebounded. If I were to lose my wife (going on 16 years), I’d be up shit creek for a while.


  15. on October 14, 2016 at 12:29 pm Divine Son of Kek

    Trump is the perfect example of why they fear huwyte wealth and virtue.

    All it takes is one noble nord with plenty of F U money.


  16. More people joining the ranks of the pro-Trump!

    Jon Voight has issued a plea to save America — by electing Donald Trump president.

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  17. Most Awesome Post of Posts!

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  18. CH be like

    [CH: huwhyte doge]

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  19. props, ch!

    not gonna jerk off to you like sorceryfag, though

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  20. Trump is going to lose, and it is not going to be close. (About 300 something to 200 something, I would guess.) And I am going to be miffed. I would say I have reached the point where I am now unalterably opposed to modern America. All modern trends (unless I am forgetting something..) are at best unhealthy and at worst sick. But I digress… the point of this comment was going to be…

    Trump is losing because of his personality, not his policies (such as they can be discerned). He does a good impression of being not only narcissistic but also ADHD. So maybe if the first words in his concession speech are “Trump 2020 begins tonight”, AND if he (with all due regard for privacy) goes on some meds, there is hope. Or if someone else comes along saying the same thing in a less likely-to-get-us-nuked by-North-Korea package. .

    DT has made a fundamental error worth noting: he has run afoul of the “any theory beats no theory” principle. Because he has not done a convincing job of saying what his motivations are, the lefties have filled in the blank with “racist, sexist, Islamophobic”, etc, which most voters believe essentially because it’s better than nothing. Nature abhors a vacuum,. in explanation as much as in anything else. How difficult would it be to say (for example) “One of the ways we can protect freedom of religion in this country is by not admitting people whose religion is against freedom of religion”. (Yes, Islam, this means you.) Or “I oppose reverse discrimination in all its forms”. He seems to intuitively sense what should be done, but not be able to explain why. That is a fatal failing.

    But at least Trickle Down (which we have been running an accidental experiment in for 40 years) is dead (no voters), and we can look forward to Hillary being humiliated in East Asia and Eastern Europe!


    • Trump is losing because of his personality, not his policies (such as they can be discerned). He does a good impression of being not only narcissistic but also ADHD. So maybe if the first words in his concession speech are “Trump 2020 begins tonight”, AND if he (with all due regard for privacy) goes on some meds, there is hope. Or if someone else comes along saying the same thing in a less likely-to-get-us-nuked by-North-Korea package. .

      A journeyman’s try, Strapunzel-lite… but you done told on yourself because you (((guys))) just can’t resist playing outhouse psychiatrist, with the usual suspect snark of recommending meds and such..

      Live up to your “we’re smarter” boast and check out his website… his polices “such as they can be discerned” are spelled out, clear as a bell…

      … ’cause we all know, deep down, you really WANT to be informed… and present a fair-and balanced opinion. :duckface:


      • Yup….there is always that tell of the use of meds and that made up illness, ADD or ADHD .

        Every time someone says Trump doesn’t have any policies is either just spouting what they’ve been told or what they’ve heard from the MSM.


      • And a sorry attempt to derail an otherwise positive thread.

        These clowns just cannot help it.

        And, you’re right, Greg, there’s always the mention of meds, until the follow up posts get into previsions and slander on one’s family.


      • “Strapunzel” LOL


    • “the lefties have filled in the blank with “racist, sexist, Islamophobic”, etc, which most voters believe essentially because it’s better than nothing.”

      This is because it is the truth, and the people love it. The masses are going to show up and stand up for him on E-Day.


    • “J1J2” is the most obvious fake handle for a fake comment. Shills have so many tells. I’ve learned to tell the amateurs and the pros by their common writing tics.

      Great original comment by Matt and kudos to CH.

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    • you guys think whiteness is a disease, which is why you’ve tried to medicate it out of existence. we think the same about you, though we’re actually a lot nicer about it…at the moment. guess we’ll find out who’s right soon enough. (hint: just based on physiognomy it’s not really a fair fight).


    • on October 14, 2016 at 5:37 pm Sean Fielding

      Jew1Jew 2 wrote:

      ‘Because Trump has not done a convincing job of saying what his motivations are . . . ‘

      Trump has stated his motivation again and again: to give back to the country that has given so much to him. Thing is, (((commenters like this))) are constitutionally incapable of being understanding that. And so they remain unconvinced.


    • His real tell is “Trump is losing because of his personality, not his policies…” This is leftover from the cuck era (which ended in a 16-candidate massacre), when the Republicans fantasized, with the encouragement of the left, that men vote on issue positions rather than leadership. The best that a total coward can do with his autistic understanding of leadership is vivisect the leader into his constituent parts, like “policy” and “personality,” judge them separately, then spergtastically add up the ratings on an Excel spreadsheet.

      This brings up a key finding of the 2016 experience that also has roots in CH’s observational revolution. Principles are nothing without courage. The reason why the GOP’s All Star Candidate Lineup (“Best Candidates Evar”) crumbled so quickly and so completely is because Trump instinctively understood this truth. He first diagnosed it in Jeb Bush’s “low energy.” You can have all the right answers and know all the workable solutions, but without courage they are irrelevant and you are useless. By 2016, cowardice had become the Republican brand, proven by two midterm congressional victories that amounted to less than nothing.

      I start with Trump’s courage, unquestionably a virtue of the statesman. In his 1978 Harvard speech, Alexander Solzhenitsyn accused the leaders of the Western world of a lack of civic courage. They were unwilling, he said, to stand up to their enemies. Trump has shown civic courage again and again. He alone among prominent politicians is willing to name the actual source of terrorist violence against Americans (Muslim immigrants) and propose sensible policies to stop that source (restrictions on immigration from countries associated with Muslim terrorism). Trump alone is willing to tell the truth about the collapse of the rule of law in cities with large black populations—namely, lack of adequate enforcement of laws punishing crimes against person and property.

      Trump shows personal courage as well. I don’t know of a single American statesman in the past century, unless it’s Reagan, who could have stood up to the nonstop stream of vitriol, hatred, ostracism, accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it, that Trump has been showered with over the past 15 months.

      — Theophilus,

      This is now our model, our blueprint on how to proceed. It is deeply familiar to those who frequent this site. Be prepared for the onslaught and know that your very survival reminds the enemy of, if not taunts them about, their ultimate impotence.

      As any Christian knows: The victory has already been won on your behalf; you just have to proclaim it.


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      • As any Christian knows: The victory has already been won on your behalf; you just have to proclaim it.

        Amen to that Matt

        All your comments on this thread are inspiring and uplifting but this latest, with reminders of He who won on our behalf, is empowering.

        Thank you

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    • Or if someone else comes along saying the same thing in a less likely-to-get-us-nuked by-North-Korea package.

      North Korea can’t even keep the lights on in their capital city, much less get a missile to hit a target a hemisphere away.





  22. on October 14, 2016 at 4:42 pm Forays In Fiction

    The boys teaming up again ❤
    Together, you are unstoppable.


  23. I escaped fag central DC and driving through Pennsylvania. Trump signs everywhere…not seen one for the Cunt.
    Best one for me…huge banner by the highway


  24. As someone that has read this site and a few others for over a decade…I 1000% agree with THE King.

    Matt: from one highly educated backwards catholic to another: don’t stop posting you incredible fuck.

    I remember when the og site went out, and there was that blip in time where there was no rosy place to hang out at…
    And then when I stumbled back upon a chateau through other channels…
    Glorious!…He has risen lolololzoozlloz….

    I remember when they used to call us the manosphere because beta latino fags like immoralgables, or pilled out fuckbois like yareallly would come on here begging for us to talk about huwhyte puzzayy. I’m sure many of us silently were hoping interlopers like that would actually get laid and fuck off…muh dik and all…

    Remember all the resident house sheboons ya kept around here? I miss them, sort of. I just liked seeing them get bapped around and come back for more. They secretly loooooove that huwhyte man voodoo. They loved the powerful men here at the chateau.

    And who can forget the wonderful resident piece of rotten gefilte that’s always stinking up our fridge: (((the faggot within))) aka (((the spirit within))) !!!!



  25. Gave my girl a winning soft neg today – “You’re terrible at phone sex!”

    A very sweet and nice girl, moving across the planet in a couple of weeks to be my baby making mama, but just didn’t get the concept.

    But if she had been very good at phone sex, it wouldn’t have increased my appreciation of her. I suspect she’s smart enough to know that.


  26. call me a pessimist but i think you are counting your chickens before they hatch. I think trump was seen as this man who could stand up to the liberal media and say the things people really thought but couldn’t say because of the media ridiculing them. Prior to trump, politicians who stood up were quickly done away with and then for lasting insult, turned into memes and slogans by the left. Romney’s wealth was turned into ‘romney loophole’ referring to his taxes. trump was resilient and fought back, he was seen as someone that could bring down the liberal media machine. But i fear that rather than bringing it down, he caused the liberal media to consolidate, become more efficient and powerful, and to develop new tools for takedowns which has ultimately led to them being more repressive and more powerful. if trump loses, they will put his head on a stake and display it near the bridges so to speak. he will become a meme about how stupid conservatives are. not only that but the internet is becoming a very restrictive place to be.


    • it could go the other way. in a recent poll 71% of Americans distrust the media. shekels always come before politics. if the last 30% of msm-trusting holdouts start leaving in droves and head over to Breitbart the jig is up.


    • Cohensidental that this “martin” character, when he’s not preaching gloom and doom, otherwise distracts threads with inane “please give me game advice” scenarios?

      If anything, the shitlib MSM are totally ruining what little credibility they might have had in their witchhunt against Trump.

      They’re not getting stronger, they’re getting more ridiculous… and more obvious that they are a treasonous fifth column rather than a fourth estate.

      And if there’s any blowback, legally, against Trump after the election, then they’ve officially declared war, and we’ll see how that goes once a talking head or two is “on a stake, displayed near bridges”.


  27. Libfag comic quits because dawhitemen aren’t taking it the way they’re supposed to anymore. Blames Trump.