Self-Disqualification As A Seduction Ploy: The Two Strikes Trick

Seduction — a Eurasian male art form that women only weakly impersonate when they want to hasten the enforcement of an already closed deal — is in its essence the flipping of the conventional courtship script to follow a plot line in which the woman chases the man. A Game technique which effectively flips the script is Self-Disqualification (SDQ). I’ll explain by way of example.

(You could also call this George Costanza Game)

SDQ means telling a girl in so many words or actions that you aren’t good for her. The idea is to steal the natural female prerogative to reject suitors by “rejecting yourself” before she’s had a chance to assess your mate value. This is a psychological feint that has the effect of raising your SMV relative to hers because we have a cognitive glitch that biases us to think a person willingly evading and disavowing our social approval is a person with high social status who doesn’t need our validation. Or, worse, whose social and sexual status would FALL with our approval. SDQ, just like DQ (telling a girl she’s not good for you), is a potent activator of female inquisitiveness. And in women, curiosity thrills the snatch.

While it may be amusing to disqualify yourself as an opening gambit — “hi there, i’m not gonna say more because you don’t want to get to know me, it’s problematic…” — and may even work sometimes if the girl is in a flirty mood, I’ve found that SDQs are better administered a little ways into a virgin pickup attempt (visual intended). You open a girl, casually chat a bit, then just at the moment the convo threatens to go comfy cozy for her (and thus drained of its sexual tension), you deliver the SDQ. My favorite SDQ routine is the “Two Strikes Trick”:

“As great as it is to shoot the breeze with you, I’ve gotta cut it off now before you’re entranced. I already got two strikes against me. A third and I’m out.”

If you’re in the bantz zone, feel free to jokingly deprecate the nature of the strikes against you. “Yeah strike one is my riotous BO. Phew! Strike two, I’m always making girls cry…”

You can also explain the two strikes as references to how you flubbed your approach. “Strike one, I used canned material to hit on you. Strike two, I still think it’s gonna work.”

Or you can go over-the-top. “Strike one, I’m on parole. Strike two, I’ll probably break it tonight.”

You get the idea. Almost all girls WILL laugh at this, and it will rejuvenate a flagging flirtatious vibe. Most girls will ask about the strikes, and most will react by saying something like “we’ll see about that” to give them an excuse to continue enjoying their seduction. But be prepared for the sassalasses who will CALL YOUR BLUFF. This is the girl that’ll come at you, through a wickedly wide smile, with “Oh, OK then, I don’t want you to strike out, so see ya!”

The best reply is a simple one.

“Good call.” Say it with an equally disarming smile and a wink, then leave her. You want to convey an impression of total state control, as if this was the response you were expecting from her and are grateful to receive, rather than leave in an acrid mist of bitterness. 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 the sassalass will call out for you to come back. When that happens, you’re in the driver’s seat. Now YOU are being chased and SHE is the chaser. And she and you will feel this change in the complexion of the seduction down to your sinews. Romantic aspirations become must easier and smoother to fulfill when the woman is implicitly soliciting the love of the man, instead of the usual way these things go.


  1. Telling them you have a small penis never fails to pique their curiosity.

    [CH: there are some SDQs i would advise men to avoid. that’s one of them, unless their deadpan face is top notch.]

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    • A man’s better off telling them strike one is that he watches “This Is Us”

      Strike two: (pointing to both himself and the girl) And this is us. . . .

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    • There was a convo on another blog by a guy from NOLA who had the same thing to say, but was along the lines SDQ and self mockery, but pulled off in a way that got the girls’ attention.

      I remember it because pre-redpill I’d tell the story about “my marriage ending because… listen this is still really painful… we didn’t fit, you know… now I don’t even want to date without finding out whether it fits up front… some girls are just on the small size, you know…”

      I haven’t run that in years, and it wasn’t “game” as I was just chatting girls up. Never failed to pull the starry-eyed look of interest out of them.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 6:11 pm Vagina domnator

        “I’m not your type” game.

        If she doesn’t ask “why not?”, I’ll give you $100.

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      • on October 11, 2017 at 7:13 pm Vagina dominator

        If she’s smart and fun, she’ll love any kind of doubletalk bullshit where you mysteriously contradict yourself and set up paradoxes. She’ll see it’s total bs but still want to enjoy the game.

        “It’s always the same thing. Everyone’s the same.”

        “What do you mean?”

        Get up closer. “There’s what you think you need.” Even closer. “Then there’s what you really need.”

        “That’d be you?”

        “I dunno. Maybe you just think you need me.”

        (I suppose that’s a kind of self-disqualification game.)


    • on October 11, 2017 at 4:11 pm Muerte aka Luciano


      how would u allude to having a monstah cock without coming off try-hard?

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    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm Vagina domnator

      How about “I got the bug”? I hear that’s a real come-on in certain circles.


    • was going to link a scene from Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some where one of the cool kids macks on girls letting them know up front about his wee willy. There was fun dialougue how it helps the pickup. which I completely forgot.

      But self-disqual in real world, “um, yeah, you’re prob so loose that my little johnson would barely feel the walls” sounds … destructive.


    • Come now CH… Wet baby carrot penis routine is solid.

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    • on October 12, 2017 at 10:56 am Captain Obvious

      As a general rule of thumb here [and assuming that most of you are hitting on college edumakated chicks, with IQs >= IQ-115 or IQ-120], you guys are thinking way too much in terms of One-Liners, and not trying to anticipate all the way through to how even a six or seven sentence conversation might unfold.

      One-Liners are for dweebs.

      Pick Up Artists, on the other hand, think through four or eight or sixteen different bifurcations [if not more] of how the first few sentences might unfold.

      And the truly gifted Playahz are able to IMPROVISE midway through a planned routine.


      • on October 12, 2017 at 10:57 am Captain Obvious

        YOU: Opening One-Liner

        SHE: < …UNEXPECTED REPLY #1… >

        YOU: Fallback position for Bifurcation #1

        SHE: < …UNEXPECTED REPLY #2… >

        YOU: Fallback position for Bifurcation #2

        SHE: < …UNEXPECTED REPLY #3… >

        YOU: Fallback position for Bifurcation #3

        etc etc etc


      • on October 12, 2017 at 10:59 am Captain Obvious

        BTW, back when CH was moar of a purely “Game” board, and less of a “Geostrategic Evo-Psych Analysis” board, I used to try to emphasize to dudes how important it was to get Intel on a chick both before opening, and also in real time, during the actual repartee with her.

        You gotta analyze her hairstyle, her fingernail polish, her jewelry, her tats, her facial metal, her choice of shoes, the logo on her t-shirt, etc etc etc, looking for any insight into what you’ll be dealing with [with her as your specific prey du moment].

        And the moar I think about the staggering implications of Biological Calvinism, the moar I think that first and foremost I’d argue for analyzing her PHYSIOGNOMY as a means of identifying her ethnic [and maybe socio-economic] background, and then use knowledge of that ethnic background to help you in making both the correct choice of opening One-Liner and also the correct choices at the various Bifurcation Points in the repartee.

        Also, use the repartee to get her to talking about herself [there’s nothing but nothing that chicks love moar than blathering away endlessly about themselves], and then the moar of herself that she reveals to you, the moar you can use your Dark Triad Voodoo to drive her Hamster nuts.

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      • That’s why double entendres are so good.



      back to the MM basics…(harvey weinstein weeps)


    • Ive used this before. Just have to be careful when you use it. It works better on prudish chicks. If shes hangry she wont care too much one way or the other.

      Working small penis game into a convo got me out of having to date a girl from church and straight into her bed to stay over. She didnt waste any time finding out for herself if i was small. Fun stuff.


  2. This would have helped me out a few weeks ago. Nevertheless, still good to know.

    I like the strikes referencing parole. Especially since I don’t look the type.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:14 pm Vagina domnator

      “I’m having some trouble. I don’t want to get you involved but…do you think you could hold onto something for me? Just for a while…”

      “What is it?”


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  3. This gambit works better when you really are bad for her and actually out on bail for something violent. Be careful, chicks that dig criminals tend to be uber aggro/crazy cunts that will try and torch your life and get you put back in.

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    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:22 pm Vagina domnator

      The old saying for men is “Don’t fuck anyone who has more problems than you do.”

      Women are inclined to get that upside down.


  4. […] Self-Disqualification As A Seduction Ploy: The Two Strikes Trick […]


  5. Funny story: the woman I eventually had kids with had me in her phone as “Heartbreaker” after we met, based upon a conversation we’d had right at the beginning.

    I’d had a spell where several women became… unhappy… when it ended, and I was working through what had happened when I’d met her. The “heartbreaker” story was too much and it smote her.

    My God, the redpill explains so much, when you understand it.


  6. Back when I was mostly poorly trying Mystery/Style scripted game after emerging from incel, I actually approached a chick and couldn’t think of anything to say. So I said “I fucked up, I was gonna try to hit on you but I already ruined it. Have a nice night” she said “it’s ok, don’t worry about it”….same night lay. Never tried that intentionally.

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  7. I like this… it follows the same structure as “giving her stars” or “points,” or telling her she’s on “strike two…,” but avoids being try hard, as it’s aimed at yourself.

    She may not see you as having enough value (at that stage of the pickup) to award her “stars,” but she might be intrigued if you have the balls to approach and **then** SDQ with confidence and amusement.


  8. I recently did this inadvertently with, “I’m too old for you. I wouldn’t want to get in the way of you meeting someone suitable for a LTR.” It worked. She’s chasing and rationalizing a 19-year age gap.


  9. My name is George. I’m unemployed and live with my parents.

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    • LOL, but that’s three strikes.


    • “You’re giving ME the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ routine? Look, baby, I INVENTED ‘it’s not you, its me’, so don’t tell me ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. If it’s anyone, it’s ME!”

      “Okay, George, it’s you.”

      “You’re DAMN right, it’s me’.

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  10. Ch e.g. al – I’ve been gaming this girl for several weeks now as thoroughly as I can. I’ve definitely established my alpha cred, leader of men, social hub, power poses, etc. I’ve adjusted my tude for her cycle – being jerky and dominating when she’s ovulating- and more beta when she’s bleeding. I rotate daily on push-pull, hot/cold, aloof or attentive. Like the commandments say – I’ve lead her on long roamed conversations to spike her emotions – complete with light kino … I’m ready to bust a move – but feel like the last stone to turn Is getting her to admits / realized she’s attracted … im ocellating between what comes next – physical or emotional surrender… am I over thinking this? Cart before the horse? Feels like it’s all in my head.


  11. When chicks ask where I live I always reply, “In a van down by the river”

    They know I’m lying, but the obvious self disqualification peaks their interest.

    Later on it comes out I own a house in a very nice neighborhood.


    • its bad SOP to let plates know where you live. You dont want some bich showin up at ur house with the popo sayin she lives there and wants to get her “stuff”. If you have the money and want to spin game find a cheap junky apt by a hotspot in town so you can bring chicks there, or if you have a few to many you can pass out there instead of risking driving.


  12. ROFL, I actually did this once, completely as a sarc but it worked.
    Setup: had a 16 hour fasting blood test on a friday after an all-nighter. I was dressed in a PJ with an oversized pair of sweats over it, with a schlubby sweatshirt to cover a dirty tshirt, and as soon as they were done pulling blood, i ran to the cafeteria. grabbed a slippery st*rb*cks chilled latte and the bottle started slipping out of my hands, ended up grabbing and dropping it twice before saving it just before impact on floor. Cafeteria checkout lady without customers watches me and smiles. I looked up and said “sorry about that, it’s the clown in me coming out again. no don’t worry, I was just fired from the circus this morning”. I whip out my credit card to pay and she starts talking to me .. thinking a 5, broad shoulders, small perky tits early 20s, not my demographic but she’s smiling. I continue the fired clown act after paying, and start walking off in the direction of the elevators. She’s by now walked away from her station with people waiting for check out, completely in my spell. I realize too late I just closed her and i should walk her to the men’s room a few steps yonder, but I decide food and a shower are higher priority. Posted the FR on reddit


  13. Best to mix blue pills with red pills, the back and forth throws their instincts out the window:

    Her: Where’s our relationship going?

    Me: No where.

    Her: What? Why?

    Me: I don’t deserve you.

    Her: You don’t… what do you mean?

    Me: Hey, scratch my back right here…

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    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:14 pm Captain Obvious

      The great thing about the word “deserve” is that it has two meanings.

      For instance, I’ve been thinking that the next time a shitlib axes me what I think of the G0d Emperor, I’m gonna say, in all honesty, “America doesn’t deserve Donald Trump”.

      The double entendre will sail right over their heads.

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  14. on October 11, 2017 at 6:34 pm The Philosopher

    I hate saying anything like this or even hinting at weakness. There’s a variant of this thats the, “I’m a tender sweet guy, I’m not really like those guys, smirk”.

    I think disqualifying yourself works if you are already tall and well built and have social proof/’cred’. Then it will look cheeky and an inside joke.

    But If I was a toad, I would avoid like the plague saying anything disqualifying as the type of women non good looking guys tend to approach will not be socially experienced enough to tell you are laying on game.

    I say this from experience as I used to do another version of this by pretending I was unemployed or was a wild eyed idiot that didn’t know anything about the city.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 6:37 pm The Philosopher

      Yeah and absolutely never say you have a small dick, are a virgin, have ‘social anxiety’, or ‘are lonely’. As I said Leonardo Di Cap can say this and it will look good. But It will kill most people.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 7:29 pm Captain Obvious


        You say that with a shit-eating smirk on your face, and great big [fake] puppy-dog eyebrows.


      • on October 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm Captain Obvious

        The delivery is arguably more important than any actual words which come out of yo’ mouff.


      • You are entirely missing the point. These are all things you SHOULD be saying to a girl. You say that to a girl and she has no idea what to think… it up to an absurd degree (seriously it’s so small that I need a spotter to take a piss) and it fries her circuits.

        Think of it this way….virtually every guy tells her she has nice eyes or a pretty smile. You are the only one to tell her you have a micro peen. You want to stand out.

        Women are not men. Stop being so logical.


      • Ha. Those are all solid things that work all the time…


      • on October 12, 2017 at 5:05 am Vagina dominator

        Cappie is right. The words are just for contrast. you have to say it with a smooth voice, and a smooth manner so you know she knows “no way this guy is ever lonely.”

        And then she’s fallen into the trap of admitting your wonderfulness.

        By the way, I might change my handle to “Keyboard Lothario”, what do you think?


      • VD, I say no on the handle change. You’re famous, dude, so stick with the one that brung ya.


      • I say these things after they find out I already have two kids old enough to be their siblings


      • on October 12, 2017 at 10:16 am Captain Obvious

        “Keyboard Lothario” — NO.

        Keep VagDom.

        [Are you Eye-talian? “Keyboard Lothario” makes you sound like you’re poasting from your Mom’s basement. VagDom makes it sound like you’re hitting it in Meat Space.]


    • The only “self deprecation” that works is the kind that isn’t really self deprecation in the first place.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 7:25 pm Muerte aka Luciano

      can’t do self-deprecation

      i get annoyed when white men shit on themselves.


    • Yeah, honestly this type of game isn’t really that flattering even if it works.

      When I am about to employ a game tactic, I try to think of the biggest alpha I personally know, and ask myself what they would do in this situation. The answer is hardly ever to jokingly shit on themselves.

      If other people roast you, or she shit-tests you, laugh it off and play into it. But there’s just not a whole lot of reason to do this preemptively.


    • Phil, I tend to disagree. I’m neither tall nor good-looking and disqualifiers are a bread-and-butter tactic in my arsenal.

      Yeah, you do need to be careful about self-deprecating disqualifiers, unless they’re obviously facetious to the point of being hilarious.


  15. I am fascinated by these pick-up and seduction tactics. However, it just seems like the whole process would be horribly unpleasant. Going to a bar or club and trying to initiate conversations with women you don’t know sounds absolutely miserable. If you could land a decent looking girl who loved you, submitted to you, and recognized your value, why would you ever want to leave that and go back to approaching strange girls.

    It seems almost pathological.


    • That’s the goal, in a way.

      Going out and meeting girls is mostly about learning how things work; how they behave, what turns them on, how they think. It allows you to know how to sift the sluts from the MOYC.

      Yeah, variety is the spice of life, but I personally get very little out of drunk fucking random sluts. The sex is usually sloppy and terrible, and most of sex is figuring out each other’s tastes which requires time.


      • I understand Game and use it every day to ensure the continuity of my LTR. I would just think approaching women would be something you would do as a means to an end. Similar to building a business by cold-calling. Once your “business” is established then you quit soliciting strangers because it is uncomfortable, inefficient, and time-consuming.

        CH is a brilliant writer and encourages readers to imagine themselves in various situations. With most of situations he illustrates I just think “man, that would be awful”. I’d way rather just have an LTR to bang every day than try to solve puzzles about what sigals I am sending or she’s sending or whatever.

        CH makes it seem like he genuinely enjoys seduction. I don’t understand that anymore than I would someone who enjoyed making telemarketing cold calls.


      • Sorry if I double post, first try stuck in mod.

        I understand Game and use it every day to ensure the continuity of my LTR. I would just think approaching women would be something you would do as a means to an end. Similar to building a business by cold-calling. Once your “business” is established then you quit soliciting strangers because it is uncomfortable, inefficient, and time-consuming.

        CH makes it seem like he genuinely enjoys seduction. I don’t understand that anymore than I would someone who enjoyed making telemarketing cold calls.


    • next time, try negging!


      • see, bj33’s post is from 2004, so I thought i’d reply in kind


      • on October 12, 2017 at 5:21 am Vagina dominator

        bj33, good handle.

        reminds me of that joke where the kid – he’s a naive virgin – he goes to see a prostitute because he thinks sex is something it is about time he experienced. (Stop me if you’ve heard this one).

        So he meets a prostitute. goes to her room, pays her up front and she asks him what he wants. He says, I don’t know. I’m just here to learn about sex.

        The prostitute has a heart of gold so she very kindly says, I know, let’s start off with a 69. (Seriously, stop me if you’ve heard this.)

        The kid has no idea what that is but he’s willing to learn and allows the prozzie to arrange himself and herself into the correct position, and she’s just in the middle of lowering her axe wound onto his waiting mouth when she finds she can’t control herself and lets rip with a huge fart.

        Of course she gets straight off, and she deeply humiliated and apologetic and the kid, he’s kind of shocked, but he says don’t worry, forget about it, let’s try again.

        The prozzie agrees, yes let’s try again. So she gets him and herself into position again and she is just in the middle of lowering her beefy curtains onto his teenage mouth when, blow me down, how embarrassing, she lets rip again with yet another huge fart!

        Well, she leaps straight off the bed of course, terribly apologetic, and the boy jumps straight up too, gasping and spluttering. The prozzie, desperate to make up for what has happened, says she’s really so very sorry. I’ll tell you what, let’s get on the bed again. This time it’ll be free.

        But the boy says, no thanks, keep the money, and he turns away. I’m going home. No way I’m going to hang around for 67 more of them.

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      • I wish I had found this blog in 2004.

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    • who dis bitch is?


    • Sure, it’s a bit nihilistic. But almost all current outcomes are; might as well figure out a way to enjoy the disintegration, rather than just be run over by it.


    • Game works even better on normal girls you might meet in line at the corner store, and increases your odds of a date, sex, or an LTR.

      When you understand the nature of women they make sense and you can handle them. Dating isn’t the hard part…..the LTR is, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you are in big trouble.


      • An LTR is work, yes. You have to maintain your frame and the precepts of game are no less critical. But to say it’s harder? I don’t think so. Especially if your metric is the amount of sex you have. In an LTR you can have sex almost every day, pretty much guaranteed. Only the most stone cold player would be able to pull that off without an LTR.


      • Disagree… is easy. Everyone is on their best behaviour and things are lighthearted (if you’re doing it right anyway). It’s the drudgery of the day to day and people’s foibles that make an LTR more work.

        Once you have a rotation (harem), sex is easy. And I find the variety more exciting. There are no nights sitting on the couch and straight to bed w/o sex.

        And I know very few LTR’s with sex every night.


      • I know of no players that have sex every night. I’d say if you’re getting laid a couple times a week with different girls without an LTR you’re doing great. Maybe phenominal. You have very tight game. I think having sex a couple times a week is normal in an LTR. You still have to use game, but it is more just maintenance game, rather than initiating game. I find that way easier. To each their own. I also like going to the same restaurant and eating the same thing every time.

        [CH: people, men and women alike, underestimate how much energy and time it takes to bed quality women. very few players even at the highest levels score fresh nightly poon. two women per week is exceptional, and rarely does that tempo last longer than a few months. that only men who can fall into a new pussy every night with minimal effort are very famous men.]


      • An LTR is no doubt less exciting. I guess I don’t really like excitement.


    • Dude… Game is merely the female language of seduction. It is no harder than learning any other language.


    • from what I’ve read over the years is that “going to the club” is pick up hell and the folks who did that shit were “sarging” and peacocked the f out of themselves. Most puas are now into self-improve and day game.

      you wanna pick up a club slut, what does that even mean? the girls who are whisked into VIP sections, the ones who love the cocaine, the girl who is passed in her vomit in the bathroom? The insanely hot girl who is surrounded by a platoon of ladies in waiting?What are you, little John?

      the best advice I’ve read is from good looking loser who pointed out, you may have to:

      1. be hot
      2. be in validated social group
      3 not be unattractive
      4. find girl who already wants to have the sex with you

      other club naturals gave me advice for the real world which boiled down to bottle service and cocaine. plus be attractive.


      • Yeah, that sounds horrible. But even day game doesn’t seem very appealing. You are still approaching and interacting with women because you want something from them. You are trying to persuade them or seduce them to give you what you want. It isn’t something I would consider fun. It isn’t about fear of rejection, or anxiety, or anything like that. I just don’t understand how men could find the process of seduction enjoyable. The end result, yes. The process, no.


      • oh I didn’t realize this was the same guy whose made the same comment since 2010 about giving into women or something


      • No that wasn’t me.


  16. Interesting. Girls do this too, although when I do it I am usually trying to get rid of the guy by letting him down easy. If a guy does it to me after he approaches me, I pretty much know it’s flirty banter because why else would he come over?
    But if the girl approaches and you do this… I wonder if she’d take it as a real rejection.


  17. Game?


  18. Great game advice, man. SdQ is primarily used consciously by White, latino, and asian cads that really understand how to talk to women in my experience. Those few dudes that understand the verbal dance that preludes intimacy. Those who know when to escalate and when to neg and when to nuke em out.

    Was talking to a flirty 20 yo at the bar the other day and used a form of this on her when she started to look bored. I said something disparaging about her nails to snap her out of it and she negged me hard with some bullshit about older guys with younger girls, and I said yea I don’t see the point. Younger girls don’t know what they want and are flaky as hell. All they care about is their gayass Facebook friends and fuckin Instagram. They don’t know how to communicate face to face like adults, i said, and I looked at her a little disgusted and took a drink.

    It’s creepy anyways she says, trying to imitate my aloof manner. Like being with dad. And you’re not getting with me tonight by the way, ol man, she says all hasty and matter of fact and outta the fuckin blue, obviously trying to tip me over, or get a rise outta me at least.

    But I knew that her bringing up sex was good, regardless of the rhetoric surrounding it, and i smiled at her slowly, more like a grin, and i said if you’re trying to fuck this ol man, honey.. trust me it’s not guna happen..(and i looked at her chest for a second, which was a little small for her build, and grimaced and shook my head.) You’re definitely not my type, i said and rolled my eyes like i was tired of her games. (Plus I don’t like being called ol man. I’m 35 for Chrissake. But I digress.)

    And I was right, if you were wondering. We didn’t fuck that night. In lieu of coitus she blew me under a thick grove of cottonwoods outside the bar a little later, light from the crescent moon shimmering softly off the dark waters of the Missouri.


  19. on October 11, 2017 at 10:03 pm The Philosopher

    That filipino president is the Asian trump. This drug crusade is interesting because the asians have the silver bullet to ending drugs…the death penalty. The reason the pippos have a narco state problem is that its one of the few asian countries not to have the death penalty for drug use.


    • on October 11, 2017 at 10:14 pm The Philosopher

      So what I’d suggest is that if we had the death penalty for illegal immigration, illegal immigration would eventually be zero. If you want to stop something, mass executions ALWAYS work. Hahaha.

      Instead we have the opposite, puppet political leaders inviting invaders to dilute the resistance to the Satanic Stars conspiracy to rule.


    • on October 12, 2017 at 5:38 am Vagina dominator

      @ Philo

      All of these SEAsian countries have a drug problem, although the Phillippines is the most socially fractured of them all. The Church really fucked them over, taking all the land. No better than the Jews in Ukraine.

      What is a peasant without land? His soul is in his land and his simple tools. They evolved into each other. Without land to work, the peasant’s life is meaningless and he has nothing else in his heart.

      So like I say, they all have a drug problem. People like drugs. Me, I prefer my own mind and emotional states, but I can see how a lot of people wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to be them with their choices either.


      • That’s a very narrow view.

        Let me tell you a leetle sumpin.’.. you haven’t even lived until you’ve tried sex on LSD. It can give you absolute control of the ejaculatory reflex while feeling like you’re on a ceaseless, never-ending orgasm. If you take it with a LTR, you will most likely open up emotionally with each other on a seriously deep level, so it’s also a great tool for pairbonding (if that’s your thing).


    • Call me a libertardian, but I think the drug war is stupid.

      It is an enormous waste of white resources to babysit nigs and spics. I know this is a tired argument, but alcohol, by any conceivable standard, is a harder drug than many other drugs. And alcohol prohibition just led to a bunch of wops buying out big city governments and screwing everything up.

      Also, whites have enough balls to not take the shit that asians do. Asians have no emotional intelligence whatsoever, and that’s why people over here at Le Chateau so lovingly name them “ants”. The Japs are slightly different, but all the mainland Asians are conformist, materialistic followers who just ape white ingenuity when it suits them.

      The drug war is another way to subsidize the bad decisions of losers, and it doesn’t even work.


      • I used to feel the same way. I think you can make a really strong case for legalizing weed because the negative effects of it are pretty tame.

        I think where the case for drug legalization falls apart is with drugs like heron and crack. You have to remember there is a large, growing population of (overehelmingly black and brown) people in the US with low IQ, poor impulse control, and a tendency toward criminality.

        You add legalized crack and heroin to that group and it will be an even bigger mess than it already is. If the whole country were high IQ white people, you could legalize everything and it would probably be fine.


      • That is my biggest criticism with the libertarians; it would work great in a homogeneous population made uo of high IQ, cooperative, industrious individuals. But that isn’t America. Not even close.


      • on October 12, 2017 at 10:51 am Les Saunders, Protestant

        Bullshit. The elites want droogs legalised to accelerate the trend of the masses sitting at home, doped up – literally and figuratively – on Netflix and cannabis. Trudeau is a pusher of legalization – ’nuff said. To the contrary, I’d launch drone strikes against plantations in Colombia, seal the border, andstart mass executions of dealers. You’d wipe out about 90% of the problem. Saying you can’t win the war on drugs is like saying “you can’t deport 13 million people, it’s impossible!” With every problem there is always a pile of easy, low hanging fruit and but a minority of hard to reach stuff.

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      • The same people who want weed and other drugs illegal also supply them. They are illegal to keep the price and profit margin high. The same dynamic can be seen in rural American dry counties.


      • Les, way to be a cliche neocon. Alcohol ruins way more lives than marijuana. Perhaps we should drone strike all the breweries and distilleries and execute all the moonshiners and bootleggers and people who make wine in 5 gallon buckets in their basements.

        No question you can win the war on drugs, the question is how totalitarian are you willing to be to do it. Your answer seems to be “infinity”.


      • Actually, Les, you’re not a neocon. That is inaccurate. The police state and drone strikes and drug war is neocon, closing the border is not.


      • on October 12, 2017 at 3:04 pm Lord of the Gulf Stream

        You mean the way it was up until the 1920s? You could buy heroin or ether at the corner store, and you had ALWAYS been able to legally get opium and absinthe.


      • on October 12, 2017 at 3:22 pm Les Saunders, Protestant

        Bj Thomas,
        “Alcohol ruins more lives than marijuana” is a pothead trope. Of coursh it ruins more lives – it’s way more widely available. Make dope legal and the same will happen. Driving while high is rising dramatically and will only get worse under legalization. Drugs are a scourge on society and are being allowed to proliferate by the politicians and their handlers. Despite the protestations of local stoners and the ACLU, the drug war could be won next week.

        Libertardianism earned its name fair and square.


      • Like

      • Les, its funny you admit that “pothead trope” about alcohol being more destructive than marijuana is true. I would disagree about weed not being widely available. It is. And it’s cheap too.

        The point is any argument about the negative consequences of weed as justification for criminalizing it could be applied tenfold to alcohol. Case in point driving high vs driving drunk.


      • I would disagree about weed not being widely available. It is. And it’s cheap too.

        You’re being disingenuous.

        And merely because one drug is “allowed” doesn’t mean yet another way to zombify the populace needs to be encouraged.


      • I can see Greg likes the word ‘disingenuous’.

        But there is a substantial cost to it being “not allowed”. There are the moral costs to society from charging otherwise peaceful citizens with serious crimes. There are also the economic costs of policing, arresting, prosecuting, and imprisoning those same people. You don’t have to be a libertardian or a pothead to see that.

        I don’t think the cost of the war on drugs (particularly marijuana) is worth the benefit.

        I also don’t see how, if it is, we would not be justified in waging a similar war on alcohol for the same reasons.

        That is my humble opinion.


      • And again, I’m opposed to the war on drugs as it relates to weed. I think if you had the right kind of populace you could legalize everything and it would be fine but that isn’t the case in the USA. I’m open to arguments from the libertarians otherwise.


      • I can see Greg likes the word ‘disingenuous’.

        Because it so often captures the essence of youse yeggs. 😉

        You know full well that availability of alcohol is orders of magnitude greater than weed, and yet you remark that “weed is widespread and easily obtainable”… relative terms, at best.

        The average citizen not into “drug culture” knows where and when alcohol can be purchased at pretty much any venue or shopping mall he or she frequents on a near-daily basis… but would have no inkling where weed could be so easily obtained (barring the recent legalization in some states), and even if they asked that “odd cousin” of theirs, would not be inclined to deal with that demimonde.

        Hence, “disingenuous”.


      • Yes. Alcohol is much more widely available than weed. That does not mean that weed is not widely available. That is not disingenuous.

        Where I live, you could find some, almost anywhere, within minutes. And it is cheap. Maybe it is different where you live.

        The implication from Les Saunders was that if weed were as easily available as alcohol the problems from it would surpass those of alcohol.

        I think that is false. I base that belief on the current availability of weed and the current problems it creates.


    • It is CIA created and controlled. So is his Muslim uprising.


  20. on October 11, 2017 at 10:17 pm The Philosopher


    if Trump personally rounded up illegal immigrants, that would be epic.

    I remember Steve Segall had that reality show where he patrolled the borders. That was fucking brilliant.

    I also remember WWF a few years ago having segments on the programme where professional wrestlers ‘beat up’ illegals coming across the border. Hahah. Good old vince.


    • on October 12, 2017 at 5:44 am Vagina dominator

      “I remember Steve Segall had that reality show where he patrolled the borders.”

      That may explain why Segal – always unconvincing – is *really* unconvincing delivering this particular line.


    • seagal is doing political commentary these days. he looks like bad imposter of himself. goofy glasses.. goofy hair. looks like someone dressed up as him for Halloween and then went to do an interview with Alex Jones. what a buffoon. both of em.


      • not Infowars, but whatever. this goofball…I can’t even….


      • He has been producing a lot of movies with the same shtick. They are hilarious in small doses. One wonders what demographic of 12-yo boys exists to support these films when countless others exist based on the same exact formula : former specops dude who’s wife/daughter murdered now has gone rogue taking out the terries and pervs.


      • Seagal has a big Russian speaking following and is popular internationally. His films make money and they keep the overhead costs low. I have never really been a big fan but they are entertaining in small doses and with suspension of disbelief.


      • former specops dude who’s wife/daughter murdered now has gone rogue taking out the terries and pervs.

        yeah, cheesy on the silver screen but if he were actually doing that in real life we’d all be rooting for him


  21. on October 11, 2017 at 10:22 pm The Philosopher


  22. Hey CH check this out. Differences between men and women’s Instagram captions of the asame photo.


  23. Mine was same, but different. If you’re obviously a bit of a rogue anyway (between motorcycles, guns, military service and quality weed, that persona was already set for me, your method may vary), this is easy. Me, I used to look em in the eye and I told them in all seriousness and sincerity that I wouldn’t probably be good for them. In a few days, they call back with all kinds of ways I’d be good for them, she’d be good for me, all hamster-notions.

    Ah well, when it turned out that having gotten what I wanted from them, I really was NOT good for them. When she would point that out, at least I could say she was warned..


    • on October 12, 2017 at 5:39 am Muerte aka Luciano (Pound4Pound TBE)

      i want a bike.

      and a few pitbulls to walk around with like dmx.


    • yup…typical woman. Wants what is pointed out as bad for her…..then is bewildered when what she was told comes true.

      I have had girls hanging around for years because they didn’t listen to me when I told them what I was about and how it would end for them.


  24. On the subject of triggers and tingles:

    From Wikipedia “ASMR”:

    ASMR is usually precipitated by stimuli referred to as ‘triggers’.[18] ASMR triggers, which are most commonly acoustic and visual, may be encountered through the interpersonal interactions of daily life. Additionally, ASMR is often triggered by exposure to specific audio and video. Such media may be especially made with the specific purpose of triggering ASMR, or originally created for other purposes and later discovered to be effective as a trigger of the experience.[3]”


  25. Any thoughts on this clown from texas trying to bring impeachment articles against trump? Mine was Bane’s line about how painful that would be…for him. Also, i think this is the same ni66er that thought guam would tip if there were too many people on it.


  26. I think disqual game is easier if you’re a good looking, charming guy. But what about for the normies who aren’t special? I would think, just like you don’t compliment a girl on the same goddamned thing she hears all the time, you don’t point to your obvious flaw when doing self-disqual in a seduction attempt.


    • on October 12, 2017 at 11:20 am Captain Obvious

      PRO-TIP: If a Normie can spend enough time staring into The Abyss, pondering the dark ugly truths of Evo-Psych & Biological Calvinism & Darwinian Nihilism, and be completely honest with himself as to his own personal shortcomings, and work overtime to eradicate as many of those shortcomings as is humanly possible, and become utterly ZFG towards all of his social interactions, and be ready & willing to reveal just the teeniest-tiniest little bit of The Abyss to a b!tch when her Hamster starts getting too uppity, then he won’t be a Normie anymore.

      He’ll be a Playah.

      At which point he can make Self-Disqualifying Remarks about e.g. what a b!tch his Parole Officer is [but how she screams bl00dy murd3r when she cums], and thereby put the Fear of G0d into his prey’s Hamster.

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      • I watched a movie set about some rich wasp in NYC (on netflix, the title is gibberish, something like the jagagagayara) and he did just that. He took a job to pass the time and told a female coworker “i am required by law to inform you that I am a sex offender”).


      • on October 12, 2017 at 11:29 am Captain Obvious

        Here’s a former-Normie revealing just the teeniest-tiniest little bit of The Abyss to a b!tch when her Hamster starts getting too uppity:


  27. I bet you are !

    – Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein – “I Am Israeli in My Heart & Mind” –


  28. Interesting video on Las Vegas claiming to provide documents hacked from the LVPD. Paddock was an undercover weapons dealer selling weapons to ISIS. I have heard this elsewhere and consider it plausible and given the silence something like this is probably what they are trying to hide.


  29. whatsapp:
    she: you’re not free (cry face)
    me: stress, my skin not good, i’ve no money; not free…i’m your bad boy (cool face)
    she: what do u mean? haha….are you always typing english, your chinese sounds like having problem….

    she dissect every sentence i sent
    *investing* from her

    works like magic SD