Hillary “thecunt” Clinton’s Campaign Strategy: Be Mired In So Much Corruption Voters Refuse To Believe She’s That Evil

A few brief updates on the clinton corruption news cycle (now turning over at a clip of one new revelation every hour courtesy of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks and other intrepid alt-right journalists):

  • thecunt and corporate media are in bed with each other.
  • thecunt is for a “hemispheric free trade and open borders” one world order. She also told Goldman Sachs moneymen that Americans who are opposed to open borders are “fundamentally unAmerican“.
  • thecunt said behind closed doors in speeches to Wall St fat cats that she would seek their input before imposing any government regulations on their practices. (has thecunt heard of conflict of interest?!)
  • thecunt admitted she speaks with a forked tongue and says one thing to the public and another thing to private donors.

This is just an appetizer of all the Wikileaks drops proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that thecunt is a scummy, corrupt, self-enriching, globalist whoremonger who lies as effortlessly as her husband shoves cigars up intern cooches. So what is thecunt’s response to the daily drumbeat of leaked emails that exposes her corruption, duplicity, and sociopathy to the American people? Apparently, it’s:

  1. Have a lapdog legacy media.
  2. Bribe a few dopey sluts to lie that Trump made inappropriate passes at them 35 years ago.
  3. Cut off Julian Assange’s internet access.

This psychotic broad should be in prison, not running for President. Please pass this post along to your shitlib friends. It won’t change their minds (that’s not the point), but it will make them squirm uncomfortably when they try to defend their bitch queen. They won’t be saying YAASSS QUEEN, they’ll be saying “Um, gotta go.” Dispiriting shitlibs should be your goal in these final weeks before Judgement Day: Trumpening vs The Poz.

PS I haven’t even gotten to FBI Director Comey’s ties to Thecunt Foundation. No wonder he refused to press charges against hillary for her use of a private server to send classified emails.


  1. […] Hillary “thecunt” Clinton’s Campaign Strategy: Be Mired In So Much Corruption Voters Refuse To… […]


    • on October 18, 2016 at 7:32 am Captain Obvious

      “thecunt campaign paid people (often mentally ill) to incite violence at Trump rallies” ——— Convicted Felon (((Robert Creamer))) and his wife, CongressSkypeette (((Janice Danoff “Jan Schakowsky” Creamer))).

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      • on October 18, 2016 at 7:34 am Captain Obvious

        “He pleaded guilty to defrauding banks out of 2.3 million dollars in a check-kike-ing scheme along with violations of federal tax laws.”


  2. I’m waiting for open border libertarians to explain why Clinton happens to share the same views as them on immigration if they want to abolish the state while she wants to rule the world.

    Either one of them is mistaken about what open borders will accomplish or one of them is being dishonest about what their beliefs.

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    • I’d have to choose that the libertarians are mistaken about what open borders will accomplish. They’re still clinging to man as purely “homo economicus” instead of “homo sapiens.” Humans aren’t Vulcans and aren’t completely rational economic actors but this just does not sink into their skulls.

      “Reason” magazine was great 20 years ago when Postrel edited it. Nick Gillespie cares more about appeasing the “I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative” crowd. I stopped reading the magazine about a year after he took over.

      Yup, being socially liberal about issues like bastardy goes hand-in-hand with being a fiscal conservative.


      • If there is one group I hate the most in the modern world, it’s the “I’m socially liberal but fiscally conservative” crowd. You can’t have cake and pecan pie. One or the other. Period. You can’t be an atheist and go to the Latin Mass.

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      • That’s because all Libertarians are seriously on the sperg spectrum. Libertarianism would probalby work in an all white 115+iq country without universal suffrage. But they think they can convince people getting free shit from the government is in their best interest. The sub100 iq crowd is not know for their long term planning.

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      • Said and same libertarians while discussing free trade flat out ignore wage and environmental arbitrage.

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    • The non-autistic sort of libertarians, such as Lew Rockwell, fully recognize that open borders effectively amounts to collective suicide given the current state of politics. They believe in open borders if and only if the welfare state is abolished (so as to avoid attracting hordes of parasites), public spaces are made private (to avoid squatters on taxpayer-funded land), and anti-discrimination laws are repealed (so as to allow landlords to choose to whom to rent, employers whom to hire, etc.). Until the situation exists as such, libertarians should be aware that a mass influx of third world immigrants would effectively destroy any possibility of a libertarian government in the future.

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      • After reading and discussing open borders with libertarians and others who favored it, I noticed a pattern:

        – All were on the Left. There are few if any open border libertarians on the Right.
        – None of them seemed interested in discussing the borders or immigration policies of non-Western nations.
        – Few acknowledged let alone seemed interested in addressing the legitimate concerns of those opposed to open borders or immigration.

        I am convinced that at the heart of open borders is white guilt or the belief that the West stole the wealth of and exploited non-Western countries and because of that we have no right to prevent them from entering our nations to live off of our resources, which in their mind really belongs to the Third Worlders.

        You won’t find that explicitly stated in any article, but if you accept this premise then much of what they say – or turn a blind eye to – makes sense.

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      • There seem to be a lot of left-libertarians that have come out of the woodwork in the current election, mostly the sort of people who just want to feel “above it all” and look down on everyone who votes for a major party candidate. But I think the majority of libertarians in the US are the right wing Ron Paul types.

        I disagree that libertarians are motivated by white guilt. I think they just don’t want to be told what to do by a corrupt, unaccountable government. After all, telling you that you can’t hire someone or can’t lease your property to someone because he doesn’t have government permission is an affront to your freedom. But I think the vast majority of libertarians realize, implicitly or explicitly, that in a free society with no welfare and no affirmative action, the wealth gap between high performing races and the ne’er do well races would only get wider. I think liberals implicitly realize this too, which is why they think every conservative/libertarian position is a “code word” for secret racism.


    • Trying to find sense in leftist ideology is a mistake. They follow no discernible logical pattern. It is all feelings and emotion. Witness the same people who went crazy against the 1% during the occupy Wall street protests also went mad against a leave vote on Brexit. Even a cursory look at these two positions reveals a total contradiction on multiple levels.

      They want open borders because like, duhhh, man. That’s it. That’s all they’ve got.

      The fact that it’s largely working for them should make us all hang our heads in shame.

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      • on October 18, 2016 at 7:40 am Captain Obvious

        “Trying to find sense in leftist ideology is a mistake.” ——— You’ll find plenty of sense in leftist ideology, once you start pondering the question of (((Who))) benefits from each and every leftist position on the various issues.

        HINT: There isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Alisa “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum and Karl Marx.

        (((Who))) whom. (((Who))) whom. (((Who))) whom.

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      • On open borders… had one try to convince me that US borders should remain open to the entire 3rd world, because:

        like dude, that plaque on the Statue of Democracy says give your huddled masses”

        I didn’t mention who wrote it, or when it was installed. I thought at that point it would be a waste of time.

        I don’t argue with them any more.

        I don’t believe that the ideological gulf can be crossed at this point.

        This must be what 1860 felt like.


    • I remember arguing with a libertarian where he said that libertarianism and unlimited immigration were compatible because a libertarian government would not provide welfare or social programs to newly arrived immigrants.

      I simply retorted that under such a scheme, these immigrants from Third World countries would vote hardcore Marxist (90% Democrat) and he did not know how to respond.

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      • And this is how libertarians (who are, for all practical purposes, exclusively white, male goys)* become nationalists…

        *Murry Rothbard and LvMises and Ayn Rand, M Freidman et al. were were the zionist intellectual controlled opposition to Marxism.


      • on October 18, 2016 at 7:44 am Captain Obvious

        Murry Rothbard and LvMises and Ayn Rand, M Freidman et al. were the psychological warfare PUPPETMASTERS of the MARIONETTES in the controlled opposition to (((Skypery))).


  3. Just saw a report that Foval was fired at some point today. Though that means little when dealing with TheCunt.
    Rumor is that he’s also a member of the one’s who are Pozzed.

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    • When they start throwing bodies under the bus that quickly by way of damage control, it suggests worse lies ahead (or below).

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    • on October 18, 2016 at 7:51 am Captain Obvious

      Wake me up when (((Jan Schakowsky))) resigns from Congress.

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    • If they fired Foval it means they know a lot of people have seen the video above.

      Otherwise they would not bother firing him.

      And for them to get into damage control mode by firing people means they worry they lost votes, which they surely did with this new video.

      They reacted quickly, fired him quickly, it seems they are panicking because they know they are in deep shit now.

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  4. The Donald gets better every day.

    The ironic thing is that true public serving politicians should be for this, as it would be promote an honest work ethic in public service.

    But this shuts off the tap of political careerism that we see today.

    And most importantly, the (((skype))) will NOT be happy about this.


    The man has titanium alloy balls.


  5. How to talk to women like a beta male:


  6. Hillary Clinton has a LONG history of oddities, large and small. Some are not criminal, but show a total contempt of the audience – and the American people.
    A good start is the trope that she was named after Edmund Hilary, who climbed Mount Everest in 1952. Problem is, the moutaineer was a total unknow until that climb. And Hillary Rodham was born in 1947.

    And then we have the “reset” problem with Russian relations. Now, there is no requirement that a US Secy of State understand or speak Russian. She does not have to, she has a whole State Department at her beck and call. They have real experts (and if not, why not?).
    But Hillary and her kaffeklatch friends think they are SOOO smart, and came up with “peregruzka” (перегрузка), Two problems:
    a) Russia uses the Russian (Cyrillic) alphabet. She should have known that.
    b) The word means “overload”. What she was shooting for was “perezagruzka”
    (перезагрузка) which indeed means reboot or reset.

    The point here is not a fumble, but the total underlying hubris.
    Etc. at endless nauseam.

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    • on October 18, 2016 at 10:47 am Combine Honnette

      IT IS ALWAYS extremely difficult for a member of one race to understand, or even to appraise fairly, the mentality of another race. I have often commented on a puzzling aspect of the Jewish mind, the strange desinvolture–no, it’s more than that: the downright negligence with which they perpetrate hoaxes that an Aryan would not attempt without spending an hour or two to make sure that his canard was plausible. –Revilo Oliver


  7. The fact that Hillary Clinton is a viable candidate for President and not executed for high treason is similar to how Caligula and Nero were emperors during the Roman Empire’s decadent times but would have been executed as psychotic evil lustful villains during the height of the Roman Republic.

    Paralleling histories rape!

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  8. This entire Clinton clusterfuck feels like the end of a Jason Bourne movie where all the shit is hitting the fan and the people behind the nastiness are realizing that the secret is out and they’re in deep shit.

    Apparently the Hillary camp has just fired Scott Foval who was their main guy busted in the undercover video. The question is, who is going to break first and run to disclose everything so they can try and incriminate everyone else while saving their own stinking hide?

    Hopefully there are people at the FBI who are rubbing their fucking hands with glee and beginning to instigate project “Bring down the Bitch”.


  9. The question is, gentlemen, what are we prepared to sacrifice?

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  10. You’re welcome.


  11. ROFL: Brain damaged maniac Gary Busey allegedly pawed someone on The Apprentice and it’s Donald Trump’s fault:


    You’d best start believing in the bottom of the barrel: we’re scraping it.

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  12. The way things are unfolding lately I won’t be happy when Trump wins. I won’t be happy until we publicly execute every treacherous serpent that has slithered out of this reeking black cesspit of corruption.


  13. on October 18, 2016 at 5:21 am caribbean drug lord

    if, according to you, honkies thrive everywhere, explain why there are poor boers in south africa


  14. on October 18, 2016 at 6:07 am Experienced Father


    You missed the most important point

    The issue with the O’Keefe video is that there is no way that both the Secret Service and local cops in all the cities there have been political violence didn’t know these paid Democratoic Party Domestic Terrorists were there and doing the violence.

    The level of data mining available to the NSA screening for the Secret Service “Presidential security bubble” is such that these people would have been glowing based on their travel patterns…yet none of them have been screened by the Secret Service or local cops.

    The people O’Keefe identified should have been placed on the “Terrorist No-fly List” by the Secret Service very publicly hours after the O’Keefe video surfaced.

    They haven’t…

    …which means Trump had better up his paid for personal security as his inner secuity. He is going to need more people he can trust to take a bullet for him.

    Right now, the only Secret Service agents Donald Trump can trust are one who die defending him


  15. What if Donald reigned in the ‘controversial soundbites’ after becoming the nominee…even kept schtum until after the election and act like a normal politician …he’d walk the election.
    People are desperate for change and hate Hillary and yet it’s doubtful he can win.


    • If people are desperate for change – what’s gained by acting like a normal politician?

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      • Thanks you!

        The only folks who don’t want change are the Synathedral and their stooges throughout the Dem party and the MSM… hence, THEY’RE the only ones talking about such folderol as “presidential demeanor”.


      • Comfort game to sway undecided voters.


    • They still would have dug through all the archives and found the current sound bytes about “disrespecting women” and such… and made up a few more things as they went along.

      Don’t fall into the Synathedral’s frame and think the MSM and their inane polls are reflecting what Americans are truly thinking, and how they’re going to act come Nov.


  16. on October 18, 2016 at 6:40 am Divine Son of Kek

    Low information/NAMpire/rabid anti-White

    Only reasons to still support Madam Parkinson’s.


  17. on October 18, 2016 at 6:55 am carlos danger

    Remember these faces.


  18. on October 18, 2016 at 6:59 am Divine Son of Kek

    When she finally passes….


  19. So far this month I’ve been suspended from Facebook and Twitter, and just this morning I received an Warning from Google for violating their User Content and Conduct Policy. I’ve had the same posting style for years, and my three main accounts have been suspended and restricted. I have a VERY small audience on social media, so for them to go after me is way over the top. This is the shuttening. Google, Faceberg, and Twatter are full on censoring everything that doesn’t jive with their globalist anti white (((agenda))). Fash the Nation and The Daily Shoah just got kicked off SoundCloud too. This is happening everywhere, and it’s only happening to the Alt Right and other deplorables. This will only get worse.

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  20. VALIDATED again

    Now that Paddy Power has paid out there may be a few of you who begin to sober up as reality starts to sink in.
    The masses can be easily manipulated as Joseph Goebbels has testified. Let me spell it out for you. There will be no revolution. Period. The neocons propaganda is 10x better than Germany’s was. The CIA has been improving there methods for decades. Americans are too drugged up on big pharma and GMO’s. Distracted by sports and propaganda.
    Any chance of freedom would come from the outside not from within. Hell, even many of the people on this site are distracted by their obsessive compulsive Jew fetish. This Russia and Putin. Just maybe there is a reason the neocons hate him so much?

    By the way if I knew someone who was as right as me, time after time, on all the issues, I would pay attention to him instead of attacking him.


    • *Think Russia and Putin


    • their obsessive compulsive Jew fetish.

      Pooty-poot jes’ tole on hisself agin.

      You claim you ain’t (((one))), but that makes you something worse… a useful stooge carrying (((their))) water.

      On a side note, it may just be that Russia turns out to be the savior of the West and Christianity….

      … but as some Chesterton fellow said awhile ago, and I paraphrase: if you don’t name the Jew, you ain’t speakin’ true.

      This has nothing to do with “obsession”… it has to do with RealTalk… of which YOUR continued attempts at using Synathedral shaming language and shithouse psychology DOESN’T qualify.

      Now either start making the right noises ALL the time, or get the fuck out. 😡

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      • “You claim you ain’t (((one))), but that makes you something worse… a useful stooge carrying (((their))) water.”

        Brilliant Greg. I am carrying water for the Jews. Wow.

        “On a side note, it may just be that Russia turns out to be the savior of the West and Christianity….”

        Another brilliant comment You are are on a roll my little neocon friend.

        Here is a side note Greg…..why don’t you go fuck your whore daughters like the rest of the army boys are doing. They are such patriots giving it all to our fine country.


      • Stupid cocksucker keeps trying the same ol’ smears as if they’ll work this time.

        Told you already, shill… I haven’t any daughters in the military, and wouldn’t have allowed it even if the idea entered they haids.

        And the fact that you stoop to talking smack about my family only proves I’ve been right about you and your “pay no attention to the germs, just talk about the disease” attempts as shilling.

        Now, you swine… keep tap dancing on the landmine from the safety of your keyboard.


  21. What little freedom of speech remains will be gone. I would be very surprised if this site would be able to survive a Clinton presidency. Trump was not the beginning of a revolution as Matt and others would so much like to believe. It was the final end. The last chance.

    You people need to get your shit together. Clean up your personal data and internet trails asap. Get secure email servers. Minimize and don’t put roots in.

    Time to wake up from your slumber boys.


    • Here, this should make you feel better.


    • 15 months ago we were reading field reports about bar sluts and lamenting the decline of Western Civilization. There was no Trump in politics. Now we have a genuine white nationlist sympathizer that is in the final two for President.
      This has been an unreal ride and will create a movement long after he departs. Also don’t forget Brexit..and the ride of nationalist parties in Europe even in Germany where it is verboten to even think in German!


  22. I’m thinking suicides via nail gun are about to spike.

    It is a tell of inverted values and perverted natural order when these light-in-loafer males feel so emboldened by their appointed positions in the corruption machine.

    The lispy, slouchy swagger and limp-wristed boasting from these puffs is what happens when a nation is effectively run by the HR department.

    The males on the video can barely contain themselves, giddy with their anointed status in the marxist machine. Any man who has worked in corporate cube farms, non-profits, or the public sphere should cringe. Not just because of the naked corruption, but because he knows these creatures all too well; how they wield their power, flaccid and unprincipled yet backed by the full force of the totalitarian prog empire.

    The closer we get to zero hour the more I am convinced that this election really is the last chance for people to wake up.

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  23. Did Comey and his brother encounter the “Ramsey Rapist,” or did they lie?

    If they lied then…


  24. on October 18, 2016 at 11:02 am Divine Son of Kek


    How do you feel about high yeller Angela Rye?


    • Put her on a boat to Africa.


    • WTF is the purpose of this question?

      That SOME mischlings are kinda kute?

      Well, DUH… but even the cutest mischling is still far below your average good-looking Aryan girl, foremost because only the latter can produce the Gold Standard of Beauty in future generations.

      Said mischling can only produce less-ugly negroids.


      • on October 19, 2016 at 10:41 am Divine Son of Kek

        “WTF is the purpose of this question?”

        Sheer boredom.

        Sometimes I miss apolitical locker room talk.


      • Well, I can understand that…

        … but the gods of the copybook headings used to say “A bored person is a boring person”.

        Think of more enlightening distractions than half-blood negresses.


      • “Well, I can understand that…”

        Greg, can you REALLY understand that? Posting two pics of some tranny naggress because Fagstress, le sigh, misses the locker room?

        “Think of more enlightening distractions than half-blood negresses.”

        Fagstress is, as usual, only thinking of herself. Remember Greg, she’s “swarthy”. She wants “whyte buns” in her oven.

        Forget the football, Greg. Lucy ain’t here to give it to you


    • How do you feel about high yeller Angela Rye?

      With both hands…

      … but only when dumpster-diving with a modicum of aesthetic standard..


    • Fagstress Spawn of Cunt Solo writes:

      “Sheer boredom.”

      Wherever you go, you’re always there with you. No matter HOW many times you change your avatar/moniker (kinda girlie habit, btw).

      Greg writes:

      “WTF is the purpose of this question?”

      Lord of the Flies, Greg. Lord of the Flies . . .


  25. on October 18, 2016 at 11:05 am All Day Coffee Break

    I was talking with a guy I work with about the different things that have come out recently and the next debate. He said he thought Trump should ignore the questions from the moderators and use his two minutes to read/list all the things Hillary has done.

    I think that would be a quite a statement but I don’t know if he could finish before time ran out.


    • “He said he thought Trump should ignore the questions from the moderators and use his two minutes to read/list all the things Hillary has done.”

      Would agree


    • For some reason, the laundry list of Hillary’s misadventures doesn’t seem to be getting out to the public with the expected and merited blowback…

      … and when Trump mentions them, Joe and Jill Blow just seem to shrug their shoulders and think he’s being bombastic…

      … because, in reality, said misadventures seem too heinous and cavalier to be true, given that she’s still standing there on stage before us, smug and confident.

      And after all, the MSM don’t seem to be making a fuss about it all, except to bolster the opinion that Trump is merely grandstanding, at best… or “off his meds” at worst.

      In short, this whole “democracy” thing needs revisiting, sez I.


  26. Future historians will note that the election of Hillary was when America passed from being mostly a democracy with some plutocracy to being mostly a plutocracy with some democracy. Government of, for, and by the 1%. But hey, as long as they are liberal on social issues, who cares? I do/.

    [CH: LATimes has Trump up +2. There’s no need for this depressive blackpilling.]


  27. The National Enquirer just dropped a bomb on Hillary. Before you laugh, remember they were the first to dump on John Edwards…..


  28. Make sure you get their next video which shows how they commit voter fraud. First weaken the states ability to prosecute! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDc8PVCvfKs


  29. Regarding the misconduct allegations: