CH Has A Creepy Silicon Valley Stalker

“Silicon Valley Stalker” has a nice ring. It would make a fine name for a movie about an unaccountable tech oligarch trying to find and take out a dissident freethinker who is planting the seeds of revolution against the old order that has been so good to the oligarchy.

It appears yer ‘umble Chateau retreat from clown world has a stalker residing in Silicon Valley. A steady trickle of emails from helpfully warn:

Hi [email protected],

Someone from Mountain View, CA, United States searched your email and found your social media profile(s).

Editor’s note: CH has no social media profiles other than this blog and the now-silenced “shitposter formerly known as Chateau Emissary” Twatter account. As you can see, for good reason.

Readers are welcome to guess who is the Chateau stalker behind the shitlib curtain. SerGAY Brin? Tim Cook? Bachmanity?


  1. […] “Silicon Valley Stalker” has a nice ring. It would make a fine name for a movie about an unaccountable tech oligarch trying to find and take out a dissident freethinker continue […]


  2. A couple years ago I posted a comment – a race realist comment – at Mother Jones that was not something they wanted to see.

    The following day facebook told me someone from California had managed to hack into my facebook account.

    All they saw was my birthdate, and the town I grew up in, that is all there is to see there.

    I’m in Quebec, I know absolutely no one in California.

    I have no proof it was done by some leftoid from Mother jones but who else would have done that?

    The left is very evil and very powerful.

    Frankly, It’s a bit scary.

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    • on October 18, 2016 at 11:03 am Captain Obvious

      Last year, on this board, Director Tamir Pardo had one of his JIDF minions throw out a warning shot at me – a piece of personal information about my real life.

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      • I swear they have so much power it is a bit scary.

        Which is why I can not wait for Trump or someone like him to destroy the leftist establishment.

        I hope Trump inspires other people in other nations to destroy this leftist ” hegemony ”

        The left controls almost every-fuck’n-thing!!!

        from the United Nation to what is taught in school to your children/grand children.

        The left must be stopped.

        They are dizzy with power, they are like a black hole, the more powerful they are the more they destroy everything around them.

        Trump should be cloned and copies sent to all white nations ( I’m half joking ) before it is too late.

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      • on October 18, 2016 at 11:16 am Captain Obvious

        It does beg the question of who’s responsible for goyische-kopf “Wet Works” operations: Mossad, Aman, or Shin Bet? Or do they farm out the work to e.g. the Pritzker Family Crime Syndicate [Meyer Lansky Inc] which in turn sub-contracts the hit to a goyische-kopf stooge like John Brennan? My guess is that that’s how they got rid of Trinity Church Choir Director Donald Young and State Department Security Officer Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. I figure that the Pritzkers are smart enough to have several layers of plausible deniability between themselves and the actual wet-working [and the plausible deniability requirement might even be written into their contract, i.e. the “understanding”].

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      • on October 19, 2016 at 9:59 am Ponce du Lion

        Damn Cap that is serious. What sort of email account do you use? Do you have it linked to some device?


    • Twatter suspended my account just for relaying interesting tweets to ch and porbably other crime think . Lol a tiny account, inimal followers, hardly used. Guess they’re panicking before the elections, don’t even know when they did it that’s how infrequently i use it. They really have no idea of the enemies they are making.

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  3. I’d guess Zuckerberg. But he’s in Menlo Park, not far from Mountain View.


  4. Can’t wait for the latest batch of Silicon Valley rentier flim flam companies to have their “paradigm” come crashing down.

    Theranos was a catastrophic failure, and a kick in the twat to gogrrrl lean in shitlibbery.

    From my personal experience uber sucks. Crappy cars, sketchy drivers. But but but “you can track your cat in real time ” and save $.

    A ((( Skype ))) driver in NJ assaulted a woman passenger. Victims town of Wyckoff is a nice town.

    For those of you keeping score at home:

    race reality – 1
    the “sharing economy” – 0


  5. Good old Randi Lee Harper?

    (I’ve often suspected she’s comments here as UMADEBROH or however she spells it.)

    [CH: i wouldn’t be surprised. makes sense that her letters would be as fat as her body.]


  6. Colin Kaepernick?


  7. My money’s on SorceryG0d

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    • Dude, Rent-Boy Lickadic has more means than you could possibly dream of, he don’t need to lower himself to a simple interwebs search. He has an army of P.I.’s surrounding Heartiste’s home(s) right now, singing the love songs straight from the Rent-Boy’s heart!

      Rent-Boy Lickadick rape!


    • moderation rape!


  8. The sad part is it was probably a DNC hack assigned to do background on you, to see if you could be “picked, frozen, and polarized” to save Herr Hillary from grief.

    Alt-Right are her targets rape!


  9. Sounds like an SJW attempting to intimidate you.


  10. If it is Tim Cook, Congratulations ! As far as the town of Mountain View, there are a lot of firms out there, Google, Quora, Coursera, Udacity, Beepy, Adeppar, Runa, and Yahoo!.

    At Yahoo! Queen Marissa Meyer turned birthing twins into a $130 MM fortune. She’s also run the company into the ground. (be be fair, YHOO was already in decline three years ago)

    When /are you going to set up a Bitcoin account-Cernovich did that not long ago I believe.


    • Yahoo Mail was the best free service out there. Especially for business. It was simple & reliable. Then Marissa comes in as CEO and immediately starts messing with it to make it more like, you guessed it, GMail, where she had just come from. And suddenly Yahoo mail sucked balls. Leave it to some no talent diversity hire to ruin what was once a solid dependable service for no other reason than vanity.

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      • Once we got our womyn CEO, she’s slowly began screwing this place up. And, she just got the dyke haircut—or the one that’s commonly referred to as the mudshark cut. Since she’s not a mudshark, but guessing she’s a rug closet rug muncher, I’m calling it the dyke cut.

        And she’s been replacing our tech/IT staff with street shitters. Just a matter of time till this place is India and no one has anything in common with each other, save for the dotters.

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      • Wherever a corporate board appoints a woman to CEO, men should flee to other employment.

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      • @tteclod,

        Since our CEO started, we’ve lost so many good employees in every department. Some people don’t even last a month.

        And worse, much of the senior management spots are staffed by womyn. And it’s no surprise, we’re almost insolvent.


    • Tim Cook who plans to eliminate cash from the economy by running all debits through iPhones. Digital serfdom—-yeah, over a whole lot of folks’ dead bodies.

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  11. CH,

    this was probably a Phishing attempt by a normal run of the mill left hactivist.
    A phishing email is an email sent for malicious purposes to get you to click on the link or visit the website. These websites host malware with zero day exploits to hack your computer.

    It’s far easier to convince you that something bad is going on, make you go where they want to go, than actually scan email and find social media credentials. I would get a good quality AV like Webroot, kaspersky or Malwarebytes and scan your computer quickly.

    Change all the passwords to complex passwords (with Caps, special chars, numbers quickly)

    come up with a phrase like Trump Makes America Great, then turn it into Tmaga add special characters and year get $Tmaga$16. Passwords like this are very strong. you should also subtly alter every password for each platform. The password for (8 character site) would be $Tmaga$168 AND the password for Gab would be $Tmaga$163 and so on.

    Do this do this now.

    [CH: no worries, i didn’t click on any of the links.]


    • Agree, this looks like a standard phishing e-mail. 99% probability that the sender has no idea who CH is and spammed this out to hundreds of thousands of e-mail addresses on a list. My PC has pretty heavy security software so these e-mails very rarely make it through and show up in my inbox.


  12. Ken Bone? Kate McKinnon? Yitzhak Yosef? David Lau?


  13. I know your real name……..Clark Kent!


  14. Bachmanity! Haha! Season 3 wasn’t as good though. Miss Peter fucking Gregory.


  15. We all know yo real name CH, why panic?

    [CH: do you? 😉
    ps disinformation is key]


  16. Mountain View is likely the GOOG.

    Admin Name: DNS Admin
    Admin Organization: Google Inc.
    Admin Street: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
    Admin City: Mountain View
    Admin State/Province: CA
    Admin Postal Code: 94043


  17. I hope you’re not using a Gmail account for your shitposting.


  18. Big CH, how many (((guesses))) do we get?


  19. Twatter is no longer the only service of its kind. How about starting a channel on or


  20. Don’t sweat these sissies. Its not to SWAT you. They probably want to call your boss and get you fired. Passive Aggressive twats. These fags are worse than women.


    • on October 19, 2016 at 8:06 am Divine Son of Kek

      “Its not to SWAT you. They probably want to call your boss and get you fired”

      Well, that’s relieving.


  21. It’s one of the twitter execs probably toward the top, female, and jewish, feminist and or lesbian.