Your Daily Game: The Phony Disqualification

From reader WHITE MALE,

OT, besides helping me make more white kids:

The term of art is BUNZ => OVEN.

What does it mean if a girl disqualifies you to herself, e.g. “I would never date a guy who again?” She is otherwise very obviously into me (I have not fucked her and am not going to; we’re both Christian).

Christians make looooooooove.

(also, the syntax of the quoted part of your sentence is garbled, but we get the gist of it)

I ignored it when she said it and it sounds like meaningless blather to me/wanting to slow down, maybe, but please help me out here. What do I say if she brings it up again?

Please consult the “Deflating the Riotously Judgmental Girl” post for the answers you seek:

I have a go-to line that I’m ready to share with you. It’s multipurpose, effective at deflating any [Crisis and Observation Girl], no matter how bitchy. A warning: say it with a nonchalant smirk. Not anger. A hint of anger will cause the line to backfire.

GIRL: You’re too [X].

TRUMP’S RECENTLY HIRED PERSONAL ASSISTANT: I didn’t ask for your approval.

A variation on the line, if it suits you: “I don’t remember asking for your approval/opinion.”

The thematic element, not the precise wording, in the above reply is what’s important; in your case, WHITE MALE, I would reply,

GIRL: I would never date a guy who [X].

Beelzebub’s Tower Of Boner: Phew!

Wipe the back of your hand across your brow for added effect.

Another variation on the same theme:

GIRL: You’re weird.


The lesson is to avoid a desperate defense of your besmirched honor. Anything that smacks of defensiveness is sure to scatter tingles to the four winds. DO NOT TOOL YOURSELF. That means, NEVER reply to a girl’s shit test by insisting you “aren’t that kind of guy” or “I’m not like that all the time”, etc. If you’ve abased yourself to basically pleading for her approval, you’ve lost the mojo.

You may Assume the Sale. You may Agree&Amplify. But you may not immolate your dignity on the pyre of beta thirst.

Keep those magic words always in mind: Zero. Fucks. Given. And the pussy melt.


  1. on November 22, 2018 at 9:46 am CulturalResilience from Mobile

    I would never date a guy again who blah blah…..

    What if he didn’t ask for another date?


    • “who says I want to date you?”
      “thanks for sharing”
      “cool story bro”
      “neither would I” – if you affect this last one with a gay accent, it stops them dead in their tracks and gets them laughing. Plus you take complete control of the conversation, the attention, and you typically get a girlkino

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    • Some of the straightforward criticism of Cortez a few posts back is way off and cringe. She is being underestimated the same way Trump was. (Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii too.)

      [CH: you’ve been reading agnostic i see. i don’t think she’s being underestimated. she really is an idiot, and she really is a vanguard of the anti-white #insistence. if this is to be the heir of bernie sanders, then america is well and truly fucked.]

      Cortez and her Instagram account is a proto-version of Trump and his Twitter game, but for Millennials. And the boomer criticism of her “socialist” ideology is tertiary — again, as it is with Trump. She instinctively understands the power of Narrative. She is a 28yo bartender bringing girl game to politics.

      This is a killer visual for her fairy tale inow being constructed:

      [she’s cute next to the ogres who inhabit DC, but i don’t get her appeal beyond that. she’s a hard 6 to me, too much nostril flaring boon in her to get me excited.]


      • Do you want a real “Test of Your Game”? Tell us how you pick up a member of congress. You jaded DC PUAs — not to mention CH himself — show us what you got. She’s a recovering bar tramp, and she’s available.


      • she’s cute next to the ogres who inhabit DC, but i don’t get her appeal beyond that. she’s a hard 6 to me, too much nostril flaring boon in her to get me excited.

        = “2/10 would not bang”

        [CH: technically, 6/10]

        Which is beside the point.

        [a woman’s smv is never beside the point]

        She’s 28, new in the city, by far the best put-together elected female in the fedgov (and the youngest [female?] representative ever) with a ginger-cuck bf she is dying to toss now that she’s on her way to her coronation. Even if she’s a repulsive, stinking mestizo,

        [let’s not get carried away. she isn’t repulsive. she’s just a mystery meatbroad who has the manson eyed-look of a chick who has definitely sucked cock under the bar.]

        it would be the biggest possible Get in the history of Maul Right Game. I’m surprised I even have to point this out to you DC playas.

        [i wouldn’t bother hitting on her. she’s not my type. if another chad thundercuck wants to give her a whirl and blog about it, i would read.]

        I don’t know what “reading agnostic” means.

        [i mean your comment sounded like plagiarism of the typical agnostic/akinokure taintlick of aoc]

        Of course she is an idiot, but her instincts and opportunity are Trumpian: she knows the obstacles between her and power, and she is addressing them cannily.

        [she’s no friend of white america, but like i wrote i wouldn’t turn my nose up at a presidente occasional-cortex if only because she is nearly as great a rebuke of the establishment as Trump (minus his pitch-perfect rhetorical shivs). and her ascension to power would bring much-needed clarity to the battlefield.]


      • she’s cute next to the ogres who inhabit DC, but i don’t get her appeal beyond that.

        That photo was take at an “event for spouses.”

        [CH: i read she had a gay male roommate for a while]

        She has been repeatedly mistaken for an intern or page.

        [anyone her age would be mistaken for an intern.]

        The reason why it is a killer visual is that it communicates her fish-out-of-water fairy tale that will resonate with millions of atomized & isolated millennials who are just trying to navigate our pozzed culture.

        [that’s great. you know who else looked like a party crasher? Trump. but he’s not brown nor vagina, so no way for cucked soyboys to spray their pathetic deracinated thirst everywhere.]

        The question remains if she can leverage that into a cultural movement the way that Trump has — a gigantic “if,” since the follow through is the other half of Trump’s extraordinary rise. But the point is, the opportunity is there for the taking.

        [what opportunity? she is on record for open borders and abolishing ICE. she wants “free education” (which means pilfering white pockets to send more submentals to study gender fluidity agitprop). free healthcare…same. money from productive whites to dead weight swarths. like i said, the best thing about her is her ZFG cat scratches against the elites in both parties, but unlike Trump she gets a pass by the chaimstream media because she’s immunized from attack by her race and sex.]

        Now go be an alpha-in-the-sheets for her and become the shitlord power behind the vaginal throne, which happens to be regnant on This Gay Earth atm, albeit temporarily. It would combine all of your Pick Up and Politics interests into a single mission! More importantly, it would be a worthy challenge for an old pro like you, an effort equal to your stature. The closest a mere mortal like me has ever come was flirting with a responsive, early-30’s qt candidate for local judge during a campaign cocktail party — the frisson of power is real.

        [there are some stories i can’t tell.]

        The PUA culture tends toward exaggeration and the fantastical about what HBs everyone is banging, how smooth everyone’s techniques are (without independent attestation), and how world-changing game can be. This is the chance to become an undisputed legend for all time. She’s the Final Boss of Game.

        [nah. the final boss would be much hotter than her, and have a CV bursting with MeToo accusations. a real danger. someone like…well shit there’s no one like that on the Left. too many dogs.]


      • ‘king’
        you’ve betrayed yourself:

        From Schopenhauer: on previous thread

        Pretty sure that’s Yvette Felarca next to her. Tells you what you need to know about these anti-white-male allies


  2. on November 22, 2018 at 10:09 am gunslingergregi

    But you may not immolate your dignity on the pyre of beta thirst.”””’



    • on November 22, 2018 at 10:13 am gunslingergregi

      Zero. Fucks. Given.””””’

      yea gave a fuck let ex ex have her way

      and she said im on two day punishment she aint sleeping with me cause I had ex here rofl

      she prob read texts to ex though and pissed lol


  3. Don’t even let her think about it.

    “Oh you’re on of those”
    And then tease tease tease
    “Then this is never going to work out” (while smirking and grabbing her waist, or maybe a little shoulder bumping as you walk).

    Or even better
    “Uhuh uhuh uhuh” *does exactly what she said*

    Don’t listen, watch. If it feels flirtatious, it is flirtatious. If it’s not flirtatious, make it so, and if you get iced well then I get you got your answer. Regroup, and come back with a half eaten donut in a napkin. Puppy dog eyes and all.


    • on November 22, 2018 at 11:04 am Diversity Is Good

      Yeah, obvious shit test is obvious WHITE MALE, she’s just trying to see if you can be pushed off balance. Cave in and she’s gone. Look at her like a bratty little sister and smirk as you deal out any of the lines above…watch the melting begin.

      CH said it: Zero. Fucks. Given. Make it a habit.


    • *does exactly what she said*

      Can confirm highly effective. Do it with a smirk and tgat look in your eye that says “i know what game youre playing.”

      Instant melt.


  4. Something like this came up once with a girl I met online.

    Her: “I’m sorry but I don’t think we can meet because xyz, play ah something”

    Me: I’m so glad you said that…

    Her: Really, why?

    Me: Because I don’t normally date girls over 30

    Immediately deleted me. Felt great.


    • doesn’t rejecting them sometimes feel better than sex?

      I mean goddammit when I threw a chick out when I was 20 or something she had a conniption…like started behaving like a robot that had a screw loose. Then i made her walk back to her hotel in the rain. lol. It was better than sex i gotta say.

      it feels good to slap a bitch like this


      • Yes especially if you have cut her slack for her crappy behavior and then ghost her.

        I ghosted a girl a few years back. I just disappeared. She stalked me, provoked me and it was crickets.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 5:37 pm Corinth Arkadin

      If anything makes them moist in the right places is rejection.

      And then, later on, you can lay pipe with ease.


    • I doubt you made that burn in record fashion. Someone had to help you.


  5. What does it mean if a girl disqualifies you to herself, e.g. “I would never date a guy who again?” She is otherwise very obviously into me (I have not fucked her and am not going to; we’re both Christian).

    Guess what: she fucked all those guys in the past who [fill in the blank]. So why isn’t she fucking you? Pretty insulting, don’t you think, that you alone have to wait for it? Now, you could probably game her and get her to give it up to you before marriage like she did for those other guys, but then how could you respect her? She’d then be a hypocrite who’s in flagrant violation of her own proselytized beliefs.

    This is why I don’t mess with Christian chicks. I’d next her ass.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 5:51 pm Corinth Arkadin

      Jesus Freak Chicks are something else. They talk a big game, blah blah blah but in the end, they are still prey to Game.

      I have made two die-hard “Christian” (Protestant and Catholic) chicks drop panties after gaming them just a bit.

      I wouldn’t chalk it up to charisma or good looks exclusively, but if you have both of these, a little bit of Game goes a loooooooong way.


    • I know. I’m not insulted by it because I’ve put 0 effort into trying to fuck her and I’m not going to (and because if I tried, I would succeed). I want to marry a Christian girl and have a bunch of children so my options are Christian girls or to convert a girl. Converting a girl sounds really hard.


      • on November 24, 2018 at 4:42 pm Corinth Arkadin

        Game works well in conversion.

        We’ve seen Mohammedans converting chicks and bringing them to their countries where they’ve had to escape.

        If the Dune Coons can do it, so can you.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving goyim
    Fox’s third headline was about Stalag Luft III and the nahzees
    Your daily reminder.

    What’s that you say? Did we fight Japs?
    Vietnam was more recent?

    ((( our))) victory in WW2 is the only thing you need to know


    • nevermind it was the soviets on the eastern front who really won the war. We gave big assists with our bombing but they did the dying

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      • When you sacrifice your military leadership at the alter of political doctrinaires, you are going to have heavy casualties.

        The Russian winter and a long logistical tail stopped the Germans.

        As it did Napoleon….


      • right.

        soviet tank production, aircraft production, and all the rest had nothing to do with it. it was a winter.

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 5:55 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The Soviets had a lot of people. ZFG in terms of lives.

        Attrition was the name of the game.


  7. Give me the deers. Hot young Christian farm girl. Please for the love of gods let this be so?

    Also, Mount up.


  8. hey there’s something about google’s homepage i can’t quite put my finger on. eh, it’s just a cartoon, lighten up.. Oh well, happy thanksgiving white man enjoy them while you can.

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  9. wrong link just go to google searchbar homepage


  10. “The term of art is BUNZ => OVEN.”

    nope. JEWS => OVEN.

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  11. Surprising number of CH commenters are barely literate. And this is a class act blog -imagine the rate in the general public.

    PS: Trump is foundering very badly since Nov 7. Assess and analyze.

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    • Before you accuse anyone of illiteracy, you may want to spell check your own comment, shit for brains.

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      • What was misspelled in Sean’s comment? I can’t find the error.

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      • 1- “A” surprising number
        2- Starting a sentence with ‘And’
        3- floundering vs foundering


      • Jane Austen was a right little bugger, forever starting sentences with “And”. And she probably had it proofread.
        It’s generally deprecated as “primary school teacher’s grammar” to complain about that sort of thing. Many a would-be literary career has foundered on that reef.
        Nothing wrong with omitting the article either.

        Are you Swedish? They get terribly upset about that sort of thing, and can cut up quite rough when native speakers confound their expectations and exercise their rights in their own language.

        tl;dr whingeing about grammar on the fucking internet. Gay. Or foreign.
        Much the same thing really.


      • “Foundering” is correct and there is nothing misspelled. Spell check wouldn’t have helped.


    • Stop watching Canadian news, You are the Rothschild outpost in North America with all that entails. Justine is infinitely more embarrassing than the gay mulattp, who I despise.

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    • on November 22, 2018 at 4:19 pm Captain Obvious

      The best poasters at this site are utterly illiterate.


      • Maybe, but I’d never call gunslinger, for example, *utterly* illiterate. But then I’d never criticize his literacy either. Not with gems like “why do cities last so long in sieges must be cuse they have more people to eat.”

        Belly lzzols. Reminds of that fictional old Jew Bloom posing questions to himself. Not that I’d compare gunslinger to a real-life chosenite.


    • Thanks, Tam. Funniest thing is none of the schoolmarms caught my most egregious error, though it too, is very common usage:

      ‘Surprising *numbers* of CH commenters *are* barely literate.’


  12. Shit-tests – I can no longer take them seriously … Was out after work when this woman starts chipping away at my character – I was too bored to be offended, and replied with some over-the-top Shakespearean nonsense like – ‘M’Lady, make thy troth fast in faith, and union of hearts, and truth, and love’ as I rattled the ice in my empty drink in her face … Guess she liked it – since she bought me another gin and tonic … I’d read someplace, here likely, that in some old country – a man is openly berated in the town square by all the women in the family before his marriage proposal is accepted. They insult him, slap him, throw shit at him – and he has to stand there for days and take it … it’s all a big test to see if they can get him to loose his cool – If he can – he gets the girl.


  13. How do you like “Why are you answering a question I didn’t ask you?”


  14. Thanks, Heartiste. I appreciate it. Mockery included – I won’t fuck her unless we’re married*****

    (WordPress fucked up my comment. It said “I would never date a guy who [falls into a category that I fall into] again” between comparison symbols or something.)


  15. on November 22, 2018 at 1:40 pm Captain Obvious

    From reader WHITE MALE: “…we’re both Christian”

    Don’t know how srsly “Christian” they are, but two thoughts cum to mind.


    • on November 22, 2018 at 1:41 pm Captain Obvious

      1) On the moral/spiritual/EvoPsych side of things: Betas ask questions, whereas Alphas issue commands.


      BETA: Will you [email protected] me?

      ALPHA: We’re getting [email protected] this Chr!stmas Eve.


      BETA: Can we have another child? Please honey, please?

      ALPHA: Okay, if you started menstruating today, then you’ll be 0vulating two weeks from today. Clear up your calendar for each of the three nights prior to that, because we’re gonna be making another [email protected]


      • on November 22, 2018 at 1:43 pm Captain Obvious

        2) If you’re an honest-to-G0d Chr!stcuck virgin, then you have got to learn how to properly massage her c1it.

        The best way to learn, without giving away the fact that you don’t know what you’re doing, is to lick two or three finger tips on your strong hand [your writing hand; your pointer fingertip, your middlefingertip, and maybe your ringer fingertip] and then say, “Take my hand and show me how you lilke your c1it massaged.”

        Some chicks like their c1its massaged way up high, some about halfway down, some at bulb on the bottom. [Pro-Tip #1: The bulb tends to come out of hiding as she’s moving into 0rgasm.]

        Anyway, pay attention to everything she shows you, and then study her c1it & learn it backwards and forwards as though you’re taking a final exam in quantum mechanics.

        Pro-Tip #2: The best position for l0000000ve-making with a Chr!stian chick is where you put your weak arm down on the bed, just beneath the pillow, and you cradle the back of her neck on the inner part of your elbow [where your veins are exposed] and then while you’re plunging her b!rth canal with your Staff of Life, the moistened fingertips of your strong hand are massaging the he11 outta that little c1it of hers.

        She will cum & cum & cum for your righteous dominance of her.


      • on November 22, 2018 at 1:44 pm Captain Obvious

        Pro-Tip #3: To prevent premature ejaculation [holding it back until you can cum with her], you gotta be concentrating all your mental capacity on your basic arithmetic.

        2 x 2 = 4
        2 x 4 = 8
        2 x 8 = 16
        2 x 16 = 32
        2 x 32 = 64
        2 x 64 = 128
        2 x 128 = 256
        2 x 256 = 512
        2 x 512 = 1024
        2 x 1024 = 2048
        2 x 2048 = 4096
        2 x 4096 = 8192

        Etc etc etc.

        And if it feels so good that even the 2’s tables can’t hold you back, then pull out, and tell her that it just feels too good, and that you gotta slow down and wait for her to catch up with you.

        Nothing but nothing but nothing will demoralize her like you cumming early and she not being able to have hers.


      • on November 22, 2018 at 1:46 pm Captain Obvious

        Pro-Tip #4: Work on just your basic French-kissing technique.

        Chicks who are truly in l00000ve will be happy simply cuddling and French-kissing and feeling wanted by their man on a cold winter’s evening.

        But a surprising number of couples don’t seem know how to kiss worth a [email protected]

        Here, as above, you may have to lead her and teach her [by example] as to how to French kiss properly.


      • on November 22, 2018 at 1:47 pm Captain Obvious

        tl;dr == Assuming the Alpha behavioral posture within the family, and throwing in some quality kissing & cuddling & massaging of her c1it, will give you a very, very happy w!fe.


      • Honestly, Captain:
        thank you so much for these points. I swear I’m not facetious.


      • Happy Thanksgiving, Cappy!


      • Pro Tip#5: Don’t forget to tongue dart the fart box


      • if you know how to fuck or you are big enough, you don’t have to massage clits. this frees your hands for choking and slapping

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      • Yup. Gay.

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      • The tongue-punch thing, that is.

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      • Thanks. I appreciate it.


      • on November 22, 2018 at 8:43 pm Captain Obvious

        Happy Thanksgiving, mendo!

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      • good stuff here, Cap.

        a guy should think of his woman as an investment. satisfying her, issuing the right commands – in the right way, leading her… these are all ways of making sure your investment pays dividends. nothing you do is beta if you have the mindset that you’re investing in her and USING her to propagate your genes.

        obviously you would only do any of this stuff with a high quality woman to begin with. you wouldn’t throw your hard-earned shekels away on Blockbuster stocks. nor should you be investing your valuable masculinity/man hours on a chick who you wouldn’t want to bear your kids, and/or who doesn’t make your dick hard and/or make you want to cuddle more than you ever thought was possible and/or inspire you to burn your enemies’ homes to the ground and put every last one of their heads on spikes, just by looking at her.

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      • on November 23, 2018 at 12:49 pm Captain Obvious

        PJ, lemme tell you a little story about the local classical music scene.


        Female #1: Canterburian Papist, Gubmint Skrewled, First Chair Flute in All State Band, très très très horny

        Male #1: Evangelical, Home-schooled, trumpet

        Female #2: Evangelical, Home-schooled, suzuki violin, a little on the cold side [maybe a lot on the cold side???]


        They didn’t all get to know one another until they were college graduates [although F1 & F2 knew each other in college, but M1 went to a different school].

        F1 confided in me that being in band in gubmint high skrewl [and going on band trips in the Greyhound/Trailways busses] was like being in a [email protected] orgy.

        Now originally F1 tried to date M1, but F1 told me that M1 was still a virgin, and that that fact [plus his demeanor] so phreaked her out that she had to break it off with him [I guess his asexuality was simply revolting to her Hamster].

        Then M1 started dating F2, and eventually they got [email protected], and they go off together to work all across the country, as travelling nurses [yep, he gave up the trumpet to become an RN].

        Now fast forward about four or five years, and M1 + F2 are finally coming home from earning all that money as “Travellers” [they should have been easily grossing a combined $120,000 to $180,000 per year as Travellers], and F2 is now THIRTY-FRIGGIN-YEARS-OLD, but the two of them are STILL CHILDLESS!!!!!

        So at this point, I’m now wondering whether Mr Trumpet Player turned Registered Nurse even knows how to slide the [email protected] erection into the friggin b!rth canal.


      • on November 23, 2018 at 1:28 pm Captain Obvious

        PJ, November 23, 2018 at 9:42: “inspire you to burn your enemies’ homes to the ground and put every last one of their heads on spikes, just by looking at her”

        Gunslinger, November 19, 2018 at 9:24 am: “what do ya get for ki11ing black alphas? black women?”’


        That was the profound insight which Gunny had four days ago: Whites will always be on the DEFENSIVE in the race wars.

        Because to go on the offensive, you have to be motivated to seize the enemy’s women.

        But if White women are more desirable than all the other women of the world [combined], then why would Whites want to go to war with anyone other than fellow Whites?

        It explains so many phenomena:

        1) Why Whites can’t summon the apoplexy necessary to wage absolute total warfare against muds & gr0ids [even when the muds & gr0ids are violently invading White homelands].

        2) Why it’s so easy for the Frankfurt School to set one nation of Whites [e.g. the USA] at the throats of another nation of Whites [e.g. Russia] – because each nation has desirable women waiting to be seized.

        3) And I think it might even explain Inner Hajnalian Pathological Altruism – Whites experience profound pity for groid/mud/g00k/j00ish/streetsh!tter men simply because their women are so hideously revolting.


      • “I’m now wondering whether Mr Trumpet Player turned Registered Nurse even knows how to slide the [email protected] erection into the friggin b!rth canal.”

        a girl getting “fucked” is completely different from her getting F-U-C-K-E-D. conversely, a guy “fucking” and girl is not the same as him actually F-U-C-K-I-N-G her.

        it’s hard to describe what the difference is, but I will say it all depends on the guy’s sense of purpose. he needs to want it, her, that thing that’s way deep up inside her, that says “SURVIVAL!” it’s a very animal thing.

        I can’t imagine many guys have that drive. like the trumpeter guy. has a good woman. does not know how to plant his seed in her. wastes everyone’s time. but women are seeking it, subconsciously. they know that’s what they’re supposed to surrender for.

        this is why I think there’s some leeway with regards to how a girl’s notch count impacts her fidelity. yeah, I know… some girls have been thoroughly ruined. blah blah blah. but a fair number have only ever been disappointed in the way they’ve been fucked. they were ready to surrender to a guy, and all he did was a jackhammer her for twenty seconds then blow his load and then fall asleep. can you blame these girls for wanting something better? should she seriously spend her life and her fertility on the guy who always leaves her with the feeling of “that’s it?!?”

        if you’re the one guy in ten thousand who can deliver a woman to ecstasy, consistently, the quality of woman you can pull and make into your loyal servant is almost unlimited. ergo, choose wisely.


      • “But if White women are more desirable than all the other women of the world [combined], then why would Whites want to go to war with anyone other than fellow Whites?

        It explains so many phenomena…”

        hitting some deep truths her, Cap. especially WRT whites vs whites warfare.

        also, the civilization wreckers know how intertwined female beauty is with the Aryan fighting spirit. they were watching closely during WW2, with all those GIs thinking they were fighting for their sweethearts back home. so what do we have almost immediately afterwards: the pill.

        weird times.


  16. Mine was an on line ch at

    Her: Sorry I don’t meet up with play ahs

    Me: I’m so glad you said that

    Her: Why?

    Me: Because I don’t normally date girls over 30 anyway

    She instantly deleted me. Good times.


  17. on November 22, 2018 at 7:02 pm gunslingergregi

    jesus the thirst is extraordinary

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    • on November 22, 2018 at 7:18 pm gunslingergregi

      its mind boggling the conditions men live suffer and die under here on this planet

      and all the talk about the poor liddle woman


      • on November 22, 2018 at 7:37 pm gunslingergregi

        most prob not willing to travel, work 84 hours a week for 5 years, and get artillaried over 400 times or spend time on a game blog

        so I guess they where they supposed to be


      • on November 22, 2018 at 7:44 pm gunslingergregi

        guess i’m thankful for my wild fucking crazy insane life that was not mediocre.
        and my dick otherwise might of been too easy he he he
        and I guess thankful to god for stepping in when he knew I was at the end of me


  18. “I would never date a guy who ____.”

    “That’s too bad, cuz I’m that kind of guy, and I wanna jizz in your cunt. So what kind of movies do you like?”


  19. I have ZERO regard for the likes/dislikes of women.
    ZFG, indeed.

    “Newsflash: your thin-skinned indignation is not my moral crisis.”
    (I LURV(!!!)our Chateau)

    Tonight, 23 yo fucable says “I’m a lesb0” I respond theres a lot of involuntary bikes now a days/girls these days dont have men like me to choose from….
    Shyt I say would’ve got me thrown in an asylum or jail 25+yrs ago.
    Now…? It SLAYS cooter of ALL ages.

    Sadly, like AwALt(ESPECIALLY costal)C carousel, like she ran backwards through a cornfield.
    As you all KNOW(I HOPE)its in the eyes…..


  20. “That’s silly”
    It’s just kind of my go to wave off with chicks.

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  21. Trump gives OK for troops at the border to use lethal force

    MSM once again in “I can’t even” mode


  22. …my ass is sore from the mod fucing……


  23. I hope the guy reads the comments because CH is wrong on this one.

    Not looking for approval responses would overgame a Christian chick in this situation.

    Also women never say anything for no reason. Every word means something. Now whether a man can respond to his advantage is another matter. The girls don’t pay attention to 90 percent of it. But it does mean something.

    What Miss Christian is saying in Big. Bold. Letters. is this – I (the chick) was pressured for sex with this last guy. (The guy I keep talking about). After thinking about it. And probably having bedtime touching fantasies about it, I’m now thinking seriously about losing my virginity. I’m saying this to you (the guy who asked the CH question) so that you know that I’m in the market for de-viginizing.

    She’s verbalizing an internal debate. A debate between her thinking brain who wishes to wait until marriage and the lust awakened by her last guy who during heavy petting got her so worked up but didn’t have the skill to close the deal with comfort moves during a seduction.

    How Mr. Christian should play his role on his potential HMS Booty. First off, Mr Christian needs to figure out if he wants to be this girls first. A First lover with all the baggage that entails. If he decides to be her first. Then just a good ol seduction scene with a bit of pressure to get her to put out should do the trick. Girls don’t act twitchy like this unless they decided to give it up with the last guy but the last guy dumped her for not putting out or did some other bonehead move.

    As a bonus Christmas is the perfect season to seduce a virgin. Fireside has been the venue for three of Gamers deflowering seductions.

    Mr Christian will think this is such a big burden and he’s doing something forever. But he needs to realize this virgin will pop within 6 months max. It’s either him or some random dude. So if he’s up for it I would go ahead and help the lady out. Set up a nice scene firelight is great, bring a towel to put under her and pop that cork stud.

    [CH: there could be a virgin angle i’m missing here, but in general i think it’s better if dudes in this situation don’t chomp on the bait and play it cool for a beat or two.]


    • I’ve had 5 virgins…I think all since I was 40 lol.

      Never turned into a shitshow…they were all under 20 except one, a russian girl who made it to 30. She was so freakin nervous, i remember her talking to me as we were walking back to her hotel room saying “maybe we should do this tomorrow” and I was like “nope, this is happening.”

      I mean it’s not like you own her or anything…gotten more drama bs from non virgins tbh.


      • on November 23, 2018 at 1:40 pm Captain Obvious

        Actually, F-Street, when you steal a shiksa’s virginity, you do own her.

        And then you discard her.

        And she’s damaged goods for the rest of her life.

        And no shegetz can ever truly enjoy l0ving her as his w!fe.


    • Unfortunately neither of us is a virgin.


  24. Another file in the chapter “Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), explained”: the miserable personal/ marital life of Robert De Niro, a man bankrupted by a money-grubbing Black woman with whom he had some autistic kids:

    “Sources don’t say why they split again, but I’ll be the shady one to point back to a story from February 2017, in which Robert allegedly got into a fight with Grace at a bar over her coffee company, Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda. Robert hissed that he wouldn’t have to make “shitty movies” if she didn’t blow through all his money.”



  25. Esteemed lords of the Chateau,

    Idiocracy was mentioned here quite a lot lately. So I rewatched 1st time after 10 years it and would like to share my observations given the current state of affairs.

    In short, Idiocracy seemed way deeper than I would have thought 10 years ago. After 2016 elections shitlibs generally did refer to Trump as direct reincarnation of a populist low IQ showman-porn superstar President Camacho. However, this time I couldn’t help but notice that Trump is actually way more Not Sure than Camacho.
    See for yourself:

    Trump is an unexpected blast from the past Heritage America
    Trump comes to power after another globalist mainstream mulatto fails to deliver
    Trump is breaking all existent conventions of newspeak, which drives future groupthink NPCs mad
    Trump is absolutely hated by the mainstream media (‘talks like a fag’ to them due to vastly superior IQ)

    But one of the most striking discoveries was the role of Brawndo fertilizer which ruins the crops by poisoning the soil. Not Sure simply tells them to switch to water, because that’s how it was done in the old times. Ring any bells?

    Crops = US economy
    Soil = way of life, culture, etc
    Brawndo = brown globalist 3rd world workforce
    Water = good old whites

    Future groupthink: why use Brawndo instead of water? Cause it’s got electrolytes (diversity, etc).

    Globalist economy (Brawndo) does collapse after switch to water and Not Sure catches some serious flak after that, while population is driven mad by the mainstream media hysteria, and he cheats death only by a very narrow margin. Is that what awaits us in the end?

    Movie does end optimistically, country is saved for now, although another story loop is clearly visible: Not Sure marries black ex-whore from the past (IQ<90) and has 3 mulatto kids (clear quality drop), while his imbecile friend (IQ<50) from the future takes several imbecile but pretty wives and has 10+ kids spreading his low IQ on and on again.


    • weirdly I just watched that movie in toto last night…prescient movie.

      but totally racist of course as we know that IQ can’t measure anything and that the proliferation of brown people has caused a decline in global IQ (it went up uninterrupted for as long as was recorded)


  26. Thoughts to keep in mind when dealing with words from chicks
    1. Who cares what she thinks?
    2. I am better than her.
    3. She’s silly, and she knows it. I will not take her words seriously.
    4. I am far more charming than she will ever be.
    5. There’s no need to cherry-pick my words coz she’s not a literary judge.
    6. She’s probably not listening.
    7. She will not get my film references.
    8. I am not a monkey. I will not dance for her.
    9. Whatever I desire, I do not filter out.
    10. I will cum when I want to, not when she is satisfied.

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    • on November 23, 2018 at 12:03 pm Captain Obvious

      >>>>> “I will cum when I want to, not when she is satisfied.”

      Ignore the c1it at your peril.

      One way or another, the c1it will get what the c1it wants.


      • do you realize that there are guys here who know you’re FOS?


      • on November 23, 2018 at 1:42 pm Captain Obvious

        F-street, if you had paid attention to your ex’s c1it, then maybe you’d still have an intact family.

        But go take your anger out on a BJJ punching bag.

        And don’t forget your anabolic steroid shots at Dr Finklestein’s endocrinology clinic.

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  27. on November 23, 2018 at 5:44 am da GBFM (cockhold da betas)


    When I was a junior I saw the Bernankification of the Betas orbiter lzzlololoxzzzzlo

    He said, cuckold da alphas cockhold da betas redistribution of wealth lzzloollololl

    da GBFM said: cockhold da alphas
    hoard the wealth
    bernankification is good for the health

    Mathematics lzzlolololllzzlol
    5 beta orbiters + 2 chadzz lolozzlollz

    =1 cock rule


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    • Cuckold the betas
      Cuckold da Alphas

      Yes yes
      I did very good on my gmats
      Dey bernankified my soul and left me with cats

      Desoled me through my hole

      When a beta shares pussycat he is cockholding for dey Alpha
      When the Alpha spreads the betas pussycat hes a hb10

      What sperm lined dey walls of desoled holes first? Da Alpha or do cockhold?

      Cuckold da Alphas lozzololllllszz


    • Cockhold da Alphas you get desoled lzzollloezzzlld



    I’m not much on mezitos but if this chick is legit someone needs to bunz > ovens


  29. She: “You’re weird”

    He: “Thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”


  30. on November 23, 2018 at 11:55 am Captain John Charity Spring MA

    It’s tempting to just send the bitches this video of Mexicans doing the racism Americans are too lazy to do.


  31. black friday murrica vs canada
    some fridays are more black than others fore the time being
    it is only matter of time before all fridays are equally black
    we should never slow down before this great goal is achieved lolz

    THE YEAR WAS 2031, and all black Fridays ware finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. No Friday was more black than other. No Friday looked more civil or decent than other. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213 th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United Nation Black Friday Handicapper General


      • on November 23, 2018 at 7:05 pm Corinth Arkadin

        The last two are so phucking offensive to me. They’re not even remotely factual.

        No family of the mystery meat variety eats at table. Shines don’t even know how to cook a turkey anyway. The amount of effort is simply too much for them. They’re getting Popeye’s or KFC in front of a teevee.

        Mohammedans pray to their false god facing Mecca with their faces down on a damm rug.


    • on November 23, 2018 at 1:51 pm Captain Obvious

      Will Westcott: “Neoliberalism is Trotsky’s permanent revolution. Everything that made America beautiful and prosperous is overthrown and made ugly and degraded. A never ending cycle of destruction.”

      And you wonder why I venerate St Joseph Djugashvili, savior of the culture.


      • on November 23, 2018 at 1:57 pm Captain Obvious


      • Tolstoy and Shostakovitch
        Russians culture flourished before (((they))) came
        Till this day it did not recover
        One day it will and our best men and most beautiful women will waltz again
        It is going to be a true Second Waltz

        Sophie Marceau as bonus


  32. on November 23, 2018 at 1:50 pm gunslingergregi

    tp ex

    I knew your plan get me there and kidnap me for an hour lol

    ex no

    me you coming

    ex yea

    me when

    ex im on my way now and its cold as fuck
    ex like you could have came and got me

    me your so sexy he he he

    me I got a warm fuzzy

    she made it two hours later touched me with her cold ass hands lol

    I won the battle of thickheads last night rofl
    and we fucked without her expecting me to rape her he he he
    her and ex ex taking today she might be going to ex ex rehab will see I guess


  33. I have a very wide but loose friends network and sometimes I miss read whether the girl i peripherally know is interested and shit testing or just making conversation. I’m probably missing other cues but I generally try and game outside my circle because shit gets around. I normally answer the way CH suggests but if you don’t follow it up with some sort of escalation you just get labelled an asshole. Probably need to drop the hang-up of dating within the group for final elevation to total ZFG.


  34. In my experience, a smirk and “oooo, judgy!” Also works.