The Cure For Silly Romantics

A caustically hilarious comment from Doktor Jeep,

Age comes no matter what you do.
It’s what you don’t do that hurts you later.
BTW I have dated women my age, and yeah, that’s the menopausal years. A warning to you young bucks who “don’t care about money”: The worst part about getting older is getting to fuck older women. Unless you have money.
Let me tell you something, when a woman hits menopause, she’s basically a man with girl parts, but SHE WILL STILL SHIT TEST YOU AND BE A DRAMA MONGER JUST OUT OF HABIT.
And that once or twice a month you get laid you’d think someone left a hunk of cheddar under the bed.
Mark my words.

In ranked order of active measures distinguished gentlemen should take to avoid sex with menopausal women:

  • Game (charm can keep men interesting to unwilted roses for a long time)
  • Low carb, lifting, intermittent fasting
  • A blood boy (or occasional bloodletting to reduce iron stores)
  • deliberate efforts to retain a youthful passion for life
  • liquor and prostitutes
  • raiding high Gini coefficient countries for their prime fertility women
  • money

You’ll notice money is last on this list. There’s a good reason. The amount of money (and therefore the years of investment) required to buy the loins and love of a young babe is beyond what most men can realistically achieve. It’s a better ROI to focus on your health, attitude, and access to high end escorts.


Related, advice from Johnny Redux,

And the silly, age-old (lol) question that older women always ask me: “How can you be interested in young(er) women? What do you have in common?” I have to imagine that they are not totally clueless that men want younger women for their better/fresher looks, tighter skin/firmer bodies, more energy, generally better personalities, and (most important) their fertility.

As I have said here a few times, men should not, if possible, marry women their own age. That is what supports the boner-medicine industry. Most men can get erections, it is just that they cannot get them for their old wives or gfs, but aren’t black pilled enough (or feel to guilty) to recognize/acknowledge that truth. Older women simply have very little, to no, sexual capital. It has all been spent (in many cases, wasted away). Give these older men a younger woman and….BOINNNNNNG! Feminist society and the pharmaceutical industry instead want to blame the man for his failure to get/maintain an erection, instead of focusing on the object of his attempts. It’s bullshit. Men in their 20’s and thirties should date women 5-10 years younger than them. Men in their 40’s and above should date women at least 10 years younger than them. If marriage is in the forecast, the age difference should be 10 years. You’ll thank me for this advice, if you take it, when you are 40+, when your younger wife still gets you hard.

Finally, I have seen many older women who are beautiful, in their own way, when they have class and a sense of noble pride, but that should not be confused with sexual attraction to them.

Marc has had the scales fall from his eyes,

I been tryin to holt on to the last bit of silly romantic in me, the part that still responds to Pound’s “When the nightingale to his mate/Sings day-long and night-late” and a thousand years of western Alba poetry but years of this site has cured me of most of it and the fact that a cute 6 at best would wear a “nice guys can’t fuck” t shirt in PUBLIC has raped the last bit of that out of me.
No way out but through.

You’re welcome.


  1. If you are going to marry a woman you want to ensure the integral of her mate value over time that she is giving you is going to match the integral of your mate value over time that you are giving in return.

    [CH: pickup line alert :)]

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    • integral from t_0 to t_f my mate value dt = integral from t_0 to t_f her mate value dt


    • :-=)
      Uncle Adolph lolled


    • Problem is that her mate value is likely to exceed yours in the early going when she is young and hot and you are young and broke, and vice versa later when she is an old crow and you are a silver fox. Thus for example Int from t=0 to t=5 her mate value > Int t=0 to t=5 your mate value, but Int t=20 to t=25 HMV < Int t=20 to t=25 YMV.

      Use the derivative to calculate optimum HRT (Hit the road time).


  2. Wolfie wept.


  3. (((mod)))

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  4. on January 8, 2019 at 9:54 pm William of Orange County

    A blood boy…

    All good points…and I get what you meant. But in the age of the globohomo I’m leaning towards bloodletting. How fucked up is that…truly sad.


  5. Oh I see (((mod))) took a 30 second break from davenning over the destruction of the Temple to let me out.
    Thanks jews!!!

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  6. It is quite obvious the people here have never actually talked to agirl.

    Any man that doesn’t respect a string confident woman is no man at all


  7. I been tryin to holt on to the last bit of silly romantic in me, the part that still responds to Pound’s “When the nightingale to his mate/Sings day-long and night-late” and a thousand years of western Alba poetry but years of this site has cured me of most of it and the fact that a cute 6 at best would wear a “nice guys can’t fuck” t shirt in PUBLIC has raped the last bit of that out of me.
    No way out but through.

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  8. Wow, I never thought I’d see the day when Chateau Heartiste is posting that fucking hookers and/or escorts is an acceptable option. From my reading of this site, which I admit has been limited, you’ve frowned on the idea of explicitly paying for sex. I’m glad you are opening up to other options.

    Let me emphasize that I believe the best case scenario is to not explicitly pay for sex. If a guy can fuck hotties without paying them, explicitly or implicitly, that’s great. But let’s face reality. For the average looking, middle-class guy in the West, especially the USA, it’s getting harder and harder to be able to fuck gorgeous women simply through game. Therefore, I think fucking drop-dead gorgeous escorts/hookers (believe it or not, there are plenty of them) is an acceptable option, and I don’t think all guys who do that should necessarily be shamed, which I have seen on this site before.

    Lastly, but no less important, if you think fucking escorts is for losers and “betas”, fine. Don’t participate in that activity. If you think it’s OK to fuck them, that’s fine as well. I don’t have a problem with it, but defending hos and fucking them is not a hill to die on. So, if you want an argument with me, you’re not going to get one. Keep in mind, i said it’s an acceptable option, but not one that any man should be proud of.

    [CH: don’t get me wrong, i still frown upon paying for sex (unless it’s used as a supplement to unpaid sex with a willing lover). I’m saying if men have to choose between menopausal women and escorts, they may want to consider the latter for their phallic and mental health.]


    • EVERYBODY pays for sex!
      You pay an escort for the bitch to LEAVE.

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    • all thru my fifties I banged 21-24 year old girls one a week that I found as escorts on Back Page now taken down. for $150 for a couple of hours. it was worth every penny. went to their apartments or mobile homes. got friendly with some hung out with a few. my other option would be a 50-58- year old fat grandmother who wanted to be treated like princess Di. spending more on them for nothing. when I was younger hung around with a lot of strippers never had more fun. out of the dance club you could not tell the difference between them and any ordinary tattooed sperm bank slut walking around

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  9. my cousin 26 male, married a bride of 20 years old from village, downside is she doesn’t know how to cook, basically buying a sex doll home, but she’s cute though, and im same aged as him red pilled as fuck.

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    • I’m middle-aged and 6 years ago wifed up younger hotter tighter churchgoing girl, but she could cook only omelettes. It took time and support, but today she cooks quite well. Women are eminently trainable to domestic chores.

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  10. Game

    But also the Game mindset. A man who does not worship another human simply because they have a kitty between their legs is very interesting to a woman.

    The default in our society is to give way too much respect and deference to the female of our species. A prime example is sports, ESPN used to be a ratings giant. Now it’s losing subscribers by the millions.

    I didn’t think too much about this until I was watching it randomly and there were Three women, two anchors and a remote all debating the merits of an upcoming NBA game. Three women all debating a Completely Male sport.

    It was like seeing a man do an advertisement for Tampons. Why in the Heck were three women gabbing about the NBA? Who on earth thought that there would be Any Man who cared about anything these airheads said?

    A Game Attitude will wake you up to all this nonsense. There is no reason to listen to 90 percent of what any random woman says. If a man gruffly takes on that demeanor he will reap a great deal of female interest.

    Because the Last Thing any woman wants is to have to listen to another woman acting like a man. Women would rather listen to anything but that.

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    • Since when did women start listening? They talk. They don’t listen. Aming themselves any perceived listening is just a pause until they can start talking again.

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  11. Well when evil patriarshy ruled older women were surrounded by their children and grandchildren secluded from sexual competition of younger and tighter
    Today when liberated they end up on the sexual market in which their value is 0
    Poor forlorn creatures throws themselves into all kind “activisms” and other lunatic activities
    In fact here is the famous limit state newton theorem
    when smv of women approaches 0 her obsession with activism approaches infinity

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  12. The ideal woman should be half your age plus seven. A 40 year old man’s ideal then is 27.


  13. “I have to imagine that they are not totally clueless that men want younger women for their better/fresher looks, tighter skin/firmer bodies, more energy, generally better personalities, and (most important) their fertility.”

    Not so sure about it

    If you missed the train of cock in me
    You should know that I am not yet done
    You can hear the whistle blowing
    A hundred miles of cock
    A hundred miles of cock
    A hundred miles of cock
    A hundred miles of cock
    A hundred miles of cock


    • on January 8, 2019 at 10:55 pm Captain Obvious

      I guess taking the picture in the mirror caused the “CHANEL” bag to be written backwards [same with the spines of the books].

      I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t added software to flip it back around to the correct orientation.


    • Damn, that got under their skins, didn’t it? 😉

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      • on January 9, 2019 at 12:05 am Captain Obvious


        It also serves to emphasize the utter absence of Truth Speak in Bluetopia.

        These 50s-ish Bluetopia chicks haven’t heard any Truth Speak since maybe the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson circa 1970.

        Or maybe “Fawlty Towers”, if their parents watched PBS.

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  14. Sad. I think about my college girlfriend often. Blond hair, small town girl, fought hard to stay innocent, even in our far-left college. I broke up with her senior year. But I would have strayed. and as she got older and smelled worse and fallen apart….

    God forgive us our long lives.

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    • on January 9, 2019 at 12:10 am Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “I broke up with her senior year.”

      Doubtless the biggest mistake you ever made in your life.

      Years ago, I used to warn dudes at this site not to take True Natural Chemistry for granted.

      If you’re extremely lucky [plus a talented Playah to boot], then you might cross paths with True Natural Chemistry maybe once per decade.

      But if you’re a more normal guy, with more average luck, then you might only cross paths with True Natural Chemistry just once in your entire lifetime.

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      • No. Having Facebook stalked her since, I realize she and I would not have worked; despite all the other trappings, she was a far left-winger (Obama rally attender) even though she didn’t talk politics, and had the wanderlust, where she moved to various places far from her home to “experience” life. And I wouldn’t have been faithful, I know it.

        God bless her, but I know that much.


      • @ RG

        Is it at all possible that she became a “far left winger” aka bat shit crazy cat lady precisely BECAUSE she was alpha widowed earlier in life?

        I’m not trying to make you feel bad, but take responsibility for your role in this young woman’s Transformation.

        Women are fluid. They take the shape of the container in which they’re placed. Her silly little feminine nature spilled out all over the place because her container broke up with her senior year.


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      • Maybe she became leftist because you weren’t there to guide her? Just saying.


      • No, she was one back in college, just not vocal. I didn’t have the balls or deprogramming back then to be redpilled, otherwise I would have seen it. But anytime I said something moderately non-lefty she would get angry and say, “That’s sounds Republican to me!” like I’d just thrown garlic at a vampire.


    • Same exact deal for me. I treated mine pretty awfully because I was an alpha C(h)ad and knew it. I did get to see her senior year and at least apologize to her because she honestly didn’t deserve it and was over the moon for me.

      Natural blond, blue eyes, whip smart, double major math & electrical engineering. I.E.—> Wife material. But at 20 I was simply too fucking dumb and immature to understand what I had.

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  15. The blood boy thing is just ghoulish. Sorry, no.

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  16. Classic French guy’s rule of thumb, has been that ideal girlfriend age, is half the guy’s age plus 7, rule holds throughout life –
    male age 18 – age 16 gf
    male age 20 – age 17 gf
    male age 30 – age 22 gf
    male age 40 – age 27 gf
    male age 50 – age 32 gf
    male age 60 – age 37 gf


    • “The Golden Ratio”, couldn’t agree more.


      • on January 9, 2019 at 11:25 am DC Packer Backer

        From a physical perspective, yes. But over Christmas and New Year with my wife of 22 years and our two daughters, I looked in the car while we were driving and everyone, including me, was happy. In our late 40’s? Yes, but wouldn’t change a thing.


    • Over 25 and I’m not interested, no matter how old I get.

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    • That’s idiotic. The ideal girlfriend age is always 18-22—for any man, whatever his age. We just settle for what we can get.

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      • Agreed. This Age thing +7 crap is media/GQ/true gentleman or whatever that site is called, CRAP. the ideal age is 18-22, no matter how old you are. up to 25 TOPS and if she is 25, she better be ready the have kids immediately.


  17. Erectile dysfunction is not bullshit. Yes there are probably a few guys that just aren’t attracted to their old wives but that isn’t who is buying boner pills. Why would a guy buy boner pills to fuck a woman he doesn’t want to fuck? That’s bullshit. ED is a symptom of serious cardiovascular problems. And like all serious problems the pharmaceutical industry is extremely enthusiastic about treating the symptoms and not the cause. The cause could very well be eating a low-carb or other unhealthy diet, especially long term. That shit is bad for you. Stop promoting it. It will give you atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. And your dick won’t work. No amount of game is going to get you young fertile pussy from a hospital bed.


    • Guy came home and told his wife he found a cure for ED. Her name is Kim, she’s 22 and blonde.

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    • “Why would a guy buy boner pills to fuck a woman he doesn’t want to fuck? ”

      Because even if you dont want to fuck her, in this case, an old, aging wife, cumming still feels good, albiet not as good as cumming buckets on a tight 20 y.o, but good regardless. Yes, this is still better than using your hand, or pathetically watching p0rn.


  18. on January 9, 2019 at 10:54 am clarence boddiker

    “How can you be interested in young(er) women? What do you have in common?”

    this reminds me of a thought I had watching Tik-Tok memes. yeah, I know. I can be tracer.

    Look, a lot of the girls and guys were advertising how they looking to be or be with “gamer girls”. In real life, your girl, once you get past the gates, will do your hobbies with you. So, back when I played video games, my gf’s would play them with me. I didn’t look for a “gamer girl”. So, something in common is not that important. You’ll make commonalities.

    That being said, I imagine most younger girls have in common the same things the girls who were young back when I was young, that is drinking and having fun and perservating about relationships. So, chances are, if you’re a single guy of almost any age, you already like drinking and having fun.

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    • I don’t do hobbies to hang out with girls. I do my hobbies to get the fuck away from women.

      Healthy couples already have things in common—a home, a family, breadwinning/homemaking. When you’re retired you can take something up like travel, but keep the chicks out of your hobby.

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  19. A black preacher in his eighties that I knew had a twenty something girlfriend. He told me that you can’t start an old car with an old battery.

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  20. In my single days, women my age would become indignant when they found out I ignored any woman who was less than 10 years younger. They would always resort to the “what could you possibly have in common” comment.

    I always responded with “what could I possibly have in common with any woman, regardless of age?”.

    They never had an answer.

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    • Viking: I have a good friend in another city who well into his sixties and even early seventies was scoring with very attractive women who were literally decades younger than him. I once asked him, “What do you find to talk about with a woman that is so much younger than you?” He looked at me like I was from Mars, and replied, “George……I’m sixty. I’m DONE talking!”

      Total shitlord.

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    • Brilliant, Space Viking. I”m stealing that.


  21. I can relate to the last commenter in the post. It’s dying in me too. Not dead yet, but it’s dying.

    I’ve been reading Ludovici. You should too.


  22. can someone cite the medical logic of the bloodletting? I don’t get it?


  23. If young men were taught the truth about the roulette wheel called men0pause [email protected] would always look like this:

    – Men would not walk down the aisle until age 40

    – br1des would never be over age 20

    Men would enjoy at least 20 years of a quality relationship before men0pause became reality and that 20 YO potentially turns into a raving monster. Once the initial phase of men0pause begins all bets are off as to what happens.

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  24. I am in my late late thirties and in the past year I’ve had sex with around a dozen women ages 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 26, 32, 33, 36, 38. I can tell you that there is NOTHING like the body and skin of a 18-21 year old! Nothing can compare!!! Most of the women over 30 had somewhat saggy breasts…not bad, but definitely noticeable. Some mentioned how much firmer and bigger their breasts were when they were 20…yup!

    Back when I was 20, I never understood why older guys were always falling over themselves to get with some below average to average looking college girls. Now I do!

    CH was absolutely right when he said that young girls are nature’s natural viagra! My sex drive was always higher around the young girls and my orgasms infinitely better!


    • on January 10, 2019 at 12:50 pm clarence boddiker

      right…sometimes I ponder the plump 20 year old working at the local store, thinking each decade younger than me is definitely an extra credit bonus point.


  25. I can’t even fathom fucking a female over 40. What on earth could propel a man to such a wretched act? I’m approaching 40, and I’ve never seen over-30 females as viable for sex. By 30, females should have 12 children and be totally done with sex. They’re fertile by age 15, by law of nature. Guys talk like they have to settle for it because of their own age. Wtf? Just say no, man. This is not musical chairs, you don’t have to jump on whatever’s left. Young whores or porn are far more dignified. Just say no.


  26. on January 10, 2019 at 2:35 am gunslingergregi

    i dont want to be cured its some of only memorable shit in life


  27. “Finally, I have seen many older women who are beautiful, in their own way, when they have class and a sense of noble pride, but that should not be confused with sexual attraction to them.”
    I find this class and noble pride property in widows more frequently than divorcees. Sometimes they consistently present themselves as decent human beings.


  28. [blockquote]…the fact that a cute 6 at best would wear a “nice guys can’t fuck” t-shirt in PUBLIC has raped the last bit of that out of me.[/blockquote]

    I now feel the very same way. The hopeless romantic in me isn’t what it used to be and it’s because of girls like that.

    When I was young, girls were the romantics. Maybe they were just as sex-crazed back then as they are now, but at least they hid it better back then. And at least in those times, they still wanted the romance. They dreamed of finding a boyfriend and then marrying the love of their life.

    Now, I’m not even sure if love is what these girls want because romantic love doesn’t even seem to exist anymore. And even if they did find love, would it really be enough to keep them loyal?

    I simply don’t view the young women today in the same light as I once did. They have been masculinized to the point where there is barely a suggestion of femininity left in them. And as their feminine side dies, so does the romantic in me.