Grope Solo

Reader average chump has a Game question that a lot of men can relate to at some point in their womanizer careers: how to introduce oneself to groups of women when out alone?

This is off topic but relevant to flirting with women. Tonight I plan on going out solo. Last night I went out solo and ran into the issue of girls hanging out in groups. I don’t have any experience approaching multiple women at the same time so naturally the issue makes my approach anxiety more intense. Usually I’ll just wait till a girls on her own, then I’ll bust a move, but this is not a common thing. My only practical choice is to learn how to approach multiple women on my own.

What is your game plan when approaching 2+ women? – Do you just say fuck it and dive in? – Is there even a difference?

I’ll have to find out tonight.


My first piece of advice is this: Don’t worry about it. That is, don’t feel like you have to make excuses for your solitary night out. Talk to the groups of girls with the same self-assurance you’d have if a couple of your male friends were tagging along. If you aren’t concerned about what women will think of you spending a night out on your own, then the women won’t be concerned either. Remember, it is the nature of woman to fall in line with a strong man’s self-perception. Woman follows, man leads.

Having said that, I understand it’s not so easy for inexperienced or introverted men to simply summon an endless fount of confidence when they’re lone wolfing and trying to meet girls. For these men, I suggest an innocuous verbal trick I use when I’m solo and I have to approach a group of girls (or any mixed set) which makes the introduction a lot easier. Say, “I’m waiting for my tardy friends and getting bored so I figured I say Hi to you guys in the meantime.”

If you get in with the group, they’ll eventually forget that you had friends planning to arrive so you don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse for why you’re still there alone. If one of the girls does ask later what happened to your friends who were supposed to show up, you can at that point either tell her you made that up as an excuse to meet her (she’ll be flattered) or you can say “knowing my buddies, they’re probably tied up to a hooker’s bed”. Which is a sort of jerkboy-by-association DHV.

One last relevant factor I should mention. Approaching groups of girls solo is never as daunting as it seems from a distance and from inside your head. The reality is much kinder to your prospects, because individual girls within a group have a tendency to self-detach when they catch the vibe that one of their own is interested in the man talking to her. Girls are generally very perceptive and clued into cues of romantic excitation emanating from other women, especially if those other women are friends. Following a fundamental Game strategy, you’d befriend the group, tease your target (“who brought their bratty little sister?”), and gradually refocus your lovingkindness on the girl you really like, at which point the other girls will get the hint and peel off to talk among themselves or flirt with that guy wearing the MAGA hat.

The one exception to the above in-field rule is the fatty cockblock, but you should already have a plan for dealing with her before you open the set. If you don’t recall your Game teachings, make nice with the potential cockblock first so that she doesn’t feel excluded when you eventually turn your attention to her hot friend. If you’re out solo, handling cockblocks can be a challenge, as you won’t have backup to throw themselves on the grenade. But that challenge difficulty level can also work in your favor. When the cute girl witnesses you expertly defuse her bitter cockblock friend without male friends to provide you air support, it boosts your “grace under pressure” alpha cred.


  1. on October 13, 2016 at 7:32 am Ponce du Lion

    A lonely man introducing himself to a group of women? That wasn’t just a myth or something belonging to the theoretical realm?
    Kidding, I only have problem with groups of more than 3


    • on October 13, 2016 at 8:33 am Captain Obvious

      With the nice girls, all you have to do is say “Hello.” But with the ladder-climbing socially-stratifying elitist nihilist c*nts, they are very likely to completely ignore* anything that you say to them. Increasingly, with these would-be elitists w!tches, if they sense what they consider to be social inferiority in you, then it’s as though you don’t even exist [and, to a certain extent, from their point of view, you do NOT exist]. Personally, I have zero time for their ilk, but if you want to make any inroads towards Vaghalla, then fake the supremacy, and NEG HARD & NEG RUTHLESSLY & NEG UNAPOLOGETICALLY**.

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      • on October 13, 2016 at 8:34 am Captain Obvious

        *It’s so terribly disappointing to waste a really clever & insightful & funny line on some sorority sister, or MBA/MD/JD/PhD studentette, or untenured professorette, with an IQ down around 120 or 130, who complete ignores you because, in the impenetrable fog of her ladding-climbing arrogance, she mistakes you for a townie. You can always try going overtly “townie” on her, but you’ve got to figure out a way to signal to her Hamster that you’re a serial k!ller who’s into asphyxiation phantasies or somesuch.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 8:36 am Captain Obvious

        **But for Negs to work, you’ve got to get them to listen to the dadgum Negs in the first place. A neg that they ignore is just a complete waste of your mental energy in conjuring it and the breathe which you exhale in speaking it. Not to mention the toll which it exacts on your pride.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 8:49 am Captain Obvious

        About a year or two ago, I’m at the swimming pool, and there’s this untenured professorette of geography [roughly HB7] in the lane next to me, and I start bantering: “Okay, what’s the capital of Gondwanaland?” SHE: “I dunno.” ME: “Uh, okay, uh, what’s the difference between Budapest and Bucharest?” SHE: “I dunno.” And I’m standing there in the pool thinking to myself: How the f*ck do I neg a chick whose mind has been so badly poisoned by The Frankfurt School that she is completely oblivious to the fact that she has no competence whatsover in her ostensible specialty? But in the meantime, she spotted a couple of phaggots [literal s0d0mites, probably “[email protected]”], from her geography department, at the other end of the pool, and she ran off to talk to them BECAUSE HER HAMSTER PERCEIVED THAT THEY WERE OF HER SOCIAL STRATUM.



        sadly, yes…her limbic system has been overstimulated from years of try-hard male come-ons, so the only thing it’s sensitive to is borderline pain, delivered by a guy who’s simply entertaining himself, to his favorite zfg tune.

        but that doesn’t let you off the hook from being artful about it. multi-layered, cause-and-effect negs with more than a few grains of truth get more traction than a single layered one that a fourth grader could’ve thought up. women screen hard to weed out immediate gratification tendencies, so they want to see some effort in your pickup lines.

        an opener I used recently was, “that’s an interesting scar (on her cheekbone). did somebody lose patience with you?”, said with a grin. astute observation. implied life drama, dhv, etc. it worked.

        by contrast, I overheard a guy strike out with a girl by making the easiest, most obvious, boring observation. “are those shoes comfortable?”. she was polite, which was all the situation called for. then she went on about her day.

        point is, you have to stimulate their curiosity, but not they’re defenses. a girl told me recently that girls are put off by guys who approach girls in “hunter/predator mode”, and/or who don’t take a moment to gauge her openness, which most of the time is pretty low. what she’s saying is, unless she’s giving you IOIs, you must enter her space tangentially, allowing her the option to open the door to your attention gradually, rather than you trying to pry her open like an oyster.


      • Speaking of negs.

        I once unwittingly negged an HB9 after having fornicated with her. She was quite versatile in the manner of all sorts of sexual positions and the like, trying hard to impress.

        After our session I said rather flippantly “You’re quite the sexual athlete, aren’t you?” and she seemed rather hurt by what I said. And to clarify, I didn’t really intend it to be as a neg (I guess she took it as one) but my subconscious must have conjured up the heartbreaking shiv. She was basically a party girl coming off the carousel looking to settle down (I looked like a good bet), so my words cut quite deeply.

        She was quite cold though and you needed the heart of a true sociopath to get her to feign any long term interest in you. Was tired of playing the game, started acting my regular self and soft nexted her for a nicer girl.


      • Excellent comments by both plumpjack and Hitfan. Good to see some commentators commenting on getting ass, for a change. Sometimes it seems like this whole place is only betas, who hear the magical tune of the alpha and just shrug into Team Alpha Jersey, while not discarding the little boy betaness.

        One quick correction, though: The assertion that “prying a girl open” is bad is, IMO, not quite right. If you are glittering enough, she WILL like to be pried open — directly and forcefully. I can only assume that any counter-experience is due to either a flaw of methodology, or a lower looks level. No offense.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:07 am Captain Obvious

        “that’s an interesting scar. did somebody lose patience with you?” ——— That’s an awesome line, but now imagine delivering it and she acts as though you don’t even exist [and with some of these elitist c*nts, it might be possible that, absent pre-established Social Stratum Value on your part, she really is not aware that you’re standing next to her]. The key for lone wolves on the prowl is to snap her mind out of the Gramscian Cocoon of Anti-Reality and get her engaged with you for at least a brief few seconds. At some point, kino may well be required – instead of hover hand, grab her by the whatever [small of the back? the triceps? the shoulder?] and lean in and force her to listen to the line.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:22 am Captain Obvious

        HF, what does it say about the depths to which our society has sunk that you only stumble upon the Truth about Reality when you accidentlly blurted out something that you never would have said if you had taken a moment to think about it? And yet, that one unintended super-Neg probably did more to bind her to you emotionally than anything gracious or kind or polite or gentle or thoughtful which you could have said in its place.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:34 am Abraham Lincoln

        You may be overestimating the IQ of an untenured professorette. The bell curve is significantly narrower for women, so the vast majority of female “professors” will have been affirmative actioned into their positions, meaning they will be strikingly inferior to the straight white men who otherwise might have been professors.

        Unless you’re talking about the top couple dozen schools, in which case maybe they did manage to find some semi-intelligent women, but I suspect it isn’t.

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      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:58 am Captain Obvious

        O/T, but Jesus H Christ, I’d hate to go to a quota-hire doctorette [MD] with an IQ less than 120. On topic: I’m seeing this more & more with the breakdown of society and the retreat of the elites behind their gated compounds [both physically & psychologically], where we are quickly losing the great American middle class ethic of being able to engage one another [even strangers] in simple everyday conversation. These elitists really do not want to be caught dead talking to anyone whom they perceive [correctly or incorrectly] to be a townie [== a “cutter”, in Breaking Away speak].


    • Grab her pussy. 50 shades of deplorable!

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    • Let’s take a second here during a game post to congratulate CH for the victory in the general culture we are all now experiencing. The election (win or lose) is a symptom of that victory, not its cause. The essential triumph has already begun, and there is no possible way to snuff it out now.

      The reason CH uses a pen name is testimony to the unexpectedness of the victory. I have been generally optimistic that the culture would have to gradually turn back to men if it were to survive, but we all must admit to being astonished at the rapidity with which the entire milieu has changed.

      Trump’s candid discussion with Billy Bush about women’s behavior around alpha males is the equivalent of a 2006 CH blog post. But instead of being distributed by a pseudonymous author like samizdat from a secret chateau, it was said by the next president of the United States — who will be the next president in very large part because he applied that “crimson” knowledge to politics.

      Politics is downstream from culture, and we collectively anticipated the revolution down here in the online ghetto, we applied it to our lives, and now it is operable in the culture. Many understood the essential insight — that boys will always be boys, even if they are made illegal, and women will illegally love them for it — but CH gets credit for understanding its connection to power in general. Hence, his gradual transformation away from pick-up basics, which can be summarized and transmitted quickly, to the arena of power, which has an unlimited number of applications.

      It may be time to drop the anonymity. Not all at once in a useless, grandiose, and still suicidal gesture. But with this culture shift, one may want to slowly begin knitting back together one’s split identities and become less shy about possible exposure (cf. Mike Cernovich, formerly “Danger&Play”; cf. the resurrection of Ricky Vaughn). They can’t snuff us out without a trace now that Trump has “taken the slings and arrows” on our behalf. (See his pivotal speech today in Florida, it belongs in the history books.) The paper tiger of the left has been exposed. They cannot intimidate or credibly threaten us anymore.

      Each man’s mileage may vary, depending on what “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” are individually at stake. But Trump had more to lose than perhaps any of us, and he pushed it all to the center of the table, showing us the way it will be done in the second revolutionary era.

      We return to and participate in this site — despite the almost insufferable technical difficulties — because here and only here was the essential insight developed and maintained and ultimately applied to the world beyond the author’s original mandate, many years before the greater culture caught on. Now the rest of the West is beginning to thrill to the dark wisdom, and now is our moment.


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      • Beautiful writing and powerful Matt. I watched Trump’s Florida speech last night and it is indeed historical (sentient links it below). He is rich, can bang any chick and has a beautiful family. He does not need to subject himself to the constant attempts to destroy his character and family, but he does it for the greater good. That speech was his best one yet.

        “Many understood the essential insight — that boys will always be boys, even if they are made illegal, and women will illegally love them for it — but CH gets credit for understanding its connection to power in general.”



  2. Can we save the touchy feely shit until after the election


    • Approach the table and say, “Any of you ladies going to help make America great again?” If one smiles…SHE is the one you want to buy a drink and focus on, even if she is not the best looking one in the group. Political identity at this time in America (as well as Europe) is imperative, especially if you want a family and happy home life.

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  3. One quick addendum to what I said earlier.

    Women in groups are almost bound to have one cockblocker. Especially when drinking, cockblocker-porkers get aroused and righteous. They like to think they’re entertaining women, when all they’re doing is using women’s group-peace-default-mode to parasitize on the group.

    If you encounter a cockblocker in a group, shun her like the wind. This is easy to do. Be like the Mormons with someone suggesting Jeebus never made it NorAm. Just back-turn on her. It DOES work. I’ve done it myself, to my vast personal enjoyment. Fat fuck down, problem solved.


  4. Whorefinder’s patented, never-fail openings to a group when I’m lone wolfin’ it:

    “So, you guys every watch those reverse-gangbang videos?”

    “Cowgirl or doggie style?”

    “Does this smell like chloroform to you?”

    “Wanna wear my Trump hat?”

    Nuke it from orbit rape!

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    • Ha ha… Actually I love to bring up the topic of pick up lines and hit them with the chloroform one with a cocktail napkin.

      Guaranteed arm punch every time if you play it serious.


    • this.


    • “Wanna wear my Trump hat?”

      Due to my accidentally buying my first trump hat from some cheap Chinese sourced garbage, I have 2 MAGA hats. I can see the fun in going out and asking girls if they want to wear my extra hat. The town I’m in I’d probably get slapped but it would be fun.


    • ‘It’s nice to see the lesbian community represented tonight’


  5. My definition of “cockblocker” is rather expansive. It’s ANY BITCH who does not love you right away.

    So, by that definition, Ironpusher would be a cockblocker to my sexual-literary studly greatness.


  6. on October 13, 2016 at 7:45 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

    “Good. You don’t recognize who I am. I wasn’t sure if the clean shave and no entourage would fool the paparazzi.”



    “The full results from Sunday night’s debate are in, and Donald Trump has come from behind to take the lead over Hillary Clinton”

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    • *faps furiously*

      On the downside, Scott Adams has reversed course, believes the recent allegations against Trump will sink him and give us President Hillary.

      So worried rape!

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      • I think Adams made the “switch” to save his brand. He’s backing Johnson but calls him a pothead that doesn’t know where Aleppo is

        He went with Clinton for his own protection. I think he still likes Trump but has lost business due to supporting him and after the stupid tape, realized it would hurt his business more

        And, he’s getting prime ass, so and the end of the day, he’s having fun.


      • Vox Day called him a Gamma a long time ago, so there’s that I guess.


      • Who will be the first woman to be raped by Hilly’s invited “refugees”? Those who voted for her will be responsible.

        We are talking about many thousands of women who will be raped in the coming years by the flood of immigrants, a million a year. Just ONE of those cases should be enough reason not to allow Hillary to keep the borders open, shouldn’t it?

        But the media hide the rapes already taking place. And focus every day on something Trump said long ago. Never mentioning that he is the one who would actually protect women. It’s incredible.

        As for these groping accusations released now – what a coincidence that they come right after the tape was released! Not a month ago. Not five months ago. Not ten months ago. No, exactly now. To build a “narrative” right before the election.

        The Democrats and their media have billions of dollars at their disposal, millions of operatives and control of local and federal institutions. They also lead around a hundred of million or so brainwashed citizens. Of course they can scramble up a handful of women who can accuse Trump of groping. After having spent more than a year making it their one and only top priority to stop Trump. Hell, they should be able to organize a thousand women parroting the same thing by now.

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      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:27 am Captain Obvious

        ATTENTION TEAM TRUMP: Hagar just made an outstanding point. Use it in the final debate!!!!! Use the example of the 5y.o. girl in Idaho who just got [email protected] by the sh!tskins.


      • Scott Adams has a decent eye for the hidden psychological detail after having read Cialdini’s books, and so he stumbled onto the key insight about Trump that we have known around here for years.

        Feeling peppy about his prediction-non-prediction that Trump is an unusual candidate who might just shift the political dynamic, he began losing the plot by speaking only in hyperbole. “In October it will seem like Trump is running unopposed.” He thinks he is being masterly persuasive a la Trump by changing his endorsements around and speaking ironically, but in truth, they are just expressions of panic. E.g., today he said that the Trump accuser used the word “octopus” and that was a Cialdinian game changer. WTF?

        Look, the guy is just trying to cash in on his temporary notoriety in order to convince himself his spacey philosophies are real. Read his books. They’re okay, but he seriously overestimates the value of his own thoughts. Stick with CH, the original. Adams is coming late to the essential insight, from a different angle, and with some strange baggage.

        Whenever he tries to expand on his theories, he goes way out of his depth and becomes as cartoonish as his day-job creations. He thinks the world is The Matrix, and that Trump would not just win but fundamentally alter our perception of reality forever. Ease the fuck down, Scotty.


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      • E.g., today he said that the Trump accuser used the word “octopus” and that was a Cialdinian game changer. WTF?

        False. He said the whole story, with all the accusations, was changing things. Not that word alone. He only said it is very good persuasion, which it is.

        Look, the guy is just trying to cash in on his temporary notoriety in order to convince himself his spacey philosophies are real.

        Scott Adams has had a sharper analysis of Trump and Hillary than any person in the media.

        And you do the usual leftist thing, accusing him of writing to make money. Same accusation the Democrats/media use against Trump. The truth is Scott Adams has been losing enormously on this, as his speeches are cancelled throughout the year. Same as Trump, who has probably lost more than a billion dollars.

        Low. Typical leftist BS tactics.


      • and that Trump would not just win but fundamentally alter our perception of reality forever.

        Either you’re really dumb or you’re lying by omission. Adams doesn’t mean Trump would change our perception of colors or gravity or oxygen when he says Trump is changing our perception. A Trump victory would change the paradigm in politics.

        You are really acting just like a leftist here, King. I’ll remember that name and watch, though I bet you’ll just change the handle and post the same crap.


      • Matt King may be many things, but neither leftist nor typical.

        Check your premises… not all who chide are enemies, and not all who praise are friends.

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      • I never thought I’d see a paid shill for Scott Adams. Please tell me you aren’t trolling pro bono. Worst possibility: you’re Scott himself.

        Let me correct you on a couple things, mastur persuader, then send you along. “Cash in” is a common turn of phrase not always meant literally. I said he is using his sudden notoriety to extrapolate his (illegitimate) feelings of vindication onto the sophomoric theories of ontology he gleaned from Dale Carnegie and the Wachowski Sisters, et. al.

        And very much contrary to the Scottian persuasion analysis, you continue your literalism by parsing my throwaway comment about the word “octopus.” The point is, he overestimated the Cialdinian genius of that term — and more likely is unconsciously expressing his own disgust that simply has found no purchase with anyone outside of himself.

        Come on, would Scott be so diverted by literalism as you are? And in case you didn’t notice, Adams is very much respectful (if not childishly worshipful) of what you call “typical leftist bs tactics.”

        But do stay tuned for my screenname change and future sock puppeting — in five years posting here, I am widely known for that. You can even be the Scott Adams of this website, searching for the secret signature of Kingzilla in every comment you see.


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    • I think Adam’s, after mainlining a shit ton of RP after his divorce…. ha snow moved on to blow and E and banging hotties…

      Brain is Addled Rape!

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      • I don’t know about the drugs, but even he would agree that banging a hottie would compromise his objectivity, and he might even believe what she says.


    • When the cute girl witnesses you expertly defuse her bitter cockblock friend without male friends to provide you air support, it boosts your “grace under pressure” alpha cred.



    • This paragraph from the Rasmussen Reports article caught my eye:

      “Trump has 75% support among Republicans, nearly identical to Clinton’s 76% backing among Democrats. He has 15% of the Democratic vote; she picks up 13% GOP support. Trump holds a double-digit advantage among voters not affiliated with either major political party.”


  8. The BETA YORK TIMES has an article today on Trump’s HORRIBLE HORRIBLE *back hand to mouth* ALPHA BEHAVIOR:

    If you can’t read it, it sums by saying that two chicks — two RANDOM chicks who can CLAIM ANYTHING THEY WANT — are accusing Trump of basically molesting them in a criminal way.

    Now . . . even if true, DID THE WOMEN ENCOURAGE HIM, by flirting, by touching, by ANYTHING that gave him the green light? These old biddies (look at their hideous photos in the piece) would CONVENIENTLY forget about their coquettish behavior — JUST LIKE A WOMAN.

    The Beta Times has been displaying its liberal creds like a whore on Sherbourne Street in my Toronto displaying her titties and her tats. One more fucking outburst from them and they oughtta be bitchslapped — preferably by a Muslim terrorist who they always support lovingly, dynamiting their headquarters off Times Square in New Yawk.


  9. *pleasantly*

    To read more Sorcerygod, please click on my name, won’t you?


  10. CH – mod help?


  11. I’m waiting for some enterprising young shitlords (or shitladies, more convincingly) to just start alleging, 3 weeks before the election, that Hillary Clitless groped them. It appears to take nothing more than that to be a “scandal”.


  12. Voter registration in Florida has been extended until October 18. (It was an Eskimo judge who extended registration, and you can be sure he didn’t do it to help Trump; but let’s make the most of it.)

    Spread the word to any Whites you know — and if you’re in Florida do what you can to hit up working-class White neighborhoods and get people registered.

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    • Interesting. Considering that Hillary has a much better ground game than Trump, an extension would be expected to help Trump relatively more.


  13. on October 13, 2016 at 9:00 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)


    “Funneling money to ISIS”

    I remember being a tinfoil hat retard in 2014 for suggesting that ISIS was a blue tribe creation.


  14. lol-worthy

    “Powerful White Man uses superior technology to subjugate savage browns and SJWs protesting ‘KKKolumbus’. This guy is the Undisputed King of Columbus Day!”

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    • lololz!

      as usual the comments on the video are priceless


      • on October 13, 2016 at 1:42 pm Oleaginous Outrager

        “Came for the dead communists, stayed for the comments!”

        I’m simply amazed that the top-rated comment is still up on YT, which is nearly as converged as Twitter.


    • Well, the guy is fucked unless he can get a good shyster to plead self-defense… the mob outside the car was clearly saying “I’ll fuck you up”, so he can make a case… thin, though… he should have waited until someone reached in his car and threw a punch.


    • There’s a “new” Twilight Zone (or Outer Limits?) episode where a man’s indifference to other people is punished with lawful “invisibility.” Everybody behaves as if he isn’t there.

      I think ignoring a national border would be appropriately punished by “invisibility.”


      • Way back in the day, they called it “banning and shunning”… granted, in a society of plenty, both food and distractions, it might not have the powerful effect it once did… when most individuals truly DID depend upon their community for survival.

        But it might be a good tradition to revive nonetheless.


  15. Great advice. For more info read Mystery’s Cat string theory. Be interesting to your target by addressing the group first to intrigue her. Identify the cock block (usually tries to get her friends attention back, “were leaving”
    “she has a boyfriend”) and disarm it by throwing her some attention at the onset. Disarm the cockblock is key.

    Easy lazy ones:

    Situational openers are always easy as hell

    -Do you guys know where the bathroom is?
    -Whoa, what is that?! (About their drink/food/hat/whatever)
    -Did you see that (the drunk guy who fell, the waiter who broke a glass, etc.)

    -If I see a girl standing next to me holding an empty glass, I say “oh perfect” and throw a piece of trash/ empty glass in her hand holding the empty glass and then wait for her indignant look, bust the smirk

    -Standing in line at the bar, so what brings you guys out tonight


    Grab her by the pussy 😉

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  16. One thing the neocons go crazy about is when a man in say his 50’s is going out with hot, hot American women in their 20’s. It really hits them to the core. I like it. It is kind of like a personal F-U.


  17. A few things

    First the whole “going out solo” is a negative thing is a complete myth. It is as powerful as rolling in the center of a 10 person group – IF you have the right frame.

    some go to comments if it is even asked that is

    “yeah I’m bored, out to see what is going on. so what’s going on?”, “Got thirsty”, “in town for a few nights, what other places are good around here”, “I do what I want to when I want to [with laser]”, “most of my friends can’t keep up with me, you think YOU can?”…

    Basic things that all say I AM. and set the frame. and then you are poised to challenge them, tease, inquire etc.

    On approaching groups… same thing, it is a myth that it is low value. It is a huge DHV if you have a good frame. Your frame is not one of seeking inclusion, it is one of indifference or modest curiosity…

    I either FORCE them to open via proximity and IGNORING them, with strong alpha body language or just dive right in with a head nod and some cold reads…


    • Good stuff, Sentient. Back when I hung out with some friends—the types of guys that would only approach or seek out 6’s–I realized I was better alone and could operate smoother.

      My wit was too fast for them and though at times they were good chums, I was too advanced for them. Had to break away.

      I’m almost always going solo–well, not to clubs and the like–but going it alone frees you up from extra weight if the people you’re with are a bore, become little bitches or just weigh you down. It gives you greater maneuverability and I hadn’t figured on the DHV factor.


      • Yes when you are with most guys you are going to end up competing with them… especially if some of your guys are WK’s at heart. It is super rare to get a wing that will help you out at PussyGrabbing time…

        Cut the Dead Weight Rape!


    • agree on all sent’s and mendos points. also, find the weakest point of entry to a group. if there’s a guy, he’s your in.

      if it’s all girls, the girl who’s least secure in the group, the ‘pleaser’, if you will, is your ticket vagville. she’s a terrible gatekeeper, pliable.

      after she lets you in the gate you work your way to the alpha of the group, the queen bee. she’s often the easiest to game (initially, at least) because all you have to do is mostly ignore her while you chat up the others.

      read some books on group dynamics to enhance your girl-herd psyops skills. a “group of girls” is actually a dynamic entity that you can learn to play as well as you play the skin flute.


      • damn m o d

        try again if multiple posts not my fault

        Example of group dynamics pu add the first part of the CH url



      • Bar Posture forces open…

        “Get to the bar… there was a stool open between two older women (late 40’s) having dinner and three younger girls (mid 20’s) so I take it [game concept – proximity – conscious choice to be in a favorable social situation]. I don’t look at the young girls or the older women, just chat the bartender (dude) and order a drink and assume “bar posture” [consciously taking up space and projecting… arms spread past shoulders hands flat on bar, straight back, head up, bringing my drink up to my lips slowly… every movement thought out. Not thirsty for females].”


    • I like Sentient’s domineering attitude alot and can attest it works.

      But I have to slag Sentient’s intros. They suck.

      Myself, I IMMEDIATELY go personal and intimate with girl I’m targeting to lay. I DO NOT do general comments, vague boring lines. I say, for example,

      “You look like a sensitive person. Why are you frowning tonight?”


      “Your hairstyle looks good tonight. I can see you aren’t dyeing it anymore, your hair has totally relaxed and recovered.”

      Everything personalized. Everything intimate. There’s no need to bother with negs if you engage on a 1-on-1 level.

      It is CRUCIAL to become REAL to her. Vague lines like Sentient suggests (“yea, i’m just out on the town”) are limp. I strongly recommend you try my approach and his and see if you don’t agree.

      But again, the domineering thing IS correct.


  18. “CH please ban incel virgins Rape!”

    Really? He seemed to confirm your domineering attitude. Sure he didn’t agree with your intros.. But a ban? Maybe I am missing something. I am not some great defender of SG but is he really causing that much disruption? I don’t mind a different perspective every now and then. Again, maybe I missed something.


    • on October 13, 2016 at 10:53 am Captain Obvious

      Go away (((Skype))).


    • on October 13, 2016 at 10:58 am Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)

      I think CH and SG would be a formidable writing duo.


    • You both are causing much disruption.


      • “You both are causing much disruption.”



      • Dweeb really showing his true colors now… doing the usual tactic of creating his own dictionary in the attempt to shame.

        Newsflash, schmuck… understandably annoyed at some outed (((pismire))) does not mean “fragile”.

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    • The retarded comments are one thing, but the non-stop shilling for his/her/its own blog is over the top annoying.


    • Putin

      “I don’t mind a different perspective every now and then. Again, maybe I missed something.”

      Well I don’t need this kind of “different perspective” thank yee very much. You go on…


      • and I ain’t missin’ it!


      • Putin “doesn’t mind” SG’s (ahem) perspective… birds of a feather divert and distract together… and those two clowns need all the help they can get, if they’re gonna keep submitting timeslips on shekels owed.


      • LOL. Wow, things have really gotten sensitive.

        Note to self, do not critique Sentient on his game.


      • “I think we should stop calling them neocons”-

        Greg Eliot


      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:42 am Captain Obvious

        This is a new tactic that Director Tamir Pardo has instructed the JIDF to deploy – throw as much vomit/diarrhea at the wall as possible, in order to completely ruin Shkotzim dialogue coherence. Some JIDF tool named “jroll” [might even be the same JIDF operative as Sorcery C*nt] is now doing it over at MPC:

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      • Your bullshit attempt at a neener-neener didn’t work the first time, and here you are trying again for the fourth? What was that definition of insanity again?

        Every time you come up with your inane bullshit, you keep proving my point that you’re just a shill trying to divert attention from what are presumably (((your kind))).

        Notice how so many others are starting to pick up on it, Pooty-poot…

        … and here I thought (((you))) were supposed to be smart?

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      • “I think we should stop calling (((them))) neocons”-

        Greg Eliot

        FIFY, just for the record, since Puffin apparently couldn’t lie straight in his own bed.


      • “you’re just a shill trying to divert attention from what are presumably (((your kind))).”

        HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Just saw this. I had a suspicion there was a few of you who were caught up in this fetish.

        VALIDATED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        So I called your peoples bullshit out and VIOLA! I must have some Jew in me. That is how it works right? Use a little group think SS tactics to keep the silent majority in line and what do you have.


        I fuckin scare myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Your steadfast refusal to answer a straight question is what puts you under (((shill))) suspicion, Puffin.

        Here’s one more chance:

        You keep railing about the CIA and neocons and every thing else political with a gentile facade that’s subverting the West, but never name the (((tribal))) influence that is so overt, folks here often refer to the latter as neocohens.

        So why is that, Puff?

        What can’t you admit that your nefarious CIA and neocons and “Bush machine” and “Clinton machine” are mere tails of the dog being wagged by the its kosher (((head)))?

        It’s a simple question…

        Yet your only answers thus far are a) crickets, b) Synathedral shaming language (“fetish”), or c) an absurdly lame attempt to make it seem like I am defending the neocons… by your disingenuously and partially quoting a simple statement of mine, and out of context at that, about how that term is better written as (((neocon))) or the aforementioned neocohen.

        Ball in your court, bubbeleh.

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      • “Your steadfast refusal to answer a straight question is what puts you under (((shill))) suspicion, Puffin.

        Here’s one more chance:

        You keep railing about the CIA and neocons and every thing else political with a gentile facade that’s subverting the West, but never name the (((tribal))) influence that is so overt, folks here often refer to the latter as neocohens.

        So why is that, Puff?

        What can’t you admit that your nefarious CIA and neocons and “Bush machine” and “Clinton machine” are mere tails of the dog being wagged by the its kosher (((head)))?

        It’s a simple question…

        Yet your only answers thus far are a) crickets, b) Synathedral shaming language (“fetish”), or c) an absurdly lame attempt to make it seem like I am defending the neocons… by your disingenuously and partially quoting a simple statement of mine, and out of context at that, about how that term is better written as (((neocon))) or the aforementioned neocohen.

        Ball in your court, bubbeleh”

        You are fucked up in the head Greg. I am agnostic when it comes to Jews or any other group. Sure there are generalities. Blacks tend to be racist and ignorant. There are some bad Jews like Soros. But that is no excuse for sitting in you basement obsessing over Jewish plots and it is no way to go through life. Your fuckin wife hates you no doubt. Your daughters wonder why you cheer led them into the armed forces be whores for the corrupt government. You view life through this Jew or not Jew fetish. And let me tell you that it will be hard for you to break free from that type of a fetish. We are talking about a small percentage of people end up becoming normal. Ball in my court? WTF, the nut ball. I answered your fucking question but because of your reading comprehension problem you could not understand or remember. Why the FUCK would I be afraid to tell you if I was? Your fucking IQ is so low that you still have not figured out I have no fear to say if I was. You are too dumb to know that it just doesn’t matter. It is all a Jew plot regardless. Anything that does not go your way is a Jew plot so you keep asking the question.

        You think Trump would want to have any connection with you? LOL I have never seen anyone that wields so much bullshit as you.

        You think credible outlets like Zerohedge would take you seriously? You think Zerohedge somehow missed the big Jewish plot? Because for some reason Zerohedge is not reporting on the “Jews”.

        Puts me under suspicion? LOL, you sound like a fucking SS interrogator!!!!!

        You can take your Jew fetish bullshit and stick it up your butt buddies ass.

        And for the love of God get some help. You need it.


      • That’s an awful lot of words to still not answer the neocohen question, boy.

        Telling us NAJALT (DUH!) closed out of town long ago as a counter.

        And notice turning up to 11 the Synathedral shaming!

        What, again with the “basement dwelling”, “Jew fetish” and “you need (((help))) playbook script of usual suspect outhouse psychology…

        … let alone bringing my family into it with lurid imaginings of my wife hating me and outlandish “daughters in the military” fantasie?

        I rest my case… no need to paint the peacock when Puffin keeps making it for me.


    • blah


  19. hilarious. Podesta’s twitter hacked yesterday:

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    • lolzzolzozlz lolzzolzozlz

      Not only is this the most important election in my lifetime, it is by far the most entertaining!


      • i don’t buy it. Podesta’s accounts don’t get hacked a second time.

        Ocham’s (or however you spell that) would suggest Podesta hacked his own account because he and his campaign need to blame either Russia or 4Chan for the world being so unfair and horrible and problematic and confusing and vote Hillary.


  20. Whats the response if I open up a two set and they say “were in a conversation already thanks”


    • “Fuck you cunt I play hockey!”


    • “No, you two were gossiping. Now that I’m here, it’s a conversation”


    • this is a legit complaint I hear from girls, a guy just inserting himself. imagine you were talking to a buddy and some low SMV cougar just barged into your conversation? you’d say the same thing.

      now, first, they came to a bar to catch up? right. they’re fair game. .

      did you gauge their openness? were they looking around with that look, “are we invisible?! is anyone going to talk to us?!” if not, then find something to do a few feet away, like engage in lively banter with someone else, the bar keep, waitress, etc.

      no need to throw yourself at their mercy. throw some chum out there and see what bites. lots of fish to be caught. don’t sweat the ones that get away. keep dropping your line in the water.


      • on October 13, 2016 at 11:49 am Captain Obvious

        > “don’t sweat the ones that get away. keep dropping your line in the water.” ——— I was thinking about making that point earlier. So much of this depends on EXPERIENCE from interacting with the established [or emerging] hyper-localized Social Strata which you are encountering. And the only way to get any useful experience is to grow a sufficiently thick skin [== force your Inner Frame sufficiently deeply into ZFG] that you can persist [== not give up and quit] long enough to accumulate enough failures to be able to decode the hyper-localized Social Strata [and then to start enjoying success instead of failure].


      • “the only way to get any useful experience is to grow a sufficiently thick skin [== force your Inner Frame sufficiently deeply into ZFG”

        yup. and your skin gets thicker the deeper your bench is.


      • you could also just stand there and start crying. never tried it but could work as an agree-and-amplify/zfg trick. would be entertaining, if done with a touch of lightness. definitely not the typical butthurt response theyve come to expect.


      • “Spoken like a pro incel.”

        And you are banging what Ripp? 5’s, 6’s? Seriously.


    • I would go with ignore. But then I am no expert at short game.

      I have tremendous success with long game though. Been building a nice little empire which takes about 6-12 months min.


    • Say “youre cute” and keep going like it was nothing. or smirk, say nothing and keep going. or tease “wow sparks are flying already”, “who brought their little sister” like CH said above. The key is have fun and hold frame, don’t enter her frame of “we are having conversation go away” make her enter your frame of “Hey girls the wait is over im here time for the party to start”

      I have had many experiences where as soon as i move in one girl tries to shut it down, be a bitch etc. When i was a noob it would shake my frame, make me flinch in my body language/sub comms or i was flustered and didnt know what to say. After 30-40 times you start to see how the tide works. Now I ignore it by being dominant, teasing, talking over her, being an interesting guy (cat string theory). Usually in any group of girls (even a 2 set) there is one ball breaker who is in charge of scaring away unwanted guys.

      When you learn how to disarm them, you will notice they usually become the one most talkative and engaging with you. They just want to see if you flinch man. They are hoping you don’t in their deepest loins but they have to make sure are the real deal. If you can’t handle approaching, they know you don’t have much game and since they have unlimited options, next. Don’t get mad get out there and approach.

      Learn to handle rejection so you don’t flinch and smirk instead in that moment. Treat them like your bratty little sister trying to tell you to buzz off. You got this man its all about numbers just approach approach approach. Read sentient’s advice above, he has great stuff. Think of trump “You’d be in jail”. Double down and steamroll, don’t flinch (But with a smirk, not butt-hurt).
      Another great tip is be friendly to everyone. Ya Really has talked about that a lot. Don’t stand at the bar silent for 40 minutes and then approach only the hot girl who every guy is checking out. Start by bantering with the bartender, flirting with waitresses, talking to guys on death row about what’s on the tv. Learn to start sets everywhere, even ones with no women because they show your social value when you are walking around and know half the people in the bar. You can do this as a townie but it works for business travelers like sentient too if you do it right.

      Great trick I learned from Yareally: Get to the club a little early. Get in line. Talk to the people in front and back of you, small talk just being friendly “What brings you out tonight?” type shit. When you get toward the front of the line, say “my friends just got here” or just slip away. Get back in line and do this 2-3 more times. When you finally enter the club, be social and have fun. Now it’s a hour later, and you are bumping into the various people/groups you met earlier in line. Easy way to merge sets and show your social value. Try it, works really great especially when you lone wolf it. I agree with sentient’s post above, there is a power in going lone wolf that is hard to describe. Its all you. You are making it all happen.

      Tons of great stuff, just google Yareally archive he has a website and its searchable. He is also over at rational male in the comment’s section.


    • My sister-in-law is a master of this belittling bullshit, which works well on folks not prepared for it. I like plumpjack’s response, but any toddler game reaction is generally good.


    • A good all around response when a girl acts slightly bitchy with other people around is “is she always like this?” Theres better responses based on situations but if you cant think of anything say this. Anyone that responds is open to talking and most likely nice. If no one responds then you walked into a pit of c^nts and you gave em a little perpective


  21. Groups of women are much easier than a mixed bag because this day in age are usually interested in going out and acting slutty.

    The game gets harder when there is a fatty cock block or a hapless beta orbiter.


    • This day and age

      Without further ado

      Toe the line

      You’ve got another think coming

      Racking my brain

      On tenterhooks

      Waiting with bated breath

      Statute of limitations

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  22. Some of Jessica Leeds’ story of sharing First Class with Trump raises eyebrows.

    a. There is her mixing of the rather subdued and gradual “He started encroaching on my space” into the vivid description of an abrupt out-of-control groping by Trump.

    “It was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. He started encroaching on my space…. He was like an Octopus. It was like he had six arms. He was all over the place”

    b. There is her comment–with a grin on her face?–that if Trump had limited his touch to her upper body, then …?

    “If he had stuck with the upper part of the body, I might not have gotten. . . . I might not have gotten that upset.” (Smiling as she says this)

    What did she mean by this?


    • “What did she mean by this?”

      2nd Base.

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      • I do not know if you are kidding, but your comment prompted the reflection that at no point does she say that Trump’s alleged advances were unwanted or unwelcome or that she protested or resisted. Until Trump allegedly moved below the waist.

        “It was a real shock” in that she was not expecting to be making out with a stranger on an airplane?

        What we may have here, accepting everything she has said as true, is an account of a consensual cuddle/makeout session that she cut short either when it went it started to go farther than she wanted it to or when she became self-conscious of their being in a public place.


      • And if that’s the correct interpretation, and assuming Trump stopped when she let it be known he was going too far, well…

        … what exactly did he do wrong again?

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    • If she was so upset at the time, why didn’t she report the (ahem) abuse? Billionaire in the news constantly, there they are flying first class, of all things… sounds like an easy pay day to me.

      But now 30 years later? Whoever thinks this passes the smell test has better check their premises as well as their sinuses.


      • That’s exactly what Trump just said at his rally today. Why wait this long when she could have done so right then and there and made even more news by doing as such.


      • The fact that he has to even answer these media teapot tempests pisses me off…

        … reminds me of some of the shilling that goes on around here…. if you ignore it, the dweebs “lol” and claim victory… if you answer it, it’s but grim satisfaction because it wasted your time and diverted from the more important task at hand.

        And when you call them on their dweebery in righteous anger, you merely get the girlish giggle “u mad?” and off they slink to do it the next day on something else.

        Fuck this ghey earth.

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      • I hear ya, Greg.

        if you ignore it, the dweebs “lol” and claim victory… if you answer it, it’s but grim satisfaction because it wasted your time and diverted from the more important task at hand.

        Well said and all too true.


      • I gotta say, so far all these alleged bombshells related to Hillary’s e-mails are turning out to be duds, as far as how far they’re reverberating with the general populace.

        The faux Trump scandals seem to be what Joe and Jill Blow are familiar with, more’s the (((haid shakin’))) pity. 😦

        [CH: the latest rasmussen and morning consult polls have trump ahead of thecunt again. wikileaks hasn’t had an impact YET b/c the traitorous media is ignoring it. give it time to pervade the public consciousness, and it’ll be a death blow for thecunt.]


      • The Trump “scandals’ are the juicy stuff that the MSM has been pushing for years to sound important, while the HIllary stuff will go over their head as they do not understand the implications and do not want to understand

        IN fact, they expect it from their government.

        It’s a new Bonfire of the Vanities….a rich, powerful White man has “done wrong”


      • I gotta say, so far all these alleged bombshells related to Hillary’s e-mails are turning out to be duds, as far as how far they’re reverberating with the general populace.

        You got it completely backward. You think the people decide what reverberates? The PEOPLE? Who will sign a list cursing Donald Jr. for hunting pterodactyls and triceratops? They decide nothing. The MEDIA decide what is a scandal.

        Bill Clinton is a serial rapist – and his wife gets to run for president, because the media completely ignore it. Even though she threatened and smeared his rape victims. Hillary’s closest assistant has a husband who flirts with young girls on the internet, and the media decide it isn’t a scandal and nothing to ask Hillary to denounce.

        Hillary has taken part in mass murder of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not saying something bad on mike – mass killings by drones of any man walking in a designated “combat zone”. She took bribes to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, now used to murder thousands of civilians in Yemen, and cause mass starvation. If the media WANTED to, millions of Americans would be out in the streets screaming for her imprisonment, and they would be camping outside the White House demanding Obama’s eviction. The schools would be showing children pictures of bodies blown to bits. We are talking actual, real-life mass killings. And actual rapes committed by a candidate’s husband. If the media were anywhere near impartial, this would be out there every day.

        What the media ignore, people ignore. What the media scream about, people scream about. You hit on a truth calling them a “general populace” – they are just numbers, a factor to program, not real people.


      • This is true about most disputes when one party is more defensive than in command of facts.

        No number of Wikileaks emails will matter to people whose premise isn’t fact.

        I just looked out the window here. A huge black monster truck flew around a corner to beat a red light. The window was open so I could see the driver: a twenty-something blond with resting bitch face, feeling like the shit for being behind the wheel of that big truck. But splashed across the side, from top to bottom, was a logo in white block letters, maybe the name of a construction or motorworks company: HORR.

        That’s America. Whatever side she was on, that’s all we’re clinging to. HORR. Nothing from Assange short of a tactical nuke will save us from our own culture.


      • I see wikileaks regularly tops 1 million ‘ people are talking about’ it on Facebook. By far the biggest trending topic. I was pleased today that the comments relating to the ape woman were predominantly pro Trump.


      • Hagar, my man… you say I’ve got it backwards, and then violently agree with what I’m saying, namely, “the people”, outside of Trump rallies, don’t seem to be getting the message about Hillary and her past.

        Everyone by now has heard the issues with her record, and know about some thousands of e-mails… yet no bombshells thus far (that the MSM CAN’T ignore), nor people demanding more info from the MSM or availing themselves, as most do here, of alternative news sources.

        The average schmuck on the street is still parroting the “bigot, RAY-CISS, hates women” folderol.

        I’m hoping, if these e-mails really do contain dynamite, they’re not held until it’s too late for even the corrupt MSM to quash them for a day or two.

        Thus far, all I’m hearing from too many people are “she’s a crook, but he’s an idiot”.

        That said, I have noticed a slight increase the past few days of Trump signs, including some nice homemade ones… but still no Clinton signs, save the three that were on the same lawn I saw last week.


      • Hagar, my man… you say I’ve got it backwards, and then violently agree with what I’m saying, namely, “the people”, outside of Trump rallies, don’t seem to be getting the message about Hillary and her past.

        No, you said that the revelations about Hillary were duds, so that the general populace don’t care about them.

        I say people care about what the media tell them to care about. The revelations are not “duds”, as if they in themselves would turn out to not be interesting. They are ignored by the media. If the media wanted to, people would be shocked by the revelations every single day.


      • a twenty-something blond with resting bitch face

        You repeat what the media have told you, “Uh”. They tell you to call women with blonde hair “a blonde” and you obey. Every other group gets to be called a person, a woman, a man: “Black person,” “a Jewish man”, “an Asian woman”. The race or other description is only allowed as an adjective, so that the noun will be something shared with the readers.

        Except for blonde women. Only then does Hollywood make the description a noun, “a blonde,” so that the readers will feel separate from them. As if they are something alien.

        Time to open your eyes to propaganda in the language. I bet you say “they” about one person too, like the feminist media teach.


      • CH, if we need time because of the censoring media, then will those proposed leaks work about the “undoing of the democratic party” etc.? Because they will deliberately leak it on the 1st so they don’t have time to replace her.


    • “What did [her hindbrain] mean by this?”

      no one’s grabbing her pussy anymore.


  23. on October 13, 2016 at 11:56 am CBR600RR_Rider

    just heard God Emperor speak in West Palm Beach 🙂 now i feel better!


    • He’s been on fire this week. Knowing he crushed thecunt and how well he did on Sunday has given him a renewed vigor. It’s the final stretch of the marathon and he’s gliding in, while thecunt literally needs people helping her cross the finish, if she doesn’t keel over beforehand.


    • From what I’ve heard, he’s going full throttle against the lugenpresse.



      • Great post Corvo. I’ve been to several Trump rallies between primaries and post RNC.

        This is the best speech I’ve hear yet. despite the prompter…

        The first five minutes are electric. he is at war with the entire establishment…!

        a must listen.


      • hooooolllllyyyy shit! fuck yeah!


      • “This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government.”


      • “There is nothing the political establishment will not do — no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense. And that’s what’s been happening.

        The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exist for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.

        The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. As an example, just one single trade deal they’d like to pass involves trillions of dollars, controlled by many countries, corporations and lobbyists.

        For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests, they partner with these people that don’t have your good in mind. Our campaign represents a true existential threat like they haven’t seen before.”


      • The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories, and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries all around the world. Our just-announced job numbers are anemic. Our gross domestic product, or GDP, is barely above 1 percent. And going down. Workers in the United States are making less than they were almost 20 years ago, and yet they are working harder.

        But so am I working harder, that I can tell you.

        It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.


      • In my former life I was in insider, as much as anybody else. And I knew what it’s like, and I still know what it’s like to be an insider. It’s not bad, it’s not bad. Now I’m being punished for leaving the special club and revealing to you the terrible things that are going on having to do with our country. Because I used to be part of the club, I’m the only one that can fix it.

        I’m doing this for the people and for the movement, and we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again.

        The corrupt establishment knows that we are a great threat to their criminal enterprise. They know that if we win their power is gone, and it’s returned to you, the people, will be. The dark clouds hanging over our government can be lifted and replaced with a bright future. But, it all depends on whether we let the corrupt media decide our future, or whether we let the American people decide our future.


      • We will vote for the country we want; we will vote for the future we want; we will vote for the politics we want; and we will vote to put this corrupt government cartel out of business and out of business immediately.

        We will vote for the special interests and say lots of luck but, you’re being voted out of power. They’ve betrayed our workers, they’ve betrayed our borders and, most of all, they’ve betrayed our freedoms. We will save our sovereign rights as a nation. We will end the politics of profit; we will end the rule of special interests; we will end the raiding of our jobs by other countries; we will end the total disenfranchisement of the American voter and the American worker. Our Independence Day is at hand, and it arrives finally on November 8th.

        (APPLAUSE) Join me in taking back our country and creating a bright, glorious, and prosperous new future for our people. We will make America great again, and it will happen quickly.

        God bless you. God bless you. Thank you. Thank you.


      • It’s a great speech.

        He addresses the slander, by journalists who tried to do the same thing to him a few months ago. Twohey ran the false story that Trump would have said to a woman at a party, “I’d like to put you in a bikini”, took her inside, made her wear a bikini, then brought her out to the garden again and told people to look at her.

        The truth: She knew Trump. She didn’t have a swimsuit at the garden/pool party, so he offered to lend her one. She gladly accepted, put it on, and he remarked that it fit her well.

        The woman said Twohey’s recountin of events was completely false. And now Twohey is at it again.

        In this video, Trump mentions one of the new accusers. A female journalist who interviewed him and Melania twelve years ago and wrote about it. A good story about the couple. And NOW she says he made advances at her – during the interview. With Melani there. In a public area, with people walking around.

        Trump was one of the country’s most public figure. If he had made advances to her, that would have been huge. So why didn’t she write about it then? Because it didn’t happen.

        If these allegations were true, why didn’t you hear about them before? Why not a year ago? Just a few weeks before the election, when there is little time to respond and examine, what a coincidence! And at the same time Wikileaks is revealing how the media have been collaborating with the Democrats.

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      • Man! Pray for his safety, and for the safety of his family.
        You too, atheists! Take one for the team.


      • Fantastic speech. We must, we will, win.


      • Talk about meat in due season!

        Let those with ears to hear listen.

        God bless this man, indeed.


      • That Trump speech was tight.


      • Man! Pray for his safety, and for the safety of his family.
        You too, atheists! Take one for the team.

        So your theory is that you know better than the supposed creator of the universe what should happen? And that he’ll listen to your opinion and obey you?

        “Chucks, I was going to let Hillary win, I think she seems great, but now with someone PRAYING to me that I make Trump win, I’ll change people’s brains into voting Trump instead.”

        Great theory, buddy. Of course, you have to jettison the “humans have free will so we can be judged!” thing, but religious fantasies contradicting each other is nothing new.


      • Hagar,

        My father repeated this to me: Prayer doesn’t change things. But prayer can change men; and men change things.

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    • Belloc said that the Church hadn’t had an opponent worthy of her since Voltaire. She’s still waiting.
      Why are atheists almost always so damn humorless? At least Hitch was funny.


  24. Ah the horrible six-armed octopus!
    Not knowing your Greek etymons rape!


  25. OT, but interesting. I visited Thailand a many years ago and was deeply impressed by the order in the country, particularly the almost universal adoration and reverence for their king. you can read up on him. King Bhumibol. he was from a long lineage of strong men who imposed order from chaos. I’ve followed him for years, mostly out of curiosity as to how the monarchy continued to survive in the age of globalism.

    a particularly interesting episode came to mind as the Paul Ryan betrayal unfolded last week. Thailand has been having problems with leftist insurrections the past couple of decades. a few years ago an official appointed by the king was charged with helping plan a coup.

    as part of his punishment, in addition to jail time, he was forced to crawl on his hands and knees, nose to floor, for about 150 feet to grovel at the feet of King Bhumibol, seated in his thrown. I thought last week, that would be the perfect thing for Ryan to have to do, after King Trump takes office.

    Bhumibol died yesterday. one of the last holdouts from the Age of Kings. MHRIP.


    • Thailand’s modern history is interesting; positioned between French Indochina to the east and British India to the west, it survived independently only by playing off the two powers against each other.

      Sort of like a stud hitting on that old Chateau picture of model Kate Moss with the two fat cockblockers flanking her on either side, come to think of it . . .


  26. on October 13, 2016 at 12:26 pm Wrong Side of History (Divine Son of Kek)


    I’m still on pins and needles since that Cernovich tweet yesterday.

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  27. Thanks for the detailed response. I’m pretty good looking, but I’m also retardedly introverted, so socializing with people I don’t know or care about is fucking annoying. Loud environments like every college bar on earth makes it hell.

    After class I’m going to go downtown with a buddy to score some puss. The sticking points of tonight to deal with will be: (1) approaching groups of girls, (2) sexual tension, and (3) escalation – using those hands, mutual caressing, pussy grabbing, you know the drill. We’ll see how things go.


  28. Biden of all people has criticized Trump’s pussy remarks. Was that enhanced video of him whispering to that little girl in front of her family legit? Where we heard the filth that he said? If so, I’m gonna hafta admit that everything Carlos Danger has ever said about the depravity in our ruling class is perhaps even understated.
    Satan “squat like a toad, close at the ear of Eve …”


  29. I should be VERY CLEAR though — even though I am in the top 1% of male sexy looks, I VERY FIRMLY BELIEVE that *every male* has something sexy about him. I’m not a flag-waver for the male gender, simply pointing out a fact. Girls love men, their hands, their chests, their faces — even guys who think they’re not special. I urge you all to reevaluate how girls view you. And with game, your natural male-ness just escalates . . .


  30. I just donated $200 to the Trump campaign and informed them (if they didn’t know about them already) of Biden’s pedophilia, Obama’s dick displaying, and Clinton’s grabbing on the airplane. If they keep up the fake “sexual octopus” crap, he HAS to go there.


  31. Joogle Trump Speech and watch what comes back…. A dozen references to unhinged lunatic angry “full breitbart” and anti semetic as well thrown in.

    They are losing their shit.



  32. Bob Dylan got the Nobel prize for literature lolz
    One more for (((them)))
    The good thing is this award sinking deeper and deeper into irrelevance
    All of this been said Bob has some redeeming features
    lily of the west being one of them
    Sure he did not write the lyrics for this one I believe it is an old Irish folk song
    and very red pill one for that matter

    Away down in yonder shady grove, a man of high degree
    Conversin’ with my Flora there, it seemed so strange to me
    And the answer that she gave to him it sore did me oppress
    I was betrayed by Flora, the lily of the west.

    Sang by many nobody ever came close to this


    • It seems that dailymotion does not allow embedding videos


    • Did Dylan actually win the prize?

      I heard certain circles were touting his name a couple of years back, but brushed it off as mere media schtick and the usual (((network))) mutual admiration society.

      I mean, c’mon… the NOBEL prize… for LITERATURE? Granted, ever since names like Singer… or the various third-world liberation theorists who could cobble two words together… got tossed a bone, the sheen on the trophy hasn’t been what it once was.


      Give me a very large fucking break. (((shakin’ it)))

      Heh, heh… add one more illustrious feather to that (((we’re smarter, and you’re just jealous, muh Nobel Prize))) Synathedral shibboleth.


    • First reply got et.

      Dylan, literature? lzozlzozlozlozlozlozl

      One more feather in that illustrious (((we’re smarter, muh Nobel Prize))) cap shtick.


      • Then came the news, early this morning, that Bob Dylan, one of the best among us, a glory of the country and of the language, had won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Ring them bells! What an astonishing and unambiguously wonderful thing!

        (((David Remnick))) One of the best among (((us)))
        Further Down
        “There are novelists who still should win (yes, (((Mr. Roth))), that list begins with you),”
        Tolstoy weeps somewhere, jesus christ what we came to, what we have become
        How far is far away?


      • Heh, heh… Philip Roth is next in line… Isaac Balsebullshit Singer – Bob Zimmerman – and Portnoy — that’s some Triumvirate there. lzozlzolzolzolozl


    • Leftists have taken over that literary committee, just like they take over everything in entertainment and publishing. Anything that doesn’t have to do with actual production of useful things. Note that they never take over, say, the lumber industry, glass or furniture industry. Only the positions where they can manipulate people’s minds.

      It’s logical, since their ideology is a system for taking, not building. Those attracted to it will not enter a productive industry if they can avoid it. While right-wingers see productive industries as the most desirable to work in.


  33. Pick out your biggest (hehe) adversary at the table…the one most likely to cock block you. She’ll eventually have to empty the bladder at some point, so if you can be patient, wait her out and then move in.


  34. on October 13, 2016 at 7:30 pm CBR600RR_Rider

    OT, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck:


  35. We live in the Matrix, and the so-called media exists just keeps the masses dumbed-down and under control. “Compliant”, as Hillary would say. Clearly the 4th estate.


  36. on October 13, 2016 at 9:34 pm failatsomething

    Groups of 3+ used to intimidate me. “I can’t charm more than two people at a time” was how I saw it. I read more game on group dynamics and started seeing it as that – a different game entirely than just being charming. Study up on group dynamics for some practical advice on maintaining your frame with larger groups. I’m pretty new to this also. It’s a phobia I battled with for years.


  37. on October 14, 2016 at 7:18 am Enfant Terrible

    Donald Trump’s speech last night was EPIC!!!!

    I can’t remember ever seeing a man running to be the leader of a nation, speaking truths like the way he did. He just about publicly named the (((guilty ones))).

    At this point, I’m starting to believe that this campaign is turning biblical, as in, God is speaking to the (((guilty ones))), and straight up telling them to amend their ways, or he’s going to unleash his fury upon them.

    I don’t think (((they))) are listening though.