The Myth Of The Close-Minded Church

A righteous rebuttal from Jack Archer, correcting the historical record as it pertains to the story of Galileo’s persecution for crimethink.

For fuck’s sake, can we please drop the Galileo was “persecuted in his day” crap? When are supposedly red-pilled people going to realize how far back the destruction of Western Civilization began? It’s taken centuries of brainwashing lies to erode the thousand-year reign of the civilization Christendom built; the story of a backward, Medieval Church trying to hide scientific truth from people is one of a myriad of J_w lies that has hammered us relentlessly, and we need to start uprooting them whenever and wherever we come across them.

Contrary to the J_w-inspired popular myth, medieval and ancient people did not think the world was flat. Our ancestors were not superstitious twits who simply believed old wives tales contrary to common sense; most of what they believed was based on solid observation with the tools they had at their disposal. They drew conclusions based on those observations and did posterity a service in laying the groundwork for further study. J_ws were nowhere near the foundation of science. It was the Church that was a supporter and an aid in this process. Nearly all of the early scientists of the middle ages were Catholic priests or monks. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of churchmen and laymen who advanced scientific understanding, the (((mythmakers))) always and only point to one instance where there was a clash: the case of Galileo.

First, Galileo was funded by Cardinal Barberini for 23 years, underwriting the best work the scientist did. Cardinal Barberini ascended the papal throne as Urban VIII, and it was in this capacity that he gave Galileo permission to write about the Copernican Theory. Galileo repaid his friend and patron by dabbling in theology and calling into question the omnipotence of God in his Copernican tract, “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief Systems of the World” (1632). This all took place during the Protestant revolt when [false] accusations that the Catholic Church did not adhere to the Bible abounded, especially in England. All of the hub-bub about Galileo is based on the rock-star scientists’ overstepping of his competence to present in his scientific work a theological opinion that put the Pope and the Church in a very awkward position, and the (((opinion makers))) of the day (and, it seems, of all the days since) have made hay with it.

What most people don’t know is that an overwhelming number of scientists of the time did not support Galileo’s scientific theory. Not because of religious reasons but for a sound scientific one: if the earth revolved around the sun, scientists since ancient times correctly stated that we on earth would see a parallax in the heavens. Similar to putting your hand in front of your nose and looking at a distant object with one eye closed, and then switching eyes, you see the object appear to “shift”; if the earth is going around the sun, we on earth should see a shift of the stars at different seasons (when the earth is on one side of the sun, vs. the opposite side.) Since this parallax was never observed, the science did not support Galileo.

Those scientists were right. What they didn’t know was that because of the immense distance involved, seeing the parallax was not possible at the time with the equipment they had. Do you know when we finally had instruments able to see this parallax? 1838, over 200 years later. Search scientus org Copernicus-Stellar-Parallax.

Never let it be said this blog is a place to prop up pretty lies.


  1. The Church has become scape goat.

    Matthew 5.11
    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

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  2. It is fashion now to blame the Church about every thing bad in History. People forget what good it has done. I am not saying the Church is perfect (but I beleive in the Orthodox Church). I can talk only about what I look in my community but when the liberals are like foxes cryeing about hungry people and they do nothing,, who is the ones really giveing hand outs? The Church. Who is the ones always welcomeing any one and not pushing them away for theyre political beleifs (like liberals do), the Church.

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    • on January 17, 2019 at 4:01 pm Corinth Arkadin

      I’m a nominal Catholic, leaning toward Orthodoxy.

      If the Church would purge itself of all the faggots, boy-lovers, assorted weirdos, and get rid of the women in the ranks (get thee to a nunnery and STFU), then it would be able to go ahead on with Islam in any form it cares to take.

      Make Catholicism Great Again.

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      • Imo, (I do not want to offend you because you are Catholic) but I think so the Catholic Church is starteing to make changes to make modern people comfortable. I do not see that in Orthodox Church. The Church is not there to make us to feel “comfortable” with our sin,, it is there to always hold the position that what right is right and what wrong is wrong. The Orthodox Church are not moveing on this, they are completeley up holding what is correct. Even when they are critisiced for being back wards,, the Orthodox Church is not wavering.

        What is your thoughts about haveing a Pope like you have for Catholics? Is there some thing in Orthodoxy you do not like?


      • on January 17, 2019 at 4:36 pm Darth Caucasious

        If the Church would purge itself of all the faggots, boy-lovers, assorted weirdos, and get rid of the women in the ranks (get thee to a nunnery and STFU), then it would be able to go ahead on with Islam in any form it cares to take.

        If. If. ((IF))

        Make Catholicism Great Again.

        That would be one of the best expedients for keeping the West intact and able to thrive, but it isn’t as great as it sounds. The United States has traditionally been a Protestant Christian nation—it was even questionable at one time to American whether Catholics could actually be considered Christians. This is almost certainly representative of the fact that Catholic norms, theology, and “culture” don’t jive well with the “constitution” of the nation. Then there’s the issue of the structure of the Catholic Church, its entrenched corruption and the fact that it represents a foreign influence whereas Protestant churches are native and are nowhere near as hegemonic. Then, of course, there’s also the Catholic Church’s ties to organized crime warlords from Aztec America to Pizzeria Europe to Machu Picchu to Cydonia, Mars.

        If the church could at least de-pedo and listen to Jehovah when he tells them to do things like put Apt Pupil Ratzinger in the pope-mobile, I’m sure that more people would be willing to pretend to take faith in what the church pretends to believe and support. But can it?


      • on January 17, 2019 at 4:50 pm Corinth Arkadin

        As I wrote, I’m leaning towards Orthodoxy but I’m lazy.

        I cling to the Faith of my Fathers. Or rather my grandmothers (Polish and Irish)

        Which is weird, considering how my father’s father was a indifferent Protestant Welshman, and his forebears were pirates in the Caribbean (I’m not making this up).

        Well, there’s forgiveness. I certainly have done enuff to seek it.

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      • @Darth Caucasious, there’s another way to look at it. Long-lived institutions are corrupt. The Protestant churches of America were newer and perhaps new. Now everything Christian in the West is old. The Soviet Union took away the institutional continuity of Orthodox Christianity, a reset. Slavs have never experienced absolute imperial power. If the issue is institutionalized corruption, then I would guess the Orthodox Church would best make America great again today among the three flavors. I’m not saying it would work at all. I’m just making a relative comparison that could be historically tested.

        And again I say regarding OP content from “White Pills” comment, should I be grateful that I can afford to do science only if funded by centralized control? Thank you, National Science Foundation.


      • Boy are you going to have an awakening. The Orthodox hierarchy, Greek and Russian, are over run with fags. You can’t get to be a bishop in Russia unless the government appoints you, or you have been a bishop’s butt boy.

        The same is true in Greece, witness the massive homosexual scandal at Mt. Athos, the holiest monastery in all of Orthodoxy. Fags infiltrate places of authority and corrupt them. The Catholic Church has a divine foundation that Orthodoxy does not (Matt. 16:18) and Christ is bringing all this out in the West to purify His Church once again. The Orthodox will eventually reunify with the one, true Church they are in schism with when they are ready to dump the caesaropapism. For a good read by a Russian Orthodox read Russia and the Universal Church, by Vladimir Soloviev, Russia’s greatest philosopher.


  3. “This all took place during the Protestant revolt when [false] accusations that the Catholic Church did not adhere to the Bible abounded, especially in England.”

    Not false. But the protestants didn’t go far enough, and created in themselves a lesser evil.


    • Thank you for passing along that great observation. Historical slander of good people like is a disgrace.

      Pope Pius XII who controlled the Vatican during the Holocaust was slagged by the Special People too:

      “While many recent years have sought to align Pope Pius XII and in fact, the Catholic Church as a whole, with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Holocaust, one Jewish author is seeking to vindicate the late pontiff as a friend of the Jews who helped protect and save many lives.”


      • The Jewish idea that Pius XII was a Nazi is bullshit. It was the Catholic Church that put enough political pressure on the Nazi government to make them shut down their euthanasia program in the 1930s.

        You have to remember that the Nazis were first and foremost anti-communists, and it was Bolshevik Jews who where shooting clergy and outlawing Christianity in the Soviet Union. So the Church was faced with choosing the lesser of two evils. They recognized that the Nazis were neo-pagan fanatics but at least they allowed the churches to remain open. Beyond that you have to remember that the atrocities committed against the Jews by the Nazi regime were closely guarded secrets in a war zone in which information was classified.


  4. A couple of points:
    1) Any and all crackpots of the Earth will picture himself as the new and persecuted Galileo. Science is a process, and yes, mistakes are made at times, and later corrected. But the Galileo/Bruno imbroglio does not work to justify or validate out-of-the-current-mainstream ideas just because they are out of the current mainstream.

    2) Yes, priests and monks have collectively done sterling scientific and development work. One very tangible exception is the cultivation an refining of various plants. Wild apples are essentially inedible. Etc. This work takes decades, even centuries to make significant progress. This does not work in a culture focused on quarterly reports and yearly results. It was not a coincidence that modern genetics was pioneered by Gregor Mendel.


  5. French historian Regine Pernoud also thoroughly debunks the misconceptions about the Middle Ages that were promulgated by progressive anti-clericalists during the Enlightenment period.

    Here’s a link to her book “Those Terrible Middle Ages”:


    • Also consider reading God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark, and his other excellent works, including Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History.

      Stark is a sociologist who was an atheistic/agnostic when he began to look at and write about history. He became a Christian (not a Catholic as yet). He gives a real appreciation of the High Middle Ages and the Crusades, and the Civilization and technology Europeans developed because of the Church’s freedom of thought and inquiry.


  6. on January 17, 2019 at 3:38 pm Darth Caucasious

    This series makes some torturously good points—like the spikes on a torture rack. It really makes you cry a little… or bleed from your eyes—er, hands—uh, makes statues cry blood… Really hope this topic doesn’t turn into an Inquisition.

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  7. on January 17, 2019 at 3:44 pm SlushFundPuppie

    So you mean that the Classical Greek cosmology of Plato and Pythagoras with it’s nested spheres that ring with divine music was incorrect? Next thing you’re going to tell me there isn’t four humours and a bleeding sessiion to remove the excess black bile is actually ineffective and dangerous.


  8. Nice job posting this. History doesn’t always lend itself to easy meming.


  9. The world is flat. If you suppose otherwise then I would be very interested to see the evidence – there is none of which I know. The more I read of Galileo the more of a charlatan he seems and the Church the voice of reason and decency. I have no dog in the fight for the Holy Roman Church.


  10. on January 17, 2019 at 3:52 pm Corinth Arkadin

    Let’s not forget Roger Bacon.

    Only a Franciscan could document gunpowder formula lol.


  11. As has been stated before, just one year reading this blog’s daily post and the occasional archived post and you’ll know more than you’d ever thought you’d learn from just one site

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    • on January 17, 2019 at 4:04 pm Corinth Arkadin

      You goddamm rite. The length and breadth of Le Chateau has no limits.

      If it does have limits, we can’t afford to know them at this point in Western history.

      In the last year ALONE, we have racked up more intellectual points than any other blog. And that goes for VoxDay.

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      • The comments at Vox Day are curated; those commenters, cultist drones. I much prefer the jungle here, as much as it pisses me off. Sometimes I read here an intelligent comment not one of my own. I must keep coming back for some damn reason.

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  12. Off topic:

    Check out the article linked to below for some next level Jewing (innovation in Jewing is something that that they never fail to impress with).

    The Jew author lays the blame for Zionism with White Supremacy, and casts Jews as victims of White Supremacist Zionism.

    The Zionist fallacy of ‘Jewish supremacy’


    Framing Zionism as Jewish and not white supremacy is a dangerous proposition.

    “In contrast, the understanding of Zionism as a white supremacist movement, which has opportunistically and selectively syncretised Judaism to obscure and bolster its criminal settler-colonialist, genocidal activity, creates a more valid analytical framework.

    It gathers all those oppressed by the capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy (black and brown people, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, indigenous people, women, LGBTQI etc) in one anti-racist, anti-colonial camp and places those who uphold it, including Zionists (Jews and non-Jews) and others, like David Icke, who espouse anti-Semitism, in opposition”.


    • on January 18, 2019 at 6:25 am gunslingergregi

      It gathers all those oppressed by the capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy (black and brown people, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, indigenous people, women, LGBTQI etc) in one anti-racist, anti-colonial camp and places those who uphold it, including Zionists (Jews and non-Jews) and others, like David Icke, who espouse anti-Semitism, in opposition”.””””””’

      well ya got to add white men and woman in there


  13. Galileo tried to reason that since Jesus made reference to the sun rising, and it does not actually rise, Jesus was not divine. The Church countered, correctly, that Jesus did not come to reveal astronomical truth but divine truth, and just as He taught in parables he used figurative language to teach the masses. Galileo was about Galileo, first and foremost. He was really the Neil De Grasse Tyson of 17th century Italy.

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  14. The task ahead of our civilization and our race is one of Herculean scope and biblical importance.

    Not every man who frequents this blog will survive what lies ahead for white Christendom, but one thing is clear: when the dust settles, and the task of rebuilding is at hand, the ‘umble Chateau will be remembered as one of the lighthouses who guided the vessel through the worst of the sea’s breaking waves.

    Strange that such a role should fall to an outpost that began as a hidden outpost of pooning truth for us who were red pilled by a pussy torpedo below the waterline— but truth has a funny way of threading itself through the patchwork of life to reveal a larger quilt. What is true in sexual biomechanics is true in racial behavioral differences is true in political machine gear turning is true in men reclaiming their balls.

    I fucking love this joint, even Cap telling us to bunz 8===D~~ ovenz.

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  15. There’s been something I’ve been thinking about and would like to spring on the Chateau. Often, I’ve noticed, the metaphysical height of a society is measured by the subtlety and beauty of its art. What, though, is required of a great artist? I can enumerate four things:

    1) High Intelligence, specifically, a philosophical bent that lends him to ponder abstract things.
    2) High Creativity, e.g., to the ability to create and recombine elements of his art in a new cohesive way.
    3) High specific ability, e.g., musical facility for music, verbal logical intelligence for literature, visual spatial ability for representational arts, etc.
    4) High empathy, e.g, an ability to move the hearts of men towards the good, the beautiful, and the true, and in the love of their brothers and of their God.

    It seems to me fairly evident that these propensities have come together in the Western world to a greater extent than elsewhere. Clearly, we see other cultures excel and even exceed on a subset of these attributes, but not broadly on all four. And, without all four attributes, art is at best jejune.

    Is it possible the present wave of hatred towards the West is really, in part, just a type of cultural envy?

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  16. The Catholic Church was The Government of its day – a bunch of power hungry parasites…far removed from Jesus.

    They only support “science” if it benefits them.

    Taxpayer-funded “science” results in Galileo being persecuted, NASA, Global Warming/Climate Change, Gender Studies, etc.

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    • The “Government of the day”? Hardly. Europe was not a theocracy. You need to read some decent history and theology. For example: study the theory of the two swords. It was Eastern Orthodoxy that was part of the “government of the day” – caesaropapism.

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  17. Even the ancient Greeks, Eratosthenes, in this case, knew the earth was round over two thousand years ago. He found a method for measuring it by using the geometry of shadows and came to within a less than one percent error in its circumference as compared to modern measures of it.

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  18. I’m pretty much always ready to defend the Catholic Church from most attacks but they got the whole Galileo issue wrong. JPII apologised for the persecution.
    That’s not saying that Galileo wasn’t a dick, it just even dicks may be right sometimes.


  19. Is this post related to the story of James Watson being stripped of his scientific titles and honors for not recanting his ‘heresy’ that niggers are not as intelligent/human as evil whiteys because of their inferior genetics?
    As you can see, the (((Christ-killers))) never cease their demonic mischief.


  20. (((Jesus))) (((Paul))) (((YHWH)))

    Just sayin’.


    • Jesus was born a Galilean, Paul was a Catholic, Jehovah is the eternal God. None ((()))


    • @Sig .. 1. YHWH/Jehovah is not (((JLewis4))) …He’s the God of everything, but chose (((them))) for His purposes.
      2. Jesus was in, but not OF, this (((world)))!
      He was ALSO a rabbi who denounced His (((contemporaries’))) practices, ‘coz they wouldn’t follow Him.


  21. Saying the Church built Western Civilization is like saying a forest caused trees to grow. The Islamic Golden Age is the same myth, with the same god, wearing middle eastern clothes.

    These gods from the Middle East have never been a civilizing force. What they establish is submission and meekness before abusive authority. Europe was civilized before Christianity and it will remain civilized after Christianity’s drawn-out collapse.

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    • So you think Christendom/Western Civilization just happened. Shake enough car parts together and end up with a Lamborgini?


  22. on January 17, 2019 at 7:48 pm clarence boddiker

    thanks for clearing up these attacks against the Church. I have a thoery that the dark ages were’nt dark because of the mean old church but because the civilized part of the Christian world was conquered by Islam while Rome was being sacked every month.

    We think of England and France and whatnot as showpieces in the faith but in the first millennia, weren’t these the backwaters? The church was all around the Mediterranean and a lot of places we think of as muz backwaters were actual advanced Christian places that got turnt by mooohomat

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  23. The rhetoric is good, just like quoting Darwin’s Descent of Man is good even though Darwin was relatively racially egalitarian by the standards of his day.

    The comparison, bridging four centuries, is good, too:

    Galileo was notoriously a dick. Watson is notoriously a dick.

    Galileo wasn’t the first person to assert heliocentrism, but he was one of the most accomplished and credentialed men to do it. Watson isn’t the first person to assert a large genetic component to group differences in intelligence, but he’s one of the most accomplished and credentialed men to do so.

    Galileo could’ve skated if he recanted, but he didn’t so he didn’t (he died under house arrest). Ditto Watson, who will die under a sort of virtual house arrest.

    It’s not a myth that the church banned books promoting heliocentrism for a century after Galileo’s death.

    History vindicated Galileo. History will vindicate Watson.

    Of course the Catholic Church isn’t all bad, not even close (I own and have read Tom Woods’ book, a talk about which is linked to above, twice). Neither was the WASP establishment that signed off on the 1965 immigration disaster. But going all the way back to Constantine, Catholicism has represented the universalistic, anti-nationalist end of the European spectrum.

    I won’t recant!

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  24. Western Civilization took over the world after the Protestant Reformation. That was not a coincidence.

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    • The Protestant Robert Boyle led in the founding of The Royal Academy, which was mighty in the advancement of scientific research because it was the first to regularly publish research papers. England had strict laws regarding the protection of intellectual property, which made industry able to use and fund scientific research. Other European countries followed England in protection of intellectual property, which allowed industry and science to flourish on the continent.


  25. The Reformation is 200 years too early, historically. The West dominated the world during Enlightenment, when thinkers were distancing themselves from Christianity (but also weren’t approaching atheism).


  26. “JPII apologised for the persecution.”

    Other things JPII apologized for:

    * The African slave trade – which everyone now knows was orchestrated by (((them)))

    * Burnings at the stake – which were not done by the Church, but by the secular authorities in every country. Personally, I think if a banker and a pornographer or two were burned at the stake circa 1928 and 1955 repsectively, America wouldn’t be a cesspit today.

    * The religious wars that followed the Protestant Reformation – which were fought by what – bishops? Again, secular authorities, mostly electors in Germany fighting for political supremacy. Still waiting for the English crown to apologize for hanging Catholics from steeples in the aftermath of the uprising of 1537. Henry promised he would address their concerns and not take revenge on them, then had them slaughtered.

    * The injustices committed against women, the violation of women’s rights and for the historical denigration of women – Another bow to the feminists and the kikes, validating their slanders against the Church.

    * The inactivity and silence of many Catholics during the Holocaust – You wouldn’t think a man as old as JPII was at the time would be able to lift a dead Pius XII and sling him under a bus, but I guess with God, all things are possible.

    * For the execution of Jan Hus in 1415 – Hus was admixture of every Abbie Hoffman-like 1960’s radical that if you met today you wouldn’t take the time to piss on. He was indeed found to be a heresiarch by the Church, but again, not executed by the Church. The secular authorities always decide how they will keep civil order, not the Church. Today, it’s with pornography, oxycotin, welfare, and mass media. Back then they just built a bonfire.

    * For the sins of Catholics throughout the ages for violating “the rights of ethnic groups and peoples, and for showing contempt for their cultures and religious traditions” – I’m not even going to say anything here. It’s like the pope was moving his lips and the ADL was speaking.

    * For the actions of the Crusader attack on Constantinople in 1204 – Everyone always knows half the story when it comes to history these days. No one ever heard about the 1182 “Massacre of the Latins” where Catholics in Constantinople were exterminated by Andronikos Komnenos. Payback’s a bitch. But again, this wasn’t ordered by the Church.

    Things JPII DIDN’T apologized for:

    * Kissing a koran
    * Girl “alter servers”
    * Making Jorge Bergoglio a bishop, and then a Cardinal
    * Not reverting back to the Latin Mass after seeing the demolition the novus ordo was causing
    * Opus Dei
    * The Legion of Christ
    * Faggot bishops and priests gutting the Church parish by parish.
    * Not suppressing the Jesuits.

    There’s more but I’ll stop here.


    • on January 18, 2019 at 7:21 am clarence boddiker

      the list of things that we should allegedly apologize for is, you know, kinda refreshingly short and not really that bad.

      Oh Pope Pius shoulda stopped hitler? tell us more. How does that work.

      Nothing on here amounts to a Holdomor or Rape of Nanking or a 9-11. Let’s see what the mooz world has to apologize for in just the last 10 years?

      setting people on fire in cages, torture, terror, GFM, “Grooming Gangs”, hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud against over trusting Minnesotans…Beltway sniping, boston bombing, various truck attacks, Beslan, the Eagles of Death Metal massacre. I’ll stop now and listen to your reply.


      • @clarence … add: 40,000 jihad-based DEATHS worldwide since 9/11 (Cf:’ The Religion of Peace.Org!)!


    • Great comment, and all true. All true Catholics need to examine/reexamine his role in the Church’s current predicament.

      As an aside, the Catholic Church is not only what you see. The Church is, like God, a triune institution. There is the visible Church – the Church militant, the Church Suffering – Purgatory, and the Church Triumphant – in Heaven.

      Also the Church is Christ’s body and can only be spotless and incorrupt. It is the men who run the Church which are corrupt and will be purged by Christ as he continually cleanses the Church, though in His time not ours.

      A number of thinkers have remarked that if the Catholic Church were a human institution it would have fallen centuries ago because of Corruption. When Napoleon told a Cardinal he was going to destroy the Catholic Church, the cardinal remarked that Churchmen had been trying to do that from the beginning and had failed. Napoleon failed also.

      When a boil is lanced you see all the pus and diseased material ooze out. That is what we are seeing now in the Church.


    • The way that burnings worked is that the accused persons were tried in ecclesiastical court and turned over to the secular authorities for execution of sentence.


  27. Nice try, Jack Archer. Except that you don’t refute anything. You just shout “It’s the lying Jews and Protestants!!!” But you “forget” to mention that the priests forbade Galileo from presenting his findings.

    And then you finish with an excuse for the priests not believing Galileo. Which doesn’t exactly help your case.

    But keep repeating how it’s just the Jews who are behind this a few more times, without proof. Gotta adapt to your target audience, right?


  28. Here is a Geocentric And Heliocentric Stellar Parallax Equivalence Animation



    You have to be a Traditional Catholic. You are far too Based not to be.


  30. Earth is flat.